5K of the Holidays: Tread on Me—or on a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

view from behind full treadmill nordictrack
No, Gulliver, you didn't just land in Lilliput. You landed in our guest room. With a small desk and lamp. And low-ish ceilings. And a really tall mother runner.

[All images shot by Sarah Johnson of Puddle Jumpin'.]

A treadmill ranks as one of the top tools for mother runner success: not only does it bust any it's-too-cold-dark-rainy-snowy-hot or I-have-no-childcare excuse, but it also keeps you honest. If you're supposed to run six quarter-mile intervals at an 8:00 pace, the treadmill will happily oversee that your legs and lungs burn appropriately. You'll nail each interval; not hit the first two, decide the second two are good enough at 8:15, and then just tell yourself, "at least I'm out here doing this" as your legs slow considerably during the last two. (And note: Those are just hypothetical examples. I never slow during speedowork.)

In fact, in our very unscientific poll, the treadmill ranks in the Top Five Must-Haves for Mother Runners.
1. Supportive sports bra
2. Right-for-you shoes
3. Treadmill
4. Running stroller (if you've got ankle biters still around)
5. Two, ahem, books: Run Like a Mother + Train Like a Mother

view from above nordictrack

And since we're talking treadmills, I gotta gush about the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, a gym-quality, super quiet 'mill I am lucky enough to have living in my guest room right now. Here's what I love about it:

1. You can connect it to the Internet via iFit, and watch on the hi-def screen as you virtually run through the Australian outback or have Jillian Michaels bark at you.

2. You can connect your phone or iPad to it, then blast your tunes or a movie through the built-in speakers.

  • incline on nordictrack
    3. You can crank the incline to 15%, or—my personal fave—give yourself a nice 3% downhill. (Which I may or may not use as I try to hang on at faster speeds.) I have it at 8% here. Although it may look like I'm about to hit my head, fear not: I didn't and I won't.

    4. You can fold it up if you need more space.

  • You can rocket the speed to 12 mph and pretend you're Kara Goucher. Or you can hang at 6.5 mph and have a talented photographer make you look speedy.
    5. With one touch, you can rocket the speed to 12 mph and pretend you're Kara Goucher. Or you can hang at 6.5 mph and have a talented photographer make you look speedy.

    6. You can thank the NordicTrack engineers who invented Runner's Flex, spring-encased dampeners on the belt that reduces the shock on your joints by 30%. (Or your knees can thank them: After an 8-miler on Sunday, my joints didn't complain once, which never happens when I run outside.)

  • The 1750's cockpit. Note the built-in speakers and fan at the bottom: Love! And the pedestal that Train Like a Mother is perched on it actually perfect for a tablet. (Or a book, but if you can read while you run, you've got mad talent.)
    7. You can be entertained for miles and miles with the the 1750's cockpit: intervals, hills, whatever you want to run, it can serve up. Note the built-in speakers and fan at the bottom: Love! And the pedestal that Train Like a Mother is perched on is actually perfect for a tablet. (Or a book, but if you can read while you run, you've got mad talent.)

We are beyond thrilled to be able to give away a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 (including shipping and installation) to one lucky mother runner.

How are we going to decide who gets to deck out in lush Runner's Flex? Through the five key ingredients of your running. Elements that, one way or another, define your running journey. Could be gear, could be routes, could be character traits, could be companions, could be races, could be anything that somehow relates to the miles you have—or want to—put in.

Here are my Five Ingredients:
1. A 3-mile run around the Central Park Reservoir: last run before 1997 NYC Marathon. I felt so legit.
2. Pink: Where I can run/ just as fast I can/to the middle of nowhere/to the middle of my frustrated fears
3. Fractures in my feet
4. Post-run shower: equal parts feelings of relief and elation
5. Don't think; just go

Here are Sarah's Five Ingredients:
1. Inspiring friends: Dorothy, who showed me how to get up and get it done; Julie A., the first woman I knew to run a marathon; Ellison, who has about 8 years on me but smokes me in every race; Molly who makes me laughs countless times every run; and many others.
2. The Streak. For better or worse, 5+ years of working out taught me a thing or two about dedication (and, finally, about how crucial "rest" is in the equation).
3. Nature. I crave to be outdoors, soaking up the rain, the sun, the colorful flowers, the falling leaves, and the fresh air.
4. Flo Rida, Macklemore, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson. A peppy beat and fun lyrics.
5. Upbeat attitude: The finish line is just around the corner; Portland has perfect running weather; we're already at mile 4.8 of 6-mile tempo; I am stronger than I thought.

What's in your running recipe? Please let us know in the comments below; hitting reply will not enter you into the contest. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 18 to enter. Then a small panel of us (read: us + a few NordicTrack reps) will determine the winner, unless, of course, the ingredients are so good we just can't decide. Then we might put it up for you all to vote, as we did last year. (Hey, our hamstrings may not be flexible, but our small business is.)

A few more details: We will announce the winners of the previous four days of the 5K of the Holidays on Tuesday, December 17. (We'll also announce the winners of the Thule Chariot Cougar 2 then too, so if you haven't entered yet, jump on it!) Then we'll proclaim the lucky badass mother runner winner of the NordicTrack treadmill either on December 20 or 21. (See above: depends if we need a vote or no vote.) Got it? Good.

[Some fine print for this mighty fine prize.] This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States (sorry, Canada and points beyond!). It begins on 12/12/13 and ends on 12/18/13; one winner will be announced on 12/20 or 21/13. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $2,499.00, plus delivery and installation. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

987 responses to “5K of the Holidays: Tread on Me—or on a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

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    put in penning this website. I’m hoping to view the same high-grade content by you later on as well.
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  2. 1. The mercy of my husband’s travel schedule. When he’s in town I can get outside or to the gym to run. If not, I choose strength training in my basement set-up, or elliptical.
    2. Accountability from social media friends.
    3. Clean eats (read: whole foods as much as possible) throughout the day.
    4. A good peppy playlist. The music makes it.
    5. The workout headbands that keep the flyaways from driving me batty.

  3. 1. The foam roller — the poor woman’s soigneur.
    2. My PT, Jen, who put my leg back together after my 2nd labral debridement
    3. Memories of my ravest runs in the Pacific Northwest — even when I’m mired in the miserable DC weather
    4. Swimming, biking, and strength training — triathlon has been amazing for my running!
    5. Speedwork Saturdays!

  4. 1. Awesome headphones so I can listen to Sarah and Dimity’s podcasts
    2. Calm day of no to little wind
    3. Peace and quiet of the road
    4. Wildlife
    5. NUUN and foam roller when done so I can do it again tomorrow

  5. 1. I start at night with Myofascial Compression of my calf and under my feet.( This helps restore elasticity in areas that are very tight)
    2. Morning dynamic stretch along with drinking about 16 ounces of water, along with my morning hot cereal grains .
    3. Depending if it is cold or snowing I will slip on some snow trax on my running shoes and go for it ; )
    4. My play list is what i consider essential, many songs to keep my going from stronger kanye west to some Rocky Songs.
    5.After I am done with the run, I refuel with some whole foods through out the day.

  6. 1. My Best Running Buddy Marcy
    2. Rain or snow
    3. Darkness of the early morning or the late night
    4. Trail and Trees
    5. Mud Puddles and/ or Wild animals

    = Recipe for the Best running years of my life!

  7. My 5 running ingredients that give me HEART:
    Hills – love taking them slow and steady
    Example – I set for my young daughters
    Asics – to Achieve and Accomplish my goals
    Running friends – can’t do my long runs without them
    Training – for 5k to Half Marathon, keeps me motivated

  8. 1. Preheat environment to 45*… When not possible ensure you have proper attire!
    2. Add a dash of motivation: BRF (even afar they can be reached via text!) music, goals or post rece treat!
    3. Sprinkle in a hearty dose of positive attitude. If you cannot find any, see how you feel in 1 mile, then 1.5 and by mile 2 it will magically appear.
    4. A pinch of speed work and hill repeats will produce desired results.
    5. After completion walk around barefoot in cold wet grass if possible or enjoy large chocolate milk!

  9. 1. Start with a supportive hubby and sweet little man who asks “You going for a run, Mommy?” more as a statement than a question.
    2. Fold in a generous helping of running buds who can make the miles disappear.
    3. Mix a weekly SAG staffed by awesome and often zany volunteers with an Oreo just when you need it.
    4. Sprinkle with a sparkly headband to show off the girl power.
    5. And time it all with the Garmin cadence alarm to keep the ITB healthy.

    These ingredients make one less-stressed, hydrated, fashionista, healthy (and obviously bada$#) mother runner!

    Repeat as needed.

  10. 1) My running buddy. We met and started a conversation on a group run two summers ago that hasn’t ended yet. It just starts up again on the next run. She’s recently pitched a couple of races to me, and I’m like, Just stop. You had me at hello.
    2) Self-respect. I’m apt to compare myself unfavorably to “real runners.” It’s important to remind myself that I have run two half-marathons. I’m working hard and getting faster and feel weird if I don’t get my runs in. I’m a real runner.
    3) Can the absence of something be an ingredient? It is very important that I bring zero kids on my runs right now.
    4) An emotionally manipulative playlist obsessively crafted the night before the race. As in, I want to hear this song when I hit that hill. Always featuring The Beastie Boys’ “Sure Shot.”
    5) Waffles at the end of a long run. My husband handles Saturday mornings in a big way while I’m off doing my thing, including making waffles. He’s a keeper. Hmmm, maybe he’s the more important ingredient. But the waffles really hit the spot.

  11. My running journey recipe:
    1. BRFs! They inspire, listen, encourage. They rock!
    2. Food! Yummy food during the runs and the thought of a huge meal after keeps me energized.
    3. The outdoors. I have a runners appreciation for every little thing we see in this beautiful world. We notice things that others don’t see.
    4. Time. to think. to meditate. to be thankful.
    5. BAMR podcasts. They make me laugh!

  12. When I run, my body comes together:

    1. Feet: one in front of the other, for as many miles as they’re willing to go, and maybe then a few more. I will be a runner for as long as I can continue to put one foot in front of the other.

    2. Hips: slightly misaligned from carrying a toddler, and aching from tendinitis, but strong enough to keep my legs swinging, even after the toll of a pregnancy. They helped me carry my greatest joy and inspiration–my daughter. The fact that they still don’t feel the same as they did pre-pregnancy only reminds on each run why I’m out there, to inspire a healthy active life for her.

    3. Heart: lucky enough as I am to carry many people in my heart, my heart beats a little stronger for my grandfather when I run. A longtime avid runner, he was running road races decades before it became trendy. He died suddenly right around the time I started running, and running keeps me connected with him. He is with me when I run, and has carried me through when my legs just couldn’t go any more. Even though he is gone, he lives on in each step I take.

    4. Eyes: not for sight, but for catharsis. Tears get out my frustration when I’ve had a bad run, help me move past the sadness of having to rest for an injury, express anxiety about being ready for a race, show joy after crossing the first post-baby finish line. Each tear shed, no matter what the cause, has righted my course when I am doubtful and reaffirmed that I can do this.

    5. Head: my mantra, “There but by the grace of God go I.” Seven years ago, at the age of 25, I was diagnosed as being BRCA-1 positive, meaning that I am at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. The diagnosis was not a surprise, but it has changed my perspective on life since then. My mother is an 18 year ovarian cancer survivor (and a BAMR in her own right) so I face each day knowing that this is not a death sentence. But I also face each day knowing that I am lucky to be able to put one foot in front of the other and that there will be a day when I can’t run. That day may be soon, or it may not come until I am old and ready, but until that time, though, there isn’t a single mile taken for granted.

  13. 5. 5am when I get up to head to the gym – the only way workouts get done is at dark-thirty
    4. Forward movement – often my mantra is ‘Just put one foot in front of the other’
    3. Three friends that invited me to their running group – making me feel like a true runner
    2. Two cents – all the advice from other runners found among various blogs to keep me motivated, find new gear to keep comfortable, and stay injury free
    1. One and only marathon that proved I am more capable and stronger than I ever thought

  14. 1. My alarm clock – my runs are done mostly before the kids get up.
    2. Consistency – there’s always an upcoming race to get ready for.
    3. Training log – to look back at my progress.
    4. My 4 kids – no further explanation needed.
    5. My supportive husband who goes with me to every marathon and keeps me from sitting down immediately after.

  15. 1. The last mile of a race. Whether is a 5K or a marathon, the adrenalin kicks in and you feel you could go FOREVER!

    2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the empathy I get from my husband after I finish a race, he takes care of the kids ALL day long… 2 hour nap anyone?!

    3. My mommy friend Eleanor. Her love for running literally changed my life and for that I’m forever grateful! I recently encouraged and recruited another friend to run her first 5K ever. Will try to continue planting the “running seed” along the way.

    4. Running is ADDICTIVE!! What an empowering feeling!

    5. The moment when I TIE/UNTIE my running shoes……… I think I can, I think I can/ I knew I could, I knew I could!!!!

  16. My Garmin….just have to know how far I went.

    My Husband….always willing to watch the kids and believes in me more than I believe in myself most of the time.

    My son….he rides his bike next to me on my long runs and carries my water for me. Also, great for one on one time!!

    Hugs and cheers from my kids….walk in the door from a run and you would think I have been gone for days. Those are wonderful moments!!

    The memory of crossing the finish line of my first half marathon…..It still makes me smile and tear up each time. Just knowing each and every time I go out for a run so many things are possible with lots of determination and dedication.

  17. My five ingredients:
    1. My five year old son and inspiration. I do not have someone to watch him while I run. He is always willing to hope on his bike and join me. He is the first to yell “You can do it Momma” and push me a little further.
    2. A positive attitude….knowing I can overcome the next hill or increase my distance.
    3. The outdoors and nature…because I love being surrounding by our beautiful country side and trails.
    4. Support foe the ‘girls’. Have a larger chest means I will never take for granted an excellent running bra and can’t have a good run without one.
    5. Inspiring friends. My friends may not be runners but they were the first to join my side in my first race. Who could ask for better pals?

  18. 1. OCD tendencies (my BRF calls it “O-C Delicious”): help me get to the next round number on my Garmin and go just a little farther. When it says 19 on my training plan, I go 19…not a step less (and not a step more!).

    2. Sole Sisters: That could comprise all five points of my recipe for running. I would never be the runner I am without them. I get myself out of bed each day because I get to solve the world’s problems with my girlfriends on the road.

    3. Gratitude: I GET to run. I have a moment like that every day that reminds me I could have it far worse than I do. Suck it up, buttercup, and get out there and RUN.

    4. A good looking running outfit: has been responsible for many PRs. My best marathon thus far has been in a tutu. Just sayin’…

    5. Winter: Most people dread Winter, but it is my season to give my body a break from so much running and spend more time cross country skiing-the closest thing to a runner’s high we have in Northern Wisconsin. Once the snow melts, and I push “send” on my next marathon registration, I am rested and rejuvinated and ready to love running all over again.

  19. My recipe:
    1. My supportive but not too supportive sneakers. It took a while to find each other but it was love at first sight.
    2. My playlist of high bpm tunes to get me over the hills or another mother runner podcast to get through my treadmill workouts at the gym.
    3. Anti-chafe lotion. Invaluable as my legs have not been told I’m a runner now and to downsize.
    4. Headbands. They make me look like I’m cool and not a complete novice at running. Oh and as a plus they keep hair out of my face!
    5. Scenic New Hampshire. Running through historic coastal towns, beaches, forrest can give you something to zone out to when you’re looking to get away from it all. Except when it’s not. Like running in hunting season (yikes!), blizzards and cars that like to get into your personal space.

  20. 1. my favorite brand of socks.

    2. that settling down feeling after mile 2. Mile 1 really, really stinks and my head is filled with “ouch, am I done yet, how far did I say I want to go today, what are we having for dinner?” Mile 1 to 2 still sinks, it’s “OK I’m glad I’m out but it still hurts and I’m still not having fun, and I don’t want to go to the grocery store”. But when I look down at my watch to begin mile 3, it’s “I’ve got this, maybe I’ll take a different route today, should I go longer, why was I obsessing about my ‘to-do’ list”. Ahhhh…

    3. a cool new playlist, created by my 14 yr old son, that always has a few surprises in it.

    4. telling people “really, YOU CAN do it too. Yes, why yes I did start that way….run one mailbox, walk two mailboxes, run one mailbox, walk two mailboxes.”

    5. that feeling when you’re done and walking back in the driveway.

  21. Tara’s Running Recipe

    1. Bedtime: because with a partner who is often deployed or just working late, it’s when I get runs in

    2. Hulu Plus/Amazon Prime/Netflix: running time = trashy TV time (hushup, I know I’m not the only one)

    3. Water Bottle: I sweat like…well, I don’t have any PC descriptions, so we’ll just say water is good, k?

    4. My Kids: because whenever I think I really don’t have to, I know I really do have to, to stay healthy for them and to show them what hard work is

    5. My Partner: who makes every effort to keep up with my milestones, encourages me even when it seems dumb (“don’t you have to be up at 0400 tomorrow?”), and never fails to tell me how hot I am post-run

  22. 1. My wonderful husband who, although he has no desire whatsoever to complete a full marathon, is willing to jump on board with me & my crazy dreams and make sure I see them through…..our marathon is February 17th :). 2. My Adidas Cool Gear Capri pants, they feel like silk!
    3. The scars on my arm from my first & last trail race, they remind me to be blessed for paved roads!
    4. My kids who are quick to jump on bikes & accompany me on some moderate runs (and especially my son who wears a backpack with my water so I don’t have to fight it!)
    5. The Birmingham Track Club who are quick to offer advice & experience on this crazy marathon journey!

  23. a list of things.

    one: 26 (point 2) hours of hard labor, followed by 3 (point 1) hours of pushing equals a lovely baby boy and the thought that if I could do THAT, if I could get through THAT, I could run a marathon. And nine months later, I did.

    two: the charity runners I coach inspiring and motivating me more than they know, and more than I ever could reciprocate.

    three: an accident during a run, having to take a break from running, and the fight to get back to it in a way that feels right.

    four: showtunes on the lakefront path with the most encouraging BRF’s anyone could possibly know.

    five: a medal from the hardest and most difficult of my seven hard and difficult marathons, used as a keychain, to remind me of strength and resilience and resolve.

  24. 1. My mother-in-law, my badass mother runner inspiration. She’s raised eight kids, including my husband, she’s a lawyer, and she’s been a runner for decades. She ran a marathon when she was 50. She just turned 60 and she’s still going strong.

    2. Washington, DC. I’ve lived a lot of places, but this is the city where I started taking my running seriously. It is a beautiful place to run, with great races, lots of trails, and interesting destinations. I love being able to run down to the Lincoln Memorial on a Saturday morning and read the Second Inaugural or the Gettysburg Address (and if I go early enough, it’s not too crowded).

    3. Girls on the Run. I’m a coach and will run my first half marathon as a SoleMate this spring. I love seeing girls run and feel good about doing something that I found burdensome at that age.

    4. My kids: my daughter who shed tears through an agonizingly cold 5k and then came back and proudly finished a much less frigid fun run two weeks later; my son who is my (more or less) patient companion on runs with the jogging stroller.

    5. My husband, who kicked me out the door at 11:40 PM last night so I could keep up my holiday running streak, hangs out with the kids on weekend mornings while I get a long run by myself, and most of all, dreams big for me.

  25. 5 Ingredients (after a 3-year running hiatus and having 2 babies…)

    1. A husband that says, “I know this is something you need to do so go when you need to and I will make everything else work.”
    2. A friend that encourages you to sign up for a 1/2 marathon when you’re 9 months pregnant (and 12 months in advance!)
    3. A “bucket list” race – Aforementioned 1/2 marathon will be the inaugural Rock N Roll in Raleigh!
    4. Confidence/Faith in self – I am always amazed at what my body can do when my minds tells it to
    5. Setting an example – I can’t wait to have my babies at the finish line!

  26. My 5 ingredients?

    1. An attitude that I can do anything I put my mind to
    2. A supportive husband who gets my running addiction and helps keep things relatively sane on the homefront during my long runs
    3. My running buddy Eileen who helps make those long runs not seem so long
    4. Music for those runs sans running buddy
    5. Cute & comfortable gear – always helps to look good while kicking asphalt 🙂

  27. 1. My BRF or early-morning running mates make runs that much sweeter
    2. The mental-health benefits that undoubtedly make running my happy place
    3. Me-time…with three kids and a hubby with a demanding job, my runs are essential to helping me be my best self
    4. Feeling like an athlete again – every time I reach a goal and/or cross the finish line
    5. Setting a positive example for my kids – overall health is a lifelong pursuit for all of us

  28. 1 — Rockin a team sparkle pink tutu or crazy race costume for a race.
    2 — BRF to chat with during the run or Run like a mother podcats.
    3 — A pair of feetures socks (LOVE LOVE LOVE running in the wool ones for winter)
    4 — iphone for emergencies and keeping track of my runs.
    5 — Since I run in the early am, my noxgear ( safety vest, it’s like running and having a disco party at the same time!

  29. 1. My local park, with miles of running paths that are shaded in the summer and plowed in the winter.
    2. My foam roller (although it doesn’t always get quite the attention it should)
    3. My 110% calf sleeves with ice sheets. Not sure how I lived without these.
    4. My husband – who lets me log my long weekend runs without complaint, and often greets me with chocolate milk and homemade waffles when I return.
    5. My training log – so I can look back nostalgically over the year’s runs and marvel about how this former non-athlete could log so many miles.

  30. 1. Down syndrome – my youngest was diagnosed prenatally 6 years ago. We named our local Down Syndrome Buddy Walk team “Miles for Megs” and I have been running ever since in honor of my sweet girl.
    2. To survive being a Mama of Drama – having 3 girls is ~overly~ dramatic at times…running fuels my mood and sanity!
    3. Inspiration – showing my girls the importance of taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me. Commitment to exercise is key!
    4. Shared interest – My husband inspired me to start running. Now we capitalize on those times when we can chase pavement together!
    5. Sunrises – my favorite runs have always been early summer mornings. There is nothing more awesome than rounding the corner to have the sun hit you in the face to make you feel more alive…

  31. 1. The time/space continuum: Lacing up the shoes has taken me through puberty, college, young adulthood, and into motherhood–it is my past, present, and future.
    2. All routes, all the time: In my mind I turn on any beautiful vacation run or favorite running route when I am stuck in a boring suburban circle or on a treadmill.
    3. Those who cannot: When I don’t wanna, I remember loved ones who have fought cancer and chronic illness, some who have passed on, and even strangers who are unable to run and I am thankful and joyful to get out there.
    4. My boys: I will proudly be the Mamma Who Runs to them, an example of a physically capable woman who has a strong body and mind.
    5. Music: Maybe I can’t dance till dawn in an old warehouse on the outskirts of Vienna anymore, but I can sure as hell turn up Underworld and and run like the wind.

  32. My Recipe for running:

    1. One sassy pink RunningSkirt!
    2. Two neon yellow and tiffany blue Brooks ghost running shoes
    3. Three hours of BAMR podcasts for my long run this weekend.
    4. Four strawberry GU Chomps in my pocket for fuel.
    5. Five years of marriage & hoping 2014 is the year I become a BAMR!

  33. 1 desire to defy the aging process (turning 40) by doing something ridiculous
    4 miles and
    12 dozen donuts consumed in my first running event (Krispy Kreme Challenge)
    3 women in my first “real” 5K, run a few months later (so, yes, I placed 3rd and brought home a medal!)
    4 women in my core group of BAMRs
    3 marathons (2 official, 1 DIY)
    3 ultras (1×12-hour, 1×24-hour. 1x50k)
    and miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep.

  34. 1. Gear, I want to have anything I might need to prepare for whatever the weather might throw at me.
    2. Music, there is nothing worse than running and alame song comes on to mess up your stride
    3. Water, I am crazy about hydration
    4. Me time, doing something that is solely for me.
    5. Goals, whether it’s just for an easy run or a speed work out, keeping my eyes on the prize is important

  35. My 5 ingredients are:
    1. Cool running gear-so I want to use it!
    2. Time-very hard to find time when working, though!
    3. A half marathon to motivate me to train!
    4. A great route-so I want to run on it and see its beauty (like the Cultural Trail and Canal in downtown Indy)!
    5. Sense of accomplishment, strength, and calm I feel post-run (“runner’s high)!

  36. 1. Fall running. The beauty, sound, and smell of leaves, along with the cooler temps.
    2. Encourage. So my kids grow up knowing that exercise is just everyday life and that running is a fun accomplishment.
    3. Recovery. Running helped me bounce back from three pregnancies and open heart surgery.
    4. New kicks. Buying new running shoes is really one of my favorite things.
    5. music. I enjoy a good playlist…who doesn’t get a little pep in their step when Dynamite or anything from the Black Eyed Peas comes on?

  37. Running Recipe/5 ingredients
    1) my running buddy with fur – Daphne (she’s good company, never talks back, and even won a race with me earlier in the year)
    2) Ekhart yoga website – it has a yoga for runners page, and after dealing with the same type of injuries for 20 years I need yoga to keep me running
    3) a good physical therapist, to fix me up when need be, and I credit her with sending me in the right direction of hooking up with pilates and yoga – the lifelong transition away from needing a physical therapist 🙂
    4) foam roller – every runner needs one, right?
    5) miles and miles of off-road, wooded, park trails – heaven on earth

    what a cool contest! happy holidays!

  38. 1. Tried and true routes – I have 3, 5, 6.2, and 12 mile routes along my favorite trail. I’ve run the routes to many times that I know exactly how much farther I have to go at any given time without looking at my Garmin.

    2. Alone time – with 4 kids waiting for me at home, alone time with my thoughts and music is precious .

    3. Astonishment at my accomplishment – I couldn’t run a mile in junior high, and I ran my first marathon this year.

    4. Training plan – I have to be training for something, anything! Or else I will quickly get out of the habit of working out.

    5. Being a good example – my kids see me run and take care of myself and they want to follow suit.

  39. 1-Ridiculously amazing BRFs, Kristen and Shaun, who accommodate my pace when I’m pregnant and then as I work to get speed back after baby is born.
    2-the mind-clearing, soul-restoring sound of my feet hitting the pavement on my solo runs.
    3-the chip I still have on my shoe from my first post-torn ACL race, reminding me how blessed I am to get to do this seemingly little thing called run.
    4-My goal to run my first marathon and raise money to fight pancreatic cancer, in memory and honor and celebration of my friend and fellow mother runner, Jenna and her beautiful life cut far too short.
    5-sharing the love of running and fitness with my kids and the depth of conversations we have on our runs that we would never have otherwise.

  40. 1. Beth Brewster’s inspiration
    2. Hard core running pals
    3. New gear, if I’m going to get it I better use it.
    4. How I feel after
    5 setting new pr’s

  41. I feel like I really only need one ingredient and that is LOVE! it flows though all of them!!
    1. The best running friends a girl could ask for, I couldn’t get out there on a 1 degree or 95 degree day without them
    2. A husband that supports me and makes sure I have all the right gear to make my runs enjoyable
    3. Beautiful scenery, those long runs just seem too short as they take me along Lake Michigan shoreline, past Beautiful Sand Dunes, out into the country side, and then back into small town america
    4. Motivation to push myself, I will run all winter no matter the weather so I am ready for my next big adventure in the spring 25K!!
    5. Most importantly LOVE, I Love to run because I love the way it makes me feel, they way it helps me cope with day to day issues. My Husband and kids I’m sure Love that I get all my tension out on the pavement instead of out on them 🙂

  42. 1. Albany Running Mamas — Dozens of women who inspire me mile after mile, encouraging me when I feel defeated, and pushing me beyond where I thought I could go.
    2. Ragnar daydreams — pink and orange glitter skirts, nonstop dance parties and gorp.
    3. 13 in 13! In Sept. 2012, I ran my first solid 3 miles. Sept. 2013, I crossed the 13.1 finish line, without stopping!
    4. Remembering to have fun! Thanking soldiers at the Boilermaker 15K, taking in the Adirondack Mountains, high-fiving a stranger on Kelly Drive in Philly.
    5. The amazing support of my twin boys (mama, you can come in 6th today, ok?) and husband, parents, friends. A coworker’s note on my dashboard to “run like the wind,” a txt the morning of the race from a running mama out of town, a shout from the final chute. All their energy fills up my invisible wings to push me just a little further.

  43. 1. Taking to the hills–let’s face it, we just can’t up the game without them.
    2. Overcoming injury–just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, running life throws me a curve ball. I am learning that I am strong enough to adapt and overcome and move on.
    3. Uplifting my spirits–I’ve come to understand that most upsetting things can be cleared from my mind after a run.
    4. Getting comfortable with my body–it may not always look pretty, but my body works hard and I am thankful every day for all it can do.
    5. Having a husband and son cheering me on–all I can say is that being blessed with those two guys makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive.
    Take the first letter of each ingredient and you’ve got TOUGH–it may be a tough world out there, but I like to think I am one tough mother runner!

  44. 1. My shoes. I have so many and I always return to Nike. I look at others but I am afraid to get the wrong shoe.
    2. The forest preserve near my house. I know my routes and feel very at home notated of it is 3 miles or 10.
    3. Remembering why it became so important to me in the first place. After my divorce, it became the way I could prove to myself that I was strong physically,want ally and emotionally. Nothing else could give me confidence like running could.
    4. A good long run with a best friend is so necessary for me. Some girl friends go out for happy hour. I meet mine at 6 a.m. For and 8 mile run.
    5. Pandora. It has changed my runs so much. Depending on my mood, I can plug in a station and push out a great run. Everything from Alabama to Pink to some ACDC. I can find what I need to get me through the tough runs or help me escape from reality while I run.

  45. The Five Key Ingredients To My Running:

    1. My husband, who is almost as supportive as my favorite sports bra!
    2. My amazing daughters, who inspire me to be healthy.
    3. My BRF’s and my running posse, who make it all so fun!
    4. Forest Park, where I feel strong and sane.
    5. My Goal- Eight years to Boston! I want to qualify and run the Boston marathon by the age of 45, which means taking an hour off my marathon time!

  46. 1. Inspiration: someone I know was in a horrible car accident this summer and is paralyzed from the waist down. I run because he can’t’!
    2. I lost a patient to breast cancer and I run for breast cancer every year because I know she would be proud and helps me run when I have a mental block.
    3. Tim Magraw’s song “My Next Thirty Years” because I turn 40 on Dec. 31st and I want my next thirty years to be my best. I want to be the best me I can be! And “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson to remind me that I AM stronger than I sometimes think I am.
    4. My RoadID ankle ID because when my knee gave out and I ended up in the ditch, I knew I could be identified if and when I was ever found. Lol
    5. My spandex running pants, capris, and shorts because no one cares (including myself) what I look like in all my “fluffy” glory. The point is, I am MOVING! Ok, it may not be fast, but I’m moving forward both physically and mentally when I run!

  47. 1. Kegels…Can any mother runner dispute this? If so, I am jealous.
    2. My perfect 1mile loop! I have been pretty down on my new neighborhood because i missed my old running route, however I just discovered a perfect 1 mile loop this morning…fantastic! My route mojo is back!
    3. My imperfect, albeit strong body…running has allowed me to come to love my body, imperfections and all, and be thankful for the sheer fact of movement as some are not so lucky.
    4. The dark, morning, star studded sky…it provides me the “me” time making me feel like I am the only one out there at o’dark thirty, but also making me feel so very connected and thankful to those I love who are with me now and those who have gone before me.
    5. Inspiration…What mother runner would I be without a fellow mother runner BFF running partner who is there through thick and thin and a 2nd phenomenal mother runner, who is also a sister-in-law who inspired me to begin my running journey 4 years ago.

  48. 1. That weightless, effortless, “I’m beating the boys!” feeling in high school track.
    2. Married life, year 3, and the honeymoon’s over: TNT and an inspiring group of women kept me sane, pulling through never having run more than 2 miles to running a full marathon in one season.
    3. Mommy life, back to the office, those rare weekend mornings with the baby twins in the double BOB careening gleefully downhill (“I can do this!”)
    4. Super Spartan, x3 halfs, and the Ragnar this year…such an empowering community… hollering “You can do this!” to strangers as they struggle up that wall/hill/rope/last mile.
    5. My hubby, who manages the kids on the weekends I’m racing and makes bacon and strong coffee when I’m out on weekend long runs to entice me home!

  49. 1) My sanity. Running is “mama time”!!
    2) Listening to books on my runs. It helps to get me out the door. I have to find out what happens next!
    3) My Saucony Ride shoes and my Old Navy sports bra.
    4) Showing my boys that I desire to take care of myself and be good for them. I finally talked the whole family into doing a 5K together this year!!
    5) Cute running gear- I love my neon green shirts!

  50. My recipes include the following ingredients:
    1. My Brooks pureflow 2s
    2. My iPhone with headphones and Stuff You Should Know podcasts
    3. My Nike+ GPS watch
    4. The great outdoors
    5. Most importantly the support of my family

  51. 1. The desire to be he best mom, wife, friend, teacher, and woman I can be.
    2. The motivation to follow through and finish what I started, whether it be an individual run or a goal towards an upcoming race.
    3. A supportive family (a husband who helps with the kiddos when I am training and kiddos who occasionally run with me and love to cheer me on and even run races with me).
    4. Cute comfortable running gear – who doesn’t enjoy looking good and feeling good while running?
    5. Running friends (optional, but definitely preferred!)

  52. My cold weather, early morning recipe (though I’d much rather get on a fancy treadmill until it’s warmer/lighter!)

    1. A big stick – I have to walk down a long driveway through fields and I hear the coyotes all the time…
    2. One goal down – I ran my 1st half last year so I know I can do this!
    3. One big goal coming up – 25 weeks ’til my first half of 2014, My goal is to run at least three, beating my pervious time at each!
    4. My podcasts – AMR when they’re new! And actually, when they aren’t as well. I find myself laughing our loud at some point and then, inevitably, 5 minutes later, I realize I’ve heard that one already! And listen to the rest of the podcast anyway!
    5. My ear covers – I hate cold ears.

