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RETREAT! (A noun, not a verb.)


The end-of-year countdown is rapidly approaching and if you’re like us, you might find yourself in a few late-night pharmacy visits. You go for children’s fever reducer and tampons, but suddenly you find yourself shopping in one aisle for at least 80% of your list. Your ten-minute errand has grown to a two-hour shopping spree that includes—but is not limited to—the full spectrum “As Seen on TV” product offerings. (Yep, my mother-in-law definitely needs a Bacon Bowl.)

Happy Holidays, mother runners!

But we’re not here to make you fret more; we bring good tidings!

In just about four months from today, on April 16, the inaugural AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh will kick off. So as you plow through Walgreen’s at 11:00 p.m. or through a plate of cookies and feel (just) slightly out of control, mentally sound the call RETREAT! to feel empowered and supported, and to have the knowledge that the AMR Team—not your cranky aunt who always overdoes it on the bourbon—will soon be by your side.

A few examples of how RETREAT! works:

As you decorate your 114th cookie—and bemoan the flour-covered kitchen—simply say RETREAT! and you'll instantly be daydreaming of post-run yoga classes, which will focus on easy moves to benefit your running, with the esteemed Sage Rountree. (Sage can also help you race wisely—she wrote a whole book about it!‚ which is a great skill to have.)


As you encounter hunk of cheese presents like these beauties, yell RETREAT! and envision nutrition guru Cassie Dimmick at your service in April. She can speak elopquently on everything from Paleo for runners to how to use fuel to benefit your running game to how to lose those last few pounds, possibly brought on by holiday "gifts."


As soon as you see a runner and start to feel guilty that it's been days (weeks?) since you've been out there, give those feelings a lump of coal. Instead, think RETREAT! and imagine yourself with Coach Christine Hinton and a strong posse of mother runners by your side as you log miles in Little Rock—and return home more fired up than ever to reach your running goals. (Which may or may not include being badass in 2015.)

We've been busy little elves, putting together a spectacular experience for you at the Capital Hotel.

Here's a preliminary schedule, which will open as a PDF.

(And here it is as a picture.)

Retreat One-Page Schedule

Yes, you'll be a busy little mother runner, because we want you to maximize your time with experts like Sage Rountree, Christine Hinton, and Cassie Dimmick—and us: Dimity and Sarah. You'll also be a happy, educated, connected, inspired and motivated mother runner during—and after—the retreat: that's our holiday promise to you.

Take a look, then 1-2-3 RETREAT!

46 responses to “RETREAT! (A noun, not a verb.)

  1. Definitely Goal Upping!
    1. As an ex-English teacher and lover of words, I love the clever title of the session!
    2. Being the grandma in our running group and hearing the young ones talk about their times and distances and training, I sometimes start doubting my “worthiness” to belong.
    3. I have completed 17 half marathons since I did my first one at age 59, 4 years ago. First my goal was to finish, then to be under 3 hours, then I had a PR in January of 2:31.
    Now I am wondering, “what next?”
    I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the first “Prove It” challenge with Another Mother Runner and I know the retreat would be a similar confidence builder. I love recommending your books and this group!

  2. My vote is for goal setting with Dimity as I didn’t see pool lounging with cocktail on the schedule. Hence the need for goal setting.

  3. Have you thought about taping the sessions to make them available to those who cannot attend the Retreat? They all sound fabulous.

  4. So.many.great.choices! I would choose yoga and nutrition. Having been injured over the last year I’ve turned to yoga more than ever but also feel like my nutrition has room for improvement! Really hope I can attend the retreat!

  5. If I were able to attend the retreat, I would wand to get to the yoga and nutrition sessions. Theses are two areas I have the most to learn about.

  6. If I were able to attend the retreat (I wish!) I would love to go to prehab with TriggerPoint. Every time I begin running again, I always seem to get injured and I need to find a way to do it for the long haul.

  7. Prehab. I never considered myself injury prone, but I keep proving myself wrong. It’s my goal to run an entire year injury free. I would love some guidance on how to make that happen!

