A Party on the Move that Moved Sarah beyond Words

The folks waiting for us at the finish, including my three kids (John is boy in blue)

Last Saturday, I thought the plan was for Megan, a good running friend, and me to run 10 to 12 miles. But Megan had a whole 'nother scheme in the works, one she'd been working on for weeks. The short version: Along the way, other friends joined in and ran part or all of the way with us; when we ended at another friend's house, there was a crowd of friends and family to wish me well in the Boston Marathon. But that description doesn't begin to go how special, supported, and loved the morning made me feel. Even now, days later, I tear up thinking about it. The 12-mile+ party was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. Join in the fun with these photos.

Megan (2005 Boston Marathon finisher and party mastermind) & me practicing finish line pose
Gals in purple, including Julie (in grey visor) who joined us midway as part of a 22-mile training run to prep for Eugene Marathon
Steps from finishing--where I finally realized the magnitude of the celebration. (Smile on my face; tears of joy in my eyes.)
Sign welcoming guests at Molly's house; on the run, purple was the "signal" a runner was part of our posse. Many of the ladies had never met before so they needed a way to recognize each other. Made for some confused looks--and many on-the-run texts from Megan to orchestrate it..
Some of us gals post-run (including Sally Hess, left, Meredith McNair (a recent LA Marathoner and upcoming Eugene Marathoner), and Amanda Odum, this week's Follow This Mother, in gray. Check out the feast assembled! (YUM!)
This shot is minus some ladies, but can you feel the love? I sure can.

46 responses to “A Party on the Move that Moved Sarah beyond Words

  1. Such a fantastic way for your friends to show their support and how much they care for you Sarah. I know you’ll remember this feeling for a long time. Have a great time running Boston!

  2. Super cool. You are blessed with some amazing friends. Fun. Wishing you good luck in Boston. Enjoy with all your heart.

  3. So very, very cool! I just love that the whole idea and experience of it sums up what it means to be runners together. Someone who really gets it. Love my own running buddies who I have run with and who one day I will run with. Happy Running in Boston Sarah!

  4. This totally made me tear up..Sarah I am so proud of you and will be thinking of you all weekend. Can’t wait to hear the stories of Boston. Lots of love and good wishes from me!!!

  5. What an awesome send-off, and I have to agree, I used to think people up in the great state of Minnesota had the market cornered on great people, but after spending 6 years in Portland during residency, I sure do miss the people and my friends there! I have one of the Dropkick Murphy’s new songs “Shipping up to Boston” on my running mix, and every time it comes up, I picture SBS on the course. Then the next song is something along the lines of Brick House, which makes me laugh…gotta have those funny moments when running for more than 2 hours! Have a GREAT race, soak it all in, and I can’t wait to hear the race report when you’re done…weren’t you going to post your bib number so we can all virtually follow your awesomeness?

  6. I LOVE this! You are so blessed to have such a great cheering section behind you. I am one of the many who will be cheering you on from afar on Monday, and following your progress. Have a great run. Enjoy every moment.

  7. Friends like that are priceless! I’m tearing up thinking about. Thought about your Boston Marathon run today as I ran, listening to one of your recent podcasts. There are at least hundreds of us Badass Mother Runners cheering you from afar!

  8. What an amazing group of women! While I love the solitude of my running, stories like this make me wonder if I would also enjoy the company of others. SBS – I am so glad you had this experience!

  9. We WILL be there with you…just simply enjoy and do your best! We should all be proud of EACH OTHER!!!! A sisterhood not by blood but by love…

  10. Sarah-
    It was so fun to be a part of celebrating you. It is a testament to what an amazing community you put so much of yourself into!! I am blessed to call you and friend and am ready to hear about your miles tracked on that notorious course – You have earned it!!! Will be cheering for you & sending love your way from the Couv.

  11. What a sweet and thoughtful gift Megan set up for you! When I knew of her running Boston in 2005, I wasn’t yet a runner and had no idea the magnitude of the event. Today I follow Dimity’s sentiments in that a marathon is not for me or in my future, but am in awe of the people who take on that beast.

    I will be cheering for you from Portland on Monday. Wishing you safe travels and that you truly enjoy every moment.

    Yeah to all the BAMRs running Boston!

  12. This is my favorite post since “Anatomy of a Morning Run” (or whatever it was called). What an amazing support system! I would have definitely had what my BRF and I call an “ugly cry”. I can’t wait to get Boston updates.

  13. Getting to be in the presence of such supportive women runners was priceless. I felt so lucky to be part of it. May you ROCK Boston!!! xo

  14. Yay for you and your BAMR friends! Have a great trip to Boston! I am moving from FL to CA in a few months and a friend of mine has organized a run down Bayshore (we are near Tampa) and then brunch at a great place on the water as a goodbye sendoff–awesome!

  15. That is amazing – it brought tears to my eyes too and it wasnt even me! That shows the amazingness of the female runner! And Im super jealous btw – I so need some running friends!

  16. Your friends just created the “new” baby/wedding shower event! A marathon shower… Fantastic idea. Love the love. It is well earned, SBS!! Thinking of you and hoping the forecast is wrong for Monday. Stay cool, lady!

  17. This IS what its all about! Good luck in Boston! Show them what you can do! I absolutely adore this blog. I have had the RLAM book for a while and just got the Train book (should be delivered today) and ordered some shirts and sweaty bands. We mothers have to band together! I love the spirit of this run! We ROCK!

  18. So glad I could be a part of this for even a brief time. And what a great morning for it! Note to self: Always wear the Handful bra…or at least the handful bra pads inside the lululemon bra. I tried to go without my Handful as I can tell from the pictures. The lululemon pads in their bras are just NOT the same. Anyway, back to you Sarah…really glad to be there and lucky to get to know you this past year. You’re awesome! So excited for Boston! xo

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