Hump Day Giveaway: Making Tracks

I need a more aggressive alarm clock.

I don’t know how the dark mornings have affected you, but I’m 0 for 4 in the past four days in re: getting up on time.

Saturday: was going to run at 6 a.m. Did not run at all.

Sunday: was going to go at 6:15ish. Got out 7:30ish.

Monday: was going to get up at 5:30 for an hour bike/strength workout. Did 45 minutes at 7:45 instead.

Tuesday: willfully slept in because I was going to swim. Instead of the glorious outdoor pool I can lap in the summer, I’m now confined to the puddle at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s a three-lane pool that should really be a two-lane pool, and the last time I went, there were six people, including me, in the shoebox. Claustrophobia. I was going to go at midday today, but no go: The day just got away from me.

With dark means winter—minus a temporary vacation when we fall back from daylight savings—which can kind of bum a runner out. Unless, of course, she lives south of the Mason Dixon line or has new toys to play with.

Toys? Did you say toys? Don't worry: not Legos or Barbie. I'm talking another mother runner toys like YakTrax.

Implus, the company whose umbrella includes Sof Sole and YakTrak, is generously hosting us at their booth at the Denver and Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons and letting us take the stage for a 30-minute presentation on running like a mother. If you're headed to the Mile High City, we'll be speaking at noon on Saturday, October 8, and will be in their booth (#415) from 9-4. And if you're headed to either race--or, more importantly, want to be in on news from Sof Sole scene--like their Facebook page. Around race time, they're going to have some special deals for running mothers who are going to rock 'n' roll.

Today, though they want to keep you feet happy and your body upright, so they’re offering a combo set of  YakTrak pros and Sof Sole Fit insoles to two random winners.

Make trax like a yax. Or run like a mother.

The Traks are, quite simply, the most efficient way to eliminate the it’s-too-snowy-or-icy excuse from your repertoire. The low-profile coils turn any pair of running kicks into veritable SUVs.

Whether you've got low, neutral or high arches, these insoles Fit.

Fit insoles, the newest thing in the Sof Sole product line, offer support customized to your arch. My high arch loves the EVA-foam that hugs my foot as tightly as I do my kids when they're not totally annoying me.

Do your feet need some support on the road and on the (upcoming) snow? In order to enter to win the combination, you just need to answer this question in the comments below: Where are you planning to make tracks this winter? Heading to a race? Or shifting into maintenance mode? Or hibernating on a treadmill?


262 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Making Tracks

  1. Last Christmas Santa brought me a Garmin. I was soooo excited to try it out! So despite the snowy/icy/not-suitable-for-running road conditions, I strapped on my new toy and set out for run. About 5 minutes in I slipped (imagine that!) After about 3 or 4 not so graceful somersaults, I found myself in the ditch, totally covered in snow, toque a few feet away, ice scrapes to various body parts…but the Garmin…not a scratch on it! Needless to say, with winter approaching, and the doom of winter “dreadmill” running, I could really use a pair of YakTraks so I can once again brave the winter roads!!

  2. I’m doing a beat the New Year race. Starts at 11:30 we are suppose to finish before 12:00. Here in UT it’s usually cold and snowy on New Years Eve. I could totally use these things!

  3. We get some cooler weather up here in Victoria British Columbia, but not as cold as some Canadian cities…Still not unheard of to have several frosty / icy / snowy days (sub-zero) days / weeks over our winter. I have dialed up the running (first half is on Oct 9th) and plan to continue running over the winter for sure….I normally cycle to work, but won’t bike when there is snow. Tried running in to work one snow day last year, but was painfully slow due to conditions (I think it was close to 90 minutes to cover 8km….Would love a set of Yak Trax!

  4. I had to take the fall racing season off d/t injury…so I am so excited to be running again!! I am taking it slow (well slow for me at least) and eyeing spring races (definitely a half maybe a 10k or two). Would live the insoles to help my glad to be recovering feet and the yax would be awesome!!!

  5. I’ll be outside in the Canadian snow and ice! There aren’t many races here over the winter, but it’s a good time to build a base for spring races. I’m also hoping that I’ll be running for 2 at some point in the next few months, so having yak traks will help to protect us both from a fall!

  6. After a running injury 8 years ago, being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 5 years (my rheumatologist said I’d never run again), and having a baby 7 months ago, I decided o take up running again. I’m doing a 5K only in December and hopefully a 10K in the spring. We get a lot of sn

  7. YakTraks!!! I sooo need a pair. I am currently 31 weeks prego and had to stop running at about 12 weeks due to SEVERE lower back and sciatic pain in my left leg….I missed the whole running season here in Juneau AK. So I am ready and excited to start back this winter. You can imagine that the Yak Traks are very necessary here. There are some fun races over the winter, but for me it would give me my freedom back! See you soon on the road fellow RLAMS!

  8. I’ll be attempting to maintain my base on a treadmill since I dread running outside–and since this is my first winter in Colorado–pretty sure the only outdoor running I’ll be doing is from my apartment to the apartment’s gym.

  9. I usually run indoors in the winter because I live in Iowa, but this year I want to try and run outside as long as I can and I never thought of getting something like the Traks!

  10. I am just back to running after my Achilles tendon tear! Hooray! Right now, I am only running on treadmill, but will soon get the go ahead to go outside and run!!!! Just as the leaves are beginnning to turn and the temps cooling off, my favorite time of year for running! I have missed it sooo much after a FIVE MONTH layoff. The YakTrak and Fit Insoles would be awesome to protect me from further injury during those slippery winter runs.

  11. Oh dear. Heaven help me run outside and find some love for winter. And yes, I am praying. I will be on a treadmill many most days and maybe everyday, but I need to find the beauty in winter. Definitely, some safety issues ahead of me with unplowed roads. Hope to run another half at Ft Desoto, FL just to stay sane and have a goal to keep me going.

  12. I’m going to run outside as long as I can, unless we have as much snow as we did last year in CT. The roads were plowed, but the snow was piled on the sides 12 feet tall (you’d think we were in CO!). It made it unsafe to run – bad sightlines for cars. But, anything off the dreadmill will make me happy.

  13. I’m so excited for the next several months! I have the 13.1 Ft. Lauderdale in November and the ING Miami marathon in January. Finally, it’s race season for me (o:

  14. As a beginner this year, I’m planning on hitting the treadmill to help increase my stamina and maintain. Weather here in Alaska is just to severe for me once winter really hits, especially once the temperature drops into the negative digits. But I’m excited to try.

  15. I usually run primarily on my treadmill but this year my youngest son is in preschool so I have the opportunity to run outside more. I’m excited but also anxious about braving the weather.

  16. As soon as I get past this PF–I am so excited to be training for the St. Jude’s 1/2 marathon in Memphis this December. Have heard such wonderful things about this very inspiring event–know I will probably be reduced to a puddle of tears as we run through the St. Jude’s campus, but am so excited about participating in a race that makes a difference in these kids’ lives!

  17. i hope to be able to run this winter, i’ve been diagnosed with hamstring tendonitis…..can’t run right now and it’s kind of got me down. i love running in the fall.

  18. After I complete the Steamtown marathon in 2 weeks, I am looking forward to a brief period of shorter runs and perhaps a few sunday mornings where i can sleep in, but not many before I start to preapre for my spring marathon and then 1/2 ironman (my first) in June! I will be running thru the VA winters in the snow, wind and ice (hopefully not too much of it!) I HATE the treadmill!

