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Hump Day Giveaway: Rolling With It

Drooling. I want to run on that beach, on that trail, with that chunky babe.

Although my twins are only in kindergarten, our running stroller days seem like a lifetime ago. Maybe it’s because they were active kiddos, not tolerating being in the stroller for very long so we fazed it out before their second birthday. Let’s not forget the bickering, limbs pulled, toys thrown, blankets dropped.

But, seriously, what rises above the din is the feeling of pride I felt as I pushed my two babies as I ran. My pace was slower than it had ever been—due partly to the load, but more to the time off I’d taken due to the twin pregnancy—yet I was out there, getting the job done. I vividly remember one afternoon run on a surprisingly warm, early spring day. I chattered like a mama-monkey to my two little chimps, pointing out kitties, birds, other children, whatever caught my eye. Anything to keep them happily on board—and anything to keep me from focusing on how insanely winded I felt. About a mile from our house, we came upon a flowering daphne bush, its sweet perfume wafting in the air. My girl twin is named after the daphne bush in our backyard, so I had to stop and drink in the fragrance.

As we’ve all talked about our Facebook page and here, sometimes running releases feelings we didn’t even know we were feeling. I don’t know what opened the floodgates that day—the physical exertion, the bright sunshine, the flowers, or sharing it all with my boisterous babies—but tears of joy streaked down my flushed face.

The Terrain doesn't slow Kara down--even with pudge-o-rama Colt. (How cute is he?)

Never thought I’d admit it, but I’m a wee bit nostalgic about those hectic, heady—and heart-warming—days (and runs). But if you're in the thick of them, we're here to help you today with a badass and awesome running stroller: the Mountain Buggy Terrain, the stroller that the choice of none other than Kara Goucher, new mom to Colt.

Here's what's cool about the terrain: it's as accommodating as you wish you were. The front wheel locks for times you're fartleking, and unlocks for when you're just farting around. The comfy seat works for everybody from peanuts to 6-year-olds. There's plenty of storage space for your water bottle and your piglet's Cheerios, sippy cup, 10 Hot Wheels, 2 board books and 4 plastic dinosaurs. (And you wonder why you're winded on the flats...) The suspension system is worthy of a mountain bike--the line started in New Zealand, where the terrain is gnarly (said with a perfect accent, of course)—and you can push with one hand, no prob. Finally, the sun hood is generous on this $550 stroller. (Yes, I had to throw the price in there for emphasis: nothing but top-of-line for our RLAM-iversary week.)

All you have to do to win the Terrain--the best shower gift, by the way, if you're done with pushing in every form--is answer this question:
Who is your perfect running partner?
a) A happy (or, better yet, napping) baby
b) A girlfriend
c) Yourself
d) Somebody else. Fill in the blank:_______________________

So is it babe, BF, just you or somebody else? Let us know and you could be rolling in style soon!


P.S. Three winners of last week's crafty ladies giveaway! They are:

Tricia: "I wished I considered running a hobby, but quite frankly its a chore. I love how I feel after a good run but it takes effort to get out the door and take those first few steps. Maybe some new and cute duds would do the trick!!! I would consider my hobbies to be reading and scrapbooking."

Christy: "I too am in the “not so crafty club”…so running is definitely the answer when someone asks “what is your hobby?”. Although I guess I could also answer reading, although I am not sure I have read too many books for pleasure (other than RLAM of course) in the last 5 years….gotta stick with short and sweet with four monkeys hopping around!"

Sarah: "I was crafty in my former life – now, I still owe my mom crafty christmas presents from 09! My downtime is spent reading and trying to learn how to take better pictures with my DSLR."

Go to the small print for your instructions, then e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com with your choices (and sizes for the undies). Congrats!

337 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Rolling With It

  1. It would have to be my girl in any combination. One, two or all three of them. We really enjoy going for a nice long walk or jog and it also helps to tire them out or get tired so we can have a good night sleep.

  2. My perfect running partner is my daughter. I love that she gets to see me doing something to get (and stay) fit. I like teaching her the importance of physical activity and being in the great outdoors. Sometimes she keeps up a steady jog next to me. Mostly she likes enjoying the ride.

  3. My favorite “partner” would be me, just getting lost in my thoughts… But if I wait for those perfect moments to sneak off by myself, I’d never get to run again (in fact, I’m typing with the help of a very grabby 7-month old) So here’s to hoping my new favorite running partner is my sweet baby girl!

  4. My favorite running partner changes on a daily basis! Some days I love pushing two of my children in a double stroller – singing songs and chatting away while I do something healthy. Other days I really value the alone time a run gives me, it’s a chance for me to reset – get some of me back and for a brief moment forget that I am a mom of 3 kids under 5. Still other days I crave running with a girlfriend – the miles seem to fly by and in a flash a 20 mile long run is done. It’s truly one of the many zillions of things I love about running – I can do it by myself, with my kids or with a friend and still L.O.V.E it!!

    Thanks for hosting this BEYOND awesome giveaway 🙂 Fingers, toes and shoelaces crossed!!!

  5. I would have to say C -me, myself and I… since I started running it has been a “me” thing. As a mother of four, time away has become essential as I am NEVER alone!! Just put my iPod on and go for a run is therapy like no other!

  6. I love, love, love my runs by myself. They give me a chance to clear my head and come back to my mommy-life recharged and refocused. But, at least once I week I get out there with my little man and I love those runs too! The chance to share something I get so much enjoyment out of with my son is great (the cheering section factor is nice too! “Running Mama! Running!”). Side note, after my runs with my son I still mentally notice all the doggies, flowers, people, etc. and find myself mentally pointing them out to my non-present running “buddy”… 🙂

  7. It depends on the distance, but I would have to say myself. I can immerse myself in my music and just GO. But on longer runs it’s nice to run with a buddy for company, and the miles fly by.

  8. My happy baby! So much nicer to run outside than have to go to the treadmill to use the nursery, and if it is good for Kara, then it will do for me!

  9. There are definitely times that I would rather run alone….BUT my favorite running partners are my kids (4 yo DD and 17mos DS). They love to be outside and in the stroller. My daughter cheers for me (“Go, mommy, go!) and always asks, “How many more miles, mommy?” My son just takes it all in and screams at every dog that he sees. Love having that time with them even if they weigh 80+ lbs.

  10. My friend Beth! She got me solidly on this road and gives me all the pushes I need! I do like running by myself too, letting me gather up all my thoughts. I guess there are two!

  11. My favorite runnining partner is myself. Running is literally the only time I am ever alone so I cherish it. However, running with my honey in the stroller is what lets me get my runs in somedays so an actual running stroller would be great to have.

  12. My favorite running partner was my Golden Retriever, Seuss. He began running with me once he turned 2 years old and he stuck by my side through the next 6 1/2 years. He would always happily trot beside me no matter the distance. Even in the last year when he was unknowingly battling cancer, and I was learning the joys of running during my first pregnancy, he was still by my side. He’s the only running partner who was always happy to run and who I would slow my pace down just so that he could make the last mile home. Our last run together was actually just a two mile walk on the day that our daughter was born. I had no idea that we would say goodbye, a short, 3 weeks later.

  13. Another mom, or even woman who runs a similar pace as me would be ideal…but I haven’t found one yet. 🙁 In the meantime, it thrills my heart when my kids want me to push them in the jogger while I run, just because they like to be near me. As a working mom, I usually can’t get enough of my kids when I’m home, so even though it makes my run harder, they are great running partners.

  14. My favorite running partner is my friend, Rachael! We live in the same neighborhood, go to the same church, have kids about the same age, but have never bonded like we do when we run together. We have become such good friends over the past year and share our highs, our lows, our ideas and our excitements together. Not only have I become a better runner because of her, but I’ve become a better friend and mother too. A double bonus!

  15. My favorite running partner is myself! It’s my alone time. However, with 2 kids running alone is a luxury. So my runs are restricted to the TM or at night when they’re asleep.

  16. why havent i been a follower sooner????
    my fav running buddy has not always been myself,but since im stuck with me,my inner self has come to enjoy the solitude of the all the miles. but when i do have someone to run with,my favperson to get the miles in with is my crazy friend sue and of course,all of my children have been my running companions when they were little. now that my older 2 are 5 and 7 and cant fit in the double jogger anymore,its up to my sweet lil 7month old now to fill the shoes!

  17. My Dad is a great running partner. He and I run about the same pace (now, that is; he once was much faster than I, but these past few years I have sped up and he has slowed down 🙂 ) and our runs are a great chance for us to catch up on each other’s lives.

  18. The perfect running partner is a a relaxed me. Sometimes that means a sleeping pre-schooler, or a chatty preschooler, or chatting with another runner, or even solo. I guess the perfect running partner is like a perfect run, they just happen when we least expect it.

  19. My favorite running partner is A) a happy baby! I’m a beginner so I love that little one has no expectations of me. It doesn’t matter how long, how far, or how fast I run.

  20. My awesome neighbor! She keeps me accountable and is a bit faster than me so it is challenging. Love this contest – thanks!

  21. My favorite running (well…walking) partner is my daughter. She is helping me to get healthy again and I am feeling fantastic! I would love to win this stroller to give to her

  22. Our oldest son is my new favorite running partner. He can only go about a half a mile. Most days that is a very fast half mile :). I love sharing something I love with him. I also love that he doesn’t let me slack off.

  23. Who is your perfect running partner?
    The perfect running partner for me is another mother. I am lucky to have become friends with a few very competitive running moms. We get together twice a week to “train” and also meet for long runs on Sundays. When I can’t make the runs, I feel lost without them. They are fun, talented, always cheerful and just great to run with. We enjoy supporting each other as runners, moms and women. On our hard days, I can always count on them to work hard and have fun while doing it. After all, we are moms!

