Back to School 5K Giveaway, Day 1: Pack Your Bags

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Today begins our first AMR Back to School 5K Giveaway! Although we love our 5K of the Holidays, the month of December is not exactly the calmest month around these parts, so we decided to move it to commemorate much more important milestones: school buses rolling down the streets, picking up our kids, and taking them off to learn!

More importantly, The AMR Back to School 5K Giveaway, five consecutive days of amazing giveaways, launches us into the delicious running season that is fall. Temps are going to drop sooner than later (we promise!); leaves are going to change; air is going to crispen (pretend that's a real word please); legs are going to feel fresh and ready to roll; and finish lines will be lying there like honey crisp apples, just ripe for the pickin'.

Each day will have a theme, similar to the school supplies/snack patrol/restock the closet routine you either just experienced—or, if your kiddos are too young, four-legged, or non-existant—you likely remember vividly from your childhood. (Nothing like the whiff of a freshly sharpened #2 pencil, if you ask me.)

So yes, you can enter if you have toddlers and the like; yes, you can enter if you don't have kids; yes, you can enter if you're injured. Every day, we'll have multiple items, and three winners: all three winners will receive all the items for the day. (Except for Friday, when we have just one winner for an excellent prize that will actually suit the mother of an infant.) Please note: The pictures are representations of what the winners will receive. Colors or styles may vary slightly.) We'll announce the winners for all five days in a post on Thursday, September 18.


Day One: Pack Your Bags

Chances are, you don't need another pack of crayons in your house, but we've gathered a bunch of our favorite running (and a few life) supplies that make it easier, safer, and more fun to lace up and get going.

day 1 Thule enroute mosey backpack blue
First up, the Thule pack.

Saying the Thule EnRoute Mosey Daypack ($89.95) is a backpack is like calling a marathon a "run". This bombproof pack goes the distance with heat-molded side pockets to protect your sunglasses and other fragile items; an inner pocket that includes a pocket for a laptop, a tablet, and an organization panel so you can always find your phone—and chapstick; and an ergonomically designed back to lighten your load.

day 1 yurbuds
Turn down for what? Adding tunes via yurbuds.

Designed to fit smaller ears—and to stay put no matter your ear size, running speed, sweat rate—yurbuds Inspire for Women (currently on sale for $22.49) keep you entertained (and blissfully unaware of them) for fast tempo runs, long slow runs, and every mile in between.

No homework in the Back to School 5K except this: Roll your muscles regularly with the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller.
No homework in the Back to School 5K except this: Roll your muscles regularly with the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller.

Even if you're not folding yourself into tiny desks, your muscles need to be unkinked and released. The best tool for the job? The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller($39.99) which has a variety of widths on the cylinder so you can target a range of muscles. (Repeat after us: 10 minutes three times a week on the roller will make me less prone to injury.)

See and be seen with Knuckle Lights.
See and be seen with Knuckle Lights.

Crossing guards across the country will drool if you flash a pair of Knuckle Lights ($39.99) their way. The pair of lights, which have 45 Lumens (read: brigh-ight!) and 3 settings, let any oncoming traffic easily see you, while you can also aim the beam to make sure you don't bite it on the potholes.

Your brain can't think--and your body can't run--if you're dehydrated. Fill up with the Ultimate Direction Handy 20.
Your brain can't think--and your body can't run--if you're dehydrated. Fill up with the Ultimate Direction Handy 20.

Such a seemingly simple task—carrying water on a run—can easily turned into cramped, wet hands; sore necks; achy shoulders and a bunch of other stuff you shouldn't have to deal with when you're already working really freakin' hard. With a generous pocket that can hold a key, a few gels, or other essentials, the Ultimate Direction Handy 20 ($25.95), has an adjustable strap and ergnomomic bottle built to make the carry as efficient and painless as possible.

Calms Forte: sweet dreams for all mother runners.
Calms Forte: sweet dreams for all mother runners.

The back-to-school jitters aren't unlike the night-before-a-race-jitters or the night-after-a-long-effort too-amped-to-sleeps. You crave sleep, but it's nowhere to be found...even when you lay your head on the cool side of the pillow. Hyland's Calms Forte($6.99 for 100 tablets), a homeopathic sleep aid, gently quiets your mind so you can fall into the sleep you need.

A perfect commuter cup from Dansko.
A perfect commuter cup from Dansko.

Whether you need java as you walk your kids to school or a soothing glass of herbal tea for your drive home from work, this Dansko mug, which also comes with tea, transports your beverage so spills aren't an issue.

day 1 Road ID
A Road ID keeps your most important numbers closeby in case they're needed.

You fill out mounds of paperwork getting the kiddos back to school (How many times in my life will I look up the pediatrician's address?), but do you have your most important information on file when you run? With a Road ID ($19.99)  a customizable identification bracelet that can hold numbers of loved ones and other important medical info, you'll always be armed if a bad situation arrives.

And just in case you have to do some real work, lean on the Thule Gauntlet MacBook Pro Sleeve.
And just in case you have to do some real work, lean on the Thule Gauntlet MacBook Pro Sleeve.

Bookending the first day of the Back to School 5K with this sleek Thule Gauntlet 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve ($49.95), which capably protects your laptop with a semi-rigid, high-density case, a water-resistant zipper and a strap to keep the computer in place...just in case you—or your offspring—happen to open it the wrong way.

Phew. Quite a pack there. Three lucky women are going to be stocked up and ready to run (and work a bit) this fall!

In order to enter today's giveaway, please answer this question in the comments below: Sharpened #2 pencils used to get me pretty excited for school. What running accessory makes you most excited to run? (Please note: by accessory, we mean anything that is NOT clothes or shoes.)

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 9/8/14 and ends on 9/16/14. Winners will be announced on 9/18/14 on this website, as well as notified via email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $295.30. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


1,535 responses to “Back to School 5K Giveaway, Day 1: Pack Your Bags

  1. While I understand the benefits of running “naked”, I’ll admit I’m obsessed with my Garmin and the stats it comes up with.

