Hump Day Giveaway: Nuun Immunity!

It's hard to believe that nuun could get any better - until we tried their new immunity line.

Talk about a product that is perfect for #MotherRunners: these nifty little tabs have anti-inflammatories (including turmeric & ginger), free-radical fighting antioxidants (such as elderberry & echinacea), and a hydration-optimized blend of electrolytes.

Perfect for getting you through your next training cycle or just warding off the next snotty nose that walks through your door.

Want to try nuun immunity for yourself? Tell us below why you could use a boost of immunity in your life and you might just win one of three prize packs!

And remember - even if you don't win, you can still save 20% on your order with code AMRHYDRATE. We're all winners in the AMR Tribe. 🙂

263 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Nuun Immunity!

  1. 2 kids, husband, full time job, plus one dog, 6 cats, 5 horses, 86 and counting cows(babies on their way now), equals no time to be sick 🙂

  2. I need an immunity boost to stay healthy so I can continue to visit my Mom twice a week in her Skilled Nursing Facility.

  3. Always looking for anti inflammatory food and drink. I have fibromyalgia and anything that helps me from a flare up so I can keep running is welcome!! Would love to try this.

  4. School is almost out, pollen is exploding around me, and I am changing jobs. Plus I am about to enter my taper for Grandma’s Half. My immune system could use a boost!

  5. I have two kids, and I work with kids! Add to that a horrible allergy season and hot, humid, Florida summers. I need all the help I can get!

  6. Kids activities keep me hopping. I need all the extra support I can get. Plus, who doesn’t want to reduce inflammation !

  7. Kids, work, life…I have a lot of goals for this summer, I don’t want to miss any of them due to illness!

  8. I had twin boys 18 months ago, and no matter how hard I try to make a habit of working out and getting fit, I can’t seem to overcome the random bugs the boys keep giving me. They pick something up from the childcare at the gym nearly every time we go. I am so over it!

  9. I am a 55 yr old grandma that’s very busy and involved in my little loves’ life!! I need to stay healthy for myself and my family! Plus my husband is a fireman and away a lot of time so I need the energy to keep things sane & controlled at home. Thank you!

  10. I love the idea that they have anti inflammatory properties! Plus with 3 children in school, and trying to maintain my own sanity (running), I’ll take all the immunity help I can get!

  11. after years of rarely getting sick, i seem to have gotten into a pattern of picking up bugs of all kinds, and it’s really annoying and dragging me down. i’d be thrilled to try this new nun product!

  12. I work in a downtown public library and get coughed and sneezed on as well as having to touch books that have all sorts of unidentifiable ick on them so the immunity boost would be great!

  13. Would be great to help fight the germs that keep floating around at work. How can the flu still be a thing this year? Ugh. Between that and the horrible allergy season, we are about Lysol’d out.

  14. I could use this as I’m doing a pretty intense workout program right now and can use as much help as I can get! I don’t have time to get sick so I’m doing everything to keep healthy. My husband and son are sick right now and I refuse to get it!

  15. I could use Nuun Immunity because I work in a hospital, have two young kids with all the germs, high stress, and not enough sleep! A nice quad-fecta!

  16. Because I work nights and get up early to get my kiddo off to school, Miamian system is always a little compromised.

  17. Holy cow – with work, kids, high-maintenance-husband, pets, and care giving duties for parents, my immune system needs all the help it can get!! I’m a solid Nuun fangirl for the past bunch of years as I was trying to set the ‘drink lots of water’ into a habit autopilot. LOVE the flavor (light) and the extra vitamins and (sometimes) a leetle extra bit of caffeine, because who doesn’t need to stay awake during that 9:30 pm carpool shift!! 🙂 Yes, immune boosting would be an AWESOME addition to the mix!

  18. I’m a school teacher, mom of 2, training for a marathon in June, and let’s be honest – everybody deserves an immunity boost. I love nuun!

