Bonus Tuesday Giveaway: Mother’s Day BAMRbox!

Happy Tuesday, #MotherRunners! 

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Um, yeah, it snuck up on us, too! But according the calendar, it is a little less than three weeks until the glorious day when our kids bring us breakfast in bed, our spouses/partners/family ship us off to the spa for a day of relaxation + mimosas, and our kids don't bicker or cry the entire day.

A girl can dream...

Back to the real world. Let's make it easy for your loved ones this year: Tell them about our one-of-a-kind Mother's Day BAMRbox! This box has all of the gear #MotherRunners love: new shades, socks, snacks, BibBoards, and more! Only $40 for this little box of love. Forward this email to you family today (or shop for your mom, your sister, your BRF, your daughter): Our Valentine's Day box sold out in less than two weeks!

If your family follows directions as well as your two-year-old, then enter our bonus Monday giveaway below to win your own Mother's Day BAMRbox

Tell me, what's in the box?

This box shows the mother runner(s) in your life that you love her—and know what she loves to do (run!). This box is valued at nearly $70, and it’s sure to make moms (sisters, friends, daughters) feel validated and treasured.

Goodr polarized sunglasses These lightweight, high-quality sport glasses offer UV400 protection—plus have the fun style name of Mick + Keith’s Midnight Ramble! 

Nuun Immunity tablets serve up a mix of botanicals (incl. turmeric + ginger!) and electrolytes to help protect your immune system. 

Balega Hidden Contour Socks support with varying elastic bands woven into the 200 needle-count fabric. Plush cushioning + more structured fit = ahhhh!  

Spenco Gel Heel Cushions provide dual-density cushioning in a slip-resistant design. 

BibBoards secure your race bib to your top without safety pins or magnets. Given the holiday, we customized them to say Another Mother Runner, natch

Limited-edition Another Mother Runner bracelet sends a signal in a race or on a run—to you + to others—about who you are. 

RBars are gluten-, dairy, and soy-free energy bars made in small batches from seven (or fewer!) ingredients. Yum! 

To enter the giveaway, just comment below and tell us: What is the most memorable Mother's Day present you ever received?

And, here's the link to purchase the Mother's Day BAMRbox!

The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 4/23/18 and ends on 4/29/18. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 4/29/18, as well as notify the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is $40. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

384 responses to “Bonus Tuesday Giveaway: Mother’s Day BAMRbox!

  1. one year while on vacation we found out that Ben & Jerry’s gives away free ice cream to moms on Mother’s Day…..except that you get TWO scoops if you’re pregnant, which I was….SCORE

  2. The most memorable Mothers Day was when my husband surprised me with a limo, which picked me up and took me to a spa for the day and it was my very first Mother’s Day. I felt very pampered.

  3. The look on my Mom’s face when I have her a framed copy of my first ultrasound showing her she was going to be a grandmother.

  4. My husband & daughter decorated a vase with glitter then filled it with construction paper handprint “flowers.”

  5. The most memorable Mother’s Day gift my Mother ever received was a dulcimer I gave to her so that she could play along with me.

  6. My daughter is a wonderful artist and last year for Mother’s Day, she painted me a painting of my favorite singer. She worked hard on it and is now displayed proudly in my living room.

  7. The best gift I have gotten is a day at the park where my husband grills and plans out a beautiful picnic. I love the simple things.

  8. My daughter made me a mom badge when she was in 1st grade. It was huge and covered my whole chest. But I wore it!

  9. My son wrote a card with what he liked best about my cooking and it was spinach chocolate pancakes which now of course he does not eat. It was sweet the thought.

  10. My nephew was 4, and we were all sitting outside after a cookout for all the moms. He came over with a bouquet of fake violets and said here, and ran away! I guess he felt bad for me since I didn’t have kids and wanted to give me flowers..He is 13 now and I still have the flowers.

  11. The most memorable gift I have given my Mom was a portrait I drew of her and my stepdad. I am not a Mom so I have never been given a Mother’s Day gift.

  12. I miss getting all the cards and little surprises that my kids made while they were in school. I still get cards from my kids but they’re not made by them 🙁

  13. My best Mother’s Day gift was a hand made book my 7 year old daughter gave me that showed all the things that she liked to do with me. It was adorable!

  14. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a clean house. I had started back working outside the home, had 2 kids under 4 and was exhausted. To have my entire house clean brought tears to my eyes. The emotional weight it lifted not seeing all the dust bunnies and the ever growing to do list.

  15. The most memorable Mother’s Day present I have ever received was a bird feeder setup for my backyard. Every year since they add something to it or get a special blend of food. I enjoy this year round.

  16. One year, my husband gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi, and while I was there, he and the kids cleaned the house. What a wonderful gift!

  17. My most memorable was when my kids made me a tshirt. It had all of their handprints on it. I still have that shirt. Thank you

  18. The most memorable Mother’s Day gift I received was a hand-painted light switch cover. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. Gosh I can’t th8nk of anything memorable. My kids are little..I did have a nice mother’s day brunch one year

  20. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was when my kids picked out flowers and made me homemade Mother’s Day cards.

  21. To be honest my husband is really good at Mothers Day. I get to go for a long bike ride (one of my very favorite things to do). When I get home he makes breakfast and has gifts ready to be opened. He makes sure I get to relax in the afternoon after church.
    It’s not the gifts I remember, it’s how much he lets me just chill.

  22. My daughters made arrangements for us to go to a college softball game, which we all enjoy. it was a very nice mother / daughter weekend.

