Hump Day Giveaway: Spark Boxes for Tweens + Teens

Here at Another Mother Runner, we want every woman to feel motivated, confident, and strong. That’s why we love Spark Box, which aims to infuse those same attributes in pre-teen and teen girls. Spark promotes self-worth, self-acceptance, and open mindedness.

Started by three women who (sort of!) remember what it’s like to be Spark-aged and how tough it is to be yourself.

“With the added pressure of social media that Spark girls have to navigate, we wanted to put a positive message into their hands,” says co-founder Eleni Drake. With a Spark subscription, a girl gets a monthly box of handpicked items with a new theme every month so there’s a, well, spark of excitement when each box lands in the mailbox. “Each box has a theme around a big idea we want girls to reflect on, plus a few items to reinforce that big idea. Our tag line is: Be awesome. Be inspired. Be you. We love that girls all over the country receive a reminder each month that they're perfect, exactly the way they are,” gushes Eleni.

Spark sent boxes to a few daughters and nieces of BAMRbassadors. Take a look what they said:

“The Spark boxes are such a great gift idea for the tween or teen girl in your life. My bookworm loved the book box with a super-cute book light and bookmarks. As a Plathofile, I loved the Sylvia Plath finger puppet/magnet--adorable! The inspiration cards in the boxes are great for activity ideas and aspirations.” –mother runner Annaliese

“My girls loved their Spark boxes! On a gloomy, rainy day, I found my daughter sipping hot chocolate (never mind it was spring!) with her feet up showing off her new fun socks from the ‘I am cozy’ box.” –mother runner Kristen

“My smart and fun-loving nieces moved to Florida within a few weeks of school letting out, so they are extra-excited to receive their packages. They love the journal prompts, along with baking the cookies!” –Auntie Pam

“My creative one really loves the writing challenges in her Spark Box. We both loved learning that women invented windshield wipers, Kevlar, chocolate chip cookies, and paper bags!” –mother runner Nicole

To add a spark to the summer vacation of the pre-teen or teen in your life, we’re giving away two 3-month Spark subscriptions.

Enter to win by telling us in the Comments below: What has created a spark in your life recently? Could be running-related…or not making school lunches. Tell us in Comments.

And everyone is a winner: Everyone gets 15% off any Spark subscription by using promo code AMR15.










148 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Spark Boxes for Tweens + Teens

  1. Planning a vacation for my husband and myself- we rarely even go out to dinner, so going out of the country together is AMAZING, and reading guidebooks and booking hotels is getting me so excited for the adventures ahead.

  2. Recently my BRFs and I signed up for a running challenge, and keeping track of my weekly miles has been a big motivator!

  3. Climbed a route today. It was hard but i wanted it to be. Have never wanted to push rock climbing like i do running. We own a rock climbing gym..this is a huge breakthrough. Maybe i am no longer just supporting someone elses love.

  4. Cheetos. I rediscovered how delicious they are! I probably need to run a little more to make up for the amount of Cheetos I’ve consumed since summer started!

  5. My tween daughter and I went bouldering together today for the first time. She’s been suffering sever anxiety the last couple months so seeing her fearless and strong climbing nearly 16 feet in the air was a major spark.

  6. My 10 year old daughter has discovered how to make speed drawing videos. She learned the software and how to merge in the music and then posts it to her YouTube channel. I am so impressed!

  7. Applying for a full-time job after being a stay at home mom for 15 years. Daunted, insecure at moments, but energized.

  8. Just got back from a racecation in Utah and it was fabulous!!! Great to see so many women running together of all ages.

  9. My spark came recently when I volunteered to help with my daughter’s running club at school. The 3rd-5th graders trained to run the Freihofer’s 3K and we even got to meet Allie Keiffer, who visited our school! When I was getting ready to run the 5K, my daughter told me, “just stay with Allie Kieffer,” LOL as if it were that simple! I loved watching her and the other kids run their hearts out and my daughter even has a new goal to run a 5K with me!

  10. My daughter, who bravely competed in her first provincial gymnastics competition, is a huge spark of inspiration for me!

  11. I recently ran a 5 miler with both of my teen girls, one a varsity runner, the other… not so much. But – she finished it with a smile on her face, despite the heat, humidity, and being outrun by her big sister. AND, she said she’ll be back next year, ready to better her time. 🙂

  12. Fun new workouts, training for a long (looooong) race and summer bike nights with my tweens. We have a goal of hitting a different park each night. Holding on tightly to these waning days of childhood.