  19. The whole house was sick the week before my goal race this spring! Would love the extra boost in the product that I use to encourage myself to drink more water.

  20. I have twins that go to daycare and I work full time in health care. Running is my stress relief and I need to stay healthy for all the above reasons.

  21. My coach tells me to sleep nine hours a night the week before a long race. Ha! My youngest is either in need of a snuggle, sick and wanting to breath all over me all night, or hopped up on steroids for his asthma. I have tried going to bed at 8pm and I still can’t get enough sleep. When I train hard, I just end up sick.

    I should note that the night time snuggles are super sweet and I know they won’t last forever 🙂

  22. I’m convinced that no one in my house (including the cat) actually wants me to get any sleep. Immunity boost please!

  23. I work with college-age students who were never taught to cough into the elbow vs. hands, then go home to two young nose pickers. There is not enough soap in the world to protect me from these people in my life!

  24. Between traveling for work, having two kids in school and a husband working in EMS we can use all the immune and hydration support we can get!

  25. I got two bottle of Nuun immunity at a Nuun Ambassador Meetup at the Boston Marathon. I brought them home, popped the tops when I was feeling under the weather. No illnesses here! I have to hide all unNuun from my 4.5 year old twins, or they drink every last drop, leaving me nothing. Everyone loves the Blueberry Immunity flavor!!

  26. I am a kindergarten teacher!!! Germs are everywhere! My heart is with Team in Training and working on running my 10th marathon! I have no time to be sick and could use the boost!

  27. As a nurse, I need all the immunity that I can get so that I can stay healthy while caring for ill patients.

  28. I work in a public office and have 2 kiddos at home who love to share all the germs from school and daycare! I live Nuun and would love to try these!

  29. I’ve got immune system issues and 2 kids–one of whom is starting K this fall. I need all the help I can get to fight germs so I can be a better mom

  30. I’m a #ProfessionalBoyMom: teacher of boys with autism by day, mom to a special needs son by night. Waiting for the results of my MRI so I can get back running those streets!

  31. My immunity can always use a boost. I’m a PTA and patients come to therapy when their sick and breathe and cough all over me!

  32. I’m ramping up to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I drink Nuun often and would love to try their new Immunity line.

  33. I’m always game for new Nuun products! Life is busy and upcoming travel requires something to ward off airport germs. This looks like a good option.

  34. We’re trying to finish 9th grade as strong as we can. My son is a combination of strong willed and extremely shy. I’m not sure who’ll be standing on the last day of school.

  35. I work at a school and kids are always bringing germs in. I need some Nuun to build up my immunity:)

  36. I have a new 4 week old at home and a 3 year old that brings germs home from daycare every day. I can’t afford to get sick! When I’m not on maternity leave I’m a fourth grade teacher and need to keep my immunity up so that I can be a great teacher during the day and an even better mommy when I get home.

  37. As someone prone to bronchitis and pneumonia, I will take every opportunity to boost my immune system and what better way then with Nuun that I already use every day!

  38. I’m about to jump on a plane & fly across the country to see my oldest graduate! Did I mention I hate flying??

  39. My oldest was struggling with headaches and one concern was dehydration. Now he gets a bottle with Nuun to take to school every day! We need to try these!

  40. 2 busy school aged kids means we are always on the go! My immune system can always use a boost as none of us have time to be sick

  41. Who doesn’t love Nuun?? But also, when everyone in my house is getting over their seasonal illnesses, mine pick up since my motherly instincts take over when the family needs me most! Mama needs a break 🙂

  42. 3 kids, a dog and a cat. Hubs travels all the time and I work full time! No time for a weak immune system.

  43. Nuun tastes great and helps me stay hydrated on and off the road, throughout the day and on the trail and gym and Orangetheory workouts! Added immunity just helps me stay healthy to conquer my day and be strong for my kiddos!

  44. I would love to try this new Nuun! I am ramping up my training, and it seems like I get sick at least once during this process….

