#274: Time-saving Hacks from a Coach + a Nutritionist

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin are here to help you get moving more quickly and how to get yourself (and maybe your kids!) out the door, back at your desk, or off to bed after a workout. This episode is all about trimming time and simplifying your routine to fit in your runs. First up, Sarah and Amanda share tips and hacks from other mother runners plus anecdotal advice from their own decades of running (and, in the case of Amanda: coaching!). Ways to wake up--and get out of bed--more consistently and how to start putting your miles as soon as possible after your feet hit the floor. How to remove obstacles that slow you down, like contact lenses or having to prepare a pre-run snack (thank you, GoGosqueeZ!). Then the duo talks to Sally Kuzemchak, the genius behind the websiteReal Mom Nutrition and author of the time-saving cookbook, Dinnertime Survival Guide. A font of great advice, Sally suggests figuring out your mealtime “pain-points” are (no, she doesn’t mean the kids constantly bickering!!)—then offers solutions to eliminating that barrier. (Including this website and downloadable handouts from Sally’s site.) Sally offers loads of lunch-making guidance, plus ideas for healthy snacks for mother runners. Laugh along with Sarah’s slip of the tongue for another name for a slowcooker, and find out what YoYo Night is—and why it’s a brilliant idea!

The advice-giving from Sarah + Coach Amanda starts at 08:22. Special thanks to GoGosqueeZ for sponsoring this episode.

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4 responses to “#274: Time-saving Hacks from a Coach + a Nutritionist

  1. About the overnight oats- I make Irish oatmeal (steel cut oats) overnight. Boil the water you need, stir in the oats. Cover the pot and turn OFF the heat. In the morning they are cooked and ready for some raisins, cinnamon and a splash of milk.
    I package up the extra for the next few days of breakfasts.

  2. What was the blog that Sally was referring to concerning meal prep? The lady’s name was Leslie and it was Lingering something. I was listening while running and I think I had too much sweat in my ears. Thanks

  3. To answer your question: I do keep spares in my gym bag at all times so I’m not caught without! With a 3yo and 9mo my brain is less than reliable these days! -Pamela 🙂

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