5K’s of the Holidays: 9 Amazing Stocking Stuffers!

Today we start five days of great holiday giveaways for mother runners. I don't give away many secrets this time of year, so you'll have to trust me when I type that you definitely want to check in here for the next five days. We've lined up some incredible running  products, both big and small.

Before we get to the good stuff, here's how it's going to work. For the winners today through Thursday, we will announce them all as a group on this Saturday, December 8. (We are also announcing the winners of the T-shirt slogans and the Champion sports bras that galore!) The winner of the ultimate mother runner grand prize, a contest that will run from Friday, Dec. 7 to Friday, Dec. 14, will be announced on Saturday, Dec. 15.

You may enter once every day. Believe it or not, we have enough brain cells left to know that if picks the same person twice, we'll ask it to pick again.

Canadians can enter today. I need to confirm the rest of our prizes can make it up north, so stay tuned. But have at it today, Canuck BAMRs.

O.k., I think that's it. Let's spin that wheel and stuff some stockings...

Light 'em up: Saucony Ulti-Mitts ($50)

Nearly bombproof, these wind- and water-proof Saucony Ulti-Mitts keep your fingers toasty and your entire self visible; the reflective logo and a rechargeable light create a bright blur as you speed along.

Give 'em lip: There She Goes Organic Lip Balm Set ($25)

With names like Cross Country Citrus, VO2Max Vanilla, and Starting Line Strawberry, these yummy organic, 25 SPF lip balms from There She Goes are as necessary as fuel and water on any long run. And there's enough to stash one in your purse, in the car, by your bed, and to share with your pals (because I, um, never ask Sarah for her lip balm. Ever.).

Hang up and run: Run Pretty Far Phone Case ($25)

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. These inspirational phone cases from Run Pretty Far fit iPhone 4 and 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3. Just run indeed.

Find your faith: 8 x 10 print by StephLawsonDesign ($15)

I pretty much want to wallpaper all my walls with this quote from my fave runner on this delicious, simple print by Steph Lawson, an art teacher and runner. (She shares this story about combining her two passions: "One day, one of my students told me that he’d figured out what my other job [her print business] was, and with a straight face, stated, 'You’re training for the Olympics.' I tried to contain my laughter as I asked him to explain his reasoning. He said, 'Well, you’ve told us that you run just about every day, and I can’t imagine why anyone would do that to themselves unless they had to as part of training for the Olympics.'")

Document your dreams: Believe I Am Training Journal ($25)

In a time where it's hard to remember using a pen except for a writing a grocery list, the beautiful Believe I Am Training Journal, created by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan, is a great reason to sit down, creatively plan your path, chart your training, and, most importantly, believe you are. (Because we know you are.)

Cheers to you: Mile Stones race coasters ($22)

Love these coasters, by Mile Stones, custom made out of your most memorable bibs: No better way to casually drop you're a runner--then be able to regale your guests with your best race stories.

Test your limit: Run the Edge by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano ($12)

A blend of personal stories and life guidance, Run the Edge by Olympian Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano will help you look at how you life--and your running--in a new perspective.

Drive it home: Gone For a Run Key Fob ($9)

Available in a range of colors and styles, this adorable key fob, by Gone For a Run, is the perfect way to remind yourself to run today--or to celebrate a race finish when a new set of wheels is out of the budget.

Phew. I'd be psyched for a stocking full of those nine items--and I know three of you will be too. That's right: we've got three of each thing to give away to three lucky winners, who will be $183 richer in running goods.

We're going to keep entries to these 5K of the Holiday Entries easy, so here's today's question to enter the stocking stuffer giveaway: What's your longest run you've ever done? We don't care if it's 2 miles or 42 miles; you enter through the comments below, on the website. Feel free to give us details on the run, if you're so inclined; we all love a good vicarious run.

Please read this: If you are reading on your iPhone or via email, please go to the website and enter your distance via the comments. If you simply hit reply, it goes to our email inbox, and we simply don't have the womanpower to redirect you. Thanks in advance.

1,530 responses to “5K’s of the Holidays: 9 Amazing Stocking Stuffers!

  1. I have only been running since September of this year so my longest run pales in comparison! I have gone 6 KM for my furthest…Thanks for opening this to Canadians, eh!

  2. 10 miles, planned to run a 10 k run to work on distance, ended up taking the wrong turn behind the local golf course, but kept on trucking until I figured out where I was.

  3. 13.1, not a lot in comparison, but i ran my first half in september, and planning another in march, i’m completely addicted to the bling. my quest for a full can’t start until all of my kids are in school, with them around all or most of the day, i don’t have time to train…yet…but the countdown (still in years) is on.

  4. 32 miles – a 50K trail/road race – although I pretty much walked the last 4 (to 6) miles while my husband in his street clothes and my little boy in the jogger tagged along (on the trails!!) to keep me from losing my mind in the heat!

  5. 18.02 (the extra little bit to get to my car). I am looking forward to my 19 mile run next Friday and I feel like my 14 miler this week is-no big deal. Never thought I would feel this way! Thank you running!!

  6. My longest run yet was a 27.5 mile run this past September. It was a small town marathon near beautiful lake Michigan. When the gun went off to start the race the lead cyclist accidentally started out leading the front marathoners on the 5k course. So a group of us added an extra 1.3 miles onto the marathon. This race definitely taught me the value of a positive attitude. I just thought “I’m one step closer to running a 50K”

  7. Last June I ran 26.2 miles in the Grandma’s marathon, my first marathon. It was a great run, nice group to pace with. The best end to any race I have done so far. The crowd was awesome, cheering as we ran along the final mile. I cried at the finish I was so happy. I know. Sappy girl, but it has been a goal of mine to run a marathon and I finally did it!

