5K of the Holidays: Cover Me

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Christmas dressing with nary a turkey in site.

Am I giving away the era I grew up in when I admit that reading, "Cover Me," immediately makes me croon the Bruce Springsteen song of that name? The first rock concert I ever went to was The Boss at Madison Square Garden--at the start of the holiday season, now that I think back on it. So let's have this virtual song-fest morph into Bruce's classic version of, "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," to kick off Day 3 of the AMR 5K of the Holidays running giveaways. All of today's prize package are wearable items.

Sock of Ages (I obviously have songs--or riffs on them--stuck in my head!)
Sock of Ages (I obviously have songs--or riffs on them--stuck in my head!)


One of our original partners, Sof Sole has made socks for quite a while, and now they've stepped them up with even more technical running socks, the Running Select Performance Sock ($9.99). Made of moisture-wicking COOLMAX with mesh venting on top of the foot, these socks are designed to keep your feet surrounded in comfort no matter how many miles you cover. In addition, Sof Sole is offering a pair of Fit Series insoles ($39.99), which support and cushion under the feet of both Dimity and me. They're available in three arch heights (Low, Neutral, and High) so you can find the ideal fit.U + Ur Hand(ana)

We've got your other extremities covered as well with the Handana ($16.45), a nifty neoprene and Lycra hand wrap invented by a woman marathon runner in Texas. Use a Handana to wipe away sweat (there's a lot of that in Texas, even at this time of year) or nasal drip (those of us in cold climes know from this phenom, right?). Available in five sizes and a rainbow-array of colors.

"Under where?" I just made you say, "underwear."
"Under where?" I just made you say, "underwear."

Less visible but very necessary for some gals: Dear Kate "I am strong." running bikini underwear (set of two, $58). These genius workout undies feature a a built-in breathable liner: One pair has a mini-liner for mild leakage, while the other has a full lining. In addition to being hard working, they are super-cute, too.

Holiday Sweaty Bands are honestly cute enough to hang on the tree.
Holiday Sweaty Bands are honestly cute enough to hang on the tree.

Heading higher are an accessory that serves a purpose while looking mighty cute: Sweaty Bands. These velvet-backed beauties hold back flyaways when you're sporting a ponytail or keep all your hair out of your face when your hair is down. We love their creative designs, and we're gifting one special-edition seasonal Sweaty Bands ($15) to each winner.

Saucony Run Beanie: an ideal topper.
Saucony Run Beanie: an ideal topper.

Saucony will be keeping winners' heads and hands toasty with the Space Dye Reversible Beanie ($24) and Space Dye Run Gloves ($28). Both are warm, soft, and lightweight, with enough stretch to hug you in style. And thanks to the beanie being reversible, you can choose whether to be totally matchy-matchy or not.

running tee
Our tee mocks the notion that running a distance of any great length will make our lady parts drop to the ground.

Finally, adding a dash of wit with a dose of historical allusion, is the Another Mother Runner limited-edition, "Still waiting for my uterus to fall out." shirt ($35). This long-sleeve technical running tee is 100% polyester, yet soft to the touch. It's guaranteed to get laughs (along with a few gasps!) wherever the winners wear it.

Three randomly chosen women will each win all of these coverage-providing items.

To enter this 5K of the Holidays: Cover Me blowout, you need to answer this question in the Comments section below this blog post on our website: What running route or trail do you daydream about covering?  Could be  someplace you've already run and want to return to, or maybe it's someplace you've only read or heard about, but crave to experience for yourself, on foot. Tell us!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It starts 12/10/13 and runs through 12/16/13; three winners will be announced on 12/17/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is $226.43. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 





992 responses to “5K of the Holidays: Cover Me

  1. I daydream about running hood to coast. I was all set to do it 2 summers ago and got injured. I would love to cross it off my bucket list.

  2. I’m a ‘fall’ baby, so I really enjoy running the cool, crispy autmn weather. I hear the upper NE is pretty that time of year. Maybe a nice fall trail run in Maine or Vermont….

  3. I’ve told my husband I wish I had been a runner when we went to Europe in 2009 because now I can picture what a different experience touring would have been. Runner’s world has had articles about running along the Danube in Budapest and I’d love the chance to go back and experience that.

  4. I dream about the trails in Oregon, North California, & Colorado. I love it when people post pics from trail runs in those states. Honestly don’t know if I could narrow it to one trail.

  5. The route I would love to run would be at one of the state parks in VA Beach, I can’t remember the name of it but my sister runs there and I would love to run with her.

    My Ultimate race is the Disney Princess Half Marathon which I will being running in Feb. Great Giveaway!

  6. Someday I hope to run the trail run’s in San Francisco, My sister says they are really awesome as you get a great view of the bridge and water as you run.

  7. My ultimate route would be back roads in Concord covered in fresh fluffy snow.
    Boston Marathon is the only race that is on my kick the bucket too 🙂

  8. This might sound silly, but I wish I had run in college. Now that I am a runner, I wonder what it would be like to run on the trails around campus.

  9. I am trying to talk my friends into Ragnar from Madison, WI to Chicago. There are some beautiful trails included in the course that I think would create lots of memories for all of us!

  10. I dream about running a trail race in New Zealand, a country I find intriguing and calling my name. I love trail running. I read about New Zealand’s breathtaking views on their challenging trails in a magazine a few years ago and have never stopped thinking/dreaming/talking about it since. My husband’s eyes start to glaze over when I talk about trail running with my passport in my hands.

  11. Grand Canyon! Most of my running group has either already run rim to rim, or are planning to do it in 2014…hoping to join them!

  12. trails in Napa Valley…a trip is in the works for my 10th wedding anniversary (Aug 2015!) and I may even tack on a race…but this Boston girl will definitely enjoy running (and sipping!) there!

  13. I love running on the beach. Treating myself to early morning sweat on vacation and then chasing the kids around all day. Its not very traily, but at least it is off road.

  14. The trail that I daydream about covering is a trail that I’ve covered multiple times. It’s a trail on Lake Irvine that I frequent whenever there is a mud run obstacle event taking place at that location. Mud can be found on the trail from start to finish with many different obstacles in between; monkey bars, tires, log jumps, walls to climb over are just a few of them. This location is where my mother spectated me participating and told me with excitement showing on her face, “I want to do a running event like this!” After many years of putting her health on the back burner and me asking (more like nagging to her) to get healthier, this event inspired her to get off the couch and live a healthier and fit lifestyle. This trail that I ran inspired her to get back into the shape of when she used to run. This year, she’s began working out and eating healthier. We both signed up to run at a Lake Irvine Mud Run event in 2014. Until then, this is the place that I daydream of running again, but with my mother by my side this time.

  15. The first thing that popped into my head was my old x-c 5K trail from HS. It’s been 24 years (holy cow)! and my memory stinks but I think I’m faster now so it would be fantastic to kick my 18 year old self’s butt 😀 More importantly, I have so many positive memories of running with my friends there for 4 years. It’s not a thrilling course but it’s tough and full of great memories. There’s also a big hill in the middle of the course that I never made it the whole way up in a race and I know I could conquer it now!!!

    I’d also love a nice long, flat, warm but not too warm run somewhere near the water – only b/c it’s so stinken cold now and I’m in denial about my early run tomorrow before it snows (again this week) with my neighbor and fellow mother runner.

  16. Lately I have been dreaming about the Run Through the Lavender half marathon in Utah. Running through lavender fields sounds magical.

