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Back-to-School 5K Giveaway, Day 2: Get Dressed

AMR Day 2 Dress for School  with words 2As a child, I adored back-to-school clothes shopping with my mother--then doing a fashion show for my mom and dad, showcasing the outfits I paired up. The flowered cords with the kelly green turtleneck or the navy skirt with the variegated blue sweater with an airplane applique on it. (Oh, how I LOVED that oddball sweater!) I'd twirl and pose as if the patio where my parents were enjoying a pre-dinner drink was a catwalk just for gangly, bespectacled me. It's no wonder I grew up to be a fastinista who wears coordinated running outfits even when my run finishes before the sun can shine a spotlight on me.

So I'm delighted  Day 2 of our Back-to-School 5K Giveaway is stuff you can wear while running, presented from the ground up. We'll announce the three winners of this amazing loot in a post on Thursday, September 18.

Day Two: Get Dressed

Saucony kicks guarantee a sweet ride.
Saucony kicks guarantee a sweet ride.

Our daily runs are the adult equivalent of recess: a chance to blow off steam, "play" with our friends, and enjoy some fresh air. And just like we all know as moms, proper footwear makes us all safer and more comfortable. Saucony running shoes ($48-$150) are our favorites--the Guide series offers me, a slight overpronator, the ideal amount of guidance without excess weight or diminished liveliness. Dimity kicks up her heels the moment she laces up her Peregrines to hit the trail.

Dansko clogs: so comfy, they make me want to do a jig. Perhaps we should rebrand them, "Dance-ko"?
Dansko clogs: so comfy, they make me want to do a jig. Perhaps we should rebrand them, "Dance-ko"?

Clogs: the classic for most girls' back-to-school footwear choices. And now hipsters from Brooklyn to here in Portland are sporting Dansko footwear ($85-$200). But this mother runner wears them because they are so incredibly foot friendly, from the elevated heel (which makes my tight Achilles tendon breath a sigh of relief after a long run) to the amazing arch support and roomy toebox.

Stealth support and comfort courtesy of Sof Sole.
Stealth support and comfort courtesy of Sof Sole.
Socks it to me: Sof Sole Running Select Performance Sock
Socks it to me: Sof Sole Running Select Performance Sock

Like schoolteachers, runners spend a lot of time on their feet--and your dogs will bark if you don't take care of them. A simple change like swapping out the factory-installed insole for Sof Sole Fit Series insoles ($39.99) makes a world of difference in cushioning. To keep blisters at bay, slip on a pair of Sof Sole Running Select ($9.99) socks.

These mother runner socks don't say "bad@ss," but the black-pink color scheme shouts it!
These mother runner socks don't say "[email protected]," but the black-pink color scheme shouts it!

Not sure we'd pair these mother runner socks ($10) with a plaid parochial-school kilt, but they look mighty sassy with a running skirt or tutu. Not compression socks, these beauties are all about fashion, not function.

Be the gal everyone notices in a Tough Girl Tutu.
Be the gal everyone notices in a Tough Girl Tutu.

The gym teacher might send you to the office if you show up to class in a Tough Girl Tutu ($29.99), so save it for race day. With a wide, spandex waistband and surprisingly soft tulle skirt, these tutus are amazingly comfortable--and practical, thanks to built-in bib clips. The new limeade version begs to be part of a Tinker Bell costume (or paired with our black badass mother runner tank--talk about perfectly coordinated!).

Sheep are onto something: Icebreaker merino wool tops are un-bah-lievably soft.
Sheep are onto something: Icebreaker merino wool tops are un-bah-lievably soft.

Not sure they cover the properties of wool in science class, so we'll school you: Icebreaker merino wool apparel, like this Aero Short Sleeve Crewe ($59.99), insulates in cold or damp conditions, yet keeps you cool in hot temperatures.

Gotta run, gotta get a Soleus Dash.
Gotta run, gotta get a Soleus Dash.

