Class of 2021 BAMRbassadors

As much as BAMRs-in-Chief Sarah and Dimity wish they could spread the AMR word and connect with other mother runners, traveling isn't an option now. And when it is again, their families (or at least their respective dogs!) would miss them too much!

So in 2018, the duo began anointing BAMRbassadors: As the mashup name implies, these now-one-shy-of-100 gals are badass mother runner ambassadors who introduce female runners to the power and assets of the Another Mother Runner Tribe.

The duties of BAMRbassadors vary from offering encouragement in Train Like a Mother Club Facebook groups to testing gear but one thing is for sure: BAMRbassadors are passionate about helping as many women as possible enjoy many happy miles.

We thank everyone who applied to be a BAMRbassador in 2021 and appreciate all that you do to spread the Mother Runner love around the world.

Meet our 2021 BAMRbassadors:

Amanda Aarsvold

Amanda Aarsvold: Owatonna, MN

3 kids

"I LOVE this community! I have 'met' so many amazing women via AMR who come from every walk of life. I love the constant, positive, supportive environment."

Anna Carlson

Anna Carlson: Circle Pines, MN

4 kids

"I never realized how connected I could feel to women across the country (and Canada too!) until I became involved with AMR, and I want others to join us!"

Annette Etchison

Annette Etchison: LaPorte, IN

1 daughter + 1 grandson

"I've become virtual and real-life friends with so many of the BAMRS: They are my first read on Facebook every day and my go-to group for all things running- and life-related."

April Hopkins

April Hopkins: Bakersfield, CA

2 kids

"I sport an AMR tank or hat on every run, and I tell everyone I meet about AMR. It's been such a huge part of my life for five years now!"

Audra Jolliffe

Audra Jolliffe: DeLand, FL

2 kids

"Whether I love running or not, I want to keep your BAMRS in the background as a loving community of women who are there to support you."

Brenda Ingstad

Brenda Ingstad: Valley City, ND

4 kids

"After attending four AMR Retreats, I have gained lifetime friendships. The Retreats and friendships have taught me that I am strong and can do very hard things!!!"

Britt White

Britt White: Buffalo, NY

1 kid

“I started listening to the AMR podcast about six years ago, but I feel like you guys have always been a part of my life!"

Brooke Thames

Brooke Thames: Happy Valley, OR

3 kids

"I've seen firsthand the value of feeling supported, encouraged, and inspired by other like-minded BAMRs, and by becoming a BAMRbassador I'd be so honored to give back to the community."

Courtney O'Loughlin

Courtney O'Loughlin: Prospect, KY

2 kids

"The Heart + Sole program has transformed my running: The program and the support from both coaches and members is the secret sauce."

Holly Bubier

Holly Bubier: Providence, RI

2 kids

"When I was a 25-year-old single mom, AMR was the group of mom friends I wanted but didn't have. Now, 10 years and 10 marathons later, I am married with another newborn and incredibly excited to spread the word!"

Karen Ofafa

Karen Ofafa: New River, AZ

2 kids

“I lost about 50 pounds running with the help of training plans from Train Like a Mother. I also love to RUN, and this community has pushed me!"

Kimberly Daboo

Kimberly Daboo: Pittsburgh, PA

2 kids

"I'm so grateful to have found AMR after a long history of starting and stopping exercise programs. I'm not sure I would still be running if not for the support of the AMR community."

Kristen Andrix

Kristen Andrix: Owatonna, MN

4 kids

"Following numerous Train Like a Mother Club plans, I've learned how to push my limits while 'nerding out' as I learn the technical sides of an activity that also brings me stress relief."

Lauren Haramic

Lauren Haramic: Pittsburgh, PA

2 kids

"It gives me comfort knowing there is a group out there (AMR!) counting on me to finish my run or supporting me when my day (or year) didn't go as planned or giving advice and answering questions."

Linda Collins

Linda Collins: Omaha, NE

3 kids

"AMR, Many Happy Miles, and Love the Run You're With have made me feel so included in the running community and literally helped me stay sane during COVID-19."

Lorinda Donaldson

Lorinda Donaldson: Eden Prairie, MN

10 kids

"I am inspired by this community of women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities centered around wellness, running, and motherhood."

Mary Kitchen

Mary Kitchen: Grand Haven, MI

2 kids

"I want to inspire other mothers that we can train for races while we have young kids, jobs, and other things going on."

Rhianna Stave

Rhianna Stave: Roseville, MN

4 kids

"As a 'later-to-running' gal, I was in search of some guidance and inspiration when it came to running. I found the AMR podcast and blog and fell in love with the community."

Samantha Hopkins

Samantha Hopkins: San Antonio, TX

2 kids

“Dimity and Sarah have accompanied me on thousands of solo miles; making me laugh, educating me, and supporting me as I chase my goals and work to become a better version of myself."

Sarah Merrick

Sarah Merrick: Wyndmoor, PA

3 kids

“Being a mother can be lonely, which is ironic because you are usually never alone. Having a support network of other mothers like AMR is invaluable."

Whitney LaCombe

Whitney LaCombe: Tuscon, AZ

3 kids

“I have gone back and re-listened to all the podcasts from the beginning. I honestly feel like I know SBS and Dimity as though we are actually friends in real life."


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