  17. ARE YOU KIDDING? Just ONE place? I have so many! As Dr. Seuss would say “You’re off to Great Places? Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!”

  18. Right now I am dreaming of running on dry pavement, preferably downhill, no coat or gloves in sight, enjoying the sunshine and a gentle breeze!

  19. Any time I see a picture of a nice trail or pretty country road with orange and yellow and red leaves on the trees I think, “That would be a nice place to run.” I use to think it would be a nice place to drive. 🙂

  20. Right now – anyplace warm without snow! But I really really really want to tackle the goofy challenge at disney world some day!

  21. I want to run the Space Coast marathon. I love running along the ocean and have heard that runners have seen dolphins on that route.

  22. Honolulu Marathon course. This was my first marathon and I think about certain parts of that route very often. Would love the opportunity to tackle it again.

  23. I’d love to run through Napa and make some stops at the wineries along the way…i mean….when i’m done running 😉

  24. Italy.
    I have an awesome running video that takes you through the most beautiful countryside. It would be nice to actually be there!
    Carb loading would be pretty amazing there too!

  25. I dream of running any trail at this moment. I’m working through some hip and back issues and hope that I can recover enough to keep on running!

  26. I crave to run from my house, past Niagara Falls. It’s too embarrassing to tell you how close it really is, but I’m always afraid I won’t make it back.

  27. I’ve always dreamed of running the London marathon! My day dream also includes a sassy running skirt with the British flag on it, a post race Young’s double chocolate stout and a high five from the queen as I round the bend at the palace.

  28. I dream of running along the coast in Ireland. I have never been there, but those cliffs overlooking the water look amazing to me!

  29. I so want to the Arsenal Bridge from the Illinois side to the Iowa side and then continue down the Mississippi River to the Centennial Bridge run across that back to the Illinois side and back down to the Arsenal Bridge…a little loop! 🙂

  30. I would live to run a half marathon in Europe. Since using Dublin last year I am yearning to go back, and maybe next time I can make it coincide with a run in the city.

  31. Central Park in NYC and Key West, FL are two places I’ve visited but haven’t been able to run. I’d love to experience them while logging in a few miles.

  32. I recently moved to the city from a very rural area. Despite being excited to run amongst others, I miss and daydream about my quiet country rails-to-trails routes.

  33. I would like to run any trail on the Oregon Coast. We visited last year and I wasn’t up to the fitness level but thought how great it would be. I am getting to the fitness level to be able to run the beautiful trails and see the ocean!

  34. Being from the central US, I would have to say somewhere coastal either East or West coast would be a fun place run and see/hear the ocean.

  35. I want to see and run the Hayward Field in Oregon. When I’ve visited legendary places, I have often thought, “I’m stepping upon the floors walked by xxxxx.” At Hayward Field, I’d be running upon the track ran by greats.

  36. The Ozark 100 through the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. My brother attempted this ultra a few years ago, and I went along to crew him. He missed a time cut-off and I never did get to run with him, but the atmosphere was so exciting and the trail looked so awesome! If I ever attempt an ultra, this or Leadville would be it.

  37. Along the coast in Australia. We are going next year and I hope we continue to run and make it our first vacation we take time to run on!

  38. I am doing the Big Sur Marathon this year. I can’t wait for the grand views. I have also dreamed about running somewhere tropical.

  39. The Kalalau Trail in Kauai, HI. listed as # 2 on the 10 most scenic running trail in the US is on my dream bucket list!

  40. Chicago, by the lake! I used to live in Chicago, but had not become a runner yet. When I moved to St. Louis, I started my running journey, but I long to go back and run the city I love and miss!!

  41. One place I would love to run is Ireland. Partially because of the beautiful scenery. The other reason is that it would mean we finally took the trip we have been talking about going on for the past 10 years!

  42. I am blessed to live in Washington state, where we have many beautiful areas to run. Both along the eater and in the mountains, or in combo. But after spending some time on the southern California coast a couple years ago, I would love to run down there. Loved the Carsbad area, I believe they have a half marathon 🙂

  43. My dream: running to the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado–preferably as part of the Mt. Evans Ascent race held each June. My husband and I tried hiking it once after backcountry camping but got caught in a thunderstorm (oh so) close to the summit. It was too dangerous to be out above treeline so we begged a ride down from a passing car. I’d like to redeem that experience by running it. Also–mega bragging rights!

  44. Dreaming ‘big’ as my dream is to run 26.2 miles… I’ve run/walked 2 marathons and dream of someday running ‘one more’, may be in 2014?!

  45. I sure loved my morning runs through the financial district to the Embarcadero (I’m sure I misspelled that) in San Francisco when I was there on business way back in 2007. That was dream running. These days, though? I’d just like to feel well enough to want to go even around the neighborhood again (first trimester blahs).

  46. I dream of running part of the Big Sur half-marathon I was stationed in Monterey at the Defense Language Institute in the late 90’s, and I volunteered at the marathon one year. I currently am in week one of the “Train Like a Mother Finish-it” plan for my first half-marathon in March. Hopefully within the next 4 years I’ll be able to go back and run the Big Sur half 🙂

  47. I dream of running a trail race….with the dirt under my feet, branches above and lake by my side. i will find it someday!

  48. I really want to run the Harvest Stampede, a beautiful run through the Leenlenau Vinyard (in Northern Michigan). Between the scenery and wine tasting at the finish, it would be a blast!

  49. Would love to run the Harvest Stampede, a race through the Leelenau Vinyard in Michigan. Schedule hasn’t worked out yet, but the scenery and wine tasting at the finish would be so cool!

  50. I would love to run part of the Tour de France course. Especially one of those gorgeous fields of sunflowers they always show.

  51. I had to think about this for awhile. I was picturing running on cliffs above the ocean with waves crashing and crazy beautiful scenery. Like when I see Pebble Beach on tv. So I would love to run at Pebble Beach, though I doubt there is a trail on the gulf course!

  52. I can’t wait to run the 5 boroughs of NYC next November! I have run in two of the boroughs before (Brooklyn Half and NYC Half (which is in Manhattan)) but the idea of running through all 5 boroughs is so exciting! I especially love running through Manhattan – such a thrill running down streets normally packed bumper to bumper with cars!

  53. I was involved in the launch of the Scenic Half Marathon in Sandpoint, ID. I was registered to run and got injured. As the CEO of the Chamber I was given the duty of handing out medals to the finishers, and it was hard to do. I desperately wanted to be on the receiving end. I really want to run that race someday, not to prove anything, as I know I can do it. I simply want to run a race I had a small part in creating in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  54. We’ve lived in North Carolina for 9 years and I still haven’t made it to the outer banks, How awesome would it be to run on the coast!

  55. I would love, love, LOVE to run the Marathon du Medoc in Bordeaux someday (as in, when I have no shortage of time and money!!). As a French major way (way, way) back when, and a wine lover (though not exclusively French wines!) I would love to run through the gorgeous countryside that I visited years (eons?) ago when I studied abroad. The idea of running a leisurely marathon, sampling wines along the way (and most definitely after), while running with some truly crazy (and crazily-dressed) people sounds like loads of fun!

  56. Really, I would adore running anywhere do that is scenic. Whether it the streets lined with beautiful autumn trees or spring flowers or around the lake. I love that running provides opportunity to check out new areas.

  57. I really want to get brave and try some trails around my new home, but I think I’ll wait until things thaw out a little!