  8. Friday I had my longest run to date. It was 18 miles and it was awesome. My husband went with me for the first mile (he’s just started running, I think he’s jealous of me) and I got lost on a trail through the woods for about 3 miles (which is my favorite way to run). I’m looking forward to my 19 mile run in two weeks! Who knew training for a marathon could be this much fun!!

  9. 4 miles..newbie runner just finished C25K. GPS was not tracking so this was not intended however it didn’t kill me either:)

  10. My longest was my first 13.1 this last Halloween. It was a great race except for the steep first 3 miles. It made my stomach cramp up really bad. Once it was flat I was back to normal. Any suggestions? I know I need to do more core work and strength training but what kind?

  11. Just ran 26.2 in Sacramento, CA in the POURING RAIN….had icky tummy issues, spent around 20 min total in the porta potty but was able finish in 4:06….After running in those conditions, I say ‘bring it’!!

  12. My longest run of late was 3 miles, both on Saturday and Sunday 2 years ago. I was 294 lbs and size 20/22. I am now done 74 lbs, and am a size 16. I am running my first 5k in April 2013, the Cooper River Bridge Run in sunny and historic Charleston, SC. I am challenging myself to run every weekend (my work hours don’t allow for runs during the week…its dark when I want to run) My goal weight is 135 lbs. I know I can do it, because I’ve done it before, and I have been a runner my entire adulthood. I used to be the college kid that ran daily for hours with a runner’s body…just trying to love running again and fit it into my very busy adult life. 5k before 40, that is my goal. Thanks!

  13. My longest run distance wise is 14 miles. 🙂 The longest FEELING race was my MS 10K Mud Run…the most physically, mentally, and emotional race I have ever overcome in honor of my mother.

  14. 6 miles. I’m not a very good or fast runner, and this took all my strength. But when I finished, it was an amazing feeling! This was also 2 years ago. 3 kids later and I want to get back to it again. I would LOVE that treadmill!!! My husband wants me to win it too! 🙂 (Because he wants to use it also.) Love all of your encouraging posts!

  15. 26.2 miles-a marathon! The day after a half marathon, as part of the Goofy Challenge. While 16 weeks pregnant, no less. I wanted to die. But I lived. I should call myself ‘the mama who lived’. I like that.

  16. My longest run/walk was 13.1. My longest “run without stopping” was 8 miles. I want to get a 13.1 sticker for the back of my car, but won’t until I can run the whole thing!

  17. My longest run is 13.1 miles. My first half marathon was the Portland Rock N Roll this year and I absolutely loved it.

  18. My longest run is 3 miles, on an elliptical (Arc Trainer). I have orthostatic hypotension & orthostatic intolerance due to Dysautonomia, but I manage to “run” on the elliptical & fight harder than some others to be healthy!

  19. My longest was 8 miles. I woke up real early because it was going to be about 90 degrees that day, and it actually felt better than the 6.5 miler I did 2 weeks before.

  20. I ran my first race in March ’12. Just getting in to this running this. But I LOVE IT! My longest run to date is 4.8 miles across the Mackinac Bridge connecting the Upper and Lower peninsula of Michigan. It was AMAZING!

  21. My longest distance so far was 28 miles durning a ragnar, it was over a 36 hour period but I had to run for some of the other girls and then helped paced a couple too! 🙂 It was a very empowering experience!

  22. 26.2 continuously, but I have run a couple ultra relays where I have run about 36 miles out of 200 within 24 hours! Does that count?

  23. Longest run I’ve ever done is the Marathon distance. I’ve ran 7 of them! (and now I’m taking a break trying to become a mommy… still running, just no fulls for awhile!)

  24. My longest continuous run is about 8.5, but I did an overnight relay and my three legs added up to 19.1. I was like a proud little kid! 🙂

  25. 31.1 miles. I just ran a 50k with my running group last month. IT was a glorious day, but I think a marathon is far enough, thank you!

  26. I ran in a 10k race, and trained a little longer than that prior to the event. Thank God — whoever thought that running that far on a hot, muggy August evening in southwest Ohio was either an ultra distance runner or never ran before. It was brutal. But I finished!

  27. 18.6 miles. Lost Creek Trail Run in Oregon around the entire Lost Creek Lake. It was my furthest run and I am currently training for my first marathon in April and I am anxious to read your books for inspiration!

  28. 15K is my longest so far, but I am starting training for my first half after the first of the year. Go Girl half in May!!! so excited!

  29. Like many of the ladies who have already responded — 26.2. I loved (almost) every step of it and I plan to do another marathon in 2013.

  30. My longest run was a half marathon in April 2010. I remember how triumphant I felt at the end of that, and I can’t wait to try a full marathon in the next year! Before I turn 40!

  31. 26.2 (x7!) If you add the “what felt like a marathon” walk to get anywhere after the Marine Corps, that would be the longest.

  32. Only 28.7 to date. My first marathon in Phoenix (with a lot of shuffling). My poor family tried to run with me around mile 22, but I was so sick and fighting with my self mentally that I had to tell them to beat it. They had fresh legs and smiles and I just didn’t. It’s been almost a year since that first one and I’d give anything to get that moment back and show them a smile and appreciation.

  33. 13.1 miles, but that was 15 years ago – a desolate half marathon with two water stops and only roadkill for roadside entertainment. It was also my first race ever. Shudder… My longest recent run was 7 miles as part of my training for the Princess Half in February.