  24. Sometimes the kids because I like to introduce them to an active lifestyle as much as possible and they are happiest outside…..but usually I find pushing a stroller friggin’ hard and it doesn’t allow me to run where I want (trails).
    Sometimes it’s a girlfriend but honestly there are days I’m running for stress relief and I don’t want to be that “energy sucking” friend.
    But always it’s my dog, Fly. A bernese mountain dog / golden retriever cross. She is a relaxed berner for most of the run but turns in to a retriever closer to home where she takes off after squirrels and makes me run harder up that final hill. And since she was around before both kids, and the husband for that matter, we get our valuable cuddle time back at the end of the run while stretching.

  25. My perfect running partner is my 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Roxy. She is awesome – always ready to go when I am – even if it’s 5am in the morning! I would love the running stroller because we’re trying to have a baby – I’d love to add a mini-me to my morning runs! :o) S

  26. My perfect running partner is my mom. Going out together gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s lives. We run weekly together – she gets me going far, I get her going fast. Oh, and I suppose my daughter Mallory is a good companion too – she likes to chatter away while the wind rushes past her (on the downhills that is).

  27. I used to love running with friends but since our little guy came along I love to run alone. It’s such a rare thing to have time to myself and I find it so freeing to go whatever pace I want, whatever route I want, for how long I want.

  28. My perfect running partner is my three year old daughter, Caroline. She knows that I have run 2 marathons and she told me just the other day “Mommy, some day I’m going to run a marathon with you.” And believe me, I can’t wait for that day!

  29. My favorite running partner is myself, but I am pregnant with my 4th child – the first baby since I started running. I need a jog stroller now so that the baby can become my running partner.

  30. Right now my favorite running partner is my baby to be (20wks right now!). She’s going everywhere with me and even though she’s been slowing me down (a lot) lately, it still feels really special to know we’re doing something healthy together. I look forward to runs with her on the outside of me (though by then I may be happier to run alone and have some mommy free time!).

  31. My favorite running buddy is my Golden Retriever, Bridger. My golden was born to run and he is so happy when we are on a trail. He goes in front comes back to check on me, never goes too far. He is a reminder of how freeing it is to just run. Makes me smile the entire time.

  32. It would have to be a girl friend! A sleeping baby is always nice but there is always that fear of them waking up so my runs tend to be shorter.

  33. My favorite running partner is my husband. Whether we are going for a walk around the neighborhood or are on treadmills next to each other at the gym, it is great to have him to talk to or just be with.

  34. My favorite running partner has been myself. I am able to focus on myself and my thoughts when I am by myself. However, I have taken my younger beagle Shiloh out a few times and she was a great partner too.

  35. My favorite running partner has always been my oldest son, Benjamin. As a reward for both of us surviving my first year of motherhood, and his first birthday, I bought a jogging stroller so he could come with me on my runs. We went EVERYWHERE with that beloved stroller. Uphill, downhill, offroad, everywhere. When Benjamin was just over a year old, I found out we were expecting another little one. My little Ethan arrived just before Ben turned two. I decided to sell my beloved single stroller and put that toward a double so both of my boys and I could bond over running. Well, my running and them eating Goldfish crackers and counting puppies, cars, other people, etc. Well, like happened and the money that was to go toward a double jogger ended up being needed for something for the house. I’m still saving up for a jogger as Benjamin asks me every time I lace up if he can come with me. One day! 🙂

  36. My favorite running partner is my 2-year-old Australian Cattle dog! He’s teaching me to pace myself, and I’m teaching him to heel. It’s a win-win situation. And he’s handsome 🙂

  37. Just me and the ping pong ball thoughts in my head. When I’m not injured, which I am now. Really need to get back on the road!

  38. I either run by myself at 4:30am or with while pushing my two boys ages 3 and 1. If I had to choose I would definitely choose a 6am run with my best friend but my schedule doesn’t allow it so I choose to love whomever I get to run with and whatever awful hour it may be I still love it! My only question is does this stroller come in a triple because my 3rd is due in May:)!

  39. Since I started having kids, even though I enjoy my “me time” when I run without any humans, I feel truly fortunate anytime I get a chance to fit in my run . . . I love running just me and my dog (Tia, a border collie mix) when I get a chance to leave the kids at home with my hubby. Most often during the week I have to run and push my 4 and 2 yr old. Then occasionally my wonderful husband and I get to enjoy a run together when we have grandparents in town which is better than a dinner date. Just us and the road and lots to chat about. Fairly soon though I think it will be us running together pushing 2 strollers (a double and single) as we are only 2 months away from number 3!

  40. My running buddy is a girlfriend – we were both preggo at the same time, ran for 2 together, and then pushed strollers training for a fall half last summer.

  41. My little sister is my favorite running partner. She’s way faster than I am, but pushes me (and sometimes my 2 1/2 year old in his stroller) to try harder, run farther, and keeps the dialog up along the way so I don’t get bored!

  42. Gosh, it’s really A, B and C. Just depends on the day. When I only had one, it was so wonderful to pop my baby in the stroller and off we went. It was a daily thing for us and to this day she LOVES to be outside and run with me. Now with two and one on the way, it’s great to go alone for the peace and quiet and to gather my thoughts. ;). So I guess my final answer for today is by myself. That’s my answer rhe majority of the kne right now I guess! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I love to run by myself to recharge and kind of reset myself emotionally and mentally.

    I also love running with my kids because I love seeing them enjoy being outside and active.

  44. I enjoy running with a girlfriend. I need someone to talk to in order to forget the pain of running and get through the first mile. However, with a 6 week old, I’ll enjoy a run with my son.

  45. My bestest running partners are my running galpals on Sat long runs. It’s daunting & challenging but I almost always feel refreshed and renewed because we did it together. No more babies for me right now but it’s good to be prepared for my future g-ma days. Lol

  46. I am a full-time working Mom with a stay-at-home Dad. That means that as soon as I get home from work my husband is “off-duty.” The only way I can get time to run is to take one of our boys with me in the jogger. My boys are my favorite running partners. They often yell “faster” and when I get home with one, my other son is waiting by the door ready for his “ride” and it motivates me to head out for another couple miles. I am going to be so sad when they out grow the jogger!

  47. I am a full-time working Mom so I need every minute I can get with my little ones. My sons are always my favorite running partners (although I can only do one at a time). I usually start out with one and then when I return my other son wants me to head back out again it is great motivation!

  48. I love being alone when I run. I get to think. Not to mention that I never have to worry about anyone else’s pace.

  49. I am always so proud to run with my 5 month old, but my favorite running partner, for the last 6 years, has been my fantastic husband. I run faster when I’m with him and we always have good talks on our runs.

  50. Running with a girlfriend. I can run so much longer/faster and at the end of the run, I feel exhilerated, gossiped out and refreshed with some adult time. It is a win-win situation!

  51. My kids, ages 2 and 4. My four year old shouts, “faster, Mom!” up the hills, which is great. Also, after pushing the two of them, longer training runs alone feel easy.

  52. My favorite running buddies are the Dave Matthews Band and my kids when they aren’t in preschool. Both get my booty moving!

  53. i am mama to three little lovlies and so my favorite running buddy is myself! i cherish the time i have on runs to reflect and unwind. i am pregnant with baby #4 (who is a tail end baby) so i will be running with my new addition soon. i am in the market for a jogger for sure!

  54. While I am learning to love the friendly adult running partner, having my kids along means a guaranteed run. My dog along means some peace of mind for a “What-was-that-noise/shadow” type of mom. Since the dog believes she is one of my children, I suppose the simplest answer is cooperative kiddos! 🙂

  55. My perfect running partner is my 4 boys and husband.They all run faster than I do (well, except for my 2 year old who sits in the jogging stroller and my 4 yr old who is on his bike). My husband runs while pushing the jogging stroller, my 4 yr old rides his bike and my 10 yr old and 12 yr old run (or ride their bikes). I run as fast as I can after them.
    I love running with (really after) them. Seeing them having so much fun puts a smile on my face and keeps my mind off the pain as I work on increasing my speed.

  56. b) a girlfriend! I love running with my running buddy, Faith. Running and chatting with her makes the miles fly by!

  57. My favorite running partner is my hubby. I feel like its a great way to spend time together, and he pushes me to run faster!

  58. My favorite running partner would be my sansa clip, listening to audiobooks. It makes a long run a lot less long when he’s along! But I’d be up for letting my baby be my new running partner if I had a sa-weet stroller like this!

  59. A) I love taking my little guy, especially when he needs a nap. It is way more motivating when you have a cranky toddler who you know will fall asleep on the run within minutes and you can have a little bit of solitude and enjoy your run.

  60. My favorite running partners are 2 of my gal pals. They keep me consistent each week and have provided wonderful conversations over the years. Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather see @ 5:30 a.m.

  61. For me it’s with A happy (or not;) baby!!! I don’t get caught up in socializing with baby and forget about my workout and baby always goes at my pace!

  62. I actually have two favorites: my husband and our happy two year old Addison. Nothing beats a nice family jog. My husband and I always have great conversations and we love listening to Addison entertain herself along the way.

  63. My favorite running partners are my family. Husband, kiddo and the dog. Historically, we’ve left the pooch at home, but just this last week we took on 3 hilly Nashville miles together (that’s all our aging hound can handle) for the first time as a whole family! So. Awesome.

