5K of the Holidays: Wheels and Lids

We're up to day 2 of the 5K of the Holidays; to remind you, we will be announcing all the winners of Monday through Thursday this Saturday, the 8th. And our good pals, the Canadian mother runners, may enter this contest as well.

Today, we've got two of our favorite things: wheels and lids.

Roll with it: Mountain Buggy Terrain ($500)

We've sold the merits of the Mountain Buggy TerrainΒ all year, and it's not hard to do: This stroller, which Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher pushes, has an adjustable handlebar Β to accommodate everybody from petite to Amazon mamas; a hand and foot park brake; a generous sun canopy; plenty of storage space for snacks and gear for both you and your passenger; and precision steering so you can Mario Andretti around any route.

Top it off: Wizbang Violet Medley Hat ($28-30)

There's nothing cuter than a bright, smart running hat in the middle of drab, grey winter, and this Wizbang Hat, made of thin wicking fabric perfect for milder temps, just makes you smile. And there's nothing cuter than a pair in the violet medley pattern; this prize is one for you, one for your passenger. (And if your passenger isn't a future BAMR, then you've got one for your niece or your BRF's daughter.)

Β One lucky mother runner will win the Mountain Buggy Terrain and two Wizbang hats by simply answering this question in the comments below: Where is the coolest place you've ever run? (And cool can be defined as Fiji or five miles beyond your you well know, running anywhere is cool with us.)

Please read this: If you are reading on your iPhone or via email, please go to the website and enter your distance via the comments. If you simply hit reply, it goes to our email inbox, and we simply don’t have the womanpower to redirect you. Thanks in advance.

724 responses to “5K of the Holidays: Wheels and Lids

  1. The best run I’ve ever had was the run I did after having my cast removed from surgery. I never felt so exhilarated before, everything felt fresh & awesome.

  2. I just started running. So far my favorite place to run is at Champoeg park. I grew up going there, and love visiting memory lane. It is a cozy, no place like home , kind of feeling.

  3. I love running in central park. It’s like running in a race everyday. So many people, so much to take in and no matter what your fitness level, you just feel part of a group…amazing!

  4. Disney World! I’ll never forget running through the toll booths at 5:30am, in the dark, seeing all the lights glow from the welcome signs and the parks in the distance. I remember driving that stretch of highway as a kid with my family, out of my mind excited to be at the park. It was so surreal to be RUNNING on that road, and I dream of returning for another race soon!

  5. Well, the coldest place I have run a race was in Disney world in 2010. Ran the goofy challenge through ice pellets! Yes, ice pellets in Florida…who would have thought it possible! One of the most beautiful races was the outer banks half marathon, great views and pancakes πŸ™‚

  6. A brief run to get out of the rain in Ireland, but that was before I became a “runner.” By far the coolest place I’ve run, though.

  7. I run on a bike path that runs along Lake Erie. The most beautiful thing to see is the sun setting over the water. Also love the sound of the waves crashing. So relaxing.

  8. Coolest place ever is on the road where I grew up in a small town in CA, Redwood Retreat Road. There is a spot where the trees create a “tunnel” and you pass over two bridges, woods on one side, and it is so very peaceful.

  9. No where exotic, but I do love running here in central Oregon… the horizon is amazing at sun up or sunset with the rocks and mountains

  10. My coolest run(s) lately has been during a relay race in Vegas last month. My second leg fell during sunset one night and my final leg was during sunrise the following morning. I’ve never thought that Las Vegas was a beautiful place but those runs definitely changed my mind!

  11. Hmm, would have to be in England. Running through the quaint countryside where the hubby’s aunt lives, in and out of little villages, seniors giving me strange looks in my hot pink top, and a massive hill to conquer at the end of the route.

  12. My favourite place to run was along the beachfront in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia – my old home and the path wound its way along the shorefront. Occasionally I’d go down to the beach, but mostly I was satisfied with running alongside. I do miss that place now that its snow and ice up here in the Great White North!

  13. It is a toss up between the 163 freeway in San Diego for the SD R-N-R marathon it is just beautiful. The other place would be Yosemite valley there is nothing better then finding an open trail and running among all the beauty.

  14. Olympic Discovery Trail in Port Angeles, Washington. Frolicking otters in the Strait of San Juan and the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop, plus miles and miles of smooth greenwayβ€”gorgeous!

  15. While on vacation in California I did a 4th of July 5k called the Surf City Run (Huntington Beach). Tons of really great costumes! and a parade after.

  16. I loved running down the Hollywood strip at the Hollywood half Marathon. My favorite local running place is Seward park. I love the views and how far from the city it feels while it really is nestled next to the city.

  17. A tie. I enjoyed the PDX RNR 1/2 this past May, and running thru neighborhood where people were handing out little cups of PBR and gummy bears was pretty cool. Also, going my first trail run at Multnomah Falls and getting to see 5+ waterfalls while running was pretty cool too!

  18. Coolest place I have run is through the streets of Vancouver B.C. for the Vancouver half marathon this last May. What a beautiful city, my favorite part was running through Stanley Park!

  19. only 5 miles from my house…coolest because never in a million years had I imagined that I’d get that far on foot and I’d only ever been to that spot in a and/or by car before!

  20. Hilton Head Island – my route took me through a beautiful golf course and then ended on the beach where I took off my shoes and socks and did my cool down walk splashing in the ocean.

  21. Coolest place has to be this past weekend in Memphis for St Jude, or the Detroit marathon over the Ambassador bridge into Canada!
    Coldest is anywhere home in Michigan!

  22. “The Hill” …its a shopping village by my home in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI… the coolness factor is because getting there meant I ran 3.5 miles which was a HUGE accomplishment for me distance wise AND it was 7pm so I still got my run in that day AND the Christmas lights and swag were up so it was beautiful!!

  23. The Colorado Rockies 5k, which included a lap around the warning track on Coors Field and an appearance on the stadium jumbotron!

  24. I love to run the cranberry bogs behind my house! All year except in the late spring when they put the beehives out!!

  25. I love the beach, so any beach…FL, SC…but it think Myrtle Beach, the sand was packed down, not sloshy and it was early in the am so nice and quiet.

  26. Hmmmm… I live in a very lovely, rural area so I get to run in country-type beauty all the time. I appreciate it, of course, but I love when I have a chance to rock the urban scene. So, I’d say the coolest place I’ve run is a long training run I did on the streets of Boston a couple of years ago. Fun to see other runners out and about and to have honest-to-god sidewalks, instead of the doing the white-line-walk-of-horror on some of these windy roads.

  27. Wow, so many cool places. Vineyards in Napa, English Country side past cows (and having to climb over walls), Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), NYC, San Fran along the Pacific Ocean.

  28. Running Heartbreak Ridge on Camp Pendleton’s base was an awesome experience. Very patriotic, especially because it’s ran on or near the anniversary of 9/11 every year.

  29. I’m in the Army and was stationed at Schofield Barracks Hawaii for a year. It was an unaccompanied mobilization (which means I could not bring my husband or 3 year old son!) But this also meant I got to have time to figure out myself! I did this by running all over Oahu! I ran along beach fronts, near jungles and also around the block on base! Being from Alaska, Hawaii was definetly the coolest place I have ever run. πŸ™‚

  30. There is a little local mountain bike/trail run duathlon that I’ve done the past 2 years. Part of it is along a story-book beautifl river. That’s pretty dang cool.

  31. The coolest place I have been lucky enough to run is on the beaches and through the neighborhoods of Hawaii during our vacation last year. To get the opportunity to run in 80 degree weather when it was in the 30’s at home was very COOL!

  32. I don’t get out of my neighborhood much, but anytime I get to run a trail or along the coast it makes for an awesome run!

  33. The boardwalk along the beach. I like that it’s easier on my body than running in the sand, but I still get the beach aesthetics on my run.

  34. City Beach in Oak Harbor, WA (on Whidbey Island). I grew up there and since becoming a runner last year, I’ve always dreamed of running in my home town. I finally was able to this Fall! I’m signed up for the Whidbey Island Marathon in April and I can’t wait to run on “my island”!

  35. The coolest place I’ve been able to run was the Indianapolis 500 mini marathon. Very awesome! Intense amount of ppl and my first 1/2 marathon πŸ™‚

  36. The “coolest” place that I have ran was in NYC for my first marathon. Running through Brooklyn was the most amazing but to cover all 5 boroughs was “cool”!

  37. My local greenway that is 5 min from my house. Beautiful 7 mile path through woods, cow fields etc. My saving grace in suburbia..

  38. The coolest place I’ve ever run is on Seabrook Island. There is a road that goes around the island and it is so peaceful and there is wildlife everywhere. It’s so pretty.

  39. Oddly enough, downtown Denver. I traveled there on business and an awesome trail was nearby my hotel. I heart Colorado and running near a babbling stream made me feel like a ‘real’ runner.

  40. Hard to choose…but the coolest run I can think of is the half-marathon I did in Green River, WY on the wild horse refuge. It was amazingly beautiful!!

  41. The coolest place I’ve ever run would have to be in Denali National Park Alaska. So rugged, scenic, peaceful – and never too hot.

  42. I love running back home in the Missouri Ozarks, a place I would love to visit more often. There’s nothing better than the peacefulness of the open road, with the occasional wildlife sighting, beautiful hillsides, and rolling streams. Home sweet home.

  43. I consider anywhere I run that isn’t my normal routes cool. This doesn’t happen often, so I love the new-to-me scenery.

  44. On a work trip to Vancouver BC — set out for a short run and ended up running through the rain forest (!) to emerge on a gorgeous view of the city across the bay. Running is the very best way to see a new area!

  45. We went to HI in October-stayed for part of the time in Oahu at Disney’s Aulani resort. Loved running everywhere in HI-so beautiful. Saw flowers and birds we’ve never seen before not to mention the rest of the landscape!