  34. A 1/2 and then some because I ran back out on the course so I could come back in with friends who were doing it for the first time!

  35. My longest race so far is the half marathon, but I will change that December 16th when I run my first full – incredibly excited and nervous all at the same time!

  36. 13.1 – my first (and so far only) half marathon. A group of mom’s decided to get back in shape after pregnancy by signing up. I had never run more than 6 miles before training for this. It was awesome to have such a supportive group to train with. Immediately following the race, several of us were found sitting on the ground nursing our little ones. I was so proud of our nursing mama group rocking the half!!

  37. My longest run was 14 miles during a training run for a half marathon, probably walked as much as I ran, but didn’t quit!

  38. Wahooey 8 miles on Sunday (12-2-12) baby! I’m on vacation in WdW and still sticking to my AMR Train Like a Mother 1/2M plan for my first 1/2 in February : )

  39. Holdrege, NE Silver Run 5K or 10K, during Swedish Days every June for 20 years now! This is my hometown and friends always come home for the town celebration, parade, and some even run!

  40. I ran 9 miles. I have to be careful because I have a history of injuries (morton’s neuroma and planter fasciitis) and can’t believe I have gotten this far. Working my way up to my 1st half marathon in March (already took the leap of faith and registered). Slow and steady 🙂

  41. My longest run was just over 42.1 km….because I spent a lot of time weaving in & out of other runners/walkers at the beginning of a crowded marathon/half marathon which added to my distance. I consider it my personal ultramarathon 🙂

  42. 26.2 BABY!! The Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage Alaska (I ran this on my 26th birthday!! one mile for every year of life.)

  43. My longest run was 26.2 plus a smidge more when you add in the distance from the car to the start and back again after the finish.

  44. I just started running last year and have done a handful of 5ks, but this year I did a leg of a marathon relay…6 miles! So proud amd so fun!

  45. My longest run was the Blue Sky Trail Marathon…26.2 miles…hardest thing I have EVER done! so proud to say I finished!!!

  46. The longest run I’ve ever done was 13.1 ish miles (I add the “ish” because I ran a little more past the finish line to cool down)

  47. My longest run was 26.2 miles! I’ve done it twice now, and while I sometimes entertain the idea of going further, I am just not sure if I’m cut out for it!

  48. My longest run was 20 glorious miles! It was my first and last for a while since the next day I went out too hard and learned the hard way where in my anatomy the IT band is. Bummers, but crawling back with a smile. 🙂

  49. Half Marathon is my longest so far. My goal is to do a tri. On the bucket list. I love, love running. 5K’s are fun for the whole family! We get everyone involved. I just had surgery and I can’t wait until my doctor gives me the go ahead to run again!

  50. 15 miles. I was training for a HM, and I wanted to know I could make it. I always felt like I died at mile 11, so I thought if I pusher further that it would help. I kept it easy, with walk breaks every mile. It was still felt long, and I still had issues at mile 11.

  51. I’ve done a few 5 and 10k’s and 1 Half . . . so far I think my favorite distance, at least on a regular basis is a 10k. It fits into my schedule/life so easily and gives just enough bang for my buck! 😉

  52. I have run 14 miles while training for each of my half marathons. So glad that I have great friends to make the time go a little faster!

  53. In recent years, a 10k. It was just under a year after the birth of my first son and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. Running gave me back my confidence. When I was younger, a little over 7 miles along the shore of the lake I grew up near.

  54. The longest run I have ever ran was a 14 mile training run for the half-marathon. My running friends had me lead into downtown Lincoln and afterwards we all gave each other high-fives. It was awesome.

  55. My longest run has been 10K, and I do enjoy a good hilly 10K! I’m working on increasing my distance, thanks to your book, and after September 28, 2013 hope to be able answer this with saying my longest distance is a Half Marathon after I complete the Zooma Half in Cape Cod that you did last year! I’m so excited for that! I’m coming back from 2 herniated discs, and a tibial stress fracture, and feeling better than ever as I push turning 50!

  56. Technically my longest run has been a marathon. But my run across the Grand Canyon took a lot longer simply because of the terrain….and worth every step!

  57. Well I have enjoyed doing 5k’s the last year. I did my first 5k when my daughter was 8 months old. I had trained before becoming pregnant and had a miscarriage and I was scheduled to do a mud run when I found out I was 2 months pregnant with her and I was so worried the whole time I never ran, I just walked. And excuse after excuse until 8 weeks ago. Now I am running 5 miles and training for my first 1/2, the portland rock n roll half and I couldn’t be more excited. This Saturday I am baby free and in California and I will run until my shoes stop, I am so excited!

  58. I’m a relative newbie and starting running with the “couch to 5k” program. When I finished that, started working on 10k. To challenge myself further, I just did a half marathon on world Run Day (Nov 11), my longest run to date. A little over a year ago, I could not run 1 minute. Look at me now – I’m a hero to my kids! 🙂

  59. 7.17! Couldnt believe I did it! Training for my first half-Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. The best part was looking at the course map later that day and realizing where 7 miles was on the course-on the far side of the Magic Kingdom! I did it-ran from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom. Time to train to make the trek back!

  60. 18 miles, and, it was the hilliest run I’ve ever done. I actually felt amazing afterwards. I guess that’s what good training does for you 😉

  61. 15 miles! While training for my second 1/2 marathon this summer, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. My longest run was supposed to be 12 miles but I just kept running til I got all the sadness out. Running has helped me cope so much more than eating ever has.

