Top 10 Running Things We’re Excited to See in 2018!

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Sarah + Katie took a field trip to Austin, Texas, last week to attend The Running Event, the premiere conference for running specialty brands. Translation = We got to check out all of the cool gadgets, toys, shoes, apparel, and other gear to make our beloved sport more fun, effective, and comfortable!

It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but this is our top 10 list of the best things we saw at TRE!

  1. SBS got to catch up with Deena Kastor about her new book, Let Your Mind Run, which will be published in April. Deena will be a guest on the podcast in the Spring. She made us laugh by talking about how she does a lot of one-and-dones: She took up quilting and made one quilt. She has one child. And now one book. One Olympic medal, too! 
  2. We know our Mother Runners love their hydration and gear packs, so we checked out Orange Mud and Ultimate Direction, two brands that offer great options for your next long run!
  3. Check this out! At the SweatX booth, you could drop off your stinky running clothes where they promptly washed and returned them later that afternoon. We asked - no folding - if only we could drop the rest of our family's laundry off, too. If you haven't seen it already, SBS talked all about it on our FB Live post.
  4. Brooks + Superfeet are using 3D technology to create the first performance running shoe based on an runner's unique biomechanics. Looking to hit a PR in 2018? These shoes may help you nab it!
  5. To be honest, we didn't stop and talk to the reps at Stunt Puppy, but how cute is this stuffed doggy? Those hands-free dog leashes look pretty sweet if you run with your fur baby.
  6. We love KnuckleLights, especially to keep us #safeasamotherrunner. Founder Don Hopkins tells us there is going to be a new launch in the Spring: rechargeable lights with a new-and-improved base, so they don't wiggle around as much. Score! 
  7. Everyone was hitting up the Nuun booth to learn about the new product formulations, product launches (think: immunity boosters), and tasty flavors!  
  8. So.Many.Shoes. We loved the new On Cloudflyers, offering just the right support for your long runs, in a lightweight format. Bonus? They're pretty cute, too. 361 Degrees is a newish brand to the U.S. and we are digging the Merakis - perfect for everyday training. (SBS has been runnin' in them, and she's in love with the stretchy fabric uppers.) Plus see #3 about Brooks, which is making customized footwear to fit your unique feet. Need we say more?
  9. Have you seen an ElliptiGO pass you on the street? Seriously one of the best fitness inventions of all time. We talked to one of their speedy athletes who was sidelined from running with an injury: He trained on the ElliptiGo for three months and cut his 5K time by 3 minutes. Whaaat?  
  10. Footbeds. You've probably heard of SOLE, and we were seriously impressed with the comfort level of these insoles. We learned all about why you should get custom orthotics before you get an injury. And all of you mother runners with wider feet? SOLE has you covered with their new line of active WIDE insoles. 
  11. (Bonus!) Snacks. You could feed your family for days just by picking up samples at this show. Some of our favorites? RXBars (if you haven't checked out Pumpkin Spice, DO IT NOW), Jelly Belly Sport Beans, Clif Bar, Honey Stinger, Run Gum, and our beloved GU. And most are Ellie approved. 🙂

5 responses to “Top 10 Running Things We’re Excited to See in 2018!

  1. Hubby has found a new favorite in the RXBars. And I am SO excited because I have been a very good girl and am expecting to find an Orange Mud double barrel pack under the tree in a couple weeks! (Don’t laugh……it means I can carry water for Dolly and Nuun for me on those long runs! Can’t do that with a bladder pack!)

  2. Best blog post ever! I am so excited about the new Nuun products, and I am obsessed with Orange Mud after visiting their booth at Ironman Arizona. Our running club is going to look into their transition towel/car seat wraps for our yearly club prizes. Thanks for bringing back all this great info!

  3. Looks like a great event! It is always fun to learn about new products.
    Just curious, has anyone tried the Cloud running shoes? My Tabata teacher has a pair and loves them. She is very active, but not a runner. I am a little concerned about the 7mm drop. My Altras are a zero drop and my various Sauconys are a 4mm drop.

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