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Author Topic: Master Runners December 2019

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Post Re: Master Runners December 2019
on: December 29, 2019, 04:36

Regarding that race you posted JC... holy cow the temps! and the photo of the guy in shorts!

I have been walking and not doing much running. Yesterday I did a few short intervals of slow running. Came home and did various stretches. Then my left leg below my knee began to ache and was not happy when I put weight on it. Couldn't determine if it was the nerve or a tight muscle. I'm going with the nerve as my back as been a little sore too. Anyway, it went away but it makes me nervous so I think for now I am going to stick with walking or when I go to the gym use the bike or tm/walk.

Had a nice Christmas with family and had Thursday off so enjoyed some slug time. Will be off NY Day. Really not interested in NYE but one of our couple friends here in town always has a party as it's his birthday, so we will go. Considering we go to bed every night at 9:30 (getting up at 5am) I will be lucky to still be awake at midnight. Guess I will need to take a nap on Tuesday when I come home from work.

Stay safe with your storms, JC!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2020!


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Post Re: Master Runners December 2019
on: December 29, 2019, 11:57

Hi Nancy! Good to hear from you. Walking is good. No need to push it. Those unhappy areas will get use to the movements and stretches again. Staying active all these years has its benefits for sure and you are proving it. I swear my joints and muscles are in constant achy land. It has to be the weather. It feels better once it warms up when I stand against the pellet stove. Take the nap and enjoy the party ....... even for a couple of hours.

We woke up to SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!! The snow drifts in our backyard especially are at least 3 ft!! If I sink in, you may not find me till spring, haha!! DH is already blowing snow and waves at me from the seat, nutty guy!
Would be nice to go for short run in the fresh snow. It's about 24 degrees, but feels 15 from the 18-22 mph wind, brrrrr!!
That will probably be BALMY in comparison to the race in International Falls. That is insane, right? The guy in the shorts........ OMG! I know, I had the same reaction!!

Our anniversary is New Year's Day. Will be 18 years although we have been together about 25 yrs. DH is usually sleep by 10 pm (awake by 5 am) even with short naps throughout the day.
Is that genetic? His dad does the same thing.
I usually stay up NYE and watch the celebrations around the world on TV.

When we lived in MN (throughout the year), we attended a NYE's dance party at the studio where we took ball room dancing lessons. Lots of fun, food and dancing. No booze allowed tho which was fine with us.That can lead to some crazy stuff especially with college kids.The owners teach ballroom dancing at the college too.
I don't drink on NYE anyway (for years) but I make up for it on New Year's Day, LOL!!
The studio sent us an invite this year but I don't think we will go.

DH is working tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. He LOVES retirement and working PT.
I'm just going to slug around the house. Get in some exercises on the health rider, do some weights and foam rolling. I have to keep focus on getting back to my race weight.
I miss the sun. The winter wonderland here is stunning picturesque ........ for couple of days, then endless dismal, somber, gloomy days.

Here's to a healthy and adventurous 2020!!


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Post Re: Master Runners December 2019
on: December 30, 2019, 22:31

Hello Monday!!
Two more days left in 2019!!

Drove to gym today ...... despite the constant light snow all day..... and from yesterday. At least a foot but the snow drifts were around 3 ft. and it's still snowing!!

Finished 8.2 miles!! woohoo!! 10 min elliptical. Then alternating on TM and short track as usual, straight running this time. Then about 20 min TRX and 20 min weights, with some stretching in the end. Good workout. Gosh, it gets sooooo dark by 5 pm here!! Decided against a couple of stops in town ....and went straight home instead.
I just don't like driving in the dark anymore especially in winter conditions.

Today: It was a wonderful surprise to receive a package from DD (from AZ) for our anniversary, New Year's Day. A bottle of amazing wine, and all the goodies to enjoy it. We made it our 'dinner' ..... the goodies were amazingly delicious, not cheap that's for sure! LOVED IT!!

It snowed lightly all day ....... much to DH's dismay. But he's such a good guy, he cleared our neighbor's driveway last night in addition to ours. My only contribution was shoveling the walkway from driveway to front door, WHEW!! Seriously, it was a workout, at night, temps in the teens, and still snowing!

So I didn't make it to the Sunday's snowshoe hike ........ due to the snowfall, didn't want to drive in that weather.

I'll try for New Year's Day.

And, I'm still 'considering' the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard' run in International Falls, MN, January 18th.
DH says he'll be my driver but that means we have to leave EARLY Saturday morning, 10K is at 10 am. UNLESS I decide to run both the 5K (at 9 AM) and 10K (10 AM). It'll be worth the trip......and I'm just thinking of running it, not 'racing. It's about 2.5 hrs drive from our house. There is same day registration if we make it by 8:30 am, I might run both.
My thinking: if I travel that far, might as well run the longest distance ........if I think I've trained for it. 3.1 miles (5K) + 6.2 miles (10K) = 9.3 miles ......... I know I can do the distance.
Gonna stalk the weather channel........

It's all about bragging rights, LOL!! ...... but the weather conditions, holy moly!! I'm just shivering thinking about it. But then, if I don't run it, it might end up being the 'warmest' race day .................... just my luck, LOL!!

Like the saying goes, "it's not bad weather, it's bad clothing!"

Question: what are your New Year's Eve plans? Any resolutions?

Mine: We are staying home. We use to attend a ballroom dance event with dinner here but it's not the same anymore (from what we read). Besides, DH barely stayed awake the last time we attended. But I prefer to stay home. I usually stay up late......enjoy watching the NYE's celebrations from around the world. I normally don't drink on NYE but if we are staying home, bottoms up!! LOL!!

Resolutions: none....... I use to make them (years ago) but then I make modifications throughout the year so I gave up on them.


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Post Re: Master Runners December 2019
on: December 31, 2019, 15:09

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Be safe and happy.

I went to the gym this morning and walked 30minutes then did some stretching exercises. Worked, will be off tomorrow yay.

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, JC!

See you all next year!


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Post Re: Master Runners December 2019
on: December 31, 2019, 21:44

Hey there Nancy!
Good job on getting some miles in.

I ran 8.1 miles yesterday at the gym. It's closed today and tomorrow.
It was SUN SUN SUN today. Hoping it's the same tomorrow ...... will try to get in a run around the neighborhood.
We had dinner out. Came home. DH worked off the dinner with snow shoveling off the backyard patio.
It's about 8 degrees, feels like 2 with windchill.
I'm staying inside, drinking cocoa and watching some shows including the NYE from New York city.

Wishing each of you ladies a very healthy, joyous, adventurous New Year!!
Here's to more exploring of exciting new places in our runs and races!!
Thank you for another year of friendship and sharing memories.
Take care and enjoy!! 😀


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