  2. I just got a BRAND NEW GARMIN for my birthday this last weekend! Wohoo! I love my Garmin. I am lost without it. I can not wait to try out the new one that doesn’t threaten to conk out at mile 18 of my long run. And it is PURPLE!! PURPLE!! Best bday present ever.

  3. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10 that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. She is a runner of many years and said I absolutely needed one if I was going to get serious about improving my speed. And I never go out without my Road ID!

  4. I have a wonderful soft-stretch running belt to carry my phone and keys that I can’t go without! I can’t handle the arm band for my phone, and the band is so comfy!

  5. My phone! Is that considered an accessory? When I run is when I get to listen to all my favorite podcasts and that is always exciting.

  6. I like running with sunglasses. Why? Because it means it’s bright and not raining, which is a big deal in Oregon. Also, I feel like they help keep my contacts from drying out if it’s a windy day.

  7. Oh gadgets for sure. I have a Basis watch that recently had an update that now lets it show whether I’m running or riding a bike or walking. If I had an unlimited amount of money I’d have three or four watches on for every run (or I’d try a new one every week…which makes more sense come to think of it). I’ve never tried a garmin watch but I’m tempted to get one now that I’m running further.

  8. My favorite fun accessory is my Petzl headlamp. There is nothing like strapping on a headlamp and hitting the roads in the dark to make me feel like a bada**. I know all the people driving by in cars are thinking it too 🙂

  9. I confess that my favorite accessory is my Garmin. I wear it on 99.99% of my runs. I love data, so knowing exactly how far I have run is wonderful.

  10. This may sound nuts, but I recently purchased a maternity support band. I’m so excited that it’s allowing me to continue running comfortably further into my pregnancy. Early morning runs during these fall days are some of my favorite of the year!

  11. My iPhone, or specifically the Nike+ app. It’s a source of frustration, usually, because the damn thing takes forever to load, or crashes, but there’s nothing that pushes me out the door than seeing I should be running today and there’s a check box in the training plan that is yet unchecked.

  12. My waistband. It is a lifesafer!! I keep all sorts of goodies in there like handsanitizer wraps, tissue, cash, energy bloks and phone. I feel secure and safe with the waistband and it makes me want to run further.

  13. When I got my purple yurbuds a couple years ago, I was so excited that I went for a run immediately. I still get a little of that feeling even now.

  14. Definitely my iPhone… Podcasts, run tracking and security all in one little package! And I guess the armband that I use to carry it in.

  15. My belt that holds my car key, iPhone (for emergencies, cool pics mid run, Nike app and tunes), and fuel. I would never be seen with a fanny pack, but love my fuel belt (which is essentially a fanny pack).

  16. I like my Nike watch but I love to download a really good murder mystery novelplug in my ear buds and get lost in the story. Although it does make me a little faster and jumper in the early morning hours…. you know murdering moose on the loosd. (I live in a very small town!)

  17. I adore my new Garmin 310xT. I bought it for myself when my trusty 305, which had gotten me through countless 5Ks & 12 half marathons, went to the technology graveyard in the sky, & when I decided to bite the bullet & sign up for my first full marathon!

  18. My running hat! Given to me by my husband. If I don ‘t have it on I pretty much freak out. If keeps me cool all summer, it’s my favorite umbrella, best dang sunglasses holder ever, helps keep the sweat out of my eyes. 2nd item would be my trusty purple bandana that I wrap around my right hand allowing me to keep my face dry.

  19. Once I started running with a Garmin I found I enjoy my runs more. I love being able to track my speed and find that I push myself more than when I purely run blind timed intervals.

  20. The best accessory? A good bra! I can’t run without the girls being held in place! And being of the, uh, well-endowed variety of woman, a great sports bra is a necessity (and an investment at $60ish bucks a pop!).

  21. A whole bunch of “accessories” would be: Changing from one season to the next of running clothes. Winter running is on my bottom rack and I will be soon moving them up to the top rack to make more accessible. I love seeing the next season of clothes…seems like they’re new again.

  22. I love my headphones or a great armband or belt to store my phone – I’m still trying to find the perfect one of these but have found several pretty good ones.

  23. If I’m running alone it is music. I bought an iPod touch for races and I just love how teeny it is. So nice to have the occasional run without this huge phone strapped to my arm.

  24. For solo runs, my favorite accessory is my Road Noise vest so that I can put on some tunes and hit the road without having to worry whether I can hear traffic. Running with my pals, I like my Nathan water bottle and pouch; it’s perfect for a car key and some cash for morning coffee runs!

  25. My new hipS-sister hip pocket belt! I can keep my phone and some money, a gel pack or two and keys, and my keys (and prob even more stuff!) Things don’t bounce around like my other running belt because the weight is evenly distributed – and when I wear black shorts or capris it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing it. I can’t wait to wear in a half-marathon or full-marathon (next year…I took this year off!)

  26. OK, so I know a new playlist isn’t really an “accessory.” I guess I would have to say that my phone is my most important accessory, but that’s only because there’s nothing like some jammin’ new tunes (or older tunes that I haven’t heard for a while, think 80’s music) to get me pumped for a run!

  27. It was my Garmin until recently I bought a micro pocket to wear around my waist that holds my phone and $5 to hit Starbucks after a run!

  28. This makes me realize i need new accessories! I’m not in love with anything in my stash, but I would be pretty excited if I could find earbuds that actually stay in my ears.

  29. That is an interesting question. My favorite gear are some blinking lights that I bought that clip onto me with magnets. I think they are much better than the vest I had and I feel pretty visible. Although I remind myself to still assume I am not seen.

  30. I love my knuckle lights, I use them every week, because I run in the dark so much. One of mine broke recently and I was so sad. My husband got me new ones within a week. Soooo happy

  31. I was going to say my Garmin, but I really think it’s my sunglasses (Tifosi Tempt with Fototec lenses – and I think I originally heard about them from y’all). They make me feel kind of [email protected]$$ – and I think that makes me run faster!