Not sure who looks at a clock more--kids eager to bust out the doors at 3 p.m. or a mother runner checking (and rechecking....and rechecking....) to see when this 90-second interval will be over! A Soleus Dash ($55) offers everything you need in a running watch, including 30-lap memory and six interval timers. Plus plenty of style: We love the glossy strap.

Headsweats hat: sun blocker, rain stopper, sweat catcher.
Multi-functional Headsweats hat: sun blocker, rain stopper, sweat catcher, and now reflective attention-grabber.

The principal won't let you wear it inside the classroom, but pretty much every other situation is ideal for a Headsweats Race Hat ($22). Made of lightweight polyester with a reflective trim all the way around, the topper serves runners well in the bright sun, rain, and darkness.

Sweaty Bands: the go-with-every-outfit accessory.
Sweaty Bands: the go-with-every-outfit accessory.

As we mothers all know--and remind our kids--you can concentrate better if you can see things. So stop pushing damp, flyaway strands of hair out of your face while you run: Slip on a Sweaty Bands ($15-$18) to keep your attention on the miles ahead of you. Yowza! To enter today’s giveaway, please answer this question in the comments below. I admitted I'm Miss Matchy-Match when I run. How about you: Coordinated--or what's clean? How do you decide what to don for a midweek run? 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 9/9/14 and ends on 9/16/14. Three winners will be announced on 9/18/14 on this website, as well as notified via email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $$374.96-$594.96, depending on which Saucony, Dansko, and Sweaty Bands products winner chooses. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

1,652 responses to “Back-to-School 5K Giveaway, Day 2: Get Dressed

  1. Yes, matching at races or when running with a group. BUT just in the neighborhood or at dark, forget about it…whatever is on top when I open the drawer.

  2. I usually run before the sun comes up, so I rarely think about if it is coordinated or not. I usually just think about the mileage and the ‘chaffability’ of the clothes – certain pieces in my wardrobe can only be worn on short runs.

  3. I like to be somewhat coordinated. Basic black shorts go with everything but if I’m wearing a tank top that shows by running bra I try to have them at least be in the same color family. My tops usually match the colored stripe on my capris when it’s cooler out.

  4. Mostly my workout wardrobe choices are influenced by conditions. Is it cold, is it humid, did I drink coffee before the run and ill probably pee a little in which case black capris are a must (tmi but hey we’re among morher runners here!). I will say however that if I’ve just done laundry then I pick my favorites first: running skirts and tanks that are flattering. If I’m running in the tattered stuff it means I desperately need to do laundry!

  5. I’d love to have matching clothes but my selection is limited so it’s more about what’s actually clean and fits well at the moment

  6. Matching? Ha! I’m lucky if I have clean running clothes to wear. I’m more focused on getting my sweat on than on being in a fashion show.

  7. I tend to be more mathchy-match than not because I often catch a run after work…I am a PE teacher so I can wear my clean running clothes to work! So lucky!

  8. I tend to wear the same outfits over and over so they are coordinated and I don’t get mid week without something coordinated to wear. However a mis-matched outfit is better than not working out.

  9. I run into work so I pick out a couple of outfits for the week and rotate the tops and bottoms so that they have time to dry and air out between uses!

  10. I wear what is the most comfortable and what I feel like I will perform best in, even if that means washing the same shorts 3 times in one week!

  11. I wear my favorites first – they don’t match and most are my favorites because of the way they feel not how they look. 🙂

  12. Usually I just wear whatever is close at hand! I’m not too self conscious about what I wear. Most people in my small town are pretty familiar with my running ways.

  13. I look out the window to check the weather and then grab something from the drawer that fits the weather. Or something from the floor, if it’s not too smelly.

  14. If it’s at the gym or running in the daylight I try to look cute but in my garage on the treadmill or running at the BCOD I put on whatever is close by and weather appropriate.

  15. I love coordinating an outfit for a run…unless it’s BCOD and no one will see me, then it’s just what’s clean/weather appropriate, with the vest over the top!

  16. I grab something clean out of the laundry basket – why bother folding?!? All my bottoms – capris or tights – are black, so minimal coordination required.