  19. I will be trudging through ice and snow here in New Hampshire to train for the Boston Marathon. I also plan to try out snowshoe racing for the first time.

  20. I am not looking forward to running in a Chicago winter-lots of wind and ice! I usually dial it back and run on the treadmill if there is too much ice and snow-although I love running in fresh snow-so quiet and peaceful!

  21. Doing a Diva Dash in November which had snow last year (eeek!), but other than that, just maintenance over the winter and more cross training at the gym.

  22. I plan to run outside. SE Alaska is fairly rainy in the winter but also has periods of snow and ice ….making these YakTrax look very appealing

  23. I plan to take a two month hiatus beginning this week to give birth to my second child and recover post-partum. After Thanksgiving I plan to jump back in and begin training for my first 26.2 – I’m jazzed that it will be the Big Sur Intl Marathon!!!

  24. I feel like I already have SAD! But today I pushed my almost 3 year old in the Chariot on a paved path. I foresee more of that along with yak-tracking up Vail mountain and slip-sliding on soon-to-be-icy singletrack. I try to stay off pavement all summer so in the winter I have ‘new’ paths to run on, and don’t dread it too much. I add in a day (or night) at the gym as well. Oh winter. I love the snow and cold but am not ready yet!!!

  25. I’ll be recovering from a stress fracture, and training for my first full marathon, on the snowy, slippery roads around Callander, Ontario, Canada!

    (look it up on google maps, we’re talking dirt roads near my house, and two lane paved in town!)

    I’ll need to plow the driveway, and the road, before the bus comes to get the kids, and I can go for my run!

  26. After a November Turkey Trot or 2, a December Santa Hustle or Jingle Bell 5K it will be time to hunker down for the cold dark Chicago winter. Will be running on my ‘mill and walking the stairs in my office building to prep for the Feb Hustle Up the Hancock, 95 floor stair climb. No outdoor races until Mar/April Chicago Shamrock shuffle.

  27. In my first race since high school on the long weekend (Canadian thanksgiving coming up), a modest 8k in Victoria in conjunction with the GoodLife Victoria Marathon and other distances. However due to a severely strained achilles tendon and other similar setbacks, my training has been in fits and starts, and I have resigned myself to a mixture of walking and running for this event. Was disappointed at first, but a friend reminded me that if my worst-case scenario was a pleasant walk around Victoria’s Inner Harbour, then life was still pretty good. 🙂 Nevertheless I am determined to keep at it over the winter, because there is a trail running race series (Gutbusters – let’s hope it’s aptly named!) here on Vancouver Island that has me intrigued and I’d like to increase my fitness level enough to enter one (or more!) of them next summer. We don’t usually get a ton of snow in our area, but being on the Coast, when we do, it’s the really heavy, wet, slushy kind, and when we don’t, we often have black ice or heavy frost from all the humidity and hovering-above-zero temps, so extra traction certainly comes in handy!

  28. Living in the Golden Snowball capital that is Syracuse (more snow than any other area in the lower 48) I’m hoping to continue running outside for longer this year. In years past I would retreat to the treadmill but after getting some good reflective and lighting gear I conquered my issues of running in the dark. Running through our notorious snowy winter is next. Which means I could continue to run through the streets of Syracuse and maybe do some trail runs in the nearby parks as well.

  29. Been trying to get out while the weather is still above zero in MN, but soon will be confined to the treadmill 🙁 .. At least I’ll be free from Mosquitos!!

  30. Thinking of registering for my a 5k that is at the end of October. I am 6 months into becoming a runner and have not done a race yet. Could really use those trax to keep up the outside running this winter in MN. The soles sound like a good way to keep the old PF injury from recurring.

  31. In taper mode for the Portland Marathon on Oct. 9th (my #10th marathon! woohoo!) . . then planning on kicking butt at the Girlfriends Half marathon on Oct. 16th, hopefully placing in my new 40-44 age group. 🙂 This winter, hoping to kick butt once again in the Holiday Half in Portland, OR and then the Vancouver Lake Half marathon in Vancouver, Wa. Ran the Vancouver Lake half a few years ago in the snow, was very beautiful!

  32. Oh, I meant to add — I’m thinking of working my distance up toward a half marathon over the winter. So no maintenance mode for me, joints permitting!

  33. I also live on the Front Range, so Yak Traks are high on my list. And/or perhaps the budget will get enough better to make a treadmill a possibility — that would help with my kid-related excuses, and the Yak Traks would help with the weather-related ones! Or if neither, then the treadmills at the rec center will have to be my friends on snowy days.

  34. Hibernating on an elliptical and nursing my sore baby plantar fasciitis. 🙁 Maybe those insoles would help – hint, hint. 🙂

  35. My running buddy convinced me to train for Dallas White Rock marathon in December. My 3rd marathon, but it has been 10 years!! I’m nervous, but excited because I feel much stronger 10 years later mentally after 2 kids and tons of half marathons under my feet. Just did my 1st sprint tri too so hope to continue at least 1 bike workout and 1 swim through the winter and then plan for a half marathon early March for a goal to stay active all winter. I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Yak Trax. My sister found one on a run last year and she was too cheap to buy her own pair so she used the 1 and switched feet mid run. Too funny, but she said it worked great during winter weather.

  36. I’m hoping to run all winter outside, although the snow and ice of the last few years has kept me inside… most winters I hibernate. Hoping not to do that this year… nor for the pounds I put on then, either!

  37. Just finished up my first training session. I did the Women’s walk/run 5k training in Memphis.
    Now I am training for a half but, I don’t have a half that I am going to run yet. I did sign up for the Race to the Cure 5k and the Turkey Trot 4 miler.
    I think I am hooked. I would of never thought of would be a runner but, here I am!!!

  38. This winter I am training for my first marathon! I will be running the Virgina Beach Shamrock Marathon March 18th, 2012. That is my motivation to get out and RUN this winter!

  39. I plan to run in my first marathon relay (having survived my first marathon this summer – a trail run!) and a slew of 5 and 10K’s with a holiday theme. I love the outfits, antlers, bells and adorable shirts that go along with the cold season. 🙂

  40. I’ll be running through my first winter in Florida. I previously lived in Northern California. I’m looking forward to a warmer winter than I have ever had before. And to running the Double Bridge 15k, my longest race so far, in February.

  41. I’m planning on participating in my local running club’s Winter Series from December-March. I want to keep up with my running for some spring half marathons.

  42. I am an active duty Marine (17 years), Breast Cancer patient who was diagnosed in February, I finished Chemo in June and had a bilateral mastectomy in August. I start radiation in October. I just completed the Crossroads 17.75K in Quantico VA on September 17. I plan on running a race, at least a half marathon every month as long as I am able. 🙂 I am running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31. I figure I would enter the contest because I have no hair, no boobs and no toenails, the least I could do is have a nice pair of shoes on my feet (which I still have no feeling in from the Chemo). My goal now is to run as often as I can and I don’t want the weather or anything else to stop me. If cancer hasn’t stopped me then I won’t let the snow either.

  43. Bring it! This 41 yr old working mom of 2 girls, just started running in the hottest part of July in west central Illinos. Never ran before in my life (assumed I would hate it). I’m still a newbie, and have only run a couple of 5k’s.