  45. Big family vacation coming up with my clown show, so an extra boost of immunity would be much appreciated! One question: Will it also make me immune to end of the school year-itis all four of my clowns seem to be experiencing?

  46. Spring is here….meaning fluff, sander and all things sneezy. This sounds a super pick me up for the season!!

  47. I have two half marathons in my future and need to hydrate during these summer months of training. I love Nuun for my water pak and now they’ve added more goodness to them? Yes!

  48. I’m trying hard to take good care of myself with running, but I know I’m not eating well. Any easy way to get more “good stuff” into me will pay off.

  49. Living in AZ, my electrolytes seem to plummet daily! Extra immunity boosts with needed electrolytes is essential!!

  50. I work with the public and several of our employees have small children so something is ALWAYS going around!

  51. Working non-stop (or so it feels) and keeping up the running, and teenagers who keep me up late, I’m always worried about catching something!

  52. My son who is a diabetic loves this product – he feels it helps keep his sugars normal – due to the electrolyte ingredients…..I just love them while training and running marathons…. 🙂

  53. 3 kids, work, and regular training…even with a perfect diet there’s always a need for some extra immunity boosting!!!!

  54. With 4 kiddos and two dogs I’m constantly on the run, quite literally! Sleep is pretty low on the list sometimes and the thought of an immune boost sounds wonderful!

  55. Every time I train for a marathon I end up getting sick at the peak of my training. Kept me from doing the race 1 time and probably should have another time…Maybe this is what I need to get me over the hump! It was fun meeting you all at the Flying Pig expo! 🙂

  56. As a SAHM of four, I seem to be exposed to EVERY sickness that makes the rounds lol! Maybe it’s having a one year old that licks everything, or maybe it’s hvaing a husband who’s job brings him in contact with EVERYONE! I’m in my taper for my third marathon, so staying healthy is top of my mind 🙂

  57. Between my 5 kids (at 3 schools), my nurse husband, and my work in a local grocery store (handling dirty cash), I’m around a lot of germs and could always use an extra boost of immunity.

  58. I have little kids, work full-time, and run marathons and half-marathons. This product is worth it to keep illness at bay.

  59. I have frequent headaches, so trying to do better at keeping up with hydration, and I have young kids so am always fighting off colds.

  60. Still recovering from injuries after a hit and run while cycling. Healing has taken precedence over immunity, so my body could definitely use the boost there

  61. I’m in the last month of training for my goal race and I NEVER get enough sleep. I need all the help I can get to stay heathy!

  62. I travel 60 percent for my job so always in places where germs are running rampant. I’m always looking for ways to increase my immune system. Airplanes, airports and public restrooms are all breeding grounds for lots of germs.

  63. It’s the end of the school year and suddenly we have ALLLLL the germs. There’s too much to do to be sick!

  64. I have 2 young kids in daycare that love to pass the germs on to me – I could definitely use some immunity support.

  65. Because there is no such thing as a ‘season’ for the flu or a cold! They are all year ’round!~

  66. Two toddlers and work both in healthcare and college settings – lots of germs that can run me down (no pun intended). Running keeps me healthy and anything I can help to support my immunity and my running, that’s gold in my book.

  67. Because I have a love/hate relationship with summer vacations. Love the time away to enjoy family and new places, but hate all the germs we tend to come into contact with along the way and the inevitable hospital stay once we get home for my medically fragile kid. Add my long-awaited return to triathlon training on top of that and I am a full-fledged germophobe. I need all the help I can get!

  68. I teach high school and have to grade all those papers that kids touch not to mention being in contact with over 100 different students every day! I could use a boost.

  69. I have a son with an autoimmune disorder, and he’s sometimes immune compromised due to medications he is on. We all need to work hard to stay healthy in my house so he isn’t exposed to bugs. I already love Nuun for my runs and for staying hydrated, so I know this immunity Nuun would be a huge hit!

  70. One biohazard tween-age child, multiple flights in our future and visits with elderly Grands. We can use all the help we can get.