  64. I’d have to say myself on most days, due to me having “my time” away from the kids, but I do love to run with my 1 year old who loves to say wee or laughs when we go fast. It makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.

  65. I really enjoy it when it’s just me. I have only gone with another runner once in the two years since I’ve been back on the road… and with 4 kids 6-15, work, and life… I relaly enjoy just being me, being with me, with no interruptions!

  66. I love to run with my husband. We don’t get to run together often because of the baby, but I love it when we get to.

  67. My favorite runny buddy is myself. I have three walking buddies though and they’re my twin 2 year olds sons and my 1 year old baby boy. i would love to go running with the family but we don’t have a jogging stroller.. BOO cause my twins would love pedaling in their trike behind us.

  68. Definitely a girlfriend to talk to, then my music, then my daughter! I just hate having to stop and pick up everything she throws out of the jogger!

  69. All the Ladies in my running group! I have been blessed to find a great group of people who support each other and cheer each other on, even when people get faster and start to run a little bit ahead. If it wasn’t for them, I would have so much more guilt with leaving my kids behind to run.

  70. Some days, my perfect running partner is one of the girls (they are 5.5, 4, 2, and 1) because they cheer me on, even when I’m going slow, and they beg to “go faster mommy”, even in the crummy stroller that we have now, that has a wonky wheel that pulls it to the side and makes every run with it a arm workout too.

    Other days I just want some peace and quiet, and I love to run alone, just me and my iPod (and a good book…..)

  71. I’ve only run with one friend. I’ve never run alone, but sometimes the stuff I read on here makes me want to try it!

  72. My fav running partner has got to be…..
    – my husband when I can get him to do a double day. He usually runs to early for me and darling daughter, but is such a great motivator and I can’t beat the conversations we have and the things we accomplish all while going the activities we love to do together.
    -my darling 9 month daughter- she cries when I start walking so it’s all running for her. I’m sure this sweet ride will have her riding in style and comfort she won’t notice when we run along the horrible roads here.
    – my girl good friend back home- she can talk the whole time while leading a killer pace and keep me distracted from my negative thoughts about walking. She’s the only one who’s kept me running for over 8 miles without me thinking of stopping once! Plus now we both have babies and can stroller run together 🙂 or leave the kiddos behind for a girls run out 😉

  73. I’m mostly a solo, go my own happy pace kind of runner. However, I must admit that I’ve had some really great after-lunch runs with my little guy that always ended with both of us napping (him first, me later). Thus, I’d have to pick a napping baby as my best ever running partner!

  74. A. My best running buddy is my 6 month old. He is so happy and always falls asleep on our runs. Right now I am borrowing my sisters jogging stroller to run with him. I would LOVE to have one of my own!

  75. My favorite running partner is Juli W. Though she moved away to Denver. We talked recently about how hard it is to find the perfect running mate. We were both fairly fast, and best of all we were competitive with each other, but not too competitive. We pushed each other and dragged each other and our kids out of bed to run and play at the park. She helped me realize that a running life can exist with kids. That we can run with the kids, and all get a benefit from it and that way, no one suffers, except maybe our body parts here and there. Oh Juli, I miss you!

    1. Awwwww, Alexia! You made me tear up a bit! I miss you too and can’t wait for your visit to do* Bolder Boulder together!

      *Note the chosen verb was NOT “race” LOL!

  76. With wavering motivation when left to my own devices i am thankful for the perfect running friend. She’ll keep up good conversation to pass the time and pushes me just enough.

  77. Love running on my own. No potty breaks or stops so I can hand out snacks. 🙂 But there are times when bring the munchkins along makes for hectic happy times.

  78. My weekday runs are at 4:15am (I know, I know) so my running partners are Me, Myself and I. Oh, and my iPod. 🙂

    My 9-year-old is running track this year, so she’s my running buddy on the weekends. She’s faster than I am. :-/ The Energizer Bunny!

  79. My favorite running partner is my husband (Meb Keflezighi) but I’ll have to wait for him to retire from running so I can keep up with him. I can only keep up with him on his cool downs or warm ups. We have three girls ages 5, 3, and 1 they are good company too (most of the time cheering me to run faster while they enjoy the ride). Running is big in our family. Between my husband and I together we average 160 miles a week ofcourse my portion is only about 30 miles. I wish I could run more and longer but tending to 3 kids gets in the way. I’ll take what I can for now. I hope you pick me!

  80. I have 5 kids, and the oldest is 5–so my favorite runs are definitely alone! I can imagine that having one on one time with each of my kids (say if they were in a jogging stroller…!) might be pretty magical too, though.

  81. My running buddy is my 4th child – Sebastian(11months). I only started running 2 years ago, did a few races, a sprint tri . Then , hot running body- pregnant again! So last summer I struggled through my races and 3 tris… This year is supposed to be A Good one.
    Instead, pinched nerve had me benched for 2 monthes.
    This CNY Colgate alum, I love getting out in the spring sun with my little boy. He’s curious. Likes watching the world go by. I like getting us both out if the house and on the road. I am slower than on the treadmill, but I love the vitamin D!
    Ps- it’s snowing again today.
    My flowers were coming up!

  82. If I had one of these truly badass Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller, I would have to say that my perfect running buddy would be my 20 month old, Liam. I tried with my regular stroller and hated it. He loved being outside and seeing everything….would love to have a great walk/run with him!
    Without the stroller, I walk/run by myself with my iPhone….I’ve been catching up on books and just enjoying listening to old music!

  83. Me! Running time is me time, and as a mom of two young girls and a full time school counselor, I need time for my own mental health!

  84. Me! Running time is me time, and as a mom of 2 young girls and a full time counselor in a school, I need time for my OWN mental health!

  85. Mine would be myself…but on occasion I do run with others…one of which is a new mother and would simply be over the moon for this stroller. As an aside…Kara freakin’ Goucher? And baby Colt? Stinkin’ cute!

  86. i love running with my “galactically bad-a**” running crew! but, i also love running with my 15 mo old boy in our 7 yo hand-me-down-fixed-wheel-BOB (it gets the job done!)! i truly want to be able to continue this running experience for him and for him to love it, too!

  87. On three mile runs my favrite partners are my 5 year old boy on his bike and my 2 year old in his stroller! But I am so over his stroller so this would be great!

  88. My whole family is the best motivation to get me running. My husband pushes our two girls in our double and I push the baby in our very outdated (hint!) single stroller. This is one of the best ways for us to spend time together, get fit and healthy together, and chat without too many distractions.

  89. My current favorite running buddy is myself- likely because I don’t yet own a jogging stroller. My son is always in my heart during my runs, though. I only became a runner after I became a Mommy! I think of him, and how he will have a better physical fitness example in a parent than I had. I run as much for him as I do for myself!

  90. My perfect running partner is my hubby…he runs faster than me so it pushes me to be fast too, he also runs like a mountain goat up hills so I always get a killer workout when I go running with him!

  91. My favorite running partner is my group of girlfriends. We are traininf for a half marathon right now and have ten kids between the four if us!

  92. I, like so many others, get so little time for me… Running, thank goodness, is that time. Soooooo…. My favorite running partner is me! I love to have my iPod on and have the time where I don’t have to do anything but run!

  93. I’m a beginner and I currently get up before the kids (and husband) to run alone. I think I kind of like just being alone, in my own little world for most runs. But I’d love to have a stroller to take my 18-mo old daughter on some evenings or weekends. She’d love it!

  94. I loved listening to the podcast and getting to know y’all better. I wasn’t a runner in my stroller pushing days (though I put in loads of miles pushing my two in a stroller), but am actually looking forward to being a running-stroller-grandma (even though I’m only 43 now) which isn’t as far away as I might think having two kids in high school.

    ok random generator thing-y – pick ME

  95. Would have to say c – myself! Although I love a good running conversation, I love to run by myself and enjoy my peace and quiet. It is my time to focus and really push myself on my hard runs. I trained for the Columbus Marathon last year and was so proud to have done the training and race on my own. I am now expecting #3 and can’t wait to get out there and push myself with me, my ipod, and the road again!

  96. My favorite run buddy is myself! I love the quiet. Although I would love to get my hubby running with me – but I guess then there wouldn’t be anyone to stay home with the kids. Guess I will have to wait a decade til they’re old enough to stay home alone

  97. My best running partner is me…. not because I don’t have an awesome running partner, but because I need that time to think, reflect, organize, and just regain sanity. Although my route is usually the same, it isn’t. There are always the traditional-never-going-to-be-fixed-potholes or coyote tracks, but also, quiet houses with one light on, which often makes me wonder, did that family just have a baby or twins (and living in the twin fog of not sleeping for 5 months) or maybe someone is making a great breakfast for their spouse (wishful thinking in my house!). I like the alone time and am a better mom/wife if I get my time in before the world of chaos in my blue house awakens… but I still do hate the alarm clock!

  98. My daughter is my favorite running partner. I love hearing her babble and laugh while I run. While I definitley appreciate the times I am able to run solo, my runs with her are always so fun. She’s the best training partner, her smiles and giggles keep me going and she always seems to notice when I slow down a little and lets me know with a little cry or yell. My most recent marathon was just before her first birthday and most of my training except for my weekly long runs was done with her in the stroller. I owe my 20 minute PR to her!

  99. TOTALLY would LOVE to run by myself. However, I seem to have given birth to an entourage, so I guess my 17 month old is my favorite running partner 🙂

    We sing songs….but I hate our jogger…… <3

  100. My favorite running partner is myself. I enjoy the solitude amongst my usually crazy life and the chance to reflect on absolutely everything and anything that pops into my head. 🙂

  101. I usually run by myself, but have recently been running with a friend, and love it. We did a 5 miler and it went by so quickly, felt like I could have run all day!