  62. 17.0-mile run, the final long run in my training for the Horsetooth Half Marathon back in April. It was the run that was the final nail in the coffin for me getting Achilles Tendonitis. Still managed to run the half, but also still fighting the tendonitis 7.5 months later. :-\


  63. 13.1…x 3!! If I go by my Garmin distance then it would have to be the NYC half in March 2012. It was 13.4 according to what my GPS said. Either way I love this distance and can’t wait to run it again!

  64. 13.1 miles, twice. I also did the Austin half, but I dropped out at the 10K point. Considering that I was 6 months pregnant and hadn’t been training, it was a great try!

  65. 13.1 miles….5 times:) But the race I am most proud of is my first trail race. I just did it a few weeks ago…12 miles in the woods. It was truly life changing. Now I know what people mean by feeling closer to God:)

  66. My longest was the 26.2 I did a month ago for my first marathon (supposed to be NYC, ended up being the Lehigh Delaware Heritage Marathon. I’m tired just typing that sentence.

  67. Thunder Bay Firefighters 10 Mile Road Race on the long weekend in May each year. My first long race of the season. The weather is usually good and the volunteers are always great!

  68. 43.4 miles at the Black Mountain Monster 12-hour run last June. 14 laps of a 5k trail. Truly awesome. I highly recommend a timed event like this, especially if you love camping. Unlike any running event you’ve ever been to. Take some friends and a LOT of food. You won’t be disappointed!

  69. Longest run is 26.2 twice…once in the rain during the Honolulu Marathon and once for the NYC marathon…one of the best days of my life! Love that marathon and hope to do it again.

  70. 13.1 miles at the Marine Corps Historic Half. I kept telling people that if I was going to run that far, I wanted a marine to hang the medal around my neck. By the time I finished, though, I was no longer thinking my clearest. The marine just handed me the medal and I didn’t think to have him put it on me.

  71. Longest run ever are half marathon…x5 as that is how many I have completed to date…I kind of wimp out and never actually do the 15 mile training run usually prescribed in most training plans, so the race is the longest.

  72. I’ve completed four half marathons, so 13.1. But add to each of those the warm up and it’s probably 13.5 or so.

  73. 26.3ish. Big Sur Marathon 2011. Hardest run of my life. I’ll do it again one day when I don’t have to run an out an back from Carmel and run the Highlands TWICE! When Hwy 1 is OPEN from the start in Big Sur to the finish in Carmel. 🙂

  74. 10.23 miles! A huge milestone because I couple of months earlier I would have said that I could never make it that far!

  75. I am a newbie to running, so…my furthest run so far has been 3.75 miles. I have 8 5ks under my belt and I am signed up for 2 more. I really dread starting my run and feel like my legs are lead. But once I get in my grove, I feel pretty good. Looking forward to when 3 miles is a piece of cake.

  76. Ever-I ran a marathon, but that was years ago and I still can’t believe I did it. Recently 10 miles last Sunday working my way up to 14

  77. The longest I’ve run is 26.5 miles… the 2011 Route 66 Marathon plus the .3 mile optional Center of the Universe detour. Even though it was my first marathon, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the extra bling.

  78. 13.4 miles…the police accidentally blocked the correct turn before the second mile of a half marathon and about half of us ran extra before they figured it out!

  79. My first marathon, the Chicago Marathon 10/7/12,at age 54. The spectators, course, neighborhoods, weather and especially my supportive family made it one of the most memorable days of my life! :

  80. 13.1 glorious miles of my first half marathon and the best part was getting a high five from my husband about 10 feet before the finish line.

  81. 26.2 miles … or, as we say here in Canada 42 kms! Did it twice in my lifetime! Going for third race when I turn the magic 4-0!

  82. 13.1 miles! At the beginning of this year, I would have said 6.2 miles, but 2012 was amazing because I ran my first half marathon this year! This time next year, I’ll be able to say 26.2 when I answer this question!! I love that running is all about improving yourself, running your own race. I just keep look forward to what I will accomplish next, whether it’s a new distance or a PR. Just keep looking forward!

  83. Longest run: 26.2 miles, 22 times so far.
    Going for number 23 this weekend (Anybody else running the Kiawah Marathon?)
    Accidental longest training run: several years ago a training buddy and I got turned around (read: lost) and wound up doing about 22 miles when we were supposed to be doing a 20-miler during marathon training. Good reason to carry a phone and/or GPS.

  84. 13.1 this past Saturday! Don’t have it in the budget to do a half mar race anytime soon, so I planned on training up to doing my own private one mid-December. Friday my daughter had surgery and things went okay so I was able to do a long run Saturday. It was supposed to be 10 (never gone further than that) but I needed more time out to run off the surgery anxiety so I just kept going. I had two gels, a water bottle and an audio book. It was outwardly very uneventful but inwardly I was soaring! No race day swag, except for a new iPhone wallpaper now that says 13.1 and my training calendar on the fridge clearly and colorfully marks my achievement. Since I decided to go the distance at about mile 9, I didn’t have negative splits, but it was sub 2:30 and I wasn’t really sore the next day. Probably due to the fact that I walked in the back door, past my couch-potatoing family to my special, post-surgery gal; changed her sheets, diaper, got her in bed, did some laundry, then made dinner and did some dishes. I was chugging water and recovery snacking the whole time, but didn’t sit down ’til a few hours later. I think not sitting down and the manual labor helped me transition without locking up! No race pics, just the awesome knowledge of what I did. I wouldn’t mind some acknowledgment, but I kind of like the stealth factor!! Plus, I totally bypassed race day jitters! Yay! 🙂

  85. Official longest run = 13.1
    The time I got lost in the woods and kept running until I came out somewhere I recognized… ???