  32. Because I run almost exclusively in the early morning darkness, I was pretty excited when I found a shoe light that goes around the heel of the shoe. It is hi-vis green and it can be solid or blinky.

  33. Definitely my ipod shuffle! I love music on short runs and save AMR podcasts for long runs! Makes the time go by and makes it an overall enjoyable experience. 🙂

  34. I keep it pretty simple, so I guess I would say new headphones or maybe a new hair accessory – I’m always struggling to keep my hair out of my face!!!

  35. I have yet to get a Garmin, so for now it’s my Nike run App. I love seeing my miles add up and keeping track of my pace. And music helps too!

  36. New headbands! I love getting a new Sparkly Soul headband. My BRF Char and I just got new ones as our prize for completing our very first running streak!

  37. Music! It keeps me motivated to get out there. I just turn on the tunes and it helps the time go by. It also “let’s” me justify buying new music to keep the momentum going.

  38. My Nike running app gets me excited when I think about going for my run. I like tracking my distance and time and being able to go over my activity log to compete against myself and see how far I’ve come.

  39. My husband is my best accessory. He keeps my pace, (even though he is much faster), he encourages me and when I am feeling like I can’t lift another leg…he gives me that boost. If he isn’t considered my accessory, then I have to say my I Phone with my Nike running app. LOVE IT.

  40. Non-slip headbands (I have quite a collection to match my mood and outfit each day) and my Garmin Forerunner watch, which I just got and don’t know how I lived without it.

  41. Sunglasses – have to have sunglasses on, even in the rain. Hangover from Lasik surgery back in ’96. 🙂 (Also can’t run without chapstick and gum, but those aren’t accessories in my book)

  42. My ipod nano – I have an older one with a touch screen that clips on. Easy peasy music without having to worry that I will lose my phone while running. Because I would.

  43. People in the 13.Fun Run/Walk group read about my little encounter with a taloned creature on one of my early 0-dark-30 runs. So I now run with Knuckle Lights and a BRF! And I have to say, they are both pretty darn awesome, and I don’t know how I did without them before. Thanks, owl, for scaring me to my senses!

  44. In winter (yes, I’m already starting to think about winter as I’m at the end of a pregnancy so that will be when I’m getting back to running consistently) it’s my YakTrax! They make a sunny winter day safe on the icy hills near my house.

  45. My favorite running accessory is one of my BRFs. However, if I were to choose a running accessory that I can fit into a bag, it would be my running watch. It’s currently a MOTOACTV, that is slowly starting to die, so I am lusting after a new Garmin. Maybe for Christmas?

  46. I love, love, love my HipSister carry-belt. i can put my iphone in there, keys, money, cards, lip balm, and there is no bulkiness.

  47. I don’t own one, but a Garmin/GPS watch would excite me. That means I can leave my phone and clunky armband at home and actually see my pace while still running.

  48. I get the most excited by my selection of running tunes on my iPod. Just knowing I have some good tunes to get me through the sluggish times is enought to keep me motivated. My Garmin is never far behind to keep me in the know, but it also drives me nuts when the miles don’t seem to adding up as fast as I’d like.

  49. Counting this as a running accessory especially for the long runs- the AMR podcasts. Sarah and Dimity are such familiar voices that if I’m having a rough run they help me find my groove again.

  50. My new Bia sport watch! Love the fact that it was designed by women for women. The display sits perfectly on my wrist and I can actually read all the numbers – including the current time!

  51. It’s got to be my garmin ’cause I’m all about the data! If I don’t log it, it doesn’t count (I know – it’s hard to be me in my head!).

  52. My favorite accessory is my iPhone – it does everything from tracking my runs to playing podcasts or my favorite playlist. I’d be lost w/o it.

  53. My Spibelt… Because without it I couldn’t carry my phone, which means I couldn’t listen to my music, track my runs on Nike+ or carry my keys with ease.

  54. My iPod with AMR podcasts (& some music when that runs out- how about a 3 hr podcast?!) and my Garmin. Won’t leave the house without them.

  55. I get excited for new songs on my iPod to run to. I love discovering a new tune that will motivate me when I need to hear something to help get me over a tough spot in a run.

  56. I started running when I was given two hunting dogs by my now x-husband. I am a petite person and these dogs were strong and used to drag me around the neighborhood until i discovered running. These dogs kept me going for years. They took me running almost daily. I was in a very abusive marriage and it was the discovery of running that helped me build up the strength to leave, but it took me years! One of my loving running companions past away this past june. Now i run with, Charlie, a “Morky” (Maltese and Yorkie mix) and Jenny, German wire-haired pointer. Most of the time Charlie is in a doggie stroller, but she loves to run too. I can run with her under my arm like football. I am sure people think i am crazy, but the excitement in my dogs faces and the joy they bring keeps me heading to the hills.

  57. New tunes- new apps for tunes, new iPods or new phone to play tunes… Anything that keeps me company on the road since I rarely get to run with friends.

  58. Of course like many many others, I will always love my Garmin, but I also have a new little clip on light that has a strobe or solid feature. I have been wearing it on my early morning long runs. Knowing that I need it because it’s so DARK reminds me of how proud I am be consistently training for my upcoming marathon. No one needs a light if they’re sleeping at 5:00 am!!

  59. My Garmin for sure! (Though I’m really thinking I need to do a run without it every now and then…but how will I track my miles?!?)

  60. I am spoiled rotten by my husband. He knows gadgets are the way to my heart so the Garmin 620 is my best motivator these days.

  61. I’m motivated by my Garmin! It amazes me time and again how far I’ve come in my running abilities and my Garmin is proof.

  62. I don’t consider her an accessory, but my running partner gets me excited to run! I really look forward to the miles we spend running and chatting. If she’s not around, my music is the next best thing!

  63. I recently tried a sweaty band for the first time, and even though my short hair doesn’t require one, it sure was fun to sport.