    If I can handle that heat without cardiac arrest I’m sure as heck not giving up for a little snow & ice, baby! I’m going to get stronger & faster & train for a Half next spring. (Outdoor as much as possible)

    Those YAK-TRAX would be the perfect Christmas Decoration for the bottom of my NB1080’s! pick me! pick me! : )

  44. My October is filled with an 18 Miler in Long Beach Island, NJ, the following weekend the Atlantic City Half Marathon, a 5 Miler October 30th in preparation for the NYC Marathon November 6th!!! The last time I did a marathon was 4 years ago!!

  45. My training partner Jes and I are running the Steamtown Marathon next week and the Goofy Challenge in January. We live 1500 miles apart, but have been training together virtually since 2006. We get together for at least one race a year!

  46. After my Fall half I am going to chill out with the distance for a short while. An 8k on Thanksgiving and then try to keep the distance up so that training for my Spring half isn’t such a shock to the system.

  47. I’ll be making tracks outside with my yaktraks, of course 🙂 My roads are snowpacked for at least 4 months during the winter, so yaktraks have been my salvation. But these look much fancier then mine. I would love to give them a try!

  48. I am training for a marathon and battling some huge shin splint issues. The doctor says it’s not a stress fracture and I just have to trust he knows what he’s talking about. He is, afterall, a doctor. So I’d love the inserts…I need some relief! My marathon is January 18th and I still have a couple of races, including a half marathon, in between now and then. I’m nervous because of this injury.

  49. I plan on doing my winter running all over the Lehigh Valley….outdoors in the Valley! I love winter/cold running!! So excited for the upcoming weather!!!

  50. I will keep running through this winter. I usually stop running outdoors in the winter, but this year I’m going to make myself continue to train. I’ve signed up for a half marathon in cape cod this winter and if I don’t continue to run through the winter, it will be a brutal experience. 🙂

  51. Living in Maine during the winter means running on a treadmill (I feel like a hamster already) or welcoming the snow and ice as I head out doors. I will take the outdoors please!!!!!

  52. Started running in March ’10 for the first time EVER and completed a 5k full of hills with a double jogger 10 weeks later and 17 lbs lighter. Took an 8 month hiatus to resume this past March and haven’t stopped. Just signed up YESTERDAY for my first half marathon and as a result, will be learning how to navigate the icy/snow terrain of the northeast to train. This Mama could definitely use some help with her footwork!

  53. I am Canadian. Hear me roar!! I live in North Carolina and and when the cold weather comes I am HAPPY!! I will be outside putting on the miles once this ankle heals up.

  54. I have never actually run outside in the winter but I would really like to. I have a treadmill but get so bored on it. I didn’t run last winter but my excuse was I was pregnant and who has ever seen a whale in the snow???

  55. I am in the taper zone for the Chicago marathon that is coming up on October 9. After that is over I hope to continue my training to do a 1/2 marathon Turkey trot again this year on Thanksgiving weekend in the suburbs. Living in the Chicago area, I have gotten used to the crazy weather, but this is going to be the first year I am determined to get off my treadmill in the winter and bear the weather running.

  56. I will be training through the Kansas City winter months for the A1A Ft Lauderdale Marathon. My husband and I will be running it and then “racing” to the cruise ship for a week around the Eastern Caribbean. We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary! I could definitely use the Yaktrax if this winter is anything like last year. 🙂

  57. With some yak traks, there would be no excuses and I’d have to train for my first marathon . I’d like to do a early spring, which would kind of require no slacking this winter. Its kind of a pre-40th birthday bucket list sort of thing. In Boston its a LONG COLD ice winter and I an excuse to not have an excuse. (:

  58. After my 2nd 5k this Saturday, my plan is to work up to a 10k using the Hal Higdon 10K Training for Novices. While the weather is decent, and I’m from Michigan so cold weather means below freezing, I plan to do at least one day outdoors. During the week when my 4 year old son is with me, we go to the gym (daycare) and I use the track. Once the weather gets snowy and wet, I will probably hibernate. But if I win these Yak Traks, it might give me a push to try out running in the yuck.

  59. Once the snow and ice hit here in Northern Minnesota, I’ll have to run on the treadmill. I’d love to win a pair and keep running outside. I do a lot of snowshoeing during the winter to stay off the treadmill.

  60. I will be happy to make any tracks – plantar fasciitis has been keeping me at home for way too long. If I get these products, you can bet that I will wear them out!

  61. Training for my first triathlon next summer so heading indoors mostly for biking and swimming and treadmill. Hope to get outside for running at least once week but it can be tough in snowy,icy Beantown!

  62. My big plan is for my first marathon on 10/2…almost there! After that I am looking forward to an off-season of base building – long and slow runs, keeping the heart rate below AT. Last year, I didn’t have any running buddies, but this year – thanks to the Colorado Columbines – I have a bunch! I hope to run outside on the trails with them as much as possible (with very little treadmill running!).

  63. Those Traks look like just what I need! I am going to keep running outdoors this winter, I haven’t decided which races to do yet. I didn’t enjoy last year’s resolution run very much.

  64. Well – I’m running the Run for Chocolate 15k (Chicago) with my friend so I am currently training for that. You can’t beat eating lots of chocolate fondue and hot chocolate after a race in November!!

  65. I live in Minnesota, so I’m hoping to run outside until at least the end of October. I’m running my first 1/2 marathon 10/31! Then its in to the dreadmill, unless of course I win the awesome Tracks, in which case I can run outside all winter.

  66. Speed! I am doing the Richmond Marathon in November to check out the course to see if it is one where I can possibly make a Boston qualifying run. I turn 45 next October and hope this next year of running can speed me up so there will be lots of early morning track workouts in my next months post Richmond.

  67. Although I may use the treadmill for shorter runs, the long ones with running buddies are always outside–all winter long. With the 80+ inches of snow that we get in West MI, the YakTrax would definately be used!

  68. Definitely heading into maintenance mode! I am running a marathon this weekend and I have already registered for a half in the spring. I am planning on running 8-10 miles every weekend and we do get a good amount of snow here in Pittsburgh!

  69. ok, I dont know where Ive been! I followed on facebook since June when a friend suggested your running tips and never considered there was a blog! Im a new reader!
    check mine out if you get a chance, Im running my first half in 11 days and I’m a tall girl too! 6’1 and proud.

  70. Doing my first 10k in mid november and then starting “run camp” to train for the borgess half marathon in kzoo mi!

  71. Currently trying to get my rear in gear at 5:25 in the morning 4 days a week to run/bike/strength train. So hard, though, because I am so stinking tired all the time!
    I love to run outside, and running on a treadmill is such a whip to me! I haven’t tried running in the snow/ice, but these would definitely make me brave enough to try! I live in Utah, so we have snow half the year!

    1. Forgot to say why! I am training for my first Ragnar Relay next June! My husband is currently training to run it with me! As well as my best friend!

  72. I’m making tracks from Cambridge to Orlando! A few coworkers and I just signed up for a 5K at work to support ALS research, and we may do it in Star Wars costumes (I’m going as Princess Leia complete with the cinnamon roll hair buns!). But, my big race is the Disney Princess Half in Feb! Which is going to entail a LOT of miles on dark snowy Boston mornings.