  102. My best running partners are my two running girlfriends, and my hubby when the kids are accounted for. A beautiful baby sounds great… I just wasn’t a runner when my first two were babies.

  103. I love having my hubby with me. Although he is way faster than me, its nice to know he’s there and he always doubles back to make sure I’m okay

  104. My favorite running partner is my husband. Back when we had one kid(instead of three) we’d train separately during the week but come Saturday we would run together. He’d push the kidlette so I could keep up with him better. So I guess it would be my husband AND my kids.

  105. I would have to say myself only because to this point I have only run with myself (and once with my friend Leanne). I would truly love to run with my 1 year old son Milo and you know whats holding me back? I don’t have a jogging stroller. ;o)

    BIG fan of your book BTW. It is my daily source of inspiration to keep running at the moment…so thank you!

  106. I love to run with my 20 month old son. It’s a great motivator to know that he looks forward to going for a ride every day. When he gets cabin-fever and is going stir crazy, I know that getting him out in the fresh air to see the neighborhood is the perfect cure. We’ve logged some serious miles together since he was born – and I enjoy that he can talk to me now and keep me company!

  107. My favorite running partner is Me, Myself and I… simply because she’s always available when I am, the same pace and drive.

    Babies… what?! I still push my almost-3 and 5 yr olds in a double jogging stroller!! My girls love the rides and I get a super duper workout!! It’s a great way for us to enjoy nature and nice weather.

  108. Definitely my pooch Lucy (sorry my sis Deb, you’re okay too…) Lucy will pull me when I need a boost, keep up with my sprints, and is ALWAYS up for a run even when I am not. She is the perfect partner. Rain, shine, or snow she is always “in”, I only have to compete with the scent of another dog, even then it’s a fleeting moment!

  109. My perfect running partner are the hills I have learned to love. The wind that has replaced my Ipod. And myself, reminding me “only one more mile to return to your family!”

  110. My favorite running buddy is my husband. With three children, ages 5, 3, and 1 we seldom have time to run together. However, we are running buddies in that we have created a system and schedule that enables us each to run and achieve our training goals. We take turns and help eachother stay focused, driven, and motivated…especially when one of us wants to keep hitting the snooze button instead of getting up to run at 5am. 🙂 We used to love going on romantic dates where movies and dinner was involved. Now, our special dates are on the trails with 3 babies in tow.

  111. I am my favorite running partner! I run to get away from the noise of my kids (and husband) and I love the time by myself. But when it comes to races, I always peer pressure my friend Candi into signing up with me!

  112. My favorite running partners are definitely two girlfriends–I wouldn’t get out of bed that early for anybody else!

  113. My favorite running partner is my husband. Maybe I’m the exception, but we love working out together. The miles just tick by so quickly when we run together. I still lug my 5-year old around in the jogging stroller. I just load him up with his nintendo DS or my iPod and we’re on our way. Being able to switch off stroller pushing with my husband every mile sure makes it easier! We trained for a 1/2 marathon together jogging stroller in tow! Figure that pushing that stroller is better than not running at all!!

  114. My favorite running partner is my Labrador “Mac”. I love to run with good friends too, but lately with a new 8 month old baby I just like to run when I can! So, A, B, C, and D! I sometimes miss the old days when I could run with a neighbor at 5am, but I love all 4 of our boys so much that I wouldn’t change a thing. Wow, would I love to win this! My old jogger is in bad need of an overhaul or a burial lol

  115. Right now, my perfect running partner is myself. But I imagine in about a year, my perfect running partner will be a little babe. Can’t wait to have someone to point out the beauty of the seasons in DC.

  116. My friend Syd- she knows when to push me, when to let me back off, and above all else any time you can run in silence for 17 miles with someone and not feel “obligated” to talk they are a keeper!

  117. My favorite running partner is my running BFF Megan. She’s the one who taught me I could run, even though I had 3 kids and had never run in my life. She has since become a mother runner, and we are now badass mother runners together. : )

  118. I love running with my girl friends; laughing with them makes running seem like a party. But there is nothing like running with my 3 year old– either with him in the running stroller (which is currently broken!) or with him flailing next to me. When we run, he reminds me of the pure joy of running and why I started doing it in the first place. We have a speaker set up on the running stroller and he sings songs and encourages me to run faster (which is no easy feat with my heavy stroller). When we run together, it’s a special moment for just the two of us.

  119. I prefer to go out alone, but have trouble finding the time as the mom of a 6 year old and 6 month old , wife and graduate school student. 🙂

  120. My favorite running partner depends — If I’m not worried about distance or speed and want to chat, I would choose my BF, but if I want to really push myself and end with a totally clear head, I choose ME!

    Thanks RLAM!

  121. My favorite runner is my 8-year-old son who has developed a great love of running. He ran his first 5k in 34:28, without training, and ran his second in 30:00 and I couldn’t be prouder. He told me he learned from Mom that running is fun, relaxing, and makes you happier (Hmm, thinking I leave grouchy. come home happy) and that he hopes to run a half marathon with me when he turns 15. I’m tackling my first half in September and would LOVE to run one with the greatest boy in the world!!!!!!!

  122. Without a doubt, my best running partner is my black lab, Angus! He puts up with my slow pace and is always pumped for a run – even on the days that my enthusiasm is slow-growing!

  123. My favorite all time running partner is my husband, although it only happens about once or twice a year for a variety of reasons. Mainly, we are not really compatable as running mates, he is a sub 6:30 miler and well I aim to hit 10:30s on most days. I have lots of girlfriends to run with, and my son hated the stroller, but my daughter loves it. But, everyone once in awhile, I can get my mom to watch the kids, and my husband will skip along with me on a nice evening run to keep me on my tempo and I know it is a sacrifice for him to stay at my pace. I usually always try and find a day to sneak in this run, when he has already done his miles for the day, so this is just a 5 mile cool down for him, but for me, it is great. We finally get a chance to talk about real life issues or not talk as he keeps the tempo up one of the steepest hills in Seattle and I surprise him by keeping up! So, if it was an every day thing it would never work, but those few times a year they are cherished.

  124. I’d have to say myself. I like running with others sometimes, but some of my best runs are when it’s just me and my iPod.

  125. My perfect running partner is ME. I am new to all this and loving the ‘me’ time. I’d love to be able to take my not-so-little guy on runs with me!

  126. My favorite running partner thus far is myself. I’m just starting out, so I’m not fast and slightly embarrassed by how slow I really am. I’d love to take daughter #4 out, but I have no jogging striker *hinthint* 😉

  127. My fave running partner, for now, is me. 🙂 I’m just now getting to know a running group so have been trudging along doing 7-9 miles alone. Just me and my audiobooks. Once the weather gets nicer I’m hoping my 4 year old and 2 year old will be along with me in a super awesome new jogging stroller! (They’re both peanuts – under 30 lbs each so I can still use it! Whee!)

  128. It’s a toss up between Ira Glass and Terry Gross. Without “This American Life” and “Fresh Air” on my iPod, I’d never get through my long runs. They are my favorite running buddies.

  129. I Love running with a Friend but I really do love to strap my son/sons into the jogger and go for a run. It is a different run. Less peaceful and more a moving and healthy balancing act. What I love most about it is they are seeing me work for my health, be active and being a small part of it.

  130. My 4 year old and 18 month old sons are my jogging buddies. I love talking to them about the things we see, and there is nothing better than hearing them squeal with delight when I start going fast!

  131. I’m a new mom, so I am just figuring out how to keep running apartof my new life and schedule. I would love to run with my baby as soon as it gets warm enough…we are in colorado!:)

  132. Kelly, who is just coming back from a knee injury. I can’t wait to hit the trails with her again. It’s been too long.

  133. As much as I love running with my girl pals, I really cherish runs with my 3-year-old son. He is my little buddy and I just love that time with him. We stop and ask to pet dogs, talk about what he sees and he throws up his hands on downhills like a roller coaster, weeeeeeeeee! Also, he thinks I’m fast. And until he learns otherwise, I’m not about to correct him!

  134. My favorite running buddy is my Daughter, Olivia. She’s three years old and loves to come with me on my runs in the stroller. When I’m bottoming out, I tell her “cheer for mommy!” and she yells “go mommy go! Go mommy go!” She’s my little cheerleader 🙂 We always finish my runs by having a popsicle on the kitchen floor while I stretch. I cherish these times with her.

  135. My fav running partner, pre-mommyhood, used to be my Australian Cattle Dog. He went blind about the same time I had my first almost a year ago, so now I run with her strapped in the stroller as much as I can, she’s my wing gal!

  136. Definitely myself! I’m a SAHM and those few precious miles everyday are worth getting up early or staying up late for. I am so beyond thankful that I get to be with my kids all day, but running is my me time…and pretty much the only thing I do for myself. We have #3 on the way, so I know that pretty soon I’m going to have to share this time with a new baby and a jogging stroller for a little while 😉

  137. My favorite running partner is myself, it is my time to clear my head from the day and listen to my music which centers me.

    My favorite walking buddy is my two year old son… he loves pointing at the different things he sees and it is fun seeing the world through his eyes!!! He lets me be a kid again!!

  138. My favorite running partner is my friend Julie. We are both mothers and our weekly long runs are a great way to decompress and catch up. We are training for the Pittsburgh marathon on May (my 3rd, Julie’s 1st). I don’t currently own a running stroller, so I haven’t been able to run with my daughter yet!