  71. Summer is coming, and that means the dreaded summer cold isn’t far behind. Anything to help boost immunity is helpful, and I look forward to trying this nuun product.

  72. Having Type 1 diabetes in both my family and my husbands, a family full of athletes, and a husband and son who need to watch their blood sugar – Nuun seems to be the one supplemental drink we can all agree on at our house.

  73. Having a child who splits time between two households seems to add the number of germs! I also work with a vulnerable population, so colds and the flu seem to be circulating continually. Like everyone else, I don’t have time to be sick and I certainly don’t want to sideline my running for an illness!

  74. My kiddo brings home a lot of extra germs from pre-school, so we could all use the extra boost of immunity!

  75. I’m a mother of two who works for myself. I suffer anxiety at the thought of a sick day since it’s unpaid 🙁 I’ll do whatever I can to keep everyone healthy!

  76. Marathon training while managing a full time job and 2 sports crazed teenage boys. I am constantly driving them somewhere or cooking them food to eat! I don’t get as much sleep as I probably need. I need all the immunity that I can get!

  77. I need immunity!!
    1. I work with snotty, germ-laded kids of all ages, from babies (at book babies story time) to teens. I need protection!!
    2. I work with elderly people, too. I need to protect them as well!
    3. My kid keeps bringing home colds and congestion, and it’s almost summer!

  78. Between a toddler, a kindergarten, a teacher husband, and my job as a librarian, we get exposed to all the germs!

  79. Life is too short to be sick. Nuun keeps the adventure going and going and going. America doesn’t run on Duncan, we run on nuun, and not even the energize bunny can outlast a mom and two sons on nuun! Nuun keeps going strong #momstrong

  80. I’m a single mom with 3 kids under 11. I’ve run out of sick time taking care of the kids illnesses and injuries, so I currently don’t have any for myself. I need all the immune system help I can get!!

  81. My house is brimming with cleats, running shoes, lacrosse sticks, baseball gloves, field hockey sticks, goggles, mouth guards…none of which are EVER clean. My immunity must be steel but could always use a boost!

  82. My kid is in kindergarten and brings home every virus, germ, bacteria that ever was created. Couple that with training and you have a disaster waiting to happen!

  83. I’m about to be on multiple flights over the next few weeks….one of them is tomorrow on my way to the AMR retreat!! Must.have.immunity.powers. No sickness can slow me down in the next 2 months!

  84. I need all the immunity I can get running (literally and figuratively) on empty through the track-musical-fun-fair-parent-open-house-summer-registration days of May and June!

  85. I could use these in my everyday life right now. Between working as a full-time radiology nurse and a part time Emergency room nurse and training for my first Half Ironman I really need to stay healthy.

  86. I could certainly use am immunity boost, as I work with students 3/4 of the year. Germs are abound on the University campus, and it would be important, especially during peak advising season, to be as prepared as possible with all my defenses up!

  87. I love the tablets! I am a mother to three darling children – and I am an oncology nurse. So needless to say, I need to be at my best at all times. It is vital when caring for my kids and for my patients that I am not sick. Plus, the pep these tablets put in my step is priceless – giving me enough energy to complete my run

  88. I have two kids in daycare, which results in lots of sick days. Was just home with my 1-year-old yesterday due to a fever…would love to try Nuun Immunity!

  89. With 4 bio kids and various foster kids in and out of the house and a husband who travels a lot for work, I can’t afford to be sick!

  90. 2 kiddos in daycare and elementary school, stress of work, moving into new house, allergy season, the list goes on.

  91. At home I have 2 girls that bring home the school germs. I work in a hospital…so more germs. Between life, work, kids, family and my running goals, I just don’t have time to be sick! At times I forget to slow down and take care of myself. Drinking NUUN Immunity is a small way to make sure this important self care happens! I can’t take care of everyone/everything else if I’m not caring for myself first!