  73. I’m going to be running in my first Maine winter 🙂 I’m a new runner, with two races under my belt, one 5 miler and one 5k. I have also lost 59 lbs since January (with 18 more to go.) I started in January by being able to run 2 minutes on the treadmill without collapsing, and today I ran 7 miles around my town. I plan on continuing to increase my distance this winter so I can run a half-marathon next spring.

  74. Winters in Chicago—perfect for running? They are if you are like me and don’t like to sweat. I will be doing a 15K in early Nov. and maybe a 1/2 in Walt Disney World in January. With or without races, though, I’m determined to get out of the gym as much as possible. The Yak Trax have been on my gift list for years…..and will be again. Unless???

  75. After having a 5k race every month from spring until fall, I now have two months of nothing until In dec I have a jingle bell run!! So Ill be indoors getting my self ready to hopefully beat my PR! Living in michigan we get all kinds of weather, and having high arches I would greatly benefit from it!!

    My goal is to do more than just 5k’s!

  76. Traveling to sunny St. George, UT for a half marathon in Nov. Hoping, the Turkey Trot won’t get canceled like it did last year here in Pocatello, Idaho. I was all set to run in the sub zero weather. Will also run a Santa Fun Run in December.

  77. I’m planning to run into my first winter. In my past running history I never made it into winter to run because instead I got pregnant with twins. It seemed like a legitimate excuse at the time. Then I missed the next winter because I couldn’t bring myself to run due to the sleep deprivation I experienced as a mother of infant twins. Now I have no excuse, so snowy Michigan winters, here I come!

  78. My first half marathon this weekend then the wounded warrior 10K on the weekend before Veteran’s day.After that it will be maintenance mode for the winter.

  79. Oregon to Connecticut!

    My friend Kristy and I tried to get into New York, but got denied for the first time, so we picked Hartford which is in 2.5 weeks. Looking forward to the beautiful fall weather and the chance to take my kids somewhere completely different. Hubby is looking forward to the ESPN campus. Am hoping to get State #6 crossed off my list, if I can survive the 6 hour cut off.

    Fingers crossed.

  80. I’ve been thinking a lot about winter running since last winter was an epic fail & I basically just put it on hold till spring. Trying to avoid that, I’m planning to run a 15k in DC the first weekend in December. I also signed up for a half in March which should help to keep me motivated. My current plan is to try to run outside as much as possible. I guess i’ll just bundle up.

  81. My first half is in 1.5 weeks. After that, I’ve got two more races (10K and 15K) to bring me through November. I’m running my second Ragnar Relay in the Spring, so I plan to run straight through Winter to keep myself in shape for it!

  82. My plans are going to be, training for my very first marathon!!! My best buddy is going to be running it with me!!! Happy Running!

  83. After a humbling attempt at my first half marathon (can you say 90 degrees with 90% humidity and the race course closed 20 minutes after I finished?) I am attempting my second with two girlfriends! We are going to rock the PF Chang Rock and Roll 1/2 in Phoenix. This run will be for fun and for our 40th bdays that we are having next year! I am also doing the Chicago 15K Run for Chocolate!! Will be doing a ton of running outside, and since I live in Michigan these could be a huge benefit for me 🙂

  84. No dreadmills for me! I’m signed up for a half-marathon on Chicago’s beautiful lakefront path on January 28th, so I could really use those YakTrax to keep me on my feet when the sidewalks aren’t shoveled and my little local path is nothing but a goat trail!

  85. I probably won’t do another race until spring, so I’m just starting to formulate my new plan. I don’t mind the treadmill, so I think I’ll see quite a bit of it this winter. I’d still love to run outside though, so a pair of Yaktraks would be awesome to get me out the door and onto the ice!

  86. I have a few races in the start of the year. A half marathon in April, a small run in February and another one before May. I am going to run on all my usual country routes and enjoy the familiarity that comes with running my routes.

  87. Will be hibernating on a treadmill I guess, can’t stand the cold and it rains so much here in winter that it makes it even worse.

  88. My hubby has started running so we plan on doing several races (all support local charities), one of which runs through christmas lights and ends up inside Bristol Motor Speedway in TN!!!!

  89. I live up by Buffalo and we pretty much have 2 seasons, summer and winter. I would LOVE to be able to wear these and run outside more during the winter. Training for a spring half is not fun indoors on the mill!

  90. I live at 7200 feet above sea level in the rocky mountains and I run outside all winter! The only times I stay in are when its a whiteout blizzard or when its colder than -10. I have to feel like I’m going somewhere, so treadmills don’t cut it!

  91. I will be starting my half-marathon training group in November and will be running the streets of my little town this winter! I’m hoping to convert some folks who don’t like running in the cold with my enthusiasim! I LOVE running in the cold weather!!!!

  92. I’ll be running a lot since I’m (foolishly?) going to tackle a 50k at the start of the year and a marathon in the spring. We don’t get a ton of snow on the west coast, but there’s always the threat of icy sidewalks so it’d be nice to not worry too much about falling.

  93. I just moved to Rochester, NY which averages 95 inches of snow each winter. Snowshoeing is HUGE up here and there are snowshoe races all winter long. I CAN’T wait to try it! I heard that after a winter of snowshoeing, you feel like you are FLYING when you get to run on dry land in the spring.

  94. Winter has to be better than this fall… I can’t even say I’ve been slacking, I’ve ran so little I can hardly claim to be a runner anymore. I’ll try entering a November race with the goal of running faster than I did last year at 12 weeks postpartum (and sadly, this is a very lofty goal!)

  95. I’ve never run in the snow. But I plan on trying it! I am hopeful we can run outside this winter still. But I am also looking into gym memberships for when the wind chill goes negative and it’s just too cold.

  96. Well, the best place to run in winter is…..Hawaii! I’m going the Honolulu Marathon! Winter will not stand in my way one bit!

  97. I live in Nebraska…you know, that middle part of the United States where cold and snow are a constant in the winter. I’m also training for my first marathon, the Rock-n-Roll in Vegas. I’m sure YakTrax would sure come in handy for those long runs in November.

  98. I am in the same boat you are Dimity! This time of the year is so hard for me – it’s so dark in the am. This morning it was warm and drizzly, but I got up. Then it started lightning! Yikes! I was home in less than 20 minutes – and the day just got away from me. Boo hoo!

    I will be running this winter and would love a pair of Yakkers (oops!). I live on top of a hill that gets very icy in winter. Still trying to find a race.

  99. I do lots of dark, early morning maintenance runs in the winter, and I have miraculously managed to fall only a couple of times (but those were doosies!!). My current plan is to catch up on strength training this winter, but perhaps with some trax, I can also aim for a fall-free running schedule.

  100. I live in SC, so cold winters but not brutal. My girls and I can usually run outside on most days, however I do spend lots of time on the deadmill! I am currently training for an October half and I am thinking (stressing about) registering for a February full. It would be #2 for me. If I decide to bite the bullet and do it, I’ll be spending lots of time outside in the frigid weather!

