The AMR Strava Prove It Challenge: You in? Hope so.


Are you ready to rumble? 

Oh. We forgot. We're mother runners, not professional wrestlers. So are you ready for AMR Strava Prove It Challenge, the biggest, most badass mother runner Challenge yet?

We are—and have set up so many cool features and have so many perks, we’re busting at the seams to get this party started. But before we spell out the nifty details, let us serve up several reasons why it’s called the “Prove It” Challenge.

☆ We’ve heard from too many of you that you don’t consider yourself a runner. Even though you may have multiple finish lines under your soles, something holds you back from proclaiming, “I am a runner.” Maybe it’s your speed, maybe it’s your mileage, maybe it’s that what you see in a mirror doesn’t jibe with your idea of what a runner looks like. This Challenge is an opportunity to Prove It to yourself that you.are.a.runner.


☆ There are a lot of non-negotiables in the life of a woman these days, whether you’re a mother or not, married or not, working outside of the home or not. Every day, you’re called on to do things that—let’s face it—you wouldn’t do if you were a solo operator: clean up barf and strip the crib at 4 a.m.; pick up wet towels at 6:40 a.m. because your partner “just forgot today” (like he did yesterday and the day before); lip-gloss up and smile and pretend like you really want to be in that meeting. You’re constantly proving yourself as a mother, partner, and employee with tasks you didn’t get to pick; as a result, you feel more strung out than a band on a Rainbow Loom. As 2014 starts, it’s time to take on a task where you prove something just to yourself. Prove It that you’re worth the time and effort of a challenging goal, and Prove It that you’ll feel better and stronger with each mile run.

☆ The connotation of Prove It gets sure-fire competitive juices flowing: Are you mother runner enough to step up to the Challenge? Can you Prove It to yourself—and maybe a few friends on Facebook—that you can go the distance? Run it faster than you have before? Stay healthy so you can get across the finish line?


☆ Prove It is like a great song lyric or an affirmation: It can fit into your life at any time, for myriad reasons. We're confident Prove It is perfect for you right now—and we promise, it won’t get stuck in your head like, say, “Royals” does frequently. (“I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh…”)

Okay, enough with the inspirational talk.

If you choose to accept, here are the Prove It Challenge Basics:

1. Sign up. (Here's the 10K Challenge; here's the Half-Marathon Challenge. The fee for both is similar to many race fees, and you get 17 whole weeks of support + a tee + a medal + a goodie bag…but more on that later.)

2. Start training on Monday, January 13 to run your strongest—or first—10K or half-marathon on (or about) Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11. The final race can be virtual—you run the distance on the route of your choice—or you can join in an organized event.

Even though you may log all your miles solo, you’ll be far from running alone during the 17-week training plan. This Challenge offers support in spades; we—and all the other runners in the Challenge—will be rah-rah-rahing for you and helping you out the entire way.

What You Get When You Prove It: 

AMR Prove It Strava Medal
This sweet finishers' medal, for one.

☆ A brand-new, mother-runner-friendly 17-week training plan, designed by Coach Christine Hinton, the mastermind behind the popular and successful plans in Train Like a Mother. The 10K Challenge trains you properly to power through 6.2 miles on Mother’s Day—and has you running a 5K along the way. The Half-Marathon Challenge prepares you to go 13.1 miles—and you’ll conquer a 10K about halfway through the plan.

A finishers' tee that proves you, well, proved it. This is the same style as our AMR lifestyle tees: super soft Bella with flattering neckline.
A finishers' tee that proves you, well, proved it. This is the same style as our AMR lifestyle tees: super soft Bella with flattering neckline.

☆ Two, 20-minute strength-training routines that can be done at home with minimal equipment. Many of the moves are the same ones Dimity used to get ready for Ironman, and her coach helped her put the programs together.

☆ A private club on Strava to check in daily to log your miles, cheer each other on, complain, strategize, find a running buddy, bitch to us (or maybeat us). On Strava, a running app for smart phones, we've created a 10K Challenge Club and a Half-Marathon Challenge Club, so you’ll be connecting with women who are doing the exact same workouts as you; as any mother of multiples can attest, there is (sometimes unstoppable) strength in numbers. (If you don’t have a smart phone, you can also access Strava via computer, so this isn’t a deal-breaker. Also, you'll be invited to the club once you commit to the the Challenge.)

Four chances to win a fierce mother runner pendant: one will go monthly to the mother runner who was exceptionally fierce.
Four chances to win a fierce mother runner pendant: one will go monthly to the mother runner who was exceptionally fierce.