  13. Getting to work out with my 17 year old daughter, Lila, at the gym at zero dark hundred while she is on break from rowing.

  14. I thought I did a disservice to my son by having him run with me because I am so SLOW. He just came in first at a large 8k with a 7:30 pace. I am so proud of him and he pushes me to be better.

  15. My 13 year old ran the last 3 miles of my 54k this past weekende encouraging me to keep moving even though I was so done running.

  16. I took my daughter to the Women’s March in DC. That experience sparked a sense of empowerment and feminism in her 11 year old heart. Seeing her become an advocate for the rights of women and girls does a mom good.

  17. My 11 year old won the Fearless Girl Essay from her Girls On the Run event this year. My spark is her and her sister and knowing I’m doing something right in raising some pretty amazing little ladies.

  18. My daughter is my spark. She started passing me up on mid-distance runs when she was nine. Now 11, she loves running on her Club track team…her favorite event is the 3000m. But she is at the age where she is beginning to doubt herself, her appearance, her talents, her value, based a lot in crummy messages she gets from society, media, and her “friends.” This prize would be of great benefit to my sweet daughter at this rough season of life, and might just be one of the Sparks that she needs.

  19. My spark is rediscovering the joy I get from writing. I love playing with words and experimenting with the creative process.

  20. The change in weather has created my spark. The extra sunshine has me feeling happy and energetic. I’m excited to spend more time outdoors.

  21. My spark is watching my daughters strive and reach their goals they have set! I like to think they learned it from watching us!

  22. I have 3 daughters, 17, 13 and 10. My oldest has been struggling with an eating disorder so it’s been rough. I have been working with my others gals to show them their spark and value that doesn’t focus on their bodies but how they live and sparkle. My spark has been dulled for a bit while helping my oldest (competitive athlete previously) trying to find her spark again and believing in herself and learning to trust her body. Running has helped me keep going and hanging on!

  23. My spark is my girls! They are so active strong and kind! Also starting to run again after a year plus it’s hard but I have the best running partner. Gets me out there but doesn’t make me feel bad about walk/running

  24. I’m thrilled that my 12 year old is suddenly interested in running…She joined me for a Global Running Day event, and we just registered for a 5K together in July. I love having a new running buddy and can’t wait to tackle some training runs together!

  25. My daughter has become infatuated with running. She ran track on her middle school team and is now joined a track club. She’s always run with me here and there, but her new found passion is amazing! Plus she’s pretty fast…..she’s my spark!

  26. My spark is starting to run again after baby #5 and losing 35lbs! It’s been awesome to get back to moving!

  27. My 2 daughters just completed their first Girls on the Run race. It gave me a spark when my older daughter said, at the end of the race, “Now I know how why you like to run and race, Mom!” Passing on my love of running to my daughters gave me a super spark!

  28. Moving to Tucson, AZ in the summer seemed like it might take the spark out of my running but actually the opposite has happened! I have only been here 3 weeks but have already made 2 wonderful running buddies who are teaching me how to run in the desert. It has been so much fun!

  29. Staying healthy to keep up with my kids while I go through Chemo and radiation treatments. I have had to give up running but once this is over I intend to come back strong! Already have a half marathon planned for next spring.

  30. I just started a part time job! After 7 years at home with my kids, it is a spark to get the creative juices flowing. Now how to manage my time and still fit my sanity runs in…

  31. The need to clean my garage and basement have given me all types of ideas of how I want it all to be. Now to just make it happen. 😉

  32. Watching my daughter’s magnificent muscles and derring-do as she pulled herself up the play structure from the outside (rather than climbing the stairs) gave me a spark, she has shoulder muscles I can’t even name.

  33. Getting my four year old a bike with training wheels for his birthday and seeing his endurance and confidence increase daily as I jog walk next to him and his ten month old sister is in the stroller. We can exercise together and through scrapes and falls he climbs back on.

  34. Now that school is out for both of us (just finished my first year of grad school) it is the small moments when my 12 year old daughter and I just get to chat in a relaxed way… I am so excited to hear what is on her mind these days and I love that I am not in a rush anymore and can really stop and think about what she has to say!

