AMR #FindYourStrong 10K + Half-Marathon Challenge: Price Increase on Monday!

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Hey hey--Just dropping in on a Sunday to let you know that the price of the #FindYourStrong 10K and 13.1 Challenges goes up by $15 on Monday; grab it for $95 today.

Click here to sign up for the 10K Challenge, and here for the Half-Marathon Challenge.

Not sure what we're talking about? Read on about how the AMR Challenges will help you find your strong—and your best finish line yet.

1. having, showing, or able to exert great muscular power;
physically vigorous or robust. 2. how women feel during an Another Mother Runner Challenge training programs and the culminating races. 

Woo Hoo!

Today we're introducing #FindYourStrong Half-Marathon and 10K Challenges, 15-week, supported training plans that will crank up your strong to levels you never knew existed. We could opine about the well-crafted training plan that nudges you further than you thought possible; the amazing community that will get you up, push you out the door, and eventually across the 13.1 or 10K finish line; the gorgeous medal; the sassy tee; and the abundance of incredible swag.

But we've decided let the tribe share a bit about their previous Challenge experiences:

Jillian Challenge Quote praise



Okay, suitably fired up? Hope so. Here's what's included in the AMR #FindYourStrong Half-Marathon and 10K Challenges:

A flexible training plan, offered in three flavors (10K, run/walk half-marathon, run/race half-marathon). Designed by Coach Christine Hinton, the genius behind all AMR plans, the 15-week plans are (much) more flexible than our hamstrings: Each week, there’s a workout you can bail on and one that’s integral for your success. Half-marathoners can choose from a Run/Walk program or a Run/Race plan, while the 10K plan allows for optional walk breaks for the first seven weeks. And we're going to send you off in six "waves," so you'll train with focus for exactly 15 weeks, which mitigates the risk of getting burned out, overtrained, bored, or injured.

☆ An exclusive #FoundMyStrong participant tee and medal, mailed in early October. Tee specs: Flattering scoop neck. Yummy soft 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Women’s cut and sizing. Available in sizes XS-4XL.

FYS new medal and tee collage

 A badass, supportive community with a #FindYourStrong private club on Strava, a running app for smart phones.  The members of each club are fellow Challengers following the same plan: As you log your miles, chart your runs, and find your strong, you’ll also cheer each other on, ask and answer questions, throw up a pic or three, set up some training runs and pre-race meet-ups, and maybe bitch a little bit about the workouts. (Note: totally up to you whether you take part in a Strava club: offered for bonding purposes, not break-your-back obligations!)

☆ Accountability galore. Every morning, you’ll get an email from TrainingPeaks, which has today’s—and tomorrow’s—workout. Or you can view the plan, upcoming workouts, or your past accomplishments on the TrainingPeaks website or free mobile device app. Also, on TrainingPeaks, you can download your runs, slice and dice your miles, and see your strong surge.

You’ll also receive a weekly Challenge newsletter in which we preview and explain the upcoming week of workouts that's tailored to your starting wave, as well as have a Q+A with Coach Christine, gear giveaways galore, and discounts on training essentials.

☆ Entertainment and advice with three exclusive bonus AMR podcasts. During the #FindYourStrong Half-Marathon and 10K Challenges, we will release three bonus podcasts available exclusively for Challenge participants. We’ll field your questions—nothing is too basic or TMI—prior to recording, then answer them along with guest experts during the podcasts. Entertainment *and* enlightenment for your long runs!

FYS collage swag bag new

☆ Best.Swag.Bag.Ever. In mid-July, you will receive a package stocked with $25 worth of training essentials, including a tube of Nuun, packets of GU, a pair of Balega socks, and Hyland's Homeopathic products. There are also chances to win giveaways from AMR partners along the way. Lots of goodies to keep you going strong!

Ready to #FindYourStrong in a 10K or half-marathon?

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Sign up for the 10K or the half-marathon.


