(Extra) Special Contest: Another Mother Runner in Saucony

AMR in Saucony

If you think being a sponsored runner, documenting your running journey, sharing your ups and downs while looking fresh and sweaty in the latest, best gear is a privilege reserved for those who fly by you in a race, who never seem to struggle with motivation, whose splits typically start with a "7" or lower, it's time to update your maps, mother runner.

Because we—and our premier partner, Saucony—have schemed up an incredible opportunity for one mother runner: a year of being a Saucony runner.

Or more accurately, a year of being another mother runner in Saucony. (#AMRinSaucony, because we're so #hashtagsavvy.)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.41.14 PM
A slice of Saucony from their #findyourstrong devotees.

There are zillions of reasons why we love Saucony gear (see ultilitarian Bullet capris, cushy Triumph ISO, and some sassy Runderpants for three), but we also adore the Find Your Strong message. While its running roots mean its products will always serve the front of the pack, Saucony knows Finding Your Strong doesn't necessary mean running a 2:30 marathon. Or even a 4:30 marathon. In fact, it may not even mean running 26.2 ever.

Finding Your Strong means looking for a silver of yourself that might have disappeared through hours of labor (puuush!), weeks of the flu, months of summer vacations, or years of thinking of everybody but yourself.

Finding Your Strong means looking for the piece of you that wants to take on the world, not the part of you that wonders if you can get through five more baskets of laundry.

Finding Your Strong means focusing on the confidence, strength, general rock-star-ness you feel after a few miles, when you emerge from a fog of burp clothes or teenage eye rolls, broccoli balks or science fair projects. And then bringing those sensations back to the kitchen table, as you help rubber cement pictures of red-eyed tree frogs to a poster.

Finding Your Strong—and another mother runner in Saucony—isn't really about numbers or splits, distances or speed. It's about realizing when you lace up your kicks, you're heading out a journey that might not always be easy, might not always feel natural, but will always lead you to a place that is uplifting, important, and familiar, no matter how long you've been away: Your Strong.

And another. (Yum!)
And another. (Yum!)

So what does being our #AMRinSaucony entail?
—A monthly post on this website, including accompanying pictures.
—The ability to honestly document a year of  being a mother runner. We all know running can be hard, parenting can ridiculously intense; when you combine the two, it's not always peanut butter and honey. We're not saying you have to air all your secrets and TMI moments, but we definitely need more depth than, "I ran 4 miles today, and it felt good."
—The willingess to wear sweet new Saucony clothes and shoes through the year, and tell us what you think of them. (Rough job, we realize.)

Please note:
—If you are wedded to your current brand of shoes—and they don't happen to be Saucony—this probably isn't the best fit for you and your feet.
—To repeat: We are not looking for a specific speed or level of runner. Seriously: You don't have to have run a marathon or be able to maintain 9:00 splits or even own a GPS.
—To repeat: We are looking for a mother runner who is willing to share her year of running in an authentic, open way.
—While social media participation (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the like) isn't required, it would be nice if you would be willing and able to spread the #AMRinSaucony love from your personal accounts.

Interested? Here's how to apply:

1. Download this application. It's in a Word document form (.doc). If that doesn't work for you for some reason, please email us at AMRinSaucony [at] gmail [dot] com. (Note: This is a different email than our regular business one.)

2. Turn in the application—be sure to follow the instructions!—to AMRinSaucony [at] gmail [dot] com. The deadline is next Thursday, January 29, 11:59 PST. Any entries received after that time will not be considered.

3. Please turn in a picture of yourself when you turn in your application. It doesn't need to be of you running; anything (read: fairly clear, can see your face) is fine.

4. Oh, and we can only accept applications from mother runners in the U.S. and Canada.

The decision of who will be our #AMRinSaucony for 2015 will be made by Dimity, Sarah, and a Saucony rep. We will announce the winner on Wednesday, February 4 here on our website.

Other questions? Hit us up in the comments below!

43 responses to “(Extra) Special Contest: Another Mother Runner in Saucony

  1. I cannot wait to see who wins on Wednesday and secretly (well not so secretly) hopes is me. I am newer to the world of running. I have a bucket list that I call my #NoRegrets list and writing a blog is on it so I hope to get multiple things checked off my list this year. Good Luck to all and thank you ladies for the fantastic opportunity.

  2. I emailed you guys too. I started wearing Saucony Triumphs about a month ago and love them. Does it matter that I have a short history in their running shoes? Long history in a their shoes for cross training and leisure. Thanks!

    1. Nope. If you think you can wear Sauconys all year long and your feet will be happy—and it sounds like that’s the case!—we’d love to have your application, Megan!

  3. Can I apply as a mother runner who is stationed overseas in Italy with the military?? We have a PO box so shipping is possible through USPS.


  4. Such a great idea. I love running with other mothers and have been following other blogger running moms as well. Would love to win this opportunity but look forward to following another running momma too! 🙂

  5. This is amazing!!! Can’t wait to apply!! Being a mother runner is such a challenge and amazing accomplishment at the same time. How amazing to be able to share a year of running experiences with others 🙂

  6. Ok, who else has been thinking about this during runs?!? Like you other mother runners, this would be a dream come true! Love my Sauconys and would love to win this, but will follow whoever does. Good luck everyone and keep finding your strong!

  7. I wear a different brand of shoe now, but I have worn Saucony’s in the past. How much would one need to commit to run in the Saucony shoes? Months? Days?

  8. Thank you ladies for coordinating all these amazing running adventures and contests! My mind always runs wild with the dream of winning one someday!

  9. So beyond excited for the possibility of experiencing this amazing opportunity! Application is in, fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to follow the winner’s journey, or possibly being the one chosen to create it!

  10. What a great opportunity for this tribe. I just told my husband “I’ve got to get my act together. I’ve been slacking.” I have been a consistent runner for 37 years. That tells you I’m a grandmother runner. But wow, what a way to stay focused and motivated. This will be a gift for one lucky runner.

  11. Question: Does the picture have to be just me? I’m having a hard time finding a good picture of me without one of my kid’s faces pressed close – cropping will look funny…

    I’m so stoked about this contest!

  12. I am so happy to hear Saucony is sponsoring a “regular” runner. I have run in various Saucony models for over 30 years. I look forward to following whoever is selected.

  13. Question: Is there a certain age mother runner you’re looking for? My boys are grown, so my parenting looks different than that of moms with younger kids. I just bought my first-ever pair of Saucony shoes this weekend and would love to document my first year in them. Also, I’ll be “parenting” my youngest son through his first marathon this year.

    1. No specific age, Janet, although having kids at home is probably helpful, as many women can relate to that right now. (I’m not sure what you mean when you say grown…as in teenagers or 20-somethings?) So cool your helping his son run his first marathon! Gonna be a great experience for both of you.

  14. Well I USED to run in Saucony’s back in the 80s. In fact they were the ONLY shoe out there in a MEN’s size six as the women’s running shoes were crap back then. I ran in Freedom Trainers when I went across the Grand Canyon (three times-one was a Rim to Rim to Rim), competed in local trail runs around Tucson (and set some course records for wayyy back when) and wore them when I PRd in a hilly local 10k (sub 42). Still running but have changed my brand. Marketing marketing marketing. Who would have thought it would have come to this?

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