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Angie and hubby running her first half on their 17th wedding anniversary (!)

Recently, with the broadcast of our second podcast, I have had online radio on the brain. So I was stoked to find Angie Mozilo, a 42-year-old, Phoenix-based mom of three young women, on Twitter. Angie’s radio show, dubbed Mom of Many Hats, debuts this Friday at 5 p.m. EST. Tip your hat to her, and tune in.

Best recent run: My best recent run was an early morning long run in March when I was mulling over my senior thesis topic. It was still dark, so I wasn’t distracted by the scenery. Suddenly I had an “a-ha!” moment, and my entire thesis unfolded in the next 90 minutes. That idea turned into an 80-page scholarly article on the formation of identity in our increasingly technological age.

Fortitude in “Fortyness”: Fortyness, to me, is a stage in life. It’s not really about the years in your forties, but the

Angie graduating with a B.S. in Speech Communication the same day her daughter earns a B.S. in Biology

realizations, reflections, and acceptance (or non-acceptance) of things that have been the norm in the years prior. It is a freeing time, a time to really understand yourself, and a time to embrace the things that make us who we are, as well as being thankful for external things, such as our families and life experiences.

Never too late: When my oldest daughter was in 10th grade, I decided I needed to get some college under my belt before she started. I thought it was a good example for my girls to see me in school. It took me 6 ½ years and it wasn’t easy, but I graduated with a B.S. in Speech Communication on the same day that my oldest daughter graduated with her B.S. in Biology.

Journey to Being a Runner: It started with needing to get in a quick workout on vacation. I decided I’d try a slow jog on a treadmill. I was able to go 30 minutes and incorporated it into my workouts. I considered myself a true runner about a year later when my husband and I trained together and ran a half-marathon on our 17th anniversary. I’ve been running ever since.

The C-word: My sister was diagnosed with IBC (inflammatory breast cancer) in February of 2008. This particular cancer is very aggressive and is usually found in stage IV. It is a type of breast cancer that doesn’t manifest in a lump. On the homepage of my blog, I have a checklist of symptoms (the SISTER check) that covers the ways IBC may

Chef Angie with her many hats

manifest. My sister is still fighting, but we are hopeful.

Half-full: I like the half marathon and I’ve run three of them, my absolute favorite race to run is a 10 miler on Thanksgiving Day. I like that distance and the people running the race are so happy to be there. The race benefits local food banks. An added bonus is I get to eat whatever I want for dinner without feeling guilty!

Favorite running hat: My favorite running hat is a white ball cap that says “IBC: The Other Breast Cancer.” I want women to know about this type of breast cancer; I hope wearing that hat sparks them to learn about it. Plus, it’s a darn comfortable hat!

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3 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. Prayers for your sister and all her care givers. Breast cancer is one of the reasons I began my running journey. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me! It really is such an honor!

    Thank you also for this site. It is a great inspirational tool and support community for woment runners and moms. We work hard, and it is a wonderful place to find those that share in all that we do as moms and women – let alone runners!

    Thanks again!

    AZ Mom of Many H ats

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