  46. I love running every summer along the south shore of Lake Superior. I love the sound of the water and the cool breeze in the hot summer. This time of year, I’m loving my chilly evening runs looking at all the pretty holiday lights!

  47. I haven’t yet had the globe trotting experiences that some have had, (yet) so for me, my coolest place to run is in the state park near my home… I never get tired of the rolling hills and amazing sunrises. It never gets old, and it makes me realize how very blessed I am to be able to run.

  48. At Lake Louise Canada a beautiful 5 miler looking at the breathtaking scenery which almost made me forget that I was also running along side an electric fence used to keep the grizzly bears out. Didn’t “run” into a bear but saw plenty of signs of bear living in the area. Scary but also felt so amazing to be so close to nature πŸ˜‰

  49. Since I travel a lot for work I’ve been blessed to run in a lot of cool places…but since the prize is a jogging stroller I’ll pick Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, Australia. I was there with my 22 month old daughter for a conference, and a friend of mine mentioned seeing some kangaroos on a run one morning. On a previous trip to Canberra, Australia I went on a beautiful run and saw several kangaroos and it was such a cool experience that I decided the next morning to head out with my daughter on the same route she had taken to see if we could spot some. No kangaroos, but 2 flat tires on my B.O.B.! Turns out the thorns of the Australian outback were more than the wheels could handle. So before I left the next day (to head to the NWM in San Fran) I had to find a bike shop to fix my 2 flats so we could make it through the airports to our next stop. And I thought those wheels could conquer anything!

  50. The coolest place (literally) that I have run was the Twin Cities marathon last October. The Fall colors were amazing…

  51. In Tucson, Arizona last spring. The cactus were blooming the most beautiful flowers, it almost made all the rolling hills bearable, almost!

  52. Coolest place I’ve run is probably along Centennial Drive in the foothills west of Fort Collins, CO just as the sun is rising. You get a great view of the sunrise over the plains to the east and the city, and to the west is Horsetooth Mountain.


  53. The coolest place I’ve run was New Year’s Eve around a lake in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. Dark, peaceful, beautiful!

  54. The coolest place I have ever run is right in town with my kids. They are my running buddies, my motivation, my cheerleader, and they help me pick my playlist. The best runs I ever have are with my kids running with me. As long as they are with me, it’s the coolest run of all!

  55. My coolest place for running is the trails in Portland, OR. When I run these trails, I feel so free and one with nature :). It gives me a great sense of peace even though I do eat it many times! Ha :).

  56. To me, the coolest place I’ve ever run was a 5K benefitting Special Olympics through Penn State’s campus. The finish line was the 50 yard line in the stadium. I was nearly in tears as I ran through the tunnel and onto the field. It was awesome!!

  57. The coolest place I’ve ever run is going to sound really cheesy… was running into my husband’s arms after I crossed the finish line of my first 13.1 – the Mardi Gras Rock N Roll. I saw him and wow – what an amazing feeling to run to him!

  58. I ran a 10K for charity while visiting Hawaii. It was so great watching the sun rise along the coastline while running…made me really appreciate how lucky I am to be able to run.

  59. The coolest place I’ve ever run is a river-side trail in Maine. It was wooded enough to shield from the wind (even in winter) and the ever-changing views kept me busy on every run (lonnnng before the ipod came along)! I wrote my first running piece about a run on that very trail. Good memories.

  60. Haven’t traveled far, but I’m lucky I live near the beach. Coolest run has to be my first half a month or so ago that took us around a lighthouse at sunrise. Very cool.

  61. The coolest places that I have run so far have been some beautiful trails here in MN. I was excited to do a Central Park run this summer, but ended up on crutches for that trip. I’d much rather be on an empty road or trail somewhere!

  62. The coolest place I’ve ever run is on the Champs Elisee in Paris the
    Morning of the last day of the Tour de France. Had to cut my run short to get a curbside spot to watch the final leg of the race.

  63. The coolest place I’ve ever run was on the toll bridge over the Lake of the Ozarks. My 13 year old son and I ran together early one morning during a mother/son weekend getaway with friends. I am so thankful that he still thinks it’s “cool” to run with his mom.

  64. The coolest place I’ve ever run was during the Covered Bridges half marathon in VT. The scenery and awesome people were motivating…and distracting πŸ™‚

  65. Last summer my husband and I did a 5 week camping trip in 8 European countries. I ran every time we moved camp sites so that I could explore our new location. So coolest place I’ve run?: down cobbled streets in Italy, around a castle in Luxembourg, halfway up a mountain in Austria, along a beach on the French riviera, around a lake which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, through the center of Barcelona (to name a few)….but the best part? Discovering during the trip that I was going to become Another Mother Runner myself at long last! x

  66. Over thanksgiving we were in our old hometown, and I ran around a neighborhood I thought I knew. Knew 25 years ago! I kept thinking, I know this street should go east and get me back to the main road…nope, dead end. And what street is this, anyway? After about five turns down streets that weren’t there before, and didn’t get me back where I needed to be, at all, I finally got straight,a and had two extra miles! Pretty cool run for me!

  67. Coolest place I’ve ever run has to be around the Amicalola Falls area. We took off for an early morning run past some awesome rock formations…just makes you feel so tinyyyyyyy. Then spent the rest of the day hiking the gorge!

  68. Having never run anywhere more exotic than Boca Raton, Florida – I would have to say that the coolest place I’ve ever run is definitely over the 59th Street (Queensboro) Bridge, which is a mere 2 miles from my home in Queens, NY. I ran over it for the first time just this past July and have made sure that every couple of weeks I route my long run over it. Something about the water beneath me and the NYC Skyline in front of me that never gets old and couldn’t be cooler.

  69. To the top of Mackinac Island on Lake Michigan during my first f marathon. 6 miles uphill but out wasthefirst time my parents could watch me finish a race

  70. I loved running through Annapolis last weekend! I am fairly new to running, so haven’t been to many places other than my neighborhood!

  71. Definitely the Las Vegas strip at night. So fun. Second place would be our cabin in Colorado at 11,000 feet. Some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

  72. Well I have too many young kids to travel to anywhere amazing ….yet. One day I want to run the marathon in Greece. So far the coolest place I’ve run is on the beach in Fl in December on a girls trip when we lived in cold, snowy PA. Nothing crazy but,it sure felt amazing to wear shorts and run in December then.

  73. 5k long run at Lanier Under the Lights at Lake Lanier GA. Awesome evening run along with a beautiful Christmas lights! So much fun!

  74. Cool as defined as flip’n awesome: North Country Run in Wellston, MI. Trails up and down hills in the thick woods. It’s where I discovered that all the rolling hill running I do daily on the asphalt of Leelanau county, made me a badass equalizer against a faster flat road running on a trail (who usually kicks my tail in any road race). Coolest run ever!

  75. My favorite place to run on a regular basis is downtown Indianapolis. With the monuments, capital building, Purdue campus, and the trails along the river…just gorgeous!

  76. Coolest place? hmmmm. Well I have run in Maui and in NY in Central Park on holidays. But perhaps the COOLEST was a half marathon in Edmonton (Feb2012) where the temperature was -20C (-4 degree Fahrenheit) and the night before the run it dumped 6 inches of snow. Cool indeed. Worst time ever (well slowest half mara time, but had a great breakfast and time with my pals I don’t often get to see!)
    And aft3r the run a KILLER breakfast!

  77. The coolest place I have ever run was in the mountains along side a creek. There was something therapeutic and energizing about listening to water while running.

  78. I should say the beach since I live there and get to experience the glory of beach runs weekly. However I would have to say so far it’s been Hershey, PA. Nothing like running with the smell of chocolate surrounding you !

  79. La Paz, Bolivia at 11000 ft elevation. Dont worry im not that hardcore, thats just where i lived the last year of high school. More recently i would say on the treadmill with all the kids happy (i have 3 age 4 and under)… pure awesome there.

  80. Its a toss up between along the beach in Ko’olina, Oahu, Hawaii and the Rio Grande Trail in Aspen. Both serene for different reasons.

  81. The coolest place that I have ever run was the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC. Amazing to run by all the memorials and see the gorgeous blossoms!

  82. The coolest place happens to be the hottest place–Saguaro National Park East in Tucson, AZ. Absolutely amazing 8 mile loop through the mountains!

  83. The “coolest” place I ran would the college campus I just happen to live near. You can’t help but feel “cool” running among the “cool” college kids.

  84. Coolest place I ever ran was in Acapulco…not only because the weather was great but we have three kids so running together is NEVER in our schedules. Running with him there was amazing and we got to do it for 5 days straight! We ran down the main street and back which has views of the bay in between amazing buildings. I couldn’t ask for anything more amazing!

  85. The coolest place I’ve run recently is the north shore of lake Superior. It was a beautiful run on a slightly chilly day.

  86. My first race longer than a 5k was at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It was beautiful running through the estate and looping around the gardens and grand entrance to their mansion.

  87. When on vacation one summer in Kennebunkport maine. I could run out our rental door down the street and run all the way a long the ocean. I was in heaven. The sights, the sounds, the smells….I will kill to go back.

  88. I am 278lbs and have had a fear of “neighborhood” running. I could run on a jogging trail or a gym or during a race, but God forbid I run out on the street where other people who aren’t exercising can see me. What I was so scared of, I don’t know. Just last month I busted through the invisible barrier at the end of my driveway. I have to say, my own neighborhood is the coolest place I have ever ran. I feel empowered ever time I leave for a morning run.

  89. the coolest place I’ve ever run was in the Blue Hills in MA after a snowfall. Everything, except a small path for was covered in snow and looked stunning. It was so peaceful and mind clearing.

