Adding It Up


A 7-minute video--not my shooting--from 2010. Add in a few more falls on the ski down, and much more wind, and it's a pretty accurate depiction of my day.

Promise: last entry about the quad. I am so appreciative of all your support and kind comments...with the number and intensity of them, I feel like I should've been going to the Olympics, not to some random winter race in a prison town in New Mexico.

Because I am writing about the race for Runner's World, I can't spill all the details here, but I can share a few random highlights--or low lights. (Pencil it in: the article will be out in February 2012.)

1: Number of times I locked my key in the minivan, 30 minutes to race start. I had carefully put the key in the Velcro pocket of my hydration pack, which also held a full bladder of Kona-Cola nuun laced water, 6 Gus, my windbreaker and an extra pair of gloves. So I get my bike out of the car, have my helmet + sunglasses on, ready to go. Click. Lock. Oh, look at that pack on the passenger seat. F*(#!

2: Number of firemen it took to "break" into the Odyssey. Thankfully, the fire department, the race start and my van were within a block of each other.

5 minutes: Number of minutes it took them to rescue my pack. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

2.5: About the number of miles I actually ran for the 5-mile portion uphill. I told myself I was being conservative, saving my legs, but the truth was, I couldn't have run the whole way even if somebody was chasing me.

4th: The attempt number this year's 2nd place woman, doing her 8th quad, was able to run the full 5 miles. (Awkward phrasing, I realize: she didn't run the whole way until her 4th time doing the race.) Yes, that made me feel better to hear that.

0: The number ofย  shots of Jack Daniels I took at the snowshoe hydration station. Love the idea in theory, just not at 11,000 feet with my temples already pounding.

2 seconds: the amount of time I stood in a port-a-potty on the run course before I immediately exited and grabbed a tree. Of course, nobody was around until I stood back up and flashed him.

3 miles: The number of the five miles I probably ran on the way down. I anticipated this section being much easier, but my legs were fried and what mental toughness I owned at the beginning had definitely left the building by then. Flat ground felt uphill, uphill felt like a stopped escalator.

40: mph the gusts got up to on the bike on the downhill. There was no cruising home. I had to work for almost every pedal stroke. The oh-crap feeling rivaled that of the key incident six hours earlier. Fast, 8-peat woman told me they were the worst she's seen. Yes, that made me feel better too.

171: number of soloists (crazy people?) who took on the course. (They also have 2 and 4 people teams if you're interested in it, but not interested enough to be crazy.)

31: number of those soloists who were women. (Not sure what this says about us as a species: we're smart enough not to put ourselves through this or we're not ready to put ourselves through this?)

18th: my place for the solo women. Solid mid-pack, my favorite place to be. Lots of chatting going on.

1 hour: length of time I had to stop on Sunday on the 500-mile drive home to nap. Wiped.

101 degrees: the temperature Amelia clocked tonight. Ben, I'm pretty certain, isn't far behind.

Time to be a mom again.

And also, time to take the focus off of me. What's a number that relates to your latest run or workout?

91 responses to “Adding It Up

  1. Way to go, you badass!

    7: the number of miles I ran on Saturday
    50 mph: wind gusts during my run
    4000 yds: how far I swam on Monday
    23: weeks pregnant I am today
    4: days until Disney Princess Half-Marathon

  2. I finally had 7 minutes (plus) to watch the video and read your recap. I am in awe! What a grueling race! WAY TO GO!

    I am also in awe of Mr. Camera Man! I mean, seriously?! He had never been on cross country skiis and he is able to operate a camera, too? Not that he is stealing your thunder, Dimity, but that is pretty impressive! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Also, forgot to add… Saturday, I ran 13.15 miles. My longest run to date! I usually do not have a running buddy (aside from the jogger and dog… which hardly count as motivators!) It was a great run! The sun was shining, I had my new running shoes on, and the best part of it… my little sister accompanied me on the entire route! It was great to know I can not only run a half marathon but I am also able to talk and run the entire distance!