  58. I had the opportunity to run in the hills of rural Costa Rica, which was absolutely gorgeous! Incredibly hard with the hills, but beautiful. I also like to picture running along the beach on my own little path so I”m not running in the deep sand 🙂

  59. I don’t know why I enter these things because I never win but I don’t care. A friend of mine travels overseas a lot. When we were training for our half last spring she would text: “Running the streets of Paris today” or “Running in London along the Thames” or “Running in Scotland.” It wasn’t done obnoxiously which is why I still talk to her but these texts just filled me with such complete longing. I live in suburbia. I run in suburbia. The most “exotic” place I ever ran was over a bridge in Rhode Island. My training will never consist of runs in Paris or London but a girl can dream, right? At least I have NEW England.

  60. My dream course is the Colorado mountains. It’s so pretty and peaceful. The Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half is one of my favorites. My goal/dream race is the Leadville 100.

  61. I am dreaming of running on my beautiful Colombia Trail – especially right now with the beautiful snow covered trees! The air is magical and the sound of crunching snow and the crisp air is just heavenly! 🙂

  62. I dream about running in the foothills in Colorado. I wasn’t much of a runner when I lived there and now I long for some more exciting trails and scenery than I currently have access to on the plains of South Dakota!

  63. I would like to run the NYC Marathon, or the Marine Corp marathon one day. I have heard so many great things about either one of these.

  64. I daydream about running in large cities like New York City’s Central Park or the streets of London. *Sigh* Maybe someday!

  65. I dream about running by a beach daily. While I live close to he beach, I don’t always have the opportunity to run anywhere other than my own ‘hood. There is something serene and peaceful about watching the waves crash in against the shoee while my feet hit the ground. I imagine myself washin away the stresses of life with every new crash into the beach.

  66. I got to run on the beach in southern california this thanksgiving. it was a dream come true! There’s just something about that slightly salty air and sun that makes me feel so alive.

  67. I often daydream about running anywhere besides my neighborhood. It’s so boring. Somewhere with beautiful views and a breeze would be nice.

  68. The first thing I wanted to do when I moved to Kalamazoo, Mi 2 years ago was to ride my bike the length of the Kal-Haven Trail to Lake Michigan (33.5 miles from the trailhead, 38 miles from my door). Now that I’ve accomplished that (several times) I want to run it. Lucky for me there’s an official event for this, and I’ll be ramping up to do it in 2015.

  69. I miss running near the beach, with little traffic. I could run at the beach now, but there are so many people or vehicles. I loved running near the beach close to sunset, and I didn’t have to worry about being hit by someone or something

  70. I would love to run in Alaska. I was in awe of the mother runner you covered who got to see the moose while she was running. We have visited Alaska, but it was before I was a runner and we were on a cruise – not quite the same effect as running in the beautiful land.

  71. Doing a Disney race and then renting a Harley and riding to Key West with my husband. This is something that would fufill dreams for both of us, doesn’t get much better than that!

  72. I would love a vacation to CA wine country where I could run through the vineyards and then enjoy some delicious food and wine afterwards.

  73. I love running through the red rocks of southern Utah – Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, they are all amazing and so peaceful when you can find a trail less well-known!

  74. One of my favorite places to run is fairly close to me but I don’t run it very often. It is a 7 mile loop around a beautiful lake, is relatively flat with the exception of 1 major hill and the terrain is much easier on my joints…but it is a good 30 min drive and really, who has an extra hour just to commute to complete a run. Maybe that’s the real reason I enjoy it so much…when I do get to go, it is that much more special.

  75. I’d love to run in Kona again. It was so pretty running with the ocean in the background. And with it currently being below zero here, the temperature sounds pretty good, too!

  76. Disney World. I have run around a Disney resort that I stayed at once, but I would love to run one of their half marathons someday.

  77. I dream about running the Kauai marathon. We have been to Kauai as a family and it was my family’s most memorable vacation. A dream come true would be to go back and run a marathon there. First up, run my first marathon closer to home. Hopefully in 2014!

  78. The trails around Lincoln Park in San Francisco. Went to San Fran on my honeymoon, and my foot “blew up” because I forgot my good Teevas at home and all I had to wear were a very flat and unsupportive pair of flip flops. We walked all around the city (and I mean ALL AROUND – from Union Square to the Piers, and around and back and all over) and by the 3rd day, I could barely walk! I still don’t know what was wrong with my foot, but I must go back there to run someday!

  79. I am planning to run the Big Sur Marathon again in 2015. I ran it in 2011 when the course was rerouted due to Highway 1 sliding into the ocean. I’d like to see the whole course next time around, from Big Sur to Carmel!

  80. I daydream about running along the ocean – it doesn’t matter which. But running easily (which rarely happens) and not struggling in the sand. Like those running dreams, where you’re practically flying & never get tired.

  81. I daydream of a trail in the woods where I can run with my dog off her leash and no one is around. The pine needles cushion my footsteps and the weather is perfect for my asthma!

  82. It is very snowy and icy here in Waterloo, Ontario. On my runs, I daydream of the day that I can return to the trail that runs through the forest by my house, which is currently being used for cross-country skiing. The skiers probably love it as much as I do.

  83. I would love to run a route around Niagra Falls. The sound of the rushing water and the gorgeous scenery would be so inspiring!!

  84. When I first began running, my family and I were spending two months in England. I would love to go back and run in Oxford, now that I can run more than a few minutes at a time and cover more distance.

  85. I once worked for a university that had a program that took students to Iceland. When they returned they brought back the most amazing photos of landscapes I had never seen before. I daydream of running those frozen trails of Iceland. One day…

  86. At the beach, sun on my face, sound of the waves and looking at the beach houses as I run by. Dreaming of what it would be like to live there year round.

  87. Seems silly, but I get so happy just seeing town lake in Austin. Sure, there’s better places to run, but town lake makes my heart skip a beat

  88. Living in very flat NW Ohio, I recently visited my brother on the eastern side of the state and saw some amazing trails with rolling hills and great snow covered views.

  89. right now, i am dreaming of doing a christmas light run. finding a neigbhorhood w/ lots of pretty houses and taking a running tour of them.

  90. Right now I dream of my favorite coastal route in the early summer – what is wind-blown and causes me to turtle in this time of year is glorious and beautiful in about, oh, 6 months. That isn’t too far away, is it?

  91. This summer my family traveled to Colorado and it was the most beautiful place for trail running. I daydream about returning to the Maroon Bells.

  92. I could name a thousand places including just about every rave run RW has ever photographed but the run I can’t wait to do again happened about a year and a half ago. I was getting ready to go running and my two year old wanted to come. No stroller she needed her fast shoes. We made it about half a block. Best run ever. Can’t wait to go the whole block and beyond!

  93. I can’t wait to return to Maui someday and run the beach with my hubby again. Its one of my greatest running memories. Also…Italy! Its on my bucket list!!!

  94. As a new runner I’m game for anywhere, but really hoping to run along the farmlands of my parents home in Nee Brunswick this year. My happy place!

  95. Still dreaming about running the entire Appalachian Trail at one time. I completed parts of it before becoming a mom and now patiently wait for my littles to get old enough to complete it with me.

  96. I would love to run along the ocean in Maui again and I’d also like to relive my cross country college days along the Charles River in Boston.