  86. My longest distance was a marathon – 26.2 miles. My favorite distance is the half marathon – 13.1 miles. I plan on doing plenty of those.

  87. 13.1 TWICE!!!! and I’m joining a running group and hoping to do it again this spring!! with friends!! and a stronger finish! =)

  88. 13.35 followed by a 1.5 mile walk back to the car. Yes, I ran another .25 miles of a half with a friend who was struggling to finish! Every tenth counts.

  89. 13.1 miles – which I completed 3 times in 2012. Never in a million years did I think I would ever cover this distance even once, but once I decided that 2012 would be the year I ran a half-marathon, there was no looking back.

  90. My first marathon and currently the only one I have run. Currently I am in nursing school so I take strength from that race to help me make it through. If I can run a marathon then what else am I also capable of?

  91. About 16k, about 8 years ago, before kids.
    More recently, my longest run has been about 6k. As a mom of 2, wife and business owner, time is harder to come by! But I enjoy what I can get!

  92. I ran my first half-marathon this fall in Rochester. It felt amazing and I truly cannot wait to do another in the Spring! 13.1 miles is my furthest run 🙂

  93. 13.1 miles. THe first 1/2 marathon I signed up for, decided I wanted to wait and at the last minute decided it would be a great training run to “try” out the 13.1 mile course. It was a great race, the Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon.

  94. The longest distance I have ever run was 13.1 miles. I take that back, it was probably a bit farther. I find it interesting after a race to take a peek at my Garmin to see how far I actually ran. Weaving in and out, up and down off curbs, etc. Usually adds half a mile more! I am training for my 6th Half Marathon!

    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to win. Merry Christmas!

  95. Longest run ever was 15 miles training for a half marathon this summer. It was hot and sticky and I didn’t love it, but survived! And was able to run my first half marathon in August in 1:42. I followed the train like a mother plan, and it rocked!

  96. A 16 mile training run for a marathon…never ran it due to an ITB injury. I have done 3 half-marathons since then, though. 🙂

  97. My longest run? 26.2 miles in 2011 when I ran my first and probably only marathon. When I was training, I was thinking that 26.2 miles was really far… and while I was actually running it, I was pretty sure that I would never, ever run 26.2 miles again. Still sticking to that prediction. 😉 But I guess never say never.

  98. Woo-hoo, I’m excited to be able to enter a giveway! More giveaways for Canadians please!

    The longest run I’ve done is 10K… so far!

  99. My longest run has been 20 miles… I did 2 20 milers in training for my first marathon (Quad Cities – 2011). 14 miles into my first 20 miler, I ran into the orthopedic surgeon who took care of me 2 years before when I had broken all 7 cervical vertebrae in a car accident. Thanks to him I can run… and walk, and play with my kids!! Seeing him on that run was amazing!

  100. I just ran on an indoor track. I got up to five miles my longest and thought I would just keep going. At ten miles, I made the mistake of looking at my phone and seeing I missed 6 calls. Needless to say my run was over but I was so proud!

  101. 3.5! I never thought of myself as a runner but gave it a try anyway. I love it! Going to work up to a 10k, which did not seem possible a few months ago. From there, who knows? This site is so inspiring!

  102. I ran my first marathon on my 47th birthday and believe it or not I loved every minute of it! So my longest distance is 26.2.

  103. 4.5 miles for me. I know. There are badder (is that a word) ass mother runners out there, but I’m pretty proud of that little run. It was after a horrible day at work, and it was 11 degrees outside, but it put me in a better frame of mind!

  104. I have run 3 marathons, but I swear Dallas last year was the longest in the rain and then getting to the bus afterwards. The bus, by the way, then got lost for 45 min. I felt so trapped and thought I could have hobbled back to the hotel faster 🙂

  105. 4 miles! When I started running last November, I was only sprinting from pole to pole to break up my daily walks. Then I trained to run a 5K in the Spring. By the end of the summer, I was up to 3 miles a few times a week. The first time I ran 4 miles I was shocked. Since my surgery, I’ve bbeen working back to this slowly but surely. Last week, I ran 4 miles again for the first time post-op. I’m training for a 10 miler in February then my first half in April. What a difference a year makes!

  106. 13.1! Finishing my first alf was right up there with my wedding day and the births of my daughters. I’ll do 26.2…but not until it’s legal to leave my girls at home alone to be able to properly train 🙂

  107. 26.2, three very proud times! No matter how slow, how many walk breaks, how many times my mind was telling me to stop, I maintained the training and did it!

  108. My longest run is 14.1 miles. I was just coming off a 2 week ankle injury during my first 1/2 marathon training and my longest run prior was only 9 miles. On the schedule that day was 12 miles, but my running group decided to run the half course. I am not the best with directions, somehow, got lost from the group and added an extra mile to the course. When I finished, I said “Now where’s my medal?” My running group leader happened to have a medal from a previous race of hers in the car and she took a picture of me wearing it…just in case my race never happened due to my injury. I love that picture and almost cry when I look at it. I can’t believe what the body is capable of. And, mind over matter always helps.

  109. 50km at a Fat Ass run last New Year’s Day! I finished dead last, but it totally made ultra distances my favourite. I’ll go longer someday!

    Thanks for opening it up to Canadians! And if the other days aren’t, is a US mailing address sufficient?