  23. We used to sing the song “Alligators all Around” to our daughter every single night and called ourselves the Alligator family. My husband framed artwork from the book for me for a Mother’s Day gift. My four year old seems to be plotting something for this year. I just want a day off from preparing meals she doesn’t eat.

  24. My most treasured is a necklace with their initials on little pendants. The most memorable is an inappropriate card my husband let my then 4&6 yr old give me-
    It had a butt on it which I guess they thought was the funniest thing in the world.

  25. I always love their hand drawn cards and sweet words that maybe aren’t spelled correctly. They sometimes come with the sweetest pictures too. When I know it comes from their heart and not something they are just signing or being asked to do.

  26. I always love the kids crafts from school – the ones that say “My mom is 75 years old and weighs 450 pounds. Her favorite thing to do is drink beer.” Thanks kids!

  27. Every year since she was about 9 my daughter made me breakfast, set the table and decorated with flowers picked from outside. She started with oatmeal and worked her way up to specialty crepes. Last year she moved out of state so my son took over the tradition and made me pancakes. It’s sappy – but I about cried!

  28. Having 3 kids and 6 grandkids have made most mother’s day wonderful. 2 years ago I found out my youngest grand baby would be a little boy. 17 months later he is such a busy little boy; good thing I run to keep my energy up for chasing him.

  29. The most memorable gift my kids give me each year is breakfast in bed. Although there is always the accompanying cards and homemade gifts, they work as a team to cook and prepare my favorites for breakfast each year.

  30. Last year I Ragnar’d on Mother’s Day weekend and came home to gifts and a bubble bath (even if my toddler banged on the door begging me to let him in the entire time)!

  31. My first Mother’s Day my boys got me a new pair of running shoes. I was suffering from some ppd and my husband knew I needed to get out and run. They gave me new shoes and the time to get out for a run. It was just what I needed!!

  32. One year my kiddos made a jar of coupons. They ranged from “coffee” to “10minutes without us asking a question.” Truly, each coupon was well thought out!

  33. My second born was an awesome Mother’s Day gift. I also have poems written by each of the boys when they were in first grade. I have always loved their homemade gifts best. ❤️My boys.

  34. The most memorable mother’s day present I have ever received was some quiet time with my children last year when I was recovering from surgery.

  35. I love all the cards and things my children have made me through the years. I love that the teachers take the time to help the kids create things. One year, my husband copied all the hand and foot prints from the hospital of all 5 kids on colored paper and framed them in a 5 collage frame for all my kids. I love it.

  36. We don’t really exchange a lot of gifts for mother’s day/father’s day. But I do usually get breakfast in bed. When my boys were younger, I would get shaped pancakes. The best were the heart shaped ones! <3

  37. Last Mother’s Day, my 2 year old was getting over a stomach bug but we had planned a day at the zoo with family. Without going into too much detail, the remnants of his stomach bug were expelled all over me (even into my new running shoes I wore that day) and I spent an hour in the zoo bathroom basically giving both of us a bird bath in the sink. I’m positive we smelled worse than the elephants.

    After getting home from that…. adventure, my husband surprised me with my *real* gift: a brand new laptop because he said he wanted to support me in pursuing my dreams of writing. I absolutely love it and love that he supports my non-mommy activities like running and writing.

    Despite the messy day, it was actually a great Mother’s Day that we still laugh about.

  38. This is actually my first Mother’s Day as an official mother. Last year I was 8 months pregnant and my husband gave me the sweetest card and a tiny rose bush in a tiny mug. They are both still on display in the house. ^_^

  39. My 15 year old stepdaughter bought me a really cute small stuffed alpaca last Mother’s Day… I was totally not expecting anything! Was the sweetest thing she’s ever done for me and made my day.

  40. My husband and kids always make me breakfast in bed and space to do whatever I want to on Mother’s Day. For the past several years, that’s included doing a Mother’s Day 5k in the morning. It’s called the Ann Arbor Goddess 5k, and the organizers/MC refers to us all as goddesses, and we’re treated to great post race snacks, including mimosas. Each goddess gets a flower along with her finisher medal. The race benefits a local ovarian cancer charity, so it’s humbling to see the participants running in memory of moms, sisters, aunts, etc who lost their fights. It’s also empowering to see all the women participating and proudly wearing their survivor sashes.

  41. I don’t actually get many gifts for Mother’s day…but when my first son was in daycare they always made a little something with his face on it – once it was a magnet that I still have. 🙂

  42. My daughter was out of state for college and I was really missing her. My husband handed me a printed airline ticket to see her and had arranged all accommodations.

  43. A plant pot my husband and son made for me. It has my son’s hand prints made into palm trees and feet into flamingoes. I am a wannabe gardener with the blackest thumbs, but that pot has lasted me!

  44. I love this box and would love to win it! My most memorable mother’s day present was simply a tumbler that said “worlds best mom” – I struggled with infertility for years before my first was born and it was the first thing I received that said the word “mom” on it!!

  45. 3 years ago, my then 23 year old son sent me the most beautiful flowers. He had never usually done anything, other than a text or call. I was so surprised when they were delivered, and I realized they were form him.

  46. My favorite mothers day was last year. My daughter got me the book The Zookeepers Wife which I had mentioned I wanted. Right after that we left for vacation at one of my favorite places… Williamsburg! Mother’s Day dinner was that night at one of the historic taverns!

  47. The only Mothers Day present I get is a card “from the dogs”. But, two years ago we gifted my grandmother a cruise. It was her first time going anywhere new since she’s usually too busy taking care of her family. She loved the pizza bar and gambling.

  48. One year I got breakfast in bed, and then we set out for a late morning hike to a beautiful pond where we had a picnic lunch.