  139. I would have to say it’s a tie b/w running with my son or running with a girlfriend. It took us a long time to get pregnant with Noah, and I always dreamed of running with my child in a baby jogger. On the other hand, there is something to be said for running with your girlfriends!!!! 🙂

  140. My favorite running partners are (without a doubt) mommy friends. We share funny kiddo stories from the week. Laughing about the truth and sarcasm of our lives gives me killer ab workout and puts “the small stuff” into perspective.

  141. Toughy. When I am not running alone, there is a few people I enjoy running with! When I am already in a great mood, my boyfriend is perfect (otherwise I sometimes get crabby…). When I need a pick me up, an elite runner on her easy day is excellent. When I want someone to kick my ass, me…or the elite runner on her easy day.

    This would be a perfect shower gift, you are right about that.

  142. My favorite running buddies are my two girls, Emma and Rachel. I won’t readily admit it when Emma is around, but Rachel only weighs 20 some pounds while Emma at 4 1/2 is in the forties…so if I can get out with only one kid I am much faster and less of a road hazard around the park. R just takes it all in; she rarely cries in the jogger. E on the other hand is a bit high maintenance and can throw some stingers, “Mommy, why are you walking?” Huffing…”I am running pushing both of you up this hill…I am pushing over 60 pounds uphill!” The kid has no concept of weight, but I hoped some bystanders heard and appreciated my effort. BUT, Emma gets out and runs the last quarter mile or so which is the BEST way to finish!

  143. I have to say E all of the above! I love running with my baby girl! She started going outside with me a 2.5 months and I started January 1st so it was very cold but her and I toughed it out. Now I’m looking forward to trying things with my new baby when she arrives. Thankfully my best running friend likes beside a park and said she’ll take my toddler to play while I run with the new baby. But running with my BRF is awesome too because I know I’m slower with my daughter but with my friend she is an amazing running (countless races and marathons, etc…) and always pushes me a little past what I think I can do! Same with my hubby. With a toddler and a new baby on the way some times the only time we get to talk is on a run where our daughter passed out in the stroller, and knowing that we are doing something to keep us healthy for her and each other is a wonderful feeling, especially since we can do it together!

    So for me running with my baby, my best friend, my hubby or my ipod is all good! As long as I get to run I don’t care who I do it with!!!

  144. My favorite running buddy is actually 5 months pregnant with twin boys! She moved away almost two years ago after marrying into the military but we keep in touch and keep each other accountable. I dont need the running stroller right now (no little ones yet) but I’m sure she could put it to good use here in a few months!

  145. The best partner I’ve ever run with is my brother. He is by far a better runner than I but he’s just fine with slowing down to my pace so long as it gets me moving. I wish he didn’t live across the ocean so I could run with him more often. 🙂 Otherwise I’m usually happiest running by myself. I can just breathe and enjoy the peace around me while going my own pace.

  146. B – my two friends. I can’t wait for our 1/2 marathon training to be done so we can get back to our easy Saturday runs together where we pant and talk the miles away.

  147. My favorite running partner has changed over the past few years as my life changed. Before we had kids my favorite running partner was my Aussie dog Lilah (RIP) – we would trail run in Virginia together. Then after having a baby it was my baby – when she was napping and luckily the jogger put her to sleep most days! Now, I think I am my favorite running partner! I seem to solve lots of dilemma’s while out running – and the kiddo is getting way to heavy!

  148. My best running partner is my husband, Ben. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to run together since our son, Jonah, was born almost 9 months ago, but with the weather warming up and a jogging stroller, we could make it happen again!

  149. I am my best running partner, (though my favorite is my BRF Heidi but she lives an hour away) because:
    I live with me,
    I am ready to run when I am ready to run,
    I go the pace I want/need to go.
    How cool is this stroller and humpday give away? I am hoping to start a family after Boston and this would be a great start!

  150. I would have to say my favorite running partner is my 13 year old daughter, aside from the little girls riding in a stroller. It’s a great way for us to connect at the end of the day. : )

  151. My two friends, Sabrina and Kim are my favorite running buddies. We are all moms, and it gives us time to talk without disruption from kiddos. Plus, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, so we can help each other out when one of us is feeling weak.

  152. My favourite running partner is my dog 🙂 She is always motivating me to keep going as she has bundles of energy and just loves to run! Sometimes we have a running race but she always wins lol 🙂

  153. My perfect running partner is my current running partner, my friend Trish. Because both of us are working moms with four kids between us, we don’t get much time to catch up with one another. So we meet every Sunday and alternate at whose house we meet (we live ~30 miles from one another). The “host” picks the mileage (usually between 5-10 miles) and the route. I really look forward to it…seeing Trish, that is!

    However, if I win the stroller my perfect running partner would be my 10-month old son, George! (just kidding…I couldn’t leave Trish…could I?)

  154. My favorite running partner is my significant other. It is a bonding time that only we share. Getting carried away in meaningful conversation makes the miles go so fast.

  155. My perfect running partner is myself. I already am a heavy woman, and therefore have a hard time running with someone (due to pace).

    No matter the pace, my run may start with my husband and end with me alone, I am running in the right direction!

  156. Although I love running alone…my favorite runs are with my two best running buddies! We solve the problems of the world on every run. The only bad part-our runs are not nearly long enough!! We often have to go for tea afterwards just to finish our conversations! 😀

  157. My favorite running buddy is myself! I usually run with my “entourage” during the week: my baby (more like a toddler) in the jogger and my dog. I enjoy running with them, but it sure does make the solo runs so much more enjoyable!

  158. My two little boys, aged 2.5 and 9 months are my favorite running partners. They love the view and the fresh air. I like both of those things and their company!

  159. My best running partner is my hubby. we have our toddler and baby in seprate prams and we are free to go wherever we need to and have family time at the same time we are enjoying our run!

  160. My favorite running partners are my friend Kelly and our tag-alongs, Madelyn (hers, age 20 months) and Liam (mine, age 6 months). Kelly and I started running together in 2008, when we barely knew each other yet agreed to train for a marathon together. 3 years, (collectively) 4 marathons, and 2 babies later, there’s nothing I look forward to more than meeting her on the trail at our spot, Mile Marker 7, for a run–short or long, fast or slow (or shuffle, as it was when we took turns being pregnant). She’s the best friend, confidant, and advisor a running mom could ask for, and I love knowing that our little runners will grow up with the impression that running is fun, healthy, and social. What better influence could we make on our children’s lives?

  161. My favorite running buddy is unfortunately just me! I’d love to find some women to run with, I’ve attempted to recruit some friends but they all think its too hard. I did find a local running club so once my hubby is back I will go and make some running friends!

  162. Best. Giveaway. Ever.

    My best running buddy is my neighbor Atha. I’ve run 2 half marathons and one full with her, and I would never have signed up for any of those races without her encouragement. Our training runs are about the only time we have to catch up with each other, so the conversation is always worthwhile. Plus, I think we push each other to be stronger runners (well, she pushes me most of the time, but I have my moments).

  163. My favorite running partners are the 3 Ms….me, myself and my music! Running is my me time, just like any time when I exercise.

  164. My favorite running partners are the gals in my running group! There are a couple hundred of us in the group, and we’re broken out into pace groups. So every Saturday morning I’m with the same few. It’s a lovely time.

  165. In the Winter, I enjoy my alone time as I run, but when warmer weather blooms, I’ve loved the company of my almost 4 yr. old, who has outgrown our stroller. I am looking forward to bonding with my new running partner this Spring, Noelle, my 6 month old!

  166. I used to love running by myself, but now I’d say I love running with my kids. We had so many fun adventures last summer on our runs. We’re having baby number three in September and I’d love to have a single stroller to take him or her out on the road.

  167. My favorite running partner is my husband. He’s an amazing cheerleader. Running happens to be one of the few physical activities I can dominate him in, so that’s always a nice ego boost too. 🙂

  168. I train with a running group and run with different people at different times, depending on what we are doing that day and how we feel. Each of them is my perfect partner on any given day. They are funny, interesting, kind, supportive, wonderful people who motivate me to be both a better runner and a better person.

  169. My favorite running partner is usually myself. I haven’t found anyone else in my neighborhood that is awake during the times that I run! I’ve never had a baby jogger before, but if I did I think my 19 mo would LOVE going running with mommy 🙂

  170. Running is one of my few chances to be truly alone, to recharge and catch up with myself. I just had a baby and am slowly getting back into it as my source of sanity. My husband generally runs faster than me without much effort, which just makes me cranky, and my pug-dog (although adorable) isn’t much of a running buddy. I’m new to the mommy tribe and can’t wait to take my little peanut with me on my runs. I look forward to her being my favorite running companion.

  171. A good girlfriend makes running so fun on long runs, but I also enjoy my fast runs by mself. So I guess its a tie! I have yet to run with any of my babies because I’ve never had a jogger! Would love to try it out! Might get more miles in if I had one 🙂

  172. I really do enjoy running by myself but I would much rather run with a girlfriend…nothing beats good company on a long run!
    My 15 month old would love to go for a spin on that jogging stroller! And of course this mama would love it too 🙂

  173. My favorite running partner is my running buddy, Dawn. We met at my first day back to a fitness class for moms (she had just moved to Portland from Denver and I was returning from my six weeks off to heal after delivering). We started running after knowing eachother for two weeks. Before we knew it, we picked a half marathon to do together (seven months post-partum for me) and never looked back. We run together every week, health permitting. Before running with Dawn, running was something I forced myselft to do to take care of myself, now running is something I look forward to and it makes my whole family happy! Of course, our kids, her Campbell 23months and my Akil 15 months are a very, very close second to Dawn!

