2020 Class of BAMRbassadors


As much as BAMRs*-in-Chief Sarah and Dimity wish they could travel non-stop, spreading the AMR word and connecting with other mother runners, their families might miss them.

So in 2018, the duo began anointing BAMRbassadors: As the mashup name implies, these 100+ gals are badass mother runner ambassadors who introduce female runners to the power and assets of the Another Mother Runner Tribe.

The duties of BAMRbassadors vary from staffing an AMR expo booth to testing gear but one thing is for sure: BAMRbassadors are passionate about helping as many women as possible enjoy many happy miles.

*badass mother runners

Meet our BAMRbassadors:

Angela Affinito

Angela Affinito; Portland, OR

3 Kids (10, 8, 5)

"Positivity is a rare commodity right now. People are isolated, scared, and upset, and this AMR pocket can be an exception to that. Running is my place to feel free and strong."

Anne Mejeur

Anne Mejeur; Pendelton, IN

4 kids (9, 7o twins and 3 months)

"Coming back from baby number 4, I know I will need as much support as possible and would love to give support and encouragement back to the community of mother runners."

Cassandra DuBrule

Cassandra DuBrule

2 Kids (5 + 3)

"I think many people run because they feel an obligation, whereas I run because I truly love it. I would love to be an ambassador for a group that strives to encourage others to find that same love, that helps them find a supportive, inclusive community."

Christina Latta

Christina Latta; Moody Air Force Base, UK

2 Kids (6 + 3)

"I'm chasing Marathon Maniac status and aiming to become an ultrarunner: None of this would be possible without the support from all of the women I run with and inspiration from AMR!"

Christine Duran-Garcia

Christine Duran-Garcia; Sioux Falls, SD

2 kids (8 + 4)

"Utilizing the heart-rate TLAM plans since 2017, I have grown immensely as a runner. I have ran more miles than I ever would have imagined. I have gotten stronger, faster, more consistent, and have had a lot of fun while doing it!"

Courtney Ebel

Courtney Ebel; Olathe, KS

3 Kids (15, 9, 8)

"AMR is a great resource for female athletes, for life and sport. I would love to share all that running and AMR has done for me and what a great community AMR is."

Crystal Bayawa

Crystal Bayawa; Cherry Hills, NJ

2 Kids (6 +3)

"I absolutely love the AMR tribe and everything it stands for. I believe the community has helped me improve my running over the past decade, and I would love to be able to share more about the great opportunities it offers and the amazing community it brings."

Diane Smith

Diane Smith; Ironwood, MI

5 Kids (14 yo twins and 12 yo triplets!)

"I have been following AMR since I began running! It has always been an awesome source of information and support and therefore I would like to return the favor and be a cheerleader for someone else."

Emily Opacich

Emily Opacich; Duluth, MN

3 Kids (6, 3, 3)

"AMR has brought me support, friendship, motivation, and encouragement. I've learned about all things running, strength (physical and emotional), and badass-ery."

Jaclyn Carnahan

Jaclyn Carnahan; Cedar Rapids, IA

2 Kids (7 + 12)

"I love what AMR stands for and the support of it. Running has changed my life for the better, and I love sharing the joy of it with others."

Jennifer Muroff

Jennifer Muroff; New York, NY

2 Kids (12 yo twins)

"The comments and posts on the AMR Facebook page have helped me in being a stronger runner and more confident."

Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele; Concord, CA

2 Kids (2 + 5 months)

"AMR has helped me remember that it's ok that training looks different now that I'm a mom. Sometimes runs get cut short or you give your kids extra snacks or toys to be able to keep the run going."

Kelly Keating-Caraway

Kelly Keating-Caraway; Cedar Grove, NJ

"AMR has brought some amazing people into my life, training partners I now call friends. Because of AMR, I have added "marathoner" to my resume of life."

Kelyn Celeskey

Kelyn Celeskey; Northern Shores, MI

2 Kids (8 + 6)

"A little encouragement, a little advice, a little virtual (or in person) hug, a little camaraderie, a little challenge, a lot of laughs...it's all the little pieces of this community that come together to make something hugely wonderful, and I am over-the-top geeked to be a part of it!"

Laurel Short

Laurel Short; Leawood, KS

2 Kids (6 + 3)

"AMR was truly a rock for me as a tackled a doctorate of nursing degree over the past three years. The community helped me understand that running offers us different meanings and gifts in each life phase."

Marissa O'Connell

Marissa O'Connell; Philadelphia, PA

2 Kids (17 + 11)

"I am interested in becoming a BAMRbassador because I love the community, the women, and the positive energy of this group. AMR is a testimony to what moms can achieve when they support one another in running and in life."

Nancy Milbrandt

Nancy Milbrandt; Mesa, AZ

2 Kids (29 + 27)

"I became a certified personal trainer and certified women's fitness specialist so I can continue to educate and inspire more women to be fit. I also want to continue my own personal growth and part of that is surrounding myself with other BAMRs I can learn from--women of all ages and with diverse experiences."

Penny Noll

Penny Noll; Cazenovia, NY

2 Kids (33 + 31)

"I am an older runner (67) who started running at age 50, and I can add that perspective. I appreciate the power and positivity of running in my life and I am happy to share that."

Stacy Ingstad

Stacy Ingstad; Valley City, ND

4 Kids (21, 19, 17, 15)

"I live in a small town in a rural area: The friendships I've made both virtually and in person at retreats have been life changing."

Stephanie Wachsmuth

Stephanie Wachsmuth; Tigard, OR

2 Kids (17 + 15)

"I love running with other moms as we quickly become friends, sharing the ups and downs of life and raising kids, but also taking care of ourselves and staying sane through running. Women are amazing and I love seeing women of all ages and stages conquering the miles."


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