☆ Weekly emails to keep slacking to a minimum. Each Sunday, we’ll email out the plan for the week, plus Q+A’s with Coach Christine, and other useful stuff to keep you motivated and moving. (Yes, you’ll already have the full plan in your possession from the get-go, but each email will be a gentle reminder to plan your upcoming week.)

A Strava Sweaty Band and Prove It Tee combo will go to four mother runners who prove something significant along our Challenge journey.
A Strava Sweaty Band and Prove It Tee combo will go to four mother runners who prove something significant along our Challenge journey.

☆ Monthly Google+ Hangouts: We’ll host a monthly Google+ Hangout for each Challenge so you can ask questions, celebrate your runs, get ideas on how to surmount a speedbump, figure out your ideal pace, keep your momentum going. We’ll also have a handful of experts like Coach Christine joining us regularly.

☆ Oh, and swag. Lots of it. In early May, each participant will be mailed an AMR shirt (available in sizes S-2XL) and medal and a goodie bag with samples of GU, Nuun, Action Wipes, and Hyland’s. There are also chances to win mother runner pendants and Strava gear along the way.

☆ Plenty of help and answers. To wit: Here a few answers to circumvent potential questions:
—Ideally, you run your final race on Mother’s Day weekend (May 9-11), but if something interferes, we can be flexible.
—If a problem pops up during the training and you can’t finish it, you can still claim your prizes. (But you’ll have to wait until early May when we mail them.)
—The plans are suitable for runners of all abilities, not just newbies.

Phew. Enough from us.

You in? We hope so. The 17-Week AMR Strava Prove It Challenge is $110. We'll accept entries until midnight EST on January 12. Then on January 13, the Challenge officially starts.

Sign up for the 10K Challenge here.

And for the Half-Marathon Challenge here.

But hurry! Time's running out! (Yes, we realize we sound like an infomercial.)

But we mean it: On January 12, registration will end, and we'll kick off the AMR Strava Challenge—and Prove It—together on January 13, as the badass community of mother runners we are.

Any questions? Email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

42 responses to “The AMR Strava Prove It Challenge: You in? Hope so.

  1. I did not receive the initial email either. Had to email them and then they sent it to me. I have had problems getting emails going forward. I did not receive week two Sunday email either. Disappointed. I know the ladies have been busy but I spent $110.00 and not getting the correspondence they promised.

  2. I signed up for this 10K challenge, but I haven’t received an email with the program other than my receipt which refers to a link in the email but doesn’t have one. Did I miss a step in the sign up process? Help please!



  3. AHH!!! Have been out of town and just realized I missed signing up!! Any way to join as a late-comer that’s learned her lesson to check email while gone!?!!? 🙁

  4. I haven’t seen an email yet either? I checked to see if the email went to my trash folder but nothing? Anyone? Thanks!

  5. Very excited to kick things off tomorrow! I signed up and received my receipt for payment last Sunday for the half-martahon; however, I still haven’t received the training plan. Will this be sent out tonight to everyone?

  6. Oh, please do this again next year!!! I can’t do it this year (I’m expecting #3 in March…) but I so want to join in! If I even had an inkling of what when I’d be able to train again I’d be in. So, next year! The Half. I’m in then.

  7. I thought I signed up, but I haven’t gotten an email… is that coming later this week? I registered a few days ago… Thanks!

  8. Hi Ladies! This looks so awesome. I’m signed up for a half on April 27th, 2 weeks before Mother’s Day. Can I run my half then?

    I’ve used another training program or this half the last two years, but would love to follow you all during my training. BTW, I love your podcasts! Keep them coming!!

  9. $100 for a training plan is a GREAT deal! I am currently using a training plan that will get me to my first Full Marathon in April. If I weren’t on this plan, I would jump at the opportunity.
    Thank you, Sara and Dimity, for inspiring us all! Hope to see you at Hippie Chick Half again. I’ll have the purple fix tail/ears again.


  10. I loved the idea of this 10K/Half Marathon challenge, until I got to the bottom and read the price!! So disappointed… I too can’t fathom paying $110 for a virtual race! I understand all the support that is offered, the training plan, etc. but still. I will have to stick with the actual half marathon I had planned instead, for $45. The shirt and medal may not be quite as lovely and centered on AMR, but the accomplishment will be just the same, and my pocketbook and family will thank me!

  11. I signed up on the first day and just checked that my payment went through – but I haven’t received my plan. Can you double check? Very excited to get everything into my planner. 🙂

  12. I love to do virtuals and was excited for this one, until I saw the price. I just can’t justify $110 for a race, training plan or not. I do wish all who are participating, good luck!