  174. I have two different running friends – one that is a little faster and one that is a little slower than I am. While I love running with the faster one since she is a wonderful friend, super funny and a great conversationalist: my favorite is the friend that is a little slower. I can run along and chatter away, and she makes me feel like I am super speedy – although I am sure I annoy her endlessly – but she still runs with me! 🙂

  175. I pushed my twin boys from 4 months of age until 4 1/2 almost 5 and then pushed my now 4 year old (today!) from birth until he heads off to more school. I loved getting out for runs and/or walks with the kids in the jogger. When I had my younger son, I constantly was patting myself on the back for having pushed a double jogger for so long, a single jogger is so light! And now, as he heads off to preschool a couple of days a week, I love being able to run with my girlfriend Katie. We have so much more flexibility to hit a trail or run longer and not be forced to stop unless we want to.

  176. My running buddy is my golden retriever, Baxter. Unfortunately she’s getting old so she’ll really only do the first couple miles with me (then I have to swing back by the house to drop her off for a morning of sleeping in the sun while I run). But in her prime she was the greatest! Now I love running alone. It’s my “me” time.

  177. Because you said “perfect” running partner, that would be me. I’m an introvert who enjoys time alone and doing anything alone these days–especially running!–is a huge treat.

    My *favorite* running partners are my two daughters. My 6-year-old is finally old enough to run with me, though she mostly prefers riding in the jogger still, and my 1-year-old is always great in the stroller, even on longer runs like the 8-miler we did last weekend. (Sometimes I have both in our double jogger, but more often than not I run with the single jogger while the older one is in school.) Once a week we try to do kindergarten pick-up with the double jogger and then stop at the park afterward. Everyone seems to enjoy that. As soon as the 1-year-old learns how to walk (and run), maybe we’ll be our own running club? 😉

  178. I prefer to run by myself, but my favorite running buddy is my Ipod. She gets me motivated to run by cranking music out while I put on my running gear, gets me to run faster when she plays an AWESOME song, and keeps me charging up those hills. I would love to take my daughter on my easy run days to the park. Just need a great stroller to do it in!!

  179. My favorite running buddy is MYSELF! That is my time away from the house where no one is yelling “Mommy”. I love being able to step outside, listen to my music and enjoy nature while dodging the “presents” the horses pulling the Amish buggies leave behind.

  180. Love running with my friends, nothing makes the miles go by faster than chatting along the way. A close second is running with my 2 and 4 year old girls who, when they aren’t fighting, come up with the pretty cute conversations too.

  181. I actually love to run alone. I love the silence, I love my thoughts, I like to set my own pace.

    However, my 3 year old is a fantastic running partner. He is so positive and encouraging. “Who’s going to win? Who is the fastest? Who are the winners? Me and Mama!!” or if we are doing some big hills “go, mama, go” he’ll chant.

    My 6 year old is a pretty good partner too. She’ll ride her bike or scooter while I run, and I really can see myself in her sometimes. She likes the silence too, and she’s not a quitter.

    And lastly, my parents are great running partners. The conversation never seems to stop when I run with either of them. My dad pushes me, and I often push my mother.

  182. My favorite running partner is myself, but I do enjoy training with friends, especially during long runs or speed workouts. I’ve never had a jogging stroller, but I sure would like one when baby #3 is born!

  183. My perfect running partner is MIA, or Salt-n-Pepa, or Rage Against the Machine, depending on the day and my mood! So, essentially myself and my ipod. But I would like to branch out and find a running buddy. I’m just too scared as a newbie runner to actively find a running partner, I don’t want to drag them down with my slow pace!

  184. my favorite running buddy is my mom. We don’t run much together (300 miles apart) but we have done some big races together: MCM, R&R 1/2, Cherry Blossom 10 miler (lovelovelove this one).

  185. My favorite running partners are my IPOD, a light breeze, and a sunny day. And if I win that stroller one of my 2 boys! 🙂

  186. Right now my fav running partner is myself! I like having the time to think, listen to my own music, and work on my speed. Although, I’d be psyched to win the stroller so I can (finally) run with one of my kids! I have twins plus one and haven’t bit the bullet to buy a triple jogger.

  187. I would have answered “a girlfriend” any day of the week, but it’s especially true today!

    I had an intense 8 mile track session (Yasso 800’s) lined up for this morning with my FAVORITE running pal, Chelle. However, I lived a 20+ year dream last night of seeing Bon Jovi in concert. It was amazing, but lets just say between the music, the screaming, the late night and the inability to reign in my excitement and actually get any sleep after the show, I was NOT feeling the run. I text Chelle and told her I was out, and her response was an awesome “I totally get it…it’s too hard to rock with Bon Jovi and Bart Yasso in the same 12 hour period!”. I loved her for giving me a “pass”…but then the guilt set in. I ended up meeting her at the designated time for the speed work…she was happy to have the company, but kept us true to pace and we knocked out those laps like pros. I was thrilled when we were done – and so glad I didn’t skip! There is no way I would have done such a hard effort (or even run at all!) if I was solo.

    Another testament to how important a RLAM BFF is!!!

  188. My favorite running partner? Myself. I have gotten to know myself better on my long runs that I have in all my 34 years. I know my strengths, my weaknesses, my failures and accomplishments. I have grown to accept myself in my entireity–just one of the many gifts running has given me.

  189. My 2 y/o son isn’t a BAD running partner, just a heavy one that slows me down. 😉 My favorite partner is my best friend, Lauren. She started running after her second baby to lose weight, and now, Saturday nights are our “date nights” … At the gym!

  190. most certainly is NOT my toddler…”mommy, what’s that? mommy, are you going slow? mommy, can you go faster? i need my sippy cup. i need a snack. i want to play angry birds…” the last request usually results in my stopping to give him the iphone so i can get three minutes of quiet before the demands start again.

    i dream of running by myself in the future, but for now i’ll take chatty mcbutterpants in the stroller.

    1. Oh thank you!!! I was starting to feel like a horrible mother after reading all the posts of moms loving running with their kids. My Chariot (aka “my sanity wagon”) rocks but I would gladly leave it behind and just take the dog! Cheers to running alone….and peeing alone…..etc.

  191. I prefer to run by myself for at least one or two runs a week. I need the head clearing time.

    I actually own that stroller and my 5 year old is about to outgrow it. I’m so sad. I LOVE it! If I win, I may start targeting clients with younger kids and push their kiddo for them when they are running. ;o)

  192. My favorite running partner is my 20-month-old son, Mason. He’s a happy little dude, and loves to point out all the trucks, buses, doggies, and birds we see along the way.

  193. My favorite running partner is……..MYSELF!!!! I am an at home mom of a 5 and 3 1/2 year old. Their favorite words are “MOMMY”! I love to run because as qouted in your book; it is my alone time with my music blasting and nobody calls my name…..or at least I don’t hear it anyway. LOL

  194. My favorite running partner is my 10 year old daughter although she complains I’m too slow 🙂 She’s usually not up at 5AM though so must runs are on my own. This stroller would go to my niece, Niki who is due in June with a baby girl runner.

  195. I used to think running alone with my music was the best thing ever, then I starting running/training with my new friend Marian. She has converted me into loving running with a friend! I just ran my first half marathon last weekend and I couldn’t have done it without her. Such fun to talk and run, run and talk. My little guy is 2 and though I prefer to run without him (because I have to keep the runs short) I love his zest for life and all he notices as we run through the neighborhood. Gotta love those garbage trucks!

  196. I am hoping that someday my sister will join me for a run. She is in the middle of the Couch to 5k program (treadmill style) and I am hoping one day she might venture outdoors to run with me. I suggested the program to her and she seems so pleased with herself – my hope is that she will run with me next month when I visit her.

  197. My favorite running partners are my kiddos for fun runs (not really looking at the clock). I have a triple jogging stroller and I get my arm workout on those!

  198. My favorite running partner is my husband. He outweighs me by about 100 lbs and is a foot taller, which means that we run the same pace during runs together. After our daughter was born, we started doing seperate morning runs so we could get our workouts in, but come Sat/Sun we can get out with the babe in stroller and it is always refreshing to have the companionship and someone to log the miles with.

  199. my favorite running partner is myself, I get to competitive with a partner, but competing with myself is just what I need on most days!

  200. My perfect running partners are my two girlfriends. We motivate (i.e. guilt) each other into meeting each Saturday to run long miles or even a short run around the lake. As we run we gossip about friends or coworkers. Many times we brag about our husbands or boyfriends and the wonderful things they do for us. Lots of times we gripe about our husbands and their lazy ways still sleeping in the bed while we climbed wearily out of bed to run around a cold lake. We hope they heard our long list of honey-dos as they grumble and roll over. Most of the time we just run because we can run.

  201. My favorite running buddy/buddies changes depending on what time of the day I run. If it’s a 5:30am run, it’s two of my girlfriends who hold me accountable for getting the run in for the day. I know they’re going to meet me, so that helps me put my feet to the floor (from the bed) and get out the door! If I’m running later in the day, my favorite running buddy is my 20 month old son. He loves to be outdoors and he enthusiastically points out things around us that interest him. A run with him reminds me to slow down and take note of all of the things I would regularly just pass by without a second glance. I’m thankful to have three great running buddies to keep me motivated!

  202. My favorite running partner would be a girlfriend. I have so much more fun when I get to run with friends, and it makes the run seem so much easier than if I get out there & plod along alone.