  110. In my 20s, I ran several half marathons…but after my twins, my struggles with weight gain and crohn’s – I feel like I’m starting all over again. Every mile and run feels like a new milestone and I can’t wait to run another half soon!

  111. According to my Garmin, and other GPS devices, my longest run has been 13.2miles. Yes, I do run with more than GPS device at time. I have to finish the year with my Nike+ app so I can compare my awesomeness of this year to last years’ numbers. And my husband just got me the new Garmin10, so I don’t have all that data collected….yet.

  112. Probably 14ish when I got lost on one of my last runs training for a half. We were visiting SF and I finished my run in golden gate park but couldn’t find my way out. (pre-iPhone). Oops!

  113. I did a 28 mile training run with a group of five women and one man. It poured the first 10 miles and we almost gave up after slogging through mud. We pushed through and six hours later we were done. We knew more about each other by the end of the run than our spouses do. And the iced washcloths after we’re AMAZING!

  114. I have run 13.1 four times – one race was long by a tiny bit so I will claim a 13.2.
    Kind of makes me feel good to see it in print!

  115. 7.5 miles – it was just last week in training for the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon 🙂 The night before had been snowy, windy, and cold but getting out at 6:30am the wind had stilled, the snow was crunchy under my feet and once I got moving it didn’t feel cold, it was a good run…and I was able to make it to my daughter’s hockey game with time to spare!

  116. 21.1 km – twice. I am Canadian and thrilled to have the chance to enter a draw. I plan to run a full one day – maybe in 2013??

  117. Farthest I have run is 50 miles in Steamboat when it rained for 13 full hours. It was my first ultramarathon and oh so memorable. I cannot wait to train for my next 50 this upcoming year:)

  118. 8 is my longest so far. Tried for 10 this past weekend but, had to stop @ 5 when my knees really hurt! ‘Gonna’ try again this weekend!

  119. 15 miles while training for a half. It was a beautiful, unplanned run. I just kept going. Felt like I could fly that day.

  120. 6.8, right before I was off for 6 weeks with a stress fracture. Since then, I’ve done a 10k, and I’m looking forward to training for that 13.1 next summer!

  121. 26.2, Baltimore marathon 2005. Don’t think I’ll ever do it again, but I did enjoy the lady in her house coat, slippers, drinking a 40, cheering us on.

  122. TWICE! TWICE have I ran a Marathon!!!! The Disney Marathon in 2008, in which, 9 months later, my baby girl was born!!!!!!!!
    Then after she was born, my goal was to do it AGAIN!!!! 2010 I did it again with my Hubby and my baby girl at the end cheering me through the finish!!!!!

  123. 13 miles for me – during my half marathon last spring! That was the first time I ran that far and has been the last so far (until next year!)

  124. officially 26.2 miles a couple of times, but after the NYC marathon, i felt like i walked another 2 miles just to get out of central park

  125. 13.1. Despite numerous halfs, and all of my training runs, I just can’t quite bring myself to run further than 13.1. Maybe one day….

  126. 26.2 – in 2008, in ugly fashion.
    26.2 – two marathons this year, in addition to the training miles put in for the NYC Marathon that wasn’t. Guess I’ll get to do it again next year.

  127. Am a fairly new runner and was so inspired by all the great lengths you women have gone to, I got out there today and did 7.74km. A new record for me! Maybe I’ll try and beat that tomorrow.

  128. My longest run has been 26.7 miles according my Garmin! I wish I could say it was my favorite run but IT Band issues and sleet made it kind of miserable. But, I’ll do it again (once I get this pesky IT band dealt with!).

  129. 26.2 miles! 🙂 The first time was awful, but I “owned” my second marathon (thanks, TLAM!!!). Getting ready to register and start training for a third!

  130. My longest run has been the 2 marathons I have done. The first one was the Nike women’s San Fran in 2010 in the driving rain and wind and Vancouver, BC in the beautiful sun in May of this year. In Vancouver I had a PB by 26 mins.

  131. 13.1…my first half, but definitely not my last. Thanks for all of the training tips along the way. You ladies are the BEST!

  132. 15 miles. When following the “Own It” half-marathon plan. Was tough during the run, but felt amazing to accomplish.

  133. 26.2 @ Boston this year plus the mile + walk to the start and the additional mile or so I think I walked after to get my stuff/find my husband and get to our car. Best 26.2 + ever 🙂

  134. 26.2 and not a step further. I have run several marathons, but I have not ventured into the ultra land. Maybe someday when I stop chasing after my kids I’ll have the energy to go farther. But for right now, this is good enough for me.

  135. 13.1 miles … three times 🙂 Hoping to up the miles by using the TLAM Own It plan for my next half coming up in April.

  136. 13.1 miles. Only been running since February of this year and already ran 2 half marathons and another coming up in March.

  137. I did my first 10k at the beginning of November and that’s my longest run!! Planning to do another one (much faster) at the end of February and I’m using the Hadfield plan to train for it!

  138. 26.2 over 15 years ago. I have not had the courage to train for another full marathon and have been sticking to the shorter, faster-paced half marathon.

  139. My first 5 miler was the kick in the pants I needed to get started again. Maybe after this baby, I’ll start training for my first half…

  140. 13.1 during my first half this year!!!! Best and hardest race yet!!! Currently training for another in MB this February!!! Happy Holidays 🙂

  141. 26.3.miles according to my Garmin. I must have been weaving to avoid the hail, rain and sleet throughout my marathon #2!

