3 Important Tips for Heart Rate Training

Role Mother (and marathoner) Melissa is trying out the Half-Marathon Heart Rate Challenge and documenting it along the way. Here, she offers her wise wisdom to those embarking on the heart rate training journey. (Check out her intro post, her first two-week check-in, full of run/walk/skip/stop/bend over combos, her thoughts on delayed gratification, and her setbacks.)

Melissa and the four reasons she runs.

The Facebook TLAM HR group has been so active lately! I am enjoying reading all the accomplishments and improvement you’re all making, and all the great running selfies that accompany them. Personally, I am moving along slowly but surely. Traveling and vacation days are sneaking in and making a consistent running schedule a bit tricky right now, but luckily I feel I’m not losing any ground in my training because of it.

For Wave 1 runners like myself, we are really into the meat of the training, and we’re just  beginning to be able to add faster paces with EAT (enhanced aerobic threshold) runs. For many of us in Wave 1, we have been waiting for this day! Do you feel the need for speed? I’ll admit it, given the permission to finally be able to turn my legs over quicker has brought about great relief and enthusiasm. I haven’t looked at it like speed work per say, so maybe that is why it has felt so good.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.09.30 PM
Melissa, looking forward to an EAT run.

At this point (more than halfway), I feel like a HR pro. Hence, my words of advice for anyone in a later wave or just joining:

Listen to the podcasts: I’ve also made it a point of dutifully listening to all the HR podcasts. Please do not let these funny and informative parts of the HR training go unused. They are crucial to understanding what your specific week of training is going to look and feel like.

Read your weekly training emails: YOU NEED THESE EMAILS! They are full of all the website links of information you need for that week, including what your SS circuit is, MK’s office hours for the week, your maximums and minimums for long runs, as well as what other informative "files" that are available in the FB group.

Dive into the Facebook files: Didn’t know there were files in the FB group? THERE ARE! Go read them! And now I am off to the grocery store, fist clenched and ready to buy lean cuts of meat, hard boiled eggs, and whole milk. Praise the Lord! Whole milk! (FYI, listen to the nutrition podcasts!)

Happy HR running!!

We'll check in with Melissa every two weeks to see how she's running and how she's feeling, so come back to follow her progress.

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