Zooming to ZOOMA: Setting Expectations

For their sixth blog post, Bridget and Heidi, friends and business partners in the Hell Yeah Projects, interview each other about their training and soon-to-be race experience at ZOOMA Cape Cod.

Heidi Bellamente, 39; mother of two, entrepreneur and leadership coach & consultant (and future ½ marathon finisher) starts us off by interviewing Bridget Sprague, 41; mother of three, entrepreneur and Director of Marketing for Revision Energy (and future 10K finisher).

Heidi: Hey! I’m still with you on this crazy journey, which I know it has been. How’s it going? 

Bridget: It’s hard. I’m not going to lie. I hate the feeling that I’ve disappointed myself again because I had an injury that threw me off my training plan. I know I’m not going to be able to run this race and it’s driving me crazy. But I’ve gone out on some walks and bike rides with the family. That feels great.

Three of Bridget’s bike riding buddies.

We’ve got 3 weeks before race day, what’s your plan? 

Treadmill in the morning around 5 a few times a week and walking meetings as much as possible. Waking up so early is not ideal but I have to be okay with “not ideal.” I’m also planning to see a new therapist who can help stop the negative talk in my head. I love therapy. Everyone should have a therapist. Ha!

What do you want from these last three weeks of training? 

I want to start with being happy and grateful. I want to stop beating myself up in my head like I’ve been doing these past couple weeks. I want to focus on how awesome a job I’m doing raising 3 awesome kids, loving my awesome husband, and enjoying my first full time job in 10 years…AND get as many walks in as possible before the race.

I’m going to demand that grace for yourself and where you’re at is part of it, so just plan that in, okay? 

I’m so incredibly grateful for you Heidi. I love how Brene Brown talks about grace, “grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” Okay… so there is a greater purpose behind me completing this race as a walker and not a runner. I don’t fully understand it yet, but I can get behind that.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure with you -- I mean, a beach finish, sweet after party, a Hell Yeah Project workshop on Sunday after yoga. What are you most looking forward to? 

If I’m being 100% honest, the number one thing I’m most excited about is getting a weekend away with my husband. Man, we need this! With three kids at home we don’t get many weekends away. A close second is the Hell Yeah Projects Workshop. Every time we run a workshop, it seems we change someone’s life. It blows my mind. I’m ready to change someone’s life again.

The view for Heidi’s run.

And now Bridget turns the tables on Heidi...

Bridget: Damn, girl! You ran 12 miles!! This race is going to be so easy for you. 

Heidi: Well, I don’t know about easy, but I certainly have built up some confidence along with the mileage. It was awesome to log 12 miles. And it went surprisingly fast. We ran a beautiful route with a few hills and a lot of animals. We saw horses, turkeys, and what looked like a couple cows being trained to pull a plow. I didn’t realize that happened around here.  So overall, I’d say training is going well. I’m actually enjoying it.

What do you like about it?

I like my long runs with friends. Our world is so rushed all the time so the two+ hour runs feel like a luxury somehow. I get to tell (and hear) the long version of the story. It makes me realize how nice that is. I also like getting faster. I’ve been surprised at the last couple runs how we’ve upped our pace and it’s felt really good.

Heidi’s running buddies

Did you finally get those new kicks?

I did! And a new shirt and socks! And I ordered a whole bottle of SweatX (and one for my sister, not that she stinks or anything)! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I should look a lot more like a runner now than I did before. Not that I care, but it might lend me some street cred at the race. You know, with my kicks and all☺

Well, at least you’re not calling them tennis shoes anymore.

It’s because I’m running in them. If I was just wearing them around, but not running, I’d still call them tennis shoes.

You mean if you were playing tennis?

No. I don’t play tennis. But if I did, I’d still wear these same shoes. I certainly wouldn’t wear sneakers. Those are only for coffee shops and parkour.

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