  90. The coolest place I’ve ever run is back home at my parents. They live right off the blue ridge parkway and the greenway there is absolutely beautiful!!!!! The mountains are so challenging yet breathtaking!!! My husband and I ran 9 miles there when visiting over Thanksgiving!

  91. Running the Marine Corps Marathon, on the mall around the capital, hains point, and up the hill to finish at the Iwo Jima memorial. My husband by my side the entire way.

  92. The 2012 Marine Corps Marathon (my very first) in Washington, DC. Nothing like running with the USMC as a host and through our nation’s capital!

  93. I ran the Trenton Half Marathon which included two states (NJ and PA) and two bridges, a tunnel, and a finish at the home plate of the Trenton Thunder (minor league baseball). I’m still a fairly new runner so this was pretty cool for me.

  94. Running on the island of Oahu was the coolest place I’ve been able to run–with my best friend which made it even better!!

  95. The coolest place that I have ever run is the bike path in my town. I forget how beautiful it is here sometimes. There’s water, trees, and a sense of peacefulness.

  96. Coolest place I’ve run would probably be the Seabrook trails around Seabrook, TX. Its a bayou/nature area, and its a home for gators and snakes. It goes right by the Galveston Bay and its just so much fun to run it when I get a chance. I don’t get to run many cool places sadly.

  97. Probably downtown Chicago last December. My sister and I went for an early morning run with temperatures in the teens and windchills below zero. Still, beautiful (windy!) downtown Chicago, and out to Navy Pier and back at Christmastime with my sis was a perfect start to our shopping day.

  98. Literally the “coolest/coldest” place I run is in my home town at 5h30 am in -25 degrees Celsius temperature…that equals to -13 Fahrenheit. The coolest place i ever ran is on the beach at sunset.

  99. Around the barrios of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. By the end of a run, I’d have a mob of kids (with no shoes) chasing me, yelling, “Gringa Corre!!”

  100. Honestly the coolest place I ran was the 1 mile street out my front door on I which I completed my first straight thru 2 mile, nonstopping run. That was the day and run I knew I could conquer my half marathon goal a I’ve since completed a full Marathon. I run this route frequently as its close to home, involves a big hill so I know I can always get a good run and still never be more than a few minutes away from home if disaster strikes with my 2 yr old.

  101. I think the coolest place I have ever run has to be Alaska – Mayors Midnight Sun …. But running at home in New Jersey early summer mornings down the shore is pretty cool too!

  102. I’m still new to running…but my coolest place so far has been Lake Maria State Park Trail Run (Timberdash) in October 2012 in Minnesota. The Minnesota fall colors…snowflakes in the air…it was beautiful!

  103. The coolest place I have ever run is at Legoland in Germany. I woke up early before my family and went for a pleasant run in the bright early morning of a German summer

  104. The coolest places I get to run is, at a race! I only run on a treadmil while my lil love naps, so no chance to go to cool places…that is unless I won this cute jogger!

  105. Running across the hone bridge in Milwaukee during my first race. It’s a horrible slow climb but breath taking when you fret the top.

  106. It’s a tie between the SF Bay to Breakers (people watching probably outweighs the amazing scenery in the most outrageous way possible) and a random meandering 14 mile run around Cape Cod. I was there for a wedding and needed to fit in that in before a marathon.

  107. Running in Thunder Bay along Lake Superior in early summer was one of the coolest runs for me. Gorgeous and peaceful.

  108. The coolest place I have ever run was in Sunriver, Oregon in the literal sense! I ran my second full marathon there this summer and right around mile 23 it rained, hailed and sleeted with huge wind gusts!

    I finished but I was frozen in my tank top and running skirt! So as a member of Team In Training all I can say is “GO TEAM!”

  109. I think the coolest place I’ve ever run is towards the finish line of my first half. I was the last person on the closed course, and had a police car following me! The location wasn’t that unusual, but the whole vibe of finishing a half for the first time, with the escort, made it pretty cool!

  110. Along the Chuckanut bay in Washington! πŸ™‚ Lots of fond memories of good miles! **P.s. So glad you all found Wizbang – they are THE best hats, in my opinion (and we have done tons of reviews on our blog of them because we love them so much!)

  111. The coolest place I’ve ever run was, well, the last 5K I did had the last half mile as down a hill, so that was pretty cool. It was in a suburban neighborhood, which is basically the only place I run! HA! Next year I’m doing a half that goes through the zoo and runs through a fire station, so ask me again next year!

  112. The coolest place I’ve ran was in Maine. It was just down the street from my inlaws house, but the view of the mountains almost made me forget about the hilly route πŸ˜‰

  113. I’m not a world traveler, but the most awesome place I’ve ever run was in the woods next to my grandparents house in Louisiana. It was over a hundred acre of trails, mud puddles, trees, deer and other wild life. Some days I really did want to invite a cross country group to come out and experience the trails like I did. It was, in a word, Freedom.

  114. The coolest place I have ever run would be with my running girls, we went out to Castle in the Clouds in NH. And spent the morning running around the old horse and buggy paths, great morning and run!

  115. This is the second year I’ve run the Monticello Holiday Classic 5k. Want to know what part of the run looks like? it’s the space between the words “FIVE CENTS” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on a nickel. We run the oval around the front of Monticello, through Jefferson’s gardens, and down the mountain. Extremely cool.

  116. My company sends me to Zurich Switzerland every couple of years or so (3x so far), so I always try and get a run in by the lake. I make sure I take my Garmin so I can show my kids. I also went to Sao Paulo in Brazil, but it is tooooooo scary to run outside there, so I had to treadmill it which was not nearly as fun.

  117. Ottawa. Our new Sunday morning wake up run club started on a -7C morning, but it gets ‘er done with minimal impact to family obligations and will hopefully keep us running outside all winter.

  118. In Traverse City, Michigan we host a marathon/half/10k along the east arm of Grand Traverse Bay. (The Old Mission peninsula divides Grand Traverse Bay into east and west.) The route runs along the shore, blue and beautiful. There is a half in October that starts at the tip where the Old Mission lighthouse sits and runs south down the peninsula. I have run the May 10k, gorgeous, this year I will run the half in May

  119. I feel so incredibly fortunate to live and run in the Bay Area in California. There are so many beautiful places to run here including the Santa Cruz mountains, by the sea in Monterey, by the Bay in Mountain View, by the reservoir and of course in San Francisco itself.

  120. Along, then across the beautiful Columbia River, crossing from Oregon to Washington by way of McNary Dam during the Columbia River Power Half Marathon.

  121. I think my favorite “coolest” place I’ve run was in NYC. We ran across the Brooklyn Bridge (and back), around the financial district and even past a giant globe from one of the buildings hit in 9/11 and across the Brooklyn Bridge!

  122. The coolest place I have run is Cabo San Lucas. I ran on an old road along side the beach to an old lighthouse and along the way saw a pod of dolphins playing!

  123. Coolest place was finally trying out the trail by my town. I loved being out in nature, trying to survive not tripping on rocks!

  124. One of my favorite places to run is on the road in the Boulder River Valley outside of Big Timber, Montana. We work for a summer camp, so I have ten weeks of running there. It is where they filmed the movie A River Runs Through It. It is so beautiful.

  125. Totally silly, but the coolest place I ever ran was a treadmill at the gym a couple of months after my knee surgery – the surgery I was told could never happen (and I’d never run again). BOO-YAH, docs! πŸ˜‰

  126. We lived in Portugal this past summer and I got to run on the cobblestone streets around a mideval walled city. It was definitely a challenge to not twist my ankle, but it was so beautiful and a great challenge!

  127. Gotta love the trails in Green Valley by my house and spotting a 6 point buck, but tied up there is my familiar 5k route around my house and hitting a PR this summer!

  128. One of the coolest places I have run was when I lived in Moss Vale, NSW Australia. Beautiful rolling hills, amazing scenery, love the kangaroos in pastures and the cute old homes and buildings. Also you can beat trail running. In Washington we have amazing trails. When I get on the trails time & the miles fly by.

  129. I haven’t travelled to any exotic places since becoming a runner, but the coolest runs I’ve experienced are the ones that have developed my running friendships. I have made some fantastic friends that I would not have otherwise been friends with simply by running together. Those sweat sisters are sacred and make any run really great!

    And PS, I’m 8 weeks preggo with #2 and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the stroller!!

  130. the coolest place I have ever ran, literally, Iowa in the midst of winter, it was nose hair freezing cold! The most amazing place I have ever ran was Pikes Peak, clear to the top. It was awesome!

  131. Coolest place I have ever run is 3.5 miles from my house. I haven’t been running long and that’s the farthest I have gotten! πŸ™‚ I get a nice view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks when I run though, so I can’t complain!

  132. Down a gorgeous utah canyon with river rapids and fall leaves, towering cliffs.. So gorgeous. But someday I’d love to do a destination run! Wall of china, anyone?

  133. I’ve only been a runner for about 9 months, so I have to say the coolest place I’ve ever run is Disneyland!! After all, it’s not every day you get high-fives by a Storm Trooper at mile 3!!!

  134. The coolest place? Probably in the Canadian Rockies (Jasper, to be precise) while camping with the fam. Had to maintain my sanity somehow, and the scenery is unrivaled!

  135. The coolest place I’ve run is along the beach-side cliffs in San Diego. First trip to the West Coast and my fondest memories were from my 6 mile runs along the coast.

  136. Coolest place was probably through Hershey Park at the Hershey 1/2. But I also love the countryside by my house getting lost on the back roads.

  137. The coolest place I have ever run is on the warning track at Miller Park in Milwaukee during the Sausage 5k this summer. Loved getting a view of the stadium from the baseball players vantage point.

  138. Coolest run was last year participating in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K for the first time. Running on the roads around the Capital and seeing so many wounded warriors racing was truly inspiring!