  92. New job. Two kids in school and daycare. Public Transportation. Marathon Training. I need all the immunity boosting I can get!

  93. So many reasons! 2 graduates (hs, college), selling the empty nest house, fixing up a new house, trying to up my runnng game – it’s tough!

  94. I’m an elementary / middle school teacher. Need I say more? I truly believe that regular running helps keep me healthy, but we can all use an immunity boost!

  95. I just completed my first half marathon (and got to meet Dimity!!) and am training for my first full this fall. Now is the time to build my body up and part of that is finding a nutrition and hydration routine that works for me. Being married with three busy kids and working as a night shift nurse is sometimes too much on my body (because, let’s admit it, moms are the first to take less, often to their own detriment). Help start me on the right path!

  96. After a long long winter full of elementary school germs, my husband and I need a little umph to tackle all the spring Farm/garden work!

  97. I take immunosuppressant drugs to manage my MS. And I have little kids – one still in day care. Total recipe for disaster. I am always looking for new ways to build up my immune system.

  98. Running, coaching, taking classes, caring for twin toddlers full time- all while the Army monopolizes my husband’s time for a while- plus he took my tubes of nuun with him to work- it’s like he has to wear lots of heavy clothes in the middle of the desert or something…!

  99. New Mom + working full time + training for first 50k. I can’t afford the possibility of being sick. No time for it.

  100. I have 3 kids in 3 different daycares, so I wish it fought craziness on top of free radicals, but protecting against 3Xs the germs is good too.

  101. I would love to try these to boost my immune system as we enter the last few weeks of a very busy school year. It always seems to be this time of year that we all get sick. Thanks!

  102. Chemo and radiation treatments left me with a slightly compromised immune system. I try to eat right regularly (lots of fruits and vegetables) and supplement with immune boosting vitamins and herbs.

  103. With twins at home and working as a nurse, I’m always around germs. I don’t have time to be sick!

  104. I’ve registered for more races in 2018 than in the past 2 years combined – I need to stay healthy & hydrated!

  105. I have 3 boys in elementary bringing home all the germs + the added stress of special needs=Mom frequently sick

  106. My kids bring home every germ imaginable from daycare and school and I also work in healthcare so a boost of immunity would help so much!

  107. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I’m exposed to germs all day! We can all use a little extra immunity!

  108. As a teacher mentor, I am in several different schools every day. Plus, with two little ones in two different daycares, I feel like we are constantly just passing germs and viruses back and forth. Everyone in our midst could use an immune boost!

  109. After having the flu the second time this season I am over being sick. Mama ain’t got no time for that!

  110. I teach Preschool – 2 year olds! – and their germs are no joke. Anything I can do to boost my immunity, I try!

  111. 3 kids in 3 different school plus my work = so many germs! Spring schedule has got me running around like a crazy person i could use this to keep me going!

  112. With four kids, I have many opportunities to pick up some of their germs! A little extra protection never hurts!

  113. Love me a little immunity boost. I take it before traveling, leading up to big races, when I am feeling tired and overwhelmed. A little boost does wonders. I am super excited to try the anti-inflammatory ones!

  114. This could be a godsend — I don’t know what’s worse, the petri dish of my kids’ school or the petri dish of my husband’s work… either way, I’ll take ALL the help I can get!

  115. Summers are the best, but also the worst for me. I do field work and travel for work, plus the kids are out of school, so its busy and a lot of scheduling. A little Nuun immunity would be wonderful!

  116. I need this, we just got the dreaded note home that a case of strep has been confirmed in your child’s classroom!

  117. The minute I feel something something in my throat or a cold sore developing I have started using Nuun. I need more supplies as owe get into summer.

  118. NUUN Immunity is a gift from the running gods! My “day job” is leading fitness classes at a nearby Rec Center. My peeps are at the opposite end of the aging spectrum and often bring in the germs from home, the grandkids schools, the local grocery and many more germy digs. I use NUUN daily to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes where they should be. The new Immunity version would add a great boost to keeping me on my feet – running and teaching!