  53. 1. My iPod. I need Eminem to help push me through my runs.

    2. I envision the finish line of every run when I’m starting to feel like I can’t go on and I imagine how good it’ll feel to get there.

    3. My running partners. We take turns convincing each other to get out the door when it’s cold or rainy.

    4. My skull candy earphones because they are the only ones that stay on and work well for me.

    5. Knowing that when I get home from my run, my 13 year old son will ask me how far and how fast I went and tell that he’s proud of me 🙂

  54. 1. Courage to do something that I’m not very good at but am always glad I did

    2. Tunes, really anything that has a quick beat to keep distracting me from thoughts like “I’m tired, if I turn around now, no one will know”. I can keep going if a good song is still playing…

    3. My very smelly men’s original Nike frees that are so comfortable I’m afraid to upgrade to their newfangled redesigned free line for fear of blisters for my very flat, wide, and man-like feet

    4. My pink Moving Comfort Fiona bra that expertly packs everything in without a bounce in sight

    5. A hairband that is not too tight to give me a headache but tight enough to hold everything (long hair) back; weirdly, this has been the trickiest thing to master

  55. 1. Having found a new form of competition that my body likes (or at least will tolerate) – I was a very athletic teenager, captain of my swim team and soccer team, then I got me a desk job! Then two babies, so no spare time or money for a pool membership, plus my now bum shoulders are no longer fans of my laps. Surprisingly, running fits the bill. Some days I don’t even plan to run, but once I am outside and moving, I start itching to bump my speed up from a walk to a run. I love that!

    2. My BOB double stroller – best.stroller.ever. I am only 5″1′, but this thing handles like a dream, fits through doors and I can pretty easily wrangle it into the back of my car. I would have had such horrible cabin fever this year after baby #2 without it – my BOB double made it possible for me to get out and get moving and kept me out of the doldrums on many days!

    3. Running skirts – I never dreamed I would love running skirts, but I do! I am not a running shorts girl, and I love the feeling the skirt gives me, even if it is a capri/skirt combo. I feel younger and more energetic, and dare I say, even cute when I hit the road or treadmill.

    4. Treadmill – I have severe year round allergies that keep me from running outdoors on a daily basis, and because of breathing issues resulting from said allergies I also have trouble running in the cold. I’m good to go racing, but it’s the day to day that I can’t swing. So the treadmill is a life saver for me. If I can find extra time at work, I run on the ‘mill (if I am efficient at pumping “mommy milk”, I try to jump on). Now that I have two active little people living in my house, it would be really nice to be able to run at home too.

    5. Last, but certainly not least, my sister-in-law. She started running a little while before I did, and she keeps me moving. She seems to have a sixth sense for when I need a kick in the pants and I’ll get an email with a race link for us to do together or a text with an invite to do a running challenge together. Our initial bond was forged helping each other to survive toxic in-laws, but it has become so much more and I love that we have running in common. She introduced me to Run Like a Mother and Another Mother Runner. Together the Another Mother Runner community and my SIL have inspired me to sign up for my first half marathon in April! I can do it!

  56. 1. A reason – it started as a way to show support for my cousin whose 4 year old son has Leukemia. After completing my first half with Team in Training, I’m keeping at it. My reason now…to be fit, to continue to challenge myself, for the clarity, the focus, the ability to let things go after a run. I have a hard time describing those first longer miles, the joy, the sense of achievement, I can’t go back after that.
    2. Friends – I’m still early in my journey, but I’ve already met some AMAZING people as a result. I’ve already gained great new friends and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. And others that I knew before that were runners are so supportive. What a fantastic community of people.
    3. Time – It’s really been the first time in a long time, that I’ve started to put myself first in something. With 2 kids, a job, husband and other commitments I started to lose myself. I started running to doing something for someone else. But I’ve gotten so much more from it than I ever expected.
    4. Example – I love setting a great example for my children. In taking the time for myself to do something I enjoy, whether it’s training, or it’s a race or fun run. And in being active and exercising. I want my kids to be active and eat healthy, and they have to see it from me first.
    5. The Gear – Seriously, why did I not know how comfortable running clothes are? And shorts come with underwear? I was never one to buy clothes with special care instructions, but now you’ll find my laundry room strewn with running clothes drying everywhere because I won’t put them in the dryer. And as a relatively low maintenance person, I keep wanting more running gear! Now I need pants/tights for cold weather, a heart monitor would be nice, a running jacket is definitely on the wish list, yaktrax…the list goes on.

  57. My running recipe (varies depending on the time of year and lighting/weather conditions outside, but for now since its dark by 5pm and my run does not tend to begin until after 7pm…this is my recipe in Portland for the next couple months (solstice is just days away).
    1. Lots of lights for me and the dog (head-lamp, reflective vest, shoe lights, flashing lights on the dog, reflective running gear, you name it, I am wearing it). I want to be seen by drivers. I feel like a beacon when I go for a run, but better safe than run down.
    If the dog goes with me:
    2. Dog treats in my pocket to keep the dog engaged and interested and focused (she’s only a puppy and can be easily distracted). The run is for both of us and I don’t want her destroying our house from lack of exercise.
    If I don’t bring the dog:
    2. A good route mapped that will take me someplace relatively new. I’ve been running the same area for years and anytime I can change it up and incorporate something new, that is great.
    3. High-fives and kisses from my kids and husband who are my greatest cheerleaders. They always wish me a good run when I go and are there for every race I enter.
    4. Music. I am not internally motivated and need the bumpin tunes of a randomly created playlist to keep me going. Something upbeat and danceable because if the right song comes on, I’m singing along…oh yes, I’m that runner who sings with her music (I’ve been known to give it some jazz hands as well, just sayin)
    5. Another race on the calendar to keep me motivated. I need something to run towards. If I do not have an event to train for my training falls off and I love how great running makes me feel (and look). Having something on the calendar allows me to schedule my runs and my family can see my calendar as well.

  58. 1. Motivational girl tunes: Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson
    2. A clean sports bra
    3. At least an hour for my run and no calls or text messages during my run from children that need me to cut it short to drive the mom taxi.
    4. my crooked pinky finger, broken from a fall while running/training for a half. Proud to say I ran/walked the half 3 days after the second surgery. Only time I have cried when crossing the finish line. It’s my little reminder to pick up my feet 🙂
    5. Self-chant: I need this, I got this

  59. 5 Running Ingredients

    (1) To be happy and healthy for my 2 little girls. My Mom passed away 9 years ago and it created a huge desire to be healthier. I discovered running and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. This has also created a love for running in my girls as well. We will be doing our first 5K together New Years Night. They are so excited.

    (2) To inspire others. Not only did I lose over 80 pounds but becoming active and participating in running events has created interest in others. I had no idea how many people I was touching around me. Nothing is more exciting than running with someone during their first event.

    (3) To feel alive. I have dealt with depression most of my life. When I started running, I noticed an immediate improvement. I love being outdoors. Going on a run with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair is amazing. It’s true that I never regret a run whether its inside or out. I always feel great afterwards.

    (4) Stress reliever. Whether I’m out running listening to nature or inside listening to music, it is time for me to just step away from the stresses of life. I believe that this has also helped me to become a better wife, mother, and friend.

    (5) Treadmills!!! So many people dislike running indoors. As much as I love running outside, it is not always safe or possible. I don’t have any running buddies who live close. When I first started my running/weight loss, my wonderful Grandmother gave me her treadmill. It was nothing fancy. No incline or bells & whistles. I truly felt that at times it might totally fall apart beneath me. It was my faithful companion for 3 years until it was destroyed when our home was flooded a few years ago. We lost many things but watching them load up my treadmill to take to the dump was awful. I spend much of my time in stores just hanging out on the treadmills. I’ve been dealing with weight gain in the past few months again, which has started to scare me. I really hope I can get a treadmill again soon. It is essential in my running recipe.

  60. 1. Time, time, time…you get it!
    2. Having 1 baby girl and getting surprised with b/g twins when we were shooting for 1 more!!!
    3. A supportive husband who believes in when mom is happy everyone is happy.
    4. When strangers shout out props for pushing that beast of a triple stroller, makes me feel good!
    5. This year I will face the fear and RACE! p.s. a treadmill would really be awesome for training especially this time of year in SLC when the air is so bad you feel like your running with your head stuck on to the tailpipe of a city bus! Thanks for all you do I look forward to listening and reading posts every week!

  61. This reminds me of “5-ingredient” cookbook I received many years ago. The trouble with that book and this contest is that I rarely stick to a recipe!! I am always a “little of this” and a “dash of that” to tweak things to satisfy my taste. So, how do I pick just 5 ingredients for my running recipe?!?

    1. Get your a** in gear, girl! – This one is crucial on the days I just don’t have any get up & go. No matter the cause (or sometimes the obvious lack of any reason for why I just don’t have the energy), this is my mantra for getting out the door.
    2. My magical mystical mega-mileage Mizunos! – Love, love, love my Mizunos!! I’ve worn a lot of different shoes, but my Mizuno Wave Riders (I’m wearing the 16s these days) have seen me through the majority of my miles. My last pair had 600+ miles on it before heading to retirement.
    3. Come Mister Tally Man, tally me bananas, daylight come and me wanna go run – I eat a banana before every single run. My day starts with 20 ounces of water, a banana, and then a cup of hot tea. The rest of my breakfast may vary a little on run days, but I must have my banana. I usually eat a banana every morning, but if I notice I’m running low and won’t have time to hit the store before my next run I will actually ration my bananas.
    4. “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, You own it, you better never let it go…” – A little musical motivation from Eminem and whoever else happens to play on my iPod or Pandora mix that day. There is no better way to keep moving on a run than to have tunes blasting through my earbuds (there are other ways…like being chased by rabid dogs or Freddy Krueger, but they definitely aren’t better!!!). I’m not partial to any genre, but I want music.
    5. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. – Running makes me hot, sweaty, tired, alive, exuberant, less-stressed, achy, fulfilled, exhausted, hungry. The bad of running can also be the good of running. If I don’t feel the aches and pains at times, I will never truly recognize when a run comes together perfectly. Running gets rid of my stress and makes me a better wife & momma. I may need Epsom salts, ice packs, Icy Hot, and ibuprofen sometimes, but it means I am pushing my body to be better and go farther.

    PS – “I’d like to thank the Academy…” – no mother runner can truly write a recipe without including her support team. I’m blessed with a husband who encourages me & gives me crazy support, a son who will run with me, a brother who trains & runs races with me (and who drove to another city to be my support team along with my son for my first half marathon because my hubby couldn’t be there), a mother-in-law who bought me TLAM and gives me gift certificates for shoes & gear, and countless runner friends who encourage me/egg me on/share tips & info/are amazing people.

  62. My recipe
    1. Running for sanity, lets just say I want my kids to have a happy fun Mom. 🙂
    2. Outdoors – crave it, love it; but have to say when it is cold I readily admit I have a “sensitive tush” and head indoors.
    3. Running gear – Ascis shoes, athleta shorts, bright top, headband; what can I say, my girls’ wild style have rubbed off on me
    4. 13.1 – I did it and now I want more!
    5. My husband – knows that I need to run, watches the kiddos while I run/train, and is there with my kids at the races cheering me on!

  63. 1. My past-a competitor, a team, a coach. Where I gleaned important knowledge and developed my love of running. Those years were where the spark of competition became ingrained in my being.

    2. My present-hip deep in motherhood of 3 small boys and dealing with injuries. But I persevere, not giving up because I remember my past and my love of running. Running is me–something that gives definition to me outside of motherhood, my family and my friends. Running is just for me where I can be alone and come home better a better wife and mother than when I left.

    3. Running is where I can put each foot in front of the other and allows me to dream about the future. Running is what gives me a place to prove to myself that I can, even when I think I can’t and a place to turn my dreams into plans.

    4. Running has been joy and pain. It has been sweet and bitter. A source of elation and depression. It has allowed me to feel. And if you do not feel, you are not alive.

    5. But mostly my running is fueled by my love for dessert. I love running, but I really, really love dessert.

  64. 1. The Spicy: Feeling the “burn” at the end of a 5K race, dying inside but pushing it out for just a few seconds saved.
    2. The Salty: Crusted salt that I scrape off my face after a hot, humid run this summer on the East Coast. Oh, and Salted Caramel GU- my favorite!
    3. The Bitter: Injuries! The ones that stop me in my tracks, spiraling me into despair.
    4. The Sweet: Those blissful injury-free days when nothing feels better than a long, sweaty run with a BRF.
    5. Bringing it all together: So worth it to be a RUNNER!

  65. Karin’s Badass Mother Runner Recipe:

    One medium sized, middle-aged mom
    One pint sized, precocious daughter with multiple diagnoses
    Two trusted “family of the heart” (to provide respite for Saturday morning long runs)
    Spicy beats
    Generous portions of conscious awareness

    Begin by checking the temperature of the mom; she usually comes thoughtfully pre-packaged in a marinade of misgiving, steeped in stress, or whipped and weary. If mom is room temperature to simmering, we suggest folding her over and over (yoga) to loosen her up. If the mom is already steaming or – oh, dear – scalding, use extreme caution! We recommend allocating plenty of room to breathe as she peels herself away from the trouble du jour and gets dressed. [Hint: Pouring electrolytes into suitable to-go containers for her is a great way to help cool her down!]

    Next, add one of the two sous chefs to the mix. They will blend into the family dynamic, and both have expertise in working with the girl child (who is both tough and tender, making her a challenging dish in her own right). Once the sous chef has control of the kitchen, the mom should be ready to beat feet. Make sure she is properly seasoned with a mixture of hot and spicy tunes, including Eminem, Avicii, and Robyn, before she pops out the door.

    As the mom begins to pound the pavement, combine pranayama (breath control), meditation, appreciation for nature, and self-help therapy. Allow her body and spirit to baste in this healing mixture for one to two hours. You will know she is done when her distress dissolves and her muscles melt. For extra sweetness, let sit (or nap!) before serving.

  66. 1. My Support System – When I first started running in high school, it was my mom gently suggesting “Why don’t you go for a run?” when she saw the crazed, over-stressed look in my eyes. Now it’s my husband who EVERY SINGLE TIME I ask him to go out for a run, train for a race, etc. etc. says, “Absolutely. I support you 100%.” And my 2-year-old daughter, who likes to join me once and a while saying, “Run, Mama! Keep running!” I would not be able to run without my support system.
    2. My Cause – I started running with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program in 2008. I lost my only sister in 1992 of a rare form of pediatric lymphoma. Being a part of Team in Training empowers me to do something about my sister’s death. I’ve raised nearly $15,000 in her memory, and whenever I think “I can’t do it,” I think of all those battling cancer, and all those who have lost their battle, and I remember that I can.
    3. My City – I am a born and raised Minneapolis girl, and my love for my city has only furthered my love for running. Minneapolis runners are passionate, fierce, and hardy – we have to be to survive the winters. Minneapolis is a beautiful city filled with great urban trails, lakes, and abundant beauty. How can you not run when you live in Minneapolis?
    4. My Gear – I am mostly a minimalist…but I gotta be rocking my Asics. A pair of bike shorts, capris, or tights, depending on the weather. A supportive sports bra to keep “the girls” in check. Sometimes a watch, sometimes not. Sometimes music, sometimes not. That’s one thing I love about running. You don’t need a lot of “stuff” – you just go!
    5. My Health – This has double meaning for me. When I say my health, I mean it’s my health that allows me to run, and also my health that motivates me to run. I am blessed with a body that is able and capable of doing amazing things. I have the health to be able to run. And running keeps me health. When I’m running regularly, I can feel how heathly I am, and continue to become. My legs feel strong, my lungs feel solid, my heart drums a steady beat. What a gift health is, and what a pleasure it is for me to maintain it!

  67. Here’s my recipe for a great run!
    1. My alarm clock that goes off at 4:30 a.m.
    2. A super supportive family, who, although they sleep through most of my runs, still cheer me on through thick and thin!
    3. Awesome running gear from Asics, Skirt Sports, Under Armour, Feetures, Moving Comfort, and Garmin
    4. 2 kids who look up to Mommy and love running with her (the little one still in the jogging stroller)
    5. Equal parts motivation and determination to be the best me that I can be!!

  68. 1. Deployment half marathon- first race ever
    2. Lost in motherhood- two c-sections and a broken foot, I had not bought running shoes in 3 years
    3. Found myself behind a double B.O.B- Stroller Warriors running club in Okinawa, Japan
    4. His and Hers marathon medals- training with my husband was the best and worst experience
    5. Ironman dreams- running has given me the strength and courage to pursue Triathlon

  69. ingredients:
    1) a soundtrack – you are mad, you are frustrated, you are elated – play it; run it
    2) support – your kids, your spouse, your friends. They know you can do this; believe them.
    3) shoes – still looking for exactly the right pair, but I’ve tried enough to know they DO make a difference!
    4) the end is in sight- the end of training time, the end of the race, the end of your LIFE… so get out there and grab this time we are given by the horns!!
    5) strength – of body, of mind, of character – running will require all of these, but give them back tenfold

  70. 1. Competition (I can’t PR everytime, but I can try, right?)
    2. Salt n’ Peper and most other rap/hip hop artisits from the 90s
    3. My favorite runners partners Becki and Rick
    4. The countdown (planning and training is just as fun as race day)
    5. Gratitude. My first marathon I ran by a guy with two prosthetic legs and I could not help but I think “I’m a lucky and blessed BAMR.”

  71. 1. Friendship. My girlfriends run and therefore I run. It’s all in the name of those who can’t run. 2. Peace and quiet. 3. Great music 4. Great shoes and my orthotics. 5. It is amazing what goals can do for you. Run a five k. Then a 10 k. Then a 13.1.

  72. I absolutely could not be the dedicated runner I am without the following 5 ingredients:

    1. A supportive and encouraging husband who makes it possible for me to run countless miles on end, never questioning my sanity and constantly helping me to discover my true potential.

    2. 5 amazing kiddos that seem to share my passion for all things running, from my oldest who has run a few races and hopes to be a runner herself, to my youngest two who are disappointed when I head out for a run sans stroller.

    3. A double jogging stroller that not only helps me get my sanity miles in but also allows me to mutli-task (running to the grocery store/post office/library…) and seems to be the gateway to middle of the day nap time.

    4. A town that was made for running, with access to paved riverbank trails, well maintained, forested trails, quick looping bark trails and professional caliber tracks right out my front door.

    5. A BRF who helped me realized that not all runs need to be solitary in order to be therapeutic… sometimes running with a friend can be even better.

  73. 1. Feeling healthy! After just training for my first 5k I have to say I feel healthier than I have in years!
    2. The constant blisters on my feet!
    3. My awesome circle of runner girlfriends.
    4. Great memories!!!
    5. Pushing myself to the limit and beyond!

  74. Recipe:

    Sift her instant bond with any runner anywhere. Blend in two little boys who ride along happily in the double BOB, and slowly add the family members and husband who race because of her persuasion. Stir in the 5K she organized to fight sex trafficking and sprinkle in the many still, quiet mornings.

    Makes one fierce mother runner.

  75. 1. Being grateful I still have the ability to run at the most difficult points in a training run or race!
    2. The feeling that comes every so often when I feel like I could run forever!
    3. Confidence that I am capable of running a Boston qualifying time in 2014. (I move up an age group in 2014, and I ran almost five minutes faster than my qualifying time at Grandma’s Marathon in 2013.)
    4. Friendships that have emerged from the growing running community in my hometown.
    5. Teaching my little boy about persistence, determination and living a healthy life!

  76. 1. My best running friends. I hate getting up early but for them I will just to hang out, talk, and squeeze in a run.
    2. My spi belt. I can’t imagine running without it and I don’t know how I possibly ever ran before I had it. I love how it holds all my stuff as I run with no worries.
    3. A great course/route. I love exploring and running races in different cities. It’s always a new adventure and time passes faster as I’m admiring the new scenery.
    4. My cheering squad!! Nothing pumps me up more or puts a little extra pep in my step as when I see my 4 boys cheering along the race. They make me feel like I’m winning (when in reality I am definitely not).
    5. Everyone who knows me knows this….I’m a medal whore. I love race medals. I rarely do a race unless there is a medal at the end. Sometimes I base my races solely on what the medal looks like. I feel like it’s my prize for all my hard work and training and I display them proudly.

  77. 1. Sugar. Massive amounts of sugar.
    2. Pre-dawn. God forbid anyone see me running
    3. Shoes. Because, you know, I like my feet.
    4. Pavement. I am way too clumsy for trails and grass.
    5. Dat ass. Gotta keep in shape for the men..errr man in my life.

  78. 5 Running Ingredients
    1. Team in Training – I joined Team in Training in 2009 when my sister at the age of 38 died of Leukemia. 11 years earlier my Dad also died of Leukemia. I have 5 marathons with Team in Training and have run to honor their memory. Plain and simple, my teammates are my running family.
    2. Racing – If I couldn’t ‘race’ I don’t think I would ever run. I really love to get in a good race. I love to push my body to the absolute brink and see how much pain I can possibly push myself through. I have to have goals but they are not always based on time. I just love the camaraderie of a racing. And isn’t a road race some of the greatest people watching on the planet?? I love runners – in all shapes, sizes, ages – whatever.
    3. Gear/Gadgets – I admit it. I’m a junkie. My husband has accused me of operating a running gear store out of my closet. I’m one of those people. I have to have my Garmin, just the right shoes, my Body Glide, my collection of hats, just the right bra. And oh yes, the continual cycle of my Mizuno Wave Creation shoes.
    4. Outdoors/Solitude – As much as I love running with my TNT teammates on Saturdays (and sometimes Wednesdays) one of my favorite things about running is just being on the land, soaking in my surroundings and taking in what the day has to offer. My mind wanders to nowhere and it is all me. No one can run those miles for me and no one can run that race for me or achieve those goals I have set. It is just me. That is such an empowering feeling.
    5. Facebook – I really hate to admit this: But I do love Facebook when it comes to running. I love the encouragement and the praise and yes, I suppose I love the attention. But the good that has truly come out of it is that I have had so many people tell me that I have inspired them in some way, to either start running or to run a half or full marathon. The other facet that I love is the community of runners on facebook. Whether it be my Team in Training friends, Run Like a Mother page, Run the edge or the ability to write directly to some of the elite athletes (and sometimes getting a response! Eeek! Kara Goucher wrote back to me once!!)

  79. I know I sound like a running train wreck (although it really was a near fatal auto crash), I have several things in my winter running recipe that are must haves.
    1.Most important would be my Asics Nimbus running shoes because they provide the cushion that my bad knee appreciates.
    2. My patella knee strap is almost a tie with my shoes. It allows my poor sad arthritic knee to keep going.
    3. Because I live in the Northwest, Yaktrax are also part of my recipe this time of year. Once again, gotta protect that bummer knee. (Ortho doc says there is a knee replacement in my future but encourages my running to stay active and keep weight down.)
    4. I buy the those packet hand warmers by the case to stick in my gloves to keep my Raynaud’s fingers happy and toasty warm.
    5. My Garmin 310 has changed how I run and I no longer have to drive a route to find out how far I
    ran and the freedom it gives me to run anywhere my little heart desires. My anal brain likes to know the exact distance I run..usually has to be a whole number 🙂

  80. 1. School – a hottie science teacher who happened to be the track and field coach. Those first years were motivated by that coach in 1980’s shortie shorts.
    2. College – Freshman 15 is NOT gonna happen! I fell in love with night and running in the snow. Many late night binges avoided and a great way to take a break from all night study sessions.
    3. Post Graduate school – AWWW the freedom! I can run any time of day, any distance and I’m loving this Sony Walkman! Music fueled those miles and this was when I began racing and joined my hometown running club.
    4. Work and marriage – I NEED TO RUN or someone is gonna get hurt. Half and full marathon races? No problem, the more miles the better!
    5. Marriage and kids – I HAVE TO RUN or nothing gets done. My focus, my patience, my zen are all affected by my miles. Where is my iPod? My Garmin? My running skirt? I can’t run without ALL MY GEAR! And my kids are now racing with me. Can it get any better than that???!!!

  81. 1. Running has become my exercise of choice over the last seven years because it helps me set goals, make a plan and have a sense of achievement.
    I love that running is a “no excuses” kind of exercise and that I can do it on vacation, business trips, at home and at work…just throw shoes, sports bra and some clothes in a bag and GO!
    3. I love the support I have found on this journey – RLAM, Facebook (runners and non-runners cheer on my posts), the gym, and even the shoe store that I visit at least every six months! Other runners care about eachother and thier progress.
    4. I love my the “gear” that I use to track my progress: iphone with Mapmyrun, my Bose headphones, and all the headlamps I use!
    5. One of the joys of being a morning runner is that I get to be in outside when it is quiet, be with wildlife and most importantly see the sunrise. The sun is my beacon and reward for getting up and getting out there!

  82. 1. Running in Queens with my life-long friend and running inspiration – it was on this run that I decided to train for my first race.
    2. Freedom – the freedom to bring my headphones or ditch everything for a quiet run. I’m in charge when I run (unless, of course, I am pushing a jogger, then we all know the kids run the show).
    3. Nature – when I am able to get out in nature on a run, this energizes and centers me like nothing else.
    4. A paid-for upcoming race – this confirmation keeps me running and inspired and focused to keep training.
    5. Playing with my kids – I want to stay in shape so I can be active with my kids. When I spend time with them, I a reminded to keep training, keep working out, keep putting the miles in.

  83. 1. Peace – time to be alone with my thoughts and no other demands
    2. Accomplishment – the ability to say “wow, I did that”. The memories of all my races run with me each day.
    3. Role model for my kids – love when they tease me about being sweaty but then want to go out themselves to run. They make me so proud.
    4. My role model – my mom who ran her first marathon in the 65+ age group. We have gone on to run 3 half marathons since then together for “girl get away weekends”.
    5. Determination – months on crutches and ultimately hip surgery and knowing it can’t stop me.

  84. 1. First, I need sleep. I run first thing in the morning, and if I don’t get in my zzz’s, I have a hard time getting up. The trouble is, I have a hard time getting myself to bed after the kids are sleeping because that’s when I get household things done.
    2. Next, I need company. Some days, it’s my dog jumping up and down excited to run. Some days, it’s a friend waiting. Other days, it’s music and sometimes the silence is a gift.
    3. For my feet, good shoes are essential. If I wait too long to replace a pair, I end up with a random injury. Also, since I live in MN, my Yaktrax are essential on snow and ice in the winter.
    4. Technology is next. My iPhone is a must for several reasons. I’m OCD about tracking distance and pace even on slow days. My husband can find me on GPS which makes me feel a little more secure on dark or long runs. I can call or be called in case of emergency and of course, for the music.
    5. Last is motivation and attitude. No matter what what frame of mind I’m in when I start, running straightens out my attitude. So, I just need a little spark to get my butt out the door, and I know my day will be better for it.

  85. 1. Sophie – my 4yo niece who died in Oct 2007 from a brain tumor. Although I ran before, the races and fundraising for St Jude (where Sophie was treated) I have done in her honor, give my running a whole different meaning. Any time I think this is hard or it hurts, I think of Sophie and the kids of St Jude, where quitting really is not an option.

    2. My sister, Emily, Sophie’s mom. She is truly an inspiration having not really ever been a runner her whole life, but after Sophie died decided she was going to run a 5K as part of the St Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. Not only did she do that, but has gone back every year since 2008 and has completed the half and full marathon at St Jude. Every year she has inspired others to join her and this past year was our biggest team yet…21 people!

    3. Asics 2000 series! I have worn these shoes for about 13 years now and swear by them! I tried a Brooks pair this past year but went back to my old reliables and bought the purple (my least favorite color!!) GT2000s.

    4. My 22-mile training run in preparation for the St Jude Marathon…I completed it at a 9:45 pace, felt pretty good after, immediately sat in the car for a 7 hour drive to Disney World and then walked around Disney with two kids for 3 days without any real problems! I thought I’d be able to rock the marathon. Well the hills in Memphis couldn’t compare to my flat training in FL and I had a less than stellar performance and had to walk…A LOT, but that run made me realize that I could hit a 10 or less min mile pace for a marathon. And although I said I’d never do a marathon again…I’ve got this small, but continually festering itch, to do just one more to prove I can hit that mark!

    5. My family…my husband who supports my running habit by holding down the fort when I train or race, makes ice runs for my post run ice baths, and brings the boys out to various spots along my routes to cheer me on (complete with their plastic instruments!); and my two boys who always ask how my run was when I get back and/or run down the cul-de-sac to greet me as I return from a run, and who make me laugh…as I gingerly walk down the stairs on sore post run legs, one at a time of course, carrying my 3yo after his nap and he says to me “Mommy, what’s wrong? Are your bones shaking?” Love them!!

  86. 1.jeans-running tones me in so many ways.
    2.pain-my body tells me when I am pushing too hard or something isn’t right and maybe it’s time to walk.
    3.naked-I read once to run “naked” and now realize it’s the best way. I’m not a fast runner and will never be on the podium getting a medal , so I just get out there as they say I’m lapping the folks on the couch ;0)
    4.13.1-this number gets me moving, even when I don’t want to.
    5.sun-living in WA having this almost makes it a requirement to get out since it can be LONG stretches before you may see it again .

  87. My 5 things:
    1.Health- never letting myself forget that I can do this and thankful that I get to do this!
    2.Depending on the day- my running buddies or running solo. I truly enjoy both.
    3. Nature- I crave the fresh air and the variety it brings to my runs. Lately Brrrrr…
    4. Attitude/Gratitude- however I’m feeling at the start is always greatly improved by the end of a run and feeling appreciative and “in the moment”.
    5. Family Support and encouragement- my husband and kids are supportive and excited about my running. My 23 year old daughter who has serious health issues met me 10 steps before the finish of a recent half-marathon and ran across with me. She told me I was her inspiration but really she’s mine….

  88. 1.My parent’s Dead End street – where it all started
    2.Huge gulps of fresh air – think sprints at the track
    3.Be a role model for my children – get out and do it, even if it is hard; live a healthy life and be thankful for a healthy body
    4.Banish the blahs – I started running, and 13 weeks later had run my first half marathon and found a little peace
    5.Wobbly post-run legs – a love/hate relationship

  89. 1) God, as He made my running and athleticism possible at the age of 45 when I first began, ever!

    2) wide open space, and the freedom that offers me here on the prairie

    3) the opportunity to explore now when we travel as I lace up and head out the door

    4) all the wonderful friends I’ve met due to running, they have been amazing and a key ingredient

    5) my #1 cheerleader, my husband

  90. I started running at the same age my Mother suddenly passed away. Running pulled me out of a fog I wasn’t even aware I was in. A lot of self-talk on the hard runs to my Mother. I live on country roads and I am up early for a commute to work so weeknight evening runs are all I have on the agenda with a trusty headlamp and the one night a week I get to run in town with running friends and street lights, a Nordictrack Treadmill would be very helpful keeping me running on a regular basis.

  91. ***I love AMR, bummer that Canada and beyond could not be include in contest… we sure have weather requiring a treadmill, but good luck to the rest of the AMR group you all ROCK!
    My 5 things to run,
    1) TIME/ CHILD CARE, now that my kiddos are not babies I cant just stick them in the jogger and go. I hate to leave them with child care at the gym where they aren’t active and I am… oh the momma guilt… but I do manage to squeeze some time in creatively (running home from work, at the playground) and it’s oh so precious.
    2) Support, my husband is AWESOME and kiddos too as they work together to make more time for me.
    3) My Garmin, LOVE IT! Again thanks to my husband, best birthday gift EVER!
    4) General good health, which when I run is usually much better! Remembering my inhaler on cold days and races is a must!
    5) Truthfully if I have the first thing on this list the rest is a bonus. Must admit that decent weather is a plus, not too cold, windy, rainy, snowy, slushy…
    Happy Holidays fellow Momma!

    1. You are so sweet, Connie: we love you Canadian runners…things just get really complicated going N of the border with shipping treadmills. Keep remembering that inhaler! xo Dimity

  92. 1- my support network who look after my 4 kids so I can get my runs in – the schools (I usually run after the morning drop off), my nanny (who looks after the baby who isn’t yet in school), and my husband (who dutifully watches the 4 little ones during my races)

    2- my physio who functions much like my shrink and coach – she finds my trigger points, makes a plan for my ITB, sorts out my achilles, and advises on my plantar fasciitis. More importantly she listens and encourages and helps- and for the first time in 30 years of running I am actually following through on my strength training exercises!

    3- my hand weights, exercise ball, yoga mat, elliptical trainer, yoga DVDs for my strength training and cross training at home, keeping me strong and hopefully injury free

    4- my IPad and the internet to keep me up to date on running programs, training ideas, new strength workouts, cool exercise gear, running bloggers and websites who inspire me and make me feel like a larger fraternity of women runners (run like a mother hello), educate me on new playlists and must have songs (important to this 40something mom who often feels out of touch with pop culture) and alert me to the newest gear, reviews on said gear, and links to where I might buy such gear (running skirts, the best running shorts, arm warmers, compression socks, compression tights, and so on…)

    5.healthy obsessiveness – it keeps me committed to running to putting in the training, to signing up for races, for inspiring to try new things, to pack my running shoes in every single suitcase I’ve ever packed, even doing 1/2 mile loops around game parks and campgrounds because there’s nowhere else to run. I am obsessed with running because it’s who I am and what I need to do, at least 3, but better 4 or 5 times a week to feel like ME. The essential, core of me. Before I was a student or a professional or a mother or a wife. I was a runner and every time I lace on my shoes and hit the road, i am returning to my essential core. Me.

  93. My running ingredients:

    1. A great skirt. My high school self who only shopped in the boys department and wore baggy jeans and giant t-shirts would be so incredulous that I love to wear skirts when I run. And that I run at all…

    2. Some great music. I love all the teen pop songs that have a strong beat and catchy-yet-mindless lyrics. I’ve been known to dance on a street corner while I wait for a light if the mood strikes.