  97. Gosh, I have just started to run. As in just weeks and I LOVE it! It has changed my perspective on my body as it makes me feel strong after a rough year health wise. Soooooooo long story short, I am able to run a 5k (who knew – woohoo)and I just signed up for the Colfax 1/2 marathon in May for my ‘ahem’ next big birthday next year. So for this newbie…my ‘happy place’ is just anywhere really. I have enjoyed trails on the highline canal but really I am so easily pleased as I pursue my new ‘love’. Thanks for this encouraging site!

  98. I would someday love to run all of the 5 boroughs of New York City at the NYC marathon. It’s on my bucket list of runs I want to do one day

  99. I ran the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon this past October. It was my 2nd Half. I had a blast and really want to do it again. It’s an extremely hard race to get into so I have my fingers crossed!!

  100. What a difficult question to answer! Quite honestly, my dream run is a trail run with not many hills, but enough to keep me interested. A route that runs alongside a rippling stream. A journey through a forest with a slight breeze and a partly cloudy sky would also be fantastic. I’d also love to run a race where I finish first. Now THAT is a dream. 😉

  101. Growing up in a suburb of St. Paul, MN and then moving away, I often miss the trails around Holland Jenson Lake. I spent my high school years in the early 80’s running there on the weekends. I met up with a few bird watchers on the trail but seldom any runners, and never any female runners. Since that time, on visits to see my family, the trails are being frequented by hikers, walkers and runners both male and female, young and old. I have even met up with the cross country team from the University of MN. I am so glad the secret is out… A great trail to train on and an amazing escape from the suburbs! I have shared this experience with my daughter who is now a high school runner, so that she can learn to enjoy the training process and not just the result.

  102. I would love to run the boston marathon course! I probably won’t ever qualify so it would be cool to trace all of those footprints!

  103. I’ve just started learning about the joys of trail running. While we do not have any real good or very long trails in our area, I’d love to do an organized trail run this next year!

  104. After visiting San Francisco with girlfriends, taking my running clothes, and NOT running I really regret it and wish I could back and have a do over for that non running moment. I imagine all the time what a beautiful run it would have been.

  105. Independence Pass in Colorado!!!! I love Colorado… and even though there would be MANY hills, it would be an amazing place to run!! 🙂

  106. I’d love to run the lakeshore path out to picnic point in Madison, WI. When I was a student there, I didn’t run, didn’t walk for enjoyment, and never made the trek. I’d love to go back and run it!

  107. At 8+ months pregnant, I daydream about my running clothes fitting again and hitting any route with my BRFs. I’d like to get into trail runs–maybe running the Wildwood trail in Forest Park. One day soon!

  108. I would love to try a Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon! I’ve never raced that distance before & think the music & atmosphere would be fun!

  109. I would love to run down the Champs-Elysees…I love to shop and think this would be a way to join my love of running with shopping!

  110. Antelope Island, Utah. From what I hear there are bison among many other animals and beautiful terrain but mostly I want to go run there because my husband is living in North Salt Lake while our son & I are living in Wisconsin until he graduates high school in 2 1/2 years. I’m always looking for any excuse to get out to Utah for a visit.

  111. I am an East Coast girl and would love to run along so many scenic West Coast trails. So gorgeous. I would also love to run a race with my daughter when she gets a little older. Want her to be a strong and independent girl who dreams big!

  112. I don’t know of a specific trail or route but I daydream about running in Carmel Valley. It is one of my favorite places ever, and all my visits there were prior to me being a runner. Guess it’s time to go back!

  113. I dream of running again with my husband in the local state park – post pregnancy #2.
    We often have weekend run dates but not so much during either pregnancy. So, I am really looking forward to having time together out on the trail again!

  114. I constantly crave an Oceanside run around Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos area in California. It’s too far to go on a regular basis but I get there about 4x each year and I always want more.

  115. I’d love to be strong enough to trail run all over my favorite mountain in Utah. Oh, and I’m expecting baby #9, so the uterus shirt would have extra meaning for me, lol. 🙂

  116. I grew up in Northern California and now live in Southern Indiana. I would love to run back in my home state along Highway 1-watch out for elephant seals!

  117. What running route or trail do you daydream about covering?
    I’ve seen so many pictures in RW mag that I’d love to visit, but there’s something peaceful about this section of the Katy Trail (MO) that I live nearby. It’s beautiful, peaceful, AND has TWO (what?!) clean (WHAT?!) bathrooms to choose from. Love it 🙂

  118. I dream that my baby sister will become fit and confident enough to want to run a half marathon; I would run with her anywhere 🙂 Even better if it were in a tropical locale (what can I say, the high here tomorrow is 7 degrees)!

  119. I want to run in DC in the spring, when all the cherry blossoms are blooming. I’ve always running around all of those historic sites would be fun!

  120. I’m from Alabama, but went and ran a trail race near Lake Tahoe this summer, and it was fantastic! Daily, I dream about going back and running the trails out west again, especially the Rubicon trail at Emerald Bay.

  121. I know it’s not exciting. But I grew up in Central Illinois, and I haven’t been back for any length of time for almost two years. However, I spent one night there last Christmas (before heading to Chicago for a nightmare of an in-law experience) and my husband and I ran our first 10 mile training run on the country roads I learned to drive one. It’s flat, which I appreciate (I now live in very hilly New Hampshire) and it’s familiar, and it feels like home. It was my last hour of so of sanity before the crazy, and it stands out as one of the best runs ever for me. I’d love to do it again (and not just because I’d love to spend some time at my parents’ house…) 🙂

  122. SW Colorado–worked at a backpacking camp for 4 summers and always dream of going back. Looking forward to running 2 races this summer (one in Denver, one in CO Springs). The elevation change will make it interesting!

  123. I daydream of running the MB Marathon in February..Or the Marine Corp Marathon in Oct…one of these days
    Right now, I’d be satisfied for enough daylight hours to run my normal 3 miler

  124. I daydream of running the Nike Women’s Marathon in S.F. running across the finish line and getting the Tiffany bling.

  125. Oh, I’d love to get back to Hawaii and run the trail along the ocean outside my hotel. Now that I’ve conquered my first half this fall, that repeat run would be so much better – and longer too!

  126. There is a trail race called “the legend” that I did about 8 yrs ago. After running that I knew I was a runner.
    I haven’t been able to do it since having kids and would love to go back now and run it not as a carefree college student but now as a mother runner who is anything but carefree but still loves to run.

  127. I just turned 54 years old last week and I was chatting with a friend very recently how before I advance much more in age, I would love to run along the coast of Sicily. My grandparents were originally from Sicily and have always wanted to visit. I can picture myself running along with a view of the ocean.

  128. I’m daydreaming of running on one of my favorite trails at the Dam along the Mississippi River. It has been closed since last spring because of construction, so I’m really missing out on one of my favorite, go-to, trails!

  129. The inaugural 10K Across the Bay is on my wishlist. It’s next November and it’s a run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. I live in MD and the run is less than 2 hours from my house so it is very do-able. That’s a big hill, though, and I live in flat country with NO hills.

  130. We love being at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. Would love to run their half/full reggae race in December. Would also like to attempt the Bermuda Triangle 3 day races.

  131. I tend to day dream about trail running since I live in Chicago. I do love running by the Lake here, but I can only imagine what a true trail run would be like.

  132. I would love to return to the Okanagan Valley in BC and run the back farm roads! Miles of orchards and peace! Until I head back, I’ll settle for running my local drab paths but I can imagine being surrounded by cherry, peach and apricot trees! Oh and the adorable quails that I imagine will join me on my run!