  101. This will be my first winter since starting to run again and I’ve been concerned about slippery roads all summer knowing it’s coming. I have a huge fear of slipping & falling, but I also absolutely despise the treadmill, so I’m planning to make every effort to get out there and keep going through our Montana cold, with hopes of signing on for a few races as soon as they start popping up again around here next spring. Would love to win… thanks for the chance! 🙂

  102. I am headed for some much needed maintenance. I have done a lot of high adrenaline racing recently (mudrun in which my team placed 1st in the women’s Open division!!! Ragnar relay). I am starting a Grand Prix Series of a 5K, 10K and 15K- the 15K is 6 days after I do my 2nd marathon- and then I am finishing it all up with a turkey trot on November 19. So I will be out in the snow and ice, doing my weekly mountain run and all of my other normal running, but no racing at least until February.

  103. This winter is going to be great, my only option is to run outdoors so a pair of Yaks would be awesome since it tends to get pretty icy here in the late winter months….Also staying true to my pledge and am bringing my niece along w/ me for a 10k race on Dec. 17th for the Tri Cities Cable Bridge Run!! Cant wait.

  104. I’ve got some runs/racing plans for this winter, including CIM marathon,Redding marathon, and resuming my Ultra Trail training Dec. 10th, to prepare for the AR-50 miler on April 7th!!

  105. This winter I will be enjoying the cool weather (after way too many horrid 95+ degree summer runs) and maintaining. Maybe a turkey trot and a winter half marathon wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  106. I’m going to be training for my second half this winter (the race isn’t until May but that’s probably how long winter will last in these parts) and hope to do some outdoor running on the icy streets. I also walk everywhere so the YakTracks are perfect for every day activities too!

  107. I’ll be making tracks on the Prairie Path here in Chicagoland, training for a Hot Chocolate run in November and then a half marathon in December. It’ll be my first winter running, so I’d LOVE to have the YakTraks!!!

  108. I will be in maintenance mode over the winter…no races for me (or at least none I’ve signed up for yet) until spring. I’m in Minnesota, so snow runs are inevitable and actually, my favorite time of year to run outside. There’s something about forging through that white stuff that everyone else curses that makes me feel pretty badass.

  109. I will be in maintenance mode, but totally running outside. Granted, it only gets down to about the 40s or so here, but I love running our local greenway trails, sweating my face off in short sleeves and gloves, while I pass people out for a walk with scarves wrapped around their heads and heavy parkas!
    Not sure I’d run in the yak tracks, but even in bad weather, I do try to get out for a walk, and these would totally help!

  110. I’ll be shifting into maintenance running after I finish my first 10k in November. I still plan to run outside though as I don’t have a treadmill. The YakTrax would definitely come in handy in snowy Syracuse, NY where I live! This will be my first winter running so I’m anxious to see how motivated I’ll be to get out there in those freezing temps!

  111. Planning to run the Hershey Half Marathon in a few weeks (that’s right, think Chocolate!), and then run outside for as long as I can this winter on the beautiful Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails – soft on my hurting feet (PF big time!). We just lost our treadmill due to 3 feet of flooding in our basement during the last tropical storm – which caught us by surprise here in central PA. I’m sad about losing the treadmill, but see it as an incentive to get the fresh air I so desperately need, even in the ice and snow. Bring it on 🙂

  112. I was training for my first half the end of October but, unfortunately due to an injury, I have to put it off. I have my eye on the Shamrockin’ Half in March as my first now. Since the longer runs will be in January, February and March I could really use these!

  113. Got to love winter running-the only people at the park are the die hards. I just ordered my wind/rain shield for my BOB Ironman Double running stroller. The infant and toddler will be out making tracks with me when it is above freezing-honestly, I am always more concerned about them overheating in that thing. When conditions prevent me from getting out-meaning the ice on my downhill driveway won’t let the minivan out-I will be watching Mr. Darcy from my treadmill. Needing to update the gear though…

  114. I just moved from Brooklyn to Connecticut and I am training for the Disney Marathon in January next year. I will definitely be making my tracks in the unpopulated country side of CT in order to be ready for my first marathon. Last year, I discovered YaxTrax and wore them until they tore to pieces. I ran through the blizzards and ice storms in Brooklyn and they were lifesavers. Specially since my husband did not wanted me to go out and run in the fear I would kill myself with black ice in a run. When I got the YaxTrax, he had no argument to complain about me going out for a run…It changed my way of running because it does create a certain resistance but it was great that I felt safe all the way…. I hope I win some YaxTrax because I will definitely need them more than ever this year…

  115. Fall/winter are when I am gearing up for what was a half marathon last December and this year, I am doing the full. So, being in Memphis, it is still a little warm but I am loving running outside basically until November-it doesn’t really get cold cold until we are well into December. So I will be outside as much as possible-at the park, on the greenline, wherever I can get the training runs in!

  116. I have been confined to the treadmill but I am able to get outside more and run which is great! As long as it’s not a blizzard or raining/snow/yucky weather I will probably be outside if my hubby can watch the girls, if not I will be on the treadmill at the gym!

  117. After training on my treadmill all winter for a spring half, I would LOVE to have the right gear to brave the snowy New England winters. I’m running my first full marathon in 3 weeks and want to be able to maintain the fitness I’ve worked so hard for.

  118. I have always hibernated on the treadmill during the winter months, but hoping to do a fair share of running outside this winter! If we can make it through the heat of summer, snow will be no problem right?!? 🙂

  119. I’m really excited to be training for my third half this year, which is the RockNRoll in Miami Dec 11th. I, however, live in WI so training for it means I’ll be making plenty of tracks outside in the slush, snow, sleet, etc. My friends and I have run 3 RNR Halfs this year and NONE of them have been the same ones that SBS and Dimity have been at, we are bummed about that and hope to make some tracks with these ladies in the future.

  120. I’m hoping to be able to stick to the treadmill this winter (just learned I’m pregnant – woo! – but the doc is pulling my running for the most part – boo!) but will be back out there next winter! I’ve found some new paved park trails to run that I’m really excited about!!

  121. I’m thinking I’ll be on the treadmill quite a bit but hope to get outside whenever possible. I live in a small town that does not plow that roads (and only about half the sidewalks are scooped) so anything more than a couple inches of snow and I think I’ll be inside.

  122. I try to get out for a *real* run as much as possible in the winter and YakTrax have totally been part of making this Iowa runner a happy lady! I do treadmill on some days, like in a blizzard.

  123. I will be running around the neighbourhood here at home, and since I am up in the north, I could definitely use this giveaway to keep my feet happy during our long icy, snowy winter!

  124. I’ll be running the Seattle marathon right after Thanksgiving, but I’ll be training in Southeast Alaska. November – March the roads are either icy or snowy. I’d love to be able to run outside this winter!

  125. A local running company is supposed to be hosting a winter running series near where I live. The race for January is already scheduled (the Yeti Chase 10K) and there’s supposed to be a half-marathon in February. I’m planning on both of those and whatever third race they schedule. If it falls through, I’ll find some other winter races to do (maybe even a duathlon?). Last year I did a winter distance series and it was great for keeping me motivated through the cold, dark months.

  126. Ah, this winter. I should probably start thinking about that. Been focused on my first half, coming up in a couple weeks. Anyway, I will be in maintenance mode at first. Then I plan to do some serious speedwork to try to improve my 5K PR in the spring. I mostly run outside, weather permitting, as I love to run in anything from 20 degrees up. In Utah, the stuff on the ground doesn’t usually last long (really dry here), but I have been thinking about some Yak Trax for the days where it’s still there.

