AMR Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts in Six Days!

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Hey Mother Runners--
You may have seen us chatting up our latest Challenge on Facebook and other social media venues; we wanted to put out all the details again today because it starts in less than a week! Our collective limits start expanding on January 26th, and w e won't be able to accept any new entries after Sunday night, the 25th! Check out all the good stuff below, and we hope to see—and help you—stretch your limits soon!
xo-- Dimity + Sarah

There’s a limit on how many grocery bags you can carry from your car to the house. (My pinky is stronger than I thought!)

There’s a limit on how fast you can drive a car—even if there’s no police in sight, as Dimity recently relearned. (Dang those hidden cameras!)

There’s a limit—thankfully—on how many Hershey Kisses you can eat before feeling slightly ill.

And while you might feel like your running has a limit—I’ll never get faster than a 10:00 mile; I’ll never break 2 hours in a half-marathon; I’ll never truly be able to call myself a runner—the truth is, your potential has no limits.*

*Provided, of course, that you stay accountable and motivated, train smart, refuel with nutritious foods, don’t skimp on sleep, keep injuries at bay, and otherwise remain on track.

That little * actually has huge significance. Because what often limits you isn’t the goal —your best 10K or half-marathon, in this case—but all the factors that subtly undermine your focus. Arctic blasts that send you deeper under, and not out from, the covers on a dark Wednesday morning. Fifth grade math that suddenly becomes your homework and gobbles up your intended treadmill time. A kiddo with a cold, who generously shares it with you, totally derailing your training. A nagging knee that gets angrier with each mile.

The Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge is here not only to mitigate all those pesky factors, but to also push your limits in a gentle, firm way—and no, that’s not an oxymoron.

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Through a comprehensive fifteen-week training program from January 26-May 10, we’ll support you from your first mile through the finish line of your best 10K or half-marathon ever.

Here’s how:

 A mother-runner-friendly training plan. Designed by Coach Christine Hinton, the genius behind the popular and successful plans in Train Like a Mother, the fifteen-week plans are (much) more flexible than our hamstrings: each week, there’s a workout that you can bail on, if need be, and one that’s integral for your success. There are two flavors of plans: a 10K and a half-marathon.

☆ An amazing community. Once you register for the Challenge, you’ll join our private 10K or 13.1 No Limits Club on Strava, a running app for smart phones. The members of each club are fellow Challengers who are on the same plan, as you log your miles and chart your runs, you’ll also cheer each other on, ask and answer questions, and maybe bitch a little bit about the workouts. (If you don’t have a smart phone, you can also access Strava via computer, so you’re not left out of the party.)

☆ Accountability galore. Every morning, you’ll get an email from Training Peaks, which has today’s—and tomorrow’s—workout. (Read: there’s no the-dog-ate-my-training-plan excuse.) Also, on Training Peaks, you can also download your runs, slice and dice your miles, and see your limits get higher and higher.

You’ll receive a weekly Challenge newsletter in which we preview and explain the upcoming week of workouts, as well as have Q+A’s with Coach Christine and gear giveaways galore. (Note: If you’re a paper person, you can easily print out the entire 15-week plan from Training Peaks.)

☆ Entertainment and expertise through your miles. During the No Limits Challenge, we will release three extra podcasts available exclusively for Challenge participants. We’ll field your questions—nothing is too basic or TMI—prior to recording and answer them, with the help of a variety of experts, during the shows.

☆ Mother runner training secrets. We’ve got a few surprises up our PDF sleeves, which we’ll roll out regularly during the Challenge. Think: accessible strength training routines; tasty and nutrition recipes; time-saving workout tips.

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☆  A sweet finishers’ package. Each participant receives a No Limits tee and medal, mailed in early May. T-Shirt specs: Flattering scoop neck; 50% poly/50% cotton; women's cut and sizing. Available in sizes XS-4XL. Here's a size chart to help you find your perfect fit.

No Limits Challengers receive, among other things, a tube of Nuun; a 24-pack flavor mix of GU; a pair of Balega running socks; and Hyland's homeopathic samples. Over $50 of our favorite running gear just for signing up!
No Limits Challengers receive, among other things, a tube of Nuun; a 24-pack flavor mix of GU; a pair of Balega running socks; and Hyland's homeopathic samples. Over $50 of our favorite running gear just for signing up!

☆ Oh, and the best swag bag ever? Upon registering, you will receive a packaged stocked with NuunGUBalega socksHyland’s Homeopathic Remedies. Yep, over $50 of our favorite running gear just for signing up. 

Ready to push your limits?
Sign up for the 10K Challenge.
Sign up for the Half-Marathon Challenge.