  13. I wish I could do this, but with the cost of the Disney Princes Half upcoming, I just can’t swing it (boo!).

    Will you be doing it again? I definitely want to be on board next time!

    1. We will likely pull together another Challenge in the future, Kristen: thanks for asking. Stop by and definitely say hi to us at the Princess Expo!

  14. Hi,
    I have signed up for this virtual race, but I also have a half on the 24th of May, is it possible to run my Virtual then rather than the 4th? Also, when could I expect the training plan in my email, I registered on the 2nd of Jan. Thanks in advance.


  15. At first I thought the fee was rather high, but since I think I need more support I am going to sign up. I already signed up for the Chicago Rock n Roll Half next summer. Any other Naperville RLAM’s out there?

  16. I agree that this could be considered pricey BUT I was going to sign up for training through a local running store which would include about the same thing for $75. My money is going to AMR – and the shirt will be much more my style! Proud to be a memeber of the TRIBE.

    1. We like your perspective, Marjorie. Also, we’re going to be giving you so much support and encouragement along the way–much more value than a regular race entry.

  17. Thank you Dimity. I’ll “officially” start on January 20, as it lines up well with my spring break schedule too :). Thanks! So excited and really appreciate the program!

  18. I understand where some are coming from with the money and signup concerns; however, I really think this is a great deal! I’ve paid half this price for an ugly tshirt, plastic medal, and minimal in-race support. For this, I’ll get a nice shirt, decent medal, and a community of support over 4 months, which includes a training plan and strength training workouts! I love the idea of this!!

  19. I am going to run my half on May 18. I am coming off injury, so I just moved my official start date to January 20, so my training plan would end with my half. Does that make sense?

    1. That can totally work. Sheryl. We’re also helping tweak the schedules for a few women who are doing races before or after Mother’s Day weekend, so if you want to start with us and we can add a week for you, you’re welcome to do that. Glad you’re joining us!

  20. I have a request for you ladies. Could you do a podcast that would correlate with the virtual 10k run on Mother’s Day, please? Last year I ran to your pod cast, on Mother’s Day and it helped me run 7 miles. It was the farthest I had ever run. Your voices, stories, etc. kept me going the whole way.

    Thanks for that!

  21. I also agree with the others. I was really looking forward to this, but it is way too expensive. Especially right after christmas!

    1. Hi Autumn–

      Thanks for your comment; we ourselves don’t have a bunch of discretionary income, and we’ll definitely take it under advisement. Please know Sarah and I debated long and hard about the price. In the end, as I said below, we realized we are offering an expert training plan, a medal and tee (and shipping), and plenty of interaction and support for 17 weeks. Most runners pay a race fee and get support between the time they cross the starting line and finish line. We’ve got your back for about 4 months with this Challenge, so I hope that helps explain the fee. Many happy miles to you in 2014–Dimity

  22. I was so looking forward to this! I typically do a longer race in the spring, but will be approximately 5 months pregnant at the time. So I thought, how perfect! A virtual race! I could do it on the treadmill if I had to where I would have a bathroom close by at all times! But I agree. Too much to pay. I couldn’t justify paying that sort of cash. 🙁

    1. Congrats on the babe, Amy! Admire your ambition to do a longer race while mid-pregnancy. And I mentioned this below, but want to reiterate: while we’ve billed this as a virtual race—and it certainly is that, come Mother’s Day—it’s really more of a 17-week training plan with lots of support and community and interaction that costs roughly the same as many half-marathons. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy and good luck with everything in 2014 —Dimity

  23. I, too, am on a serious budget this year. I would have loved to have done this but no notice, a STEEP fee(more$ than some full marathons) and only a week to register? I am going to have to pass. Thank you for putting it all together. Perhaps in the future more notice can be given so people can plan and budget accordingly.

  24. I’m really disappointed about the cost of this virtual run. And only a week to register. I can’t be the only mother runner who is on a budget and needs more than a week to come up with the funds. Disappointed I can’t participate.

    1. Hi Lori–

      Thanks for your input. I definitely understand your perspective, but we’ve put this together to be much more than a virtual run: it’s really a 17-week virtual training program with weekly emails, monthly google chats, daily interaction on Strava, in addition to a tee and medal and goodie bag. Given that many half-marathons cost in the $100 range for 2-3 hours of support while you race, we felt like this was a fair fee for over 4 months of support. We did do a post on December 12 ( alerting mother runners this was coming up and did a promotion in our daily and monthly newsletter on Thursday, January 2. That said, we’ll definitely take your comment to heart and give you more head’s up next time. Hope you have many happy miles in 2014. —Dimity

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