  127. I have my first half in two weeks, and then I don’t want to lose my momentum. But, up here in the frozen tundra we call home in Minnesota, running outside can be a challenge in the winter. So, I’ve been eyeing these up for some time. I plan to run the Team Ortho series in 2012, and the first event is on New Years Day. So, I’m going to need some Yaks. I hope I win! Otherwise, I think they’ll be on my Christmas wish list or maybe a just because mommy needs this buy sooner than that!

  128. Iowa is suppose to get even more snow and colder weather than last year (recently reported by iowa weather scientologist) and my goal after running Chicago in a week is to keep running. I always slack off after running the marathon so these would be great to keep me “instep” with my plan to continue running-not slacking- despite our upcoming winter.

  129. My first half is November 5th in Savannah. If that goes well, I’ll look for one after the first of the year – maybe the Princess half at Disney? I’m in the south, so running outdoors shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if we get any type of storm, it is ALWAYS ice, so the Yaks would be a nice addition to my gear stock. 🙂

  130. My plan for the winter is do maintenance running until I figure out what race I want to run in the spring. I hope to mostly run outside unless Mother Nature dumps large amounts of snow or ice in my area…then it will be the dreaded tredmill.

  131. This winter will be a long base-building phase for me. I’ve recently moved to Colorado and it’s taking a while to get accustomed to the elevation and lack of any flat areas at all. I’m trying to ignore the fact that everyone’s fun fall racing is going on all around me… but hoping to race back in the midwest next year with all my new blood cells and hill-trained legs.

  132. New runner, this will be my first winter. Live in remote New Mexico so will run our usual routes and any races we can find that are close. Great giveaway…I’m a clutz, anything that will keep me upright is exciting!

  133. I hate running indoors on a treadmill, so I always run outside unless the weather is truly horrible (and it has to be REALLY bad!) I’m planning to run the Holiday Half in Dec here in Portland, and then I’ll take a hiatus from racing because it will be ski season!!!! So I’ll be making lots of tracks on the ski slopes this winter (woo-hoo!)

  134. I live in SE New Mexico we have mild winters. I guess I’m lucky when it comes to running outside during the winter. It does get cold and it does snow on occasion but nothing too bad.
    I’ll be running the Vegas RnR half and can’t wait to see you girls.

  135. I ran outside all last winter, including right before and after Snowmageddon ’11 when we got 22″ of white stuff. It was incredible! I was confined to a hamster wheel (indoor track) for the early part of the year due to dark and the fact that I ran alone, and it (indoors) sucked the life out of me, but I kept on. This winter, I’ve joined a racing team who does group runs all.year.’round. I am so excited, I blogged it. I really can’t wait! I hope to do the 3rd Annual F^3 Lake Half Marathon and 5k (doing the 1/2) in January ’12 to kick off my 2012 racing season!

  136. I’ll be running outside with snow (we average 100 inches a year). Last winter was my first time running in the snow and I found that I LOVE it! My local Fleet Feet also does winter races that you can do in sneakers or snow shoes, so I might try one or two of those for the fun of it. Then in January I’m sure I’ll start training again in the bitter cold and snow for a spring half marathon.

  137. Winter here is *usually* mostly cold, which I can totally deal with, with occasional light snow that doesn’t last long. What I hate is ICE (…which is where those Yak Traks would come in very handy!) I usually just buck up and go and watch my step, but I’ve wiped out a few times in the past (ouch!!!)

    If worse comes to worse, I resort to Jillian Michaels, P90X or 10-Minute Trainer.

  138. I am dreaming of my winter runs! 26weeks pregnant with my 2nd right now, I cannot wait till this one is born and I am back on the road without a bouncing belly and every half mile bathroom breaks. A little New England ice and snow wont hold me back. Maybe a little over ambitious (I may be down playing that c-section recovery), but I will need some escape of my upcoming life of bliss with 2 under 2, right?

  139. Cold weather running is my FAVORITE!! I keep hearing rumors of a pretty nasty winter on the way for Chicago and I am hoping to done with this never-ending hip injury in time for winter training.

  140. I have two races in October! 🙂 SO yeah – I can see that. And the local race calendar is pretty full…I could race every weekend if I wanted too!

  141. This winter I have a few runs coming up. I will be doing the Seattle Half marathon at the end of November and then in December we’ll be dressing up crazy for the Jingle Bell Run. As for the rest of winter I’ll be maintaining and will probably just keep fit for some spring runs.

  142. I hope to get rid of a piano (that is just taking up space) so that I can put in a treadmill! That would make runs so much easier for me!

  143. I have come to realize I am a cold-weather runner. I had a lot of success training in the winter months last year, so I have high hopes for this year. There is a 1/2 in February I have my eye on…YakTrax would come in handy for the Canadian winter weather here.

  144. I’ll be training for the March Rock N Roll USA in DC. Therefore I’ll be making tracks on the road and trails around Northern Virginia.

  145. My treadmill is acting up. I am noot sure that I want to spend the money on a repair since it is 12 years old. A new treadmill is a lot of money. Therefore, I would love to stay on the roads this winter and try some Yaks. It would also be better training for my half marathon that I signed up for in the Spring. Training starts after the winter holidays!

  146. My favorite winterish run on the horizon is the town next to us’s Turkey Trot. Steps away from my cousin’s door, we have a great pot luck brunch after the race.
    After that I MIGHT start training for my second half marathon… or have another baby

  147. After finishing 3 1/2 marathons this fall, I will keep making trax to keep my fitness up for the Seaside 1/2 in March. Going with friends (kid free!!) & so looking forward to it!

  148. I’m planning to make tracks into motherhood! I’d like to continue running as much as possible and safe throughout pregnancy, so new pair of Yaks will help me stay safe in the winter.

  149. The past 2 years I had a 1/2 around Christmas. They changed the course to slope’y sidewalks and I hated it. This year I’ve got a 25K trail race in October. Then I’m going to train how I please to maintain fitness. If anyone lives in Missouri and needs a treadmill I’d love to ditch mine. No ‘mill for me, I’ve got to be outside.

  150. Hoping to stay outside as long as possible, but so not a fan of cold weather. I ran all last winter on the treadmill (as I just started by running adventure), but the thought of going back to that after spending the entire spring, summer and early fall out on the road and trails almost makes me want to irk. So I guess I need to invest in some cold weather gear or load up the DVR for my one on one time with the old treadmill.

  151. Love, love, love winter running and especially running in the snow. It’s quiet and peaceful and beautiful! Then again, I’m a born and raised hearty New Englander. I have a half in November, a turkey trot the day after Thanksgiving, and then who knows. Probably either a late winter half or one in early spring so I’ll be training through the snow, sleet, ice, etc.

  152. I usually hibernate during the coldest part of the winter, but this year my goal is to keep running outside unless it is physically impossible (like 12″ of snow). I think I will need to buy some YakTraks for safety, so I’d love it if you picked me! 🙂 New toys do make the run more fun.

  153. If I can get my IT band injury under control, I will mostly be running outside, even in the cold and snow, because I can’t stand the treadmill. I have been eyeing up Yaktraks, because I know a lot of runners around here (Saskatchewan) do use them, but haven’t committed yet.