  203. I’m in a sweet spot right now b/c I have several equally-wonderful running buddies: my 6:00 a.m./5 days a week running-mommy friends, my speedy husband, my four-year old (who now pops out of the stroller to run herself for bits of time), and my soon-to-be one-year-old. Running with each of those people makes me feel alive and grateful!

  204. My favorite running partner is my husband! I am finally getting fast enough to where we can run together again. It doesn’t happen much I love to just run with him, he’s too fast for me to get much conversation in. It’s the fact that we are enjoying my favorite hobby and spending kid free time together is wonderful!

  205. Myself! I am still a new runner and carrying around alot of extra baggage still so I really like to be able to go at my own pace and not be self conscious. I did just order the jogging attachment for my double stroller…. so maybe my answer will change soon 🙂

  206. I have very few friends who run, so I guess my favorite running partner is me. Or maybe my iPod. When it works out, I do love the occasional run with a buddy but I haven’t been able to find a friend who’s pace is a good match for me.

    1. I meant to also add that I would love to be able to take my kids on a run with me, but we have never been able to get a jogging stroller and I am fortunate that my husband is able to be here with the kids so I can run 3-4 times a week. Thought my almost 3 year old is pretty active, I think she’d enjoy running with me. She always asks me about my runs. She says, “Did you go running? …. You okay, Mommy?” when I come back.

  207. I’m happiest running with my little man (6 months) on a bright sunny day! Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he watches the scenery go by. =)

  208. My favorite running partner is my daughter Parker and BOB (the sroller). I wouldn’t be able to run if she wasn’t so gracious to go with me. She let’s me know if I’m not running fast enough and she sings to me too!

  209. My favorite running buddy is myself! Though I was jsut telling my husband that with all the activities my older girls have, I need to get a running stroller so I can take my youngest (11 months) out with me!! Please random drawer, pick me!!! 🙂

  210. My new best running buddy is my 10 year old son. He has a goal of running a 5k and he is primed to do it. I am so proud of him. (My kids are 17, 15, 11 and 10, so I don’t need a buggy)

  211. My dad was my favorite running partner, b/c he was slow like me, and he would convince me to get out of bed to go run with him in the morning. Now I like running with my husband, when I can drag him out the door.

  212. My favorite running partner(s) are my children. It might not always be FUN or RELAXING… but they know exactly what to DO and SAY to get me to run faster… or further! 🙂 “Run faster Mommy” or “I have to go potty” are some pretty encouraging incentives to make this mommy run like a mother. 🙂

    Of course… running by MYSELF (solo) or even with ONE child would be ideal!

  213. To tell the truth, I’m new to running and I’m still very slow. My husband is my perfect running partner and he always pushes me to work harder and keep going. We had our daughter in November and I would love to join him on runs. We just need a jogging stroller.

  214. My best running partner is myself. There is nothing better than getting out by myself and enjoying a peacful run. Normally I’m toting 3 kids with me wherever I go and theres not much quiet time.

  215. I’m a ‘girlfriend’ running partner type of girl. Maybe it’s me, but my kids like to dive out of the stroller…they are escape artists and can get out of the most secure seat belts. Love my ‘alone’ time with running sans kids but I’m sure I have a girlfriend who would love a Mtn. Buggy! Cool giveaway!

  216. My perfect running partner is my husband! He’s much faster than me and a great motivator. He constantly calls out running tips (since I just started running Dec. ’10) and pushing me to pick up my pace. This stroller would be perfect since I gave birth to my third son October 2010 and my ‘get back into pre-pregnancy jeans’ workout of running has turned into an addiction! I love running!

  217. WOW! What an amazing jogger-I loved that video 🙂
    My daughter is two and I could not get in 1/2 of my running with a jogging stroller-
    My favorite running parnter?
    It’s gotta be my daughter-I love those early morning summer runs. We count birds and trees, sing to the ducks at the duck pond and have a great start to the day. I have to treasure these moments while she can still fit in a jogger!

  218. Love running with my Mamas. Have tried and failed to run with the kiddos… maybe I never had the right stroller?

  219. My favorite running buddy is definitely myself, but lately I’ve been training with Team in Training and I’m having such a great time doing it! They ROCK!

  220. My running partner is me! Occasionally one of my boys comes along, but I don’t have a jogging stroller, so it’s usually a very short run! 🙂

  221. It’s a toss up! While I never ran with FB, there were many looong walks for which I will always be grateful. Now I run with a training partner and it’s nice to have some one to talk to you, push you and keep your mind off of the pain:)

  222. Myself – on my best, fastest, perkiest, most energetic day. That’s who I want to run with! Someone who makes me run a little faster than my comfortable past, a little farther than my comfortable distance, who always has something to say, especially when I’m feeling winded and who can always offer encouragement without belittling.

  223. Definitely the babe and myself. I love getting out there on the road by myself (not to mention that none of my friends are runners), seeing what I can do, with no limitations. I also love the feeling of pushing my 1-year old in the stroller. I know I’m getting an extra bang for my buck by pushing the added weight, and that in itself gives me a confidence boost. PLUS, the fresh air is perfectly nap-inducing for him, whether its during the run or shortly after.

  224. Its a toss up really. I *LOVE* the support and encouragement I get from group runs with my TNT pals. But there is just something about doing it alone and having a moment to myself. I enjoy not having to talk, but sometimes I really enjoy chit-chatting the miles away. I’ve never run with my babes, but I imagine it would be fun also in a different way. =)

  225. My favorite running partner is my dog Foster. He’s a german shepherd, and just built to go! The second I come outside in my running clothes it’s like he just knows we are going for a run. I never have to beg him to come with me, convince him that the clouds won’t turn into rain or snow, or talk him in to doing a long run. He’s always excited to go and it is encouraging to me! While we are running it’s just him and me. He doesn’t even care if there are other dogs or people around, he’s in the zone with me 🙂

  226. I love running by myself, but I enjoy running with my husband even more. He’s the perfect running partner because he’s always concerned about how I’m doing and sometimes I think he’s better at “listening” to my body than I am. He knows when to push me to speed up, when I’m having a bad day and need encouragement, or when I need to back off a little bit.

  227. My favorite running partner is my iPod loaded with a good audiobook. Nothing takes my focus off of the yucky parts of running like a good story. Somehow I end up feeling like I am floating along and don’t notice how much further I still have to go – when I do finally notice, the distance has passed and I feel great!

  228. My favorite running “buddy” is my beautiful (younger) sister, who just moved from Denver, CO to the flat rolling hills of Lancaster, PA – just minutes from me! Only 18 months apart in age, we’ve run many miles together through high school sports and college training as athletes. But in our 10 years on opposite sides of the country as adults and now as young moms, we’ve developed a kindred spirit for running. We’ve flown cross-country to celebrate each others’ inaugural marathons over the past few years. And now I’m so excited that we are able to meet up for a quick mid-week run, followed by a Starbucks run, while training for the same race 🙂 So it’s definitely, my sweet sister and dear friend!

  229. I love running with a girlfriend of mine. You know you’ve got a great friend/partner when they’ll run 32km/20mi with you *slowly* because you’ve got TMI issues! We’ve now progressed to the point where no topic is off limits… 🙂

  230. I love going for a run just with myself. I use running as my time to decompress and process any life/husband/kids/work issues (and as a mom, this takes up most of my runs!). A happy (and light) child comes in a close second; I can still zone out and still have some “me time!” I do enjoy running with friends but some days, I just don’t have the energy to keep up the conversation and pace 🙂

  231. Although I enjoy the companionship and distraction of running with a friend, most of the time I run alone and am quite happy that way. What I love about running is that I can lace up my shoes, leave my front door and be back 30 min-an hour later having gotten a great workout without too much time gone from the fam. Running alone enables me to go when it’s convenient (and neither of my kids are having a meltdown).

  232. As much as I love the concept of running with a friend, as a not so fast runner I am sensitive about my pace and thus prefer to run alone. My favorite companion, therefore, is a beautiful day and a podcast of an NPR show (my favorites are Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk). I can do double digit runs happily like that! Although I do sometimes worry about appearing to be a crazy person, running along laughing out loud by myself!

  233. Right now, my ideal running partner is my Goldendoodle, Ruby. She is an AWESOME distance runner! But as we’re contemplating a second child, the answer might soon change to a happy baby in a Terrain 🙂

  234. My favorite running buddy is definitely my daughter: 3-month old Rina! Although she can’t talk yet, I want to be my best for her, whether physically or emotionnally, hence the running… I am currently nursing shin splints, but running is definitely on my mind for the upcoming weeks!

  235. My favorite running buddy is my dog-he’s a high energy lab, so while I run for my health, I bring him along to burn off his energy so I can stay sane.

  236. Although I love the occasional running buddy–either friend or baby–I mostly enjoy my solo runs. I get to go with my own pace, not worried about slowing someone down/pushing the pace on them or a sudden “I’ve had enough of this stroller!” tantrum. It’s me and my thoughts and that’s perfect!

  237. My favorite running partner would probably be my dog, if I could ever get him to behave on the leash. Part of the appeal of running for me is enjoying some time away from my family. However, my husband works full time and is a full time student. So, alone runs only happen once a week. The rest of the time, I run with my two boys in a broken down squeeky old double jogging stroller whose front wheel is locked in place. I appreciate that I’m able to run with them, otherwise I would be stuck running the loop of my cul-de-sac, but some new wheels would really rock!!

  238. My favorite running partner is either running alone after a stressful day or my SIL for a long run… if you asked who is the cutest running partner than I would have to say my two year old !!

  239. My favorite is definitely myself. My double stroller is SUCH a piece of junk that I can barely push it, and my kids yell “MUSH!” at me (thanks, Balto) and all of my runner girlfriends are way faster than me. I am sort of my sad, pathetic default when I put it like that. Haha.