  64. Definitely my garmin! I never run without it – even for casual runs. I am a numbers gal so I always like seeing my pace and distance.

  65. running accessory that is not clothes?? hmmmmm…oh, how about my running charms on my shoes? I like pretty things-oh and my jamberry nail wraps with a running girl on them

  66. My ‘running buddy’…magnetic belt free pouch that holds the iphone 5, even when in a case, with ample room for keys and granola bar.

  67. I LOVE my yurbuds since I have to listen to music when I run. Regular ear buds fall out of my ear and then I constantly have to re-adjust.

  68. Well, I have a love/hate relationship with my water belt – love because it is a savior during long runs, and hate well let’s just say long runs are hard! But knowing I have one is always good motivation, and I feel great afterwards!

  69. Sunglasses, cellphone with multiple (not because I run long distances, but because I run slooooowly) podcasts (AMR of course) and headphones!

  70. all the “food options” (gu, sports beans, chomps, etc.). I am a food addict, so this has just carried over to my running . . .

  71. I recently bought my very first Garmin. I am loving it and even ran on Sunday which should have been a rest day! I can’t wait to use it during my upcoming half.

  72. I love Balega socks… I swear I can run for hours in them and my feet are not soaked in sweat! I also love the runkeeper app… Average pace updates and comparisons to my fastest runs are very motivating!

  73. My yurbuds and armband for my iPhone; for those long runs, I love listening to audio books (thank you,!) and my carefully crafted playlists, plus I love that Strava is recording every step. I also love my Garmin Forerunner and have been known to double up on the tracking (Strava+Garmin). Yes, I’m that OCD.

  74. Putting on my brooks pureconnect barefoot running shoes is the best feeling! Not only are the super comfy but I have been training for my 1st half marathon and they have made all the difference! I feel like a real- runner!!!

  75. I just discovered Iheartradio! It’s my favorite accessory (along with my phone i guess). I can listen to something other than the same old playlist.

  76. I have some new compression sleeves for my injury prone calves/shins. I’m not yet sure if they are helping, but I sure feel like a runner when I head out with them on.

  77. My favorite accessory is a new song on my iPod. But I would be seriously stoked if I had some new knuckle lights or a thule pack!

  78. Could a running buddy be an accessory? I joined my local Moms Run This Town earlier this year and I am so excited to have fabulous girls to run with.

    If that doesn’t count I would say my headphones with the volume control built in the cord so I don’t have to try an fiddle with my phone mid run.

  79. I love my garmin watch. I hate to leave home without it because I’m a numbers girl (I am a CPA) and I love knowing how far, how fast, etc. It’s super cute two with a purple band – my favorite color!!

  80. Now that I’ve gone back to work after a
    Long summer vacation I’ve been spending more time with my treadmill on these dark mornings. These runs wouldn’t be possible without my mini iPad, Netflix and Jax Teller from sons of anarchy!

  81. iPhone — especially look forward to listening to books on Audible or podcasts. Feel very efficient getting in my workout and also learning something new or staying current on bookclub books.

  82. My one running accessory that makes me most excited to run is my iPod. I don’t listen to music pretty much anytime else – there are too many people trying to talk to me to have headphones in my ears or those that have way different opinions on what we should listen to – so I LOVE being able to go out on a run and listen to whatever I want to. I even have my own special running playlist that is only for runs.

  83. Tough question. I don’t run with music and my garmin is only used for speed work and long runs. I enjoy my knuckle lights since I run in the dark early hours of the morning.

  84. oh all the pretty runners! But that really isnt an accessory. Socks. I love a great pair of socks. I pretty much only run in feetures, balega or injinji. I LOVE em!! ooooh and CEP sleeves. ALL the colours please!

  85. Most definably my Runkeeper App. I’m obsessed w seeing my stats (good or bad) accumulate. I like trying to beat my PB (although it is rarely happening these days)runs & seeing my varied routes all adding up. I love my ‘Tech’!

  86. My favorite accessory is my 7-eleven convenience store in my water belt. i usually have carmex, bum wipes, gum, and a variety of other items. These give my running buddies and me great calm when heading out for a long run!

  87. Accessory which gets me most excited to run: My music via my iPhone stored in my Spibelt. Also the cake that occasionally awaits my return.

  88. On a long run, it’s my iPod with my playlist of tunes like Def Lepard’s “Let’s get rocked” and no one knows what I’m listening to.

  89. My iPhone. I used to never run with music or a watch, but now I live for listening to podcasts/music/my splits on a long run!

  90. The accessory that makes me most excited to run is not really a thing – it’s my running buddy Lynn ! Running with Lynn is relaxing and enjoyable and fun so much so that I don’t have time to think how hard my workout is how tired I am etc. I look forward to our run dates with “excitement”!!

  91. I of course never leave my house without my favorite accessory……my many assortments of headbands. And they must match my outfit!

  92. My favorite accessory lately has got to be hats/visors. I am pretty new to the world of head gear and am loving it! So many looks to choose from!

  93. My favorite running accessory is by far the hat/visor. I have gone from a child that swore she would never be one of those mom’s wearing a ponytail and a baseball cap or visor, to a mother runner who checks out hats & visors at every expo or vacation stop. I think I now have more hats than my husband.

  94. My Nathan hydration belt in purple – it is exciting to be running distances long enough to need water! This accessory has been a big time saver on runs avoiding the need to plan around drinking fountain locations or hiding water bottles.

  95. My running buddies are the accessory that gets me most excited to run. Like any great accessory, they make me look and feel better than I do without them!

  96. My iphone is my favorite running accessory! Provides the feeling of safety on the early morning runs and gives me the entertainment that I need to get through a workout by listening to tunes or podcasts.

  97. My “tunes”, nothing jacks me up for a run better than a great playlist! I purposely don’t listen to my running playlist when I’m not running, so that when I hear my favorite running songs, I have an extra kick in my step!

  98. What gets me excited to run is whatever is my “newest” thing… this summer it’s been my (lime green!) Garmin. It’s my first running watch and I love seeing my pace, total time, and calories burned.