How do I know if one of these is the right training plan for me?
To find your fortitude in the #FindYourStrong 10K Challenge, you should be able to currently walk/run three to four miles. The running workouts offer optional walk breaks for the first half of the plan. Runs are scheduled for three or four days a week, but the fourth weekly run is always optional.The longest training run is 7- to 8-miles long, and the highest weekly mileage is 14-20 miles. t’s a good idea to have completed a 5K race and have a few months of consistent running or run/walking logged on your legs. (We designed this plan as the perfect next step after our spring 5K Challenge.) 

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.50.57 PM
A look at the first two weeks of the 10K #FindYourStrong training plan.

To thrive on one of the #FindYourStrong Half-Marathon Challenge plans, you should either have a solid base of fitness honed by walking at least 3x/week for three months (for Run/Walk plan) or be able to complete a 6-mile run and have been running regularly for at least three months (for Run/Race plan).The Run/Walk plan has you alternating prescribed bouts of running with walking breaks, all the way up through the race. The longest training run is 12 miles long, with weekday workouts being measured by time, not distance.

A gander at the first two weeks of the #FindYourStrong run/walk program.
A gander at the first two weeks of the #FindYourStrong run/walk half-marathon plan.

The Run/Race plan is designed for both first-time and intermediate half-marathoners who can currently run 6 miles, and have been training fairly consistently for at least three months. Runs are scheduled for four or five days a week, but the fifth weekly run is always optional.The longest training run is 11-13 mile long run, and the highest weekly mileage is 21-32 miles. If your intent is to *race* your half-marathon, you'll do optional components in a few workouts, like miles at race pace or a strong finish.

A snapshot of the first two weeks of #FindYourStrong Run/Race 13.1 plan.
A snapshot of the first two weeks of #FindYourStrong Run/Race 13.1 plan.

Where do I choose whether I want to follow the Run/Walk or Run/Race half-marathon plan?
You make that selection after you register. You'll have the choice in several places, including on TrainingPeaks, when you choose which plan to download; on Strava when you opt for which private club to join; and on the directions page if you choose to download the plan to print it out or have on your computer. The two choices are clear every time. (And if you want to change paths mid-Challenge, that's totally an option.)

How much does the Challenge cost?
It's $95 today through June 14, then the price steps up to $110. (Word to the wise: Run, don't walk, to register to get that reduced price!)

Does the registration fee include a race?
No. The registration fee is for the comprehensive training plan, support, and gear we listed above, which will help you achieve a strong 13.1 or 10K. Come fall, you will participate in the organized half-marathon or 10K of your choice--or stage your own virtual race.

Wait, so I have to pay for this Challenge and race entry fee?
Yup, unless you choose to culminate with a virtual 13.1-mile or 10K race, which plenty of women have opted for in past Challenges. The actual race is the victory lap; the challenging part is staying committed and motivated during the days, weeks, and, yes, months —nearly 4 of them, if you’re counting—of training. This Challenge and all the amazing women who will be in it have your back through your finish line.

Will that nifty welcome swag package contain the training plan, too?
No. Challenge participants will access the plan online by signing up for a free TrainingPeaks account (it’s simple, we promise--and there's an instructional video to walk you through it!). You can also print out the plan from a PDF we'll provide.

What if my target race isn’t September 26 or 27?
No worries! Because 15 weeks is plenty long enough to be on a focused training plan, we are going to stagger the starts so you all run the exact same plan. You'll just be in different waves—and won't get overtrained, burnt out, or injured, if we have anything to say about it. We’ll send out emails to you that correspond with your week of training, so you’ll be on track in every way.

Wave 1: June 15-September 26-27
(Races that weekend include Happy Girls Spokane, ZOOMA Cape Cod, Divas DC's Wine Country, and Rock 'N' Roll San Jose, among others)

Wave 2: June 22-October 3-4
(Races that weekend include Diva Long Island, Run Like a Girl Bellingham and Columbus, Portland, and Wineglass, among others)

Wave 3: June 29-October 10-11
(Races that weekend include Rock 'N' Roll Brooklyn and Queen Bee, among others)

Wave 4: July 6-October 17-18
(Races that weekend include Nike Women's, Rock 'N' Roll Denver and St. Louis, among others)

Wave 5: July 13-October 24-25
(Races that weekend include Rock 'N' Roll Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC., Happy Girls Sisters, OR, and ZOOMA Colorado Springs, among others)

Wave 6: July 20-October 31-November 1
(Rock 'N' Roll Philadelphia, among others.)