  133. I always hear about the great running trails and paths that make up the Big Sur marathon. I’m not ready to run a marathon yet and I live on the East coast but one day I would love to run those trails and look out over the cliffs with my camera in hand.

  134. It’s it exactly a trail or route, but would love to experience the NYC marathon one day and run through the five Burroughs with that kind of crowd support behind me.

  135. Town lake in Austin. Those were the glory days when I was fast. Where I had a great group of running friends. And where I first pushed a jogger. Not to mention it’s just a great place to run, always full of other runners no matter what the weather.

  136. There are so many places I’d love to run one day. This year I’m looking forward to covering the roads and trails in and around Whistler, BC 🙂

  137. Even though I went to school in the Portland area I some how neglected to be enough into running to soak up time on the Wildwood Trail. I would love to be able to head out there and run some miles with a dear running friend who posts such beautiful shots from her runs there.

  138. Victoria, BC. Had the best vacation there a decade ago, before I found running and fell in love with it. I would love to return to Sooke Harbor and run there in the summer.

  139. I lived briefly in Portland, OR before my running days had begun. I’d love to go back and run along the amazing coast line… perfect climate, perfect view!

  140. Superior hiking Trail. Backpacked it many times and know the challenge it would be to run it, but knowing the views are so worth it!

  141. I’d love to run in Northern California where the weather is brisk with the Pacific Ocean and hillside cliffs as my scenery.

  142. The route that really stays on my mind is not particularly pretty. Its a road next to my grandmothers house in upstate NY. It is the worst hill that I have ever seen and as much as I hate hills, I just want to run it every time I see it just to prove I can.

  143. I want to run Zooma Cape Cod 🙂 I’ve read so much about the route and the experience, and being from MA I feel like it would be showing some state pride. My second running dream would be Park City, Utah. I don’t know of any specific races put tbere, but I’m sure whatever I ran would be surrounded by majestic views 🙂

  144. I dream of going back to Sequoia with my best running buddy Diana and running the trails there again! We did it the year we started running and were training for our first half, all these years and halfs and marathons and kid later I would love to revisit that trip and those trails!

  145. I’d love to run a route representative of each state. That way, I can see what each state loves about itself by running its representative route.

  146. Central Park on a warm sunny morning. I also want to run in Colorado with one of
    my oldest & dearest friends- pikes peek or just her neighborhood! Ideally, both!!

  147. I dream about running on the routes that I see pictured in the runners world magazines. You know those full page pics of beautiful places with ocean views or in the mountains. No one else is around and the runners don’t even look tired! I run the same country roads around my house year round so it nothing but corn fields and soy beans oh and perfectly flat too!

  148. I’m new to distance running and just completed my first marathon a couple of weeks ago actually, but I’ve heard about the Nike Women’s marathon in San Francisco. I would love to challenge myself on those hills! And the, umm Tiffany necklace at the end wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

  149. I’d love to run through Disney! My not-so-secret dream is to run the princess half with my daughter. (She’s 2.5 now, so we’ve got a bit to wait!!)

  150. I daydream about running Maui again someday. We were lucky enough to be there about a year ago, and I can’t wait to get back.

  151. The Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington KY. You are running through beautiful horse farms and rolling hills! I did the 7 miler last year and can’t wait to double the fun!!!

  152. The streets of Chicago (my birthplace and favorite city) for a marathon or half. Moved away 6 years ago and would love to go back for a race!

  153. I daydream about running any route with a view of the ocean. (A river will do as well.) I love being near water and watching the horizon.

  154. My favorite route through the local forest preserve frequently runs through my head. I’m missing it this week due to snow!

  155. This summer I visited a friend in Denver. We travelled to boulder and did a bunch of hiking but think it would be amazing to go back and hit the trails running!

  156. I dream of running all of the marathon majors. I’ve done Boston and New York. I’ve registered for Berlin for 2014. Chicago will be next. London is a definite possibility, but Tokyo seems like a distant dream. I’ve always been fascinated with the city and would give anything to see it on foot.

  157. I would love to run part of the Pacific Crest Trail..after reading the book Wild by Cherly Strayed it imspired me to put this on my Bucket List!!

  158. The Yukon Arctic Ultra. I don’t do well in heat, so a frozen marathon sounds right up my alley. But with 2 kids under 5 and a 3rd on the way it will be a while. But it’s bookmarked and whenever I want to dream BIG I go look at it!

  159. I would love to run the Pinhoti trail near Cheaha Mountain in AL. I grew up backpacking there with my Girl Scout troop and would love to see it again through a BAMR’s eyes.

  160. Running the trails and mountains in and around Bend, OR. Often if I am in a rut, I dream of a sunny day there– the crystal blue water, trees, mountains, quiet and just going and going!

  161. I don’t know the name of a particular trail, but I would love to spend some time running on trails in the Cascade mountains. Maybe someday this Arkansas girl will head west.

  162. I lived in the Bay Area and worked in downtown SF for seven years starting in 1996. This was before I was a runner, so I would love to be able to go back and run through some of the area’s landmarks (across the Golden Gate Bridge! Through Golden Gate Park! In Marin! ).

  163. I have seen pictures of the Great Wall of china marathon. I always dream of doing that run when my current run is dull or sluggish.

  164. San Francisco. I went to college there and wasn’t a runner then. I’d love to visit now and see the city in a whole new way.

  165. Might be fun to go back to where I grew up and run Rockland Lake. I believe it is 3 miles around, which seemed like forever as a kid/teenager. Probably very pretty in the snow right about now as well!

  166. I know this is far fetched… but it is a dream. Whenever I see pictures of Ireland I think how much I want to run those beautiful, green, grassy hills.

  167. I want to run the Hurt the Dirt trail (in Rockford, MI) next year. There are multiple 6 mile loops (with the 10K, Half, and Full options) and free kids races. Sounds like a fun woodsy weekend for the family!

  168. I would love to go back to Davenport, Ia for the BIX 7. I ran my first BIX last year, it was my favorite race I have done yet! My kids got to spend time with my Mom, brother and his girlfriend. While I ran an didnt stop(ran through water stops too) until I crossed the finish line. My brother dropped me off at the start, and then picked me up after I finished. They still say their best vacation was at Uncle Troys…were they did yoga, played guitar, drums, keyboard, had pizza party and got to go to a zoo….with mom after she ran the 7 miles:-)

  169. Any route where I can see the ocean. Thinking of the Outer Banks. This summer I ran along the wall in Narragansett, RI and it was just beautiful.

  170. I dream of heading back to the island of Kuaui where I was able to run with beautiful views, in beautiful weather, and being able to run with my sisters made it even better.

  171. I’d like to run any place outside of Texas! Golden Gate bridge, Denver, Central Park, along the beach of Florida or Hawaii heck even Las Vegas at night. There’s lots of places I’ve read about and would love to run.

  172. When I am feeling especially strong, I dream of running the Boston Marathon with people calling my name as I run by. Then I come back to earth and think about something more realistic. . .right now, I’m hoping to do a relay race, like Ragnar or Reach the Beach, where I can run with a team of friends and have a blast.

  173. I ran a half-marathon in Empire, Michigan. The route was beautiful and went past Sleeping Bear Dunes. It was in October so the leaves were turning colors. It was breathtaking and also challenging with the hills. I daydream of running this route again and hopefully will be this next year.

