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AMR Connect: How to Use our Brand New Forums

When we relaunched this website about a year ago, we wanted to have a place where you could interact with other mother runners. Of course there's plenty of connections on Facebook page, but those flit status updates by faster than I can blitz through an 800 on the track. (Ok, faster than I can clump through and barely survive an 800.) So we had an AMR Connect page, but it was super basic, ugly, and not terribly easy to use. So it went unused. (Really? You don't have time to spend on a not particularly helpful or attractive page? I'm at a loss to understand...) Fast forward a year, and we sent the Connect page under the knife so you could, actually, you know converse with one another. (What a concept, right?) We're very pleased with the results; a brand spakin' new AMR Connect page. We mentioned it in the February newsletter, but we wanted to run through it here as well. There are two places to find AMR Connect:

The first way: under the Join Us! at the top navigation menu.
The first way: under the Join Us! at the top navigation menu.
The second one: between the orange chicken and the puce Buy the Books.
The second one: between the orange chicken and the puce Buy the Books.

The first time you want to post on AMR Connect, you need to register with your email, give yourself a nickname (can be your first name, or something catchier like milesforsanity), and then you're in. Easy peasy. We won't touch your emails or use them for anything; they are simply necessary to make our little exclusive but inclusive runner fortress. Once you're in, you can post a question, answer a few, or just introduce yourself.

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 6.57.34 PM

 In addition to the categories for the usual suspects—training plans, f*&(in' injuries, life + balance, gear me—AMR Connect has three forums that are pretty unique and cool (or at least we think so): Find a BRF (Best Running Friend): as far as I can tell, there hasn't been a match yet, but we'll celebrate the first pair of new BRFs with an advertisement that says the actresses, which will have perfect pearly white smiles as they run 7-minute-miles, are only based on actual experiences. But I digress. You can definitely find a pal to pass some miles with here.

The girls in NOVA are on the prowl for BRFs.
The girls in NOVA are on the prowl for BRFs.

Second is the free gear swap, where you can find a home for your gently used gear that doesn't fit, doesn't thrill you anymore, doesn't do anything but take up space. The recipient only pays for shipping. Here's a Lululemon skirt that went faster than Marion Jones in the 100-meter dash: Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 7.04.34 PM Third, but not least, is the TMI section, where our entries are currently limited to one about the Diva Cup and one about the sublime experience of using a brand new port-a-potty on race morning. (I dare you to not think about that latter one when you're squatting over a spackled seat before your next 10K.) Obviously, respect, support, helpfulness and general badassness reign in AMR Connect, but that won't be difficult; that attitude reigns over all us mother runners. So welcome to the Forums; doors are officially open for business. As always, no question or issue is too basic, too complicated, or TMI. Can't wait to cross paths with you.

9 responses to “AMR Connect: How to Use our Brand New Forums

  1. Hi Carrie and JC!!!! I miss chatting with you! Hope all is well and we can get back to the Masters Forum soon. 🙂

  2. Hi JC and Erica,

    Should we just start posting here?:-)

    I sent an email to Sarah and Dimity. Last time I complained they got back to me right away.


  3. The link to the forum just keeps looping back to this post. How do we get there? :-(. Is the new forum not up and running yet?

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