A few FAQ’s

I just started running. Is this for me? Most likely. The No Limits 10K Challenge is ideal if you’re a newer runner; coming back from an injury or pregnancy; or have simply fallen off the running-wagon. Walk breaks are built into the workouts until Week 8, and you can continue taking them after that point if needed. That said, you should be able to cover three miles, in some combination of running and walking, before starting the 10K Challenge . (If that doesn't describe you, stay tuned: We are launching our first beginning runners' plan in early February with an early March start date.)

To thrive on the No Limits 13.1 plan, you should be able to complete a three- to four-mile run and have been running semi-regularly for at least three months. 

To be sure your'e ready, you can preview each plan: here's the 10K and here's 13.1.

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How much does it cost? $100. The Challenge fee—similar to that of a race—actually covers the hardest part of racing: consistent, smart training. The Challenge provides 15 weeks (105 days!) of getting in the proper miles while staying motivated, accountable, and injury-free as possible.

And the perks are, dare we say, badass? We dare. You'll get a tee (that actually fits and you want to wear), a medal, lots of great swag, three entertaining podcasts, and tons of expertise and support. Plus, the fee covers shipping costs for two packages. (International mother runners will be charged an extra $15 for shipping.)

Does the registration fee include a race? No. The registration fee is for the comprehensive training plan, support, and gear we listed above, which will help you rip off your best race yet. Come May 10, you can either run a 10K or half-marathon on your own, or you can register for an organized race.

Will that nifty welcome swag package contain the training plan, too? Challenge participants will access the plan online by signing up for a free TrainingPeaks account. (It’s super-simple and we’ll send you link once you register.) You can print out the plan from TrainingPeaks website as well, if you're an "X" it out daily kind of person.

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What if my target race isn’t May 10th? While the plans are designed to culminate on the weekend of May 10, you can easily change your start and finish date on TrainingPeaks so you'll get the full 15 weeks of training. We also have the talented Coach Christine on hand to help with any questions or additional tweaks necessary.

Have a question we didn't cover? Ask in the comments below or hit us up at motherrunnerstore [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll get right back to you.

Ok, now are you ready to push your limits?

Hope so!

Sign up for the 10K Challenge.

Sign up for the Half-Marathon Challenge.

15 responses to “AMR Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts in Six Days!

    1. Hey Jeanne–

      Absolutely! A mile is a mile; you can walk, you can run, you can do a combo. The plan is set up by miles, usually with a range, so you can pick, to a degree, how far you’ll go each day. Email us at [email protected] if we can answer any other questions for you!

      Thanks for asking!

  1. I just registered for the Nuun challenge and I am quite excited to join this community to draw strength & guidance from everyone, and to share the sheer joy of running!

    Question: will we need to be Strava premium members to take advantage of the Nuun club? I just have the free app right now.


  2. If I sign up for the 10K can I change up to the 1/2 if I feel “bad” enough, or am I locked into my plan? Might as well do this while waiting for the book…….lol
    And thanks for favoring me on Twitter!

    1. Yep, you can switch plans mid-stream, as long as you’re feeling good and capable in doing so. (Don’t want you to get injured if/when you move up…) Glad you’re joining us!

  3. Hi girls,
    I was so excited to sign up, I registered an incorrect email address.
    I have sent you an email too.
    Just can’t wait to see the program.

  4. Can u ‘hook me up’ w someone in sc? I run w some buddies but would really like to train w someone in Spartanburg sc for a local 1/2 marathon

      1. Hey Tracey–We currently don’t have any Spartanburg in the Challenge, but I assure you: you will be flooded with virtual training partners, and you may be able to find one via Strava who is closeby. Hope you’ll join us!

  5. I’ve run 5ks, 10ks, (too many to have ever kept track of) half marys, 13 marathons, a few ultras and have been competing for over 44 years as a runner/triathlete and have seen the podium more times than I can count. All while working full time and being a single mom. Interesting that women need al this to get out the door to push themselves.

    1. Hey Cheryl–
      Thanks for your comment. Sounds like you’ve done some amazing things and you’re a very talented athlete who is super motivated. For a variety of reasons, that might not be the case for everybody—and we respect that everybody is different. The Challenge offers a team atmosphere–something I know I, Dimity, crave as a work-at-home mom–in addition to a variety of coaches and other experts to help you, accountability and camraderie.

      While you can certainly finish a 10K and half-marathon solo, I would argue it can be more fun–and more fulfilling–to have a team with whom to celebrate. Good luck with your races this year and many happy miles– Dimity

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