  3. WAHOO! You are amazing and I enjoyed every sentence of your post!

    My number? 17 (or something around that): inches of NEW snow that fell in the Twin Cities over the weekend. Luckily, I was in Des Moines, Iowa visiting family and had a beautiful run in sun and 50 degrees.

  4. 6. I am running 6 miles 6 times to reassure myself that I am healed enough to take on my first international distance triathlon in June.

  5. Congrats on the Quad! What an amazing accomplishment. It has been fun to follow your updates about it. As for my running numbers:

    5: the number of work outs I have missed with this stupid chest cold!
    1.5: the number of hours I was up with a sick baby last night.

  6. 3: the number of hours betweentaking my Cold-eez zinc lozenges

    2: the number of days I’ve been taking them

    5: the number of days until myfirst half marathon ๐Ÿ™

  7. Congrats Dimity!! That sounds like a hellishly good time. Cannot imagine ever taking something like that on, you should be mega-proud of yourself!!

    5: the number of minutes I took of my race time this Sunday!! 4.6 hilly miles at a 9:15 pace, faster run ever!! Psyched ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Congrats to you, Demity! That is just awesome!!
    My numbers:
    5.4 = Number of miles ran today.
    10:45=min/mile, done in mile 4, up a long, very steep hill with a big head wind.
    9:06 = min/mile, done in the last mile in pouring down rain which turned to hail, and I was headed home! (my best time time yet!!!)
    1 = number of times my kids called during my run.
    Oh, I can’t forget 50, reached it this week…..the number of pounds I’ve lost the past 11 months. 10 more to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My number: 1:29:05–my time for my 10-mile race this weekend and a PR for me! Also, it was my first “honest” sub-9 average pace for a race. The last time I averaged a sub-9 pace it was on a half-marathon course that dropped 2,200 feet and I felt gravity deserved some of the credit for propelling me forward quickly. This time, I did it all on my own.

    Congrats on your race! Can’t wait to read the article.

  10. Wowsa!! I did a 5k snowshoe “shuffle” and that was tough. You are beyond impressive. Here’s me:
    6 3 = 6 miles with 3 friends on Sunday.
    0 = miles since then.
    0 = good excuses why I didn’t run today.

  11. Congrats, Dimity! Incredible mental toughness. I can’t imagine. Being that snow and I don’t mix, I think I would probably have given up in a pile of tears half way through. Thanks for pushing through for all of us. 4. 4 days that I have to figure out my runs with kids in tow because husband is out of town. Cheers to all the women who have do it every day, whether you are single mom or husband deployed or something else… you get a trophy.

  12. Congrats, Dimity!

    5 – pound bag of peanut M&M’s I’d bring to your door, if we lived closer, to say Congrats on your awesome accomplishment. You should be proud!

    1.8 – the miles my 11 y/o DD joined me for on a weekend run

    5 – the # of x400 I did for the first time doing interval/speed training on the treadmill today ( during toddler naptime )

    17 – the numbers of weeks I have been running!

  13. Dimity, congrats on an incredible race and seriously, that feels like a huge understatement. My numbers:
    100s: pilates this morning and I’ll never like them.
    10: minutes I spent looking for my yaktraks this morning so I could run over lunch.
    30: minutes carefully running over lunch without
    my yaktraks

  14. A quote from a friend (male) that also raced the Quad “Wow, the Quad never gets easier, just faster.” Congrats on finishing and doing well! I love the number analysis.

  15. Let me just tell you that in addition to making me laugh (which you always do), you made me tear up! I think it’s just that running has become so central to me that I just feel so connected to other runners lately. Of course, I am merely living vicariously through you, because I cannot add an additional sport to my races ๐Ÿ™‚

    18: The number of days until my next race.

    3: The number of days since my last race.

    5: The number of miles I will log tomorrow.

  16. Congrats on your fantastic race, Dimity!
    My number for today’s run:
    1- the number of times I had to hop off the treadmill to wipe a tiny hiney. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope the kids are feeling better!