    3. My competitive nature. I love to push myself further than I think I can go. There is nothing better than accomplishing something I have previously thought was out of reach. Hello, sub 2:00 half!

    4. My running partners. Some mornings it’s a super supportive group of ladies that encourage me to get out of bed at 5:20 (!) and some mornings it’s my two youngest who ride along with me and cheer me on up the hills, (Go, mama, go!) but it’s always fun to have someone to encourage me along the way.

    5. Gratitude. Running has taught me to be grateful for so many things. I’m grateful for my body that is strong enough to carry me through the miles I ask of it. I’m grateful to God for creating this beautiful Earth I get to experience one step at a time. I’m grateful to continually learn that I am stronger than I thought and I’m grateful for an amazing and supportive running community both in life and online!

  94. 5 key ingrediants for my runs are
    1. Believing in myself, all i have to on my run is me.
    2. Health, feeling sore after a long run is better than feeling sore after a long sit.
    3. Plans and advice, like those from another mother books.
    4. Comfortable clothes and cool gear. I love new running stuff.
    5. Finish lines! From just finishing to owning nothing compares to a finish line.

  95. 1. Strength. I am stronger than I thought I was. I started running at 39 because it felt like a turning point for me, as if the hourglass was running out of sand and if I didn’t start getting stronger fast I was going down hard. I woke up one day in May 2009 and changed the story. Turns out I am stronger than I thought I was. I am continually surprised when I am strong enough to reach a new distance or a faster speed. Being strong is where its at!

    2. Snug running shoes. After a broken foot and a slow recovery, I think about careful footing every time I lace up. I depend on my precious footwear for confidence and safety.

    3. Nature. I’m a sucker for fresh fallen snow, buds on trees, and foliage. It literally calls me outdoors and I answer every time.

    4. Solitude. I homeschool our 3 daughters and I frankly savor the run I have planned in my day. My time alone definitely makes me a better mom when I return.

    5. “How was your run Mommy?” is my favorite part of the run. News of improved speed or distance always seems to impress them and makes me feel like I can do even more next time–the best possible inspiration.

  96. 1) My amazing husband, Jeff, who is always helping me to find time for a run. I could never juggle our 2 full-time jobs, 3 kids and his high school basketball coaching AND my running if he didn’t help me plan it out, make lots of dinners and finagle bedtimes on his own sometimes.
    2) AMR podcasts. Seriously, I make myself wait till longer solo runs to listen and it’s so incredibly motivating! If I have to wait to hear Frick and Frack (Dimity and Sarah), you can bet I’m gonna plan that run to get my fix!
    3) Half-marathons. I can’t phone those in. I have to plan out my running for 4 months ahead of the good ‘ol 13.1.
    4) My BRF Emily. I love running with her at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings 9 months of the year (winter is too cold and icy!). We talk and laugh and figure it all out on those runs. Love it!
    5) Speed work. I’m never going to crack a 2 hour half-marathon (my 2:11 was a huge thrill), but doggone it if I don’t feel like a real athlete, a real runner, a real competitor when I do speed work.

  97. 1. Deciding it is ok to carve out some ME TIME.
    2. The friendships I’ve made since starting to run and workout.
    3. Consistency. I am happy that I’ve been able to keep running
    part of my regular routine. (I just think I’m too scared to
    stop – it took a lot of work to be able to so this!)
    4. Stress Reliever. Running helped me deal with the stress of
    a job loss and I think more importantly gave me confidence in
    my new job search.
    5. My workout diary. Logging in my runs and activities is kind
    of an obsession (I’m midway through my second virtual round
    trip run from LA to NY!)

  98. 1. Faith. I believe that what I put into running, I get out. Once in a while my faith is just ritual, and merely what I do, I do because I am not creative enough to do any thing else. Once in a while, I can transcend the ritual, and join the running gods.

    2. Escape. A running plan and key race supports my nurturing instincts for myself. If I did not have a must do run, well then, it would be so easy to escape into laundry, shows, and wine. Fun, but not the most sustainable escape.

    3. Shoes on a monthly basis. It is really easy to justify a new pair of shows a month when your body demands it. Who would refuse you new shoes if it made you fit, fabulous, and fine?

    4. Connection. With winter running I connect to two things. First, I connect with sagas. Either I watch a series from the pilot to the final episode while running on my treadmill, or I listen to a 40 plus hour book from Audible as I run. Second, I connect with my mortality. Yesterday, as I ran in 1 degrees the same course I run all season I a am grateful to know that I, most likely, will live to have run this loop all year. This is the ultimate connection: to the land in all her temperaments.

    5. Vulnerability. I have been running for a long time. When I was younger, I was filled with so much shame that I was never fast enough or good enough. Now, I can see myself, doing the same sport, but handling myself with more authenticity; it’s not that I am not fast enough . Really, I am scared to be slow. This is not about running, it is about living to a false idea or reality. Running for so long as reminded me to seek out these demons, and call them out. This is such a great practice as I get slower and children fill up my life, too.

  99. Transformation – proving to myself I could change my unhealthy lifestyle
    Example – for my kids and those who don’t think it’s possible
    Freedom – the feeling I get running down the first mile incline on my favorite trail
    Healing – knowing that I can beat my chronic illness as long as I keep moving
    Grace – the feeling I’m filled with after a run.

  100. 1. Albuterol. When I was young I thought my wheezing and burning lungs meant I was just not an athlete. I embraced my indoor nerdiness, but always wished I could have been sporty. Learning in adulthood that two little puffs could help me gain physical fitness, and the mental clarity that accompanies it, has been liberating.

    2. Earworms, not earbuds. As a musician there are always fragments of music playing in my head, and I use the time on my runs to study, enjoy, and delve into their richness.

    3. Friends. Mine match me step for step, which for them means reining in the pace. Significantly. Yet my BRF’s never make me feel slow or unworthy, instead their footfalls motivate, encourage, and support me far more than any sideline hoorahs.

    4. Knowledge that it’s not a race, even if it is. I’m aware that most runners thrive on competition, but I’m even more self-aware that a “must win” mindset would turn my running goals into a DNF.

    5. Suffering. Life is hard, so is running. I’m training for life5

  101. 1. Philadelphia. It’s where I ran my first half marathon which caused me to finally stop flirting with running and have a committed relationship. The fan support is always the best!!!!

    2. Hip injuries. I always seem to get them.

    3. River Runners. A group of runners that have quickly become my BRFs.

    4. Skadew and Schleppy. The two best running buddies. Whether they are joining me for a lap around the track, running a fun run or being pushed in a stroller.

    5. Sanity. Without running I would be insane, grey and bald. Running has helped me stay positive and build self confidence.

  102. My 5 Ingredients: H-E-A-R-T

    H – heaving my butt out of bed at 5 am to get that run in!

    E – enjoying weekend long runs with friends

    A – accepting that it isn’t always about a PR

    R – rest, ice, compression, elevation

    T – trading high heels and bunions for running shoes and missing toenails!

  103. B — By myself — I’m a loner when I run and I prefer it that way. As a mother of two it is nice to have me time!

    A — Always injured — well not always, but it seems like it. My foot strike isn’t very good and I end up with injuries a lot. I’m trying to work with a coach to help correct it, but it’s hard since I have been running that way for a long time!

    M — My husband — I couldn’t get out the door 6 days a week for a run (or to the gym to cross train) if it wasn’t for him. He not only watches the kids so I can go but is my biggest cheerleader!

    R — Run Forest Run! — Running for me is a lot like Forest Gump, “I just like runn-ing!” I have been running for 14 years now and have only ran around 9 races! I don’t really care about racing, I just like getting out and running for fun! Races are too stressful and really aren’t that much fun for me!

    S — Strong! I love how running has made me strong both mentally and physically. I feel like can do anything after a great run!

  104. 5 key ingredients for my running:
    1. Better body image. Running improves my self-image by keeping me fitter in my 30’s than I ever have been before.
    2. Role model for my 5 young children. I love showing my kids that fitness is fun and rewarding.
    3. Save my sanity. I started running when I had 2 year old twins and newborn triplets at home. I haven’t stopped yet and it’s more than 6 years later.
    4. Prove to myself that I am strong. “The pain I feel today is the strength I feel tomorrow.”
    5. I run because I can. Some are not as fortunate as I am to have health that I do…I will never take my health for granted!

  105. 1. My sparkling personality: I’m pretty sure I would had a rage stroke by now if it wasn’t for running.

    2. My furry sidekick: No one else is ever as excited to run with me. Ever.

    3. My cargo: If you can run with a double stroller, you can run anything.

    4. Coke: After doing ultras, I’m always sad when normal shorter races don’t offer me cups of Coke.

    5. My treadmill: It’s my life line and connection to sanity. I run during nap time and rewatch Buffy.

  106. Since runners like numbers I will use numbers in my ingredients. 🙂

    1. 12- the number of kids I have, who inspire me to be my best and to set the example that you are never too old to chase your dreams.

    2. 4:15am – the time I get up most days to get my running done before my kids need me.

    3. 80-100 – The number of miles I run most weeks, and this time of year they are often ALL TREADMILL. Last week was 98 miles on a treadmill, this week will be 100+.

    4. 82 – the number of pounds I have lost since I went for my first run, less than five years ago.

    5. 2:42:59 – The marathon time I need to run to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials.

  107. 1. Runner: Established February 1981. 33 years of running is one of my proudest achievements.
    2. Mother: Established January 1992 and July 1995. My daughters’ earliest memories may be of a sweaty mommy who had a sitter for one hour and used that hour to run, or who did an 18 mile training run at 4 a.m. so she’d be there when they woke.
    3. Traveler: My favorite travel experiences are all runs… courses along Lake Champlain, the Charles River, around Hyde Park and Central Park.
    4. Favorite Day of this BAMR who works full-time: The day after the winter solstice…the days begin to get longer…runners rejoice!
    5. Plans: “…to slow down as slowly as possible…” Frank Shorter.

  108. From the least important to the most:
    5. Pink. My ipod is full of powerful women singing, but I am devoted to Pink. My rule is that I cannot walk when a Pink song comes on; I use this rule to my advantage, by scrolling forward to find one of her songs when I’m feeling lazy.
    4. (Counter-intuitively, given this sweepstakes): My neighborhood parkway. I am a lazy runner, and like routines. Three blocks from my house is a tree-lined parkway; the easy out-and-back is 3 miles. Running on dirt, not being flanked by cars, and getting some sunshine (at least at the end of the run) does LOTS for my mood.
    3. Orthotics. After a gross bout of plantar fasciitis/tendon tearing last May, I got fancy-schmancy orthotics. Running without persistent heel and ankle pain is a revelation.
    2. Bianca (our dog). Having a hyperactive and large dog motivates me to run consistently. As a pointer, she loves being outside (though her sudden stops to freeze and point at birds and squirrels can make me stumble); running with her also is our best insurance at not finding half-eaten Tupperware (or worse) when we return home at the end of hte day.
    1. Low expectations. In your first book, you described my philosophy of ultra-non-competitive running (splits? paace? fartleks? Huh?); I am basically a yogi in a running skirt. Because running helps me so much in terms of my mental state, heart rate, and stress/depression management, I always have one basic goal for running (even now, when I’m sort of half-assedly following a training plan): just get out and do it, already. (The treadmill will help when bitter Colorado weather means I’d need to get in and do it already.)

  109. 1. Running from MS – it will never catch me!
    2. Completed my first half marathon this year. This girl loves a goal, and she Trained Like a Mother.
    3. Stretch, foam roller, PT exercises, repeat, repeat, repeat.
    4. Running pregnant is unpredictable, sucky, and amazing all at the same time!
    5. During this difficult year, running has been a shoulder to cry on, my alone time, my peace, my proof that I’m stronger than I thought, my inspiration, and my joy.

  110. 1. Couch to 5K: I kept hearing about that program from friends and finally gave it a go. I can’t recommend it enough for beginning runners. It is so incremental, you just can’t fail.
    2. Podcasts: specifically yours. I often find myself laughing out loud on runs.
    3. Now or never: I have been interested in running for a long time. Finally, as it was getting closer to my 49th birthday, I realized that if I didn’t get started soon, I probably never would.
    4. My Saucony jacket – the one piece of clothing that accompanies me on every run between October and April here in Minnesota.
    5. Turning back the clock: that is what running is doing for me. I feel younger, stronger and fitter. Now, it is up to my children to try to keep up with me!

  111. 1. Because I didn’t think I could. Weighing in at over 200 pounds- running was always a dream but never a reality. Then with a lot of determination I went from walking to running half marathons.
    2. 60 pounds lost
    3. Kids. Because I want to set an example. Because I want my kids to see that in my free time I don’t go eat meals I don’t need. I want them to see a sweaty mom come back with a big smile- feeling refreshed and happy. Because sometimes it’s easier to run 10 miles then it is to listen to them scream (this is reality. I am a stay at home mom with two young children who I LOVE dearly and whom I homeschool but there are times….it is hard)
    4. Trails- oh gosh all it takes is for me to start thinking about that river trail with the mud, the birds that sing, the water that rushes on by me, the old crickety wooden bridge, the overgrown forest, the brave squirrel that decides to run right in front of me, the rocks that I jump over in order to continue on the path, the part where you go downhill to meet the river again, the part where you promise yourself your not going to stop running as you feel like you are crawling up the hill, oh yes, and never forget the part when you want to quit and the song comes through your iPod that makes you increase your pace and push through.
    5. Running has given me a calmness in my life that I can not explain. It has helped my emotions dramatically. I am less reactive then I have ever been. I feel an intense “zen feeling” when I am in the middle of my run and immediately after. Even hours after- it helps clear my mind.

  112. 1. My first marathon in 2002, which I finished in 5:14, and which started a lot of crazy dreams and goals.
    2. My first Ironman, in 2006, where I realized that “anything is possible” if you just keep moving forward.
    3. My “running soulmates,” who are my 4 good friends that are *just* a bit faster than me. They push me, they listen to me vent, they encourage me when I am literally a heap on the side of the road about to puke, and they totally understand my need to know every port-o-potty along my route.
    4. My most recent marathon PR in Columbus in 2013 where I dropped 18 minutes off my best time ever, while I balanced raising two small kids with working full time as a teacher. I still get chills thinking about it.
    5. Seventy-eight seconds. After Columbus, it’s what I need to get to Boston, and it’s what I’m chasing in April at the Athens marathon. I’ll be chasing it down on icy, slushy, dark roads, but I’m so close that I can almost reach it, and you’d better believe I’m not stopping now. I’ve come so far on this journey since my first marathon, and I am excited to chase this dream down.

  113. 1. Because I can. It sounds trite but running has become something that I do and love because I have the ability to do so. It has not been easy but it has been fun and rewarding.
    2. Because I like cake. Copious amounts of cake.
    3. Because running puts me in a zen zone. For however long I am out there, my brain is calm. For however long I am out there, I have peace. Running gives me a much needed break from the crazies.
    4. Because I like setting tangible goals and then working towards them. Running has taught me to follow through and I am grateful for that.
    5. Because I want to set a good example for my sons.

  114. 1. My brother. He runs multiple marathons and half marathons each year. He encouraged me to start running a few years ago, and he sends me surprise running goodies in the mail all the time (socks, new earbuds, etc.).
    2. My husband. He watches our son on the days that I’m not in the mood to push the jogging stroller. I really don’t like running more than about 3 miles with the jogging stroller, so I very much appreciate his support and time commitment when I’m training.
    3. Trident cinnamon gum
    4. Asics Gel-Cumulus shoes. I’ve been wearing these shoes for years. I just purchase the newest version every few months. They fit my feet so well.
    5. Post-race pedicures!

  115. Even though my husband says we have no room in our modest house for a treadmill… a girl can still dream! When you first posted this it was -1 degrees out and I was heading over to my BRB house to run a couple miles on her treadmill while she entertained my daughter. What a friend!

    So here’s my list in no particular order:
    1. My inhaler- don’t leave home without it. I’ve been severely asthmatic since age 8 and used to be excused from running the track in gym glass
    2. My husband and sister: They ran track and cross country all through school together and my husband went to college on a cross-country scholarship. My sister can run a half marathon at a moments notice.
    3. My daughter- I got more serious about running when I was thinking of having a baby. I had a goal to run a half marathon before I got pregnant. As luck would have it I ran my first half 5 weeks pregnant.
    4. My BOB stroller: re: see above, best baby present ever from my sister
    5. Nature: More specifically the woods of Maine where I live. It’s gorgeous here and am lucky to call it home, you never know what or who you are going to run into on a run. The good: Eagle, Moose, deer.
    The bad: ATVs, logging trucks, black flies.

  116. 1. The support, and continued encouragement, given to me by my Husband , Joe. He challenged me to train and run a 10K almost 5yrs ago, and I haven’t stopped since.
    2. Calenders. I may not be great at sticking to my actual training plan, but being able to cross-off a day on the calender to acknowledge that at least I got out and ran is pretty awesome!
    3. Wine and ice cream. Because, really, I run so I can indulge a little.
    4. Quiet time. I have had some pretty great ‘conversations’ with difficult people and situations on my runs.
    5. My 3 beautiful, amazing, difficult, loving, and unique daughters. I know I am teaching them good habits, about failure and moving forward, commitment, making good choices, and goal setting among many other things by getting out and running!

  117. 1. My husband’s commitment to his country: I started running as a way to keep busy while my husband was deployed. One 5k per month was my goal. I ended up completing 3 half marathons! He keeps me going when I don’t want to get out of bed or off the couch. He helps with the baby and the dogs so I can get out there and just do it.

    2. My stubborn body: I wasn’t blessed with a lean body so I have to work at it everyday. Running helps me reach my goals.

    3. A throwback to my high school music years: Pandora’s 2000s Pop station is fabulous. It also lets me think about how far I have come and how different of a person I am now ( non-athletic, boozer, smoker).

    4. My right bum knee: my first half resulted in a long recovery with many rounds physical therapy. I have to make sure to not get in my head about it bc it usually is okay.

    5. The gear: I love feeling, looking and smelling like a runner.

  118. WOW! There are some really inspirational comments. I am pretty plain and simple. My 5 ingredients for running are:

    2-half piece of Trident original gum, I just tuck it in the back of my mouth…
    3-running pouch/belt to hold my music, keys….
    4-lip balm
    5-motiviaion to get out there

  119. My running recipe: 1) running to relieve pressures if the day…without it I would have to apologize much more. 2) my favorite song on my iPhone (right now it’s either nickle back or kings of leon). Both inappropriate for my 3rd part if the recipe. 3) long runs include a double bob, my 3 year old daughter & 1 year old son. I’ve gotten pretty good at pacing to fisher price little people songs which include “wheels on the bus go round & round 4) if I can’t get out side it’s to the basement to watch something Alaskan on tv. We are blessed to be renting a house where the owners left their gym equipment. Come April that ingredient goes away. 5) my favorite run, hands down is the thanksgiving turkey trot. I especially love the ones that give away free pumpkin pies when it’s snowing :). That’s it! My running ingredients that make me happy. Merry Christmas to all of those who brave the elements for temporary sanity.

  120. Five Ingredients:
    1. Exercise for your mind – you mind controls your body. We tell it what to do. Get your mind strong by reading things you wouldn’t normally read, doing puzzles,etc.
    2. Something to run to – a short term reachable goal
    3. Something to run back to – know that you have something waiting for you at the end of the run (coffee talk with friends, a hug from your toddler, a relaxing shower, any little reward will do)
    4. Stopping to smell the roses – pausing for a minute during your run to appreciate what you’re seeing, feeling.
    5. Encouragement – Use your experience to encourage others to be active and run.

  121. 5 ingredients to sanity:

    1. ab flab. ha ha…ALL my flab keeps me running. Wasn’t exactly blessed with a long a lean body, so I have to work hard to keep those cookies at bay. I can’t believe I’m still over-weight. What?!

    2. kids and more kids. I’m with my 4 wee ones 24/7. I need the run break to make me a more patient mom. I want to inspire them to set goals and attain them as well as spur on a healthy lifestyle from childhood.

    3. Just go. I have to roll out of bed before my body screams STOPPPPPP!

    4. It’s just me. Aside from a wife and mom, I am a person also. It’s so easily forgotten. I run for me. For my goals, in my time, and my victories. Moms are people too!

    5. Stress reliever. I feel better mentally/physically after a run. A doctor once thought I should be on medication having 4 under 8. Uh, yeah, no. I run, thanks. 😉

  122. 5 Ingredients to my running:

    1. No excuses! No snooze, just get out and go.

    2. Clarity. Running clears my head from frustrations, fears, or sadness. It brings a new perspective, hope, and happiness.

    3. Community. Even though I mostly run alone, the running community at races and in online running groups are so supportive and can get me through slumps and bumps that come along.

    4. Pink. (the color) I recently lost a dear friend to breast cancer. I wear pink in her memory and for awareness. We need a cure!

    5. Love. My family shows me love by supporting me and I am definitely a more loving person after I’ve run!

  123. My recipe for running:
    1. My BOB stroller, it has carried my son for 3 years now! He has taken many a naps in there, so mom doesn’t lose her sh*t!
    2. Best Running Friend Jessica. Without her, I can guarantee some of those long runs (over the last 2 years) would have been pushed aside.
    3. Colorado Mountains!! Running with the Rocky Mountains as a back drop makes me grateful every run!
    4. Hands Free dog leash. My chocolate lab is able to get her wiggles out as well, so the house is calm (or as calm as it can be with a 3 year old) in the afternoon.
    5. My husband. Without his support of running, racing and long runs would be really hard.

  124. 1. The support of my marathon mini-me – my five year old daughter that runs with me and did her first 5k at the advanced age of 4 years old.

    2. Music. Preferably Lady Gaga. I need to pass the time

    3. My Pear Training system, with heart rate monitor. After 5 weeks on crutches for an overuse injury following my first triathlon season, I’m using to to get back to running with injury (I hope) by being in the right zone and not pushing too hard.

    4. Nature. If possible. I love trail running, and love being outside. But I live in New England, so the treadmill is a necessity when there’s a foot of snow out!

    5. A goal race. Right now it’s a 5 miler for New Year. Not much, but after being sideline for the fall it’s a good start. Doing my first HM in April and first Oly triathlons this summer!

  125. 1. Goal I stated running in Feburary of this year with the goal of running a 5k. I had never been athletic at all, let alone a runner! When I started I had trouble running 60 seconds! My last race I came in 30.35! I think deep down I didn’t know if it was possible!

    2. Weight loss Running has been a huge part of my weight loss journey! Currently I have lost 100 pounds! I have 15 more to go to be at my long term goal.

    3. Friends I love the friends running has brought into my life! When you surround yourself with positive healthy people it rubs off on you!

    4. Running shoes LOVE my Brooks!!

    5. Inspiration Coming so far with my journey I hope to inspire others! If I can anyone can!

  126. My Running Recipe for Motivation

    1. My nightly milk and cookies.
    My treat for making it through the day and my reward for exercising. Some people have a night cap, I have my milk and cookies. Not only is it a treat, but it also ensures that I get up early in the morning for my run – I have to get up to work those cookies off!

    2. My “Mole Patrol”
    That’s the name my friends and I have given ourselves since we are up and out in the dark running in the EARLY am! These ladies keep me motivated, accountable, and entertained. They save me thousands of dollars in therapy as well!

    3. Virtual Races
    This is my new kick! These races keep me excited about running and allow me to do races on my time and without interfering with my family life. Not to mention, that most of them are for worthy causes!

    4. Family History
    Nothing motivates you like running from family health issues. I vow to remain active and healthy and fight off the family genes!

    5. My daughter
    Nothing keeps me up and going more than being an influence on my daughter. No better way to start the day than waking her up and and her asking me how many miles I ran that day.

  127. My “training” ingredients:

    T: Tempo runs! I love/hate these. I love what they do, and the
    feeling of going faster, but these are hard for me.
    R: Rest! I’m trying to be better about getting 7-8 hours of sleep
    every night.
    A: Athleta Polartec running tights! Awesome in the cold winter
    I: Inspiration! This/other blogs, Runner’s World, my family and
    friends, posting running goals are all great.
    N: Newtons! Lady Isaacs to be exact. I switched to these after
    wearing another brand for years, and I really like them.

  128. My 5 ingredients for running S.P.E.E.D. always hungry for more.

    1. S. Strong. The unbelievable stregnth I feel when I run. Amazed by how strong my body can be.

    2. P. Personal. Its all mine. Hardwork, perseverance. effort it only comes from me.

    3. E. Energy. A run may tire me but it always leaves me full of energy.

    4. E. Eat. Allows me to eat chocolate and ice cream guilt free. (in moderation of course)

    5. D. Determined. Run, run, run, that PR is right there. The drive to reach the next goal.

  129. 1) My love- my husband who patiently ran along side me as I whined through my first, seemingly insurmountable miles and who still runs with me (or slightly in front- to frustrate me out of my comfort pace). We don’t run together often, but I love those miles we share when they happen upon us.
    2) My sports bra- won’t do it without the girls properly stowed!
    3) My music or podcasts! I need the distraction, love the time to listen to uncensored mommy music, and love listening to news or talks that I otherwise wouldn’t get to do.
    4)My kids- all four of them have participated in one way or the other with my running and nothing gets me going faster or longer than my sweeties asking “mommy going to do a race?”
    5) My running club- I coach a kids running club at a local elementary school and, well, you gotta walk the walk! Those kids keep me going and constantly inspire to me learn more, try harder, and laugh, laugh, laugh!

  130. As a homeschooling, marathon training mother of five, my running recipe is:

    1. My supportive, encouraging and patient family.
    2. My treadmill
    3. My Beats
    4. My plan
    5. My race

  131. What an amazing opportunity – thanks ladies!

    The main ingredient in my running journey is my family. I recently did the Marine Corps Marathon; the 1st mile was for my husband, because without his support, I would have never made it to the start. From there, I devoted 5 miles to each of my 5 children. The last .2 were for me, and man was it awesome!

    Every successful run or tri I have done had a little sugar. Call me crazy, but chocolate chip cookies are a great pre-race treat.

    In order to stay hydrated, I always carry my water bottle. I am kind of like Linus, it’s my security blanket, and I feel uncomfortable without it.

    To add some spice, my tunes are my go to on long runs. I do enjoy the lighter taste in the early hours; however, and I go out with naked ears.

    Like any good recipe, it gets handed down. My parents were always very active in athletics and fitness. My mom was diagnosed with MS when I was in college, and the motivation she gives to me and my sister is beyond measure.

    Thanks again for this chance ladies!! A happy and healthy 2014 to you!!

  132. Running is a “family” recipe. My five key ingredients are:

    1. My Dad

    Dad is now halfway over his goal of running a marathon in all 50 states. His last mile mantra of “anyone can run a mile” seems to be working to get him across those finish lines! On the race course he’s the kind stranger offering a word of encouragement. Volunteering with Girls on the Run is how he gives back through running.

    In April 2013, we met up for a father/daughter race weekend. Dad ran with me for the first 10 miles of my half-marathon distance until the marathon course split away. It was one of my favorite 2013 memories. We are already planning to meet up again in a different state this spring.

    2. My Mom

    Mom became a mother-runner in her 50’s. Her example of losing a significant amount of weight and running a half-marathon inspired me to run my first half-marathon. We ran together!

    3. My Husband

    My husband does not “get” running but that has never stopped him sending me out the door to do my thing. I am forever thankful for his support.

    4. My Children

    For better, and for worse, my three children keep me running. Running is “me time” to recharge, dream, and get stronger. There are the occasional times I run to escape. Shh, don’t tell on me!

    6. Community

    Though not flesh and blood, the running community is like extended family. Community reminds me that I’m part of something larger than myself. On a more intimate level, my running partner is like a sister; we share secrets, laughter, and tears. She has faithfully met me for 5:30am runs for the last five years. We’re training for our 2nd half-marathon together!

  133. Angeline’s Five Ingredients for running…

    1. Brinkley Miles – My brittany spaniel was by my side when I took up running again a few years ago. He was there on my right side with every step and every mile. His big doggy smile and his pride after each run helped motivate me to keep with it. After a few years, the dog who lived up to his middle name, had to retire from running due to hip dysplasia. It breaks my heart every time I leave him at home for any run over a few miles! He may not be with me on every run but he’s always in my thoughts, still motivating me to do one more mile. A dog is most definitely this runner’s best friend.

    2. Memory Lane – I could not run without a playlist full of songs from major events in my life that instantly bring back a flood of memories and emotion. Whether it’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” or “When I Get Where I’m Going” on the playlist, I love how memories fueled by song can make any run seem effortless.

    3. Mother Nature – People say running is repetitively boring but I believe Mother Nature is running’s greatest asset. Every season has its “thing” that makes running the greatest sport on earth. Fresh flowers in bloom and a light warm breeze on the face, baking sun and cool sweat sliding down the temples, hard driving rain that will make any runner feel like Rocky in training, dried leaves crunching with every step, or the crackle of a snow packed road and the light pelting of snow on the eyelashes. Every run is different thanks to Mother Nature.

    4. Journal – Running inspires so many thoughts that it literally feels journals. I find my clarity, my focus, my next novel idea, and my next research project while running. Having a place to dump all those thoughts after running is just as integral to my running journey as the calendar that holds my daily distances.

    5. Community – For being a solo sport, running to me would not be what it is without other runners. Whether it’s online communities, a running club, my weekly running buddies, or the complete stranger who lines up next to me at a 5k, I know that we all have at least one thing in common. We all strive to improve individually and never waiver when it comes to supporting another runner!

  134. 1. The right running clothes. If everything doesn’t feel right, it bugs me. Gone are the days of running in sloppy sweat pants and cotton t-shirts.

    2. My phone: I like the security of having it, it tells me me distance and pace, and it keeps the music flowing. It’s like it knows when I need a pick up the pace song to come on.

    3. The new group of moms I run with after we drop our kids off for school. 7 degree weather and we all still show up because know one wants to let anyone down. I was so nervous to start running with them after exclusively running alone for 9 months. So glad I did. Yeah, they are faster, but they are helping me achieve that pace I need to get my goal sub 2:00.

    4. Plainning the next race. It gives me something to works towards, a reason I must get out and train and keep this body going.

    5. My daughter. Every time I run, she drills me with questions about my pace and how it felt. She’s 9 and asks to go with me. I know on those days the run will be shorter and take more time, but it’s totally worth the excitement from her when she finishes. I will never turn her down because I’m running for her. To show her anyone can be a runner

  135. 1. Motivation- in my case it was a nurse who sat with me after delivering my son and told me I survived a life threatening delivery illness because I was strong and healthy. After I recovered from the delivery I took charge of my health and fitness like I never had before.
    2. The right mix of perseverance and patience, perseverance when running (or life) isn’t easy and patience when running or racing don’t go as planned.
    3. A supportive team, the swifts, who let me run with them even though most of the time their warm ups are faster than my race pace.
    4. A great running path just outside my office door and lunch running buddies to keep me accountable.
    5. Audiobooks, podcasts, and great music.

  136. 1. Lace up those shoes – the first step can be the hardest, but once they’re on, your mindset changes.
    2. Accountability – when the alarm clock goes off at the BCOD (butt crack o’dawn), or it is the end of a long day at work, if you know that your friends are going to be there, you get there.
    3. Set a goal – whether it is 3x a week or a half-marathon, set a time or distance goal that is attainable, so you can check it off and feel the pride of getting it done.
    4. Notice the little things – look at the stars on that early AM run, or the snow clinging to the tree branches. This creation around us is amazing, and the pace of running allows us to see it all.
    5. Celebrate you – you are strong; you are healthy; you are awesome!

  137. 1) My first 5K. I felt so accomplished! Little did I know this was a gateway drug!
    2) Realizing during training for my first half marathon that I was pretty darn special for running on 1 foot (I am an amputee).
    3) My BRF. She trained with me for my first marathon having no intentions of running it with me then jumped in when my hubby couldn’t go paying the late registration fee and holding my hand as we crossed the finish line together.
    4) My family who has embraced all my running related craziness!
    5) My acceptance letter to run Boston in April 2014. Dreams come true!

  138. Thanks for this chance! Your amazing….
    1). An amazing race! I need a great race location w/a great charity. The charity part helps me not feel so guilty for spending time away from my 2 kids.
    2) a group of people who get me. From a great training parter (the amazing Christine Converse who is an working mom, author, and artist), to my running store Fleet Feet Aptos (walking in always feels like a hug), my family who on my really important races are waiting for me at the finish line!!!!!
    3). My music, as cheesey as some of that stuff is, I would get through those long distances w/o a great go of “whop there it is” damn it!
    4) my gear…Mizuno shoes, YurBuds, compression socks for 6 miles n up, gels/gu for 6 miles n up and recovery foods of bananas n milk
    5) Honestly my tread mill, my amazing, wonderful, Trudy the Tread Mill (whom just died on me) made it possible to train for the biggest races in my life. I bestowed much love on her. With her just breaking and a Half coming up in 35 days away I was shattered and left w/o any motivation. But like all strong mother runners I fought back against my negative thoughts and started going outside, even in this cold snap we have going on here in the Santa Cruz Mts. I found some amazing places that are safe (I have to deal with mountian lions up here-hence a little fear of going on dawn/dusk adventures!) and even have bathrooms!

  139. 1. Determination. I have not been able to finish a race farther than a 5k from ankle reconstruction, but I am still determined to try each time. I will make it to a 10k or even a half marathon one day.
    2. I love love…podcasts! I catch myself laughing out loud a lot.
    3. My running partner, the baby I’m carrying. It has been an experience adjusting everything to running while pregnant but I feel so good from it! I am hoping the baby will love the jogging stroller too!
    4. Sprints, believe it or not I love doing sprint intervals at the end of a run, I feel energized and so happy from them.
    5. Peace of mind. Running gives me a tranquil & peaceful mind. It is so soothing to the mind. I feel calmer & a better person after running.