  49. The most memorable was from my young children. They gave me a copy of their favorite movie, which happened to be a cartoon. They were so excited to give it to me saying, We know you love this movie! It was so funny and sweet.

  50. It’s a tie: my granddaughter was born on Mother’s Day 3 years ago (and I was there for her birth!) and the year my other 2 kids gave me a Mother’s Day card written in Spanish-we’re Swedish

  51. This will only be my 3rd Mother’s day as a mom. Despite highlighting the day ahead of time on the calendar for the past two years, my husband has not yet received the hint that I expect a little extra acknowledgement, so I can’t say I’ve ever been given a Mother’s day gift. If I won the BAMRbox it would definitely be my most memorable gift ever! 🙂

  52. My mother’s day present every year is the most memorable…I get a new coffee mug with pictures of my kids and family adventures during the year. This is my work mug and makes me smile all year because my family is with me anytime I need it during the work day.

  53. When my girls were little, their preschool held a Mother’s Day tea filled with handmade love notes and secret gifts. One of my favorite memories!

  54. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a bike. Several years ago my husband decided I needed a bike to keep up with our kids on theirs. He the kids went together and picked one out and they talked all the way home about keeping the secret. They then spent several minutes in the garage hiding it. I could hear them rummaging around in the garage while I cooked dinner and when I finally had a break I went to see what they were up to. Well I didn’t even have to ask because the very second I opened the door my then 3 year old son shouted “Mommy we got you a bike!” Lol such a great memory…

  55. My 2nd child was about 6 months old as Mother’s Day approached and I was really struggling. My husband surprised me (and my mom!) with an overnight stay and spa package at a hotel about an hour away. It was 24 hours of utter relaxation – and a nice way to get some QT with my own mom.

  56. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was on my 1st mother’s day, a beautiful frame with a picture of me holding my first daughter.

  57. One of my most memorable Mother’s Day gifts was the Mother’s day after our youngest was born and I was on maternity leave and hubby surprised me with a first generation iPad. As a tech geek, I was in heaven as an iPad seemed like pure luxury at the time! That 1st gen iPad is still going strong today too as a matter of fact!

  58. My favorite gift was running a Mother’s Day 5k with my mom and my daughter…what a blessing and a gift!

  59. 2 years ago, as I was expecting my third child, my dad brought me a plant for my garden. He passed this summer and I’m now eager for those buds to bloom.

  60. The very best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received was a Post-It note from my husband, who does NOT generally believe in affirmation, written or spoken, saying that I am a beautiful mother and that appreciates all I do for him and the children.

  61. My most memorable Mother’s Day was last year–I ran my first 5K and the gift was laying around all day to recover from the Florida heat. Hoping for a PR & repeat rest this year! Would love to win these goodies too!

  62. My first mother’s day as a mother is coming up! I’m so excited. I think the best present ever is the fact that I can call myself a mother this mothers day! I had my beautiful daughter on New year’s Eve 2017 and she’s a baby and the light of our lives. I’ve only begun training again and this box would be a great mothers day prize!

  63. The best mother’s day gift was a massage at my favorite spa and a race entry to the Mothers Day 10 mile with my BRF.

  64. I’ve only ever received one Mother’s Day gift: a hanging basket of flowering plants; the only plants I’ve ever managed to keep alive for more than a week, they survived a couple of YEARS!

  65. Last year my family was amazingly supportive of me spending most of Mother’s Day weekend off in Utah with a bunch of BAMRs running Ragnar Zion, then they greeted me at the airport when I came home with handmade cards. That was pretty awesome.

  66. My first mother’s day (to my step son who was 3 at the time, he’s 17 now ) made me the sweetest card and took me on a brunch picnic complete with Burger King French toast. They (my husband and step son) were so proud of themselves and honestly it was so simple and one of my most meaningful mother’s day yet.

  67. After 5 years of IF treatment, when I was pregnant with my first, my hubs bought me a silver bean necklace to remind me that he would always be our “little bean.”

  68. My most memorable mother’s day was spent at home. My entire family worked with me to do some spring cleaning out in the yard, a little planting, some mulching and generally hanging out with each other. We had the tunes going, a lot of laughing, and then a dinner made with everyone’s help. <3

  69. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift is a silver bracelet that has the stones of my 5 kids birthstones in it. Beautiful and I love it! Second most memorable would be the medal hanger for my race medals and bibs. I was so excited to get it. Now if I could get my husband to hand it for me two years later . . . I know you ask “Why don’t you just hang it?” The hubby is very anal about how things are hung and that would cause problems you can’t even believe if I hung it myself 🙂

  70. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was a mother’s necklace I was finally able to get after 5 years of trying and then a successful IVF

  71. One of those “homemade” cup and saucer ceramic things my son did in elementary school. It proudly sits on display in my kitchen 🙂

  72. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift? Wow, outside of my four children (and now my grandbabies – yes, two and now two on the way) – I would say my husband bought me ticket last year to Amsterdam. Along with it he paid for me to stay in an Air B&B right close to the downtown area where I could walk everywhere. He paid for me to attend several tours – to include the famous tour of the windmills and the tulips in full bloom! All sans no children!! It was just me. I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I had such a great time strolling around and even got to go to Brussels while I was there. I will say that I missed my family and the entire time was wondering what they would think of the place. So, no matter what the price is on peace and quiet – and enjoying getting away from them – moms really can’t ever get away. I wish I could post pictures from the trip! Amazing!!!

  73. My 2 sons took me on a “shopping spree”. They each had saved their allowances for a few months and let me have it to buy jeans that “weren’t MOM jeans”. Then they made me nachos and root beer floats for dinner.