  17. Love your Race by the Numbers!

    Todays numbers for me:

    48: number of minutes it took me to get dressed and get out the door for my run.

    41: the number of minutes it took me to run 4 miles.

    8: the number of hours I’ve spent worrying that I won’t be ready for the marathon in May

    4: the number of seconds your post took to give me my confidence back!

    Thanks. You Rock.

    Hope your kidlets are feeling better.

  18. 10=the number of miles on the training plan for this past weekend
    2=the number of Advil Migraines it took to lighten the headache enough to run
    4=the temperature 10 days prior
    80=the temperature on Sunday
    3=the number of miles I actually ran

  19. Congrats Dimity! Truly amazing! Puts my number to shame – 5=number of minutes I was on the treadmill this morning before I decided that I really didn’t feel like running and got off. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day!

  20. Dimity–How awesome! You almost make me want to learn to ski so I can have an adventure like that. Can’t wait to read the article next year. I hope your kids feel better soon (and that your son can avoid it). As my twin-parent friends and I say, having “the deuce” (a double episode of kid sickness) is no fun.

    Here are my numbers from today:

    10: the number of 400s I did this morning at 5:30 a.m.
    7:15: the pace (per mile) I did them at
    120: the number of minutes in the meeting I have to go to this afternoon
    8: the time I want to go to bed tonight

  21. 13:11 – My pace on my ‘easy’ 4 mile run yesterday due to all the invisible ice
    1 – Number of falls due to said ice

    I walked more than I ran, banged up a knee, and wrenched my back. All in all one of my worst runs in recent history. Maybe even ever. Please, let it be Spring soon!

  22. We’re proud of you too!
    2: number of kids home on a snowday
    2: number of kids keeping me from a regular workout
    2: number of kids I creamed on Just dance 2 (secret workout)!

  23. 14: The number of inches of snow we received on Sunday which kept me from running my 6 mile run in prep for my half marathon on May 1st.

    29.99: The number of dollars and cents taken from my bank account today to purchase Yaktraxs so that I can make up today the 6 miles I missed on Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks, Dimity. I was inspired to get them after you guys posted that you were giving them away. I’ve also become a big fan of GU on my long runs…thanks again to Hump Day Giveaways! Even if I don’t win I find myself going out to purchase or check out the product being given away. Thanks for exposing us to a number of fun running products.

        To all the mommies who run in snow….YAKTRAXS are a godsend! I completed my 6 miles in them today. I felt like Superwoman! No excuse for not running in the snow ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 4: The number of things I was trying to do while working out with a Jillian Michaels DVD!!
    Workout, get dinner in/out of oven and microwave, let dogs in and out of house, and answer all of my son’s questions about what I was doing!!!
    *Great job, Dimity! As always, love reading your posts!!!

  25. Wow Dimity. Wow. You are a true inspiration to all of us!

    My numbers:
    16: degrees F on my morning run today.
    1.5: inches of snow over one inch of ice.
    3.8: miles run in 16 degrees and 1.5 inches of snow. FUN!

    PS. Sorry the kiddos are sick! I hope you stay healthy and can rest from your big adventure!

  26. 5: Number of blocks away from my goal on my Sunday run when my husband picked me up. He was picking up our youngest from gramma’s. I told him, you go ahead, I’ll head out the door and run in the direction of your route home. When our paths cross, you can scoop me and I’ll ride back home with you and the baby. I had a particular distance in mind, but overdressed for the weather and had glasses that kept fogging up in the sorta-cold and ended up being retrieved 5 blocks short of my goal. Drat.

  27. Fun post!
    2… ran marathon #2 in Austin this weekend
    95… amount I spent at the expo – I was under budget by $5 – yes!
    3… total number of potty breaks, 1 before & 2 during – note to self: do not eat bunches of blackberries day before a race
    1.7… number of miles we had to walk to the car AFTER the run
    5:04:46… my PR time – woohoo!
    6… cost of the best Chalupa Burger that I ate for my post-race dinner – YUMMO!

  28. Way to go Dimity! You are such an inspiration!

    5: number of miles I ran yesterday
    3: number of miles I plan on running tomorrow and the next day!