  154. I live in Central New York, the snow capital of the United States, and I REFUSE to let winter get me down. I run at 5am four time a week, rain, snow, sleet or hail. I usually split my time between road and track running, but in the winter if (when!) the snow is deep I can’t get on the track, so I do almost all of my running on the road. Since it’s dark, as I run I turn on everyone’s automatic outdoor lights over their garages. Eliminates the need for a flashlight!

  155. I am planning on doing a 5k on Nov. 12th and then I will be working on increasing my distance around my town during the colder months.

  156. Due to scheduling I have to run at 5:30am – or save it for night and if I do that is usually does not happen – last winter I ran indoors at a local college arena – the floor is concrete and I think has been a big contributor to my PF problems! So… this winter I am hoping to SUCK IT UP and run outdoors!… I know it will be FREEZING (I’m in TN), but I loathe the treadmill and I do not want to fall off the running radar after doing my first half at the end of November. Heres to hoping!

  157. I go into hibernation mode. I plan to just maintain my fitness on my elliptical and do some Winsor Pilates. Although some new shoe gear may lure me outside…. 🙂

  158. My plan is to run until the risk of black ice pushes me into the gym. My hope is to avoid hibernation and adopt the notions that the kids’ trick or treating stash might as well be as crack. One taste and it’s all over.

  159. I’m training for a half in December. It will be my third and I am hoping to have nice weather. I will be running on the road or the local paved trail as much as possible. Last winter was doable and I am hoping for the same this winter!

  160. I am planning on running my usual route outside until the temps hit the single digits, then I will have no choice but to move indoors. Here’s hoping for a mild-ish winter……

  161. Our local running club hosts weekly races of increasing distances building up to a winter marathon. Living in the northeast these races can be snowy or icey. My goal this winter is to particpate in all of them and try to maintain the progress I have made this year while training for my marathon next week. I spent most of last winter on the treadmill and really want to force myself outside as much as possible this winter so Yaktrax will be a necessity!

  162. I’m going to start the Bridge to 10K training program around November which puts me completing it smack dab in the middle of winter. I haven’t come across a 10K race yet, but will keep looking. If not, me and my partners in crime doing it with me will just make up our own race together somewhere. I also have started running to work twice a week. I want to be able to do it through the winter if I can…I will try. I love that I get my run and my commute in at the same time.

  163. I’m doing my first 1/2 in December, then considering keeping the training going for a big birthday run in April. I’m thinking 33k for 33 years. Anyways, I hope I can run outside as much as possible, but living in northern Montana could make that difficult: snow, 50+ mph winds, sub-0 temps. Yaktrax are on my ‘to buy’ list, unless I win some!

  164. Totally agree about the difficulty of the dark morning hours! Although, I am loving the cooler temps that come along with them! There is something nice about doing my long weekend runs mostly in darkness…makes me feel even more sense of accomplishment that I have run before even the sun is up! I’ll be doing plenty of those dark, long runs in the coming months as I train for the Goofy half marathon AND full marathon in Disney in January. The YakTrax would certainly come in handy in the Indiana snow and ice, because 20 milers on the treadmill are NOT happening!

  165. I LOVE my yaktrax! I got a pair last winter because I’d rather bundle up and get out than be confined to the treadmill, I was kind of amazed at the amount of traction they provide! This winter I’m running the rock n roll half i’n Vegas (my first trip to Vegas, why not run?!) so I’ll definitely want to be outdoors. Can you say double digits treadmill torture?! Those insoles look awesome!

  166. I’m an avid outside winter runner. It’s actually my favorite time of year to run. I could certainly use those YakTrax! No big plans for the winter yet, just keeping up with my maitenance running and hopefully another half in March. But since I live in Utah, winter begins end of November through April, so YakTrax would definitely help with my half marathon training. Thanks for a great give away!

  167. I’ll be training for a half at the end of January, outside as much as possible. In Texas so the YakTrax won’t be necessary but insoles would be wonderful!

  168. I NEED the YakTrax! Husband, kiddos and I alternate Christmases – one in Florida with my parents, then next in Colorado with hubby’s parents. Florida – no problem with getting out to run. Colorado? Not so much. As much as I love snowshoeing, our last trip saw me practically vibrating from pent up I-need-to-go-out-and-run energy. A pair of YakTrax will help with that. Icy sidewalks? Pshaw.

    1. urrgh… hit enter too soon. The other thing that I plan on doing is getting my new GSP pup fully trained to run with me without wiping me out every time he smells a bird….he stops at every strong sniff of something.

  169. Living in Nebraska means early mornings where my nose hairs freeze! We get snow and ice which in the past has caused me to train solely on the treadmill. But the last few months I realize how much I love running outside! I want to take on the snow! Also I have high arches too so the extra comfort would be a welcomed treat.

  170. Running a half marathon in mid November, then just running for fun and sanity through the winter….. Love to be outside and yak trax would be a welcome addition in the snowy north east!

  171. Oh the dark in the morning…heinous! So, I will be making tracks all over this beautiful area I live in. I will hike and X-country ski The Finger Lakes Trail. I will run on the road when able, because I actually love winter jaunts! I know crazy right?! Well it all goes back to my first major race…The Philadelphia Marathon…the first year I did it (going back for number 3 this Nov) the temps never got above freezing. While the water stops proved a challenge, wish I had tracks on that instant ice rink, the race turned out to be awesome, and I have loved the cold every since!!

  172. I will be running to get back into shape after having this baby! (due Oct. 24) Can’t wait to start training again as SPD has made me have to stop completely. My feet and body are dying to run and can’t wait to do some cold weather running this season!

  173. Our winters can be anywhere from mild to severe. SO. On the milder days, I’ll still get to be outside. On the not-so-mild days, I’ll hit the gym for that lovely treadmill.

  174. I am doing the Vegas RR but nothing planned after that. Hope to catch some nice days in Chicago to get out for some runs – but I usually end up heading indoors for the winter!

  175. This will be my first time running through the winter. I’m hoping to stay outside as much as I can but I’m sure I’ll end up at the gym on the track or treadmill. I’d love to have a pair of YakTrax to help me stay outside even longer!

  176. Hoping to qualify for the Gansett Marathon (qualifiers-only marathon held two days before Boston) when I run Hartford in a few weeks, so if I succeed, I’ll be back in marathon training mode this winter, and since I cannot fathom anything longer than 8 miles on the treadmill, some Yak Trax would come in really handy!!!!

  177. Last winter was my first one where I ran consistently outside. I will do that again this year in the snow and sometimes in the ice. The YakTrax would definitely help. I prefer to brave the cold winter conditions versus using the treadmill all winter!

  178. I will be hibernating to a treadmill, as living in NH usually brings feet of snow and having asthma it is hard to breath in the cold air. But we do enjoy going for walks, which these will definately help!

  179. A Turkey Trot in November and a Reindeer Run in December (which, up here in Massachusetts, will likely both involve snow)! Last year I signed up for a June half to keep me motivate to run all winter. Am thinking about doing the same this winter!

  180. I’m hoping to go into maintenance mode after my marathon October 22, but ideally I would like to avoid the dreadmill as much as possible! This would be my first winter as a runner to try and run as much as possible outside. In MN, YakTrax would really help!

  181. I will probably be in maintenance mode, but am considering the NYC 1/2 marathon in March. If the winter is anything like it was last year here in the suburbs of NY I would really LOVE the YakTrax!