  74. I got a lilac bush from my husband one year. I love the yearly reminder of the bush. Most years, I usually just ask not to cook dinner so he’ll cajole our boys into making something

  75. I love the handmade cards and funny things they write. My boys are 9, 6, and 3…the cards always include cars of some sort. My daughter will cook me dinner and my husband treats me to lunch.

  76. My most memorable gifts are handmade cards, cute artsy things that the kids make at school, and of course, the Coupon Books!

  77. Not a particular year, but my son’s homemade cards are always the most memorable. My son is now sixteen, but he still makes me cards for Mother’s Day.

  78. My favorite gift ever was a letter from my son (made at school with stickers, etc) 5 years ago. He was 9 at the time and had just had his 2nd of 4 surgeries he would have that year, and I had just run the Boston Marathon a few weeks prior. The letter (wish I could publish the pic) said “Thank you for helping me for stuff. Thanks for being there when I had all of my surgerys. P.S. If the bomb hurt you I would tracked down the guy and hurt him”. Needless to say I was bawling like a baby when I read it, and have it tucked away in a safe place to keep forever.

  79. My favorite mother’s day gift is always the excitement on my girls’ faces when they give me the gift they made for me. Nothing beats the beaming of their smiles or the love they are sharing through their gift.

  80. My most memorable Mothers Day was when my husband surprised me with a life-size statue of twin babies huddled together & giggling. My twins will be 30 yrs old in July and I still have my statue. It brings a smile to my face each time I see it at my home. And another special Mothers Day was when the kids were too young to buy me a gift. They wrapped up their favorite stuffed animal to give to me. Both of these Mothers Days were and will always be special in my heart.

  81. Well, last year my husband forgot Mother’s Day completely (our girls were a few months old and 2.5), so let’s just say it was a Mother’s Day HE will never forget, nor will he forgot another one in the future!

  82. I am an Event Planner which means a holiday is just another day. I had had a Wedding I was doing on Mothers Day when my kids were still little. My son had made me in school a necklace and the beads were actually rolled paper. It’s beautiful but definitely hand made my 5 yr old little hands. I rocked that necklace all day during that wedding and I still have it hanging with my other jewelry.

  83. A wooden fruit dish for the table shaped like a pineapple. My son bought it at a garage sale and thought it was fish shaped! It sat on our table for years and I still get it out ocassionally. He was so proud of it.

  84. Best Mom’s Day experience is grilling out at home and sitting around the fire ring with a family, music and s’mores!

  85. Being a single mom, my kids would always spoil me with coffee in bed. One year, they were 7 and 5 years old, they surprised me with coffee in bed, in a cup they purchased at a garage sale down the street, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls they’d purchased at the store, with allowance money! I still have the cup 20 years later

  86. A broom – but in my hubby’s defense it was back in the days when we didn’t have much money and I asked for a new broom. Never before and never since has he ever given me a household item. His gifts are always so thoughtful and fit for a Queen. 🙂

  87. My most memorable Mother’s Day was when we had a 3-month old baby (our first!) and got her baptized, and my husband asked to have another baby!

  88. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was an IPad. I already had an iPhone which was great in of itself, but I was sad that my husband and I had to choose opposite schedules to meet our son’s schedule. I felt like I had lost a whole bunch of family time. The IPad was great because I could FaceTime them at work during breaks or lunches and it would give me the pick-me-up I needed on stressful days and allow us to spend some “quality time” with each other. We still have similar schedules and often only “see” each other once a week as a family, but that IPad is still letting me “be” with my family.

  89. Mother’s Day and birthday and even Christmas are always a crap shoot. Mostly, I have been better off buying something for myself. A couple of Mother’s Days ago I was surprised with a new Garmin. Totally unexpected and a surprise. They did good!

  90. My husband and son took me out for a picnic and fishing at a local park. My husband love to give “gifts” and I love to receive “experience” so this was a perfect gift for me…it showed me that my husband listened to me and thought up a perfect gift since jewelry and flowers aren’t my style. I truly appreciated the time we spent together outdoors.

  91. An all expenses paid (food and spa treatments too) to a gorgeous spa on Vancouver Island. My mom sister I were together with bubbles, pedis and pure blisss

  92. Its a toss up between a freshly picked bouquet of new spring dandelions when my kids were 7 & 4. Or when I got my own fishing pole. I was always sharing a pole with one of the kids before then!

  93. All my boys walked a 10k with me for mother’s day after I got injured and couldn’t run it. It was just the kindest thing.

  94. I don’t usually get a Mother’s Day present, but I went into labor with my first child on Mother’s Day. A few days later, my husband came home with these shoes I wanted and a necklace from Tiffany’s. He said that even though I didn’t have my baby on Mother’s Day, I still earned a present. 🙂

  95. I often don’t get a Mother’s Day present, except for cards from my kids. One year my family gave me a Kiva gift certificate, and that was pretty fun.

  96. The most memorable Mother’s day gifts are the mothers day gifts that come from my kids school. I LOVE when the teachers have the kids fill out things they love about me and my favorite things. I get the biggest chuckle because inevitably those sheets include something about how “my mom loves running” 🙂

  97. My oldest made a thumbprint necklace in pre-school one year. Although any of the home made stuff when they are little is the best

  98. Most memorable Mom’s Day present was my cordless Dyson vacuum. So many people were shocked my husband had the stuff to get me a vacuum as a gift but it was exactly what I wanted! It was my first mother’s day gift and I always think about my now 6 year old as a chunky sweet infant when I use it!

