#246: Running and Alcohol: Do They Mix?

After divulging their monthly #foundchange tally and differing opinions of “La La Land,” Sarah and Molly shift gears to talk about a more serious topic: running and alcohol. Their first guest is Dorothy Beal (a.k.a. Mile Posts), who opens up about taking part in #DryJanuary—and why she’s not resuming drinking even though the teetotaling month is over. This speedy mother of three talks about why, lately, she was drinking due to emotional exhaustion than physical exhaustion, and how her month of sobriety allowed her to experience unexpected personal growth. Next, the Portland duo are joined by Natalie Hanson, a mother runner with four sons who has been in recovery from alcoholism since 2010. Natalie candidly shares her rapid descent into alcoholism (also known as AUD, alcohol use disorder), and she clarifies the difference between heavy drinking and AUD. She admits why, once she admitted having a problem, one of her mantras became, “I’m here to save my ass, not my face.” Natalie provides numerous suggestions on how to be your own best advocate when seeking help for a drinking problem. A heavy topic but, like on a group run, the gals all share some laughs along the way.

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9 responses to “#246: Running and Alcohol: Do They Mix?

  1. I never thought I would stop drinking. Ever. Fortunately, over 3 1/2 years ago I did just that! We all have our own path and abstaining completely happens to be mine. I love reading others’ perspectives!

  2. Natalie’s story was the first one I have been able to relate to as far as my own experience with alcoholism and thoughts on drinking – and I’ve been sober for 6 years. Well done.

  3. Here’s why we think we know you, and you might be our new best friend–podcasts like this one. You take on anything, like friends do, and it will never be superficial. It will have honesty and the real integrity only the really honest have. This makes it meaningful. I’m such an admirer of your podcasts, and they just keep getting better,

    1. I am deeply moved by your words, Jane. Thank you so very much. I feel this is an important topic for women runners to ponder and discuss. I truly hope this opens a new chapter for AMR Tribe. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you so much for this episode. Not an easy topic for many but so much valuable information! I hope others found this as helpful as I did.

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