  174. In high school, my xc team ran the most incredible meet put on by North Tahoe High through the trees. My adult self really wants to run it again. 🙂

  175. Besides any race at Disney World, I would love to run along the West Side Highway in NYC, on the elevated path, down by the World Trade Center, up to South Street Seaport, or along the NJ side so I can see the beautiful NYC skyline. It’s been almost 9 years since I moved and so much has changed and I can’t wait to go back and just run and enjoy my beautiful hometown!

  176. Since moving away from the mountains of the west to the south east, I dream about the running around my old neighborhood in Colorado.

  177. The Marine Corp marathon. It would bring me back to DC where I went to college, along the Potomac where I rowed, and by the monuments where I learned to love running and spent many great nights walking (with my now husband).

  178. Not sure where it is located, but it’s the wallpaper on my computer of a path winding through fall trees on either side. So beautiful. I can just imagine the cool breeze and fall smells.

  179. 5 mile loop around Highland Lake, NY. I lived there before marriage and kids, before gar mins and PRs. It was a challenging route, but a simpler time in my life.

  180. The New York Marathon! Hoping to run in November with some of my family! I registered for the lottery, but will likely run with Fred’s Team!

  181. I was supposed to do 10 miles along the Rhine River (Germany) at the end of a visit to my inlaws in March…but wound up stuck in bed with a nasty stomach bug. Looking forward to trying again next time!!

  182. Anywhere there are trails with trees. I love running along a path full of them. This time of the year and the weather we’re having….I’m thinking Hawaii!

  183. Any trail with my running buddy Marci is my dream route. Together we mothers make the miles fly by. Our dream location however, is anywhere with mountains and water in view.

  184. I dream about running the road around Ten Mile lake in MN…. Just without the bugs! At the end – all hot and sweaty you get to jump in the lake!

  185. St. Jude Memphis 1/2 marathon route. Friends were suppose to run this years but with the cancellation I’d love to join them next year.

  186. Running West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA. I used to live there in my 20’s and had so many great walks there. Now I am a runner and in CT…. Someday.

  187. The first mile of a run I do often is a winding bike trail shaded with oak trees. Just thinking about it makes me smile and de-stress a bit.

  188. I daydream of covering the VASA in Northern MI with my favorite BAMR Holly. I moved almost 5 years ago to GA and miss her insanely every day.

  189. I’d love to do the Portland half or full, haven’t decided yet. I’ve never done a full! The photos and race reports from my friends sound so appealing. I’ve heard it is a very well supported race, a nice course and I would love to see more of Oregon on foot.

  190. I ruptured my ACL just before Thanksgiving… so at this point I just day dream about getting back on the road. Any road, trail, or track. To lace up my shoes and head out the door ..sigh, I will be there again.

  191. Before I was a serious runner I visited the Island of Rhodes. I would love to go back there now and experience the beauty of the island as my ponytail bobs back and forth up and down the trails.

  192. I daydream of running in Central Park. I have been to New York a couple of times, but not since I began running. I will be going in July and you can bet I will be lacing up my shoes and experiencing this beautiful park through a runner’s lenses. Can’t wait.

  193. I travel mostly along the same few miles near my house… for a Marathon has me out there quite a bit. I’m thinking about my annual trail running week last summer, though! What different terrain….and altitude!

  194. I love my run through the older neighborhoods in my town. The trees tower above and are so beautiful. Even on warm days, they keep it cool. It makes the run so much easier!!

  195. The NYC Marathon. I got hyped up watching all the coverage and reading all the blog posts this year. I’d love if it were my first marathon, but my chances of getting in are pretty slim, of course.

  196. I am intrigued by these new National Park Half Marathons. I have signed up for the Smokey Mountain one, but the Lake Powell one is the one I dream of.

  197. I dream of running at Big Sur. Or Hawaii. Or someplace gorgeous. lol I run on my lil country backroads and while I do love it; I would love to see some breath-taking shoreline while I pound the pavement!

  198. I live in NYC and have always wanted to run over all of the city bridges, ideally on one long run. So far I’ve only tackled the Brooklyn Bridge, which is amazing to run over in the early morning.

  199. Any route that takes me along the ocean, any ocean! I wish I lived somewhere that could be the back drop for every run!

  200. I’m training for the Disney Princess Half… the stress of it is already giving me nightmares. Does that count?
    I dream of walking through the park afterwards with that blinged out medal around my neck!

  201. One day I will run along a country road in Ireland. Explore where my ancestry comes from, breathe the fresh air, and get motivated by the spirits that live in the countryside. Maybe even run along the cliffs of Mohr. I hope to renew my marriage vows in Ireland for our tenth anniversary, and getting to cover that ground with my husband at my side would be a dream come true.

  202. I would love to run a 1/2 in Germany and end it at a local pub drinking great beer! I went there on my honeymoon in 2005 but wasn’t a “real” runner back then so my running sneakers weren’t with me!

  203. I daydream of running on a nice curvy road shadowed by tall, bright fall colored trees with a slight inclince so when I make the return trip down I can have gravity on my side and take in the view.

  204. When I was in Chicago last May I ran in Chicaog along the lake…it was amazing and so beautiful. I would love to do that again. What a beautiful city to run in! Love the giveaways by the way!

  205. I would love to run a portion of the Leadville 100 trail, maybe the heavy half. Of course I would need to hang out in the mountains of CO to acclimate, which would not be too bad!!

  206. There’s a course from cross country I would love to run again. It’s in a small town Canyon, TX next to the West Texas A&M football stadium and horse center. We always had a meet there in October so leaves has fallen, it was always cold, and it was always beautiful… to me that course is the epitome of fall. Had to watch out for horse poop, but I would LOVE to run it again.

  207. I’d love to run the trail along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon again. It’s just a hop and a skip away from where I call home, but it was an almost magical run with my husband a couple of years ago. So much fun!

  208. I would love to run the Port Gamble trails in Washington. When I first started running there, they used to kick my butt, since the first mile was an uphill climb. But once up, I was rewarded with miles of quiet running on old logging roads through old growth forest. Now that I have moved, I really miss it.,

  209. I wanna run to the top of Sandia Mtn. in honor of my mom just diagnosed with brain cancer. The view up there is just spectacular. You can see the sunset and just be.

  210. Any place in the Western United States. I live in Florida and the scenery is all the same. Every photo I see in Runners World of the places people get to run out West look absolutely GORGEOUS. Would love to see and run there some day.

  211. We went to the Acadia National Park years ago. Although we had some great adventures (kayaking on the ocean, biking) I wasn’t a runner at the time. I would love to go back there for a nice long run.

  212. Trails in Bend, OR. I’ve seen amazing photos via Lauren Fleshman and oiselle’s Project Little Wing. PS elite runners scare the bah-jeezus out of me.

  213. This summer I got to check an item off my bucket list when my husband and I laced up our running shoes and ran in Central Park while we were in NYC on vacation. Something I will never forget!

  214. I’ve been sidelined with a torn meniscus since August (ugh!) and I’m dreaming of running outside by the river in Calgary. I also dream of running along the seawall in Vancouver during our vacation next summer!

  215. Since it’s winter in Northern MI and supposed go down in the teens tonight, I am dreaming if running somewhere hot! Maybe tropical even??!!!! I would love to do the Ragnar that ends in the Florida Keys….it’s in the top of my bucket list!