  29. 2 kids that have had a stomach virus
    10 loads of laundry as a result of said virus
    0 miles run by Momma due to injury
    1 grumpy momma

    You, however, rock! way to QLAM!

  30. 4: number of Gu Chomps I had prior to my run
    4: number of miles to be put in
    2: number of times I had to stop while running
    1: number of tummies that really hurt!
    2: number of miles clocked
    20: number of minutes it took to run (not bad)
    10: number of minutes doing abs
    2: number of volleyball games played after running/abs

  31. Dimity, you are officially my HERO! I love this post, and didn’t even know they had events like this out there. Maybe someday I will progress past running…maybe.

    My numbers
    Miles in the 5K – 3.1
    Number of years since I have run a 5K as fast as I did on Sunday – 11!!!

    Yes I busted through an 11 year PR, mostly because I just read a book that said you couldn’t claim a PR if it’s more than two years old. OK Fine, There, I DID IT!

    And more importantly, Dimity YOU DID IT!!!! Can’t wait to read your article.

  32. 13.1 – miles I registered to run in the Race to Robie Creek. Registration was yesterday, it filled up in 21 minutes!

    9 – panic level on a scale of 1 to 10. This is my first race ever.

    10 – excitement level on a scale of 1 to 10. This is my First Race Ever!!!

    I’m a new runner with three kids, ages 11, 4 and 2. Finding this website was the best motivation ever! I love RLAM!!
    I love hearing about all of the different levels of Mother Runners here. Congrats on your latest race, Dimity!

  33. 26.2- first marathon this past Saturday.
    3- the number of minutes by which I beat my goal time
    1- the number of portapotty stops I made
    6- the number of mandarin orange GUs I choked down
    1- the number of times I will get to experience my first marathon

    Dimity, I swear, in the middle of all of it, I thought “This is easy compared to what Dimity is doing today”- from one mid-packer to another, thanks for being such an inspiration!

    1. Jennifer: I was just talking to SBS. Believe it or not, the quad feels easier to me than a marathon. Get to switch things up, go up, then down, and no pressure for splits b/c I had no real idea what they should be. But congrats! So cool you beat your goal time, even with the PP stop. Glad you got the GU down…and hope you’re still glowing from your accomplishment.

  34. Congrats again on your quad – that is awesome!

    7: the tempo run I had yesterday.

    6: the number of miles to run before Friday.

    13.1: Disney Princess this Sunday! Yeah!!!!

    100: the way I feel after a race!

  35. Dimity-you are a ROCK STAR! My numbers are 4, for the number of hilly miles I did this morning and 13.1, the number of miles in my first half this Sunday in Disney World. My tutu has been made and I am ready!

  36. Congrats on the race!!
    My numbers
    3: miles I trudged out this morning. nothing felt right. ugh. i think it was the combination of the fact that it was 5 am and really foggy. felt like I could never get a good breath in.
    6.5: weeks till my first 10K. hoping to simply run the entire distance ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. 0: the number of miles I have run in the past week. Temporarily sidelined by a minor (I think, hope) foot injury. Hoping to get back out there tomorrow night.

  38. Congrats on the run! That sounds like a vicious race!

    5: time my hubby woke me up with his snoring.
    3: miles of an early morning jog (President’s Day = Daddy’s home… I’m free to go!!! Say no more…)
    2: number of bodily functions I had to clean up after. First one, dog poo on the shoe (argh); Second, two-yr old wet the bed while snuggling up with Daddy (right where I sleep!)

  39. 30: the number of minutes I Zumba’ed this morning.
    2: the number of times baby Parker moved during the workout
    1: the smile that was plastered to my face after shaking it!

  40. My subscription to RW has lapsed but I’m going to have to pick up that issue to read about this one! Congratulations on your finish!

    3: My place in my age group at a 5K I ran on Sunday. I won my first ever running award!

    42: The number of seconds I improved on my previous personal 5K best.