  99. My most memorable Mother’s Day present was my first one. It’s was a simple gift of my husband taking me and our baby on a hike in the Blue Ridge mountains. For a sleep deprived mom- it was the perfect gift to be outside and relaxing in the sunshine. The picture of the 3 of us is still one of my all time favorites.

  100. I treasure a mug the little guy painted in our favorite colors when he was 2 or 3. It is purple and yellow with some glitter. I also have fond memories of my first mothers’ day as a mother, when I went to a cheesemaking class.

  101. A glorious day of doing whatever I wanted – slept in, went for a run, took a nice long shower, has my favorite foods made for me….

  102. It wasn’t a present that was most memorable, but a greeting card from my mother-in-law. She sent me a beautiful card with a hand-written note, saying what a great mom I’m being to her grandson (my stepson). That meant the world to me, because stepmoms don’t often get enough credit for all that they do. Whether it’s admitted or not, it’s a hard job.

  103. The most memorable is a charm for each of my kids that goes on a bracelet I wear everyday. Each charm signifies something specific for each of them.

  104. About 10 years ago, my husband got my a GPS watch! Wow – I didn’t know how amazing it would be to just run anywhere I please, instead of running the same route where I knew all of the half mile and mile markers! It was a sense of freedom I never knew existed. Oh – and we were just talking this weekend that I think the watch is slowly becoming dead…it might need to be replaced soon!

  105. The one that sticks out is a picture with the handprints of my husband and my kids each in a different color. My husband usually not the planner, so the fact that he took the time in advance to make this was a big deal. It still hangs in my bedroom.

  106. Hands down best Mother’s Day gift was last year when my husband gifted me with a deep cleaning service for the house, accompanied by a card my then 3 year old drew of me “just sitting on the couch”

  107. Well I’ve only had three Mother’s days and the husband has worked every single one of them! I always get flowers but he’s gone for work before I wake up and comes home around dark so it’s just a normal day for me and my little one

  108. My family took me to Home Depot and bought me a grill. Visions of the family gathered in the backyard while my husband fired up the grill and made the family dinner quickly vanished. Even though I am alone in my raincoat hovered over the propane flames, I have had some incredibly delicious dinners!

  109. My husband recorded my daughter on a photo frame saying “mama” and “I love you” when she was first talking, and put a picture of us inside. She is now 16 and I still listen to it while tears roll down my cheek.

  110. One year, my oldest daughter wrote me a really sweet letter. Then she wrote me a second letter from the perspective of my 2 year old. Those two letters are wonderful to read every now and then. They are now 27 years old and 6 years old. And we’ve since had a third, who is 3 years old.

  111. My favorite mother’s day gift ever was a bleeding heart flower from my son. He was so sweet and so proud to give it to me. I planted it years ago in my garden. It comes back every year and he’s still so proud to see it every year! He’s 11 now.

  112. A wire heart sculpture made by my son, in a frame made by his Dad made from the ribs of a saguaro cactus. Priceless.

  113. My family painted two big flower pots that matched my front door perfectly and filled them with lovely annuals!! My house looks so great with them out front!

  114. After almost two years of trying and multiple devastating miscarriages, the look on my mom’s face when she unwrapped not one, but two sets of baby booties, as her Mother’s Day gift letting her know we were having twins was priceless.

  115. My son just turned two, so he isn’t old enough to pick or make gifts yet. But last year my H stayed home with DS so I could volunteer at my favorite local marathon. That was a great morning, and then we hung out as a family the rest of the day. Perfection!

  116. Probably my first mother’s day when my son was an infant, my husband and I took him out to brunch with us and he slept the entire time. A quiet meal with my hubby was the best gift! 😉

  117. In 2nd grade my daughter made me a drink coaster that said, I love you like a tissue loves tears (written in her best newly-learned cursive)

  118. I saw at least one other commenter who is a “bad mom” like me, so I feel better admitting that I can’t remember any of my Mother’s Day gifts.

  119. Last year my boys got me a Lego set. I’m not sure that was as much for me as it was for them, but we did get to spend the day together building the set!

  120. We tend to go to the garden store every year around mothers day which I love. We buy our plants for our planter boxes which always makes me so happy.

  121. My husband died shortly before Mothers Day in 2015. His older children surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift of some running tights and a Nike singlet that year. The fact that they thought of me in their time of grief and understood that running would help me get through mine was huge. Those Nike tights got lots of miles and I still can’t part with them ❤️

  122. My mother was a breast cancer survivor. It was a blessing to have her walk beside me at age 76 in The Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh. She was overwhelmed and emotional and stunned at the thousands of people. Her gratitude and footsteps beside me were the best gift ever.

  123. My most memorable Mother’s Day gift was back in 1998, when my son was born… except it was the day after Mother’s Day, but that still counts, right?

  124. I would have to say the half wilted array of dandelions and little blue weeds that were scavengered from the yard. 🙂

  125. I love each and every homemade gift I receive. Every year as the kids grow, their unique personalities shine through those items. We also have a tradition of Jeep rides and soft serve ice cream

  126. One year for mother’s day my husband took me on an overnight trip sans kids to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure so I could visit the wizarding world or Harry Potter! I’m such a potterhead so it was the best day ever!!!

  127. My daughter is 18 and about to graduate High School then start college in the Fall,so something I will always treasure are her homemade Mother’s Day cards from school when she was little bitty. I keep them in a box. I am glad I have those since I am about to be an empty nester. I am so proud of my girl and the young lady she is growing up to be. Forever my heart.

  128. My most memorable mother’s day gift was membership to a wine club. I was given this membership when I was 9 months pregnant with daughter number 2!

  129. My son was born right around Mother’s Day, so some years his birthday falls on the day. He was the best gift I could have ever asked for!