  216. I dream of running on the beach-being strong enough to endure that sand, and only listening to the waves and seagulls, and smelling that salty air….at sunset, my favorite time of day.

  217. I don’t dream of running it, but I dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Maybe not all in one summer, but I want to hike it. All of it. From Mexico to Canada.

  218. After running the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville, CO elevation 12,500…AND having a real blowout in the last miles of the race…I feel that I need to re trace my high altitude adventure without a blow out. I crave that Mountain air and untouched beauty!

  219. Our Moms on the Run group is talking about doing a destination race. One of the suggestions was a Miami to Key West Ragnar! I’d love to make that trek; not in sand, though, because sand is too hard to run in!

  220. In August of 2014, our family will be traveling to Alaska. That will be quite a change of scenery from South Carolina and I am looking forward to running while there. I’m hopeful about finding a race to enter and run while we’re there.

  221. I dreaming of running another race at Walt Disney World. I ran my first half marathon there in 2012, but feel that I’m so much better prepared and trained now that I really want to go back and shatter my time!

  222. Running on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves. That would be so much better than this silly snow, ice, slush. Ready for summer already!!!!

  223. I miss my route in Langenbach Germany from my house in the village to the Flugplatz (airport). Up hill all the way there and about 4.5 miles round trip.

  224. Before I moved to Oregon, I lived in Chicago, and that was in my pre-running days. Looking back, I would love to run the length of the LSD path! The street, not the drug…

  225. There are so many – in my neck of the woods the Western States 100 trail – I have done portions of it. I would also love to run the great wall of China.

  226. It is absolutely frigid in my neck of the woods right now and it has been icy which has made me grouchy because I have had many treadmill dates. When this happens I find myself dreaming about running in my favorite vacation spot of sunny San Diego. It’s what gets me to at least mile 4 before I have to dig deeper

  227. Mckenzie River Trail! (Oregon) I love to pick a big chunk of this trail and go with a group of ladies. I went in October of this year. Oh picture the gorgeous leaves falling off the trees while you can hear the water trickling down the river. The beautiful simple bridges made of just a fallen tree and ONE railing. The huge fish you can see as you hang on to the railing and hope to not fall in with your shaky legs. The beautiful moss covered rocks and logs and the GREAT workout.

  228. I would love to run in the Antartic Marathon. Not just for the scenery or adventure, but to get out of this Florida heat! I could put all of those cool weather accessories to the test!

  229. I would love to run along any river in Oregon! Living in New Mexico now severly limits runs alonside water. The New Mexico high desert has its own spectabular running scenery but I miss the water at times.

  230. My dream is to take along run through wine country in Tuscany. Running through hills of grapes and then stopping for a glass of wine after my run would be a dream come true.

  231. I used to love running solo through the woods, but safety concerns have kept me off the trails. I dream of winning the lottery, buying up a huge piece of forest, and forging trails through my own private safe woodlands.

  232. I want to run the North Olympic Discovery marathon. I grew up on the peninsula and running out there just brings me back home.

  233. With my oldest starting middle school and getting on the bus at 6:30, my early morning runs have become even earlier (talk about dark and cold o’thirty!)I dream about an early morning (not as early as it has been…) relaxing run on our local hilly trail and feeling strong going up and down, out and back…and returning while the kids are still dreaming of sugar plums!

  234. Along the Charles River in Boston/Cambridge! In my pre-kid days, I would run there after work at Mass General Hospital. I loved how crowded it was, a combination of people out for exercise, out to get some fresh air, and heading out for a night on the town. Beautiful sights, and excellent people watching!!

  235. I’m hoping to do the Marine Corps Marathon someday…but right now I’m so cold that anything warm or tropical sounds like BLISS!

  236. I wish money was no object and I could hop on a plane once a week and take on a new trail in any state for my weekly long run. Oh, a mom can dream right???

  237. After 2 days of ice and snow in DC, I’m dreaming of running in Maui. Running alongside the blue Pacific sounds like paradise.

  238. I’m still dreaming about the perfect run at the coast. Not too hot, a nice soft breeze and a good workout with beautiful views

  239. Right now I am daydreaming about running a half marathon with my husband in the spring. It will be my 2nd and his first! I am so proud of him for even attempting the feat and to be able to run with him will be incredible! I get so excited just thinking about it! It’s going to be a great day!

  240. Right now after a long cold snap here in Colorado I’m daydreaming about running on a beautiful trail in Hawaii. Any island will do, I’m not picky 🙂

  241. Since I’m dreaming, it would be up Camel’s Hump in VT or any of the Adirondack High Peaks. The incline is where the dreaming part comes in handy.

  242. Sedona Arizona. We rode motorcycles there and the views were spectacular. We went from snow covered mountains smelling pine trees to deserts and red rock mountains.

  243. I have always wanted to run the Big Sur Marathon–for the scenery, mostly, but also for the challenge. It’s on my bucket list!

  244. I daydream about running in San Francisco. It has great running weather, can be all flat or get lots of hill work. It is just a perfect place to run!

  245. I grew up in Kansas so when I would images of people running along a beach it seemed so exotic. 11 years ago, we moved to NC, mere hours from the ocean. At the time I was not a runner and when we vacationed at the beach the runners still looked exotic to my Midwestern eye. Finally, last year, I joined them! Running on sand is harder than it looks, but the view is amazing. I can’t wait for our next trip and another run by the waves!

  246. I would love to run in Alaska. I was there on vacation years ago when I wasn’t a runner and now that I run I would love to return and run, some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen!

  247. I am dreaming of running anywhere warm right now since I live in MN and its going to 30 below wind chill tomorrow. But what is on the top of my list right now is probably going back to Italy and running Florence Marathon. I love ITALY!

  248. Can not wait to cover a summer time run through the woods up at Coxton Lake, in Northeast PA. I usually get to run this once a year, as my husband i I get invited to go up for an adults- only weekend (no kids allowed). Unfortunately, we couldn’t get babysitting this past summer, and I missed out. It doesn’t matter how hot and sticky the Pennsylvania summer is, at 6am at Coxton Lake, there it is always a dewpoint in the 40s and the summer run is just GLORIOUS….excuse me while I daydream for a moment…..

  249. I would love to run along the Oregon coastline. I visited Cannon Beach, Oregon several years ago while on a cross-country road trip, and Oregon was my favorite state we visited.

  250. I don’t know if this is even allowed, but I’d love to run through the tulip fields in Holland during blooming time. Sort of the antithesis of tiptoeing through the tulips.

  251. I dream of running the trails near my home in North Carolina. I have been out of touch with my BRF since the birth of my second daughter. I think it’s time to get back together!

  252. I want to run on the beach. Preferably in Hawaii for my 10 year wedding anniversary in a couple of years. I’ve been waiting for this trip since before we got married and I dream about running on the beach with the wind at my back;)

  253. I’ve never been to Alaska, but having seen the mountains and sea coasts in British Columbia, I’d love to run somewhere in that part of the world. It seems like a breathtaking way to experience that scenery. Hopefully one day!

  254. There are too many to list here! I am always nostalgic for the state park trails that I grew up running, I’d love to run in all the national parks, Appalachian trail, in Europe, Bend Oregon, I could go on and on…. so many trails, so little time!

  255. I dream of running any race, as long as my family is there to meet me at the finish line. Seeing their smiling faces, and hearing them cheer, is a priceless feeling that no landscape could ever compare to!