  99. Definitely my water bottle and visor. My daughter brings them to me every morning to remind me ‘let’s go!’ (my shoes are to icky to be in the house)

  100. It would have to be a few new episodes of my favorite TV shows! 🙂 I’ll be front and center on the treadmill for a long run if I’ve got a backlog of TV shows to catch up on.

  101. Love a run watch. Currently using Nike but also have a Garmin. I would probably drive back home to get my watch if I showed up for a run without it.

  102. I love my Amphipod Airflow Endurance hydration belt with a flat pouch for holding essentials. And bonus, it doesn’t bounce!

  103. I have to say the thing that gets me excited to run is my trigger point therapy kit. I’ve had so many things hurt lately. It’s nice to use the kit and start to get some relief so I want to run again.

  104. GPS. Whether it is on my phone or my Garmin, I love to see how far/fast I went. Also, I always get jacked on trying anything new.

  105. I love my Nike plus running watch. I can see the breakdown of how fast and far I am going. I also love the encouraging messages at the end. It makes me feel like a champion. Last of all, it gives me a gentle reminder if I miss a run to get my booty out there.

  106. I love my Fitbit. I get excited to run because I know at the end of the day it will show up in my “stats” on my Fitbit report. I am a numbers person and I love to see all the “stats” that my fitbit records!

  107. My running GPS watch. I wear it as my normal watch and so I look at it all day. I am running at night these days thanks to my hubby’s crazy work schedule so just knowing that we are going to do some fun work out that i programmed into it just gets me excited throughout the day.

  108. The accessory that makes me most excited to run is anything that plays music and has good music on it. If it’s got a good beat, it gets my feet moving.

  109. My favorite all depends on the time of day I am running. Predawn I am absolutely lost with out my headlamp and reflectors. Once the sun is up I am pretty much blinded by the sun so I had better have my visor on.

  110. My alarm clock is the only thing I need to get excited! Hearing that sound at 5am makes me want to jump right out of bed! Nope, not really. I don’t get excited for a run until I’m actually out there doing it.

  111. My GPS Watch, and it bit the dust two months ago!! Time to purchase a new one as my phone app will not be as easy to use come winter and gloves.

  112. In the warm months a visor and in the winter a headband. I can’t run without them. Not too exciting but a necessary accessory.

  113. My dog’s leash. He is the best running partner, always super eager to go! Other than that my Ipod with a few new hard-core songs added.

  114. I get the most excited about a new shuffle mix. Right now what gives me a nice kick is Carry On Phenomenon by Kishi Bashi.

  115. Earbuds or an armband for my music. Probably earbuds since I broke my goods ones and my old ones are barely hanging on!

  116. Because we live in the country and you never know what animals you may meet, I always carry pink pepper spray. Doesn’t sound too exciting but it allows me to run worry free which makes a big difference in the quality of a run!

  117. I have a nifty belt that holds my phone that’s rally makes me feel like I’m a runner. Plus I bought it at the local running store the first time I went. I was pretty intimidated but I braved it and even have been back since.

  118. When it comes to running, I am a no frills girl. I prefer the peace and quiet. I do however need a headlamp- with so many hours of darkness in the winter- I can’t leave my house without it!

  119. Visor! Keeps the fly aways at bay, sweat from my eyes, and the sun from making my squint wrinkles worse. I especially like when it has a positive saying, or coordinates with my outfit.

  120. My running visor and my smile. I honestly enjoying flashing my “I love running grin” when I see other runners out and about.

  121. On dark morning runs, my head lamp and a handy dandy small flashlight my hubby got me with a taser thingy on the end of it in case some other mad person is out that early too and decides to mess with this BAMR!

  122. My watch! I get kind of obsessed with the numbers. I can also run without looking at it, but having it on gets me ready to get out the door.

  123. The minute I slide my I phone into my arm band I know I’m committed to going. I’ve always been someone who ran without accessories like these but now I see the value and it gets my energy up. Even if I never turn the phone on while I’m out running alone it’s there with endless possibilities of music, podcasts, or even a phone call to family or friends to keep me company.

  124. I have to carry my 10oz Fuelbelt handheld water bottle with me on every run! I don’t know how I ran without water for over a year before I bought it for half marathon training. Now I take it with me on all my runs, even 2-3 milers. Stay hydrated, ladies!

  125. My favorite running accessory these days is our handed-down double Chariot. My one-year old usually sleeps, and my two-year old is becoming quite the cheerleader -especially on the hills!

  126. My babass mother runner head sweat visor that was given to me from Diminity! I love that visor as it’s super comfortable and fit’s nicely also the logo on the front is motivation of its self!! 🙂

  127. My dog. She’s always so excited to go, her enthusiasm is catchy. She knows if I pull out certain shoes that I’m going on a run, and I just HAVE to take her with me.

  128. I, too, will have to go with my Nike wicking cap. It goes on and I go out the door! Blocks the sun, rain and keeps my crazy hair out of my face.

  129. Headpieces! Normally everyday I wear my hair the same way. It’s boring but it looks cute so I go with it. When I run I get to jazz it up a bit. It’s totally acceptable when you are running to wear a neon hat or a sparkly headband! In fact, it’s encouraged! Couldn’t get through a run without my “mane” accessories!

  130. The biggest, most exciting change for me was when I received an Ipod as a gift. I was a new runner and it was so wonderful to have something to listen to on those just getting longer runs. Podcasts get me through the long ones now.

  131. The new Garmin coming this week is getting me excited! (Does a new AMR podcast for my weekend long run count too?…that really helps me get out the door!)

  132. My iphone with Runkeeper app. My clip broke and I was without it for 2 weeks while I waited for the replacement to arrive in the mail – that was NOT fun!

  133. I love my Sparkly Soul headbands. I wouldn’t say I’m one of those shiny princess runners, but a little sparkle on my head helps me run happier!!