  8. Prehab with TriggerPoint! I’m not particularly prone to injury myself, but my husband most definitely is and he almost always refuses to go see someone if he is in pain. His usual reply is “I just need to roll it out” and then days/weeks later he is still on the same roller in the same position. How great would it be to be able to say “You’re right, you CAN roll it out, but not that way!” and then show him how it’s done 🙂

  9. Strength. I have such a hard time honing in on my strength training – it’s so much easier for me to just get out and run! I recognize I need strength training to be a better, stronger (duh) runner. What I don’t know is how to safely and effectively incorporate it into my routine.

  10. Yoga. As much as I love running, and as much as it fills my “cup”, at 42 I have discovered yoga in a whole new light. In my 20s I couldn’t stand the savasana pose. Could.Not.Stand.It. Now, I show up to hot yoga early just so I can spend more time in savasana. It’s a gift I give myself; and those around me are better off because of the team running and yoga are in my life.

  11. I would love to go to ALL of the workshops, but if I could only choose one, I’d choose the speed workshop. I am so fascinated by Sarah’s quest to qualify for Boston again and her success in doing so! I am working on getting a faster half marathon time. I have been doing many longer races in the past year and with doing that, my speed has decreased. Now I need to get my speed back; which hasn’t been too easy for me. I want to do so carefully to avoid injury.

  12. I’d love to attend them all, but Nutrition with Cassie Dimmick catches my attention. It is so important how we fuel our bodies!

  13. The strength training and foam rolling. I know that to become a better runner I need the strength training and foam rolling. I just don’t really know what strength training is. Can you do it from home and how long do you do it for. I would really enjoy this.

  14. I think that I would especially love the Prehab session – any/all ideas for keeping this almost 47-yr-old mother runner body intact are much appreciated!

  15. So many ways to learn but I think what would benefit me the most would be the session with TriggerPoint, I roll out on a giant foam roller but would love new ideas to keep these old muscles moving!

  16. This weekend sounds amazing and I would SO love to go, but my daughter is getting married in June and this weekend is bridal shower weekend. Yes, my kids are older because I’M older, but I’ve been running since I was 22. I started out in a pair of men’s green and white Adidas! I’m following the plan for the May 1/2 marathon (my FIRST) and would totally enjoy Strength with Dimity, if I were going on this unbelievable weekend. I love watching her strength routines on the training videos. They’re chalked full of awesome tips! Have fun to all of you who are going!

  17. I think it’s hilarious that we set goals with Dimity and then up with Sarah! I would be looking forward to those sessions.

  18. Yoga. I have run for 24 years and never been able to stick with the habit of stretching. Still trying to find my flow– and flexibility.

  19. Speed with Sarah would be my most needed session, but given that I am a slow runner my second would be nutrition to fuel my distance runs that take significant time.

  20. I love the look of all the sessions, but I’d really love to meet Coach Christine. I’ve done the own-it HM plan 5 or 6 times and I’ll be doing the own-it Marathon plan for the second time later this year. Lots of questions for her! Also just to meet all you lovely mother runners x

  21. i would probably enjoy the yoga most. I do it several times a week. I move yoga. I would also love breakfast with everyone! 🙂

  22. Speed with Sarah, followed by re-hab with trigger points. I’ve ran 16 marathons, just re-qualified for Boston for second time. Want to keep running and avoid injuries. Spent more time than I want to admit with PT in 2014.

  23. Speed with Sarah. I have a hard time getting myself on a schedule, and when I do I often leave out the speed workouts because I don’t know how to effectively train with speed. The few times I’ve been on a track have been exhilarating and I could imagine what more I can do knowing how to do it RIGHT!

  24. I would love to do yoga with Sage Roundtree. I was taking a yoga class in my hometown two days a week, but the class has since been canceled. I have not been able to find another one yet, and I really miss it.

  25. I would LOVE to attend the speed session with Sarah. I have slowly increased my speed, but at my current rate I will be a grandmother runner before I hit a sub-30 5K.

  26. I would like a everything spread out over 6 days so I can go to everything you are offering! 🙂 Greedy, yes! But everything sounds like exactly what I need/want! 🙂

  27. I am so VERY sad I can come to the retreat. So, So sad.(insert big crocodile tears here). I want to go to ALL the sessions but if I had to pick just one I think would pick the PREHAB session. Have fun!!

  28. Do I have to pick one thing?! Everything on the agenda sounds fantastic. But if I have to chose, I would say the Goal upping and the group runs.

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