  35. When I get back from a run in the southern heat and humidity – I feel so strong! That gives me a spark for the rest of my day!

  36. A week of being home and swimming before the craziness of summer camps begins! It’s always so fun, but so much running around everywhere with three kids is crazy town. Lol

  37. My kids loving their summer camp! Last year, I finally found one they both liked! They are back there this year and having friends on day 1 really made a difference.

  38. I have been going to church alone early on Sunday. I found that i can get more from the mass when I am not worried about the kids’ behavior. I feel more tranquil for the rest of the day.

  39. I tried trail running for the first time and it definitely re-sparked my love for running, which has been lost for over a year.

  40. A new job opportunity has created a spark for me! Didn’t realize how much I needed a revitalized approach to my professional life until I had an opportunity available for me. I have more energy for EVERYTHING as a result. Yay for spark! (And, of course, the obvious but true answer–RUNNING always sparks my life and makes me feel better no matter what is going on!)

  41. My 7 year old daughter has been wanting to run with me and I’m injured, so we have been doing lots of walks lately. She brings her doll stroller and we have good conversations.

  42. I put on my swimsuit (nevermind those fat rolls) and frolicked at the Splash Park IN PUBLIC with my daughters. Their absolute joy of playing together in the water gave me spark for days. Just moving with them gives me spark.

  43. Believeit or not, I gave up coffee (oh the horror!) as part of a 30 day challenge with my husband. Excited to see if it makes a difference in my gut health.

  44. The beginning of summer vacation with my daughter. Exciting plans and more time to just hang out together!

  45. The beautiful weather! After a long Minnesota winter, the sun and warmth definitely gives me an extra spark!

  46. Beautiful sunshine, the smile on all three of my kids face, my husband’s witty sense of humor. The desire to be healthy for them all! They spark me to be my best!

  47. Cake! I am inspired by creating new cakes. I find making new flavors or cake (and cookies as well) creative. I made an Italian cream cake a couple months ago and made it again last month. Totally worth it and beats and store bought. This weekend I am making a champagne cake for Father’s day.

  48. Running with my 10 year old daughter as she battles severe anxiety and overcoming her dyslexia. Running her first 5k was an amazing accomplishment for her and sparked more family running sessions and goals! We have bonded so much through this experience.

  49. I just attended high school graduation for my niece. Let me tell you the kids are amazing and it gave me a spark and hope for our future!

  50. Connecting with my daughter during this tween (almost teen!) years sparks me to keep pushing for my own goals in mid-life. I know she’s watching and taking it in, even if she feigns indifference much of the time! Her sensitive heart and brilliant, funny mind remind me that she is a force in the world – I might have given birth to her, but she is forging her own life.

  51. My daughter’s daily battle with Type 1 Diabetes SPARKS me! She is strong, brave, bold and mindful always of her disease, yet it never slows her down or stops her!

  52. Managing to fit TLAM training in for Ragnar Tahoe has lit my spark in this whole insano- no school- still have to work- business.

  53. When I come back from my early a.m. runs and my daughter is awake and excited to run so we tack on one more mile.

  54. I just made a new trail running friend and we are planning a big 50 miler for turning 50 on the next 2 years.

  55. Counting the number of summers left with my kids living in my house has given me a spark to try my best to enjoy every day of this summer with them.

  56. Seeing my tween make the competitive soccer team. She inspires me to keep moving towards my goals. <3

  57. My girls are taking a summer PE class and making new friends and playing sports out of their comfort zone. It’s been a great way to get them out of their “boxes” and sparking new energy and joy in their tween and teenage bodies.

  58. I have found spark in slowing down. Sidelined from my favorite activity with a femoral neck stress fracture I’ve been less than sparky but I have been able to read, watch soccer practices (normally I would run during them), and spend time on the front porch watching the business of the children enjoying summer. It’s not a big spark, but it’s something.

  59. Looking forward to meeting BAMRs from my TLAM marathon training group and cheering for them at Grandma’s!

  60. I love running. It empowers me. I recently go injured and this prevented me from running. I thought I would go crazy. My nine year old daughter taught me that with a running set back other positive things can come into place. She goes on bike rides and walks with me now and I’m having fun being with her.

  61. What has given me a spark is summer break and watching my two girls tackle their first ever competitive sport. This was a huge step out of their comfort zone and I couldn’t be more proud of them. They both joined a swim team and made it through their first swim meet last weekend. The smiles on their faces after their events just melted my heart. We had a few hiccups but they showed courage, determination, and perseverance like I’ve never seen out of them. It was awesome!!