  139. I “ran” with my dad and sisters on vacation in Hawaii when I was a kid… it must have taken us forever to get to the top of the trail, but the view was amazing and the memory of it is too.

  140. Hawaii for the Honolulu marathon … amazing to run through the city, then along the beach, and up the side of Diamonhead volcano. Of course, it was also the hottest place I’ve ever run.

  141. It was a 3 casual run in Germany (up and downhill) between cow pastures beautiful view over a rural town, the sun shining. So beautiful, so peaceful, such fresh air, no pressure. Total peace and freedom. I will always remember it.

  142. The coolest place I have ever run was Hawaii. It was so beautiful to see the mountains on one side of me and the ocean on the other.

  143. The coolest place I’ve ever run : a 18 km run in and around my home village during my summer holidays – a nice route through forests with birds chirping, by the beach, then up and around some fields with cows and horses – all this fresh country air, varied terrain and quiet was the greatest run I’ve ever had

  144. Either Lancaster County, PA past Amish farms, or the yearly run my highschool cross-country team did from school to a local apple orchard for fresh apples in Cedar Rapids, IA.

  145. Haven’t done many destination/vacation runs. But the coolest runs have been local where I run in honor of my daughter. She received a double lung transplant last year, I run in honor of her fight for life and to radio awareness for organ donation.

  146. The coolest run I have done was the morning of my first 10k in October. The route included 4 miles of bridges over the river, which was stunning as the sun came up!

  147. Coolest place thus far (in one year of running)? Probably the new-ish greenway in my town that follows the river. Saw a snake (far ahead of me, thankfully!) for the first time on a run.

  148. So many…but cool in both senses of the word would be at a local state park with high cliffs and water falls in about two feet of snow in the dead of winter. Felt funny being dwarfed at the foot of nearly frozen falls.

  149. Around High Park in Toronto, Canada during the snowstorm that shut the city down for two days. Could barely see my feet in front of me, yet on I trudged.

  150. On the deck of a cruise boat – I love getting to exercise while soaking up the sun and looking at the water. Plus there is a lot of good people watching that can be done, too, for the longer runs πŸ™‚

  151. Western Nebraska in the country for sure. I didn’t know that they had 2 mile sections instead of 1 mile sections so I ended up going farther than planned and saw soo much wildlife. It was beautiful. Oh and my first “adventure” race which 2 miles of it was through calve high water!

  152. I’m a newbie, so my running locales have been pretty local. But I think running along the levee of the Mississippi River in my hometown was one of my coolest runs. With the massive beauty of the river and it’s ships on one side and the picturesque historical homes on the other, it was filled with nostalgia . . . and I was inspired by the fact that my father and grandfather ran there before me.

  153. By far the coolest place I have ever run was doing the Turtle Kraal 5K in Key West. It was so cool running in the the most SouthEastern tip of the United States. Also it felt very tropical with palm trees all around.

  154. The coolest place I have run was the trail in my first 1/2 marathon (Crazy Horse SD) It was fall and the trees were beautiful on each side of the trail.

  155. with my sister along beautiful roads & paths in Ireland. One run in particular was on the grounds of Dromoland Castle…beautiful. So many great memories, such great company.

  156. Coolest place (so far because I expect to do so much more in life!) is by far Disneyland. Running through a favorite place is just indescribable…and so inspiring! If you can’t dream of earning wings at Disney than you aren’t doing it right. πŸ˜‰

  157. In the trails in the woods behind my childhood neighborhood. I grew up exploring those woods, but I wasn’t a runner then. Now I make it back just once a year and get such a thrill running them, especially with my siblings who are all also runners as grown-ups.
    Thanks for the fun contest!

  158. New Orleans Rock N Rock Half was my coolest because the crowd and the runners were so cool. TONS of costumes and the streets were completely lined with people and they even offered us adult beverages along the route. Sidenote: Who is taking an open cup adult beverage from a stranger while running a half marathon?

  159. Every time I go trail running I think it’s the coolest place I’ve ever run! It’s so peaceful and beautiful–just can’t top off-roading through nature!

  160. Unfortunately I have not been able to run anywhere real cool, but my first marathon was Twin Cities in the fall. And running around the Minneapolis lakes in the fall is beautiful.

  161. There is this cool strip of trail that cuts through a marsh at the Arnold Arboretum. It was cool to me because I felt like I discovered it when I opened my eyes to trails over roads and it looks like one of those places that would show up in the RW photo op runs.

  162. I’ve run in the city of Pittsburgh – Coolest place so far, but I have to admit I haven’t really run any place I would call “cool” – yet. Next Disney vacation, I’m lookin’ at you…

  163. I think Eugene,Or is probably the coolest. Great weather, beautiful surroundings, and its called Tracktown for a reason. Just really cool to run where Pre used to run and where Nike got started.

  164. The coolest place I have ever ran to date was Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I just started running earlier this year and had a trip to SF in May. To show my commitment to running I brought all my gear and ran along the wharf twice during my stay there! It was absolutely incredible to run around San Francisco Giant’s stadium one run and see the Golden Gate bridge the next πŸ™‚

  165. The coolest place I have ever run is at a ski lodge. It was the Warrior Dash in MN and I was running uphill (and yes up huge ski slopes!!!), downhill, doing obstacles and diving into mud! It was crazy hard and crazy fun!!

  166. I would consider running the TWC marathon in Minnesota the coolest place I have run. The perfect race-day weather and changing of the leaves made it such a great event! Plus, the spectators were one of the most supportive compared to any other marathon I have run! Finally, I can’t complain about the beautiful MN scenery along the course πŸ˜‰

  167. Coolest place would be the night trail run in Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. May be because of the run being at night and the effects of the lake and winter here in central Indiana but the peace is amazing. Not having street lights, noise or traffic changes the run into something magical.

  168. Wow, those are a lot of cool runs, ladies! I’m a MN gal, and the coolest place I’ve run is in Alexandria. Beautiful lakes and scenery! We get there every summer to visit family and nothing beats sunrise or sunset runs around Lakes Darling, Carlos, and Le Homme Dieu.

  169. In Bend, OR along the Deschutes river. It wasn’t that exotic but will be one of my most memorable runs for the feelings I got running through the snow on that trail.

  170. Besides anywhere in OREGON (we are so lucky) running in the Redwoods in Northern Cali was pretty amazing, spiritual actually.

  171. Audobun park right after hurricane Isaac this past August. We were the first plane to land after a few days being closed…the locals were thrilled to have tourists back after being shut down for a few days…we met another local runner who was staying in our hotel because she had lost power. She took me and my friend who were just starting our training for the Philly Half to a spot she knew was cleared of debris from the storm. We got to run on St. Charles and see the new levee…what a great experience…

  172. since I do all my training on the treadmill, I think every race I run is the coolest. It allows you to see parts of different cities you would miss whizzing by in a car!

  173. I am a Kansas girl who sticks to the same town course and dirt roads every day. I have only run outside of Kansas twice – once along the bay in San Diego and once along the Charles River in Boston. Both were absolutely beautiful, but much more crowded than what I am used to!

  174. i love running on vacation, even if its just vacation at my parents, or my in-laws. my in-laws is warmer though, and as a fair weather runner, that probably tops it for me.

  175. The coolest place I ever went for a run was this past October in Maui, HI. This is one of the first times I have ever made an effort to run while on vacation and it was awesome!

  176. It’s a tie for me. North Shore Lake Tahoe Invitational during high school x-c. The course was mostly trails through the woods and I remember it fondly all these years later. As an adult, Big Sur International Marathon! Gorgeous!

  177. The coolest place I’ve run so far has been on the trails by the St.Joe river in the county park where I live. Hope to add more cool places as I run more.

  178. The coolest place I’ve ever run is my favorite dirt trail in the nearby TN state park. My friend was looking for a running partner because she loved running that trail but did not want to run it alone. I took her up on it and it is now my favorite place to run :). It starts out as a gravel trail in the woods, goes over a creek and out onto a cliff overlooking the lake. Pure beauty!

  179. I tried running while in Costa Rica, but even at 7am, it was brutal with the heat and humidity, so I only ended up doing about two miles, but it was cool to see the wildlife and nature all right there. The other place I have a blast running is in Santa Monica. I check out all the other runners and try to guess who they are – “She has blond hair, must be Reese Witherspoon.” I think it is fun.

  180. The coolest place I’ve ever run was the Brooklyn Bridge in the Fall on my birthday with my sister. There weren’t too many people and it was a beautiful crisp autumn day. We did the run then went to Jacques Torres for Chili Hot Chocolate and chocolate croissants. I’ve also run on the Great Wall in China but running with my sister on the bridge was the best ever.

  181. My absolute favorite run was when I got to run the Green Bay, WI Marathon with my husband. It was right before we decided to have our first child. Just a magical weekend overall.

  182. The coolest place to run is on the beach! I love running at the Jersey Shore, with the ocean on one side and the sand on the other. I also love running at The Strand from El Segundo to Redondo Beach (my sister lives in California, so I always pack the Garmin & my kicks when I go for a visit!) This past summer I even tried running barefoot, felt so good! Although, there is something to be said for shaking sand out of the sneaks for months after running in them on the beach … a nice reminder of the summer when the weather starts to change :0)

  183. My favorite place I have ran was probably the Mountain to Meadow 1/2 marathon. It tales place on Lolo Pass, on the Idaho/Montana Border. It was an absolutly gorgeous trail race. It follows the path that Lewis & Clark took in that area.

  184. Coolest place, huh? Well, I would have to say the Grand Canyon! What a sight to see while you are running. If you haven’t experienced it yet, make sure you put that on your list!

  185. I ran the Napa-to-Sonoma 1/2 in July. It was great. I’m from SC & I brought a friend along & met my sister-in-law from MI. So cool!