  130. My first child was in the NICU for his first three months. I got to hold him for the first time on Mother’s Day.

  131. I have a small flower bed in front of my porch, and every year my kids pick out all the plants (husband pays for it — smart kids) and do all the work. Every day I look at it and it makes me happy. 🙂

  132. My very first Mother’s Day, we had visited my husband’s family in PA and were driving back on Mother’s Day. So, not only did we have 5 hours in the car that day, my husband also “surprised” me by stopping for lunch in his college town at the bar/restaurant where he and his friends used to nurse hangovers on Sundays. More of an early Father’s Day for him.

  133. I LOVE the coffee mugs, flower pots, pencil holders, picture frames and necklaces that my kids make for Mother’s Day at school. My absolute favorite gift, however, is a sweet little porch bistro set that my husband and daughter picked out for me a few yrs ago. It makes our tiny front porch so cheerful and it reminds me of that Mother’s Day whenever I look at it.

  134. Two years ago when I was huge pregnant with baby #4, my husband started a Mother’s Day Journal for me. He and each of the kids take a page or two each and write me notes, or draw me pictures for the younger ones. Having a “scrapbook” of sorts of their love notes brings a smile to my face each time I see the journal, let alone open it 🙂 Knowing that when the kids are all grown up, I’ll have this book to hold onto filled with memories of when my daughter wants to marry Daddy, my sons want to stay with me forever, and my baby laughs and kisses me all day long, that’s a priceless gift 🙂

  135. It’s all the “little things” my girls made me when they were younger – coupon books, foam picture frame, a mug with a lovely drawing on it… the list goes on but I love every piece they make me!

  136. My family bought me flowers and herbs. They planted them and gave me home made cards. Spending time with my children is the greatest gift. The py are grown and living far away. They still call and have both organized and paid for trips to visit them. I’ll be with one of them on Mother’s Day. The other child has talked me into joining him to run the 6 mile Barathin in New Orleans..the following week. I am so lucky and blessed to have both of my “boys”.

  137. My family bought me flowers and herbs. They planted them and gave me home made cards. Spending time with my children is the greatest gift. The py are grown and living far away. They still call and have both organized and paid for trips to visit them. I’ll be with one of them on Mother’s Day. The other child has talked me into joining him to run the 6 mile Barathin in New Orleans..the following week. I am so lucky and blessed to have both of my “boys”.

  138. The most memorable are the gifts my kids make at school. One year I got several bottles of wine and that was good too.;)

  139. My bike! My oldest rolled it in after they made me breakfast in bed. She was just so excited to could finally ride together!!

  140. I usually ask for and get new running shoes. That isn’t terribly sentimental in itself, but the fact that my family “gets me” means everything.

  141. My husband and I had gone to California because I was presenting at a conference, so we took a little extended weekend in San Francisco. A dear friend graciously watched all 4 of my young children, and while they were there she helped them make a framed word cloud in the shape of a heart that had words my kids used to describe me! I was so touched when I saw that they included “strong” “pretty” and “runner,” all words I was tentative to claim for myself. It is forever by my bedside as a testament to friendship and to the way my children see me!

  142. The last two mother’s day weekends, my hubby has solo parented at birthday parties that our kiddo was invited to while I ran a local half marathon!

  143. A pen jar my daughter made. She attached a picture where she has the biggest smile on her face. When I commented on the smile she just laughed and said I tooted as the picture was taken and laughed. Now every time I look at it I think of her sense of humor.

  144. This is my first official mother’s day! We aren’t due until September but having our little miracle in my tummy this year is a pretty amazing Others Day gift.

  145. Mother’s day is pretty low key around here. The kids usually pick out some pretty flowers and make me a card.

  146. My daughter was born 4 months premature on Mothers Day May 11 2003. At the time it was it a gift because she was born at 23.6 weeks 1 lb 5 ounces and was very sick for a long time. She will be 15 this May and is the best blessing any mother could ask for. She has her limitations and life is not always easy but she’s the funniest coolest kid! Proudest Mom !

  147. My daughter was born 4 months premature on Mothers Day May 11 2003. At the time it was it a gift because she was born at 23.6 weeks 1 lb 5 ounces and was very sick for a long time. She will be 15 this May and is the best blessing any mother could ask for. She has her limitations and life is not always easy but she’s the funniest coolest kid! Proudest Mom

  148. A handmade coupon book of all sorts of ways my then six-year-old daughter wanted to help around the house and show love. I still have the book!

  149. We don’t usually do expensive gifts and rarely do I get surprised by a gift but getting my Apple Watch last year has been awesome for running this year and the handmade heart shaped card with all my kids writing/drawing something in it was the best!

  150. Every year my partner buys me a gift certificate for a massage! I wait until after a big race and then I treat myself!

  151. My most memorable Mother’s Day was when my husband and I got to tell our families that we were expecting our second child.

  152. I’ve only been a mom for 5 short years but my husband and son gave me a garmin watch one year for mother’s day

  153. The memorable and surprising gift I’ve ever gotten for Mother’s Day was a gun! I’d mentioned that I’d like one off handedly bc my husband shoots at the range and I like to go with him and practice. My first Mother’s Day after my daughter was born was a rough one. She had colic, was breastfeeding around the clock, and all I really wanted was a break. In walked my husband with a huge grin on his face and gives me an unwrapped box. I open it. And, it’s a gun. Not exactly what I wanted in that moment but he put a lot of time, research, and money into getting me the right one so I couldn’t be upset.

  154. Before he passed, my Dad (with my Mom’s help) gave me a beautiful necklace with my birthstone, the amethyst. I think of him every time I wear it!

