A Win-Win Day

Simple + pink: two of my favorite adjectives.

O.k., you guys either love a) skirts or b) an easy Hump Day question or c) both. I'm guessing it's c. We doubled the usual number of entries (over 352!) for the do you skirt? question. Thanks for all your opinions, good, bad and otherwise. I won't lie: I haven't been able to get through them all, but I--and, I'm guessing, a bunch of skirt manufacturers--will do so this weekend. (And duly noted: we'll hunt down more skirts for giveaways.)

The random winner--number 178--of the Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra was Dawn, who wrote this:

I have never heard of wearing a running skirt until reading Run Like a Mother! (What can I say?! I lead a sheltered life!) I think they are lovely, very feminine, and I will be rewarding my self with one each time I build up my run by a mile, up to 3.1 so far….working to 5 miles, then a 10k….then a half marathon! I am looking forward to building up quite a collection!

Dawn: no worries on the sheltered life. I'm guessing you have a few things on your plate, including making running a habit. We're thrilled to be giving you the inaugural skirt in your collection. (And for the other 351 of you, you can enter to win the same here at Skirt Sports; they're giving one away every month until the end of the year.)

And a whopping 169 of you gave some great ideas to save money when it comes to running. Clearance racks, outlets, selling "regular" clothes on eBay so you can splurge on Spandex, paying yourself for many strategies. Check them out if you haven't already.

The random winner--number 79-- of an $100 Asics gifts certificate is Julie, who writes

I don’t buy too many running shirts/shorts (I tend to only wear my favorites anyway), but I do splurge on my shoes and make sure to track my miles and replace accordingly…sometimes it just means fewer cute work shoes, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

Julie: maybe you can budget in a new pair of flats now that you've got an a new pair of kicks coming your way. Congrats!

Gotta sign off: week 3 of marathon training has me tuckered out (just 13 more to go!). And I've got a sprint triathlon, The Creek Streak, on Saturday--totally for fun and to just pin on a number, as I haven't been in the pool in weeks and haven't done a bike + run combo in over 2 years--but the athlete in me knows the sleep two nights before the race matters more than the one immediately before. (And the hypochondriac in me is worried about the water in the Cherry Creek rez; rumor has it swimmers are getting random rashes. Anybody taken a dip there recently?)

RLAM and roll this weekend, no matter if you're in a skirt, in a sprint or in for a nice solo run.

9 responses to “A Win-Win Day

  1. Have fun at your tri! I did my first this summer and it was hard but SO much fun. The support from the other participants on the course was just so encouraging! Makes me smile to think of it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Katie…sorry it wasn’t you. I think I made it clear, but just in case: I use to pick the winner…so it’s not based on content of entry (unless I make that clear in the post). Don’t worry: we’ve got plenty of Hump Days coming up…

  2. Look for a swim angel, if you can 🙂 They are really encouraging! The Tri feeling is like one big rollercoaster 🙂 Recently did one myself and loved it!! Good luck!

  3. Slather up with waterproof sunscreen… People around here have been having a swimmers itch problem and are finding those that are all sunscreened up have been fine… Happy Tri!!!

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