#8: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…Caption Contest


We had a couple captions cooking for this lovely pic, but there's just too much good material—victorious girls, delicious smiles, pink cowboy boots, pouty Batman—that we had to hand the reigns over to you. How would you caption it? Answer in comments below.

Winner, picked by Sarah and Dimity based on creativity and humor, will be announced on Facebook on this Thursday, May 1; we'll also email the winner so you'll be sure to be notified.

What do you win for your clever words, you're probably asking?

Oh, just our brand-new lifestyle tee that syncs up perfectly with this picture: motherhood: the race with no finish line. (And no, that can't be the winning caption...)

Mother of two--and breast cancer butt-kicker--Sally showing off our newest lifestyle tee.
Mother of two--and breast cancer butt-kicker--Sally showing off our newest lifestyle tee.

So ready, set, go: what clever captions do you have for us, ladies?

247 responses to “#8: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…Caption Contest

  1. Donc mon nom est appelé, je commencerai par jyu ippon kumite et ju kumite, mon partenaire sera un gars que je ne connaissais pas mais avec qui j’avais discuté en arrivant à la salle. Nous nous mettons d’accord sur quelques détails et on commence. Jyu ippon kumite (chose que je n’ai jamais travaillée) puis Ju Kumite, je ressens le manque d’entraînement au club pendant un mois, combiné au stress: mes jambes sont crispées, contractées, je bouge mal, j’ai même perdu l’équilibre à un moment. Je n’arrive pas à sortir toutes mes techniques, certaines ne sont pas à distance. Bref, je ne suis pas content de ma prestation.

  2. You might be a mother runner if you are more excited by your children’s award ceremony than your own!

  3. You might be a mother runner when the kids at the bus stop cheer when you run by…(although the kids I run by are slightly older ;))

  4. You might be a mother runner if…your kids have perfected the finish line photo pose. [Love all these little, happy faces – and the not-so-happy ones, too 🙂 ]

  5. You might be a Mother Runner if…..when checking out race registrations you see if there is a kids fun run also because they want to run with you.

  6. You might be a mother runner if… your kids grab medals and pose for “finish lines” shots when you take out a camera!

  7. You might be a mother runner if the hardest part of your race is the post-race cranky kiddo roundup (complete with sprints)

  8. You might be a mother runner if…your 5 year old immediately inquires whether or not she will win a medal at the mention of any race/run.

  9. You might be a mother runner when the little eyes that watch you when you run are the best cheering section in the world! Bonus points if they make cute signs!!

  10. You might be a mother runner if your 4 year old says “mommy I know you won the running race” when she sees your medal for finishing and get excited to “go to the running race show” ( expo).

  11. You might be a mother runner if your children organize a kids race on a Sunday morning during your long run with your BRFs.

  12. you might be another mother runner if you run like a girl, rock the race, do it in style and make the boys eat your dust…girlpower just rocks it!

  13. You might be a mother runner if you convince your kids to go on a bike ride or run with you while you run.. Problem comes when they run and bike too fast,

  14. You might be a Mother Runner if when you wake up your toddlers at the crack of dawn and they ask you “Are we going to a race?”

  15. You might be a mother runner if you don’t want your kids to pee behind a tree, but you don’t think twice about doing it yourself

  16. You mightbe a runner if… when you wake your kids up for school the first thing they say is “How was your run this morning?”

  17. You might be a mother runner if…your kids immediately want to sport your race medal, but refuse to give you a hug and kiss because you are still sweaty.

  18. You might be a mother runner… If you are more concerned about making sure your tires on your jogger are pumped up than if there is milk in the fridge.

  19. If your kids will only let you do races where there is a short-ish kids run WITH a t-shirt and medal for them (t-shirt can be optional, but event and medal are a must).

  20. You might be a mother runner if your kids’ favorite make-believe game is “playin’ marathon (5K, half, tri, pick your distance :)”.

  21. You would give all your finish line medals to the kids, for sweet little hugs and kisses at the finish line.


    Love like there is in this cheering section is what gets you to the finish line.

  22. …you sometimes complete a run in phases…i.e. a half mile to the kids’ school pushing the 3-year-old in the jogger, where you discover that the jogger has a flat so the hubby comes to the rescue and brings the kids, including toddler and jogger home in the car while you run the half mile home, where you complete 2 more miles on the treadmill by bribing the kids to behave with macaroni and cheese because hubby has to leave for the night shift at work!

  23. …the kindergarten teacher asks your child to use nice words when he talks about you practicing your “lick farts”. (Might be a true story)!

  24. If your four year old routinely tells their preschool teacher that they are training for their first marathon.

  25. …if your kid eats his afternoon snack in the jogger stroller even if you’re NOT running that day (and the jogger is parked in the entryway).

  26. You might be a mother runner if your cheering section doesn’t come past your waist, and let’s be honest, they’re only there because you promised them GU chews at the end.

  27. You might be a mother runner if….you’ve set your pace based on how much time you have between soccer practice and cub scouts.

  28. You might be a mother runner if . . . instead of playing in the weekend game, your children are lined up on the race course screaming for you!

  29. You might be a mother runner if beating the father of your kids in a 5k race brings jubilation to your daughters and disbelief from your sons.

  30. You might be a mother runner when all your mothers day gifts are compression socks, a running skirt, headbands and a jar of Vaseline.

  31. You might be a mother runner if…your kids think every watch is a GPS watch and when they see one they begin cheering “Go Mommy Go!!!”