  134. New fuel that doesn’t mess with my gut gets me excited to run and always my Garmin–I think it’s like the dog seeing the leash–I see the watch an know it’s time! (No drooling or tail waging–but an internal happy dance going on in my head).

  135. My foam roller. Ever since I started using it before runs and after runs I have had more runs that I feel amazing on instead of just okay! Can’t live without it

  136. My Polar heart rate monitor gets me super excited to run. I love seeing my heart rate and calories burned after a good run!

  137. Love my Hammer Nutrition gels (light on the stomach & not pasty). Yummy “apple pie filling” flavor! Oh and hoping my Headsweats visor doesn’t qualify as clothes? That’s a MUST.

  138. I’ve gotta go with my Garmin watch for this one. I’ve only had it since last Christmas (and I’ve been benched since June while my placenta previa is monitored), so it still feels like a magical new toy, and it’s still fun to experiment with features. It’s so satisfying to gaze at my collection of data at the end of the week!

  139. I thought it was music, but now I have my running girlfriends and I can’t imagine running a long run without them =) Oh, and nuun……..any flavour.

  140. Wearable Tech and new iphone apps, for sure! As a nerd, mum of two and postgraduate student (Master of Technology of Business Systems – I’m one of two females in my unit!), running is my sanity, and I adore trying out every little piece of new techie, gadgety goodness!

  141. New shoes are always great running motivation but I cannot run without a supportive sports bra. Love running without the bouncing.

  142. new smartwool socks, i love them. and my daughter loves them now too. she says she won’t wear anything else! thankfully, we just got a whole bunch at ll bean on sale!

  143. Whatever my newest gadget or toy is makes me most excited to run. Most recently it was my new flip belt which made running with my phone, gels, etc so much easier. Before that it was my Garmin, which still gets me excited on a regular basis.

  144. No doubt it’s my music. I can run without a lot of things but not having the iPod for AMR podcasts and music is enough to make me think about skipping the run!

  145. My injinji socks are the best. Without the right socks my feet start cry and there’s nothing worse than being on a long run with feet that’s crying because blisters are forming.

  146. My brand new Bose earbuds. I love to run to a fast beat and still be able to hear my surroundings (for safety). Best new running accessory I have besides my Garmin Forerunner 620 (which I also love!).

  147. I’d have to say my favorite running accessories are my two children. They are my cheerleaders, my proding squad when I slow doen, and whom provide enthusiastic, joyful commentary motivating me to keep going. As much as I like having time to myself, I truly get excited when they want to join me!

  148. My GPS watch is one item that I am loving! It is a recent addition to my running and I love being able to see how fast I am going and how far and then review my run after.

  149. My husband bought me a Garmin GPS watch for Christmas and I was giddy! Having one thing on my arm telling me all the important info about my run (pace, mileage, time, etc) is simply awesome!

  150. My favorite running accessory is my phone. I can track my miles, listen to an AMR podcast or tune in to one of SBS’s Spotify playlists!

  151. Trying out new or different types of fuel is always exciting because iy means I have reached a certain point in my training where I actually need to think about how to fuel my long runs!

  152. My RedFox wireless headset….no longer do my boney elbows catch my headset cord and rip it out of my ear. That use to always happen when I was feeling like I looked my coolest doing interval runs. Especially thankful when I ran threw a spider web last week and did the crazy dance trying to get it off of me only to turn and see commuters cracking up. At least I had my tunes to drown out their laughter.

  153. If I can’t say new shoes I would have to say a fresh new pair of socks makes me excited to run. To be honest, anything new makes me excited to get out for a run. How’s it going to work? How will it feel? Let’s go try it out now….

  154. Hands down my iPhone, my trusty running companion containing my RunKeeper app, music and especially podcasts including AMR, of course, to keep my company on my long runs. Also, I’m thankful for the new release schedule so it’s available whether I do my long run on Saturday or Sunday!

  155. My iPod shuffle when it’s got some new podcasts to enjoy on a run, especially if it means I’ll be laughing on the side of the road!

  156. This summer I splurged on a pair of Oakley sunglasses for running and I love them. They’re my favorite accessory because if I’m wearing them it means that I’m enjoying a rare run during the hours that the sun is actually shining.

  157. My garmin probably makes me the most excited to run each day! It’s like a reliable old friend that brings and records a new challenge every day if I so choose. The best part is I have the option to rely on it heavily, or turn it off on days when pace or time aren’t concerns.

  158. I love to have my sweaty band headband to keep my curls out of my face. Without it I spend half the run being totally annoyed at her hair. Now I can’t run without it.

  159. My current favorite running accessory is my four-legged pal, Autumn. She is a shepherd mix rescue that we adopted almost a year ago. Dog kisses and a wet nose in my face get me out of bed and moving every Saturday and Sunday at o’dark hundred. She helps to motivate me to get out and run a few nights during the week as well since she needs her exercise as much as I need mine.

  160. Gotta be my GPS. Tells me how awesome I’m doing, and how far I’ve gone…which I can add to my shoe mileage and be that much closer to a new pair.

  161. My Nathan running log. It’s official feeling—has a substantial heft verses my pieced together calendars and bits of journal. I’m working on a running streak and I’ve been surprised by how much I enjoy filling in the blanks every day.

  162. Music Gets me through my run. Short runs, long runs…something with a good beat and earphones that stay in place when I change tempo. I have a HORRIBLE habit of snagging my cord on my thumbs when I up my tempo or hear a great song. Finding the right earphones with a well-weighted cord has been my challenge!!

  163. In the Texas heat, I love my Amphipod handheld water bottle. I was unsure I’d like a handheld, but I hardly notice it’s there. It’s great when I need a quick shot of NUUN..

  164. I have to have my Garmin watch. Even on those days I don’t really want to look at my time or pace, I feel totally naked without it!