You’ll sign up for a wave when you complete easy steps for registration. [NOTE: Registration for #FindYourStrong Half-Marathon and 10K Challenges will remain open until July 19 to accommodate later race dates, but price increases June 15.]

What if my race doesn’t align with those dates? Can I still enter?
Of course. Most of the support will end in early November, but we’ll be with you in spirit as you cross  that 10K or 13.1 finish line—and of course, we still want to hear all about it.

What if I want the support of the Challenge, but want to use a different plan?
Totally fine too. We’re here for you whatever plan floats your proverbial boat.

I'm in: Now can you help me find a race to register for?
Sure. Hea to this half-marathon directory, where they list half-marathons by race date *and* by state. Or browse here for a rundown of upcoming 10Ks.

Sign up for the 10K or half-marathon and we'll #FindYourStrong!

Any other questions? Hit us up at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com or ask in the comments below, and we’ll help you out!

30 responses to “AMR #FindYourStrong 10K + Half-Marathon Challenge: Price Increase on Monday!

  1. After listening to the weekend’s podcast and mulling it over in my mind, I’m ready to sign up! My race will be 11/1 in Dunedin, Fla. I assume the reply you gave Christine about emailing you and being put in contact with Coach Christine applies to anyone whose race falls outside the time frame? Just dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s. Thanks!!

  2. I just signed up for the half version and have a couple of questions. First, my planned half is 11/14 – will I be able to get help down the road on extending the training plan? Second, is the registration info emailed later? I haven’t received anything other than payment confirmation and wasn’t sure how the rest of the process worked. Thanks!

    1. Hey Christine–

      So glad you’re joining us! We can definitely help you move your plan two weeks back. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to Coach Christine, who can amend your training for you. And you should receive an email within a few hours of registration with information on how to sign up. Let us know if you don’t.

      Thanks again!

  3. I really want to sign up, but I have a question. I’ve been injured since March, hoping to be released 6/11 to start working up to running again. Before the injury, I signed up for an out of tow 10k 9/19. I am hoping to still run that, but I have another 10k the 2nd week of Oct that would be the race I use this challenge for. Would it hel with the plan to still try and do the 10k in Sept but use the challenge for the Oct race? (It may be that in Sept I will be run/walking, but because it’s out of town, I’ve paid for it, and my husband and I have already taken time off work and have a hotel, I’m not going to not do it.)

  4. Question – I can’t find a 10k in the Wave 6 time period I wanted to do so am going to do a 8k, but still use the 10k training plan. Is this ok? This will be my longest distance race since my cancer diagnosis and treatment!

  5. I’ve been a steady runner, with my first 10k this past weekend. I have also been training for a sprint triathlon in mid July. Is it unreasonable to do the half marathon run/walk challenge also?

    1. Hey Jeanne–

      Not unreasonable at all. Your sprint tri will be mostly done by the time you need to dig into your half training. If you want, you can work in swim/bike workouts in your cross-training days during the early weeks of the half-marathon training, or you can stay on your sprint training plan and then jump into the run/walk plan, as you’ll be able to slide in with no issues. Hope you’ll join us! Dimity

  6. I’ll be doing the challenge in Australia. I haven’t looked at Training Peaks yet – is it possible to chose a km option rather than a mile option? No worries if not, I can make a cheat sheet;-)

  7. This is minor but, will the socks in the swag bag come in different sizes? My feet are small and I wear an xs in those socks. If I get a medium they really are just a waist for me.

    1. Hey Cavilyn– Unfortunately, we can’t take sock size requests—it depends on what Balega has in stock and what they can ship. In past Challenges, people have swapped sizes via Strava if you don’t get what works for you. I will say that we have only had S and M to give away in the past, so I’m guessing an XS might be tough. Hopefully not a deal-breaker for you. Thanks for asking. Dimity

  8. Hi,
    My 1/2 is on Labor Day Sept. 7th, I have about 12 weeks instead of 15. May I join, can adjustments to fit that date be made?