  186. Coolest place I have ever run? I don’t have a lot of options, as I am new at this. At first I thought the fact I drag my body around the block was cool so I was going to report my neighborhood. πŸ™‚ Then I remembered my most recent run…

    From the moon to the sun, and back! Yes, I ran it. The WHOLE way! The timing was perfect. My little path is very hilly, so first out was facing the moon, when I hit the loop, there was the sun rising! AMAZING! I really bragged that day to friends and coworkers I ran to the moon, over to the sun, and back that morning! Now that’s COOL!

  187. I actually had the pleasure of running in Alaska Memorial Day Weekend in 2010 at the Trent-Waldrof Half Marathon! The land of the midnight son, and by far my favorite destination race. Luckily, although it was chilly, it warmed up!


  188. The coolest place I’ve ever run is the awesome trails that circle the entire island of Sanibel Island in Florida. You pass through so many beautiful areas of the Nature Preserve as you run…just beautiful!

  189. The coolest place I’ve ever run was the last 3 miles of my first half marathon in Fargo, ND. I finished with my sister and the energy from the crowd was awesome! It still gives me goose bumps even after 6 years.

  190. This is tough… My top choice would probably be on the trails in Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho. Where I spent many many years running and xc skiing on, I miss it every day! A pretty close second would be the Oregon Coast near Bandon, Oregon, Beautiful!
    After that: Alaska and Madison, WI.

  191. One of the coolest places I’ve ran is on the beach in South Beach, Miami. I ran just a few miles with my sister but it was gorgeous and we had fun.

  192. I haven’t really ventoured too far away from my little hometown but we have a beautiful lake called Devil’s Lake that is surrounded by bluffs that we run/hike up and seeing the sunrise once you get to the top is amazing!!!

  193. The coolest place would be the trails by my sisters house. YOu come up to a bluff and it is just beautiful. Every time we hit that spot we have to take a picture.

  194. West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, CA. Nothing cooler than getting sprayed by the mist of the great Pacific Ocean crashing against the cliffs below…on a gorgeous sunny afternoon!

  195. I haven’t been running long enough to really say I’ve been anywhere cool! I have had a few beautiful river-side runs in my city, but that’s about it. I am hoping to put a few on my calendar in 2013!!

  196. The coolest place so far has been the Disneyland marathon. There are two reasons: 1 I never thought I would get to run all the way in CA and 2. I wasn’t exhausted to the point of not being able to have fun with my family. That was exciting.

  197. I ran the Door County Half Marathon this past May (my first half!) and it was absolutely beautiful with views of Green Bay on one side and limestone bluffs on the other. The race atmosphere was great too!

  198. Sadly, I can’t say that I’ve run in any fabulous locations, however, I had a wonderful early morning run in Boston once. I ran about 4.5 miles along the Charles river as the sun was rising and the sculling boats were out on the water gliding along beside me (past me!). It was a very peaceful, beautiful morning. πŸ™‚

  199. I am usually just out and about in my neighborhood but I can remember thinking to myself “This is sooo cool!” when I ran my first half marathon. It was surreal to run on a road without worrying about traffic and to have all the other racers around me. I got emotional when strangers cheered and said my name. I was in such a state I didn’t put it together that they were reading my bib! Yes, I’m a dork.

  200. Up Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. It was super steep but the view was so incredible, it took much away from the pain. πŸ™‚

  201. The coolest place I’ve run was from Snowmass Village to Aspen for the Aspen Golden Leaf 1/2 marathon. WOW! September in the Rocky Mountains. Tough course, but totally worth every ache and pain.

  202. The coolest place to run is on the backroads where I live. There are huge hills, woods, and fields. I usually see more wildlife than I do humans!

  203. Outter Banks, NC (OBX). I love beach running. The hard, wet sand, the crashing waves. I am always at peace when I run along the Great Atlantic Ocean. πŸ™‚

  204. It would be hard to pick between the trails of Forest Park or Point Defiance but both are so beautiful and quiet. And quite “cool”.

  205. I gotta say, the coolest place I’ve ever run was San Francisco. I was there for work several years ago in June, and in an effort to not be so jet-lagged when I got home, I tried to stay on “Texas time” and got up each morning to run as the city woke up. Got in some awesome miles as the city woke up. In fact, it was so awesome that I came home with a strained achilles because I didn’t think enough about the hill differences between SF and my home running area! Oops!

  206. Big Island, HI. It was 6A but warm and pitch black – I got to see the sunrise! I couldn’t figure out how to get out of our gated community, so I did loops while listening to the waves. I love that place…

  207. 6 yrs ago on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. I had only been running a few months & was on a free vacation. It was 1.2 miles and it was gorgeous & peaceful and the start of my weight loss and my passion for running…

  208. While I was in the Army and stationed in Monterey, CA. We used to run from Cannery Row along the beach to Lover’s Point… Always a beautiful run.

  209. I’ve run in Argentina, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Jamaica, as well as many of the 50 states. But the coolest place I’ve ever run, is my normal morning run…the Wissahickon trail in Philadelphia. I run at 5am with my running partners, and we see the same people everyday. It’s like a little club, before most people even reach for their alarm. I feel my happiest on the trail, and take my daughter there a lot later in the day to explore and hike. I always remember how lucky I am to have access to this great spot!

  210. The coolest place I’ve ever run is kind of boring compared to the above, but it was the first time I did the 6 mile loop around Salem Lake. So pretty and peaceful.

  211. Along the misty shores of Lake Ontario on a cold but bright winter morning. Sometimes we see foxes, swans or just lots of happy dogs.

  212. The coolest run I have taken is through The University of Denver campus and nearby Wash Park. The beauty of the campus and the pond at Wash Park with the Rocky Mountains in the background is breathtaking. Just being on campus brings back many wonderful memories of family visits to DU to watch my daughter play collegiate volleyball.

  213. I guess the coolest place was a half marathon that I ran in this past weekend. It was in Monroe, Georgia way out in the country. We ran past so many beautiful farms, the sun was out and it was just a wonderful run!

  214. Coolest place I’ve run … Paris. I enjoy sightseeing in a new city via my long runs. I am glad I stuck a map in my pocket for this one though! I normally have a great sense of direction, but the streets were confusing.

  215. The coolest place I’ve ever run was in Maui, on my honeymoon, 10 years ago. 3 kids and hundreds of miles under my belt since, there’s nothing I enjoy more than turning the corner on an early morning run, to have the sunrise greet me. It lets me know I’m alive and brings tears to my eyes every time!

  216. So far, I guess just my own neighborhood. I live on the Oregon Coast, so when I run long I see the bay, ocean, wildlife, trees, all on the same route!

  217. I love running on hiking trails in the mountains – my most recent favorite is around a lake in Grand County, Colorado. Altitude + mountains + running…..doesn’t get better than that!

  218. The coolest place I have ever run is Central Park in NYC. The people in NYC come in all shapes & sizes. There are walkers and runners and all sorts of wonderful things to look at: beautiful scenery and majestic buildings. A friend and I ran one loop (approximately 6 miles) of the park in training for our first half marathon. It was so much fun. The loop is hilly enough to be slightly challenging but not discouraging. The views around me were so entertaining, I didn’t need music. I felt like I could run forever.

  219. Race for the Cure 5K in Oklahoma City. We had just moved there with our four small children. We didn’t know anyone. We were at that point in a new move where the places we want to tour are our friends because we didn’t have any yet. It was the first race I ran because I was a runner :-), not because my boss “highly” suggested it. All along the route I saw the places I had been wanting to tour and the Murrah building. Seeing all those places I had only read about or seen on tv suddenly created a sense of community for me, a fleshing out of whose these people were and what they had been through that brought a depth of understanding of this community I would not have had if I had not run this race.

  220. The coolest place I have run is along the Rideau Canal in October, with the vibrant red and gold trees and sparkling water. It is just breath-taking.

  221. That’s a tough one. I still love running the Little Spokane River back in my hometown. I usually bring my camera along in case I finally see a Moose.

  222. The coolest place I have ran/I run is my own neighborhood in the evening especially during the winter months with the snow lightly falling and the houses decorated for Christmas.

  223. Around the block in my neighborhood – with my 3 year old daughter! She always asks to come running with me, so now she joins me post-run for a loop around the block. We run hand in hand and it is the coolest feeling to share a run with her. Especially now that I am pregnant again, I hope to share my love of running with both of my daughters.

  224. The smoky mountains in the early morning at the peak of the leaf changing season. I had to stop because it was so beautiful!

  225. The coolest place I have ever run was on the Navajo reservation. My sister-in-law, a fellow BAMR, and I ran with no music. Something I never do. It was just her and I talking and working through issueswe were having with our families. I was I’ll prepared; running in a regular bra and pajama bottoms that were rolled up to Capri length. But the scenery was beyond beautiful and the silence helped soothe my mind. It was very much needed at the time.

  226. Coolest place I have ever run – running in Gatlinburg,TN before everyone else was up. It was cold and the hills were KILLER, but rewarding to me because I was keeping up with “my fitness” while on vacation (proud of that!). Coolest place I want to run – one of those leaf covered/tree lined trails that I see in pictures. Looks wonderful and exhilarating!

  227. My coolest place would be a hiking trail in the oregon cascades. There was nobody there, green lush forest, peace and fun terrain to naviagate around.

  228. My coolest run ever was running through the adorable city of Fairhope, AL and then running along the beautiful Mobile Bay…and lucky me…it’s super close to where I live!

  229. The coolest place I have ever run is my town. There is so much beauty in my little town, downtown, water views and the people are so friendly. It is great to wake up in the morning and hit the streets at 5am (even in the dark) and see so many others doing the same thing.