  17. I am always coordinated because I run around town and I don’t want to meet up with someone I know looking “funny.” I love running skirts for long run and shorts for shorter runs. I try and look cute and pretend I am enjoying myself even if I am not.

  18. I hate to be equivocal, but it depends! Am I going out for coffee after? Is it just me and my headphones? Usually, I’m lucky to find the time to run at all, so I just grab what keeps me legal, whether it’s coordinated, cute, clean, or not.

  19. I decide what to wear based on weather and length of run. I prefer my sparkle skirt for long runs now and under armor cold gear tights in the winter. I am miss match too, and I also try to something reflective when running in the dark.

  20. Haha, totally what’s clean…and what’s hole-less….and what fits…I’m in AZ so it’s HOT out and I want to wear shorts, but some of my shorts ride up, but I’m losing baby weight so some of them fit me better now…so yea, all of that is taken into account in the minute or two I spend deciding what to wear.

  21. What’s clean. I am lucky if I can coordinate an outfit for work, so I certainly will not worry about my running clothes. But that is why I only buy black or gray shorts and pants – easy to match!

  22. Given that I have exactly one pair of running shorts, one tank top, and one good bra, there isn’t much debate about how to dress. Fortunately, the green sports bra and green tank top match nicely with my black shorts.

  23. A little of both… only because all my running bottoms are black, and most of my tanks happen to match my shoes because I am wearing Brooks Glycerines – they have every neon colour on them! to be honest, if I could look that coordinated going to work, I might have a nicer job 🙂

  24. I think I fall somewhere in the middle – I don’t want to look like I’m trying hard to match everything, but I don’t want to look like a kaleidoscope of random colours either. What I wear must start out clean though.

  25. I try to coordinate in the summer but my winter clothes don’t always allow that. I have some navy tights and the rest of my stuff is mostly black.

  26. By the time I am home from work I choose whatever is first in sight from workout apparel, have it be already worn (I do the sniff test) or more based on the weather or where I plan to run (outside I go for bright). 🙂

  27. Now that fall is approaching, I first check the temp for my early morning run. From there I decide on tights/shorts/tank/tee. Finally had to break out the capris this morning. I always go for clean too!

  28. Training for a marathon in the summer in Georgia, means that I can rarely wear the same running clothes more than once. So, I save my super reliable stuff for long runs and just put on whatever is available for the shorter runs. The combinations can get interesting 🙂

  29. Clean-ish… I run mostly in the dark so I figure matching is optional, besides most of my bottoms are black so I will never really clash.

  30. I actually set out clothes for the whole week on Sunday. I put them in my bathroom so I won’t wake my husband hunting for clothes at 5am. I like to see the pile of clothes go down as the week goes by and I get my runs in.

  31. Weekend long runs are chosen for non-chafing. Weekday runs during lunch are chosen for whatever makes my shoulders and arms look strong and tough so my colleagues can go “wow, that boring chick who wears the sheath dresses and cardigans is secretly really hot and fit!” (That’s what they say in my head)

  32. I’m neither extreme. Coordination is great, but when it boils down to it same rule for me as for my kids: if it’s not a safety hazard, you’re good to go. For example freezing temps=warm clothes. However I’ve since modified that. I want people to see me and see my kids for who we are on the inside and not get stopped at the stained/stinky/dirty/wrinkled clothes on the outside. It’s worth a little extra effort to feel and project a sense of self-worth.

  33. I like to coordinate, and HAVE to have something purple on, but I can’t leave home without my lucky hot pink Nike hat. It’s not so hot pink anymore though. If it was purple, I’d be sure to run faster.

  34. I buy things that color coordinate that way everything matches! The central color is always pink/black then it seems to flow well together.

  35. Midweek run is definitely clean and environment dependent (temperature, humidity, light, dark). Long runs are a bit more coordinated on the weekends as I have what I call my “running uniforms”

  36. Clean for sure! This summer I’ve been all about the match. Even have my bra & compression sleeves match. Used to not care….but dang it’s hot in MD on the trails in the summer. If I’m going to sweat buckets, my running clothes better look good. :). I’ll go one step further….if running with hubby & all my gang….6 of us I match us up so I can spot everyone no problem on the trail. Yikes!!!! What has motherhood & running done to me.