  182. After the Philly Nov marathon, I will absolutely go into maintenance mode! And I am SO looking forward to it!!! This high humidity in Philly is still too much.

  183. I’ve gotta say, I found the YakTrax unsuitable for running on mixed surfaces. They are fantastic on hard packed snow and soft ice, but on really hard ice (as we get here in the colder parts of Canada) and bare pavement, they just slip around. And since there is nowhere for me to run that has a fairly consistent surface, I ended up abandoning them because I felt more stable running in “bare” shoes.

  184. totally going into maintenance mode…I don’t run much in the winter, but maybe some yaktraks will fix that! I usually hang out on my elliptical and with Billy Blanks and his tae bo torture. Makes me appreciate running in the spring that much more!

  185. I’m planning on making tracks this winter on the sidewalk. We had quite a bit of snow last winter so these would be fabulous for winter running. I also have high arches that crave comfort!

  186. I’ll be coming back from a postpartum running break in a couple short weeks, so this fall and winter will be all about reacquainting myself with my favorite running routes and getting this body back in shape!

  187. Will do a 5k here and there, I think, but really… I am going to take a mental running break. Gaining strength from the skill I have in swimming and the new bike we have, I will relish in watching some Law and Order while I pedal and do strength work!

  188. We just recently moved to the Chicago area, and this will be my first winter running in…well…winter. I heard that a lot of the runners here move indoors while there is snow on the ground, which I am worried that will be 4 or 5 months. I am NOT a fan of treadmill running, so I am hoping to stay outside as long as I can. We’ll see how it goes.

  189. I’m dreading winter. My husband is convinced ‘it’s going to be a bad one’ so I’ll hitting the treadmill, bike trainer and weights. Not bad things but not the wonderful fresh air and freedom I crave

  190. I plan on keeping up the chugging around the neighborhood snow and cold be damned. I’m planning on a spring marathon so as long as we don’t get any crazy blizzards I’ll be out there.

  191. I run outside in all weather and here in Northeast Ohio that means ruuning in lots of snow! I run the snowy quiet back roads and it is so peaceful. Running outside is my favorite thing about winter!

  192. Last year a combination of treadmill running and outdoor cold weather run helped me stay on track better than in past winters. I had an early April 10 miler to train for through winter and that helped keep me motivated. This post reminds me that I need to look for a race that will keep me focused when the weather is cold and I’d rather stay inside. I think running in the cold is a good way to warm up and get that needed fresh air and sunshine!

  193. If this winter is anything like last winter I’ll be spending lots of time on my treadmill. So much snow last winter made beign outsdie too yucky/treacherous for me. I’m hoping to do more outside running on the weekend and plan to sign up for the gym @ work so I can run during lunch when it’s light out.

  194. I will run outside and around my ‘hood as I always do. My running partner and I just switch to ski clothes when it gets really cold, and we end up running in the snow to avoid the ice on the sidewalks.

  195. I plan on keeping the momentum going and running outside in the winter! We’ll see if it happens, being new to te running scene, don’t know if I will be able with lake affect snow! Sounds ike I’ll be needing those Traks for sure!

  196. In general I will hibernate on the treadmill if there is *anything* on the ground at all. I try to keep in a maintenance mind set for running, and schedule some bigger race early spring so I get back on the training track shortly after the holidays.

  197. After training all summer for my first half (St. Louis R&R in Oct.), know that I’m going to need a winter race to keep my motivation on trax. Am running a Turkey Trot with some HS friends (none of whom, including myself) were runners in HS. 🙂
    Spent last winter running at the local community center which, while boring, preempts the “it’s too _______ (fill in the blank)” excuse. Hoping to spend some time outside this winter, now that I know how much more fun running OUTside can be. 🙂

  198. I love cold weather running, especially on trails. I’m mostly just running for enjoyment these days, saying fit and chatting with my BAMR crew, but I probably will snag a trail race or two. And my BRB (bestest running buddy) and I have deferred registrations for a March greenway marathon (due to being sidelined by her knee injury last year), so we need to decide whether to give that a go or back down to the 1/2. We’ll see…

  199. A few winters ago in Minnesota, I managed to run all winter only slipping/falling once, thanks to YakTrax. Now in Chicago, I’m looking forward to running all winter again (the treadmill doesn’t do it for me), but my YakTrax recently broke, which makes me so sad! While I’m not planning on any races this winter, I hope to at least keep a basic level of fitness by running (and, yeah, maybe going to the gym sometimes too). Here’s to goals!

  200. I so need these! Living in New England, we get a lot of snow and ice. Last year, paid for a gym membership just to use the treadmil. Would love to continue my running outside all winter, and be able to do a Spring half!!

  201. I am hoping to make tracks on one of my favorite trails this winter (Waterton Canyon). It’s been closed for over a year and it’s set to reopen on January 1st. I’ve missed it like crazy.

  202. Winter running. I think it would be fun to run the Surfin’ Sant 10 miler. DH and I recently talked about doing a half iron man this spring. So between the two I’ll need to be out there – run in the elements, bike on a trainer, swim in a pool. (At least my pool has many lanes. Unfortunately they give most of them to school swim teams in the winter.)

  203. While training for the Cincinnati Marathon last winter I had to keep stopping on the bike path to dig the snow out of the grooves of my shoes. It was like running on high heels. I’ll be on the same path this winter.

  204. This winter I plan to make traks over to Hawaii and run in my very first marathon in Honolulu! I do however miss running in the snow – well, running on a clean sidewalk or running path with the snow around me!

  205. Hopefully running safely through my second winter, training for a spring half. I hoping to stay off the treadmill in PA this winter as much as possible.

  206. I have never once ran through the winter, for one reason or another. But I trained all summer for my first half that was on September 18th, and not wanting to totally lose the fitness level that I worked so hard to achieve, I decided it is time to give winter running a shot. Our treadmill went out of commision last January, and yesterday I signed up for a half that will be at the beginning of May. Outdoor winter training, here I come! BUT, I have NO winter gear and am very nervous about the thought of running in the winter conditions (and the dark!). This giveaway couldn’t be more perfect.

  207. I’ll be running through the Virginia winter, getting ready for the Disney Princess half (my birthday present, eeeee!)! I have no indoor training plans at this moment, definitely need to come up with something.

  208. I am a cold weather runner for sure! Living in Chicago this mother runner has learned to run in all kinds if weather. However a cold sunny snow-covered landscape is a favorite running scene. The only thing that keeps me from running outdoors in the winter is ice. I fell once and that was enough. Training for the Shamrock in VA beach in march will keep me moving over the winter!

  209. I am on schedule for training for our local Nittany Valley 1/2 marathon, Dec 4th. It notoriously has snow, ice and wind on a brutal and hilly course. I know YakTraks would be a real plus for winter training and I love the high arch Sof Soles. They have helped my recovery from PF!

  210. There are quite a few runs around here in November and December including the Frosty 5k (I thought that was clever!) Snow, around here is really hit and miss, but it seems like there is always ice. I say that, and we’ll probably have a huge blizzard!! This giveaway would help me stay on trax (I know, I’m sorry….bad joke) for these upcoming winter races and keep me from having to go to town and buy a gym membership. Thank you for your awesome giveaways and great motivation! Happy running!

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