  140. The recipe for my running journey:

    One dash of silly promises to my husband that somehow got me signed up for a Ragnar relay as my first race since high school.

    A cup of early morning running before my husband leaves for work.

    3 tablespoons of jogging stroller wheels used generously to carry my daughters when my husband is out of town.

    3 cups of loving support from my daughters, husband, and friends.

    2 feet that carry me through many fun / hard / empowering / crazy miles.

    Whisk all ingredients together and put outside between temperatures of 10 – 110 degrees to bake a mother runner.

  141. 1) clears my mind – forget the worries forget the day to day.
    2) friendship – the people you meet sling the way have some amazing stories to tell. Running is a connection
    3) health – not only for the mind but the body. Even though I am slow i feel the blood moving keeping my mobile longer is a goal in life
    4) easy yet so hard – can be done anywhere so long as you walk out that door. But accomplishment afterward is the reward
    5) goals- keeps me on track to follow my goals. If I can do it with running then others follow

  142. 1. Asics running shoes, currently loving my Tri-Noosas.
    2. My purple running capris. Tasteless and garish, but they make me feel fast.
    3. Pandora radio, I like spontenaeity and the running mix stations are really quite good.
    4. My youngest daughter who keeps me company either playing by the mill or in the stroller.
    5. The Healthy at Any Size movement that has helped me learn that the end goals of running are running and good health, not a specific number on the scale.

  143. My 5 ingredients are:

    No music: First its safer for my early runs but really you just feel more connected to nature and your surroundings. I love the soft sounds of running over leaves and the crunch of gravel trails. Just doesn’t get any better.

    Nike free 4.0- They really make your feet light as air, are good for keeping the toes warm too during winter runs.

    Cold running gear- Running in 26 degree weather no problem. I love the fact that I tough it out no matter what. Pouring rain, snow, cold ass hell temps. Get outside. Plus it shows that I am devoted to my sport 🙂

    Goals: I completed a running streak last year logging over 1800 miles in one year. Why? b/c I wanted I love to run without goals. I don’t do races no care too. Why someone to pay to run baffles me still.

    Boston Marathon: I was there for the bombing. My city and the sport that I love. I run because I still have the ability that some don’t and I am grateful for it every day.

  144. My Five:
    1) Music free. I need time alone with just my thoughts and the chance to take in my surroundings.
    2) Chapstick. Can’t live or run without it!
    3) Preparation. Laying out all my clothes, gear, and water the night before makes it easier to fall out of bed and get out the door for my run.
    4) Therapy. I found a physical therapist who fixed my IT band issues and if I could, I would throw him a party and give him a million dollars!
    5) Kids. My girls don’t run with me yet but they are the most supportive and encouraging people in my running life!

  145. 1. Stroller Strong Mom’s: The fitness group I joined at our last duty station full of BADASS mom’s working out and having fun. They inspired me to lose all my 1st baby weight and run my first half marathon. We have since moved but these women inspire me to work my hardest and be the best I can be everyday!
    2. Pride: I am proud to be an Army Wife, proud to be a mom, but I am most proud to be a runner. I run because it’s the one thing that makes me feel as strong as my husband. He is so very strong and physically fit but I am so EXTREMELY proud that I have run a half marathon and that’s something he has never done.
    3. Sanity: A key ingredient for a great run. When I am so stressed out, haven’t slept, bickering with my husband, missing my family I have the best runs. It’s truly a time that I like to savor and clear my head and it makes me a better person.
    4. Friendship: Since we are constantly moving around the country, and heading to WA state next. YAY! Running has been my way of meeting new people. I met my best friend through a love of running and can’t wait to start new friendships when we move.
    5. Just Go!: I don’t need a reason to run, although I have many reasons of why I love it. The fact it has helped me lose weight, I am showing my daughter the importance of doing something for yourself, I am getting through my 2nd pregnancy in a healthy manner, I am becoming the person I want to be through running. But I Love to run and when life gets hard or I’m bored and looking for something to do, I just put on my shoes and Just Go! No planning, no driving to the gym, no excuses. I just GO!

  146. My 5 Ingredients

    1. My favorite route. 4 miles of pure bliss…some straight-aways, a couple small hills, a pretty jaunt through a park, and a Panera at the end!

    2. My three favorite race companions. My husband, my mom, and my 6-year-old son. I have yet to run a race without the three of them by my side.

    3. My gear. Shoes, Garmin, shorts, tights, tops, bras, socks. It now takes up an equal amount of space as the rest of my wardrobe. Ok…maybe a little bit more…

    4. Strength of body AND of mind. Running requires both.

    5. The number 40. It’s the number of pounds I have lost thanks to developing an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle. It took me 6 years to do it…6 years of wanting to be a runner. I have arrived. Goal weight, people…it can be done!


  147. 1. My health – I started running to break through a plateau in my weight loss efforts, but it took me places I never expected. My goal was to drop another 10-20 pounds, but here I am on the cusp of a healthy weight range for the first time since … since maybe ever. When I feel beat up after a long run or disappointed after a race, I need only remind myself that dropping 100 pounds — and dramatically changing my lifestyle to one that is healthy and happy — is the best prize of all. And running gave it to me.

    2. Community — Though I’m one of only a handful of runners in my tiny town, social media has made me part of the global running community. I feel so blessed to be able to find advice, support and camaraderie through blogs (like AMR!), Twitter chats, Facebook pages and podcasts. And when I gather with other runners at races, I instantly feel connected to them by the strong thread of our sport.

    3. Sheer determination. — If anything, my bull-headedness is what gets me out the door most mornings. When motivation lacks, determination to reach my goals gets me through. Even when the snow is piled high (like today), I realize the only way to get the miles done (without an awesome NordicTrak in my home), is to put one foot in front of the other — even if I can’t see them beneath the snow drifts.

    4. “Clarity” by Zedd, perfectly describing my love-hate relationship with running:
    “Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need
    Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don’t know why
    If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
    If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?”

    5. Family – Running has become a family affair, and I love how it has changed our dynamic. Obviously as a mother runner I have to find ways to fit my miles into my husband and daughter’s schedules, which can be cumbersome. But the joy I get when my toddler yells “Go, momma, go!” from the stroller or adorably tries to “stretch” with me in the living room is beyond words. The running bug also caught my husband, brother and sister this year, and crossing finish lines with them was something I never thought possible. Family gatherings are much more fun when the endorphins are high and miles are full of chatter.

  148. Today’s top 5:
    1) The perfect balance of the right amount of fueling, fuel to have a strong run, conquer the hills and not too much that GI issues interrupt my run or worry that the pee running down my leg will freeze (or worse, be visable to oncoming traffic)!
    2) There’s never ‘enough’ time in the day, we all have the same 24 hours but when I can get out for my run w/o knowing that the someone my toddler will at the door when I arrive home waiting – meaning stretching will not happen.
    3)Trusting that the February 2nd, Mid-Winter 10miler I signed up for was a good idea – and the Farmer’s Almanac was right, we’ll get lots of snow this winter and wrong, it won’t be the coldest winter on record.
    4) Head to toe, the right outfit. One that’s weather appropriate (my temperature and Mother Nature’s temperature), comfortable (truth: not having to use my hair elastic to hold up my running skirt which was made w/out a drawstring?!) and my ‘kicks’, my Saucony’s – dry, colorful, and not tied too tight (or realizing that before heading out the door).
    5) Tax dollars at work = the roads / sidewalks have been plowed. I live in Maine, last night’s 16+inches of snow meant I was like a little kid, running to the window w/each passing snowplow sound waiting for Santa but I was waiting for the town snowplow to pass our road.

  149. My 5 running ingredients:
    1. Emotion ~ Running is the only thing that brings out my most hidden, compressed emotions. I find myself in awe over and over again of all the “feelings” I experience during and after a run.
    2. Passion ~ A reward thru many years of running. A love that only other runners understand.
    3. Determination ~ If I can do this… I can do anything feeling. This sense of spirit has pushed me thru the hardest times in my life and it all stems from my running.
    4. Confidence ~ All my anxiety and self doubt is washed away during a run. My mind relaxes and I finish a strong confident mother runner!
    5. Accomplishment ~ There is no greater feeling then completing 3 or 20 miles. So many days that’s what gets me started… knowing what the end will feel like.
    And lets be honest here… I’ll be 40 this year and have a runners body that I work my a$$ off for and am very proud of… so I’ll finish with a little vanity!

  150. My 5 key ingredients:
    1. Good trails and great friends to run them with. Road running and running alone can get tedious after a while. Trails keep my legs fresh and my running friends (all badass mother runners) keep my spirits high.
    2. Solid goals. This year I’m aiming for my second 50K and my second Ironman; the first in the spring and the second at the tail end of August. I tossed in a mid-October marathon to keep me moving after the IM high has evaporated.
    3. Support from my family. I love that my kids are older now, because as a mother runner it can be hard to get away. They understand when I get up at zero dark thirty to run trails for three hours with my girlfriends, and they’ve learned to make kick-ass crepes. Yes, my 14 and 11 year old kids can whip up crepes – as good as your average French chef. I swear it.
    4. Pineapple Roctane. It’s the only flavor I can stomach for five hours of running (or more) and no caffeine. After the first three or four gels, I quickly get on caffeine overload and trust me. It’s not pretty.
    5. The right shoes. This changes from year to year. Right now I’m running in Salomon trail shoes and Brooks road shoes. I have also run in Mizunos and Asics. The point is, whatever it is at the time, it HAS to be that exact right shoe, laced to the proper tightness, worn with socks that are the correct thickness, or my feet will not be happy. And when mama’s feet aren’t happy … ain’t nobody happy.

  151. 1. My job….working in a run specialty store keeps me going. I like to be able to compare stories about runs, races, gear with my customers.

    2. Newton running shoes….I can’t leave the house without them. With them I have been injury free for two years.

    3. My husband…while he doesn’t run he never holds me back from running or racing. He is always a super good sport.

    4. My running besties….without them I would have never trained for my first half marathon or marathon. We push each other on a daily basis and would all be really sad without each other.

    5. My skirts….I never run in pants, I even pull my favorite skirts over my winter tights.

  152. My 5 key ingredients:
    1. My running friends
    2. My bright blue brooks
    3. My nano with my sister’s play list when I have to run alone
    4. Compression cuff
    5. And always remembering I am setting a good example for my boys!

  153. My 5 key ingredients:
    1. Staying strong and healthy through strength training workouts with my trainer.
    2. Being inspired by my fabulous running friends – by the obstacles they have overcome and the dedication they model.
    3. Sharing my love of running with the next generation by coaching my son’s middle school cross country team. I’m not sure who gets more out of the season – me or them!
    4. Having a supportive family – my husband never complains about the time I spend training and my kids are always excited to know how every single run went for me.
    5. Finding peace – running gets me outside where I can appreciate the joy of nature and allows me to let go of stress and find my calm, happy place.

  154. Ana’s 5 Ingredients :

    1.Better Mother: Running has helped me so much in becoming a better mother to my 7 year old daughter. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I’m a better person because i run.

    2.Girl Power: The strength that running gives me and all other mother runners around the world empowering women one run at time.

    3. My Happy Place: Running is my ” Ana Time” where i can listen to my favorite songs, sing-a-long to Alicia Keys ” This girl is on Fire” without any care in the world .

    4. Killer Legs: I love what running has done for my body and self confidence especially how my legs look in short shorts or running skirts.

    5. Courage to Believe: Stealing this Mantra from Kara Goucher, but Running has given me the courage to believe in myself, believe in my dreams, believe that I’m one Strong Mother Runner!

  155. My five ingredients are:
    1. A goal-goals help motivate me to push ahead and feel that I am achieving something. And they get me out of bed in the morning!
    2. Friends-everyone needs support!
    3. Good running bra-again, support but in a different way!
    4. An awesome training plan as found in Train Like a Mother!
    5. A new treadmill-the one I have is 13 years old and loud! Everyone in the house lets out a collective groan when I turn it on! I live in an area that doesn’t have anywhere to run so I have to drive to my running haunts.

  156. Colleen’s Five Ingredients:

    1. The Goal – no matter how big or how small, having a goal keeps me going. Currently, The Goal is my first marathon in March 2014.

    2. Cold Weather Gear – nothing says “badass” like running at 5:15am when it’s 15 degrees. Knuckle lights (wrapped in a scarf to keep them from freezing up), hat, gloves, and two layers of tights are all critical components.

    3. High Expectations – of my legs (to keep going) and my mind (please, just “don’t think”) to get me out of bed and through the run, even if it’s dark and cold.

    4. Imagination – my mind can go anywhere when I run. I’ve mulled over everything while running – from changing jobs, to missing a loved one, to how quickly my boys are growing, to whether or not I can really pull off skinny jeans. All the important stuff.

    5. My Tribe – even though we don’t always run physically together, we are together in spirit. They know what it means to “accidentally” run 10 miles instead of 7, we share ideas on how to break it to our husbands that we are signing up for yet another race, and they all know that running a 5K with a double jog stroller is the epitome of cool.

  157. The Five Ingredients of My Running Story
    1. Music that increases my cadence (Florence and the Machine Dog Days are Over) and gets me singing out loud as I run (Katy Perry Roar)!
    2. Returning from a long run or finishing a race and having my kids tell me, “good job mommy!” I am proud I am setting a good example for my girls.
    3. Barefoot running turned me into a person who loves to run instead of just tolerating it. I love my Nike Frees.
    4. Endorphins that can fix any bad mood.
    5. A shifting perception of normal. After running my first 5k, I didn’t think I ever needed to run any further than that. Now, I am ready to step up to the starting line of my first marathon in January. 140.6 doesn’t sound unreasonable anymore. It is crazy that I now think this is normal, but I love it.

  158. 1. For my overall health, to experience ‘being in the zone’ where body and soul are once again living in harmony.
    2. The curiosity of the length of time it would take to wear out my running shoes.
    3. A sports bra that have been most supportive, under 10 dollars.
    4. Run for others who can’t or won’t.
    5. To prove to myself that age is only a number.

  159. 1). “Inspiring”/dragging friends and family into running or races! I’ve been able to get several friends and a few family members to join me on neighborhood runs or the occasional 5k fun run. I’ve even encouraged 8 to do their first Half Marathon!

    2). Trail running. I used to be a die-hard gym-going treadmill runner and NEVER thought I’d enjoy running outside, especially not on uneven and sometimes muddy trails. Now, it’s my bliss. Whether it’s with a friend, with my dog, or solo, I love to get out and explore the trails!

    3). Massages! Being a runner automatically gets you reasons to get massages, right? Right!

    4). Bling and photos: I love getting race medals (I did 17 races in 2012 and about 20 in 2013… I didn’t get medals from all, but I sure do have a lot…) and having photos taken with friends or family at races (especially if they’re running/walking them with me).

    5). Setting an example for my 2 1/2 year old daughter (and soon to be Baby #2). She’s been going to races and on runs with me since she was about 5 months old and now that she’s old enough to run, she loves it! When I have a race coming up, she tells me matter-of-factly that she’s going to run the kid’s race. She’s thrilled when there actually is one! I’m hoping her enthusiasm and healthy habits stay with her for life!

  160. *Disclaimer–I have been “pounding pavement” for nearly two years, but just this summer learned that I could call myself a runner. (Thanks to the AMR podcast I was listening too.) While all of the gadgets and gear are cool, when I first thought of what my “ingredients” would be, it wasn’t any of that stuff. Maybe this gives you a peek into my running nature.

    My running ingredients–
    1-One heart with the desire to work hard
    2- Two feet AND two legs that propel me farther and faster than I ever thought I would go. (considering that I didn’t start running until I was 41, that’s a pretty big deal)
    3-Three days a week running. Period.
    4-Four long distance friends who I have never worked out with, but have, and continue to, inspire me. Tammy, Jane, Tiffany and Jenny. I think of one of them EVERY time I go out.
    5-Five words that help me ANY time…”If I finish, I win!”
    *Side note…after 7 weeks of injury recovery and illness, this morning I ran 4 miles. In 38* temp, in the pouring rain. I won!

  161. My ingredients are:
    1) A perfect playlist–if I’m looking forward to listening, I usually can just go w/out an internal argument.
    2) Comfy shoes–I know if I have too many miles on them; they really do make all the difference
    3) No slip headband–If my hair in flopping in my face, I will lose it. 🙁
    4) Kleenex–I never remember to take one, but about 3 minutes in, my nose runs for some strange reason & I always wish I had one!
    5) Awesome temp. — I do best between 38 and 46 degrees.

  162. 1. Racing! I love the atmosphere at races, especially women’s events. It often gets me out the door for training when I don’t want to run. If I want to enjoy the race experience, I need to put the time in training.
    2. Increased self confidence and a lifting of depression. As a teen ager and young woman, I had very low self esteem. When my husband left, after I had just had a baby, I spent a decade depressed and gained a lot of weight. But running pulled me out of it. I love my life today, and running and now triathloning are a big part of that.
    3. Running with my son (he is now 20) several times over the past few years. It is such a joy to share my passion with him.
    4. The rail trail I run on most frequently.
    5. The community of strong athletic women, both near and far (online!) that I have met through my 7 year journey back to living life to the fullest.

  163. 1. Running away from & back to my kids- When I leave I’m craving the alone time but by the time I’m headed home I’m equally craving the smiles on their 3 little faces when they see me come through the door.
    2. My dog Bella-she’s the most loving, dedicated Rottie Shephard you’ll ever meet. She’ll scare away anyone who comes too close to me but she’ll also lie in my lap, belly up. like she’s 5 lbs instead of 90. My best friend.
    3. The right socks!! After years of large blisters in my very low arches being the norm, I trained for my first marathon and was introduced to real running socks. My arches are forever grateful.
    4. Protein shake before, banana & PB after- for 10 yrs I battled an eating disorder that saw me running 5 miles on treadmills in NYC every day, often having not eaten in days. Now it feels so good knowing I’m strapping on my shoes with a healthy, energizing meal in my belly.
    5. Losing running & getting it back again- being sidelined for a year by disc/nerve issues and eventually back surgery was emotionally & physically devastating. When I could finally run again just 2 months ago I had the greatest run of my life. Despite the slow pace & short distance, simply being able to finally run again made me feel so incredible that I ran the entire time with an enormous grin on my face. I’m sure I looked ridiculous but I didn’t care. I’ve had a smile on my face every run since.

  164. 1. Running memories. It is a funny thing but the past is a strong motivator to keep moving forward. These runs make me who I am–whether I’m contemplating the run that saved my life as I fled the falling World Trade Center in 2001 or the beautiful runs through the hills of Berkeley in graduate school. Each memorable run powers me through my present.
    2. My BRF past and present. The women who get me out the door and keep me motivated even when we are separated by miles and years.
    3. Muesli and yogurt. This combo powers me through long runs or restores me after. Sometimes the thought of this breakfast gives me the extra kick to sprint home.
    4. Tech gadgets. Garmin, Jawbone Up, Road ID, iPod–I can hardly leave for work let along run without them.
    5. My son. I ran for years dreaming of the time I’d become a mom. While life offers no guarantees, as an older mom I’m wanting to be as healthy as I can as long as I can and raise up an active, compassionate young man in the process.

  165. 1. Italy – where I started running during my college semester abroad, where I ran my first 10K when I lived there 3 years later, and where I plan to return to run a marathon someday!

    2. My mother – my favorite running buddy, who started running a few years ago after surviving breast cancer, lost 100+ pounds, now wins age group awards, and is running her first marathon in 2014 at age 64. She inspires me every day.

    3. Experiencing the seasons – snow, changing leaves, flowers, and hot summer sun.

    4. NYC – my hometown and my first marathon (in 2014)

    5. Baked goods. I bake, therefore I run.

  166. 1. Strength – because I know I have to find my weak before I can make it my strong.
    2. Power – because when my quads dig in, I feel like they’re turning the earth beneath me.
    3. Dedication – because I don’t always feel like starting (or finishing) a run.
    4. Example – because I’m showing my 9 kids that being healthy and strong matters more than being comfortable.
    5. Love – because I love myself enough to kick my own butt!

  167. 1. My running buddies! I have two male buddies who push me and my female friends whom make running bright, enjoyable, fun, and we encourage one another.
    2. Thankful that God provided me with the ability to not only walk, but to run. I always try to remember the ones who can’t walk and move for them.
    3. Phone for music, the running app , and for help if emergency.
    4. Cute, comfortable clothes and my brooks kicks.
    5. Chocolate milk post run.

  168. 1. My son who asked me to go for a run. Wise beyond his years, he taught me running is the best stress-buster, be it 5th grade math or mommy worries. All my PR’s have been set chasing him.

    2. A maternal need to run away from PCOS, a disease that’s plagued me with infertility, obesity, and adult acne and continues to haunt me with the threat of diabetes and heart disease.

    3. An expected friendship with my neighbor and BRF. It began on a neighborhood trail. 600 miles later, we have a bionic bond.

    4. Fresh Sierra mountain air. I just can’t get enough (Cue Depeche Mode)

    5. My husband’s hand resting on the curve of my waist, a curve that didn’t exist for the first 14 years of our relationship.

  169. 1. My Garmin 410 – Keeps me motivated to run faster and farther.
    2. My iPod – Music keeps me on tempo and podcasts keep me distracted during long runs.
    3. My favorite running clothes – A must have to make sure I feel comfortable!
    4. My running pack – Holds my phone, gels, and water bottles to keep me safe, fueled, and hydrated.
    5. My love of running – Remembering how awesome I feel after a run keeps me running!

  170. 1. My Garmin 310XT – This thing drives me and pushes me. Love all the data…especially when it includes super speedy intervals!
    2. My husband – He supports my running adventures: early runs, Saturday long runs and even race trips with the girls. He rarely complains! Such a saint.
    3. My Running Club – I love my RUNch girls. They keep me motivated and accountable. Doesn’t matter the weather (unless it’s unsafe), my girls are always down to get some miles in.
    4. My God – Running allows me to reflect on my life and how blessed I am. He has given me the passion and ability to run.
    5. My Kids – They are my world. I run to set an example and be healthy so that I can enjoy life with them. My Ava is a runner and I love it so much.

  171. 1. My BRS (sister), Marjorie, for all her encouragement when I feel like quitting or get discouraged. You know, when you make plans to run at 5:30 the next morning, you can’t call and back out at the last minute. It’s too early and the ringing phone will wake family members!
    2. My Jeff Galloway book that gave me encouragement to go farther by running intervals instead of straight out. Made all the difference in my attitude and my running. With interval breaks I took 90 seconds off my average mile. (and I’m really slow so that was a big deal!)
    3. My iphone. It carries my music, my GPS, and my run app. I just love to see those numbers at the end of a run. It makes me proud of myself and gives me the motivation to out-do myself or set bigger goals.
    4. Good running shorts/pants/skirt with enough pockets to carry my gazillion kleenex, phone, and pedometer. (Yes, I have to carry a pedometer. My husbands company gives us a break on our health insurance the more active minutes we rack up. I plug that sucker into the computer after each run and upload those steps/minutes!)
    5. Good running shoes/socks. Amazing the difference each of those can make.

  172. 1. Role model for my kids; especially for my daughter.
    2. Half-marathon PR when I was not able to walk well due to my knee hurting…one week out from race.
    3. The faster you run, the faster you’re done AND “gut it out”!
    4. Gotta get under 4:00 in the marathon, my own personal challenge.
    5. Traveling out of the area for races, new sites!

  173. 1. My husband. He converted from biker to runner a few year ago and now helps me be able to run in the wee hours of the morning in the dark. He inspires and encourages me every step of the way. Except when I blow him away. 😉
    2. My iPhone and Nike +. Love the app to keep me on track!
    3. A hat. I always run in a hat except when it’s dark outside. Can’t go without it!
    4. My neighborhood trail. I run it in the sun, rain, dark, snow, and everything in between.
    5. My running buddy! What happens on the trail stays on the trail.

  174. My ingrediants to running are:
    1. 2011 Atlanta Marathon Relay– the first race I had entered that started me to really run. I had a 6 mile leg that i thought i would die, but i survived!
    2. January 2012, while training for my first half marathon, I accidentally stepped onto a moving treadmill that some person left on in the gym and crashed flat on my elbows and knees! OWWW!!
    3. March 2012, although had an injured knee finished my first half marathon, walking most of the way but realizing I wasn’t going to stop.
    4. Moving to LA from Atlanta, leaving my running pals behind and having to find new running pals and keeping the old ones virtually.
    5. My family and friends– especially my son and husband who have supported me, ran with me (rode bike or scooter with me) to ensure i keep running– my now 7 year old asking me when my next race is so he can not only race but chear me on too– he also has the running bug and as a family we finished a Turkey Trot in portland, or together with my nephews, brother, and sister in law.

    Through it all, my recipe is to keep going, not stop, and remove all obstacles. that’s what my ingredients represent to me and surround yourself with those who are like mined– either in your vacinity or viturally!

  175. 1. Trusty old alarm clock- set 15 minutes ahead so I can “trick” myself into thinking its really not that early when it goes off at 445.
    2. Warm Shoes in winter- Lay them next to the heat vents- nice little surprise for the super cold windy chicago mornings.
    3. Body Glide- because who can live without it!
    4.My Running partner- without someone waiting in my driveway at 5 am, there is no possible way I would drag myself out to run in the dark- let alone interval and tempo runs in the winter!
    5. Coffee- love the thought of coming home to something hot— and with hopes the kids are all still sleeping. Pipe dream, but still….

  176. I need to amend my previous response-in addition to my family, dog, and treadmill, I have to give proper thanks and respect for having a healthy, able body. I am at work in the hospital right now, with a patient who is a young mom, dying of cancer, in distress over leaving behind her darling little boy. Health is something we take for granted all too often, and is something that can be taken from us so swiftly and without warning or warrant. God bless all of you mother runners out there and hug your kids every chance you get!

  177. 1) Garmin – First, I use Garmin Connect online to plan my route. I am not good at just going out and deciding my route once out the door. I need to know precisely which roads to take in order to get that days mileage. I then use my Garmin Forerunner 110 to keep track of my pace and my distance. I haven’t gotten to the point where I feel comfortable running ‘naked’, but I’m working on it!!

    2) Road ID Online App – I discovered this great iPhone app. It allows me to ‘drop a bread crumb’ and send a text message to my husband when I head out for a run. He gets a message with a link to a map, which is updated every minute and he can see where I’m at. I feel safer knowing that he knows where I am. It has also worked great in a road race where my spectators could track me and have an idea as to when I’m about to pass them so they could cheer and hold up their sweet signs! I used it to track my daughter in a race too. Love it!

    3) Tabata Pro – Another great app on my iPhone. As I usually do a run/walk method, I can set this up so that I get a notice when it’s time to work (run) and rest (walk). It also works great when I am doing speed intervals. I simply set the time I’m supposed to complete, say a quarter mile, and use the Garmin to help keep track of pace. I also really enjoy running with my music and this app taps right into the iTunes playlist of your choice. I listen to a wide array of music but find Pink and Kelly Clarkson songs to be very inspiring. I do occasionally run without music though and find it refreshing, especially on an early Sunday morning when there isn’t much road traffic.

    4) The Open Road – I don’t have a treadmill and don’t belong to a gym so outdoors is my one and only place to get a run it. I love being outside and feel so accomplished when I complete a run in pouring rain or frigid temps. With that said, there are certainly occasions when I’d like to just hop on the ‘mill’ in my house and pound out a good run. I work night shift and my work days don’t leave a lot of energy. A ‘mill’ in the house would be wonderful!

    5) Healing – finally, my last ingredient is healing with a hefty side of patience. I broke my foot 5 weeks ago in a non-running related accident and am currently stuck in a boot. I can’t run, swim or really even ride the stationary bike. I’m miserable!! I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and know that I will heal, as many others before me have. Having a treadmill will help ease the way when it’s time for me to start taking baby steps back into my running life.

  178. 1. My sister Jennifer Watkins who got my butt off the couch and turned me into a running addict! We are each other’s long distance running buddies and chat almost every day about our runs.

    2. My husband, who (grudgingly) watches the 4 kids so I can at least do my long runs outside once a week when we have a day off together.

    3. My 4 kids (Son Liam, 5, gets so excited when we see other mother runners outside…”Look Mom, there’s another badass mother runner!!” Word for word bahahahaha. They are proud of me and always cheer me on and squeal when they get sweaty post-run hugs.

    4. My BRF, Shadow, the black lab/german shephard mix who dances around me every time she sees me put running clothes on. She keeps me safe and is truly a badass runner herself!

    5. My treadmill that is on its last legs. I got it from my neighbor, dusty and covered in spiderwebs, for $25. It has to be at least 15 years old and I’m afraid its going to fall apart mid-run sending me flying into the wall behind me. It is innacurate with pace and mileage calculations (speed is conrolled by a sliding lever thingy that is never correct)and there is no display for incline. However, living in inland San Diego, where temps can run well above 100 all the way through October, a treadmill is an absolute necessity. I have had several outside runs in the summer that ended with me puking dozens of times along the way and feeling heat stroke coming on. The treadmill is the only way to get some of those training runs in during those sweltering summer and early fall months. Please please please I need a new one!

  179. 1. My husband- He is a runner, a stay-at-home dad, and a soldier (National Guard). He inspires me every day to stay fit and be strong. He encouraged me to start running; 3 years and 60 pounds lighter I am proud to call myself a runner.

    2. My son- After my son was born I made a conscious choice that I would model healthy behaviors for him, he keeps me accountable when I don’t feel like working out.

    3. My running buddy- I persuaded (with some wine perhaps) a good friend of mine who ran in high school, to run Grandma’s Marathon with me two years ago. We had never run together before, but we haven’t looked back since. We talk about everything on our runs and she has become one of my best friends.

    4. A treadmill- This was a tough one between all the trails that Minneapolis has to offer and the treadmill. I love the trails and running the lakes but without a treadmill I couldn’t run as consistently as I need to. Between Winter and my husbands training/deployment schedule; access to a treadmill allows me to train even when our schedule, or Minnesota weather, is crazy.

    5. My heart- Running keeps my heart strong physically and mentally. I am so much stronger than I was before I started running. Running my time to hit restart, to find the [email protected]$$ in myself, and gather my strength. As we prepare for an upcoming deployment, I know that running will help keep my sanity intact.

  180. 1. CWX Tights. Love them and have a few pair!
    2. Running the Luce Line Trail out in the middle of know where.
    3. Shaklee 180 Recovery Drink after every run.
    4. Stretching Queen! Teach Yoga a few days a week. FLEXIBLE!
    5. My husband Rob who takes me around the world to RUN! literally:-)

  181. My Five Ingredients for My Running:

    1. Peaks and valleys, “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”- Seneca
    2. Pancakes and coffee with friends after a Sunday long run spent fantasizing about how great pancakes would taste.
    3. An empty trail in the middle of nowhere with room for my legs and my mind to wander until both become thoroughly worn out.
    4. The comforting consistency of a track, anywhere, regardless of weather, geography, or time of day.
    5. Community: knowing there are other crazy people out there that share your obsession with running. The instantaneous bond formed with any runner because of so many, “Wait, you do that too?”s

  182. My 5 ingredients:

    1. Chris (my husband)
    2. Connor (son #1)
    3. Parker (son #2)
    4. Tyler (son #3)
    5. Cooper (son #4)

    Plain and simple, I run because of them and for them; to be a better wife and mother; to be a better me.

    #”The more I run, the less I want to run away” #”When mom runs, everybody wins”

  183. 1. MOTIVATION – whether it be a running friend, a few extra pounds, stress, a (not too hot) sunny day, a new snowfall, or the need to be alone for a few, I run better with a motivator in mind.

    2. GOOD SHOES – my preferred shoe is Brooks and if I don’t replace worn out shoes I pay the price with sore feet.

    3. SUPPORT – from my family mostly but my friends sure help as well. I still a “too young to stay alone” kiddo and my oldest and hubby is a necessity for me to get out the door.

    4. TREADMILL – although it has seen it’s day, my treadmill is my last resort if I don’t have support at home – see number 3.

    5. AMR – seriously! I have learned and use AMR as a resource all the time. It’s one of the first things I read everyday. I feel that this community has made me feel more like a runner than any other that surrounds me. I can find answers to questions (especially TMI questions), motivation, products to try and mostly support. No matter the stage of my running I am always reminded that I am a runner from AMR.

  184. My recipe for running:
    1 – My wonderful husband who gives up his Saturday mornings to watch our 3 girls so I can go running.
    2 – My local running store (Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke) that has offered training programs that help me get to the finish line.
    3 – Motivation: “Don’t think, just go!” and “I’ve never regretted a workout.”
    4 – A healthy body that allows me to run.
    5 – Running friends that inspire me.

  185. 1. My Brooks – whether my beloved Trance 11s (discontinued!) or Adrenalines, these shoes have gotten me through literally thousands of miles with no problems.

    2. Audiobooks – I need Tana French to write a new book, since I have listened to Faithful Place about three times. Unlike music, it keeps my pace slower for long runs.

    3. Wind – My built in resistance training. No matter where I go, I can count on a huge wind in my face the last mile home, testing me.

    4. My family – They do not come out for every race, but they were all over the place cheering during my first marathon, and more behind the scenes when I just needed time to get out for a long, leisurely run.

    5. My neighborhood lake – I can run around it for a warmup for a long run, or just take a few laps if I am pressed for time. There is always a deer, groundhog, or blue heron to make the scenery that much more beautiful.

  186. 1. My running pal, Labrador Jenny.
    2. the open road(usually), but it is too stinkin cold here for outside runs now, I am on the ‘mill in the basement.
    3. compression shorts or capris to avoid chafed thighs.
    4. comfy running shoes, that dog knows what they are for!
    5. cell phone-can someone please make more running shorts and pants with a decent phone pocket or I will have to market my kewl sock and diaper pin phone holder.