  155. We do not really give gifts for mothers and Father’s Day. But it is a memorable day because that is when we told our families we were pregnant with our oldest child.

  156. The most memorable mother’s day present I’ve received is still on my wall after 15 years. My husband helped my first-born son (age 1 at the time) to pick up flower pedals from a tree I loved at the house we lived in at the time. I loved that tree and we were moving to a bigger house. The two of them flattened the petals and then arranged them in the shape of a bouquet of flowers and placed them in a frame for me. I look at it every day. I love it so much!

  157. A notebook decorate by my oldest to which she draws cards or love notes to me for all holidays and special occasions. I love it and it keeps everything in one place!

  158. When my husband took the kids to a pottery studio and they all made me a work of art with their name and handprint 🙂

  159. One mother’s day, May 2011, I was recovering from a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. My son, you gest of 5, was only 7 months old but I had not been able to hold him since the surgery the month prior. The best present was being able to hold him again and get very light hugs from my 4 girls.

  160. The best present I received for mother’s day was a video of my mom receiving my mother’s day gift to her in 2009 (a plaque with the word “grandma” on it and a card with ultrasound photos)— which was my way of telling her I was finally pregnant!

  161. For the last few years my husband send me our for a run and takes my sons to buy flowers. My oldest picks them out and is so proud to give them to me. They typically include a card the boys have colored.

  162. My husband was deployed to the Middle East and was set to miss my first mother’s day. Somehow he managed to get leave and surprised me by walking in the door on Mother’s Day morning

  163. The card from my youngest that he made in school (age approximately 7). He said he wanted to get me a new water bottle because I work so hard!! In just a few days he turns 21!!

  164. When my girls were little I once got matching earrings and necklace that they beaded themselves. So sweet—and it actually matched some outfits I wore!

  165. The best Mother’s Day gift I could ever get is that this year my mom and dad ❤️❤️ are flying out to see us. We moved to Connecticut from Nebraska (and away from all our familiy) almost 2 yeas ago. I went from seeing my mom and dad multiple times a week to twice a year. I’m so excited my mom will be here for mother’s day. I’m also pregnant with #4. And my best mother’s day memory was exactly 8 years ago on mother’s day, I felt my first baby kick for the first time.

  166. One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was from my son. He gave me a Saucony gift card to buy new running shoes to train for the Chicago Marathon. No one really pays much attention to my running and it was the perfect gift for me because I love Saucony and always feel guilty “splurging” on new running shoes. Some guilt-free shopping was priceless to me and showed he paid attention!

  167. My husband sent me a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers, sunflowers, with a sweet card while he was on a deployment.

  168. A “Mom Book.” It’s essentially a large scrapbook that my husband and kids decorated for me and, each time one of the kids gives me a special piece of art or card, I tuck it away into my “Mom Book.” Now I have years of special gifts preserved.

  169. Last year I got to get an ultrasound of our baby at 13 weeks pregnant (ok it was the friday before mothers day but it counts!)

  170. For Mother’s Day, my husband and son, make me feel special by making me breakfast and letting me do what I want to do that day. Also love the special things that my son has made me every year.

  171. I really haven’t gotten much. My kids do some sweet projects at school but my oldest is 5 so that’s only been a couple years. Pretty much it’s left to my husband which means a card. Then we cook for our mothers.

  172. My son gave me a Thank You card he had made. In it he wrote all the things a mom wants to hear: he loves me just the way I am and I’m the best mom in the world! Heart melter!

  173. My favorite mother’s Day present is the plastic flowers my daughter bought me with her own money (she was 5 years old). She got me plastic ones because they will never die. And they were my favorite color. Four years later, those lovely flowers are still on my fireplace mantle.

  174. My four year old Daughter declaring I should go on a bike ride because that is “your favorite thing mommy when you pull me in the trailer.” It might not have been a fast road bike ride I craved but I couldn’t say no to that!

  175. The handmade cards from my boys….especially when I can tell they made them without their teacher’s prompts. Like the one that had a picture of me running with a glass of wine 😀

  176. I got to sleep in and then stay in bed until I felt like getting up. A mocha, a donut, and my book were on the bedside table. It was glorious.

  177. Last year my husband and son took me on a hike around our local lake. When we came home my son made me lunch and gave me a painting he had done of our dog. I love it!

  178. This year I bought my own Mom Day gift, a double hammock to sting between trees. Every year I give my parents, flowers for their pots, I also plant the pots while we talk.

  179. My daughter made a very cool beaded bracelet for me in her 4 year old preschool class last year. She has much more fashion stuff sense than I do!

  180. This year will be the most memorable because my Mom is coming to visit and has signed up to run a 5K with me… it’s my first race in NOLA and will be the first time racing with my Mom and my son.

  181. My first run with the Albany Running Mamas! They just ran Ragnar Cape Cod and I was the only one not in team colora but they insisted I stay for mimosas after a loop around our gorgeous tulip fest!

  182. My kids like to give me “days off”, so on Mother’s Day last year they “washed” the dishes,’picked up their rooms, and vacuumed. While they were doing that I got to drink my coffee in (semi) silence.

  183. Running my first race after having my twin daughters on my first Mother’s Day and being able to carry them across the finish line.

  184. A few years ago I got my treadmill! That was the best mother’s day, Christmas, anniversary, and birthday present combined! 🙂

  185. One year I asked my kids to run a local 5K with me and make it the whole way without bickering or complaining. I told them I didn’t care how fast we went, I just wanted to enjoy the race with them. They did it! My daughter never would run it again but now my son and I run it together every year.

