Are my kids still chasing me?

This is not a speed bump, in case you were wondering.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your smart, witty, funny tee-shirt ideas. Seriously, so impressed with so many of them. Below are a few, in random order, SBS and I thought were particularly awesome. Just a few; we loved so many, but figured just cutting-and-pasting the comments was lazy. Plus, I'll be honest: I'm on solo parent duty until Wednesday afternoon. Despite having not run a step in over a week, I'm a little wiped, and still have 72 or so hours of being the string-cheese-opener, sunscreen-slatherer, butt-wiper, and fight-breaker-uper to go. So I gotta be brief so I can be asleep before 10 p.m. (Yes, it's been a rockin' holiday weekend around these parts.)

But I digress. Read and enjoy.

You will never guess where my car key is hidden.

I'm slow, but I'm here.

Front: Stop laughing.
Back: I'm setting an example.

Front: I run before making important decisions.
Back: If only Eve had done the same.

Our kids will follow in our footsteps. Make those footsteps strong.

In it to finish.

I can go any distance. I have kids.

I run because “Dora” puts me over the edge.
My other shirt is a nursing bra.
My kids think I am sleeping.
—Amanda (I think all three of these came from the same Amanda; apologies if that isn't the case.)

Run, Rest, Repeat (in a little recycling type logo)

Run for your lives! The toddlers are coming!

The early bird feels the burn.

Crack of dawn. Running shoes. Open road. Bring it.
—Becky Jo

There were two, though, that stick out--one literally--when it comes to representing the whole tribe. The lot of us who range from nursing moms to moms of college kids, and our collective get-'er-done-even-when-it-hurts-and-I'd-rather-not mentality.

We couldn't pick between these two, so the two $100 Asics gift certs, plus the three tees (once they're designed and printed), will go to Laurie and Deanna.

If we can find a tech tee for preggo ladies, we're going to have this, a slogan from Laurie that brought tears to my eyes, printed on it. (And I didn't even run through pregnancy.) If not, we'll settle for cotton.
"This is not a speed bump. And I am not slowing down."

The other comes from Deanna, whose motto got copyedited slightly to read like this:
I (rl)am, therefore I am.

So we're going to start with these 2, plus 2 others SBS + I dreamed up (oh, the suspense, huh?). As things grow, we're planning on printing more phrases; for right now, our laundry rooms are only so big, and we still need plenty of space to hang out our sports bras and running skirts to drip-dry. But in the future, if we use one of your phrases, don't worry: we'll definitely put together a nice thank-you package for your contribution.

Thanks again for all your help. Stay tuned, and, in the meantime, enjoy the back end of a long weekend. I'll do my best to do so, even if that means a few more videos than the pediatric experts recommend.

27 responses to “Are my kids still chasing me?

  1. Love these! Just had my ‘final addition’ so no more speedbumps for me! Should we look to be able to purchase these on your site here?

    1. Hey Tracy. Yes. Stay tuned. Working on all the details now: figuring out what shirts, getting designs mocked up, etc. As writers, SBS and I aren’t really super quick on stuff like this (read: we have a lot to learn), but our plan is to have them on the site by mid-October at the latest. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  2. Holy Canoli!! I can’t believe it! WOOHOO!! You Lovely Ladies, just MADE my DAY!!!! I really can’t believe it, and I can’t wait to wear them! The gift card will come in handy as I am about 50 miles to my next pair of running shoes (dare I say sneakers!!!), he! he! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Deanna. Sending you an e-mail shortly. I think we’re going to tweak your phrase a bit more: I run, therefore I (rl)am–it echoes the original (I think, therefore I am) a little more closely, but you get the cert for getting our brains started on it. So thank you.

  3. I know I’m too late for the contest but this has been rolling around in my mind ever since I read about this so I thought I’d just send it on so I can get it out of my head. Your “crack of dawn” example is what gave me the idea. How about: “Bend over and crack a mile!”? I know it’s a bit dicey but I love the general idea.

    Sorry I didn’t get it to you sooner but I was too busy waiting hand and foot on my family for the entire long weekend!


  4. Did you ever find the “are my kids still chasing me?”
    One of my suggestions was– Yes, I am running from my kids— could that be it?

    I love the speed bump one t00– I think that will be an awesome seller!

    1. Amanda…thank you for so many great ideas. You’re one funny lady. We’re just going to be conservative as we start, and then hopefully grow. To answer your question, somebody wrote, Are my kids chasing me? And I think SBS and I thought “still” would make it an even stronger question/statement. Thanks again for being such a vibrant member of RLAM. So appreciate it.

  5. You have to get that speed bump shirt printed soon! I am currently 15 weeks preggo (with #4 in under 5 years – yikes!). I plan to run as long as I can comfortably manage, and I would absolutely love to be wearing a shirt with that slogan while I’m doing just that.

      1. Sign me up for one, too! I’m pregnant with #3 and would love one for some events I have coming up (so that people know that I didn’t just drink too much beer:)!!!)

    1. Don’t be scared, I did the same, My oldest right now it 5 (last month) and my youngest is 6 months. all girls…..I run a lot more now! LOL

  6. Ok, shoot, I didn’t realize that I have a different screen name at work and at home, but I am the other Laurie with the speed bump. See what happens when you do too much? You cannot remember passwords, screen names or anything. Sometimes my mommy brain turns to mush.

  7. Oh my goodness!?!? I cannot believe you are going to print my speed bump thing! I am so ridiculously excited! That and this morning, I PR’d in my 5k (still didn’t run the whole thing, but getting there). I was down three minutes and 31 seconds from July 4! 35:07. I am new to this running business, and loved your book and the facebook posts as well as the blogs. I am taking some advice I read somewhere and am surrounding myself with all things running and it has been AMAZING! Thanks for the support you all give to everyone else. Yippee!!!!!

    1. Hey Laurie–

      Yippee for you for PR’ing in your 5k. Nice job! I’ll send you an e-mail either later today or tomorrow and get your address for the cert. Curious: how many kids do you have? Are you planning on any more? (If not, the shirts will make nice shower gifts. :)). Congrats again for all your running accomplishments! xo.

      1. Hey Dimity! I have three boys 24, 7 and 3 (yes I started early and finished late) and two step daughters (18 and 13). And nope no more baby bumps for me either. I only recently started running,s o obviously I did not run during my pregnancies, but i used to get so mad when people would act like I was an invalid or imply I couldn’t do something because I was pregnant. I realize that most of that was southern gentlemanly “chauvanism” but it annoyed me. I can only imagine how I would feel right now if I were pregnant and someone told me I shouldn’t be running!

        Oh, and I have a sister who runs and will hopefully need that shirt soon! I have already planned to give her the book!

    1. I agree. That was one we also loved, but I couldn’t find the author as I scrolled through them 14 or so times last night. It’s definitely on the list, and we’ll definitely consider it as we expand. (Just putting it out in the universe.) Thanks for your input!

      1. yay, that was my entry! (see comments @ 9/2/10, 10:44 am). I feel like I am part of the collective when I run, thanks to this rlam tribe. so inspiring and motivating!

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