  230. I think one of the coolest places I have run are out in the farm fields near my house. There is something about running between large open spaces. You feel larger then life.

  231. The coolest place I’ve ever run is a huge park next to where I live. Around the park is a 4 mile loop – and I always see such interesting things there!

  232. It’s not far from where I live, but the Cleveland half-marathon course wound through some beautiful neighborhoods in Lakewood. It was fun to see all the beautiful, old houses.

  233. I used to work up on the Gunflint Trail, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. There was a 5 mile road from the Gunflint to the lodge that I worked at, and I’d run on that winding, hilly, gravelly, wild road daily. By the end of the summer I accomplished my goal of running out & back the whole way. It was the longest run I’d ever done and it was Beautiful.

  234. The coolest place I’ve ever ran was past my undergraduate college (Capital University) during the 2012 Columbus 1/2 Marathon. It was amazing to remember all the memories made there!

  235. My coolest run so far would be the Wildflower 5k in Fredericksburg, TX but my BFR and I are planning a trip to Mackinac Island for the Lilac Festival 10k in June! Sooo excited!!

  236. The coolest place I’ve run was a trail in central Oregon. I didn’t see a soul the whole time I was out, and found a small, secluded mountain lake in the middle of the run. Kind of freaky to see no one for hours, but cool.

  237. The coolest place I’ve ever run was on my way back on my typical out and back when I want to get in a quick four miles. It just worked out with my two babes that I was running at one of the hottest parts of the day in the summer– a midwest summer– so in order to make it home without dying of heat stroke, this normally body self-conscious mama took off her top and ran in just a sports bra! It was the coolest run in the barriers I overcame in having less shame about my stretch marks and extra pooch from having two babes in two years, and it was also literally the coolest because I was almost naked. πŸ™‚

  238. The coolest place I’ve ever run would be at Falcon Lake, Manitoba. It’s absolutely beautiful and so quiet in the early mornings. It’s my favourite place to run.

  239. Coolest place for me is along the Charles River in Boston…. gorgeous views and reflections all around! Thanks for the giveaway!

  240. Nowhere too exciting. Maybe Cape Mae MD, to 3 miles beach in time to watch the sunrise on the vernal equinox, largest sunrise of the year. I was on a business retreat, and meet my co-workers at the beach. They drove. I ran back. Nice morning for a 6 miler.

  241. Running with my husband through the hills of Tuscany last month on my surprise 40th birthday trip to Italy was definitely one of my coolest runs ever.

  242. The coolest place I have run is through the city of Philadelphia during my first half marathon this past November. Such an awesome to see the city!

  243. The coolest place is probably at my in laws in Springfield, MO. It was definitely not a cool place but it was cool that I was actually running while on “vacation.”

  244. Any Disney race when I get to run under/through Cinderella’s castle! πŸ™‚ The little pricess in me leaps with joy!!

  245. Early in the morning, on the dirt roads of Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nepalese don’t run for exercise so I quickly became the site to see. I’m pretty sure my neighbors thought I was crazy πŸ™‚

  246. Im taking a ferry to Catalina island for the first time tomorrow morning. Im planning to do a long run while Im there, so im going to go ahead and say that will be my coolest run so far!

  247. Jackson, NH this August when visiting for my son’s first trip to Storyland. Was so proud of myself for keeping my running routine going on vacation and had an awesome couple of early morning runs when I could see my breath (in August!)! After the dreadful hot summer we’d had it was such a pleasure…and I ran the Jackson town loop which takes you over a beautiful, historic covered bridge.

  248. The coolest place/experience I’ve had in a while was a 1/2 marathon this fall through some of the most beautiful Kentucky horse country I’ve seen, while the thoroughbreds ran alongside us in their paddocks. Their thundering hooves and graceful gaits were an awesome sight, sound and connection with the natural world!

  249. I’m still fairly new to running so have lots of plans to run very cool places someday—but so far the coolest has been around my hometown, where everybody stared like we were from outer space. πŸ™‚

  250. The coolest place I have ever run is the cemetery at the Veteran’s Home here in Quincy, IL. It is very special to me as my dad is buried there. The past two years there has been a race there, and on my first lap each time, I stop by his grave for a quick “visit”.

    (BTW, I LOVE that hat!)

  251. Coolest place I’ve ever run – the Northwest Branch Trail, near my home in Hyattsville, MD, last week – my first real run since having babies and falling off the running train! Man it felt good. πŸ™‚

  252. I would say that a most recent half marathon was pretty cool. It was 10 miles from my house, but the hills and trees were soooo beautiful!! The whole run was very scenic.

  253. On the cliffs overlooking the Pacific in Mendocino California on my honeymoon. We stayed at a great B&B and every other morning we would head out first thing and run the trails. Beautiful rainbows in the mist of the crashing waves. Loved it!

  254. The Northwoods of Wisconsin – running through the middle of towering trees on isolated roads with only wild turkeys to help you keep pace (or make you run faster depending on how scared you are of wild turkeys).

  255. The coolest place I have ever run was mid-July in Georgia! Not cool at all but the experience was one of the best! I was camping with friends east of Savannah at Tybee Island. I woke up early that morning to go out for a 2 hour run. I ran past inlets, a lighthouse, super cute cottages and on the beach. I saw wildlife: birds, dolphins, and a even bunch of feral cats! I also met interesting people along the way. I cherish that morning run!

  256. The coolest place was a town called Hell, Michigan. For weeks I said things like, “I’ve been to Hell and back.”… “Who knew it was so cold in Hell??”… “Where in the Hell is the finish line?!”.

  257. discovery park in seattle….during a rainy drizzle. hyland park preserve in minneapolis…..on a fall day. random trails from holden village off lake chelan…..trail running rocks.

  258. Running among the monuments in DC with my husband when we were in town celebrating our 5th Anniversary. We have only run together a handful of times and that morning will always remain special to me because not only did I think of the 5 terrific years but also that we were both in better shape 5 years after marriage than we were on our wedding day.

  259. I loved running the Boston Marathon – I think i was on a runners high the entire time. The Castaway Cay 5K during the Disney Cruise was pretty cool too!

  260. Without a doubt, Fort Myers Beach in Florida. Nice, flat white sand beach… such a great running spot, I don’t even stop for the coolest seashells!!!! and I get to run there again in just a few weeks. Yay me!!!!! Who wouldn’t be inspired by the calm Gulf waters, I just have to remember to run facing the wind first and run back with the wind as my running partner this year!

  261. The coolest place I’ve run was a trail race (my first) at Homestake, Montana; outside Butte. It is a cross country ski lodge that is completely self sustaining and off “the grid”, nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

  262. I am luckly enough to live near Valley Forge National Park here in the Philly suburbs. It is beautiful, hilly and so full of history, you can almost feel Geroge Washington and his troops still walkig around. The park has a trail run called Mount Misery. It has a brutal incline, but the views are amaing, especially in the fall.

  263. The coolest place I’ve ever run is along the Arno in Florence, Italy. Sometimes I imagine that I am running there again when I have a particularly challenging or drab run around the neighborhood.

  264. Perhaps I’m nostalgic after moving back to my home state of Montana, but I think the coolest place I’ve run is around Mt. Tabor in Portland.

  265. Way back when in high school, my family was privileged to be able to take a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and stay with close friends just north of Kona. I was able to run along the beach and in and around the area. Maybe one day I’ll get back there to do more than just pretend to be an Ironman!

  266. I loved running through New Orleans French Quarter during a marathon there. It is such a beautiful city and so rich in architecture. I loved seeing it on foot.

  267. Up the Cumberland Gap! Beautiful scenery and amazing to know that your body is getting you up a mountain. However, if I win this, I only want the hat. No more babies for this mama and my youngest is 8. None of my running friends have babies, either!

  268. I don’t get out much! The coolest place I’ve run was in Portland when I ran a 26 mile training run and crossed both the Saint Johns bridge and the Sellwood bridge. If you live around Portland you know that they seem so far apart but to run them back and forth it puts things into a different perspective.

  269. The “coolest” place I’ve ever run would be a tie between the white sandy beaches of siesta keys fl and Central Park! Both are amazing in their own ways. Siesta Keys hosts a run for the turtles every year and we run a 5k on the beach which is one the top 10 beaches in the world because the white sand never gets hot. And Central Park speaks for itself!

  270. My coolest spot to date was during my Ragnar relay. My first leg was 8.2 miles through Wisconsin. The sun was setting ahead of me as I ran towards the horizon. Vans were driving my honking and hollering support. It truly was a cool experience!

  271. I’ve got a few. Running down the Las Vegas Strip for my first 1/2 marathon was pretty cool. Very glitzy! But my favorites have been in the mountains or north central Wyoming and in Banff, AB. Awesome and memorable runs, for sure!

  272. The coolest place would have to be New Orleans – but the most beautiful place is the orchard near my house in spring time when the trees are blossoming

  273. Along Ali’i drive in Kona Hawaii, right where the ironman finishers finish their full race. It is inspiring to be able to run where so many amazing athletes have run before!!

  274. Nothing exotic, but the coolest place I’ve run is a quiet, secluded country road outside of the community I live in. It’s lined with big, beautiful trees that form a canopy, and in the fall is it gorgeous with all the leaves that have changed colors. It’s so peaceful and colorful, plus the trees form a nice shady road!

  275. I am in love with running on the local Greenway here where I live. When I run there, it feels like I am on vacation. The trees create a canopy and the boardwalk portions make me feel like I am worlds away!

  276. Coolest place I’ve ever run is along the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. A close second would be a great reservoir in Boulder, CO.