  186. Best Mother’s Day present I think I gave my mom ( I’m only a mother to my dog) was a flying lesson. Both my parents loved airplanes and neither had ever flown themselves. My mom was overjoyed sitting in a Cessna cockpit. I think she had the same feelings I get racing. Nervous at first, I little overwhelmed, excited and then landing; the feeling of accomplishment and exhaustion.

  187. really most of my mother’s days is running a race. the best one was when the kids were little and I was able to push them in the stroller. It made me so happy to be back out there running and I felt such like a BAMR

  188. My daughter filled a jar with colorful notes. They were “reasons why you are an amazing mom”. Things like “You’ve taught us respect so we aren’t little devil children” and “You made us beef jerky & dried fruits for the Grand Canyon, even though you never got to go with us.”

  189. Most memorable Mother’s Day gift was last year’s Mother’s Day (my first) when my daughter made me something for the first time (she just stared daycare). It was a wooden picture frame she “decorated” and it meant so much!

  190. As my children have grown they (son & daughter) each get me a card and write the most beautiful and touching messages. Sometimes it comes with a gift but I treasure their written messages most of all.

  191. Last year, I fell and broke my newish Garmin (and finger) during a race. My son and husband got me a brand new Garmin along with some other awesome running gear from Joules Athletics!

  192. My then 3 year old eldest daughter and husband planted a tree in the backyard. The memory is so sweet, and the pictures of her adorable little self beside the tree are my sweetest memory.

  193. My husband was trying to find me the jacket that Des Linden wore this week in Boston for Mother’s Day, but of course he couldn’t find it in the color she was wearing and asked me to help him track it down. So win some lose some 😛

  194. My husband made me a homemade planter for the porch and filled it with all my favorite flowers. Now it’s become a tradition to get flowers for that planter each Mother’s Day.

  195. A moms’ getaway where 3 of us mom-friends left our infants and toddlers behind with the dads and we stayed at a swanky hotel attached to a fancy mall. We had a quiet dinner, with dessert and coffee, did some shopping, and stayed up late watching tv and chatting… and the best part… waking up late!!

  196. While living in Massachusetts my family would try a new lobster shack every mother’s day in hopes of finding the best lobster roll.

  197. My mom watched our daughter so I could run a half marathon and then met me for a post race Mother’s Day lunch with my aunt and godmother. 🙂

  198. I can’t think of a specific Mother’s Day gift…..but last year we hosted a mother’s day bbq. It was so fun!

  199. I’ve had 2 best Mothers Day … my 2 children’s births. Beside those 2 days … one year my son drew his hand and little sister’s hand and both wrote me love notes in their hands. I had both pictures framed … I just cried it was so touching.

  200. My husband has the uncanny ability to go into a store and pick out a dress or outfit for me that fits! He did get me some good running clothes one year too!

  201. When my son was 7 or 8, he picked out a hairbrush with a pretty handle for me at the drugstore. I thought that was so sweet.

  202. My husband was deployed, so my 4 kids and I went to Key West and went snorkeling. That night, we sat under the stars and talked about how lucky we are.

  203. Best Mother’s Day was my 1st where my little guy toddled around the store and picked out a blue pillow for me all by himself:). I cherish this little blue pillow because he picked it out for mom and was so proud of it!

  204. My Mother’s Day gifts haven’t been expensive but when my kids were in preschool they filled out a MadLibs type list of sentences where they described me- my age, interests, etc. and they were pretty funny!

  205. This is only my second mother’s day but spending the day with my newborn baby and card from my husband written from my daughters perspective was perfect !

  206. We live in Florida, our AC went out one year in may. The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was a brand new unit at wholesale price installed on mother’s day Sunday.

  207. When my kids were really little, my husband gave me the whole day off to be alone and do whatever I wanted. I can’t remember what I did, but I remember that he gave me the gift of alone time.

  208. I’m not big on Mother’s Day (when you’re a single mom, any day you “take off” just pushes the chores to the next day. Plus, I never want my kids to feel pressured to get me a gift that lives up to commercialism hype…), but one year I was at the grocery store with my girls and they asked for money to find me something. They searched for about 40 minutes while I sat on a bench by the exit and ended up buying my a make-up pouch that says “It’s hard work being this awesome” filled with lots of little bottles of nail polish. The amount of thought they put into finding me something was the real gift to me.

  209. I don’t do mother’s day, but I’ve gotten some pretty entertaining cards from my husband “written” by my dog!

  210. Yeah, so I’m going for the shallow win here: diamond stud earrings on my first Mother’s Day. Yep, that’s right. I love footprint art and all, but those diamond earrings are totally my favorites!

  211. Well, my son is taking me to Taylor Swift this year. Nothing better than a road trip and concert with my son! #qualitytime

  212. Two of my triplets gave me hand-made flowers in their freshman year of high school with love notes written in Spanish from class and the third child gave me a big hand-made heart. Those are items that I cherish.

  213. For several Mother’s Day my kids and husband would create a “game show”. I had to answer questions and for each correct answer I won a prize. One year the prizes were a penny, quarter, nickel and dime and the final prize was my “gift”. They would set up a stage, my daughter would be “Vanna” and my son was the host. Then after the show they would make me my favorite breakfast. It was so fun seeing them be creative and secretive. Now that they are older I’m happy with just hearing “I love you”. 🙂

  214. I didn’t have to change a single diaper one mother’s day. As a mother of two in diapers… It was glorious!

  215. One year, I had a recipe published in our local paper. Another I went to a special service and got treats from hospital volunteers before bringing my son home after surgery. Last year, I was home with our 4 day old baby 🙂

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