  142. Six miles…just went out and decided to run until I felt like I was done……prior to that run, 3 or so was my longest run. It was such a great feeling!

  143. 36.2 miles is my longest run to date (no that’s not a typo!) I ran on a treadmill in the hospital during my son’s recent surgery – didn’t stop until he was out! 🙂

  144. The Columbus marathon was the offical longest run I have ever done (26.54!). But — the run that I worked the hardest for was the 18 miles I did alone on a summer day training for the marathon. You learn a lot about yourself — when it’s just you and the sun for three hours.

  145. 17. I turn 40 on January 13, and committed to myself two years ago that I’d run a full by my 40th. The Disneyworld Marathon is on my birthday – what better place to not only turn 40 but run a full at the happiest place on earth??? This will be my first big race that all four of my children will be waiting at the finish line for me. I’m currently using the Finish It training plan, and while I was suppose to run 18 miles this last weekend – life interfered (I work full-time and am a grad student – did I mention I’m a mother of 4 and training for a marathon????). I will do 18 this weekend – the longest distance I’ve ever gone, well before I did 17 miles.

  146. My longest so far is 7 when I was training for my first 10K. But since I just registered for my first half, I’m going to have to kick it up a notch.

  147. 26.2, the last (and best) 25 feet with my 3 1/2 year old daughter on my shoulders to cross the finish line of my first marathon together. She is the reason I started running, and hopefully we can run together as she grows up!

  148. My longest run EVAH was 3 miles. And that was a few years ago.

    I’m easing back into it and am planning on not interrupting it all with another pregnancy. (It appears that running is a pre-cursor to pregnancy for me.)

  149. 13.1 miles. I have run 4 half marathons. Though it wasn’t my fastest (my most recent in October was the first time I broke 2 hours), the most memorable half was the one I ran 12 weeks after having a hysterectomy. I wanted to prove that I could train in 6 weeks, after not being able to run for 6 weeks after surgery. I did it, and I was so stinkin’ excited!

  150. 13.1 at my first half marathon in October…where I exactly hit my goal time (within :03 – that’s some good math!). It was an amazing run, and long earned, as a pregnancy and an injury both postponed training. Can’t wait to run my next one!!

  151. 10 miles prepping for my first half marathon, but broke my tibia one month before the race…I’ll be running again one day, though!!

  152. 13.1 You Go Girl Half Marathon – Tacoma, WA. This September was my third time to run this race and I set a new PR by taking 12 minutes off my time from last year!

  153. 26.2!
    I never thought I’d run a marathon, although for years I wanted to run a half. I do love the marathon distance now (just PR’ed in Seattle – 25 minutes faster than last year and my body felt AMAZING at the end!!), but I don’t see any ultras in my future. 🙂

  154. 26.2, but hoping to turn that into 50k in a few weeks! I ran the KC marathon in October and it was my first time running an entire marathon (well if you don’t count potty breaks and a few water stops). Best part was, I finished the second half faster than the first and really kicked it in the last 5k. My mom was waiting at the finish line and told me I looked so much stronger than I had at previous marathons.

  155. I ran 18 miles while training for a marathon I never got to pateicipate.
    Both of my children fell ill withthw flu at the same time. 103 temps landed us in the ER.
    Since had a 3rd and running again. Training for my 2nd half and more to come.

  156. even though I felt like I bonked….16.2 completed in my first metric marathon…3 miles longer than a 1/2 was a big challenge…finished proudly even though humbled greatly…my 4 kids under 9 and husband got me across the finish…thank goodness 🙂

  157. Longest run has been 19 miles. I am training for my first marathon!! Unfortunately, the park I was running in closed at sunset and I didn’t realize. I didn’t get back to my car until an hour after they closed the park. Needless to say, the park ranger waiting to close the gates was not pleased with me!! It was a great run though!!!

  158. I have run 23 miles in training for a marathon, but had some heart issues. So sad, but I have started to run again….after 10 years of just walking!

  159. 14 miles is the furthest I’ve officially run, but I have finished up the last mile or two of 1/2s with less experienced running friends after finishing myself, so maybe a bit more un-officially.

  160. 3.5 miles! It was for our Turkey trot I am a new runner and while it was supposed to be a 5K I had a friend run it as well and his GPS said it was actually 3.5 =) Working towards a 10K next!

  161. Ran 18 miles just to run with a friend that was training for her first marathon. I was somewhat of a companion but surely enjoyed the long run….

  162. 13.1 ish miles. I’ve run it 3 times, once in training and two halves. I’m pretty sure the training run was closer to 13.5 🙂

  163. The farthest distance I have ran is 13.48, my first half which turned out a bit longer due to the barriers set up along the route. It was the best feeling in my life crossing that finish line. I felt empowered. My next half is in January at The Tinkerbell Half. I am very excited!!!

  164. As a Canadian, I’m very excited about this 🙂

    I have walked 26.2 (injury precluded running – boo!), but have run 13.1, and have struggled with an ITB injury ever since. I love longer distances, but my body doesn’t so much.

  165. 26.2 gorgeous, yet excruciating miles in Newport, RI. Then I went back for more the next year. Just as painful as I remembered! Call me crazy, but I’ll do it again. Next year, I think I’ll try a flatter course!

  166. 14 miles, this past October, while training for a half marathon in November. This was my 3rd half, but this was the first time I’d ever trained ‘over’ the distance.
    I felt like a BAWW (Bad Ass Woman Walker!) (Not a mom, not a runner, but still a female endurance athlete!)

