New Podcast Alert: The Book Bully is Live

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We have a little holiday treat for you, BAMRs. You won’t even have to wait to open it!

It’s a podcast from our very own Ellison Weist a.k.a. The Book Bully. You might know her from a tiny ol’ podcast about running, like this episode with Alysia Montano. Now you won’t have to wait for our annual summer reading podcast. The Book Bully is now available for your listening pleasure as you wrap gifts, run long, or foam roll.

This new bi-weekly podcast will cover books, books, and more books! Join Ellison as she raves and rants about all things reading. It kicks off with a chat with Sarah Bowen Shea, who you might know as the co-creator of Another Mother Runner. If you’ve loved the AMR reading list podcasts, you’ll flip for The Book Bully.

The Book Bully is available wherever you get your podcasts. Just search on iTunes or your favorite app. Prepare to have your reading list grow by leaps and bounds!

8 responses to “New Podcast Alert: The Book Bully is Live

  1. I really enjoyed this first podcast. Like Sarah I’ve had a hard time finding a book group that wants to actually discuss the book. Looking forward to listening more!

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you all so, so much. If you feel a tingle around your shoulders, that’s me giving each of you a massive virtual hug. Now – let’s get reading!

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