  37. Absolutely clean and somewhat coordinated — though I have a thing that my shirt and sneakers cant be the exact same color (shade darker or lighter is fine — just not too matchy matchy)

  38. One of the reasons I started running was an excuse to buy cute running clothes 🙂 What I indulge on in cost is a nice running bra. Worth the money!

  39. Clean, absolutely…coordinated, yes, but not matchy-matchy. I usually put my running clothes out the night before, and rarely, if ever, do I change my mind in the wee hours of the morning.

  40. My weekday runs start at 4:30, so I have to set my clothes out the night before. I usually always coordinate because that’s just me, but the clothes have to be clean too – so my answer to your question is BOTH coordinated AND clean! 🙂

  41. Whatever is relatively clean, which usually ends up being pretty coordinated! 🙂 it helps when every I own is some shade of either blue, green, or florescent!

  42. Whatever is available for me. I don’t have a ton if money to buy new running gear, so I wear something that’s comfortable and light like a comfy shirt and shorts

  43. I try to avoid deliberately horrible combinations. Like my neon yellow shirt from the Vancouver Marathon. I will never wear that with my purple skirt because I don’t want to accidentally blind anyone. But otherwise I’m beyond caring at that hour of the morning, and it is usually too dark & too early to be seen by many people.

  44. I usually pick my running outfits based on the weather forecast. Most of my bottoms are black and pair well with any of my brighter-colored running tops. I’ve never thought about coordinating socks though, maybe something to ponder…..

  45. What’s clean works for me. I live in a rural area and run early enough that I only pass a couple of cars, if that. Theoretically, I could get away with running naked! (but I won’t!)

  46. What’s clean and matches, at least for shirt and shorts (unless I have to wear colors during a certain week in the month)…but could care less if my hat matches. In the winter…it’s whatever keeps me the warmest/coolest!

  47. Whatever is clean, but it usually matches. All my bottoms are dark color solids so they match all my shirts. I do have a lime green shirt and shoes with lime green accents that I like to pair together for tempo runs though! 🙂

  48. For a midweek run I grab whatever is clean. My midweek runs are usually at about 5am so I’m still half asleep as I’m getting dressed and don’t really care if I match or not. 🙂

  49. Whatever is clean and fits…I’m not really matchy, but I do like prints and patterns, sometimes they coordinate, sometimes they don’t.

  50. Most of my midweek runs are spent on my treadmill in the wee hours of the morning, but if I’m going outside I will attempt to match. If I want some extra inspiration, I grab a skirt!!

  51. I like to have outfits that coordinate when I’m running on the road… if I’m working out in the basement, anything is fair game!

  52. I run in the dark midweek, so I go for light colored shirt (plus reflective gear). I also dress for the weather. Since it’s dark, I really don’t care bout matching. I save my cute stuff for the weekend.

  53. Always matchy…all the way down to the shoes. Most definitely always clean! That’s a big ewwwwww if you’re wearing nasty, smelly clothes.

  54. I’m not always matchy matchy, but I try not to clash. One race I wore a lime green top with the local running stores logo which was in hot pink letters and I paired it with hot pink running shorts. My son in law informed me I was going to be very easy to spot during the race!

  55. I always like to coordinate, but that’s part of why I only own black for shorts, skirts and tights, then any of my cute running shirts will match.

  56. Many times it depends on how I am feeling. If I feel blah and like I’m not excited about the run, then I try to pick a cute, “matchy” outfit. A cute outfit can bring a little spark to a run!

  57. Well whatever is clean…would love to be coordinated but my “running budget” usually goes to shoes. With 5 little babes too many other things to spread the budget to!

  58. Midweek runs are usually what is clean – but if something cute is clean I will definitely choose that over something more raggedy.