  165. I am sure some people don’t consider this an accessory but in the heat of marathon training right now- my friends- every Saturday I know we are all showing up in the early morning dark hours to run those long miles- they are awesome ! I only make it over 13 , 15, & 17 miles because we can talk all through the miles- best accessory another runner can have!1

  166. My usual running partner was unable to join me for our usual Sunday Long Run a few weeks ago. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d make it the full 22k on my own – fearing …. boredom! I decided to, for the first time, try a PodCast – see if it would make the km pass by more enjoyably while on my own. Wow..was I glad I came across AMR!!! I was having so much fun listening and learning with you I had to go just a few more km until the second podcast I was listening too was finished!!! Love love the show…and whether short or long run – if I am on my own…I never feel alone or bored with AMR:) Great stuff ladies – THANK YOU!

  167. My fuel belt loaded with Nuun and gels. I’m ready to run as far as my legs will carry me. And it’s like wearing a sign that says “serious long distance runner.”

  168. AMR podcasts! I lhonestly laugh out loud at least a couple times when I run “with” Dimity and SBS. Having a new podcast waiting makes me ready to run …and laugh 🙂

  169. My new Garmin forerunner 220! Love that it alerts me on lap time and distance, can set it for intervals, can set alerts for my walk/run training plan. Especially love when it shows me that I have earned a new metal by hitting a new record!!

  170. I can’t run without my phone. Must have running apps, new playlists, Audible books, and the ability for my husband to track my location if I’m out too long, make my phone my go to accessory.

  171. Sunglasses. I hate having to squint and they also hide the “I’m pretty sure I’m dying” look I tend to have while exercising.

  172. I would have to say my phone is my go to accessory – it has strava to track my runs and access to music and podcasts. A close second is any kind of sweet running fuel – gu or chews or sport beans – it is like a second dessert!

  173. Is it crazy to say my BOB running stroller. I usually run on my treadmill but when I get to run outside love taking my daughter with me in the BOB

  174. Socks. Not sure why. Can’t really explain it. But when I pull on that snug pair of running socks….mmmm….I’m ready to run.

  175. My Nathan water belt. It’s got enough room for my phone, cash, inhaler, and a lot of Gu. Plus it allows me to be hands free with the water bottles.

  176. My Garmin. I love that it gives me the ability to see where my legs have taken me (especially on new routes) when I return home and it uploads.

  177. My iPod Shuffle. With 3 small children (and 1 husband, 2 dogs, 2 frogs and a fish) in charge of everything around here, I only get to listen to MY music when I run. And I love it!

  178. My Pink Garmin Forerunner. I do very few pink things, but this little buddy always makes me happy. Even when the results are not what I want I have to love the honesty of the Garmin.

  179. Easily my phone with the mapping app and my awesome running playlist. After two or three days without a run, some song from my playlist will get stuck in my head… Calling me back for a run.

  180. I would have to say my favorite running accessory is my phone. It provides me something to listen to like podcasts that keep me focused, audiobooks that keep my brain off of the long miles and music that keeps my body moving; the camera help document the crazy and beautiful that is encountered on runs and Strava and FB that keep me connected to this Tribe. I’d be lost without you all.

  181. Albuterol. After living for over thirty years thinking that I was just one of those nonathletic sorts of people, it was such an amazing discovering to learn that breathing was possible with physical activity. I never run without it.

  182. It could be anything these days since I’ve been on crutches for 4 weeks. But, I do love a good pair of sunglasses!

  183. I absolutely love my UltrAspire Spry running vest/hydration pack. It is so handy and light, I don’t know how I ever got along without it! Just thinking about it makes me want to go for a run.

  184. As a mom AND a teacher I love a great vest that is breathable and has all the right bright bells and whistles for a super early morning run.

  185. NEED my phone – it’s my alarm clock, my GPS, my coach. LOVE my Zija XM for a jolt of caffeine and a kick out the door. MUST have my Glide…nothing makes me crankier than chub rub!

  186. Nuun. I usually just drink coffee and water. I tried Nuun after getting a sample from the 13.FUN training and now I love the sweet treat when I run!

  187. I just scored a buff from Fast and Female which I love! But my fav accessory is my Garmin-it’s a hand me down but it suits me just fine!

  188. My iPhone. It has helped me when I was lost. It holds my music, podcasts, mileage, route…everything. It is my lifeline if I fall or just can’t go One. More. Step.

  189. Probably my phone bc I love recoding my miles on RunKeeper and I get totally stoked when I have a new AMR podcast to listen to.

  190. Honestly I think it’s a tie between my visor & my dog. My visor makes me look like a complete dork but it shades my face without being hot like a hat. And my dog, well without him I wouldn’t get out to run nearly as often. On days I really don’t want to get out there I think of how disappointed ( and hyper!) he will be if we don’t get in our exercise.

  191. My favorite accessory is a running headband. I have a wide variety of colors and prints and I am pretty sure they not only make me look fast, but look awesome as well. On top of that, they keep the sweat out of my eyes, and keep my hair from going cray cray!

  192. My $6 sporty sunglasses! Easily replaceable if a child decides to use them, or if I accidentally sit on them :/ but absolutely necessary in the Sacramento sun!

  193. This is hard. For long runs I love my hydration belt mainly because it carries Gu and I love me some Gu. On short runs I love the rock my run app on my phone. The mixes are perfect and inspiring!

  194. My Garmin. I love seeing my mileage go up with each long training run, my mile time stay steady or get faster and the hours of running adding up!

  195. My favorite accessory is headwear, like a sparkly headband that makes me feel like a girl or my fluorescent orange hat that my boys picked out because “everyone has a white hat mom, this way we can find you. Plus orange is EPIC.”

  196. While putting on my Garmin means it’s time to run, my favorite accessory is probably my Smith Parallel sunglasses – they just make me feel like a BAMR!

  197. Sorry just saw the note about no clothes or shoes. Been a long evening…. My headphones so I can drown out the voices around me and in my head.

  198. My favourite accessory is my flip belt! I bought it at the Disney 1/2 and I LOVE IT!! It holds keys, ipods, my running buddies keys, Kleenex, whatever. I just hate carrying anything in my hands. Well worth the $20!