  187. My recipe for running goodness…
    1. My running buddies who can snap me out of a bad mood and give me a necessary attitude adjustment
    2. My new Asics jacket with thumbholes. Won this from our new Fleet Feet store and it’s the only item I own with thumbholes. The manager (a man) probably thinks I’m crazy for being so excited over thumbholes. :0)
    3. Hills. Yep, I like them. They make me stronger and make runs more interesting. Love that I have so many options around where I live.
    4. My capris. Most comfortable bottoms I have. So glad I let go of my former baggy running pants.
    5. The TLAM own it plan. Followed the marathon plan to challenge myself, not because I thought I’d get a PR. Ran NYC and not only PR’d, but took 15 minutes off my best marathon time. Definitely need the Own It plans!!

  188. 1. The BEST running partner and sister around. We have grown a lot closer since I started running.
    2. Our beautiful running routes. We run on trails and roads in our small town.
    3. My wonderful and supportive family including my husband and mom. They watch my daughter without complaint while we run.
    4. My safety gear. Without my headlight, vest and butt light it would not be safe for me to run at night when I have the time.
    5. Paying half price for a local marathon! It will be my first and paying retro prices made it possible for me to do a full instead of just a half.

  189. 1. My BRF running partner in crime, my cousin Bobbi. We live 5 hours apart, but we set out on this running journey together. From the first “OMG, do you really think we could finish a HALF-MARATHON!” to Big Sur in April (my 3rd and her 4th full) we keep challenging and encouraging each other to do scary, amazing things.

    2. My wonderful husband. He has been supportive of my running and triathlon from the beginning. He always asks how my runs were. He never complains about my traveling to races. This year alone I have travelled to Florida, Chicago (twice) and Las Vegas. He stayed home with the kids and never complained. He also makes me feel like my goals are completely sane when I feel like they are completely crazy. Priceless.

    3. Bright running gear! My personal motto is “if you can’t be fast, be bright!” from reflective stripes to neon colors, bright running gear makes me happy!

    4. Endorphins-I’m a total endorphin addict. When I don’t feel like running, I always imagine the lack of endorphins if I don’t. It’s not pretty. So I go. I am not a fast runner. Running isn’t easy for me. That is where the endorphins come from. I am constantly amazed that I run as far as I do.

    5. The AMR tribe. Dimity, SBS, and the tribe convinced me that even though I am a mid to back of the pack girl, there is still a place for me in the race. It’s fine to be out there no matter how fast (or slow) you run and I am forever grateful!

  190. 1. Moving to Fargo, ND two years ago (the beginning of my running “career”) was what it took to believe in myself and commit to my first half marathon. Seriously….who learns to run in a place where a -30 temp is real and the kids still WALK TO SCHOOL!
    2. In the aforementioned Fargo (while training for my first marathon this year), running my 19 and 21 mile training runs in 30 mph winds (ok….maybe not sustained, but it totally FELT LIKE IT!) and rain, my insole slipped in my shoe, I sat down at mile 18 under an overpass and started sobbing… Like a little baby….with all the whining that goes with it! Asking myself why I was doing this and how the heck I was getting home (I ran an out and back so the only option was to run home!). #thewall The wall did NOT win. I got up, ran home and realized it didn’t kill me. While I watched others hit the wall during the marathon, I pushed forward remembering my mantra “this is not the wall….crying under and overpass in Fargo…that was the wall!”
    3. Guilty pleasure running music…..the more profanity the better 😉
    4. Hello tata’s! Learning the hard way, by trial and error, which bra would hold my large ladies in place and not chafe me to the point of no return. It took about 6 months, but I LOVE my Moving Comfort Urban X-Over! Saving me from the droop, one run at a time!
    5. I have found running to be the most amazing therapy ever… many problems, fears, and fights were worked through in my mind while running. Now I crave a run when my stress level goes up….something I would have told you was absolutely nuts before I began my running journey. What an amazing journey it has been!

  191. 1. Lois and Flo – my fantastically supportive and always ready running shoes.
    2. My 23-minute PR at the half marathon I ran on my dad’s birthday, 11 days after he passed away.
    3. The knowledge that my body can do so much more than I think it can.
    4. Video messages sent during my long runs of my 5-year-old cheering me on.
    5. The satisfaction of completing a difficult run, knowing that nobody could do it for me. I pushed myself. I did the work. I earned my miles.

  192. Top 5 Ingredients:
    1) a great running buddy: either my dog, my BRF’s, tunes
    2) a new route ~ nothing gets me going than trying to find out what’s around the next bend
    3) my heartbeat ~ it’s a great reminder that I’m alive and doing what I love
    4) goals ~ wanting to do better each time I run a race
    5) chocolate milk after I run ~ there’s nothing better!

  193. My 5:

    1. a goal (first half this spring)
    2. Fresh Air, Sun on my face, sunrise or sunset
    3. Time alone
    4. The feeling after a run
    5. wanting to be a good role model for my children

  194. Saucony triumph 10’s – they helped me train for and run 2 marathons in 2013

    The support and excitement from my boyfriend, kids and friends as I achieve different milestones

    The running community in Toledo, Ohio

    The good health that I have been blessed with to get out there and run

    Nature whether I’m outside running or inside looking out, the beauty of nature is healing

  195. I feel like I’m missing some key ingredients in my quest to be a mother runner, but here’s what I have to have to even get started-
    A running buddy-high anxiety means no friend=no running (actually it = treadmill where I can let the kids watch a show, catch one myself & get the steps done)
    A goal ( currently the Disneyworldmarathon Marathon next month
    A reward
    A mantra
    Upbeat, fun Music & a charged iPod

  196. Some times the simplest recipes the best.
    Combine the following ingredients :
    1 cup of soul soothing rhythm of my pounding feet to free my mind
    2 tsp of half marathons completed that make me feel like one [email protected]&$ mother runner
    3/4 cup of my running jewelry I wear daily to remind myself and tell others that I am a proud runner
    4 tbs guiltless snacks consumed after a great run
    5 cups the feeling after a run

  197. My 5 key ingredients:
    1) A good playlist and a charged iphone
    2) the memory of how great I feel after a run so that I don’t skip a workout
    3) wanting to be a good role model for my 3 kids
    4) a great running bra and comfy shorts
    5) a goal on the horizon – currently a half marathon Memorial Day 2014 that I want to race not just run.

  198. My Fab Five Ingredients:
    1. Support from my triathlete hubby (it’s hard to share precious workout time) and from my daughter who already asks to run with momma.
    2. Vega brand nutrition, Heart Thrives and Picky Bars, all types of vegan goodness for this plant-fueled goddess.
    3. BRF, she just gets me and my running addiction.
    4. Sunrise, sunset, sunshine. Lucky to be a SoCal gal.
    5. The Grid roller. My muscles say “Muchas Gracias” as they meetup with each orange ridge.

  199. My 5:
    -Nike shoes (LOVE EVERY PAIR I’ve HAD)
    -support system (Hubby, Kate and Will, Sister!!!, Dad)

  200. 1. Dedication: 20 months ago (5 weeks after the arrival of baby #2) I committed to changing my life. I started the couch to 5K program and signed up for a 5K. I knew with my husband traveling for work, me working time as a teacher, and a newborn and 18 month old at home it would be hard but I dedicated myself to 3x a week. It has changed so much about how I feel on the inside. That dedication has led to my the next 4 ingredients to my running.
    2. Health: when I started running I had been struggling with itchy rashes that kept popping up on my body. After doctors appointments and biopsies they realized they were stress hives. All the pieces were realized, my dad had been diagnosed with leukemia, I was pregnant with my second baby, and my husband was leaving the state to train to be a commercial diver for 5 months. After I started running, the hives went away. It became my stress release. Running has given me an outlet for all of the stresses of being a working wife and mother.
    3. Peace: Home before work: “Mom, mom, mama, ma.” “I need, I need, I need”. Work: “Mrs. Klefbeck, Mrs. Klefbeck, I need, I need, I need.” Home after work: “Mom, mom, mama, ma.” “I need, I need, I need”. Lol. Running is my much needed me time. It is peaceful. It is just for me. I love my children and I love my job, but sometimes you just need a break.
    4. The finish line: I think I get tears in my eyes every single time I cross the finish line of any race I have now done many 5ks and 2 half marathons and the feeling of accomplishment as you approach the finish line never gets old for me. We work so hard to get there and it all becomes so very worth it.
    5. My BRF, Molly: Molly has been a huge inspiration for me. After I began running, she invites me to join her and some pals on some runs. We now run together often as we both follow the Train Like a Mother Half marathon Finish It plan. She is there to support all of my successes, she’s an ear to talk off for 6+ miles straight without taking a breath, and she offers a swift kick in the pants when I desperately need it. I love our time together and our support for each other. It has all been such an unexpected gift that I am so appreciative of. Here’s to many more miles. xoxo

  201. 1. Patience – to get through the injuries and self doubt
    2. Strength – to push harder each time i run
    3. Tenacity – I only started running 2 yrs ago, with the kods in a stroller. I never thought i could run more than a mile, my longest run this summer – 15 miles!
    4. Inner voice – i have two kids of my own and a classroom full everyday, running is truly my only “me” time
    5. Cute running clothes 🙂 – because running is even more fun with cute gear!

  202. 5 ingredients of my running journey:
    1. Five chocolate chips and five coffee beans (only on the days it’s hard to get out the door)
    2.Knowing that the hardest part is showing up… have shoes, will travel.
    3. An emergency Gu for those days I inadvertently go long. Sometimes the trail is too beautiful to stop.
    4. The commitment to grow old powerfully.
    5. Remembering: “the only bad run is the one that didn’t happen”, and the imaginary dog who is always in need of some exercise!

  203. Five of my key ingredients to running

    1. I pound out the words “I can’t” with each step in my minimalist shoes.
    2. I love how “my rolls” are disappearing and my confidence is growing with each mile.
    3. Sports bras, running skirts, and compression socks are now taking over my closet where “big comfy sweat pants” used to be.
    4. My Best running friend. We keep each other accountable to stick to the “plan/recipe” as we train for races.
    5. Being a role model for my 4 daughters and 2 gran-daughters. Showing them that “I can” and realizing I am stronger than I thought. (My two gran-daughters ages 2 and 4 met me at the finish line of my first marathon this year with my oldest daughter. It was so wonderful to share that moment with them!)I am another mother/gran-mother runner!
    The only ingredient that would complete this recipe and allow me to “set my timer and get the right temperature” for my interval training would be the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.

  204. 1.) Positive mindset…”I can conquer the world”
    2.) Kiddos in my life…they watch my every move.
    3.) Inspiring playlist
    4.) Ever growing running community
    5.) Fun clothes

  205. My Running Journey Recipe
    5 ingredients
    1. Begin running to honor my Daddy- the HS track star- at the 5K Race for Hope to raises awareness for brain cancer. Raised over $1000 in 2008.
    2. Continue running with the confidence that started creeping back into my head after having close to zero following years of infertility.
    3. Suck up the guts to run along the Cooper River loop with my Ironman brothers’ buddies. Fight through the pounding cold rain and tears of hitting my longest run to date…. 7.5 mi. March 2009
    4. Channel only positive vibes from my brothers’ laughter when I tell them I started training for my 1st full. Laugh back at those brothers when #1 and #2 fulls are done in 2010 just 6 mths apart.
    5. Drop 30+ lbs, crush half PR by over 45 min. Continue running, hold onto positive vibes and maintain weight. 2012.

  206. Endorphin dependence, time away from kiddos to think my thoughts, AMR podcasts, determination to keep overcoming annoying injuries, and love for the calm, cool, “I can handle this” attitude it gives me for the rest of my day.

  207. 1) Seven Wonders Running Bra from Title 9 (so the girls stay in place),
    2) Cute running skirt (so at least something looks good while I run),
    3) My tunes (so I can keep my pace and occasionally break into dance),
    4) My lip balm (so they don’t dry out), and
    5) Fire Jolly Ranchers (so I have a little fire in my belly to keep me going)

  208. 1. A just do it attitude, no matter the weather or my mood, it WILL get done.
    2. Tunes, gotta have them. All kinds for my different moods.
    3. Training plan to keep me consistent. Working on the Own It Plan right now.
    4. Thankfulness every time I run because I can run while others cannot.
    5. Tracking app on my phone, because I love to go back and look at how much I have accomplished and grown as a runner.

  209. The hubby who supports my miles.
    My vibrams that supports my shins :).
    My 3 kids who either ride with me or behave for dad to make it possible.
    My determination to keep moving and trying despite the set backs.
    The clothes that fit and make for a comfortable run.

  210. 1. My little ladies. I want them to grow up and think, “my mom is amazing.” To learn dedication, passion, and the importance in taking care if yourself both mentally and physically.
    2. The running community in my area is awesome. I love that I know so many great people through running and I’m proud to share this passion.
    3. With each run I am gaining confidence. I hope someday to do another marathon. It’s scary after injury (a knee injury kept me off running for seven looooong months).
    4. Michigan Winters. I love the runs. They are challenging, to both my mind and body. It makes me feel strong.
    5. I love running in shorts and continue to do so until the weather dips into the 30s.

  211. 1. My Newtons are a must! I’ve been able to go the distance thanks to them.
    2. My procompression socks. After working all day on my feet they help my my runs tremendously.
    3. My headphones so I can listen to my favorite podcasts….AMR and WWDTM.
    4. Confidence and determination to get through my miles even when the short runs seem tough.
    5. A clear mind when I’m finished and knowing I can conquer anything… Including the laundry!

  212. 1. I don’t run in shorts. ever. I live in SC. I’m a Capri girl unless it dips below 60 and the running tights come out. A few weeks ago I did my first sub-freezing run and survived!
    2. Lone runner. So many people talk about the social factor of running. I run alone and like it. Kind of feel guilty 🙂
    3. Music drives my pace. I can kill it to the right song (and might need a few ballads to recover).
    4. 18 months ago I had never run more than a few feet. And then one day I did. Now I want to train for a half. It all seems surreal.
    5. God. Without His strength I would never have even run a mile.

  213. 1. My mother runner training and racing companion. I would probably never run again without her.

    2. Healthcare the includes referrals to a PT, or xray tech or podiatrist.

    3. A training plan with a goal in mind. I can’t run like a free spirit, I lose focus and get lazy.

    4. Tracking. Garmin, mapmyrun, strava, something to keep track of what I’ve done.

    5. Fun races with medals. Internal drive is not enough for me. I like prizes.

  214. 1. Hat, no matter the weather
    2. Dog, whether I want the company or not she always guilts me into taking her along for at least couple miles
    3. Phone, music and log miles
    4. Fresh air, would say vitamin d but can you get any before dawn?
    5. Energy, I don’t always have it when I start but no matter the mileage I’m energized when I’ve finished running

  215. Well, it started out as the means to lose the “baby weight,” (#1) but now it’s so much more! Like being able to share the morning with turkeys, deer, crayfish, hawks and other early animal risers all within city limits! (#2) Then there’s the companionship of the human variety too. Sharing everything from icy eyebrows to sweat stains with my friends makes Michigan weather extremes bearable. (#3) I never thought I’d wear the soreness after a good run like some sort of a badge of honor, but now I do! (#4) Finally, despite never having been anything close to an athlete, I’ve discovered that taking running gear on vacations must put me at least in the general vicinity of athletes. I’m a RUNNER!

  216. My running recipe:

    1. The Fab 4 ~ Dawn, Khusana & Joy with me. They make long runs go fast!
    2. Saucony running shoes – I’m on my 3rd pair for the year. I keep testing other brands but always come back to my Sauconys.
    3. Cool running socks – Toe socks, socks with cool sayings, wool winter running socks, compression socks for long runs. You name a type of sock, I probably have them!
    4. Compression tights or a girdle under regular tights and shorts – I’ve been rebuilding my core strength since my hysterectomy. But on long runs, I still need the added support.
    5. My family – without them to encourage me, there are times when I might have given up.

    I’ve been able to run outside all winter the past 2 years. But already this winter, the weather has made that difficult. It would be great to try out a treadmill this winter.

  217. 1. The Sage Leapers: my running group that runs the trails in and bordering Yellowstone National Park, where we live. We run together rain or shine–and mostly snow.
    2. Trail running: running Montana’s trails– leaping over logs and running up and down mountains–reinvigorated my running after a lifetime of living and running in the city. Because coming home muddy with scratched knees is fun!
    3. My Garmin: so I know how far I’ve gone on the trail and can geek out on my weekly/monthly mileage.
    4. Baths: ice baths or hot baths with Epsom salts; either way, my favorite way to recover.
    5. My daughter: born 7 weeks ago, I can’t wait to introduce her to all that running has to offer. I ran until 34 weeks so she’s already built up a mileage base 🙂

  218. My five ingredients are:

    1. Dog and/or baby…. and very rarely solo!
    2. Anytime, Anywhere… I’ve run 10 miles at 2am while I was deployed to Iraq, I’ve been happy just to get out for 2 miles with the running stroller… Just need to get out there and run!
    3. “Home base 3-4 mile route” – no matter where I have lived with being in the military, I always find a good 3-4 mile route that is my standard/base. From the 3.5 mile loop at my parents house in PA, the 4 mile loop to the local high school when I lived in Texas, and now the 1.3 mile loop around my current Colorado neighborhood (that I go around and around without ever being too far away from home should the little guy in the stroller have a melt down!).
    4. Bright colorful running clothes – good for being visible, and after years of blah black and gray Army PT uniforms, I like some bright pinks and greens!!!
    5. Mexican food with a margarita after ALL half marathons or marathons!

  219. Running recipe-

    Comfortable clothes, a pain-free body, music, post-run satisfaction and mental-ease, fresh air 🙂 ahhhhhh! Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  220. 1. Comfortable running clothes and shoes.
    2. Healthy feet! I’ve been running only 2 years, but developed peroneal tendonitis in my foot. It has sidelined me in the last month and I miss running!
    3. Great weather! Not too hot, not too cold. Preferably fall.
    4. Great music on my iphone.
    5. My Garmin. Can’t live without it. I couldn’t have trained for my first half marathon without it.

  221. My recipe for running!
    Five Ingredients:
    1) My successes-every time I step out tor run I bring with me all of my running successes, my personal successes . . .all of those times where I CONQUERED my goals. When I remember my successes it gives me the confidence to see what else I can do!
    2) My failures- I’ve fallen short in running and life. But by bringing those failures/shortcomings with me on my runs I can pound them into the pavement and sweat out the frustration.
    3) My peeps-I carry those I love in my heart and I carry them with me for inspiration and I run beside them for friendship. Without my family and friends as cheerleaders running would have never become a main ingredient in MY LIFE.
    4) My dreams-when all I hear is my own footsteps, when I can run under the falling snow, when I wear that race shirt to work on Monday . . . I need the dreams of where running will continue to take me. And I know that I have NO IDEA of the wonders ahead.
    5) Gratitude :)I honor the run. I honor the ability to get out there every day, to use what I love to find out who I am and where I am headed in the world. I don’t ever want to lose the gratitude I have for a sport that has given me so much. And I am grateful for a body that continues to take me on to the next mile.

  222. 1. Supportive running and non-running friends and family! I love my running partners!! I love to hear when I have inspired someone else!!
    2. Supportive husband and kids that are so proud of me and follow me to races to cheer me on!!
    3. Gear: shoes, socks, bra, running clothes (weather predicts the clothes)
    4. My iPhone: music when I need it, and it always tracks my distance and pace
    5. Fuel: water, hydration and the wonderful belt that carries it all!

  223. As a full-time working mom of four kids under 9, running is my therapy. My five ingredients are: 1. appreciation for the time and health I have to get up and go, good running socks, determination, phone for safety, and mommy music.

  224. My running ingredients…
    1. My dear, dear running friends who have supported, cried, laughed, sang, been silent when needed and talked me through life and have just been there for me and with me every step of the way on our runs and in our lives.
    2. Food – anything chocolate – it is the reason I run!
    3. Snowy trails – the quiet, peaceful calm of falling snow in the woods.
    4. My husband – we ran his first marathon together and who now supports my every dream.
    5. My old dog Sam – she lived to run & helped me experience the pure joy of running.

  225. I’ve only been running a year..I’m a mother of 2 (13 & 17) now 38. To date I have completed one full marathon, 3 halfs, and 15k. I’m not sure what has come over me–but blessed as can be….My simple recipe: my good running buddy who I now share a bond, my variety of cute long running socks, my brooks pure flow, my gps-garmin, and my shuffle filled with booty shaking music!

  226. Fleeting but masterful control of my will and body.
    My son’s lengthening stride. I can run faster, for now…
    Absolute freedom from the social convention requiring me to wear underwear in public. (Except for Enell…)
    Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Minus the tumbling to the ground.
    My mantra: “Look at what my body can do.”

  227. God, my cancer team, my family, my running partners who tell me running a treadmill is not that bad and my determination to never give up no matter what the weather is like.

  228. I have not been as consistent as I wanted to be this year so I’m going to list the 5 things I need to be consistent in 2014. Then if I have these 5, I have NO choice but to GO FOR A RUN!

    1. My healthy body. Not that I won’t run with a little headache or soreness, but I need to be reasonably healthy and appreciate my body for its strength and abilities.
    2. A Plan. A general plan that leads to my next race and a specific plan for my week (and also the flexibility to work with life and still get a run in somewhere when things don’t go according to the plan.
    3. Good shoes. A given.
    4. A Kick in the ***. From my family, friends or myself if no one is around, for those days when I just don’t feel like going.
    5. A sports bra. From the dresser or the hamper, clean or sweaty. I need one but can’t let the little details keep me from getting healthier for myself and my family.

    A great treadmill would certainly make it easier to get a run in but I won’t say it’s necessary because I know I can do this even without it!

  229. I have been running for 20+ years. I began running to run from problems. Running still clears my mind, but instead of running away, I find running now brings peace to my soul.
    5 must have’s…
    1. Good shoes. not the priciest, the coolest, or the most in, but the ones which feet my feet.
    2. Solidarity. I run to think, to breathe and to refresh, I run alone.
    3. The ‘Today Show’ if the weather is not suitable to go outside.
    4. My Garmin if I am outside, my HRM if I am indoors. I am competitive, I like to see how much I can accomplish.
    5. A large glass of ice water on my return.

  230. 1. My pink running shoes!
    2. My BFF. We ran our first half marathons this year. (It’s the only way we can get away from our 9 kids and husbands)
    3. My awesome souvenir purple toe nail (courtesy of half marathon mentioned in #2)
    4. Water
    5. Deodorant

  231. My FIVE Ingredients.

    1. My Asics. I can’t even think about lacing up without them.

    2. My go to route. A 5K loop on a bike trail and streets with elevation. I have run it so many times I know each mile mark time mark. I can add to it to make up any distance. It take the thinking out of any x mile run.

    3. Slacker Radio. The RPM workout channel keeps me motivated.

    4. My #1 fan my son. He pushes me to run. Everyday he will ask how far/ don’t you have to run. It is like he is my little accountability minion.

    5. Now in the WI winter….my treadmill (nordic track) 7th coldest week in history…:9

  232. 1. My determination: After being overweight for most of my life, I took charge and hit the pavement. Each day I remember where I started and that keeps my legs moving each day.

    2. My “little” family: My spouse who supports 15 mile training runs, being the person I lean on walking from the race finish line, and my dog-son who always shares the floor with me to ice, roll and stretch.

    3. My races: In 2014, I am tackling 14 half marathons in 10 states and 2 countries. They are registered, hotels booked, travel planned and that means each run is a mental exercise to tackle the year.

    4. My body: After battling Cervical cancer from the age of 15 to 24, my body fights everyday. I push it to limits each mile to remind myself that I can overcome anything.

    5. The Possibilities: I never thought I would run a half marathon or anything. I thought the obstacles in my life would keep me from accomplishing life dreams. Now, I am finishing races, running everyday and nothing will stand in my way.

    These are the perfect ingredients for runs. Each day, I pack these to make sure I remember why I run.

  233. T: Training partners, whether it be a BRF or your little one(s).
    Both inspire me and keep me going.
    R: Rest days, yoga and my foam rolla.
    E: Energy! Not only from running but from my post run iced coffee
    A: Adding specified workouts to your running, whether it’s hill
    intervals on a treadmill or a tempo run in your neighborhood.
    D: Daydreaming, goal setting, to-do list making, story telling and

    TREADMILLissa (Melissa!)

  234. 1. A hubs who feeds the kiddos breakfast on the mornings I run – and who runs around in our bright orange BOB Duallie during races to be the best cheerleader with the babes. (and feed me peanut MMs so they don’t melt on me during half-marathons)
    2. An iPod Shuffle filled with NSync, NKOTB, Britney Spears, and anything else that brings me back to the world of the late 90’s and early 00’s boy band and pop diva princess craze.
    3. Thorlo padded socks – heaven on my feet!
    4. Babes who will eat through an entire box of cereal or animal crackers as I throw them continuous amounts of snacks on those days when they’re my running buddies in the BOB.
    5. A plan. Usually it’s a Jenny Hadfield scheduled plan … I’m too type-A not to have one. Sure it’s fun NOT to have a plan, but I get bored (and really miss color-coordinating the x’s off my plan that’s posted in my kitchen when I finish a workout).

  235. 1. Black Eyed Peas “One Tribe.” I don’t know what I love more, the pound of my feet to the beat or the unifying lyrics.
    2. Temps between 25-45 degrees (Fahrenheit). Cold enough that you need to move to be comfortable but not so cold you fear frostbite or like liquid nitrogen is burning your lungs. (Unfortunately temps in Iowa have been hovering around 10 degrees so a treadmill would be amazing.)
    3. Nike Lady Elite Storm Fit Running gloves. Is it weird that I get this euphoria as soon as I see the sweat soaking through these gloves?
    4. Working water fountains on my 5k loop. There should be two. There is rarely even one.
    5. That moment (for me it’s about a mile and a half in) when I’m not controlling the run anymore and it’s just happening. I’m not thinking about breathing or how much it sucks (because for me it always starts out sucking and ends with a runner’s high), I’m just listening to my music and letting my mind wander.

  236. My two year old- who just last night at an airport thought it would be funny to pull his diaper and pants down and run from mommy- motivates me, it recharges my soul when I get bogged down with life, my running club that I met when I moved from out of state a year ago- they are my sole sisters and biggest supporters, the thrill of finding out I have potential to do things with running I never dreamed of before, the great outdoors- snow, rain, wind, I love the cleansing effect of nature(even this new heat in TX I am adjusting to).

  237. 1. Green running shorts from my freshman year of high school. Freshman year is when the fire in my belly for running started. These shorts have been along for the roller coaster journey (17 years and counting). I will be very sad when the time comes to retire them.
    2. Pre-dawn runs. This is best described from a bit of poem I wrote: “Come out of the trees, to the road, open air. I look overhead, see millions of stars. I know with no doubting You are surely there. The night is still dark, but stars give me hope. And the day has broke forth before I’m aware.”
    3. Double jogging stroller. As much as I relish a solo run at o’dark-thirty, I also enjoy strapping my kids in for joy ride. I usually move at a faster pace, which seems odd as I’m pushing almost 100 pounds. I have so much fun sharing that experience with them.
    4. Love (cue small forest animals and rainbows). I just plain love running. How many cardio exercises are out there? I’m sure any of them could produce happy endorphins and change body shapes and prove mental toughness. I choose running because I love it.
    5. Pre-registration for races and training plans. Love is great, but I can be practical to a fault. The laundry is waiting, I could get the garden weeded before kids are up, I was up six times last night, and on and on and on. If I’ve paid for a race though, it’s on like Donkey Kong. I will check that training plan before bed, and my mind is made up: No matter what the night brings, no matter what the next day holds, I will run. And I will love it!

  238. My ingredients (top 5, but I would include more if I could):
    1) Hydration-I drink at least 2 bottles of water during an hour long run. If on the treadmill, bottles will do, but if outside for a shorter run, I take a a handheld bottle. If running long trail runs, I always have my hydration pack. And to think the 1st 9 years of running, I wouldn’t drink a sip during runs thinking it would cause me to cramp!
    2) Addiction to learning-from local runners in the Birmingham Track Club and the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society (with so many 100 mile vets, why wouldn’t I seek out their knowledge), magazines (Runner’s World, Trail Runner Mag), and of course, running blogs (Another Mother Runner, Yo Momma Runs, All In Stride, etc).
    3) Strength Training-after10 years without doing anything but running, I had serious injuries. Now I know the importance of strength, flexibility, and cross-training.
    4) My personal PT, my husband! He’s always helpful when I have aches and pains, and will even massage or stretch me (without a charge)!
    5) A cause, and a darn good one! I’ve run for 13 years and have never run for a cause until now. Here’s my story:

  239. 1. Be shocked everyone… But I do all my running on a treadmill at the gym. Would LOVE to have my own so I’m not stuck next to a stinky person or an uber inshape one that is sprinting like a cheetah and still breathing through their nose..!
    2. While on the dreadmill, I need to be entertained. Luckily the gym has wifi so i connect to Netflix and watch movies. Currently trying to finish Prison Break which is fabulous!
    3. While running in races, it is a must to have the perfect tunes loaded onto my ipod and my hot pink Urbuds to make me feel cool 🙂
    4. Plantar Fasciitis – UGH!!!
    5. a good pair of capris (usually UA) and a running skirt on top of that, because I don’t like to see all that jiggle, so I don’t imagine other do either 🙂

  240. My five ingredients:
    1. Peaceful solitude–no one calls me “Mommy” on a run.
    2. Fear of my mother’s butt (don’t want mine to look like hers!)
    3. Mother Nature–gotta get out of that house!
    4. Health–gestational diabetes with Kid #1 means I have a 1 in 2 chance of developing Type II diabetes. I’m literally running away from diabetes.
    5. A reason to eat candy.

  241. D’oh! I just typed an answer and then read that Canada was excluded. Oh well. Good luck, American mother runners; this is an amazing prize!

  242. 1)The great outdoors – I love the chance to get out and breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun or wind (hopefully at my back lol) and see what I can see on my runs.

    2)A great playlist – I have songs, and now, podcasts that I don’t let myself listen to EXCEPT when I’m running, and sometimes, that is enough motivation to get me out the door!

    3)My running wardrobe – personally, I never feel as cute as when I’m decked out in my running gear. Doesn’t matter if I’m panting and dripping sweat or blowing snot rockets (LOL)…I feel in my element and comfortable and even sexy, which doesn’t happen a lot!

    4)Other runners – While I’m still in search of a brf, I love the unspoken bond runners as a community share…the friendly wave or head bob that is exchanged as we pass each other along our routes, the friendly small talk at the start line of a race, and the fact that communities like AMR exist!

    5) My family – my husband and my two sons (4.5 and 2 years old) have resulted in a total change in the way I look at running in so many ways. It provides me an escape when I need it, but it also provides a bond, like the way my heart swelled with pride when my older son completed his first race (a 1k) this fall and was so excited to be ‘just like mommy’, or the way all three of them have been at the finishing line of all of my races with homemade signs to cheer me on. Running, in a way, helps me practice mindful gratitude toward the people in my life who matter most!

  243. My 5 running ingredients…
    1. The great outdoors. A 6 mile run outdoors is way better than a 3 mile run on the treadmill. But, living in the tundra of MN, you have to incorporate those treadmill workouts when it is -10 degrees.
    2. Me time. As a working mom of 2 kids (sometimes 3 if you include my husband), this is time truly for me.
    3. My kids. I don’t just run for me but to show them that exercise is a big part of our lives (especially since my 10 year old just got diagnosed with diabetes).
    4. Tunes – Many times I have grabbed my iPod only to find that it is out of juice and had to do a run without music. But, I can go so much farther and faster with music.
    5. My running friends that inspire & motivate me to keep going.

  244. 1. Laurie – Little did I know that when she invited me to sign up for a 5k in the spring of 2012, I’d be hooked. (She knew, of course, but I didn’t.)
    2. Alarm clock – Let’s face it, 5:15am weekday runs are not happening without a loud beep in my ear.
    3. Results – When I first started running, it only took a few weeks to notice changes in my body and mind. Now I love the “I did it!” feeling I get after a hard run or race.
    4. Element of surprise – I’ll never forget the day I came home from a run and said to my husband “I cannot believe I am one of those people who just decides to go for a 10 mile run.”
    5. Sweaty hugs – Nothing puts the icing on a long run like coming in the door and getting bombarded with hugs from my two little girls.

  245. My running ingredients:

    1. Motivation: depending on the time of year and day of the week it could be the beautiful weather, the first snow, a chance to run with a friend, new shoes. Anything that makes me get out the door!

    2. a supportive bra. key to ANY run.

    3. a rockin’ playlist! with Beyonce and Daft Punk and Mike Snow

    4. my loving, understanding and supportive husband who understands some days I just need to go for a run sans child. He is always there to lend a hand with the stroller, take care of our son or remind me that getting in a run will always make me feel better.

    5. Post run coffee. never taste better.

  246. My running ingredients:
    1. Shoes that make my feet happy!
    2. A safe place to run (be it a national park, path by the river, or safe inside on a treadmill) – preferable with hills!
    3. Books: Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother (because I always need reminding that I’m not alone on the running mother boat and the training plans rock)
    4. My BRF (Jody, because she pushes me beyond belief
    5. MCM (my first marathon and favorite series of races)

  247. 1. Run Like a Mother – I started reading it before I even wanted to run! I was intrigued by it.
    2. Sadly a life shaking event – for me it was an unexpected divorce that forced me to grow up and evaluate myself and what I wanted out of life.
    3. NoBoundaries – a couch to 5k program through Fleet Feet Orlando and wonderful Coach Deb.
    4. CFWR – Central Florida Women Runners. A running group of many inspirational women. They kept me going to reach more goals than I could have ever imagined.
    5. A bout with runner knee this past summer has expanded my fitness to add all important strength and cross training. I feel strong!