  240. My closest running friend Tasha….our friendship has really grown because of our runs/walks together. We sweat, laugh, cry, complain, vent…..just let it all out and always feel better after a workout together. We can’t solve all the worlds problems but at least we have each other to share things with.

    Otherwise, myself, I don’t mind running alone. I enjoy the quiet, peacefulness a run alone can provide. I ran my 20 miler for my marathon training all alone. It was a personal battle with myself, I was going to have to go out there and do it… one else could do it for me.

  241. My running partner is my dog Pumpkin. He is a Vizsla and loves to run, especially trail run! But I’m hoping to need that stroller soon. My husband and I are trying to have a baby and I have been slowly collecting a few baby items so it won’t be so overhelming when the time comes.

  242. Favorite running partnerS: a group of wonderful women who got me running in the first place. I laughed out loud when they first invited me (excuse I gave them: I. Don’t. Run.) but they just kept asking, and finally I caved. With runners of all different speeds and abilities, no one felt pressured to keep up and no one was left behind; before I knew it I was training for my first marathon and people that knew us in our small town were cheering out their car windows as they drove by. Most of us have left that small town now, but I would never be contemplating my first triathlon (let alone my third marathon) if not for my favorite running partners. Miss you, Ladies!

  243. My favorite running buddy is myself, but I’m planning on that changing when the baby comes. (Our first) Due September 10th! 09.10.11!! 🙂

  244. I love to run by myself. On the days I get a little time to myself in the morning to run and just think I am a much better mommy. I cherish the time I have alone to run.

  245. My best running partner is my friend, Kristin. We don’t get to run together too often, and actually haven’t in the last 4 months because she is in the middle of a fragile pregnancy, but when we do run we always have great talks and she pushes my pace every time. On our last run, months ago, she said, “That felt really good!” and I said, “Gawd I felt like crap!” I am looking forward to the day she returns to the run…and I think this jogger would be PERFECT for her!!

  246. My perfect running partner is ME. I get to decide how fast (or slow!) I go, I get to decide how far to run that day, I get to listen to my music (vs feeling forced to converse), I get to get in touch with me and ignore the outside world (well, except for traffic which I have to respect I suppose!).

  247. I haven’t really run with my daughter, for lack of a proper running stroller! My favourite running partners are the new people that I meet through the Running Room run club on Sunday mornings. Nothing makes a long run pass more pleasantly and quickly than an interesting conversation with someone new.

  248. My favorite person to run with is always myself! I love to just get away and be alone with my favorite music. I don’t mind taking my two-year-old along b/c I know he likes the scenery, but it’s soooo much harder! I’ll blame it on my cheap hand-me-down jog stroller I’ve got though – not my strengh! 🙂

  249. My favorite running partner is a napping baby! It’s a good way to guarantee an “as-long-as-I-want-it-to-be” nap!

  250. My favorite running partner(s)are my children (son,2 and daughter,6 months). They like to keep things interesting by pointing out plants, shapes, animals and people. Also, my son motivates me by saying “Faster Mommy!”

  251. I’m still on the quest for the perfect running partner. I love running with my twin sister, but we aren’t always evenly paced.

  252. My favorite running buddies are my kids. I started running the spring after my second child was born. I pack snacks and music and off we’d go on an adventure. We’re up to 3 kiddos now, and my baby loves our runs most of all. Everything is new. The excitement he has while on our runs is contagious!!

  253. The best is Hank (my darling 10 month old) in the jogging stroller with my sister Wittsle at my side! Time flies as conversation and the jogger match our pace. We so enjoy these runs together! The Mtn Buggy would make things easier on trails — oh I hope I win!

  254. Since it is so hard to plan a run with friends or a group, my preferred partners is the blissful music coming out of the headphones or my wonderful almost three year old daughter (who is just about grown out of her current stroller). She knows if my jogging shoes are going on there is a chance she gets to climb in and go! I think she values that time away from the men in our house and alone time with me, as much as I value the alone time with her!

  255. Because I live far away from my besties, and I don’t have a jogging double stroller, though my almost 5 year old doesn’t really need it, my current best running partner is myself. Once I get my speed up, I would love to run with friends!!

  256. I love to run with my neighbor. She is faster than me and can run longer than I can so she pushes me. She has kept me going so many times when I would have stopped and went home if I was running alone.

  257. I’m a big time introvert, and therefore a happily solo runner. 🙂 My kindergartner comes with me on a run/walk sometimes, and I take my toddler in the jogger when that’s the best option schedule-wise, but I vastly prefer to run alone.

  258. Myself! I take my littlest one when necessary, but I do my best to get out there alone. It is one of the few times I get to spend alone.

  259. My favorite running buddy is God. Together we can accomplish anything– no hill is too steep, no pace too fast, no run too long. He never complains about my whining, crying and complaining. He always listens, comforts and encourages.

  260. As much as I love my kids and my new running partner, I love running with my husband best. He pushes me to be my best and is very encouraging. He got me started running in the first place; I owe my running to him. 🙂

  261. I like to run by myself…its my down time, my getaway from life time. I don’t want to give that up to anybody!

  262. I run with a friend in the early mornings, I run with my daughter in kid-friendly races, I run with my husband in half marathons (and hopefully my first full after this annoying injury) but mostly I run by myself and love it. I can be completely “on” for just me.

  263. My wonderful girls! But alas my 4year old is getting almost too big for the double jogger(somehow her 3yr old sisters hair ends up in her hands!) so I am looking to get a single stroller 😉 The only better partner is me, myself and I! And when I need the motivation I lean on my neighbors to get out there with me as well…..OK, so I guess it depends on my mood!

  264. I prefer to run by myself. It’s my time. I’m not meeting with clients, or thinking about work (usually) or obligated to talk to anyone whatsoever. Phew. Quiet.

  265. Who is your perfect running partner?
    It used to be my son …the last of my five…that was my running pal. He is now too big to go in any stroller and a bit to slow to ride along on his own bike. I vasilate now between 2 of my favorite partners…my dog, Wrigley and my Sole Sister and trainer, Beth. Wrigley is great for those runs where I just want to be quiet and don’t want to go alone. She is a go getter (mostly getting after squirrels!!) and really helps with my pace (when she is not slowing me down to smell every blade of grass). After she gets things out of her system…we can really RUN. In the heat of the summer the pup can not go for the same number of miles as Beth. Beth is my sole sister in many ways. We met through running and have become best friends. The winters are hard for us as we get out of our regular running routine but come spring…the miles fly by as we have so much to catch up on…months worth of drama. She pushes me and my running to places I never thought possible. So…it is a toss up but I love them both the same…for very different reasons.

  266. My favorite running partners are my husband and two year old. My husband has long legs and has always been a runner, so he pushes the jogging stroller. I’m anxiously awaiting spring so that we can get back to a daily run together. It is great bonding time for all of us!

  267. I have many perfect running partners … my hubby is a frequent running partner and he’s hard to beat, but I also have some great girlfriends I love to run with … and I can never leave out my treadmill with Biggest Loser on the TV. 😉
    I dearly love my kiddos but I am not fond of pushing the stroller. It just complicates everything and running should be SIMPLE!! I look forward to running WITH them someday. 🙂

  268. I would love to run with a girlfriend, but my running time (6 am) and pace (slow) generally means I run alone. I love it when I can book a run and dinner with a friend on sunday afternoon though!

  269. My #1 running buddy right now is my girlfriend. It’s been too cold to take my little one out, but a close second is my 2.5 yr old little man…especially when he is sleeping and not trying to climb out of the stroller! And my 6.5 yr old big man while he rides his bike. 🙂

  270. I’d have to say myself. I’ve only run with someone a couple of times (seriously…once after a race when I needed more miles, my sister ran with me, and once, I ran with my dad during an especially rainy race). I’ve even got an offer from someone to be my running partner during my first half this weekend, but I wouldn’t even know what to do while running with someone!

    I’ve got two little ones that could sit in this stroller, but I’d love to win it for my sister…who is 24 weeks pregnant and just itching to get back out and run!

  271. My favourite running buddy is my husband. He’s much faster than me and has much more endurance but I love it when he slows down and runs with me. He motivates me to keep pushing so that some day I can keep up with him 🙂

  272. My favorite running partner would be my 2 year old. I don’t take him with me as often as I would like but when I do we have some great conversations or babbling on his in. Plus the fact that he says go fast mommy doesn’t hurt either.

  273. A. Even when not happy, makes me push it a little harder to get home quicker… : ) Our new spring AM routine now that the snow is exiting.. He even gets excited to go, climbing right in the stroller.. : )

  274. I have incredible memories of runs with my girlfriends as well as with the minis in tow (all 3) but hands down I’d say my ipod is my favorite running partner. Nothing is sweeter than jammin’ out and sometimes singin’ along to MY tunes forbidden for the ears of my sweet kiddlins. There is such freedom and exhilaration when I’m in the zone and I realize I could either get my groove on (dancing ;)) or run harder!

  275. My favorite running partner is my friend Margie. As being one of the few women in a maintenance shop we depended on each other for support and friendship. We worked as partners for a few years , we always had each others back and she made work fun to go to. When I started to run she became inspired to do bump up her running and did the Chicago Marathon (even though I didn’t even get to that point yet!). She always believes in me and encourages me to go farther than I ever thought I can. For that she will always be my favorite running partner.

  276. My favorite running buddy is definitely myself. My favorite walking/jogging buddy is my precious toddler baby girl. She would spend every waking second outside if she could.

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