  32. You might be a mother runner if the first words out of your kids mouths each morning are “how was your run Mom?”

  33. You might be a mother runner if your kids compare whose Mom finished where in her age group at the race and include in the conversation,”This time she only got a medal even though she is always hoping for a gift card.”

  34. You might be a mother runner if. . . your kids’ play dates include cheering you on at the end of your weekly long run.

  35. …your daughter/son runs a race every night before bedtime in your house wearing your running shirt and a medal.

  36. You might be a mother runner if your children think that a Nickelodeon Power Rangers marathon is an actual race. Then, beg for you to register them in it 🙂 Love!

  37. You might be a Mother Runner if you understand when “Batman’s” mom decides to make her run a little longer;)

  38. “Seeing your kids cross the finish line for the first time made you cry more than the first time you did it yourself.”

  39. … your 5 year old is up late with you the night before a race making a tutu and watching YouTube videos on making your tutus fuller.

  40. “Our mother runners told us kids if we stand here and yell to them that their sweat smells like roses, that nothing on their body is jiggling, that their exhausted race face is actually very pretty, AND they are totally gonna PR today, then we get to keep these shiny necklaces.”

  41. You have to keep racing to make sure you have an even number of race medals for each of your kids so there isn’t fighting!

  42. You might me a mother runner if you pick your races based in weather or not they have a kids race too.
    You might be a mother runner if you planned your pregnancies around major races.

  43. You might be a mother runner (and amazing sister) if you take your 3 kids plus your sisters 3 kids and her brf’s 4 kids to a fun run so the two moms could run the 5k on Saturday morning. Most of the kids enjoyed cheering for their moms as they crossed the finish line. Bobby on the end (aka batman) was sulking because his sister beat him in the fun run.

  44. When you’re running with your double jogging stroller and you stop to catch your breathe and the little cheerleaders in it say ” you can do it mommy, keep going!”

  45. if at playgroup the kids start crying and you bring out your best Oprah impersonation and say, “YOU get a medal and YOU get a medal, and YOU get a medal….” to get everyone cheerful and happy again.

  46. You might be a mother runner if you hand out race medals for Halloween instead of candy…Trick or Treat!!!

  47. You might be a mother runner if you spend your entire spring break teaching all the kids in the neighborhood how to pose for the perfect finish line photo.

  48. You have enough medals to adorn every kid on the block. But you want to be positively sure you get them ALL back!

  49. you wake up early to get the whole family ready to go and switched from the 10K to the 5K, because your son told you how much he REALLY wanted to run the Kids Fun Run, but he wouldn’t smile for the play group photo because you had to promise him a donut to get him out to the race he insisted upon doing, and they only had bagels at the finish line.

  50. You might be a mother runner if your kiddos make you a medal when you don’t get one for the 5k you ran and then keep it. With all your other medals. Wait is that only mine?

  51. …your child accessorizes their outfits with your race medals…and sparks a new fashion trend in their elementary school!

  52. …plan out “races” for your kids and neighbor kids so they can win thier own “necklaces”, even if it means a tantrum when you ask for them back for your collection.

  53. if that medal you worked so hard for gets removed from your neck as soon as you exit the finish area, because your kid throws a tantrum until you give him his new toy (your medal).

  54. You might be a Mother Runner if… you’re already inspiring the next generation of Mother Runners (and their male cheering sections!).

  55. Your kids are (mostly) as excited about your medals as you are. Note: Batman is smiling on the inside. We all know he’s the brooding type. 🙂

  56. If your mantra has gone from “Finish and you get a cocktail” to “Finish and you get to take one to the port-a-pottie, one to swim lessons, one to soccer, go to grocery store, get oil changed, make cupcakes for birthday party, write PTA meeting agenda, oh, and shower…!”

  57. You have a race photo of each of the facial expressions above! CHEESE…YEEHAW, I DID IT…OMG, THAT SUCKED…OH WAIT, THERE’S A CAMERA, LOOK COOL…

  58. if your morning run makes your feel joyful, powerful, angry, sad and kind a like you got to peeeee! All in one mile!

  59. … your kids are amazed when the kids’ race gives out medals but your race doesn’t (“Mommy, look, I got a medal and you didn’t!” – said with wonder and delight)

  60. Your favorite cheering section is less than 3 feet tall, steals your medal and you don’t even mind!
    Ps Cutest pic ever! Love!!!

  61. You might be a mother runner if…you wish that medals came with the warning “Must be at least 18 years of age” so you had a legitimate reason not to share.

  62. You’ve given all of the kids in the neighborhood one of your race medals and you have them cheer for you during your daily run

  63. You might be a mother runner if you laugh at race medal display ads since yours have become dress up accessories for your kids.

  64. You might me a mother runner if…you just finished a race and you as mother realize that was the longest 4 hours without anyone asking for something…therefore you are asking when can I run my next marathon!

  65. You know you are a mother runner if you have a cheer squad that screams “MOM” , without actually needing something from you.

  66. You might be a runner mother if… You have felt every single one of these emotions before, during, and after a race.

  67. You might be another runner if… Every little person cheering squad along the race route luring a a smile to your face.

  68. You might be a mother runner if your kids’ idea of playing super hero means they need to wear all of your race medals.

  69. Forget heels and oversized dresses. Your children’s dress-up play involves a race medal and their best podium poses.
    (side note: The boy in the batman t-shirt won the silver. He is not impressed)

  70. You might be a mother runner if…you feel all these emotions on your runs- grumpy, doubtful, meh, ok, shy, curious, silly, happy, wonderful and full of glee!

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