  277. The coolest place I’ve ever run…. well all my running, with very few exceptions have been here on Long Island. I did if my first (and so far only) half marathon in Atlanta with my sister in law and that was awesome because the weather was fabulous and it was my first race. On Long Island I would have to say running the 10K in May because we ran and ended in Eisenhower Park which was pretty cool. And it’s also fun because I drive on the roads we ran on and I think of that race every time I’m there. I’m expecting my first in February and having a running stroller is one of my top priorities!! This would be incredible!

  278. My best run has had to have been running the bike path literally on the beach in Huntington Beach, CA. I can run for 10 miles with NO stopping for lights, cars, etc. Maybe a stray surfer who saunters across my path, but that’s cool. The beach on my right the whole way. Dog Beach, Surfers in the water, kids playing in the surf and sand, other runners, and NICE bikers who know how to share a path. If I want to go longer, I just run on the same sidewalk into Newport Beach… My longest runs, 23 miles, take me a few miles into Newport, and then I turn around, and repeat.. Same gorgeous scene on my left side. On a clear day in the winter months, if I look to the north, I can see snow covered mountains that are just an hour away. One day last year, I took a picture of the sunny surf on one side, and the snowy mountains on the other; I am a lucky runner!!!

  279. Coolest place I have run…the trails down the street from me. The forest makes it feel like I have gone on vacation to run!

  280. Definitely the Florida Keys during the week of my wedding. It’s like another world down there, everything and everyone moves at their own pace.

  281. The coolest place I’ve ever run is my local zoo! Every year Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI puts on the “Cheetah Chase.” A walk/run 5K through the zoo and the surrounding property. It’s awesome and in June and first thing in the morning so all the animals are out!

  282. The coolest place I’ve ever run is on a recently paved but not yet open portion of road. We have the entire wide line to ourselves and it was pretty surreal. Sort of like race day without the race πŸ™‚

  283. Coolest place I’ve run was recently — the Upper East side of Manhattan on a warm sunny day. I lived there for six years back in the 90’s and wasn’t a runner back then — to see the city from a new perspective and to take it all in as I ran the streets gave me such a huge thrill! I literally had tears in my eyes and was so grateful for the experience.

    I’d love to win that stroller for my sis who is having a baby this March. We used to run together — my dream would be to run with her again and I know a stroller like that is just the thing for her!

  284. The coolest place I have ever run was the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland earlier this year. I ran the entire race with my Momma and it was AWESOME! I loved running through the parks. It was an amazing experience!

  285. A 16-mile training run in the flatirons area of Colorado was, by far, my coolest run. I’m from super-flat Florida, so the altitude was a bit of a kick-in-the-pants, but it was totally worth it to enjoy the mountain views, fields and wildlife.

  286. My last leg in the Pennsylvania Ragnar had a killer hill. As I got to the top, dawn was breaking on a foggy morning. It was beautiful and peaceful.

  287. There are a lot of places I’d like to run that I think would be cool. As of now, the coolest place I’ve run is my neighborhood. I’m always seeing wildlife (some good, some you’d like to avoid). Deer all over, fox, raccoons, skunk, bears, you name it. It’s so beautiful to run here and I’ve got so many hills that its a constant challenge. I guess the only place I can think of that’s “cooler” would be running by the ocean.

  288. I have 2 places that I thought were cool – Surfers Paradise in Australia and on the beaches of Waikiki. I would love to run at either (or both) places again.

  289. The coolest place I’ve ever run was across the finish line at the NYC marathon years after first deciding that I wanted to 26.2 miles.

  290. I’ve only been running three years, and have SO many places on my bucket list that I want to run. So far I think the coolest was when I ran through Disney World with my bff for the Princess Half. It was her dream come true to run through Cinderella’s castle. Seeing her face light up like a kid was totally worth it. πŸ™‚

  291. Last fall–Durban, South Africa. Not only did the loud roaring ocean drown out my panting up and down some killer hills, but the monkeys on the side of the road provided great visuals to an already awesome scene.

  292. Beach runs are always a favorite, but the most memorable place would have to be san francisco. The Nike women’s marathon passes through some pretty cool scenery πŸ™‚

  293. Juneau, Alaska. My sister made me carry bear spray, but an incredible run through the trees and up to the Mendenhall Glacier.

  294. Mountain trails around the conference center in NC where my husband and I met! Including a post run stretch in the outdoor chapel where a dear friends ashes were scattered. Keeping her with me.

  295. My coolest run ever was in Cape Cod. Eastham, MA to be exact. I ran from my parents cottage to the beach where I met my kids, hubby and parents for a delightful dip in the ocean. After doing the humid sweaty run followed by diving into cold Atlantic waters I understood both ice baths (my legs felt amazing!) and the desire to do a tri.

  296. The coolest place I have ever run is close to home. Running next to the Nashville airport while planes are taking off or landing is always a blast. The vista off in the distance is gorgeous and when the planes and I travel opposite directions I feel extra fast!

  297. The coolest place I’ve ever run was through Chicago during the Chicago marathon in October. Wow. I’d never been to Chicago before and it was totally worth going!

  298. NYC for the marathon – the experience is so unbelievably cool. As for the coldest place, that would be right here at home – Buffalo NY!

  299. I think the coolest place I ever ran has been San Francisco during the Nike Woman’s Maraton. It was the first time I was ever there and the course was very pretty.

  300. The Adirondacks in July…every year running through the peaceful forests, by undeveloped streams and lakes is always a wonderful respite from the heat of the DC area!

  301. Coolest place I’ve ran was in San Jose de la Montanas in Costa Rica. Studied in Costa Rica during college and stayed with a host family. The family house was at the bottom of the mountain so I had to start my run going up the mountain but once I got to the top the view was amazing!

  302. I’m new to running so right now the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ is the coolest place I’ve run. I love watching the waves while I run plus I feel really fast since the boardwalk is flat.

  303. My dad lives on the MS gulf coast, so every year we visit him during the summer. There is a pedestrian route on the side of the hwy 90 bridge that crosses the gulf. It’s steep, so a tough run, but the view over the water and the city makes this the coolest run.

  304. Given that I almost always run around my neighborhood which isn’t exactly the coolest place, this is a tough one for me. I guess I’d say the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ!

  305. Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago. The rolling hills just outside of Madison were tough, but I conquered them and passed a street that had the same name as my son πŸ™‚

  306. Running the Four Mile Run in Alexandria, VA and all of the sudden being st the airport. It was a surprise and so awesome!

  307. Twin Cities marathon route. I’m not from a big city so it was really sweet starting downtown and then being able to later look over my shoulder to see it in the distance.

  308. I have been pretty lucky and have run in some cool places. My favorite has to be the run course of the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. That sand ladder is brutal, but what an awesome experience.

  309. Coolest place I’ve run: around my former college campus with my son (4 at the time) in his first kids run. For him it was his first race with mommy…I think I fought tears the entire 1k!

  310. The collest place that I’ve run is Water Street, Plymouth, MA. The roads had been blocked off for the Turkey Trot; it was 0730am and the starting line was at Plymouth Rock.

  311. The coolest place for me to run is my family’s farm in Kentucky. My husband will be a forth generation farmer on my great-grandfathers land. It is so inspiring to run along the acres my family has lived off of for generations.

  312. My favorite place to run was while we were stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. It is the Army’s helicopter flight school and running by the flight line with blackhawks constantly landing and taking off. Very cool!

  313. The coolest place I’ve ever gone running is in Zurich, Switzerland. It was beautiful & the air was so crisp & clean. πŸ™‚

  314. Coolest place I’ve ever run is the Cades Cove loop here in Townsend, TN. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful city right in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. We did the 10 mile loop at sunrise and saw tons of deer, turkeys and other wildlife. AND I was with my BRF’s…so that really made it the best run ever!

  315. The coolest place I’ve ever run was actually the hottest. After beginning running less than a year ago, I was able to continue to run on vacation at the beach and achieved my longest distance to that point. It was super and made my vacation even more special!

  316. My family owns a 9 generation farm in Ohio, which our ancestors settled 200 years ago in 1712. When I visit, I run the narrow, flat roads that divide the fields and wind over the rolling landscape and somehow feel very connected, not only to the earth, but also to my family, past and present.

  317. I have family that lives just outside Winthrop, WA (east side of the Cascades). Last Christmas my brother and I did a 5 mile run just up the road past their house. A great setting for my longest run at the time and first actual use of Yak Trax. Amazing views and my best running buddy!

  318. The coolest place I’ve everrun was running in gorgeous Norway with my brother. So many hills but the views are breathtaking.

  319. Probably the North Shore of Lake Superior. Literally and figuratively. While I have yet to reach a level of confidence to aim for Grandma’s Marathon, it felt inspiring to put in a few miles.

  320. The 4.2 mile loop my BAMRs have done ar 5:30 am every Tues/thurs for 5 years…sometimes we mix it up and get crazy and do it backwards!

  321. I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago and that was the coolest place I’ve ever run! The view and the running trail that surrounds the water and goes into the park…breathtaking!

  322. I think running anywhere new; especially on vacation. But the “coolest” place I’ve run recently is Venice Beach, CA. Running to the peir was awesome, and it was a great way to sightsee the coast and experience the Californian lifestyle.

  323. The coolest place I run is in Windmont Park in the town I live in. At Christmas time, the park is full of Christmas Lights and sounds of the season, transformation of green space into a night time run full of colorful light and songs that make the time one of the best runs for me in my year. It lasts a month.

  324. It’s a toss up between Bermuda and England. Felt like I was the only one running which was a bit weird but a great way to see the sights.

  325. We recently moved to Boulder County, Colorado, and every run is just breathtaking. I can see the Rocky Mountains rising up into the sky every morning.

  326. In Florida, wasn’t even a race..just my husband and myself in Disney running the sidewalks our hotel. They have some really nice trails!

  327. Along the Indian River Bridge in DE. I’m a Delawarean and have been camping at the beach all my life and it’s just where i’m most grounded and myself. Love!