  167. My longest run was the 2011 Fox Valley Marathon, 26.2 glorious miles (although the last 9 did not feel glorious at all!) Right after I said I would never do another marathon, but I’m in much better shape this year and starting to get the itch to prove I can get a good time. We’ll see, maybe next year…’s like childbirth, you forget the pain!

  168. My longest run so far is 8 miles, which was just a training run around my rural neighborhood. When I run in my ‘hood, I get to check up on the neighbors’ corn and soy fields, spook some grazing horses, annoy a few dogs, challenge a rooster or two, and once in a while I pick up a pot-bellied pig as a temporary running partner. (She’s slow, but she looks fabulous in her pink harness.)

  169. I’m still a newbie, having started c25k in August. My longest run so far was 7 miles in the rain while training for my second race, a 5 mile turkey trot. Thanks to the tips in TLAM I nailed my race goals and have started the “finish it: half” plan.

  170. My longest run so far was 19 miles. I was training for the 2003 L.A. Marathon when I discovered I was pregnant with my first kiddo! I’ll get to 26.2 some day!

  171. Twenty-six point two miles… a few times. But, I think the most memorable one was in Ogden, UT. Rising early to board a bus heading up a mountain in the darkness of morn with many strangers, not yet becoming aware of the beauty around you until the sun begins to rise and tickle the tips of the trees as you wind down the mountain and back into town with the same strangers, some of whom have become friends.

  172. This summer I set a goal to run a 5K before my 40th birthday. I went from being a non-runner to completing my first 5K on November 3, just a little less than a month shy of the big 40! I know 5K isn’t a huge distance but to me it was a huge accomplishment. I’m already registered for my next 5K in 2 weeks! Who knows, maybe 2013 will be the year of the half!

  173. 8 miles this past weekend. I never, ever would have thought that possible when I weighed close to 300 pounds. I’m 43 years old and in the best shape of my life.

  174. 15K was my longest so far 3 months ago. I am now training for my first half that will be at the end of April… Maybe sooner if we have a mild March!

  175. I really wish someone would have told me back in high school how far I was running in cross-country each day. Time always passed quickly and it was a breeze. Now at age 40, as I was trying to get my mileage up to accomplish a 1/2 marathon, fatigue always overcame me after runs. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in September and so my longest run that I’ve tracked remains at just 7 miles. Next year if you ask the same question, I’m sure the tally will be higher— it will just take more planning to get there.

  176. 13.1 – twice (once for a practice run and once for the real 1/2 marathon) Another one coming up in May! You full marathoner’s are nuts 🙂

  177. I once ran 6 miles and it was my first time running with other women and the first time I didn’t take a ton of walk breaks…I was so proud of myself! 🙂 I can now run 5 miles without walking and will start training for my first half soon!

  178. Up until five years ago, I had literally NEVER run one mile straight in my entire life. Even in high school when we did the timed mile, I couldn’t run the whole thing. Well, now I’m 35 and have run several 5ks, 10ks, and 200+mile team relays.

    A little over a year ago, I was training for the Portland Marathon. I made it up to 16 miles
    I remember the first 12 miles felt great. Miles 12-14 felt alright, but not as strong as earlier on. Then at mile 14 my body said, “wait a minute…we are supposed to be done now!” But it kept working. At about 15.5 miles, I remember thinking, “boy if I saw myself running like this right now, I would pity myself for the terrible running form I had.” I felt like one of those little, old men hunched over and shuffling along in an attempt to “run”…you know the ones…the little old men who are inspiring but leave you pitying them just a little.
    Well I made the full 16miles “running” and walked the .25 mile home to cool down. When I got home, I did my typical stretching regimen, and ate something. I don’t remember exactly what I ate, but it was likely a random assortment of whatever appealed at the time and probably included a glass of milk and some bacon! 😉 I then proceeded to take my first ever ice bath. Although the bath was pretty miserable, the cooling down, stretching, eating, drinking, and ice bath must have worked…my body was just fine afterward!
    I didn’t get to run the marathon. I found out I had missed the registration deadline…OOPS! I am so proud of that 16 mile run. I do plan to run a marathon and/or ultra-marathon one day…I just need to determine when! 🙂

  179. 13.1….twice….only after the 1st, had to get back quickly to the hotel to shower & check out (very warm for a November & an uncaring hotel….and a slow run/walk)

  180. 7 miles for this still newbie runner who is planning to mark 1 year running by taking on a half marathon in April. Never would have thought that was something I wanted or even could do. Now, actually excited about it!! What a great feeling!

  181. The furthest I have run is 13.1, but I have done it in four states. For the holiday portion (since it is a holiday sweepstakes) I ran the Rudolf Run 5k last December with a blood clot in 34:32. I would love to run it again with these gloves!

  182. My longest training run was 21 miles. I ran 7.5 of those miles after I had fallen and cut up everything. However, it was my last 20 mile run before my first marathon. I decided if I could kind of walk I could kind of run and I would finish my training run. I did and was so sore for days!

  183. 26.2! First but certainly not last marathon. It was a double out and back on a totally straight and flat course so there aren’t many amazing details to share but I did it!

  184. 6 miles a week after the birth of my 3rd baby through previously untraveled hill country, with an extreme Morton’s Neuroma flaring and post-surgical ankle on one foot and several extreme plantar warts on the other.

    It was agony.

    Recovering from surgery and looking to build miles for my goal: a half marathon!

  185. 13.1, twice in 2012. Diva’s Half Marathon – North Myrtle Beach (favorite race so far — I highly recommend this series); and Women Rock Half (still fun, but not as good as Diva).