  256. I’d love to run along the Pacific Northwest Coast, anywhere. I’ve never been out there, but seen photos, and think it would be so relaxing!

  257. I would LOVE to do a Disney run. Running with the castle, characters, and family. The accomplishment after finishing would be AWESOME and make me feel like a princess!
    Also St. Louis by the arch I think would be pretty sweet.

  258. Last November I took a beautiful run along along Lake Superior on Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota. Would love to do that run again–this time with my dog!

  259. Two dreams….first one is to run the lakefront path along Lake Michigan in Chicago. It is my “usual” route but have been injured and haven’t been able to run since May. Hoping my dream will come true this spring. Second dream is to run Hood to Coast Relay.

  260. My favorite run ever was running the mall in Washington D.C. – love being surrounded by all that history! And hopefully next time I get to go my DD will be old enough to run it with me 🙂

  261. I daydream of running any official half marathon at Disney, either CA or FL. Ideally, I would then meet my family in the parks to celebrate my accomplishment. I also daydream of running anywhere I daydream of vacationing, which is to say, any place warm and sunny.

  262. I really want to run the trails at the Grand Canyon! I’m going to AZ in March for a wedding and am trying to come up with ways to convince my non-running hubby to let me go for an 11 mile run while he does… Ideas?!?

  263. I would love to run a race in Hawaii! We are going there in a few years for our 10 year wedding anniversary, so I plan to make it happen!

  264. Most of the “Rave Runs” from Runners World magazine! That shot of that they alwyas show Big Sur Matahon (the one on the long bridge) looks like an awesome place to run too 🙂

  265. A mountainous half-marathon, like Vail Divas. But since virtually all of my running is in my pancake-flat neighborhood (practical for pre-work nighttime running), I would have to commit.

  266. Would love to tackle a Ragnar with my sisters and extended family – preferably one near the water (Key West, maybe?)… Would also like to run a Zooma race with them… (maybe Cape Cod?) And definitely a Disney race when our three tiny people are old enough to enjoy the weekend and remember it. On my own, I’d love to run the half or full out on Kiawah Island – no other place like it… wow, I better get moving on that list!

  267. Years ago, I mountain biked in Tahoe, Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, and Moab and lots of other cool places and I’d love to go back and do some trail runs there. Some day…

  268. There are too many places to list!! Many of them probably won’t happen for awhile as they require traveling & with a 1 year old and 3 year old I don’t travel much these days. 🙂 I was supposed to run the Rothman Institute 8k in Philly last month but suffered a stress fracture and never got to do it. My current (& accessible) dream is to run in Philly, and provided I stay healthy I want to do the half marathon instead of the 8k next year.

  269. There are so many it is difficult to narrow it down to just one, but if I had to pick just one route I guess I would have to choose Central Park in New York during the autumn foliage. *DREAM* (And I had to pick someplace other than Pre’s Trail in Oregon because I already got to cross that route off my bucket list earlier this year!!!!)

  270. Ever since I started running I have dreamed of running in the valley at Yosemite National Park. In September I finally got to and it was as amazing as I had hoped!

  271. I want to run in Annapolis, Maryland. My dad grew up there and I love it there, so Zooma Annapolis is on my dream race list. I just need to get in good enough shape to master it’s hilliness. 🙂

  272. I want to run on the Mt. Vernon Trail. I saw it on a trip to Mt. Vernon this August. It runs along the Potomac. I had no idea it existed. If I had my running gear I would have left my family and went for a run. Can’t wait to go back!

  273. I just read an article about a running tour group in a Budapest. The photos looked beautiful and invigorating. I would love to visit and run there!

  274. I dream of running on the beach. I live in Florida, near the beach, but I can’t run on it. It does a number on my hips and feet! Just too old, I guess. sigh.

  275. I’d love to run the trails in Boulder, CO. I’ve visited many places in CO and if my family wasn’t all here I’d be living there. I have been to Boulder once and was instantly in love. I’d love to cover the trails there.

  276. I get to run on the beach in Florida once each year while on a girls’ trip with my friends. I look forward to it every year–it makes me so happy! And thoughts of it kinda help me get through the Wisconsin winters. 🙂

  277. I LOVE running along the beach…pretty much anywhere! Some of my most favorite though would be the Monterey coastline and along Lake Tahoe.

  278. I would love to run in Germany. This is where my family is from and I think it would be an amazing experience. If I were to stay in the States, Madison Square or Central Park.

  279. Anywhere in Hawaii would be a dream run for me. I have done beach runs in Florida and Mexico but I think Hawaii would trump both.

  280. Wow. Now I want to run in all the places that previous commenters have mentioned! My initial thought was that I want to run through Connemara, Ireland. I lived there for a year as a college student and there is no place more beautiful, or meaningful to me.

  281. The ‘trail’ that I covet running – isn’t really a trail but it is an awesome scenic view! The Leading Ladies Marathon (only I want to do the half first) in Spearfish, SD. It’s in August and it is a beautiful route! Not only to celebrate nature but also to celebrate being a woman who can.

  282. Today I’m dreaming of running on a beach – anywhere warm. Most days I dream of running with my two sisters. Hopefully we plan a running trip soon.

  283. I would love to run the Maui marathon. I completed a half marathon there and nothing beats running near the beach in such a beautiful place.

  284. I would love to be able to go back to my old college campus and run their trails! I live so far away now that it’s a dream for the moment.

  285. I dream of running trails in Redwood National Park. Something about giant trees speaks to my innate desire to be introspective while active.

  286. I want to run the Savannah RnR Marathon, or at least just run the historic streets of Savannah. Ever I read Gone with the Wind in high school, I have had an obsession with that town. I haven’t been, but when I do, I’m going to pound the heck out of those streets and channel my inner Scarlett O’Hara. I’m dreaming of the day my boyfriend proposes and not because of the wedding: I’m insisting on a Savannah honeymoon. 😀

  287. Mazatlan Marathon…I’ve been once for vacation and saw the marathon Ads…would be a great excuse to go back – run a race – and stay for some sun and surf!! Beautiful place 🙂

  288. The most inspiring runs I’ve been on were in The Lake District of England over the past three years. Itching to go back again this spring.

  289. The trails in Northern California, either in the redwoods which have a magical soul lifting power or the trails in Mendicino county. so calming.

  290. I really really want to run a trail in Park City, UT. I have ridden it on a mountain bike, and it is beautiful. I don’t know what it is called, but I do know I want to do it on foot.

  291. Would love to run the 10K at Lapham Peak State Park in Wisconsin, challenging, hilly – both short and steep and long and gradual, conquer the 10K and then watch the marathoners and 1/2 marathoners go!

  292. I don’t know if I have a dream route yet. I started running a year ago so ideas are still forming. I would love to do a midnight run or build to finish a 10k. I love the idea of running our country block which is about 6 miles so maybe someday I will be able to do that.

  293. There is a two lane country road winding through oak covered hills near our house-a rare treat in SoCal. I really want to run it and think about it every day, but the hubs doesn’t approve-he’s worried about cars and creeps. Maybe someday…

  294. I have a bucket list as long as my arm!!! I would really REALLY love to run a Ragnar Relay. I would even do it with strangers. Las Vegas, Northwest Passage or SoCal seem achievable as they are close. I have checked out DC, Airondaks and Colorado too. Just so much fun and a damn good challenge. A serious wish is the TRANSROCKIES RUN….one day I can afford that challenge.