  248. So many things go into my running but here are my top 5 ingredients:
    1. A goal for growth. Whether it be a race or just a personal thing, a goal gives me direction, motivation, and dedication to my running.
    2. Friends. My two dedicated running buddies and also my less-furry human counterparts. I run almost every run with my two dogs and with my friends when we can schedule the time together. It makes us all so happy.
    3. Desire for some me-time. Running gives me the time I need to disconnect from my family, my job, everything. Just a long enough break to stay sane and able to face the next challenge.
    4. Gear. A girl needs to accessorize, right? With the right shoes, I can run pain-free, with the right clothes, I can tackle extreme temps (did I mention the highest temp for my runs this week was 12 degrees?), and the right watch I can track my progress.
    5. Treadmill. Shameless sucking-up here. A treadmill IS a necessity for me. The only way I get consistent, good speed work and hill training done is with a treadmill. It is the key to improvement in my overall running performance.

  249. My 5 key ingredients are:
    1. Running friends -absolutely nothing motivates me more to get out the door than someone waiting for me. I’ve been blessed with a lot of them over the years, most recently they are all members of the my local chapter of MomsRunThisTown (MRTT).
    2. The sense of accomplishment and clear mind after every run, no matter how good or how bad it felt during the run.
    3. My friend Steph who inspired me to run a marathon, which turned me into a runner for life (hopefully;-) .
    4. My husband, who encouraged me along the years and now that we are parents, makes it possible for me to get out.
    5. Target races – I must have a target race to stay motivated.

  250. 5 ingredients of my running:
    1. A cup of sanity saving for this new mom of 2
    2. A pinch of saucony guide 7s for making every run smooth on my feet
    3. A splash of my first run back from baby #2 both a humbling experience and one of the happiest moments in my running journey I can still be a badass motherrunner!!
    4. A dollup of goals for 2014 number one being half marathon here I come
    5. And finally a pound of being a roll model for my kids 🙂

  251. My ingredients include:
    1. Great support system. I’ve met people from all over the country via Tumblr and they’ve been an awesome support system. Encouraging me on my goals and celebrating with me when I reach them.

    2. My son. I don’t just run for me, I run to set an example for him. So hopefully when he’s old enough, he’ll jump in and run with me. I want to show him that exercise can and should be a part of your life.

    3. A great running store. I love having a place where I can go “talk shop” and find some great products to add to my collection. I love having a place where I can get advice in person and people to run with too.

    4. Cedar River Trail. I love this trail. It takes you through the city or even out in the country depending on what type of run you want. I love being able to see the different sights in my city.

    5. The perfect music for running. Never underestimate the power of good music while on a run.

  252. 1. Without these shoes, I couldn’t run right now. If you are carrying extra pounds, Karhu for mid to heavy weight will SAVE YOUR KNEES. I love you shoes. Can I say it again, I LOVE you!! You allow me to actually RUN!
    2. The Greenway 5 minutes from my house. I LOVE YOU! I love watching the seasons through this path. I know the trees are happy to see me. They have watched me pushed my baby in a stroller as I walked and eventually in a jogging stroller as I ran and now as my sweetie pie is in school, they watch me run solo every other morning. They have heard my laughter and seen my tears.They’ve seen me lose 20 lbs about 3 times in the last 4 years and they are still happy to see me. The creeks, the sunshine creeping through the forest. Blessed.
    3. My Dad. The little girl in me that played tennis and ran those 1 mile fun runs and learned how to dig deep. My Dad made that apart of my life starting when I was 6. He’d sign me up the in those races and I run, lungs burning. I feel that little girl when I get out there. Determined.
    4. Of course, the JAMS. What would we do without those tunes to get us pumped?! From Metallica to RUN DMC to the Beachboys….I need my tunes!
    5. Opportunity. I’m thankful everyday to be in the position to get out there and do it. So many people, would love to get outside and run and get fresh air and just can’t. I have to be THANKFUL to everyone and everything that allows me to do this. So so Thankful. Always.

  253. 1. A belief in myself, and that I am stronger than I think and capable of being a real runner.
    2. My incredible husband, who is also a runner, and who understands my aches, pains and motivation (or lack thereof) like no one else.
    3. My two daughters, who are watching me every step of the way. I must be a good example to them.
    4. Some cute running clothes and shoes.
    5. Some great, peppy tunes and podcasts.

  254. Start with:
    1. Supportive family who understands why an active mom is a happier mom
    2. Mix with my BRFs who push me when I need to push my pace, slow down when I just don’t have the legs to run but need to run and listen when I just need to unwind and vent while running
    3. Don’t forget the music because sometimes you just need some P!nk, Flo Rida, or JT to take your mind off the endless miles
    4. Great shoes are essential and here, I rely upon my Saucony’s so that I actually show my bare feet (and toes)
    5. Lastly, thank goodness for compression socks! These are a must for my long runs to help with cramps and for the post-run recovery.

  255. That treadmill looks so much nicer than the one we currently have, that constantly stops or speeds up without reason. My five ingredients:

    1. The right shoes. I am a loyal Asics girl. I can tell when they wear out because my knees start hurting.
    2. Two sports bras. Currently nursing my second baby and the girls needs all the support they can get.
    3. Supportive husband. Without him running would be way more difficult. He’s my rock and always supportive of my training, even packing up the kids (well we just had one at the time) to run the last five miles of my longest marathon training run.He’s awesome.
    4. Garmin. I LOVE my Garmin. It’s old and there are all sorts of fancy new watches, but I love my old 205. When i temporarily lost it, I was so upset.
    5. Good tunes. It’s amazing how music can change my pace in an instant.

  256. 1. My amazingly supportive husband. He encourages me, supports me, and picks up the slack while I take time to run. I absolutely could not run without his support and love.
    2. The Chicago Lake Front Trail: It is the most wonderful place to run and while I don’t get there as often as I used to, planning a run in the city on the trail inspires me to further, longer, and really enjoy my run.
    3. The Half Marathon: 13.1 miles is my running love! The distance is challenging, but doesn’t take over my life. The training keeps me focused and finishing a race makes me feel like I can accomplish anything – even dealing with two small kids when I get done!
    4. Knowing they are watching: The quote ” I thought about quitting and they I remembered who was watching…” keeps me going when I want to quit. I want my kids, especially my daughter, to see there mom commit to something and accomplish it. I also want to make sure that fitness and healthy living are a part of our daily lives and I have to lead by example.
    5. Other Mother Runners: The books, the site, the facebook page, the tribe have all provided support and encouragement when I was injured, recovering, pregnant, discouraged, and lifted me even higher when my running was coming easy and strong. I sometimes log an extra miles or two on the weekends just to add to that pile-o-miles. This virtual aid station has made my transition from runner to “mother runner” much easier and a lot more fun!

  257. 1. My family–they are the reason I run. I run to be sane, have physical and emotional strength, stamina, and perspective while we move through our days together. I run to show each of them (our four children and my dear husband) that it’s never too late (figuratively or literally) to go for a run.

    2. Flexibility–sometimes I need to run at O-dark thirty (read 4:30 a.m.) while, other times, I need to run late in the evening (after 9:00 p.m.). No matter the time or distance, I focus on feeling the success of getting it done. I need to run.

    3. Endorphins–My natural personality focuses on a positive, happy outlook but I also battle a genetically-driven depression daily. Taking care of myself, and counting myself important and worthy enough of that time and care (through exercise, sleep, relaxation, and eating well), help me be, and feel, the best I can be.

    4. “One more step”–I love Dory’s mantra (from Finding Nemo) to “just keep swimming”. Whether it’s dealing with even less time than usual to run, a tired, argumentative body and mind who just want to stop, sit, or sleep, or a thousand other things that may overload my thoughts, schedule, or nerves, focusing on taking just “one more step” allows me to feel successful and keep moving myself (and my family) forward each day. Instead of “swimming”, I “just keep running … one more step” throughout my days.

    5. Connection–I run to connect with others who are like me–just trying to do their best for those they love, one step at a time, each day. Most importantly, it’s my favorite forum to build lasting friendships. I learn so much from others and am grateful for their examples, experiences, and encouragement. No matter our differences, we always have a common ground as runners which allows us to cheer, motivate, and support each other to meet our individual goals.

  258. 1. My foam roller before and after a run. Hurts so good!
    2. My yellow lab Roxie. She won’t let me slack! The look of pure joy on her doggie face is enough to get me out the door on cold, dark mornings.
    3. The Asphalt Divas (self dubbed running group). Love these ladies/BRF’s! And yes, pup Roxie is the official mascot!
    4. Jake, my torturist (is that a real word?) a’hem, I mean sports massage therapist. He fixes all of my problems caused by poor form or stupid mistakes on my part (think overdoing it with weights and squats). Also hurts so good.
    5. My family. So supportive of my time away (because I know how much they need me at zero dark thirty) and for being my biggest cheerleaders (thanks to my husband, my kids think donuts and cheering me on are synonymous…if you give a mouse a cookie…)!

  259. 1) My BRF Kim… she inspired me to get back into running when she started training for the Susan G. Komen 5k race as a breast cancer survivor. We call our runs together “Therapy Miles”.
    2) My Altras… I love these shoes, thanks to the interview on the AMR podcast!
    3) My podcasts… AMR is my first choice, but I’ve always got more queued up… This American Life, Radio Lab, Planet Money, Freakonomics. Good, good listening makes the miles fly by!
    4) Strava… My husband was one of the first users on Strava as a cyclist, and It is a huge part of his routine. It’s becoming integral to me too. Love seeing my route, elevation, pace and hopefully, snagging a QOM or two!
    5) Trails… my favorite runs. Love the challenge and being surrounded by nature!

  260. 1. The amazing bike path through the local forest preserve on which I do my long runs. I’ve seen wonderful wildlife and the change of seasons and it is where I feel most at peace.
    2. My online running buddies! Current circumstance have me doing most of my running alone, but I’ve found a wonderfully supportive community online and they keep me going.
    3. A cute outfit. I love feeling stylish while running. 90% attributable to the amazing gals over at Skirt Sports!
    4. A well-planned recovery period. Rest, shower, snack, maybe some foam rolling, definitely some quiet time to veg before jumping back into life.
    5. My family. They are not always the most supportive of my running, but they do have their glorious moments. But as much as I run for me, I run to be healthy and happy for THEM. They need me, and need to be my best for them.

  261. 1. My iPod: Great tunes and a sweet mix are mandatories.
    2. My Kicks: Getting fitted for running shoes made me feel like a ‘real’ runner.
    3. My Faith: Running has become a meditative place for me.
    4. My SIL: An accomplished runner who provides loads of encouragement, cheerleading, and sage running advice.
    5. My Body: For better or worse it’s birthed 2 beautiful babies and carried me across the finish line of 2 (and hopefully more) half marathons.

  262. 1.) My biological and “sole” sister who is also the other half of all of our race entry “team”- Sistah Please! Running has infused so much into my relationship with my sister and has created a bond between us that even a tough childhood didn’t quite create. I cannot imagine having embarked on the journey of running- something we both only started a few years ago in our forties- without her.
    2.) All of my dorky running gear- my fuel belt (yes, I have been known to use it on runs of 3 miles or less), my compression sleeves, my spybelt and my two toned bandana that I tie around my neck or stuff in my bra (one shade is designated to nose blowing, the other is to wipe my face). Another reason to love ingredient #1 above. She smirks when she sees my getup, but still remains by my side and proudly poses with me for race day photos.
    3.) The real feeling of admiration and respect that I get from my super athletic kids and husband. Before I started running, I was totally seen as the non-athletic member of the family. I’m not gonna lie, I feel giddy when I meet one of my husband’s co-workers and can tell he has been bragging about my running accomplishments or when I hear one of my kids telling their friends how far I can run.
    4.) Injuries. I both hate and love them. I hate them for obvious reasons. I love them because with each new one (and there have been a lot of them in my two short years of running) I learn a little more about my body. More importantly, my injuries have discredited that ugly voice in my head that tries to tell me that, like so many other things in my life, I will not stick with running and staying fit. Each injury has provided me with an excuse to quit. Instead, I have persevered through them all.
    5.) My faith. I believe that God does not lie and He tells me in His word that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I cling to this promise when said ugly voice referenced in ingredient #4 above opens its fat mouth to tell me that I am not good at running or that I am not a “real” athlete. There are actually quite a few running and race specific metaphors in the Bible- all fittingly aimed at the qualities one must possess to be a runner: discipline, hard work, humility, patience, perseverance and grit.

  263. 1. My Garmin – staying on track & on goal…or counting down the seconds to a walk break, keeps me motivated throughout my run.
    2. Itunes & Siri. Thank goodness for Siri’s wonderful ability to still make out my musical demands despite my gasps for air between words!
    3. My foam roller. I hate you. I love you. No, I hate you. Wait, it’s not you. It’s me & my tight IT Bands. Thank you for always being there for me regardless of the vitriol I spew at you while working out my kinks.
    4. My Glamorise bra. No one else has been able to keep the girls in line like you have. We all three thank you.
    5. My family. Whether it’s my husband telling me how cute my butt looks in my running tights, or my son challenging me to another race to the finish, or my daughter clomping around in my running shoes to “be like Mommy”, nothing else fuels me the way they do.

  264. 1. My running group, Moms RUN This Town, and especially my BRF, Angie. There is so much support and inspiration from this group, and it’s in my face every day.

    2. Running Naked. I love leaving the house with as little as possible. No music, no gps, no mace!

    3. Getting past ‘oh, this doesn’t feel good’. It might take a few hundred yards or 3 miles, but I (almost) always get there.

    4. My goals. This year I want to run a really fast 5K, and finish a half marathon in 1:59:59. If I can finish that half marathon with my BRF, hand in hand, that will be icing on the cake.

    5. Escape. Once I leave the house, whether I’m running in my neighborhood alone, or meeting some friends, I get to break free of being responsible for everyone except myself. Running is a sanity saver, for sure!

  265. 1. My Husband – Although there is something to be said for solo runs, my favorite runs are with my husband by my side. Without him, I probably never would have gotten into the joy or running.

    2. My Brooks – After going through other pairs of blister-inducing neon running shoes from other brands, I finally discovered the bliss that comes from running in plain-Jane Brooks.

    3. My iPod and YurBuds – Tunes are essential for my runs. I don’t have to have “pump up” music, just great tunes that I love, fast or slow, to get lost in while I explore the outdoors. YurBuds have been a lifesaver for keeping my earphones in my ears!

    4. My Garmin – This handy device has been amazing in helping me achieve and track my goals (i.e. recently running my 1st half-marathon 20 weeks pregnant!).

    5. A positive attitude – Some days your runs are great, and some days they are difficult, but as long as you’ve gotten out there, there is no such thing as a BAD run!

  266. 1. Supportive partner that watches the kids so I can go for a run. Hands down the most important ingredient of my running!
    2. My phone. It has my music, tracks my miles via gps, and doubles as a flashlight if the sun goes down before I get home.
    3. My running skirt! Just putting it on makes me happy.
    4. The right socks. Shoes are important, but socks will make or break my run.
    5. A goal. Any goal. Even if the goal is just to get away from the kids for a little bit.

  267. 1. Gratitude
    2. Flashy, lightweight shoes
    3. Room for improvement
    4. Strength/XT (never enough, but even a little has been helping to prevent injuries!)
    5. Encouragement from family & fellow runners

  268. 1. Robin, my former neighbor and the first Mother Runner to convince me to get out and run. From whom I learned that running with another mother is the perfect way to keep your sanity.
    2. The Beast, that first hill that challenged me and taught me that conquering hills is a great way to truly feel like a badass.
    3. Stress Fracture: forced me slow down, get myself into a healthy weight, and learn the importance of strength training.
    4. Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers, still gets me cranked for a run.
    5. Lindsay, my running partner who keeps me laughing, crying, pushing myself further and faster and never lets me forget how far I’ve come and how far I can go.

  269. 1. Alone time
    2. Mantra…breath and keep moving
    3. My power song Applause..they’re cheering for me
    4. My Brooks
    5. Remembering how far Ive come in two years from not being able to jog more then a minute without thinkin Im gonna die to doing 3 miles straight..I love it

  270. My ‘recipe’ is like a trail mix:
    1. Something sweet: Like a husband who takes over household duties so I can escape, or children who coordinate nap times to give me a few moments to myself

    2. Something salty: I sweat. Lots. It feels good.

    3. Something chewy: My mind settles in and starts digesting all that is going on in our lives. I remember things. I ponder. I solve problems that seemed un-solvable before running.

    4. Something crunchy: My feet are pounding, whether it’s leaves, snow, dirt trails, or the treadmill.

    5. Something nutty: Throw in some fun. Mix things up. Really nutty? I’ve ended up on a podium at local races.


  271. Man. Only 5?!

    1. Hands down, my family takes the top spot. Sometimes, yes, I run to get away from the crazy day we had, but more often than not, I run for them. To be a better mom, to show the kids fitness is important – my 4 year old even asks to go run with me. She typically goes in the stroller but her face when we do ‘track working outs!!’ together is priceless.

    2. A close second – my older brother, who was killed in Afghanistan 5 years ago. Since then, not a run goes by when I don’t think of him. We are military, and when stationed at Fort Lewis, WA, I ran with a group that honored fallen soldiers. Since then, I have made it my personal mission to run a mile for every military member killed in action during the War on Terror. This amounts to over 6750 miles [as of today] and though it’ll take me years, I will get it done. It’s the least I can do for our military, in my own way.

    3. Good gloves. If my hands are cold, I’m done! I often joke that I could wear shorts in 30 degree weather, so long as I have gloves, I am good to go. In fact, I still use the ones my little brother gave to me when I first started running 10 years ago!!

    4. To beat my own times. Not every race is a PR, not every mile beats the last. But there’s something to be said for beating your own time – the true grit and grim getting you there is an emotion that rivals nothing in our sport! Well, except maybe winning, but I don’t plan on taking a podium until I’m 90 and the only one left in my age group!

    5. Social Media. This sounds silly, but following fellow mother runners on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and seeing them do amazing things day to day makes it a little easier to peel myself off the couch and get at it. Im’ very lucky that some of these internet friendships have blossomed into real life ones, and I am forever grateful for that!!!!

  272. First of all Dimity…watch your head…I would be concerned about that for me as well since I can’t do jumping jacks in my basement at 5’11” 🙂 Here are my ingredients!!
    1. A good playlist of run worthy music
    2. A dose of some “get up and go”
    3. My Brooks Ghost running shoes.
    4. Sports Bra and Clothes as the neighborhood wouldn’t be happy otherwise 🙂
    5. At least a hour of free time!!

  273. My five ingredients:
    1. A “What gets said on a run stays on the run” philosophy that my running partner and I live by. She is also a mother runner, and the venting/fretting/discussing that we can do on a long run is so cathartic.
    2. A memory that I have of another mother runner that I don’t get to run with as often as I’d like. We were both single back during the first 1/2 marathon that I trained for. I had just attempted my 9 miler on my own and I quit half way through. Instead of letting me give up on the half she took me out on my 10 miler, sent me inspirational emails, and stuck with me through my whole first 1/2 marathon despite the fact that my pace was pitiful compared to what she could have done. It taught me to never quit and to stick with my fellow mother runners.
    3. I’ve had more than my share of family members and loved ones with near catastrophic illnesses this past year. My mantra has become “I run because I can.” I think of those in my life that would love to be able to throw on a pair of shoes and go run where they want. They can’t. So I do, and running has literally kept me sane through these months.
    4. Thoughts of my daughter. I run to teach my daughter that exercise is not an option, it is a necessity, and that girls can be just as bad a** as any boy out there.
    5. My podiatrist. It may not sound as inspirational as some of my other ingredients, but thank goodness for my custom orthotics. They keep me in this game!!

  274. 1)My running buddy group–being accountable to a group of people other than just myself helps me get up at an ungodly hour to knock out a run before life gets in the way!
    2)My playlist–the more eclectic, the better. And it helps to have an inspirational “bring-it-on-home” song to help push me through the last quarter mile.
    3)”Me” time–it’s precious.
    4)The feeling of accomplishment and sense of “Holy cow…I just did that!” after crossing the finish line.
    5)Celebratory hugs at the end of a race.

  275. 1. Bad boyfriend who started my on my running journey
    2. Realizing that 5am isn’t too early (don’t think, just go)
    3. Yoga
    4. Breath
    5. BRFs to keep me going!

  276. 1. Carrots. No, not ACTUAL carrots, although those are fine. I need proverbial carrots: chai lattes, afternoon naps, a never-say-no-to-ice-cream attitude. My running allows me to enjoy all of life’s indulgences without feeling too much guilt. (I’d indulge in even more things – like massage – if only the purse strings allowed!)
    2. Sticks. Also the proverbial kind. The biggest stick for me is in the NOT running and the resulting crankiness and general grumpitude that bubbles to the surface. Knowing that not running will make me very unpopular with others (and myself!) is a big ol’ stick.
    3. Spouse. Thankfully this is a literal ingredient! My husband (whom I’ve recently dubbed the “Safety Baron” as I train for an ultra run in March) does not quite understand my running but he respects it immensely. And while I do my best to schedule my runs so that they do not inflict too much inconvenience on him and our 3 boys, that’s not feasible as I train for the longer distances. I think he gets a kick out of being the guy married to the woman who’s always training for something. And I can’t remember a single time when he has tried to talk me out of taking a run… well, except for tomorrow when it’s going to be 7-below and he put on his Safety Baron badge and said “NO” to that plan!
    4. Races. There’s nothing like a goal to get you out the door. Before I trained for races, I enjoyed running but I could very easily think of reasons not to head out the door. Since I began sprinkling races throughout the year, I don’t have to rely merely on the threat of being a cranky pants to lace up. The calendar demands it! And meeting those race goals? Num num num! Delicious!
    5. Social Media. This ingredient, I am almost ashamed to say, really adds a special kick to my running. Where some people post selfies multiple times a day as a way of garnering likes and ‘woot woot’s on Facebook, I link my running app. I am completely guilty of the FB brag and I get even more joy out of it when I know my pals are getting up at 6AM to see a post from me having already run 6 or 7 miles that morning. There’s probably a special mental health diagnosis for this self aggrandizement, but so far the men in white suits have not come to take me away, so I’m sticking with it!

  277. Here are my 5!
    1: Running pants with a drawstring. It is imperative that there is a drawstring, I don’t like it when they fall down!
    2: Sports bra to hold the girls
    3: This biggest loser competition I’m in right now is seriously motivating me to run more than I ever have.
    4: My fitbit, which challenges me to run more than my friends.
    5: My super awesome hubby and kids who know mommy needs her run time!

  278. 1. The Another Mother Runner Tribe. I know this sounds a bit like pandering to the judges, but it is so true. By luck, I happened upon the Facebook group and then the books at just the right time. I do most of my runs solo, and often feel like I have two BRFs with me while I listen to podcasts. I used the Run/Walk plan from an AMR newsletter to train for my first half-marathon. Truly, you’ve been with me every step of the way!

    2. My amazingly supportive husband and two kids. Never once did my husband complain about having to get the kids breakfast and off to swimming lessons during my Saturday morning long runs. On a few long runs my family met me at the entrance to our subdivision and cheered me in. On the day of my half-marathon they were there for hours waiting for the race to start and then cheering me on. After the finish, there were only hugs and support – never once did I hear anyone whine about how long and boring it was to wait around.

    3. A no-excuses policy. I’ve always been very good at making excuses for why I can’t workout. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I have a cold, I need to go to the supermarket, I have laundry to do, I need to help the kids with their homework…you get the picture. About a year ago, I stopped allowing excuses. Barring a couple of injuries, I have not let myself be sidetracked by excuses. “Don’t think. Just Go.”

    4. Good shoes and gear. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one piece of gear. The high-tech gear like my Garmin watch, to low-tech like my fuel belt, it’s all important. About the same time I adopted the “no excuses policy” I started investing in good gear. I decided I am worth it. While there are still many bigger ticket items I’m coveting, I make sure I have all the essentials covered.

    5. My treadmill. Why, you may ask, would I mention that I already have a treadmill when I’m trying to win a treadmill? It’s because I bought my treadmill 10 years ago at a time when my family’s budget was tight (well, OK, it’s still tight). I bought one of the cheapest treadmills I could find. On days when it is storming out, one of the kids is sick, or I just can’t get out of the house, it is wonderful to be able to get in a run at home. The thought of having a fancy schmancy new treadmill with pre-programmed runs, speakers, a fan, and better impact cushioning…well, it just makes me giddy!

  279. 1. Supportive husband and children – they always encourage me to run. They either want me out of the house, or realize how important it is for my attitude.
    2. Proper fuel and nutrition – eat like crap, run like crap.
    3. Four 1/2 marathons behind me – I know it can be done and I can do it again.
    4. A neighbor and BRF that makes the long runs easier.
    5. The AMR “tribe”… always keeping me inspired!

  280. Wow! Nice legs, Dimity! I’ve been eyeing this treadmill for so long.
    My ingredients are:
    1. Goals-Last year my goal was to run my first marathon. Check! This year it is to get speedy in shorter distances with new prs in 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon. Also, to do the Loony Challenge at TCM.
    2. Family Support and Inspiration- I love that I can motivate my children to be active and that my husband is so proud of me.
    3. Being out in nature- I never feel better than when I am out in nature, but living in MN, it’s sometimes a little hard (I’m talking below zero).
    4.Friends- Running has given me new friends to share my obsession with and I love sharing stories and tips with them and strengthening existing friendships through a shared activity.
    5.Awareness- It motivates me to run when I know that I am bringing awareness to charities, either through charity races or raising funds for organizations I believe in.
    Thank you!

  281. 1. An awesome playlist. Sometimes this is old Coldplay and Sarah McLaughlin, more often it’s Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

    2. A wish to sweat! I like to finish my runs looking like I just took a shower.

    3. A good headband or hat. If my hair is in my face, I’m done with the run.

    4. My parents. When I was training for my first half, I did a 10-mile loop that went past their house. My dad not only left a bottle of water out, he put ORANGE CONES around it so I could see it and no one would take it!

    5. Post-run breakfasts. Anyone else think of what they’re going to eat the whole time?

  282. My ingredients:
    1. My BRF
    2. My old, nearly worn out UnderArmour tights
    3. My favorite Asics socks
    4. A little bit of motivation
    5. Some “get up and go”

  283. My five ingredients are:

    1. My son (4 years old) — who inspired me to lose weight, which led to learning to run. Now when I head out for a run he says, “Run fast mommy, run fast!” He has also designated one pair of his shoes as his “running shoes.”

    2. Yoga — while I only do it once a week, yoga keeps me feeling loose and happy and ready to run.

    3. The right music and podcast — some inspiring pop as well as AMR podcasts fuel my runs — Dimity and Sarah have gotten me through many a long run.

    4. Peace, sanity, strength — running isn’t easy and finding the motivation to run can be really hard for me. But, once I’m out there I’m happy and it makes me a better woman, mother, wife. Nothing else works so as well to straighten out a cranky Kate!

    5. My Virtual BRF — we met online doing Weight Watchers, and her support (via email, Fb, and text) keeps me honest and moving. We will finally meet in person in January when we run Dopey together.

  284. 1) My kids. I want them to know that being healthy and active is not something you grow out of. I love seeing them cheering for me at the finish line, running towards those happy little faces makes me go faster!
    2) My Dad. After years of being the guy who worked late at the office to “get the job done”, he passed away from a heart attack at 50. His doctor blamed it on bad diet and lack of exercise. I want him to know I learned from his hard lesson. I WILL take care of myself, I am not a human sacrifice for a paycheck.

    3) Cheesy music at loud volumes on a sunny day! Sometimes it’s just nice to get out there and enjoy the sunshine on your face and the breeze through your hair.

    4) My neighbors- I’m amazed at how many friends I’ve made just by running through my neighborhood in the afternoon. People who’ve stopped me in the grocery to introduce themselves and just say hi.

    5) Sanity- running brings me back to being me. Not Mom, not Wife, not Co-worker. Just me, and the road. Pushing a little harder if I’m feeling motivated, taking it easy if I just need to relax and unwind.

  285. My five ingredients for running include- but are no limited to- (as mother runners know… we might need to tweak the recipe from time to time):
    1. Attitude- the right attitude can change your journey!
    2. A Plan- having children, working full time, having a house and pets and a husband means that if I don’t have a plan running doesn’t happen.
    3. Fuel- to move this body! Candy corn in the fall and jelly beans in the spring. Yum!
    4. Rest- I have come to realize this is IMPORTANT! Even resting when injured… as I am now 🙂
    5. Realizing what I can do and acceptance- I didn’t have faith I could run a marathon! I DID IT! I accept that I am slow and won’t ever be a competitor with others but I am with myself and proud of it.

  286. 1. Alex Clare Pandora station
    2. minimalist running shoes
    3. Nature! Scenery – rivers, streams, trees to take in
    4. a sports bra that doesn’t chafe
    5. that awesome STRONG woman feeling and post-run good mood

  287. 1.Stress relief! Running takes me to a better place with no stress and no negativity. I am able to forget grief, responsibility and my day.
    2.Endorphins release. Running makes me feel so healthy and strong during and after which continues throughout the week and also makes me sleep better.
    3.My jams. My iPod is filled with a plethora of upbeat music and songs that tell me to WORK! Pitbull, Karmin, Britney, Chris Brown, Gaga and Salt and Peppa here I come!
    4.Self talk. When I start to get winded I push myself by saying come on the goal is… I can do anything for five more minutes! I can do anything for 5 more minutes! Let’s do this!
    5.Inspiration. I want my daughter to be healthy and love to be active also so being the active role model is so inspiring for her to also be active. Every now and then she wants to try the treadmill at seven years old and I know I am doing my part for her future!

  288. My Ingredients For Running:

    1. iPod – whether I’m rocking out to some tunes, or laughing my arse off listening to the AMR Podcasts, I can’t leave home without it. Without this reliable source of company on my runs, I’d have given up long ago.
    2. Garmin – learning to control my pace, either faster or slower, has helped me improve my running. Without learning this skill, I’d have given up long ago.
    3. Shoes – before I was fitted for the RIGHT shoes, running was agony. If I hadn’t gotten shoes that worked for me, I’d have given up years ago.
    4. Train Like A Mother – whether I’m following a plan as I chase a specific goal, or using the plans to give structure to my running (that is otherwise too full of “winging it”), this book is like a Bible to me. I’m in it nearly every day. THANK YOU! Without it, I’d have given up long ago.
    5. BRFs – all of them – the ones I’ve “grown” and the ones I’ve met along the way. All of my runner friends help to keep me motivated and believing in myself. Without them I’d have given up long ago.

  289. Sprinkle equal parts running gear (a fun indulgence) and a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes. Add to a heaping teaspoon full of admiration for my heart that makes it all possible (for it was his/her support that led me to run in the first place 3 years ago). Fold in 10 parts fresh air and the fabulous feeling of finishing a good run, even if it wasn’t that good. Stir altogether and share with a friend.

  290. 1. Start with Girlfriends-I love running with friends; it is free therapy:)
    2. Next add cute clothes-having cute clothes motivates me to get out and run, except when I am on the treadmill. No fashion rules for the “mill”!
    3. Add a dash of fun-I have to make running fun so it doesn’t seem like a chore. You can add speed, new route, etc.
    4. Then add a heap of hill repeats-for some reason, I love hills. I love to get my heart going, sweat pouring and knowing it is only a minute or two and then I get to go down.
    5. Finish with wine-the best way to relax and unwind!

  291. LOVE- if I didn’t love running I couldn’t do it.
    Determination – it is hard waking up early every morning without it
    Goal- need something I can work towards
    Inspiration – to help and inspire others, makes me excited
    Sports bra- extra support is a most

  292. 1) kids-without them I wouldn’t want to be running. As a foster parent, adoptive parent, mom of autism, mom of other special needs. I have people with needs on full throttle everyday. So the five of them keep me moving.
    2) my foam roller! I had 30+ cysts removed from my ankle in 2009…dr said I would never run again…psh take that dr. Incorrect!
    3) my physical therapist-I load all five kids up and go once a week (down from three)and have him work his magic on me. Injury free to date and still going strong!
    4) being outside-shockingly, even south Texas has a few decent scenic spots, so I find them and run them. Birds chirping, owls hoo-ing (is that even correct?), cicadas talking, that’s great!
    5) hubby-without him I couldn’t run. He graciously feeds the kids dinner, puts them to bed, or misses alone time with me so I can go find my sanity. Without him I wouldn’t be tackling my first under 35 5k in a few weeks !

  293. 1. My favorite pink socks — odd how a silly thing like a pair of socks can make or break a run but for me, I’ve looked high and low for the right pair (not too thick, low cut without feeling like my arch is being squeezed to death) and now that I’ve found them, they are an essential for a great run.

    2. Remembering the tough spots — running has helped me get through some pretty heavy times in my life. While I never want to go back, it’s good to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

    3. Running skirts — never leave home without one on. Keeps me warm, doesn’t chafe and covers any parts that may jiggle a bit too much:-)

    4. Sweeeet tunes — don’t underestimate the power of a good song. And yes, when Sia sings “Titanium” I feel invincible.

    5. My Ava (a budding runner in the making) — my daughter did her first 5K last weekend with me. It was the shortest race I’ve done in a long time but the pure joy on her face as she got into the home stretch of the race — that memory is going to stay with me on my runs for a long time.

  294. 1. A Plan! With three small kids, and a job, planning time to make my run happen is essential!
    2. The Right Outlook! Not every run will be my best run. Not every run will be the ideal conditions. Sometimes, you just need to take the window you have and make the best of it. I know when its over, I will be glad I got out and did something for me.
    3.My Gear! My favorite run attire goes a long way to helping me feel the part. It can transform me from the Mom cleaning up after breakfast, to the Mom who can do it all and still look and feel good doing it.
    4. My Garmin! The first few years I ran, I went without this. Now, I see the benefit of not only being accountable for distance or time, but seeing how far my body can be pushed. Each tick on the mileage seems so small.. if I can just keep going a bit further … It’s amazing what one can do!
    5. My Future! Knowing each run is going to contribute to not only a healthier me, but healthier children. My kids want to emulate what I do. Each run sets a good example for them that we make time for what’s important. Health and well being are important. Running has made me feel strong and empowered. I can be a good Mom. I can overcome cancer and whatever obstacles life continues to throw at me. I CAN, and WILL, keep moving because I AM a BAMR!