  62. My daughter recently graduating from 8th grade and starting a new life as a high school, so inspired by the possibilities that await her as she figures out how she will fit in a new world

  63. This week my son signed up to participate in a talent show at camp and he plans to do stand up comedy. Seeing my children challenge themselves in ways that I never could gives me a spark!

  64. Watching my two girls (19 and 17), daily show what confident, strong, and intelligent young women can accomplish. They rock!

  65. Convinced my hesitant daughter to join swim team and she admitted after the first practice she was glad I pushed her—she loves it!

  66. After a layoff of speed work due to a stress fracture earlier this year, I have committed to “speed for summer.” It’s SO hard but I know I need to keep showing up and doing it. The spark will come.

  67. Joining my 11 year old daughter for her last day of the school year, and hanging out with her and her friends on a blanket, hearing about their year and the things on their mind

  68. I love getting up extra early (at 3:30) once in a while to hit the trails when the sun is almost starting to rise and then getting to witness the sunrise through the trees!

  69. In a recent conversation with my 7 year old daughter(who is going to be 35 next month!) about making the right choice versus the easy choice…. she asked me, what hard choices do you make Mama? My answer: I run. Not because I am fast, or because it’s easy, and some days it is really hard. I run because I want her to see that she can achieve great things, and when it’s hard, that’s ok… just keep going.

  70. I ran my first marathon a month ago, and it has me wondering what else I could do if I just put my mind to it!

  71. My girls are becoming amazing runners – I can no longer keep up with them. While we still love to run, their success has given me the spark to try some new fun activities with them like rock climbing and rappelling!

  72. As a mom of three girls, I marvel at their evolving athleticism. My oldest is doing a personal training group to complement her main sport. She loves it and comes home so energized. I realized I haven’t run a marathon in three years, but do run four days a week with a friend. I’ve been undisciplined with diet, sleep and mom wine. Although I was embarrassed heading in, I invested in a personal trainer very recently. I couldn’t do stairs without holding on for three days. I was proud. My spark has been my 15 year old.

  73. Another Mother Runner has put a spark in my life! I recently signed up for the Cape Cod Retreat. Which means running the Cape Cod half marathon. Which means signing up for the Train Like a Mother Heart Rate training. And there’s a whole group of us training together. It’s so motivating! It puts a bounce in my step every time I lace up my running shoes and head out the door. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

  74. Trail running has been my spark. My BRF asked me to run the NorthFace Challenge with her to give me something new to try and I fell in love with trail running.

  75. Finishing my MBA…while working, coaching and training!! And even managed a 4.0!!! I realized that you can do anything you put your mind to.

  76. I just ran my 2nd marathon, and while it was hard training and actually running it, I feel like it ignited my spark! It was good for me to carve time out for ME, and honestly was good for my 4 kids to see me doing something substantial for myself.

  77. My 11 year old is going through some challenges right now and it lights my spark to help and guide her and watch her grow.

  78. I am inspired by working with my sister who is starting her own coaching business. She will be great for motivating and helping others on their journey

  79. My oldest is starting to learn to drive and is looking to mom to teach him. His confidence in me to help him learn this life skill is a huge spark!

  80. I just joined the TLAM club and started training for a fall marathon! That has definitely lit a spark!

  81. I’ve been subbing at a couple of schools in our district this year. Working with kids has been my spark lately

  82. Starting a new job has created a spark. It’s is a new change for our family but it makes me appreciate spending time with them more than when I was a working from home mother.

  83. Summer training has ignited my spark – running outside, outdoor boot camp, beach yoga. The fresh air and sunshine is so good for my soul!

  84. I’m loving training on new routes in this gorgeous summer in the UK. It’s been so nice my 11 year old daughter is heading out for 3M regularly. So happy.

  85. Running my first 50K this May after beginning 2018 never having run more than 15 miles at one time! Now I am loving running longer distances – especially on the trails. Never thought I would think it is fun to go out and run for 3-4 hours, but it really is my spark lately!

  86. I just trained for and ran a mile race on the track. I enjoyed the different training from long distance events. I think it was good for me to do something outside of my comfort zone and I’m excited to do more speed training in the future

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