  119. Who couldn’t use a boost in immunity. Between waking early and running around with work, kids and home life, I know my immunity could use a boost to keep me going!

  120. I’ve got things to do! No time to be sick. I want my downtime to be for relaxing, not recovering from illness

  121. I could use a boost of energy! I have 2 girls that have been playing lacrosse since January, sometimes 4 hames a week all across the country.One graduated last weeekend, one next weekend and we have 2 parties to plan. I am exhausted!

  122. We moved this last year. We are getting sick to all of the germs we have not experienced before.

  123. I’m traveling soon and a little extra immunity would come in handy for the planes rides. Plus I love Nuun!

  124. Spring germs have brought Bronchitis to the oldest and Strep to the youngest in the past two weeks. Mom? I’m holding strong! 🙂

  125. I NEED this for my husband. He keeps getting sick and it’s messing with my mojo. Less sleep for all, less energy to run because I’m picking up extra duties, etc. We need some stay well help over here.

  126. I’m a mama to four and someone is always always spreading germs. Not to mention the exhaustion of being the ring master to those monkeys and I have a hard time fighting off the sickies. I could use a boost of help!

  127. I am a deputy in a jail, which is full of cooties. I take immune suppressing medication for RA, and I’m about to begin training for my next 50k.

  128. I’m in ob-gyn so I need to stay healthy to see all my patients but I also need to stay healthy to protect all the mamas-to-be.

  129. I’ve taught different grade levels, and my first graders love to share their germs the most! I took a direct hit of a sneeze once from a student sitting across from me during guided reading groups. So gross!

  130. The darn doggies……. I love them so much BUT, they bring in all kinds of dirt and who knows what else!

  131. I have not been able to run for MONTHS and am desperate to try something anti-inflammatory!! (Yes I am doing all things PT assigns)

  132. I’m a music teacher, with a 6 yo and it’s concert season. Oh, and marathon training begins in two weeks!

  133. I’ve got 3 1/2 week’s left in my teaching year with my third graders—concerts, reports cards, field day, you name it. And all those things for my own kiddos, too! I need to finish strong.

  134. My husband works in a sess pool and catches everything to bring home to share. This immunity booster would sure help!

  135. Co-workers who consistently come to work sick without a single thought about spreading their germs to those of us who need to use our vacation days when our kids get sick.

  136. Not only do I have 2 kids who bring home every germ possible, I am a brand new nurse working in the hospital…it feels like every other week, I have another cold!

  137. I’m in my last semester of my doctorate program and need to finish strong. I would love to try the new nuun!!

  138. I’m pregnant, so keeping me healthy is a top priority! Also, I’m a teacher working with other students with autoimmune disorders; if I’m sick, I can’t do my job and support them. Finally, being a mom to a busy toddler, I don’t really get to ever slow down! Staying well is huge!

  139. Starting a new training cycle and my husband “shared” his cold with me for Mother’s Day. Need a boost!

  140. Ugh! Just spent two days home from work taking care of a kid with strep! Could use all of the immunity builders.

  141. I’m training for my first longer than a half but not a full race. I definitely want to stay healthy during the training cycle AND on vacation AND of course when I get to the start line. Nuun is already a big part of making sure I replenish my electrolytes after training.

  142. Spring training finally consistent warm weather in WNY and 3 kiddos who just want to be outside… Never stop running immunity would help

  143. Spring training finally consistent warm weather with WNY and 3 kiddos who just want to be outside… Never stop running immunity would help

  144. End of school year stress plus getting ready for big family vacation. I DO NOT have time to be sick!!

  145. Three boys who bring germs home from school – not to mention I work in a high school! I’m excited to try it! Love my Nuun energy every day!

  146. Spring storms, downed trees, power outages, and tornadoes…in NY!! This never happens here. But the heart rate training must go on! Now to convince the kids that electricity is overrated, hahaha!!

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