  295. My five ingredients:

    1) Runkeeper. By and large, I’m a team player, but deep down, I’m very competitive – with myself. Runkeeper allows me to indulge my competitive spirit by tracking my progress and showing me how I compare to past runs. It’s incredibly motivating.

    2) My iPhone. Without my Spotify playlists, Runkeeper (see above), and a built-in camera for taking sweaty post-run selfies, I’d be lost. Speaking of lost, I’m never lost with my iPhone, thanks to its GPS capabilities. Oh, and I can always use it as a phone (what a concept!) if I need to call for backup.

    3) Poise pads. I don’t really need to explain why, do I?

    4) Jolly Ranchers. For my long runs and races, I mark each mile with one. (Cherry and orange are my favorite. I pick out all the watermelon ones and give them to my husband.)

    5) My fellow BAMRs. These women pick me up when I fall, cheer me up(and on!) when I’m down, and have seen me at my best and worst. They love me without judgment, and are my greatest supporters. And I will always, always be there for them as well.

  296. My five ingredients:

    1.) Solitude. I tried really freaking hard to find a BRF when I started running. I attended practically every training group run I could find only to get left in the dust and end up running alone since everyone was so much faster than me. Now I enjoy the solitude.
    2.) AMR podcasts. Since I couldn’t find a BRF I pretend you two lovely ladies are running with me and laugh along to your podcasts on my runs.
    3.) I like big races and I cannot lie. I signed up for as many local races as I thought my husband would let me get away with but it wasn’t until I flew to D.C. To meet up with my mom for Marine Corps that I realized I prefer large races with lots of people around. I talk to strangers with no problem and ran faster than ever without even really trying just because I was bolstered by the waves of other runners. I dropped 8 whole minutes off my 10k PR from the weekend before!
    4.) Good shoes. Everyone needs those right? Everyone except the barefoot guy at MCM. Ouch.
    5.) Treadmill. I don’t have one but now that its gotten frigid in the Midwest I’ve realized I’m a wuss and joining a gym so I can run indoors is high on my priority list.

  297. My five ingredients…

    1. Survivor!!! I began running regularly about 18 months ago, and 2 months in had the shock of my life: I was– at 36– diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. The 9 months after my diagnosis were filled with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. But they were also filled with a new and growing passion for the strength and calm I find when running. I am now in remission and am stronger than I have ever been in my life, mostly thanks to my regular running schedule. And… there’s nothing more badass than a badass mother runner *bald from chemo*!!!
    2. Friends! Before I discovered running, getting together with friends meant finding time for a dinner out, a wine bar or perhaps some shopping. To be honest I didn’t do a great job maintaining my pre-kid friendships. Running has given me a new way to connect with my friends– regular weekend runs together and fun races are a healthy, invigorating way to stay close.
    3. Role model– I have two girls, ages 7 and 4, and I am so happy that they have an active Mom. I can’t wait to run our first races together and use running as a way to model perseverance.
    4. Discovering the sunrise! I am NOT a morning person. I love sleep. But to fit running into my schedule of work and family, I’m up early and outside for the first time in my life. And the world outside– it’s beautiful. I watch the sun rise and world wake up, and I’m just so grateful for the opportunity.
    5. Finding my mantra. Running inspires me to realize that my life can be anything I want it to be– it’s not too late, I’m not too old or too sick or too busy, and it all starts when I tie up my shoes. This is my chance to be the hero of my life, and that hero needs some new PRs.

  298. My five ingredients (love this cooking metaphor! It’s like I’m combining two of my favorite things, making salsa and running! My blog is if you want to understand fully!!)
    1: running forces me to do yoga, which is a passion of mine too! Both running and yoga help me in the same way even though they appear totally different! I think you girls will understand exactly what I mean so I won’t go into huge detail.
    2: Mean Mommy leaves the scene, or at least only appears occasionally, when the running is consistent. A bonus for my family!
    3: my BRF’s, Amy, Mindy and Maria. Amy is the “thinks she is slow, but isn’t, heading towards 50 States, spreadsheet master.” Maria and Mindy are the gazelles who we love to chase, the “we call it tempo, they call it slow, easy,” natural runners. The four of us cheer each other on in running and in life.
    4: coffee once a month at 5:00 a.m. at McDonalds when “our friend Ruby” comes to visit. We actually look forward to having our periods now! And we must spend lots of time together because we are miraculously on the same cycle.
    5: awe inspiring beauty of nature. Running beautifies the lens I see through. Whether it is endorphins or pure delirium, I’m not sure, but the world is more beautiful on a run than pretty much any other time.

  299. My five ingredients for a successful run are:

    Mommy motivation – Got a get a dose of sanity and skinny jeans on a regular basis!

    Kicking tunes – Lots of upbeat and fast moving melodies to keep my feet and mind going in the right direction.

    Memories of races both past and present – Reminiscing about all the miles logged and all those races to come.

    Appropriate running gear – A fab pair of sneakers and the accessories for the season.

    And the most important: Mommy friends – To cheer you on and lift you up, provide a helping hand and to support you every step of the way!

  300. 1. Runner for life.. started running as a junior in high school and though there are periods of not running (babies, injuries)running has also been part of me
    2. Buddies… the girls I run with. We laugh, we cry, we vent!
    3. Drive… I am truly a competitive person. I always want a PR.
    4. Fit … Living a healthy life and setting an example for my kids.
    5. Perseverance and attitude… I recently tore my acl, surgery set for early 2014. There is no doubt in my mind I will be back to my old self and bust out another BQ (and actually go).

  301. 1. Time for myself to be the best wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee I can be.
    2. Injuries and illnesses put it all into perspective.
    3. Starting and supporting a running group.
    4. Encouraging a non runner to run.
    5. The little improvements I see over time.

  302. my running recipe inclues:
    1. good shoes
    2. being outside
    3. my dog
    4. my mother runner friends to help the miles fly by
    5. and a goal whether is an uipcoming race, a personal challenge or just to say i did it

  303. Preheat early morning to 50 degrees.
    1. Take out your running skirt, bra, and shoes
    2. Put them on. Select shirt depending on how you’re feeling – tank or short sleeves? Let your temp guide you.
    3. Meet AMR at the park.
    4. Run until all your stress melts
    5. Top with hot coffee and conversation
    Serves 2.

  304. 1. Dedication-I started running 6 years ago and haven’t stopped. What started as a way to loose weight post baby has become my lifestyle. Running is incredible on so many levels!
    2. My health – running keeps me healthy and sane plus I’ve set goals and accomplished ones I never thought I’d do. My first full will be in 2014! I have a heart problem and thought I’d have to stop running which was the scary at the time. I was told I had an athletes heart and to keep running! Best news ever! As a mom we all know we need me time!
    3. Family-My hubby an two kids now run too! My daughter -10 just ran her first race with me over the summer. This spring they will all be running a 5k while I do a half. A family that runs together, stays together! It makes me so proud and elated when they tell me they are proud of me. They come to every race even the freezing cold ones to cheer me on! Means the world to me:). We would all enjoy the treadmill!
    4. Running gear -Brooks running shoes, coldgear and heatgear, my iPhone apps and music too!
    5. Another Mother Runner- yes I know a shameless plug:). I just purchased and am in the middle of reading Train like a mother. LOVE it! I’m also inspired by the countless FB posts! A little inspiration goes a long way. When I wear my badass mother runner headband I really feel like a badass! Thank you!

  305. My five ingredients:

    1. Being grateful that I’m healthy and able to run (when I’m injured, its almost like torture!).
    2. The feeling I only get from running – freedom, nature, clarity of mind …
    3. Exploring new neighborhoods, and the comfort of regular running routes.
    4. That its easy – one foot in front of the other but also that every run is different, new and unique.
    5. The right equipment: Saucony sneaks, chewing gum, and Garmin watch.

  306. Running is what gets me going, gives me drive to better in all aspects of my life. It is my heart. So, what is the recipe for my heart? Without these ingredients, the finished product would just not taste the same:

    H: Husband. He got my to run my first race, encourages me at every single solitary step, and gives
    me the time to train while he watches our daughter and dogs.
    E: Enigma. As is Mizuno Wave Enigma. I have really screwy heels, and can’t wear most running
    shoes. These fit like a glove and make me fly (or, at least make me feel like I can.
    A: AMR. Not just a gratuitous plug. Since I started reading your books and blog, is has definitely
    made me a better MOTHER runner. Realizing a lot of what I am going though is not unique and
    that many others share my same experiences and perspectives is relieving. I can exhale.
    R: Runner’s World Magazine. This is my running porn. I attack each issue, voraciously reading each
    and every article. I get so much inspiration and motivation each time I read it.
    T: Treadmill. I began my foray in to running by hitting the road outside every day. Now being a
    mother, my time has to shift with priorities, allowing me to run outside only 1 day a week. The
    rest is on the faithful treadmill in the basement. Although it serves me well, it is beginning to
    drag; buttons don’t work, randomly shuts off mid run. C’mon, old girl!

  307. 1. Sweat soaked clothes. When I first started running I hated to sweat and now I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything without it

    2. Aqua colored visor. It keeps the sweat and bright sunshine out of my eyes. I wear it every run that is sunny or 40 degrees or above, even on the treadmill.

    3. Peppermint gum. For a mouth breather like me it is absolutely essential and I feel like I clench my jaws without it. I have cronic allergies and am allergic to just about everything so breathing through the nose is not an option.

    4. The way I lace my shoes. The owner of the LRS was a high school track coach. He showed me this thing where the laces loop through each other in the last eyelet to keep the shoes snug up against my foot. Without it I get quarter sized blood blisters (the most infamous named “Elvis” that was acquired during a half in Memphis) under the ball of my foot.

    5. My iPhone. With it I have contact to friends and family while on my runs (I may have needed a ride home after an injury or two), music that is played on the speakers to share with friends, GPS app to tell me time and distance and to compete with friends (it even works on the treadmill), and a camera for taking pictures if the scenery, friends, and accomplishments for sharing on facebook. I was due for an upgrade on the phone awhile back but with the history I have with this phone and training for my first marathon, I decided not to upgrade and risk bad mojo, kinda like how a baseball player won’t change out of her lucky socks.

  308. 1. Balance- this is the key ingredient to maintain for me. Cross training to keep my muscles strong and to not burn myself out. Never losing focus on the fact that I should be enjoying running.

    2. Gear- Asics and UnderArmour are two of my faves. Mostly feeling comfortable and confident in whatever I’m wearing is key.

    3. Looking for that “I could run forever” run- whether it be a 5-miler or 10+, every once in a great while all the stars align perfectly and all conditions are right when you get that running euphoria where your body feels great, your breathing pattern feels effortless, and just don’t want to stop! But let’s face it…..Mother runners have to go home or step off the treadmill at some point because others depend on them.

    4. Health- running forces me to choose my foods wisely. What gives me the most energy and what keeps my immune system strong? I’ve learned a great deal about food as I began my running journey!

    5. Being a positive role model- I know that everytime I step out the door to run, I am choosing to show my children that I care about my well-being and health. It is time away from them but they see me happier, more energetic and more present in their lives when I am running. It also teaches them to value their health and make goals for themselves.

  309. 1. Friends – best girl time ever

    2. Shoes – new & old

    3. music – love P!nk when I am in a bad mood and need to run it out

    4. Determination – especially for the days I would rather be sleeping

    5. Fresh Air – best place to run is outside

  310. My 5 ingredients:
    1.) Family: from the siblings that helped me get running again and comprise my favorite running partners today to my children who keep me motivate. My 12 year old son has decided to run his first half and is pushing me when I need it most.
    2.) Shoes! I’m not picky about most of my gear. I have faves and things I wear more often but the only part of my gear that is must have are my Sauconys <3
    3.) Motivation: My journey started four years ago in an unhealthy time of my life followed by tragedy. My husband and I made a promise to change our lifestyle and every time I see the positive effects on my children it helps to push me out the door.
    4.) Races: they help to keep me honest in my training. Since I'm cheap enough to not want to lose the money I spent on the race, the only option left is to just keep running.
    5.) Therapy: Running satisfies my need for therapy. Helps me keep my sanity by giving me those few rare moments of peace and solitude while giving me an outlet to work out frustrations.

  311. 1. My familiar hometown trail, where I have friends that I smile at regularly, high five, but don’t even know their names. It’s just home!!!

    2. My running friends – Deborah and Cara that I spend hours running with. We never tire of talking about all running related matter. Friends who won’t cross the finish line without me . . . they turn . . . slow . . . and grab my hand to cross together.

    3. A Run Streak – (running every day for 60 days) taught me to enjoy all weather . . . weather I normally would have used as an excuse, I learned that it was rather enjoyable and energizing to get out in it. I’ve learned to love to run in the rain, the snow, the wind. I used to really hate winter and cold . . . as a runner I love the cooler temps and have come to totally appreciate it.

    4. MAF – Maximum Aerobic Funcion – I have learned to run slower to run faster and more efficiently. By slowing down and running by heart rate my joy of running returned and my joy of the long run happened. I could run forever, it feels, at that pace and be happy.

    5. Persevering – to continue running through my issue of Runner’s Ischemia. It would have been so easy to give up, but I was determined to find a way to get my miles in without the ‘issue’ happening. That’s one of the reasons I started running by MAF. I had many ups and downs, but I just kept on working at it and have very little issue now with it.

  312. 1. My brooks adrenaline running shoes. Can’t leave home w/o them.
    2. Music. Love running while listening to great music.
    3. Warm gear. Living in co, you never know what you’ll get for weather!
    4. Motivation. To get going when I’d rather being sleeping or staying warm.
    5. Can do attitude. Even when it’s hard or cold, to keep runny!

  313. 1. Me time (or with a double stroller, at least it’s I’m in charge cause your strapped in time 🙂
    2. Love of the marathon
    3. Running friends
    4. Train smarter, not harder
    5. Brooks Pure <3

  314. Love all these lists, here are my “ingredients”
    1. My very recently unveiled athleticism. At the tender age of 45, after a year of grueling Bootcamp workouts, I discovered I actually liked running!! Another year later, and I have run countless 5k, a half dozen 10k, and two half marathons! And my 2014 calendar is filling fast!
    2. My amazing family, both at home and at work. I am surrounded by people who support my efforts, who love running, and who both motivate and inspire me. Lucky me….
    3. Adrenaline/caffeine. Are these really two? I think not.
    4.Amazing NoCal weather and scenery. I love love love being outside, and there is nothing quite like a long run in the fall in Wine Country.
    5. My short little legs, which arent particularly fast, but are strong and lean, and get me where I need to go.
    Again, lucky lucky me. I don’t take any of it for granted.

  315. My five ingredients are:

    2) Music
    3) Good shoes
    4) Determination
    5) Heart!!!! <3

    The last two are by far the most important because without them you would not be consider a runner and I am a runner, no matter how slow or fast I may be. I have the determination to run and the heart to finish!

  316. Music: For those of you who run naked, this won’t impress you, but it might still make you laugh. I had an ipod charging issue one day and ran out of power about two miles from home. I found myself trying to figure out where I could find a phone so I could call my husband to come and pick me up. I stopped for a second and then nearly fell down laughing as it slowly dawned on me that I could, in fact, continue running without music. I admit, it was a lovely run home, made all the more so by occasional bouts of laughter.

    Plantar Fasciitis: I hope one day to be able to say it is truly in the past, but for now it leaves me relentlessly grateful for the freedom of every run.

    Foam Rolling: I roll and roll and roll and it lets me run and run and run. See Plantar Fasciitis above.

    Care: Yes, making running a priority in my life takes caring for myself and it takes the love, care and support of my husband. But what makes me most proud, is that my kids know that moving their bodies is a priority in their own lives (at ages 7 and 9) and make time for it accordingly. How better for our family to care for each other than to make time to move for each of us and all of us.

    SBS, Dimity & All the BAMRS: The truth is, I found you all quite awhile after I started running. My first run was from the first “5” to the second “5” on the Grant High track. It was a quarter of a quarter of a mile. I was trying to lose what would eventually be 70 pounds. It took your virtual 5k a couple of years later to prove to me that I am a runner. Now you are a part of every day in some small way. A podcast, a post, my favorite t-shirt, an awkward thank you to SBS when I ran into her in the neighborhood awhile ago. Thank you to SBS, to Dimity and to all of you for being with me for every mile. I wouldn’t have known myself without you.

  317. 1. Iphone- my all in one tool- GPS, distance tracker, music and safety device
    2. Jogging stroller with toddler and family dog
    3. Music (Pitbull/JLo, etc.) or Podcast (AMR or NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”)
    4. Brooks running shoes and moving comfort bra- gotta have the right equipment
    5. “Get up and Go” and “I can do it” attitude

  318. 1) music my kids can’t listen to.
    2) The ability to let my mind drain and just amuse myself. No worries about finishing a report, schedules, housework…..
    3) Anti chafe product and underarmour underwear for any double digit mileage..
    4) A race goal/training plan (otherwise I get lazy!)
    5) Knowledge that I am setting a good example for my three pre-teen girls.

  319. 1. BOB joggers. I love training with my kids. I feel faster when I am solo and hills feel almost effortless.
    2. Knuckle lights!! Love them. I hate headlamps. I feel like they are squeezing my head.
    3. Alarm clock. I would never wake up on my own. I have to carve out me time before the fam arises.
    4. Mizuno wave inspire. I am thrilled they are Finally off back order.
    5. My BRF. She is awesome! Hello RnR. Another 26.2 but only with my BRF:)

  320. 1. Trees. Love running outside among lots of trees and I love it more when they are covered with a fresh blanket of snow.
    2. Music. Dave Matthews and I get to spend quality time together.
    3. An empty mind. When I head out the door, I leave my worries behind and just let go. Running is the best drug out there. It cures everything:)
    4. Moving Comfort Bra to keep everything in check.
    5. A kiss goodbye and cheerful send off from my crew of three: my husband and two kids. It’s there gift to me.

  321. Five Things that Got Me Started/Keep Me Going

    1 – My first boot camp trainer, Kelly Nickel. She was the recipient of many under-my-breath cursings as she sent us out to run. Looking back now, I realize it hated it so much because it hurt so much…I was so out of shape. Without her constant and persistent encouragement, I would not have developed into a runner. Before every half marathon (and there’s been 13 since then), I now thank her under my breath for what she helped me do.

    2 – Running friends. There’s only two. We don’t train together and rarely see each other during a race. But we’ve traveled across the country together to run and we can always count on each other to gab gab gab about what we just did, what we are trying to do, and what’s the next big goal. I am truly thankful for them.

    3 – My husband. Simply always kind about the time I spend jabbering about this pain or that ache, the benefits of a particular article of clothing,or the highlights and lowlights of any recent run. And he never complains about the $$ I spend.

    4 – Balega socks, Newton running shoes, 2Toms, GU, Nuun, and my Garmin.

    5 – The BAMR tribe, SBS, and Dimity. Not sucking up here, just stating a fact. This tribe that you two have created has been a soft place to land for me when I’ve bonked a race or had some other running catastrophe. It’s just so lovely. Thanks, girls.

  322. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway.

    My five ingredients for running are:
    1. My newly discovered athleticism. I was NOT an athletic kid, and learning that I can be an athlete, and AM an athlete, all at age 40, is such energizing fuel.
    2. My very strong gluteus medius muscles! I spent 6 months building those puppies from next to nothing, and now, no IT band issues!
    3. My next 13.1. I love to train and plan and imagine. I just ran my first half-marathon a month ago, and now all I want is to run another.
    4. My music. I have everything from Grizzly Bear’s “Speak in Rounds” to “Work B*tch” by Britney on my iPhone. I have more running playlists than might be sane but I don’t care.
    5. The river trails in Bend, OR, my new hometown. Running along the Deschutes river amid rocks, trees, and so many other runners is just heaven.

  323. 1. Katy Perry ” Roar”…American Author’s “Best Day of My life”, AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”, Aerosmith “Dream On”, Pink “Bent”- need to music to kill the negativity…
    2. My killer no jiggle sports bra…
    3. My wild and colorful socks wool(polka dots, shamrocks, neon, Nightmare before christmas, and my favorite smartwool purple socks)
    4. Nuun (got it, love it all the time)
    5. My ever present sidekick (Hrothgar the GSP who never tires)

  324. 1. A supportive husband. My husband, active duty Navy, works A LOT. It would be easy to slack off from running given that I am the primary parent to our two boys 99% of the time. But instead, I have a spouse who is supportive from near and afar – encouraging me to scoot out for a run when he’s around, and reminding me that my sanity is worth the price of a babysitter or child-swap with friends when he isn’t home. And for all of the moving that comes with his job, he always remembers that the most important thing to unpack is the jogging stroller.

    2. Plantar fasciitis and Piriformis Syndrome. For better or worse, they’re my running partners. I’m just thankful that they’ve been silent partners lately!

    3. Justin Timberlake, old school Cher (“If I could turn back time”), and Pink in my ears.

    4. Bright blue Champion sports bras…the brighter the better.

    5. 12-20 miles each week…and a clearer mind and heart with each footfall.

  325. 1. Music! Pitbull, Florida, Katy perry…anything fun with a beat
    2. Ankle wrap for my creaky ankle
    3. A headband – I can’t stand hair in my face when I run.
    4. The mother of all sports bras.
    5. A promise to myself that it’s all worth it when I’m having a rough time getting started. 🙂

  326. 1. Weight! Since losing 40 lb so far I can run so much easier and running has also helped me lose weight…both mentally and physically.
    2. Altras. Oh how much pain I used to have with other shoes!!! I tried on these bad boys and never looked back.
    3. Kids. I don’t want to be ‘the fat mom’. My kids have motivated me so, so much. I want to keep going so I can in turn be a motivator for them.
    4. Husband. My husband is amazing! He is an inspiration to me. He has a hard time walking because he has cerebral palsy yet he works hard for me and our two kids. I always think if he can do it, so can I:)
    5. Gumption! Running gives you that feeling that you can do anything. After getting injured in my first half and deciding to finish slowly walking and four hours later reaching that blessed empty finish line, I knew I could do hard things!

  327. My Must Haves for Running:
    1. Thoughts of my two girls, who have recently taken an interest in my favorite hobby. “Can we sprint yet?” is a favorite quote of my 6 year old. I want to be a healthy example for my girls.
    2. My husband, who understands my sanity comes from running. “Just go, I got this” tells me he loves me over and over again.
    3. My running log, which was a gift from a running friend. This type A personality needs the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from writing it down.
    4. My Garmin. See #3. 🙂
    5. And last but not least, my running friends who share miles and friendship with me. We are those people that have “happy hour” at 5 AM! Laughter, tears, and even laughter through tears keep me going and getting out of bed every day to run.

  328. 1. Doing something I never thought I could do, and loving it.
    2. Strapping “the girls” into a high-tech sports bra and hitting the road, when said “girls” were one of the big reasons I originally thought I couldn’t do this.
    3. Delightful addiction. Had to rest for weeks due to shin splints, and missed it so much.
    4. The feeling of running your fastest to get across the finish line, and knowing that you met your goal.
    5. Becoming convinced slowly over time that, yeah, I’m a runner.

  329. 5 necessities for a run:
    1. Hair tie- My hair, along with so many other things can become a total distraction during a run. In order to benefit from a run, I have to physically, emotionally, and psychologically “tie up” every distraction.
    2. Fuel- Suffering from an eating disorder throughout highschool and college posed a problem after I gave birth to my daughter. Not eating was an easy way to drop the baby weight. My love for running has forced me to develop healthy eating habits to teach my daughters in the future.
    3. Water- Nothing feels better than to sweat out the toxins, stress, and anxieties during a run. Cold water is a perfectly refreshing replacement for all of the poisons that are released.
    4. Noise- Music, chatter at the gym, or sometimes simply the pounding of my feet on the pavement all suffice as the perfect background noise for the clearing of my mind.
    5. Breath- With three small children, there is not often time to sit back and breathe. The stress and frustration of the day can cloud my ability to count my blessings. A long, deep, cleansing breath during a run is often all it takes to remember that the ability to breathe is a blessing itself, and is something to be thankful for.

  330. 1. I’m a runner?!! I didn’t start running (or do any form of exercise) until I was in my forties so the fact that I run is very inspiring to me. Now through ups and downs I know it will always be a part of my life. Inspired by my friend who introduced me to starting out slowly and building up to a 5K.
    2. Tracking my runs. My favorite part is keeping track of the runs, the route, how I felt etc… I like to look back and it reminds me of each accomplishment and encourages me when I feel discouraged or lazy.
    3. Friends. There’s something about running with others who soon become friends. Many of the friends I have now I would not have met if it wasn’t for meeting them through running.
    4. Encouragement–Runners are the most encouraging people. Fast, slow, there’s always someone to run with.
    5. Happy memories: The first time I ran 5 miles. It’s not the furthest distance I’ve run, although, I haven’t run that far for quite awhile, but it is one of my happy running memories!!! Thanks runners!

  331. 1. Energetic tunes
    2. A good sports bra and running shoes
    3. My mantra I think I can I think I can
    4. One hour (or two if I’m lucky ) to be to myself on the road
    5. And of course my very supportive husband .

  332. 1. The run that convinced me I. Could be a runner – an 18 mile downhill run in rural Colorado on the last day of a 30-day Outward Bound journey.

    2. Finishing my only marathon less than 3 months after the Outward Bound run. ( Columbus, OH 1995)

    3. Reading Chi Running 14 years later and learning how to run pain and shin splint free for the first time in my life.

    4. Perseverance and especially patience following a torn Gluteus Medius tendon in my left hip.

    5. Setting new running goals and dreaming of completing my second marathon before the 20th anniversary of my first!

  333. My 5 ingredients:
    1 – my family, I wouldn’t be a mother runner without them
    2 – bad days (just not too often…) to make me appreciate running and how good it makes me feel
    3 – desire and determination to be a better person, wife, mom, friend, etc
    4 – fresh air
    5 – my running gear

  334. What helps me keep me going:

    1. “You should just come to terms with settling for a 5k. Are you any good at swimming?” That’s what a Doctor said to me a year ago after discovering a large benign tumor in my tibia. I cried and moped for a few days, then I sought out a physical therapist and a second opinion. Two months later, I sent that Doctor a photo of me running across the finish line of my first half with a note that read “So much for swimming or settling for a 5k”. You are so much stronger thank you think, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

    2. Reminding myself of how far I’ve come in a year when I look down at my Suunto during a run and I’m disappointed with my pace. I went from barely being able to jog 400m to finishing my first half. I remember when a 10k was intimidating, now it’s just a part of my daily routine.

    3. Two very supportive sports bras.

    4. The Grid, it hurts so bad it’s good.

    5. Saturday morning breakfasts with my race buddy – I don’t feel guilty eating Eggs Benedict after along run.

  335. 1. The HOPE that I have inspired my children to understand that if I can run a marathon, they are certainly capable of ANYTHING

    2. The KNOWLEDGE that the time I carve out each week to run makes me better at EVERYTHING else in my life.

    3. The SATISFACTION I feel when I accomplish a running goal I never imagined I could: A PR after being injured for months, A marathon, A 5 mile run with my kids, a long, peaceful run with no ipod.

    4. The UNDERSTANDING I finally have that comparing my race times, to anyone else is a waste of energy. I won’t ever qualify for Boston, and I’m totally ok with that. I’m happy when I run, and that’s all that matters.

    5. The DESIRE I have to be healthy in running, AND in other areas of my life: in my eating choices, in my relationships, in balancing my career and my family responsibilities, etc. Running enhances my desire to live a healthy and happy life. Isn’t that what we all want?

  336. 1. Wool socks. I am freezing from September to June here in Idaho.
    2. A headband. Can’t stand hair in my face.
    3. My kindle loaded with episodes of Grimm. I ran my first half marathon on our garage sale find treadmill fueled by a self double dog dare and many episodes of my favorite Portland cop/Grimm.
    4. My husband. He takes point on the parenting while I run, then I tag him in for his turn.
    5. Mountain Dew post run. Because it is delicious.

  337. With apologies to Fort Minor (premature postage above sorry)

    My run is ten percent pluck, twenty percent chill
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
    And 100% reason you should give me a NordicTrack to train!

  338. 1. Melissa Ethridge- I run for Life, the song that encouraged me to keep running for my Mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer
    2. Because I can! A quote from a good friend that reminds me everyday that I am fortunate to be able to run!
    3. My Husband who is my best friend and running partner.
    4. My daughter- I want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for her and teach her that women are strong and beautiful at the same time!
    5. My students- because teaching them about the joys of running reminds me each day why it love it so much

  339. 1. Gum to keep moisture in my mouth
    2. My mother’s old sports bra. I’m talking a slightly-rusted metal slide clasps old. I haven’t found another one I like better.
    3. Hills. My body loves the muscle shifts that come with hills. Fortunately, I live in the mountains of Colorado so there are plenty to go around.
    4. A target. It can be a race, a speed goal, a fitness commitment… anything that I can look forward to achieving.
    5. The women of the Congo. They are what got me started running and to this day I talk myself through the hard sections of a run thinking “If the women of the Congo can survive what they have endured, then I can survive this.”

  340. My music-I sing along as I run unless…
    I am with Joan, my running cheerleader and then her company is all I need!
    Inner strength for when I think I can’t go any further
    My running skirts because they’re fun 🙂
    My kids who look at my outfit and say ” When can I run in a race?”

    That’s my recipe!

  341. 1. My family – my dad who showed me young that being active was so important, and who is the first person I want to talk to after a marathon, my husband who gently suggests I go for a run when I am having a tough day, and my kids, who take turns being Mommy and her running friends on their loops around the house.
    2. The 65 year old man I ran the first 10 miles of my last marathon with, who had just started running two years before. If he can do it, so can I!
    3. The rolling hills of dairy farms in Wisconsin, the fog covered lake at a campsite in Iowa, the gorgeous climb through Utah’s Wasatch mountains, the thrill of Chicago city streets – all the amazing places I have run, and will run in the future, that you just don’t connect with the same way in a car.
    4. My aches and pains – they are so much more pronounced to me when I am noting running, and have done nothing to earn them. It seems to be my body’s way of protesting long breaks in running, so I just have to get out there to feel better.
    5. My seventy year old self – it is who I think about when I want to quit. I want memories to hold on to, I want the strength in my body to get me there! and I want the health now to ensure I reach that age!

  342. 1 patient husband (can be subbed with a lovely
    1 pair of brooks adrenalines
    16 oz. grape nuun
    1 extra large scoop of commitment
    1 newly downloaded AMR podcast

  343. 1/2 cup determination
    1/2 cup sweat
    1 cup unbridled freedom
    2 heaping cups mojo magic
    1 Pinch inner amazingness

    Blend vigorously until life doesn’t get any better! Bake it and ‘own it.’ Afterward ice and roll. Repeat if necessary.

  344. 1. Water!! I cannot run without water!
    2. My Brooks GTS shoes…the only ones I will wear.
    3. My treadmill if it’s too cold outside or the loop around the lake for outside running.
    4.My iPod. Love my upbeat music.
    5. Plenty of sleep. I don’t function well on little sleep.

  345. My ingredients:

    1. If indoor running, a happy, well-napped, and full toddler to take to the gym daycare so I can log my miles on the treadmill . If outdoor, a happy toddler with snacks and sippy cup to ride along in the jogging stroller.

    2. My husband’s voice inside my head always, encouraging me that I CAN DO THIS.

    3. My long-distance BAMR friend, Stacey, who inspired me to get back into running (after a long hiatus from running only because I had to in the Army).

    4. My new, local, BAMR BRF, Uriah, who is much faster than I, but is a great motivator when we do our strides together at the track.

    5. My Enell sportsbra. Seriously, I can’t comfortably run without it.

  346. My 5 ingredients for running
    1. Leaving all excuses at the door. I call this strategy “going through the motions” . When the last thing you feel like doing is going for a run and every excuse possible try’s to convince you not to go, I get on my running clothes, gather up my stuff, head out the door . Just ignore those excuses and go through the motions. Once you start running, they all disappear.
    2. Great music is a must! I’m always updating my playlist.
    3. My core group of mother runners. We motivate, encourage, and celebrate each other.
    4. A goal! Every run I have a goal in mind. A certain amount of miles, or minutes running, making it up that hill.
    5. Knowing that running makes me feel like a ROCKSTAR! A feeling I earned and no one can take away from me!

  347. 1 skim vanilla latte
    2 pair of running capris sans the panties
    3 plenty of water
    4 good beats: Kesha, Pitbull, Avicii, Imagine Dragons
    5 knowing all the physical and emotional benefits I’ll realize post-run: peace, contentment, energy, accomplishment, stress management

  348. 1. Time – with a 4-year old, 2-year old, 2-month old, and, let’s be honest, a 35-year old (husband), time is quite limited these days as my breasts on a very strict schedule and daylight comes too late in the morning and too early at night.
    2. The feeling of invincibility – if I can run 2, 5, 10 miles, I can handle whatever the day throws at me.
    3. Peace – clearing my head to be the best wife and mom I can be.
    4. Inspiring mother runners I am proud to call friends who only encourage, never tear down.
    5. A supportive husband and kids who let me get away for a run once in a while because they know we all reap the rewards post-run.

  349. 1. My soul sister, Jodi, who roped me in to this “running thing” by shipping me a copy of your book! I ran my very first 5K in 2013 – and she did a 15K the same day.
    2. My son, who filled in the blank on his Mother’s Day paper that his Mom was good at “Running,” and my daughter, who runs at my side when she can.
    3. My bright yellow Saucony Winds, the new colors of running shoes are outrageously fun!
    4. Chocolate and wine, guilt-free, at the end of a good week.
    5. A tad bit of smug surprise – I am pushing 40 and NEVER thought I would be able to say “I am a runner” so each time I go out I think, “Wow, I just did that!”

