Lady Doc: An OB/GYN Gives Advice for Active Moms

Sarah and Dimity talk with Dr. Amanda Hurtubise, an OB/GYN in Port Huron, Michigan, who they found through her informed, insightful comments on their Facebook page. This mom of three and beginning-again runner quickly dubs this show about “the fallout of running,” addressing TMI topics like vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and risk of infection from hanging out in sweaty workout wear. The good doctor also talks about running during pregnancy. The show’s highlight, though, is Dimity oversharing about her shaving habits. Talk about TMI!

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8 responses to “Lady Doc: An OB/GYN Gives Advice for Active Moms

  1. What a great podcast. I listened during my long run on the treadmill (chickened out on running outside in Chicago with a real feel temp of 10) and had a few laugh out loud moments. I am sure the dude next to me was wondering what was so funny. If he only knew what I was listening to! Now I have a “medical” reason to get a bikini wax! Can’t wait for part deux. Such great information.

  2. Loved hearing this! It’s so refreshing to hear another OBGYN say that running during pregnancy…as long as it feels ok…is perfectly fine. I am a mother of 2…I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and am an avid runner and enjoy racing (particularly halfs and full marathons)My OB knew that running was very important to me not only physically, but mentally, and told me it was perfectly fine and even encouraged it. I continued to run my entire pregnancies…I had my first at 39 weeks and my second at 37 weeks. When not pregnant I run around 30-35 miles/week, but cut it down to 15-20 miles/week during pregnancy. I continued to race as well…nothing to far…some 5Ks and also some marathon relays. I honestly feel that staying active helped me to have easier labors and recovery. I had “easy” natural labors with both…my first labor was just under 3 hrs and my second was about an hr. With my dr’s approval, I was back to running 2 weeks post partum and ran a half marathon 3 months post partum after both of my births. I am not a stay at home mom, but before having my kids (I worked up til delivery with my first) I was a personal trainer/fitness instructor and while I loved training in general, I really enjoyed training soon to be moms and new moms. I wish (with dr’s approval of course) more women would stay active during pregnancy…whatever that would be for that person-walking, running, spin…whatever! It really makes a difference with so many things! Thanks so much for discussing this topic.

  3. Listened in for the first time…so fun to hear you guys!

    Wanted to chime in if it’s okay. I’m a mom of 3, runner and Pre/Post Natal Trainer. I”ve dealt with these issues myself (not anymore) and help many women re-strengthen and improve these issues.

    Inner core exercises are a must but attention to alignment is key as well. When the hips or pelvis are out of alignment, it can effect the length/function of the pelvic floor muscles. And it is not just kegels that help with that. There are several other key muscles involved. Doing kegels too much can do more harm than good.

    Running form should be looked at as well. Good running form will reduce the amount of “pounding” on the pavement and stress on the pelvic floor, making that bladder a little more happy 🙂

    I can’t run right now …on the injured list…but love the TMI tuesdays and support for us injured mother runners out there. You guys are awesome!

  4. This was AWESOME! Aside from being funny (which is always good) I really learned alot. We’ve considered adding to our family end of this year which also coincides with my goal of half training…I’m so happy to hear I can continue as long as I feel up to it. THANK YOU!

  5. Hi.
    I would like to know about that but the problem is that I can not hear the voice. Is there a way for me to get info other than that?? thanks.

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