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Author Topic: Mater Runners November 2019

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Post Re: Mater Runners November 2019
on: November 26, 2019, 13:10

Fri: YAY!! I did drag myself to the fitness center. Not too many people, yes!!
First, 15 minutes on the elliptical with 20% incline! Felt good, like I was hiking the rocky areas on the Mt Eldon.
Then, onto the TM. I started slow with at least 2% incline, then up the speed every 1/4 mile with the 'random' setting on 'hills' for 2 miles. I started to lose interest so I got off the TM and ran the short track for another mile (15 laps!!), threw in some lunges, side shuffles, cross over to side to sides (my fave), and long jumps on the straightaways .......just because I can, LOL!!
Then after a mile, I got back on the TM and finished with some intervals and cooldown.
About 12 minutes on the cycle. Another 15 minutes of stretching. I was done! YIPPEE!!

Sat: rest.

SUN: I was planning on running on trails near home but thick smoke over the area (trails) ..... from a prescribed burn, ugh!! DH and FIL finally arrived safe from MN around 10 PM. I barely stayed up, hugs, and kisses, and a goodnight form me, was in bed by 10:30.

Monday: WINDY! WINDY! WINDY!! Got up early, had breakfast with DH and FIL. Around 11 am, I drove to fitness center again and pretty much did the same workout but finished 6 miles. That was a grind!! It takes alot of MENTAL toughness to stay on the TM for over 2 miles!! I had to get in some intervals just to get it over with.

So relieved and happy we did not drive down to Phx. DH had a couple of 'stuff' he wanted to pick up but the guy ended up delivering it to us, yay!! So much to do here before we head back to MN on Sat. Stalking the weather channel.Not looking forward to it but DH has to be back by the 4th. DH will drive the truck with his dad while I follow in my car. Got new snow tires, YES!!

Today: We had some snow overnight but alot more on the peaks!! It's sunny today and snow is melting in/around town. Another cold front predicted but it may be moving towards the north. We are planning on leaving for MN on Sat. FIL isn't use to the high altitude. He's not in the best health shape either. But no one in the family was ever active except for DH who did alot of biking and walking.

Gosh, my legs needed those interval workouts. The ONLY nice thing I can say about the TM is it forces me to get my speed/interval trainings in. I tend to neglect those on my trail runs. I know I benefit from them. Case in point was running the Midnight Madness in Phoenix. I normally don't run 5Ks or 10Ks (unless it's a hilly technical trail).
So the Midnight Madness was a 5K at 10 pm New Year's Eve (last 'run' of 2018). Then another 5K at 12:10 am (first run of 2019). It was fun. I'm not a sprinter so the training was tough for me. But it paid off.

So I think about that event when I'm on the TM. I don't listen to music. TVs are on so that helps. I hope to get another run in tomorrow and maybe on Friday.

REST day for me today! My legs are a 'good' sore from the last two days of intervals and exercises in between.

My RB in MN will be coming up from the twin cities to where we live in northern MN for a visit. YIPPEE!! What a wonderful 'welcome back' ..... I think, haha!! She needs to get in a LONG run. I'll just follow in my car, LOL!! I might .......that's a big 'might' ...... get in a short run with her.... to get acclimated, right? Her BF is training for the Arrowhead 135. Those are insane runners!! This is his third try.

RB and I will be cheering him on at designated points and then RUN back to the warmth of the shelters, haha!! It'll be my first time to witness this incredible event. Crazy!! This is the website but check out a video.


Posts: 1212
Post Re: Mater Runners November 2019
on: November 26, 2019, 13:19

Lisa: WOW!! You're amazing!! congrats on the weight loss, you sound good and you'll do great at Boston...... I know you will. Those workouts sound awesome and I'm so impressed with your determination to get them done consistently ...... which is key. I get lazy at times. The turkey trot will be a good way to work on your speed for the next race. Good Luck!! 🙂 Fingers crossed for good warmer temps. Phoenix is very accommodating to retirees. DH considers it now and then but I can't survive the heat and congestion. It's getting like L.A. I'm more of a mountains, rivers, canyons, mesas type of gal. So DH is pretty resigned to the fact that we'll be retiring in northern AZ. We'll sell the MN house when the time comes.

Nancy: the cruise sounds like your cup of tea to relax and refresh. You'll have plenty of time to keep working on your recovery, right? Sounds like the best way to do that is a cruise, haha!! I've never been on a cruise or to any of those islands. Good job on getting some progress. Every step counts. Phoenix is a HUGE city with all the other small cities together. And I really like this particular Cadillac dealership service on the southeast side so it was worth it to drive ALL THE WAY there. I got stuck in heavy traffic because the work on my car got done close to 5pm. And DD lives on the west side of town. We'll be leaving on Saturday for MN. I think we will be following the storm. Good luck to DH and DD on their turkey trot!! You'll be the loudest cheerleader there, right? 😀

Erica: Gosh, I know the feeling of trying to find the right shoes. I've been trying to get these even tho' they are from 'last year.' I need wide toe space too and these felt pretty flexible. But I have to get Montrail insoles to lift my arches. I didn't wear it the first time I ran on the TM and the forefoot of my soles got sore. It really makes a difference apparently. I'm not sentimental about the holidays. But FIL wants to celebrate turkey day ........ so we are. I'm trying not to buy too much food since we are leaving Saturday ........and not returning till 'next year.' DH thinks I've been starving since he found the fridge pretty empty. LOL!! Told him I've been trying to be creative with what was left. haha! 😛

Have a great day with your families, ladies. I'm grateful for each of your friendship and how we have kept this forum going for another year. Stay warm and safe.

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