  350. 1. My Garmin to satisfy my numbers thing.
    2. My very favorite hat. I don’t leave home without it.
    3. The iPod for ideal sing-along songs! Ha!
    4. Recalling the feeling of crossing the finish line of my first half just 11 days after my dad passed away. I always go there. Every. Single. Run.
    5. Picking a number (as in distance) and going for it!

  351. Love this one!!

    1–My Bluetooth headphones
    2–My outfit (has to be cute & coordinated)
    3–My inhaler
    4–My iPhone App (whichever: Runkeeper, Cruise Control, Run Zombies Run
    5–My ultra shiny lipstick that goes w my Moto: As long as I look good doin it!!

  352. 1. My husband who not only introduced me to running, but also understands how important it is for maintaining my sanity.
    2. Running skirts that hide my chubby inner thighs which have plagued me since childhood gym class.
    3. My 5:30 am running peeps who keep me motivated & accountable.
    4. Starting a relay across Iowa with 10 strangers, and ending it with 10 lifelong BRF’s.
    5. Running on a trail between 60′ pine trees in my 1st, 10K trail race this fall. Breathtaking.

  353. 1. Cinnamon Orbitz: it’s my favorite 🙂
    2. Hydration Belt: I drink tons of water a day, especially when I run
    3. IPhone: for the GPS (even though I know my training trails inside out) AND for my tunes 🙂
    4. A clouded mind: so it can be cleared by the end of my run
    5. A beautiful trail on a nice fall day: it’s my favorite season!

  354. My five ingredients-
    1- the excitement and enthusiasm I feel when I lace up and get ready to run. It’s a feeling I crave.
    2- my running partner, Jen. She pushes me and hangs with me and makes me laugh and accepts me no matter how fast or slow I go. She is the wind beneath my wings and some of my best runs ever have been with her.
    3- my black super faded Nike running hat. It was the first piece of true running gear I bought when I started running four years ago, and putting it on makes me feel legit.
    4- a race entry. Doesn’t matter how far the race but signing up for one and then pinning on a number is electrifying. I want to go for a run right now just thinking about it!
    5- I am a runner. I may not always go as far or as fast as I want, but I run for me. For stress relief, for fitness, for friendship, for peace, for escape, for fun, to be an example for my kids and my husband, to find a sanctuary from the busy-ness of life. I run for all that and more. One mile or 20, I am a runner.n

  355. My running recipe:
    1. Water. (Drink extra water right before running.)
    2. Tights. (Running tights with a racing stripe make me feel like a real runner.)
    3. Color. (Pink, or bright green, or turquoise shoes are definitely faster than plain old white.)
    4. Music. (I like a little of everything; mix the decades, mix the genres, keep the beat up and the lyrics upbeat.)
    5. Rock star. (What my kids call me when I tell them about my run.)

  356. My 5 ingredients:
    1. music – must have tunes, christmas music lately
    2. hat – have to wear something to keep my short hair off my face
    3. my mizunos
    4. my 2 year old – who never complains and just rides
    5. my shin splints – will not go away!

  357. 1. My will to fight for it. Running is hard freaking work. I have to dig down deep some days just to get out the door. Other days, I fight for an under 30 5k. Everyday, I’m fighting while I do it. Hard freaking work.
    2. Our local running club, Memphis Runners Track Club. They make our group fun for all and treat everyone equally the same, from the elites to the newbies. And there’s Lane, the voice of morning runs, shouting, “Good Morning, Runners!” Into the megaphone.
    3. Good socks, I.e. smart wools or Fitsok or balega. Good socks are just the bomb.
    4. Motivational tunes…kick ass, girls rock music. Pink, Katy Perry, Joan Jett, Kelly Clarkson. I love pounding pavement with these ladies in my ear, telling me to pound harder and to take some names while I do it.
    5. The realization that this sport is one of God’s many gifts to me. Legs and lungs that work, a brain and a heart that desire this thing that hurts so good and the beauty that we all get to enjoy while we do it. All seasons, all weather scenarios, urban or country, racing or solo. Every run, there’s a moment for, “Well, will you look at that. Cool.”

  358. 1. Respite – I started running again four years after my son was born with a congenital heart defect that required a heart transplant when he was one week old. After spending most of his first four years in the hospital, running saved my sanity.

    2. My rickety treadmill in the garage that faces the water heater – Without it, I would have missed more runs than I would like to admit.

    3. Books on tape/Audible – They get me through the longest runs, and hey, it’s the only way I get to “read” these days.

    4. Saucony shoes – If push comes to shove, these are really all I need to run.

    5. Predawn runs – There is nothing more nourishing to my soul on this journey than running alone on the trails while the sun rises. One day at a time.

  359. 1. My daughters asking me (after every race) “Did you win, Mommy?!” Yes, I did. I finished. 🙂 The support of my friends and family – without them, my long runs wouldn’t happen, and miles 10 and 11of my first half were bearable, rather than walked
    2. My trusty, old, DREADMILL. It has no bells and whistles, the speed is way off, but it keeps me running every afternoon when my baby naps.
    3. My permanently slightly smelly running shorts/sports bras. The ones that my youngest says “runnin’ Mommy?!” when I don them.
    4. My iPod shuffle, loaded with a playlist manufactured by my husband, the best valentine’s day gift ever.
    5. Visualizing a finish line with thousands of spectators cheering me on.

  360. 1) new goals
    2) friends who thought starting to run was a good idea
    3) my iPhone with tunes and gps tracking
    4) me time
    5) the feeling of accomplishment and knowing I did something good for me and my family today

  361. “”1. Marathon PR 7 months postpartum of 3:02:24
    2. Ran through both pregnancies until the day my boys were born
    3. My dad sneaking through the crowd at the PDx marathon in 2005 to give me one last swig of water even though he is handicapped and this was a struggle
    4. My dad at he finish line of my first ever track race
    5. Running every morning rain or shine with my Harmon and headlamp at 3:00

  362. My running recipe.

    1.) A cool weather appropriate running outfit-make sure it makes you feel happy :).
    2.) Awesome tunes-again songs that make you feel happy and strong. Add new tracks periodically as needed for fun and motivation.
    3.) Run tracker of some kind-your going to want to look back to see how you did. I love to look back and see where I’ve been it makes where I’m going so much more clear!
    4.) Map my run-I love so I can plan my route, new ways are exciting and keep my motivation up.
    5.) Scheduled races to give me goals along the way and to help raise my self esteem. Also to refill my training tank so I can do it all over again!

  363. 1. My husband, who trades off on watching the kidlets so I can run
    2. “Run Like a Mother” for inspiring me to start running at all after kidlet #2 was born
    3. Academy Sports and Outdoors Store, for being the only store in my area to carry the weird sized and unfortunately EXPENSIVE Under Armor sports bras (the only ones that fit my gigantic, nursing, post partum boobs)
    4. hard rock and gangsta rap!
    5. This one I’m still searching for: comfortable headphones/earbuds that actually stay put while running!

  364. Much craved solitude; good tunes; an out and back loop that always includes the increased elevation on the way out, decline on the way back; tightly tied shoes, and water.

  365. 1. Craziness. I call it normalcy but everyone around me thinks I am nuts.
    2. Frosted eyelashes. I live in Northern Quebec. I dream of frosted eyelashes from my winter runs and then take photos of them (see crazy!)
    3. Being a part of the world. Running outside connects me with nature.
    4. Race junky. I do 20 races and events a year (again crazy!). thankfully races up here are 0 to $25.
    5. Shoes. I was never a shoe person. Now I can’t get enough running shoes and five fingers (again crazy!)

  366. 1) sleeveless shirt because apparently I don’t like to run with sleeves any more
    2) compression shorts to keep my thighs from rubbing
    3) Nike shoes
    4) orthotics to make my wide shoes even wider
    5) phone to track route, time and distance

  367. 1. A supportive (amazing!) husband. My do-it-all husband does the morning routine with our three little ones (all 3-years-old and under) on most days, which gives me the time to escape for my morning run.

    2. My iPhone. Whether it’s the latest Another Mother Runner podcast or Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, I have to have something blasting in my ears and keeping me company.

    3. My Garmin. I’m such an addict. I glance down at it far too often. I love seeing my pace, knowing the distance, and calculating stuff in my head.

    4. Cute workout gear. I love stylish, flattering running clothes. Let’s face it, I sometimes (okay, often) spend half the day in my gear because I didn’t have time to fit in a shower post workout. So, I might as well look cute!

    5. Crisp air and a little bit of sunshine. Fortunately, in Southern California, I get a lot of it. I consider 55 degrees “really cold” (I know, I know, but I own it, I’m a wimp :)) so I love it when there’s a little bit of sunshine out and I don’t feel like I have to give myself a pep talk before setting foot out the door.

  368. 1) proving to myself that I am bigger, more powerful then any excuse to not run/exercise.
    2) good shoes, sports bra, running clothes
    3) races for fun and to challenge myself
    4) good resources: books (Run Like A Mother, Train Like A Mother, Chi Running), magazines (Runner’s World), DVDs, (Yoga for Athletes), internet (Another Mother Runner, Facebook, running communities) friends, recovery tools
    5) run my own race; strong finish…always.

  369. 1. New goals to push for whether a new pr or a new distance
    2. Supportive family with a husband who claims I was his inspiration for him to start running and two boys who want to run with mommy someday
    3. Running girlfriends, they push me to do better everytime
    4. The need to escape from everyday stresses of being a wife, mother and full time employee
    5. Showing myself I am able to do anything I set my mind to, if you had told me 2 years ago I would be training for my 3rd half marathon I would have thought you were crazy.

  370. 1. My run group – Teal Travelers Take on Kalamazoo. These ladies (and one guy) have taken me from couch to 13.1 miles over the last two years. Through pouring rain, blistering heat, and icy roads, they have been my inspiration, accountability, and strength.
    2. My husband who selflessly sacrifices EVERY Saturday morning for the sake of my long runs. I owe him many, many, breakfast dates!
    3. My son who never fails to ask “How was your run? Did you get a badge?” Love that little man!
    4. Gazelle Sports – the most amazing running store around. Even when I didn’t feel like a runner, they treated me like one.
    5. Post run bacon. It gets me through miles 11, 12, and 13.

  371. My 5 ingredients for running are:
    1. Good friends (Chelsea & Laura) who keep me motivated to be the fastest in our group (I know this will change someday).
    2. Nike Women’s San Fran Marathon 2013. That was my first Marathon and it was the greatest feeling crossing that line. Didn’t make my time but now I have a goal to beat which I will.
    3. It’s me time. With three little ones it’s my time to just listen to my music (Pink, Madonna, Flo Rida, or whatever I want) or to just have some time to think about nothing but let’s be realistic that never happens.
    4. A great pair of running shoes
    5. My treadmill for the long winter months when it’s -20 without the windchill and -40 with the wind.

  372. My recipe is titled “The Five F’s of Running Success.”
    Ingredient 1) Family: As in a supportive one. I could not be a marathon runner without my husband, who happily watches the kids when I need to do my looooong long runs, and my kids, who don’t seem to miss me too much while I am gone (thank you video games!).
    Ingredient 2) Friends. Thankfully, I have a great bunch of mommy friends who support my running efforts and encourage me when I start to feel low. Friends also means the amazing runners I have met running and/or volunteering are various local races and can now get advice from as I continue to grow as a runner.
    Ingredient 3) Faith. I am not a overly religious person, but my running path thus far has taught me that you must have faith in yourself to succeed. You have to believe that you are strong enough, mentally and physically, to finish that block, that mile, that race. My faith in myself has grown with every 5k, half marathon and full marathon. And this faith has allowed my to tackle everyday challenges more gracefully.
    Ingredient 4) Food. Running has made me see food as fuel and really think hard about what I put in my mouth and how it will affect my ability to run. Yet, I continue to struggle with food. I am seemingly powerless against the siren song of a chocolate bar. Running allows me a little more wiggle room to be able to eat these treats and not weigh a million pounds!
    Ingredient 5) The Future. I started running because I was overweight and out of shape, two conditions that do not lend themselves to a long life. And I DID want to live a long life…for me and for my loved ones. Especially my kids. It pains me to think about them living without me. I think about that every time I don’t want to drag my ass out of bed. That thought makes it an easy decision. The “Future” I listed as ingredient 5 is not only my future, but also that of my kids. Each day I run, I teach them lessons about nutrition, the health benefits of exercise, the hard work required to reach a goal and the absolute joy that comes when you do, and the importance of taking the time each day to make yourself happy. If I teach them nothing else, I will be a happy mom.
    So there you go. Family, Friends, Faith, Food and The Future. My five key ingredients.

  373. The five key ingredients of my running are:

    1. Supportive runner husband.
    With two preschoolers and both us working full-time, I would never know the feeling of running kid-free if it weren’t for his understanding and commitment to making our running schedules work.

    2. Honey Stinger Waffle Cookies.
    My must-have before my weekend long runs. I crave my “run cookie” and am happy to get out of bed at dark-thirty to eat it before a run.

    3. Change, as in coins / money.
    When running outside, I have an odd talent for finding money. I collect the “run money” in a jar throughout the calendar year, and donate it to Olympian runner Julius Achon’s Uganda Children’s Fund at the end of the year. It adds up quickly.

    4. iPhone.
    With said children at home, I want to be in touch with dear husband or the babysitter. I use it for Saucony’s Run for Good, and once scared off a car that was following me by pulling out the phone and making a big show of dialing the screen in the pre-dawn hours. Creep drove off in a hurry…I habitually carry my phone now.

    5. Great music / AMR Podcasts.
    Peppy music and lively banter, especially from Sarah and Dimity, make the miles fly by and my feet move fast, even on my long runs. I feel like Sarah and Dimity are my virtual BRFs since they have accompanied me weekly on runs for what seems like ages!

  374. 1. My BRFs
    2. My iPod with my Nike running app. (I have kept track of all my miles I’ve run for the last 3years.)
    3. Gum. Can’t run without it!
    4. Good shoes. I’m a little anal about replacing when I hit 3-400 miles. Better them, than my knees later on.
    5. A smile on my face. I’m so thankful that I have this outlet to enjoy!

  375. 1. Pink ruffle running skirt that make running feel girly and fun, 2. eyelash extensions that make me look like I have makeup on when I never do…amazing!, 3. the most awesome BAMR friends that are strong amazing fast and fabulous, and have made me faster and stronger – love them, 4. The biggest smile I can put on my face to remind me how lucky I am to be able to run, 5. Knowing that with every mile I run I’m closer to crushing my goal for my 8th marathon to beat 4:30…faster time than my marathons before 2 kids!!!!! :). Woohoo!!!!!!

  376. 1. Remembering – after 13 years of chronic back pain and not being able to chase after my daughter, the day she watched me finish my first 13.1.
    2. Knowing – that my self-esteem, joyfulness, optimism, and self-love come in the form of lacing shoes up, and taking that first stride.
    3. Feeling – stronger in my body at 34 and after 2 big babies than I ever did before.
    4. Witnessing – other mamas finding their stride (why I love women-only races) – they inspire me!
    5. Time – it is always there, and being a full time single mama of 2 and running 2 small businesses, it is just a matter of prioritization so that I can get my run in.

  377. 1. getting through the first 10 minutes to get to the freedom of thought
    2. a running buddy-unlike any other friendship I have ever had…will never forget the special few-from highschool, AmeriCorps, College, GradSchool, teacherhood, motherhood.Christina, Denise, Jess, Sara, Allie the Dog, Amanda, and now my beautiful baby Jonah
    3. qualifying for Boston
    4. the hour after
    5. i am an athlete

  378. 1. Insecurity: My years of can’t mixed with running turned into possibilities
    2. My husband: Never doubts or restricts my dreams
    3. Dick Pond: The original running outfitter gives me solutions to all problems. I would not be running today without the the support of my local running store
    4. Timiria: My first running buddy who convinced me I was capable of a 5K, told me about my first half, cheered me on during my first marathon, and is the only person I’ve told about my dreams of Boston
    5. Facebook: I wake up and convince myself that I don’t have time to run today. I check FB and read posts by Run Like a Mother, Runspiraton, and Run Nerds and I can’t wait to get out the door

  379. 1. Husband – my #1 fan and partner in parenting
    2. Wiley dog – my partner in crime…I mean, running
    3. Wednesday Night Running Club – my support group
    4. Endomondo App – my accountability
    5. Race entries – my motivation

  380. 1. My 2 sisters – We are now all mother runners and who have inspired me thought the years -running my 10th half marathon WITH them both in 2 days!
    2. Glide and GU both there when the going gets rough
    3. Good running buddies: summer buddies, winter buddies, early morning uphill buddies, running in the rain and snow buddies, buddies who work at running shores..takes a village
    4. My mantras: Eat those hills like donuts, those hills aren’t gonna run themselves, feet fast legs strong I can do this all day long (but please don’t make me) what goes up must come down, right?
    5. Perseverance: so my actions can be louder than my words for my children especially my daughter who IS watching.

  381. 1. Patience. No matter how fit I am, the first eight minutes of a run are creaky and painful while my legs try to remember how to untangle themselves and my lungs figure out how to manage breathing. I have to remind myself that it’s statistically unlikely that my legs will actually fall off.

    2. Compression tights. It’s been cold here lately, which makes me happy, because then I get to wear my tights and feel like world’s most turtling along superhero. Running skirts in warm weather.

    3. My Hurt in the Dirt hat. I did this women’s-only 5k, my first trail race and second race ever, while six weeks pregnant. I had a painful ovarian cyst and I wasn’t fitting in my sports bra well, and at the end I had to demur when my friend wondered why I was having the mango juice instead of the champagne cocktail because I wasn’t telling anyone yet, and it was the last time I ran, until my son was six months old. I like it because it keeps my head warm without making me overheat like a toque would, and because it makes me remember that I got in very good shape once, and I can do it again.

    4. Phone + running apps. I’m doing the Zombies C25K game at the moment, but I really like anything that tracks a route on GPS, because I geek out over the map of the route later.

    5. Mini-mantras. I am biomechanically inefficient to begin with, and then I had a baby, so I feel like I’m running with someone else’s hips. Every block, I pick a bit of my form to focus on: knees up! heels lifted! run tall! tighten core! faster cadence! Of course, focusing on one bit means the rest all go to seed.

    The end result is that I’m sure I look like a dtunken Scarecrow ambling down the block. If I win the treadmill the aesthetic value of my street will increase as I’ll be indoors….

  382. 1. Podcasts and audiobooks. I listen to music too, but I love the spoken word while I run.
    2. Good socks. I remember when I thought $6 was crazy for one pair of socks, but now I understand spending $15 per pair!!
    3. Canine companionship. Even when I don’t feel like going he reminds me that this is what we do!
    4. Sports bra that fits!! Especially the ones that zip in the front so I don’t have to pull that smelly thing over my head.
    5. Encouraging family

  383. Gramma Patti Five Ingredents Running Recipe:

    1-The consistant reminder in my head that this REALLY is the only body I have so I best take care of it!
    2-The rule that Gramma Patti has to be a great role model for her beautiful granddaughters so they understand how important it is to stay healthy and happy, no matter their age or weight
    3-Running inside is just a fun as outside( It is always what you make it.)
    4-The path to any plan has to have a REAL plan
    5-And if you finish any run you get a prize: bling is best but a hug or patt on the back is just as good

  384. 1. Feeling that I can do/accomplish anything after a run
    2. Jean, aka the DNA formerly known as Gene (my brain tumor)
    3. Running & racing with my siblings and in-laws
    4. Chocolate milk post-run
    5. All the running gear (skirts, tights, socks, music, etc.) – I can work out hard and still look good 🙂

  385. 1) My running buddies — we’ve dubbed ourselves “the crayolas” and I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without them.
    2) My custom orthotics — my feet are whack.
    3) Body glide — the nectar of the gods — my thighs thank the genius who came up with this.
    4) My garmin — I’m technology dependent. I like that thing more than most people I know.
    5) My amazing husband and kids — I run and run and run and train and run — and they don’t begrudge me — they support and cheer me on and tell me I’m awesome. I will be forever grateful for that.

  386. 1. My inspiration— is my daughter. Not only do I want to be fit for myself but I want her to see a healthy mom with a healthy approach to life and fitness.
    2. Nature— I LOVE being outside and running outside. Best 5am run was the one I heard an owl calling in the park I run by. Best freezing cold 5am run was the one with the shooting star.
    3. My running buddy — Just found a few months ago, she’s a lot faster than I am but is SUPER patient and helps to push me to keep going and go faster when I’m feeling lazy!
    4. My husband— without him I’d never be able to run (he watches our daughter when I go) and is my greatest cheerleader. He also massages my IT band (every night) so I can keep going!
    5. My Garmin — It keeps me going strong and helps me keep a good even pace. And it helps me keep track of the those pesky laps at the track when I’m forced inside (I always lose count without it).

  387. 1. My hubby giving me time on the weekends to go for long runs while he hangs with my 2 little kiddos.
    2. My BRF Colleen Graff for inspiring me to run in the first place; I never thought I could complete a full marathon, but she knew…:-)
    3. My awesome running bra that made running enjoyable despite having a large(ish) chest
    4. GU and NUUN! Don’t leave home on a long run without them!
    5. At least 7-8 Another Mother Runner podcast episodes downloaded to my phone and ready to be listened to during my long runs!

  388. 1. diabetes – it is the things that gets me exercising. Knowing how much it helps me keep my blood sugar levels steady, and how it has helped me stay complication-free for 35 years!
    2. babies – I used to swim for exercise, but after having my kids, I realized that it took me about 1 1/2 hours to get to the pool, swim, shower, and come home, but it could take me only about 20 minutes of running to get me completely exhausted.
    3. my fellow diabetic athletes – they keep me going like no one else. I’ve trained with them. And they inspire me even when we are not training together. I want to keep up with them and not get lost in their dust.
    4. long runs – up until this year I had never run longer than about 5 1/2 miles. But I followed a 1/2 marathon training plan to get ready for a 15K race and discovered I loved running longer distances. I got up to 13 1/2 miles and each time I finished I felt awesome!
    5. caffeinated nutrition – on those long runs this summer I discovered the amazing benefits of caffeinated Gu’s. (they might have a little something to do with me being in such a good mood when I finish ) 🙂

  389. 1) sunshine and fresh air: yes, i know this ideal weather is not always present, but man when it is, i just feel like i can rock my run!
    2)my Garmin: I’m addicted and check it way too much when I am on a training run
    3)zulu socks: the most comfortable running socks i’ve ever worn
    4) solitude: some days I need it
    5) my running buddy: some days I need her

  390. – Appreciation: after two knee surgeries and a severely dislocated elbow, I am SO THANKFUL to be able to run! And I am completely blessed that my husband will stay with the kids so I can get out and run!
    – Sanity and a Clear Mind: working 4 days a week, going to school and raising 3 kids (1 with severe disabilities), running is for ME and helps me handle the rest of my world with grace and poise. (At least that’s how I think I handle it after a run, although honestly I have images of my sweat-covered head with my tongue hanging out of a goofy smile and trying to be patient through yet another child meltdown. Not the best image of grace and poise, but I’m ok with it. I think it’s the goofy smile.)
    – Music: I have an almost Pavlovian response to certain running songs now. They just make me HAPPY!
    – Exploring new places: Running outside is really awesome! It’s great checking out new roads and new routes. I love it when the sun stays up later and the weather is warmer each spring and I can get outside again. It’s tough in the winter to try to keep up with running while trying to arrange who is staying with the kids so I can get to the gym before it closes. And that’s assuming that our youngest is stable enough that I can even go. It makes me appreciate my runs even more! (see #1 and #2)
    – Community: I’ve met the most amazing women through running, who have helped me and encouraged me to do more than I ever thought possible. I am so honored to call them friends.

  391. 1. The high I got on my first double-digit run on my birthday in 2001
    2. The admiration of my kids. Last year in Kindergarten my daughter had a project about her family and for mom, she drew a picture of me running.
    3. My competitive spirit with my husband. He can sprint, but he can’t run as far as I can.
    4. Podcasts: 60 minutes, Fresh Air, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and of course Another Mother Runner
    5. Me time without feeling an ounce of guilt.

  392. 1) my family, that allows me time to run, even when I am running away from them.
    2) treadmills on days below 0, and keeping me safe when no one else wants to run at 4:30am.
    3) roads and trails and beautiful views in Colorado, traveling to races in Seattle and Phoenix, AZ.
    4) P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, One Republic, Fun!, Madonna, Frank Turner, Miranda Lambert, any and all music.
    5) I am strong, I am fast, I am capable! My mantra!

  393. My 5 ingredients:
    1)Demons – Beating down my old ones and feeling capable of conquering any new ones that come my way.
    2)Setting an example for my 3 kids.
    3)Me time! My sanity, my music, my peace and quiet, my breathing.
    4)Mantras – “Just don’t stop”, “Kill the hill”, “I got this”.
    5)Remembering those who can’t run or are no longer with us. Heroes, role models, friends, family.

  394. My 5 ingredients to the perfect run:

    1. My favourite pair of Asics shoes and lululemon running socks
    2. A warm sunny day (not the brutal cold I’m enduring right now)
    3. a belly full of oatmeal (my perfect pre run snack)
    4. the glistening lake as I run down the library hill (its frozen over now)
    5. Another Mother Runner” podcasts on my iPhone.

    I so would love a treadmill long runs in yak trax with too many layers to count at -20C just isn’t very fun anymore.

  395. -A dash of Support from family and friends to keep me going & provide me with time to run.
    -A good deal of Patience with my body as it returns to pre-baby speed.
    -A heaping amount of Joy for every moment I lace up and get out the door.
    -A moderate amount of Subborness to push myself to reach my running goals.
    -And an abundance of Thankfulness that I found running as one of my passions.

  396. My 5s for a great run:

    1. Time away with just me and my thoughs
    2. Iphone (outside) or Ipad (inside)
    3. Podcasts (outside) or ABCPlayer (inside)
    4. Brooks Ghost Shoes
    5. Have a goal for that run–distance, time, etc.

  397. 1. Choice: I chose to become a runner after someone mistakenly thought I was pregnant. Three years later, I continue to choose running because of what it has done for me on the inside.
    2. Struggles: At one time I struggled my way through a 5K, a 10K and a half-marathon.
    3. Athlete: There was also that time I heard myself say, “I only ran six miles today” ONLY!
    4. Pain: I find the physical pain of a hard run lessens the burden on a broken heart and a cluttered mind.
    5. Trots!: After a long run, I like to spend some quality time with the toilet.

  398. 1. Water belt on long runs — handheld on shorter ones
    2. Nike+ app to motivate me with the miles times
    3. Running skirt on long runs and capris only in colder temps
    4. Beach path run for the Saturday long runs–10 miles of surf!
    5. 30 minutes of alone time to stretch after each run–long or short!

  399. 1. Running along the Charles River in Boston or the lakefront in Chicago
    2. Running by myself, listening to my breath….with the encouraging mantra “Relentless…Believe…” cycling in my mind and over my lips as needed….
    3. Thankfulness that, currently, no ITB/hip/hamstring pain….thankfulness and gratitude in my heart
    4. Rogas….or other non-chafing butt-enhancing garb!
    5. When needed, earbuds that don’t fall out!

  400. 1.Being a friend to myself. I know it might sound weird, but when I’m running (almost always alone) I am kinder and more encouraging to myself. It is a time to just be me, not wife or mom, just me.

    2.Always having a goal. The satisfaction of achieving a goal, no matter how small, is such a confidence booster!

    3.Not comparing myself with other runners or worrying about what they may think of me. I we passed one day by a man who was probably 25 years older than me, and I was tempted to feel bad about myself, but realized his awesomeness doesn’t diminish my own 🙂

    4.Running is my medicine. I lean towards depression and running at least twice a week helps keep it at bay.

    5.Good gear- this is obvious but on a budget it can get tricky! I’m always so thankful when I can get new shoes!

  401. 1) Fellowship – I love being part of the “tribe” of runners, yet…
    2) Solitude – the time out alone on a run, just me and the road (or trail). The rhythm of my breathing, my feet and my heart makes my own music.
    3) Fitness – picking up running has allowed me to shed 80 pounds and finally be a healthy weight for the first time in my life.
    4) Accomplishment – each time I move the goalposts and accomplish another “first”, it’s the best feeling in the world.
    5) Satisfaction – when I get a run in in the morning, no matter how the day goes, at least I got that done!

  402. 1. A desire to be there for my daughter when she needs me. Running has helped me lose weight, reverse pre-diabetes, and improve my cholesterol – all of which will help me live longer to see my daughter grow up, and makes me a more energetic mom now.
    2. A realization that sometimes I need to choose myself over that same daughter’s needs. She may not like staying at daycare an extra hour, but it’s better for her in the long run if I exercise (see #1) and it gives me more patience and kindness for when we are together.
    3. A determination that it can all get done…as a single parent, that I can work full-time, be a fantastic mom, and also strive to do my best in running.
    4. An acceptance that it won’t all get done. Sometimes a task at work will get shoved until tomorrow, we’ll have PB&J for dinner, or a run will get cut short. I’m not superwoman.
    5. The knowledge that I am one of many, many amazing women runners who balance all of this chaos and keep lacing up their shoes every day. I follow in their footsteps.

  403. Five ingredients for a grat run.
    1. B
    2. A good trail
    3. Lots of laughter
    4. Pre-planned potty stops
    5. No children

    Not the run I always get….but with these ingredients you will always have a good run.

  404. 1. Lake Erie- running along the lake is a blessing that I hope I’ll never take for granted. Of course in the winter, the lake effect snow blows!! Literally!
    2. Solitude- my twins just outgrew my duallie BOB and although I cried when we sold it, I do love to relax and just run instead of trying to talk, give snacks, and settle disputes along the way!
    3. My running partners – I know I just said solitude for number 2 but when it’s my girls running with me, you know what I mean!
    4. My Runkeeper App- when I’m being lazy and that b*%$ch tells me my pace, I can kick it into high gear (most of the time!)
    5. Bra – oh the girls ( different from the previously mentioned girls) would be pissed without the strap down!!

  405. 1. Good bra is a must!!!!

    2. Ipod (outside), Netflix (inside).

    3. Water, water and more water.

    4. Orange Sports Beans if running over 1 hour.

    5. Me, myself, and I….I am the only one that can start putting one foot in front of the other.

  406. My running recipe:
    Mix together
    2 cups of motivation (somtimes gathered by reaching around, grabbing myself by the ass and pushing myself out the door),
    a fully charged Garmin,
    a running skirt that doesn’t ride up,
    a BRF who can talk me through miles and miles, never expecting much more than a grunt from me, and
    1-65lb chocolate lab running buddy

    And that is my running recipe!

  407. 1. My Sauconey’s. They’re the only shoe that fits…both my foot and my budget.
    2. My Victorias Secret VSX sports bra. I know, I was skeptical too when I saw the pic in the catalog of the model in her yoga pose…but this bra is super supportive and comfy.
    3. My Garmin Forerunner 10 watch. Gotta see how far I’m going and, more importantly, how many calories I’ve burnt!
    4. A song in my head. When I don’t feel like messing with an iPod, a good beat in my head makes the miles go faster.
    5. A reflection at how far I’ve come. I’ve had three c-sections, and have never been in shape. Running has helped me drop 75 pounds, and I completed my first half marathon this last Fall at 2:28:58…all while running a household and being a mom to three boys, ages 6, 4, and 2. =)

  408. My FIVE Ingredients

    1) Starting my running journey at age 32. I could only run for 1 minute without heaving and gasping for breath.


    2) 5 kids. The kids who giggled when I whined about wanting to quit on my first day of running are the same ones who run to the door when I get home to see how far I’ve gone today.


    3) Borrowed iPod. I’m too cheap to buy my own, but my husband lets me use his EVERY time I run. Love him and love that he has the same taste in music!


    4)Personal records. What can I say? I’m competitive.


    5) Peanut butter power balls or warm cinnamon rolls.Dreaming of the food I’ll eat when I get home pushes me that last mile!

  409. A good attitude, even on a bad day

    Shaved legs (I have no idea why)

    Something to take my mind off the sound of my breathing

    Random people to wave at or high-five along the way

    The sprinting groundhog — a run isn’t as fun unless I startle him and get to watch him dash away. Though once, he ran at me and that was scary.

  410. 1. Turkey Trotting: My first race was a turkey trot and now it’s a tradition to do it every year as well as adding to the number of family participants. 1st year it was me, 2nd year it was me and my husband, 3rd year me, my husband, nephew, and brother-in-law. Next year will be the 4th year and my goal is to double the number again so that would be 8 of us.
    2. Being outside: I love being active outside and this is the best way I can do it without depending on someone else to join me. I love being one with nature especially in the winter. (This may seems as though I would not be in need of a treadmill but there are times that being one with nature is not so appealing and I am a type A personality so I can’t miss my run! )
    3. Competition: I am a very competitive person and running allows me to be competitive with myself and reduces the need to be competitive in other areas of my life.
    4. The Golden Gate Bridge: My husband and I ran the San Francisco Half marathon this summer and it was absolutely the most amazing 13.1 miles of my life and running across the bridge was a moment I won’t forget. Ever. It was total coincidence that we were going to be out there (I’m from WV) during the race but so perfect that I was trained for it!)
    5. Mile 4: I wouldn’t be a runner if it wasn’t for my mile 4 runner’s high.

  411. 1. After Care at the elementary school…I’m able to run right after work before picking up the kids
    2. Asics gel nimbus 14 (which I have in many colors)
    3. Eminem
    4. Parenthood on netflix if I have to hit the ‘mill
    5. My toddler clapping and cheering “Go, Mommy! run!”