  9. how different is the plan from those in your Train like a Mother books? I like the idea of the swag & support, but if it’s the same plan, I’m just not sure…

    1. Hey Karen–
      Because the Run/Walk Half-Marathon plan isn’t in TLAM, that’s obviously different. The Run/Race is a blend of the Finish It and Own It plans in TLAM…15 weeks. Many of the signature things are the same—one workout you must do, one you can bail on, etc.–but there are a few minor changes. While the specifics of the training plan are important, what sets the Challenges apart are the support–having Coach Christine, Sarah, or I answer your questions–and the amazing, badass community, which becomes a force unlike you’ve had with any other training plan. And the swag is pretty great too…

      I get that it’s more money, and if you’re a solo, motivated runner, you’re probably fine without joining. But if you’re interested, I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot. My guess is that you’ll have your best finish line yet.

      Thanks for asking and many happy miles whether you join us or not–Dimity

  10. Is it easy to change waves after we enter? I can’t decide which fall half to do!!Like Jennifer, I’m also thinking of one in mid-September (being fresh off of No-Limits 13.1 – I think I will be OK if my training is shortened by a week or two) but there are so many awesome half marathons in the fall near me – I have plenty of choices.

    1. Absolutely, Nerida…we’ve had a couple Australian runners participate in previous Challenges. It’s a $20 shipping fee, but we’d love to have you! Thanks for asking!

  11. I want to do both the Columbus Run like a Girl (October 3) and the half for the Columbus Marathon (October 18). Does it make sense to plan for a Wave 4 start, with the earlier race being the last long run? I did the No Limits challenge this winter / spring and was so delighted to regain some of the speed and stamina I lost somewhere.

    1. That will work, Valerie. We can also have Coach Christine take a quick look at your schedule and make sure that’ll be a good fit, but I’m guessing it will be. Definitely don’t want you to lose any of that speed or stamina. 🙂 Glad you’re joinng us! (Email us at [email protected] onece you register and we’ll have C. Christine ok it all…) Thanks!

  12. ok, just throwing this out there–there’s a 15k (9.3 miler) i want to totally rock on sept. 12. can the plan be adjusted for that?

    1. Hey Paige–
      Just to be clear: You want to use this plan for a 15K on 9/12 instead of running a half-marathon? Or do you want to rock the 15K on the way to a half marathon? LMK and we’ll figure it out…Thanks!

  13. I was wondering the same thing as Jennifer. My goal fall race is 9/20. Can the plan be shortened or can I jump into week 2?

    1. Hey Amy–Ideally you’d start the training plan on 6/8, instead of 6/15, so you’ll be a week ahead of everybody, but still participate in all the clubs and all that. The weekly newsletters will be a reflection of what you’ve already done–which might feel particularly badass. 🙂 We’d love to have you; hit us up at [email protected] with any questions you might have. Thanks!

  14. Erika, you can join the regular Another Mother Runner group on Strava to make sure you can post and see the feed! Then when the challenge ones are up, you can join those as well.

  15. I signed up to find my strong, and I’m already registered for DC’s Diva Wine Country in sept. So, I’ll start the first wave of training. What do I do now? I have training peaks and strava apps but have never used them before. I’d like to make sure I know what I’m doing before training starts

  16. Quick question: Can the plan be shortened? I have two half races in mind and one is September 12 and one is September 20. Can that work?

      1. Ok, Jennifer: we can definitely get this done. We’d have your race on 9/20 be your goal race, and, ideally, you’d start the training plan on 6/8, instead of 6/15, so you’ll be a week ahead of everybody, but still participate in all the clubs and all that. The race on 9/12 would be a more of a training run. If that sounds like something that will work for you, please go ahead and register. If you have more questions or want to chat directly with Coach Christine, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you connected. Thanks for asking and hope you’ll join us!

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