    1600: The number of meters in the three speedwork intervals I ran morning. I hate running 1600m speedwork but I’m done and its over and its the last 1600m session in my training plan!

    1. Nice job on the 3rd place! And way to go with the speedwork. I gotta get after that in a few weeks. Hate it, but love the effect it has. Want to do some for me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Woot woot Dimity! That’s quite a feat.

    Numbers for me on Saturday 1 good running friend + 10 miles equals no match for gusts of 40 mph. (Running alongside the Potomac River no less).

  42. Way to rock it, lady! So proud of you ๐Ÿ™‚

    My number? 62 — the number of degrees it was (briefly) here in NH on my last run (my first outdoor run of the year).

  43. I wish I could give you a big hug this minute! You are totally an inspiration! Loved the context in which you reported your numbers! You rocked NM, girl! I am sitting here, post breakie of spinach and eggwhites dying to hit the door after getting 4 coughing, medicated kids to school! 1 hubs away from gettin’ it!!!! Congrats, Dimity!!!!!!

    1. Stay healthy, Mary! Taking thing one for strep test this morning, and thing two is not far behind, I fear. Love that you send them to school: you’re my kinda mom!

  44. You are So Amazing! I have been thinking of you and am so glad to hear about the race. As my husband said when I told him about you, “Faut etre fait fort.” (Gotta be made tough.)

    My runs?
    1: broken treadclimber ๐Ÿ™
    -18 celcius: temp outside right now
    50%: chance that I get outside today to run. After watching the video, a quick turn around the neighborhood looks easy, but I am a wimp about running in the cold!

    Rest up!

    1. Kathy: that may be the first time anybody has ever used French words about me. Thanks for sharing. The temp on Saturday was balmy: 40-50’s. (Not sure what that is in C.) Sorry your treadclimber is broken (is that a treadmill? or a different machine?)…spring will be here soon enough. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  45. Way to go Dimity! How amazing and powerful you must feel! You are such an inspiration.

    5: the number of hilly miles I ran on Saturday before my sciatic nerve started acting up.
    2.6: the number of miles back to the car from that point.
    3: the number of miles I hope to run today–pain free. (fingers crossed)

  46. Dimity,

    You are such an inspiration! I look forward to reading it in Runner’s World.

    4: easy miles yesterday
    7: tempo mile run planned for tomorrow
    26.2: first marathon – May 15 … Lambeau field, baby!

  47. Way to go on the race!!

    Mine is 5 – the approximate number of miles I made it through this weekend’s run before I slipped on a patch of ice and fell down. Luckily I wasn’t (seriously) hurt…more of a blow to my pride than anything!!

    1. 1:7- one engagement ring after 7 miles of climbing on our bike ride Sunday
      8: the number of friends along for the ride as witnesses to the excitement
      6: the # of months I have to plan a wedding
      2: the number of years until I can RLAM (if all goes according to our plan, the way life always does of course!)

  48. Unbelievable! When I first read the description of the race in your post last week, I thought it sounded like something Jason Bourne would have to do to escape an assassin. You are amazing for (1) even thinking of doing this event and (2) training for it and (3) going out, facing it, and finishing it!! Way to go Dimity!! I don’t think any of our weekly runs/workouts can compare to the Mt. Tayor Quad. Revel in your accomplishment! Give yourself some credit, will ya? Running 2.5 miles uphill, passing up free shots of JD, and biking into 40 mph winds – not to mention all the other running, biking and snowshoeing – those aren’t things every man, woman or mom does on the weekend. I hope you can be as proud of yourself as your readers/followers are of you.

    1. Thank you, Heidi: my first words to my husband on the phone afterwards were, “I am so proud of myself.” And I have a hard time saying that…just not my nature. But I am. Truth be told, I didn’t realize how badass the race was before I pitched it to RW, and then when they took it, I kinda had to follow through. I’m relieved it’s over now…back to “normal” for a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Way to go! Brilliant post!! I love that these posts come right when I finish my run!

    12! The number of times I yelled “Yes I Can!” in my head during the last mile.

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