  199. I have been loving my flip belt! My husband picked it up for me at the MCM expo and it has been a great way to carry my phone, gu etc this summer AND avoid an armband tan line. It doesn’t hurt that it’s pink and matches my shoes 🙂

  200. That would be my old school Timex stopwatch. I know the mileage of my routes cold, and work out my average pace on pen and paper.

  201. My iPhone with a strap so that I am able to wear it on my arm and not worry about it. Plus the phone tracks and logs my run. Double win.

  202. A new, super engaging audiobook is my favorite accessory to take on my runs. I love to get lost (hopefully not literally!) in a good story.

  203. I heart my iPhone. I love opening my running app to see how far my long distance running partner went on her run and strive to accomplish that many miles too.

  204. Can my best running friends count an an accessory? If not, then I suppose my garmin. I’ve gotta know “how far” and “how fast”.

  205. I know it’s not officially “gear,” but the idea of food makes me excited to run. I love the power balls I eat on my way out the door for an early morning run and I love ANYTHING I eat for breakfast when I walk back in the door. Thoughts of sour dough toast or eggs or peanut butter oatmeal have propelled me though many a mile!

  206. I love my Nathan hydration belt! Bottle of H2O in one, NUUN in the other, pepper spray, GUs, and Sports Beans in the pouch. Feel naked without it.

  207. My very favorite running accesory is definitely my armband that houses my I-Phone because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my music!! Keeps me grooving and moving!

  208. One of two things. Either new music, or running with my friend-that I just started running with since training for my first marathon. She (Sarah) has been great to motivate me out the door! And keep my pace up!

  209. My favorite accessory is my phone. Not just for music- when I need to revive my running routine, I load my interval app and set it to chime at 5 min/1 min intervals. 5 min easy run and then 1 min of all out sprint. I always get home from those runs feeling strong!

  210. I can’t run without my iPod. I love listening to your weekly podcasts and a new playlist every so often keeps me going!

  211. Currently, It’s my new Garmin. I love the live track. I drove an hour to meet a friend for a run on Sunday, and my husband knew exactly when I started and stopped and could watch my progress. He even asked when I got home, what slowed me down on my last few miles 🙂

  212. My elastic triathlon shoelaces make a huge difference in my running life. They never come untied, make my shoes easy to slide on, and ensure that they fit perfectly every time I wear them.

  213. These days, my favorite accessory is my iPhone, because it delivers the amazing audiobooks that keep me going on my long runs.

  214. A new playlist keeps me as fresh as the crisp fall air! Keeps me energetic through my run, and humming in the shower afterwards.

  215. My favorite running “accessory” would have to be my husband. Even if we’re not talking the whole time it’s awesome to just have that time together. Also I love my hand me down Nathan hydration backpack.

  216. new music! A new playlist gets my feet moving and my rear out the door. And I’ve been known to dance and play the air drums while running. And sing rather loudly. It helps to scare the bears away!

  217. Not sure if it counts as an accessory but I have to say GU. I just started using it for my longer runs and it’s great. I ordered a box of various flavors and am having fun trying them all out during my runs. So far my fav is chocolate outrage, so yummy!

  218. Can my Tough Girl Tutu count as a running accessory? Because I am VERY excited to wear it at my local half marathon this Saturday!

  219. Downloading new podcasts get me excited to run. I am glad you started posting your weekly podcasts on Saturday. On Saturday morning I download your podcast along with a few others and hit the road for my long run.

  220. Favorite running accessory….hmmm…does food count? If so, then even though people might think this is weird, I adore power gel chocolate with caffeine. It gets me jazzed up about the same as my favorite chai latte at the local coffee shop. If food does not count, then it’s my favorite running app on my iPhone: Strava. I love seeing my runs mapped out, hearing my (albeit much slower) splits, and sharing my activity with my family and friends who are on too. I can see my brother, Kyle, and his wife on their funnily-titled bike-rides, comment on them to give encouragement, and just keep motivated. If either of those don’t count, then it’s my favorite no-slip headband!!! LOVE IT.

  221. My iPhone with Nike running app. It helps keep me on pace and motivated when I see how many mikes I have run over time.

  222. My phone…so I can listen to music…I love my running music and it absolutely motivates me to get out there since I don’t allow myself to listen to my running mixes unless I am running!

  223. My Nike running watch gets me most excited to run because I like to check my pace (too often). I can’t wait until the end if my run to see how I did and compare it to other runs at similar distances.

  224. My favorite accessory is my spibelt. This way I can carry my phone in case my kiddos need me. And I really need a good hat, visor, or headband to keep my hair out of my face!

  225. My iPhone is by far my favorite running accessory! I got it a year ago and it makes me feel so darn safe! And, I swear I’m not just saying this, I LIVE for the anothermotherrunner podcasts. I make myself wait to listen when I’m exercising and it’s so incredibly motivating! I love you two!!

  226. No doubt that my favorite accessory is my Garmin. Not necessarily for knowing my pace, but I love being able to look back to see how far I have run. It makes me feel accomplished.

  227. Just like in school a new planner (training journal…school planner…same difference!) I can plan everything out and make it colorful and everything is so full of promise. It’s lovely….

  228. My favorite accessory is my visor. It does so much! Hoods my hair out of my face, absorbs sweat, keeps rain and sun out of my eyes, and keeps my glasses from falling down my nose. It’s neon green so I guess that helps with visibility too. Yeah, visor!

  229. I would have to say my phone since it is how I listen to books and podcasts and brings me into a nice zone for some “me time”

  230. I have long, thick hair so I’m always excited to try new hair fasteners. Also, I love a good iPod sleeve, and I’ve been itching to try a waist belt. Hope I win!

  231. ALL the accessories in this package would make me excited to run! But in general my armband that holds my iPhone makes me happy to get out there.

  232. Can’t run without a Sweaty Band on my head – I have them in all different colors. I swear by them not moving at all, no matter how sweaty I am!