  328. I’d have to say into Fenway Park along the warning track in front of the Green Monster and then across home plate when I did the Run to Home Base a few years ago. Such a cool feeling to be looking at the stadium form that perspective and to have people on the stands cheering for you.

  329. When I signed up for the Run Like a Girl 8K at Pochahontas State Park near RIchmond, VA, for some crazy reason, I wasn’t thinking “trail run.” So, when I got there and realized I was going to be running my first run completely on a trail, I was a bit nervous. Turned out to be one of the best ever. A cool morning in early May, the leaves were still coming out and the whole course was enveloped in a light mist. Not a sound other than muffled footfalls, steady breathing, and a few cheers at a water station and the finish.

  330. I live in MN! Though our last winter was nothing spectacular, the months of December through March are typically a bit chilly for this mother runner! And let’s not forget that it becomes a winter wonderland with all of that snow!

    1. Now that’s physically “cool” and wonderfully “cool” all at the same time! There’s nothing more beautiful than the snow covered streets in winter!

  331. Coolest place I run….when I wake up for an early morning run through downtown annapolis….it is so hard to get out of bed, but nothing is more rewarding then seeing how beautiful downtown Annapolis is before the craziness of the morning starts….

  332. The coolest place I ever ran was Sky Valley Georgia. A friend let us stay at his cabin. I ran down the mountain out of his neighborhood and into this valley with a church in the bottom. I could see the steeple and just kept winding down toward it. Then right before I turned the last corner the bell chimed 9am. It was phenomenal!!

  333. It was long before I was a mother runner, but when I was in college I did a year in Galway, Ireland and my daily running route curved up along the Corrib River, past an old crumbling cottage and through greener-than-green fields. I still miss that route and how incredibly cool it was.

  334. My coolest place I’ve run is pretty much anywhere I don’t see traffic. I appreciate being away from the sights and sounds of the road. Whether on a beach or in the woods, that’s pretty cool to me

  335. Coolest place I ever ran was on the Big Island of Hawaii. I ran my first 10K in Hilo, Hawaii on Coconut Island! I came in second for the women masters division. πŸ™‚

  336. The coolest place I’ve ever run was on a beautiful golf cores in the middle d Tucson Arizona desert-ness. It was this gorgeous oasis in the middle of the cacti and sand. Being from South Texas, the hills and altitude made it a difficult challenge, but through your the run, looking left at desert and right at green grass was entertaining enough to keep my head in the game!

  337. In college, I studied abroad in London. I used to get up every morning and run around Kensington palace. At the time, Princess Diana lived there (which shows my age) and I used to try to get a peak at her.

  338. The coolest place I have ever ran was also the hottest. I ran my first 10K in Iraq. I was deployed there in 2005-2006 and they had a Harley-Davidson 10K. I had some downtime so I signed up. I was one of 3 runners from my entire company. The other female hurt her ankle early on and the male was way faster then me so I ran with an older guy from the Italian military. He didn’t speak a lick o English but we still conversed somehow. It was 115 degrees by the time we finished and we were covered in sand but it is still my favorite race.

  339. The coolest place…hmmm… I live near 3 different forest preserves, so whenever I go for an out and back run, it’s pretty cool!

  340. Living on SW and now NW Missouri, I haven’t been able to run too far from home, or in any cool places. However, running in the Joplin Memorial Run half marathon in May 2012 was one of the coolest experiences in my life. After an emotional, but meaningful start, we enjoyed some beautiful scenery of rolling hills and rural landscape, ending in downtown Joplin. This was my first 13.1, and definitely my coolest run yet. (Smashing my time goal sure added to the cool factor! ;))

  341. Through Disney World. I don’t really go “cool” places, but through the castle in the quiet if the morning was very cool!

  342. Quads Cities 1/2 Marathon. Ran through 4 cities almost entirely along the river, over two bridges- one being a draw bridge, and along the Arsenal on Arsenal Island. So cool!

  343. Coolest place was around Starved Rock State Park, even though I fell and gashed open my knee halfway through and ran it while bleeding profusely. I dream of one day running in Moab, blood free.

  344. Coolest place ever was central park in nuc when visiting my sister this summer. It’s been on my running bucket list ever since I saw Phoebe and Rachael run it on Friends

  345. Down Beale Street in Memphis. It was awesome because people were lined up and down the sides of the street, drinking beer and screaming and you could hear all the blues music. Super cool.

  346. The coolest place I’ve run are all the different campsites we visit all sumner. We camp almost every weekend, love exploring those areas when everyone else is still sleeping!

  347. The coolest place I’ve run was through a zombie-infested park a couple of hours from home. It was a 5k Zombie Race and was a great time.

  348. Sunset Beach, FL! Nothing like running to the sound of waves and you can’t take the jogging stroller on the beach πŸ˜‰

  349. coolest place was running through Disney World @ the Princess 1/2 Marathon although I don’t know where Ariel, my favorite princess was:)

  350. I haven’t run anywhere exotic, so even though I don’t do it often, I just love running in the woods, so peaceful and smells good and it is just cool!

  351. I haven’t run any place really cool yet…..i guess if i had to choose, just my everyday run which goes by 2 beautiful lakes. But next month i will be running in Australia which i am really looking forward to!!

  352. The coolest place I’ve ever run has been along the beach at the Pacific Coast Highway in late March in 2011. It was a wonderful change of pace after the snowy winter on the east coast. I loved the beautiful scenery and that they had bathrooms and water fountains along the route in Huntingtin Beach.

  353. Well I haven’t had the opportunity to run in many different locations. The most exotic: hotel treadmill in Riviera Maya, Mexico, coldest: about 20 minutes from home training for a spring half at 10 degrees with a windchill of 0, hottest: my first half ran in Ft Smih, AR at 98 degrees at 10 in the morning the last week of September, the coolest place? Any time I get to run outside anywhere! Nothing beats it.

  354. The coolest place I ever ran is the in California at Inaugural Tinker Bell half! When I started walking and running, I never would have dreamed of flying across the country to participate in a race! Now, I plan vacations around races! There are so many places on my bucket list!

  355. The Ray Tanner 2012 5K. It’s not a new run or a run with a spectacular view. But this year I ran it with my 10 year old son, my 9 year old son (his first race!!) and 4 months pregnant. At one point during the race, it hit me that this was my first run with all THREE of my kids. My eye welted up at the thought of all four of us running races together after Emma is born next March. I LOVE that my kids have learned to LOVE “my” sport.

  356. The coolest place I ever ran was a beach run on Sanibel Island. I love running there early in the morning and watching the sun rise.

  357. My coolest run was on a trail in Glacier National Park. Slightly dangerous but gorgeous and surprisingly very peaceful.

  358. The coolest place I have run is the Berry College campus in Rome, Ga. 28,000 acres of mountains and forests, fields and castles! Not to mention all the deer! Just love being out there in the open air, surrounded by greens and blues and not much else!

  359. The coolest place I have run was at sunset on a 5 mile trail run with a friend that I had not seen for way too long…we took in the scenery and enjoyed eachothers sweaty company. Glorious.

  360. I love how running has become such a part of my daily routine that I do it everywhere I go, even on vacation. I loved running in France a couple years ago, I’d say running at the foothills of the Alpe d’ huez was my coolest run, but running on the beach in Kaui was a close second!

  361. While traveling on business this Georgia girl took advantage of my time in Seattle. I ran three 5Ks in a 24-hour period–two races & a running city tour. It was so much fun to be a running tourist!

  362. My coolest runs are right around the corner from my school. Each afternoon that I hit the streets, I encounter kids I know from work and they cheer me on from their front porch steps! It’s like my own personal race in the afternoon AND there’s no way I’m giving up when they are watching!!

  363. I live in Florida, so my running is always on very flat terrain. The coolest place I’ve ever run (in my short running career so far) was Nashville, TN for the Country Music Half. It was extremely hilly, but I loved running through their amazing neighborhoods and down Music Row. So cool! Especially for a country music fan. πŸ™‚

  364. The coolest place I’ve ever run is on the beach in Cozumel Mexico. I ran along the shore every morning while on vacation there a few years back. What a view!!! The Crystal clear ocean and the sound if the waves, nothing better! πŸ™‚

  365. I have yet to run anywhere cooler than over the Ambassador Bridge from detroit to Windsor Ontario as the sun was rising. Breath taking.

  366. I would say it is a tie for me between running in the city of Seville, Spain while I was living there or in my hometown on the Cliff Walk which snakes around the ocean and mansions of Newport.

  367. I have thought long and hard and cannot think of anywhere cool that I have recently pounded the pavement. I guess it would be the Disney Marathon, 6 years ago!

  368. This time of year, the coolest place to run is just after dark around my neighborhood when all the Christmas lights are on. It’s beautiful and peaceful!

  369. I also read this temperature wise at first – and would have had to say home…Ottawa, Canada can be chilly!

    But in terms of “cool” factor, that’s a tough one! I’ve loved the runs I’ve done while traveling and getting to see new cities.

  370. The coolest run I have done is the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I was registered for the half, running with Team in Training, and was do inspired that I kept going and ended up running 26.2 to kick cancer in the ass!

  371. The coolest place I have ever run is under the lift bridge and along Lake Superior in Duluth, MN. It was a Jingle Bell 5k and one of my favorite runs!

  372. Coolest place I’ve ever run is over the Newport Bridge in Newport, RI. They started a 4-mile race over the bridge last year, and I have every intention of making it an annual tradition – being on top of the bridge at sunrise is stunning!

  373. NYC’s Central Park. I wasn’t a runner when I lived there some 10 years ago pre-kids (used to bike it instead) but was back a few years ago with my husband and we had a rare run together. Would love to run there again- so many pretty parts