  59. I only make sure I am not clashing horribly if the sun happens to be up for my run. Pre-dawn runs, anything goes as long as it is comfy.

  60. Coordinated for sure. Lately a lot of my runs have been right after work so I change at the office so I take the coordination a step furthrer. If I wore dark blue to work then I will wear a dark blue tech shirt so it matches my earrings. Got to make sure it doesn’t clash 🙂

  61. Coordinated for sure! Most of my bottoms are black making the coordination very easy. Mid week runs are just whatever is at the top.of the stack.

  62. My midweek runs are unfortunately put on the back burner as the kids and I are back to school. But when I do coordinate and try to look cute my BRB *always* happens to wear the same exact colors or even the same clothes on our runs! (Darn you Costco for carrying cute and affordable running gear!). We always get few giggles and side eyes from our fellow runners…. 🙂

  63. My summer running outfit has been my black skirt, my bright pink AMR tank top and AMR hat. Wash (most of the time) and put back on. Everything matches black!

  64. I usually run after dark for my mid week runs when kids are in bed around 9 pm so my decision for what to wear is what will glow, reflect prevent me from getting run over by my neighbors, plus knuckle lights I love my knuckle lights!

  65. Coordination does not even make it on to my “Get out the door outfit” list.
    Clean is certainly a top priority, but anything will do if the end result is a getting the rubber on the road.

  66. Usually “what’s clean” though most of my running clothes are neon highlighter colors which all go together (or, if you are a ‘cup half empty’ type of person, go with nothing.) 🙂

  67. I have 2 small boys so laundry is plentiful! Sometimes it is what is clean, but I feel like I am a better runner when I match 😉

  68. Well, it’s not hard to coordinate when all your bottoms are black! But I do get a little excited to notice that my shoes and top match, or I have a sweaty band and shirt in the same color family. However, I recently asked my local running store to track down a particular running skort for me – and they could only find blue. I was so excited to have another skort that I said I’d take it, figuring I’d just wear whatever until I found a top/skort combo that would be tolerable. I was just a tiny bit (ok a lot) excited to discover that I have two race shirts that have a “close enough” shade of blue in the wording to make an “outfit” – and only one of them is white!

  69. I attempt to coordinate at least my shirt and headband…and all goes with my alternating black capris that rotate based on what’s clean.

  70. I pretty much go with what I grab in the dark! Since I go early in the morning while everyone is sleeping I don’t want to wake them so I grab and go!

  71. This is a funny one! I find a clean running skirt & pick from my endless supply of race shirts that match said clean skirt! Now just to remember to wash my skirts!

  72. I have to be coordinated, including my headband 🙂 Some times you have to work with only what you have that is clean, but thats why I own a lot of black shorts!

  73. I try to at least coordinate. I have mostly black bottoms so it’s pretty easy. I will wear something uncomfortable before I will wear something that clashes!

  74. Definitely coordinated!!! It’s more fun to get out there and have a coordinated outfit! Plus, I drop my son off after I run, so I need to look somewhat decent!

  75. My clothes tend to match my mood – if I’m feeling happy and positive I will try and look cute and sporty. If I’m feeling grumpy (and know I reaaaaallly need to run) I will throw on what ever is clean.

  76. I like to rotate my sports bras and running skirts so that none of them get neglected. If my daughter is hanging over my shoulder she gets to pick which pair of socks I wear. (I wear biking socks to run in so they have all sorts of patterns and grapics)

  77. Most of my stuff goes together and I like to match when I preplan but a lot of times it’s just what I pull out of the drawer in the dark.

  78. Coordinated! I have a really hard time wearing things that don’t match…even to the gym. The exception are my shoes…hot pink and tangerine orange don’t always go with what I’m wearing. 🙂

  79. I love to match! I usually match my headband to my skirt or tee! It makes me happy and is probably the one place (running) where I look pulled together!

  80. Needs to be fairly coordinated – but with mostly black shorts, all my shirts go great! I get it all ready the night before so I don’t have to think – just get dressed and GO.

  81. I love a well-coordinated running outfit, from my Sweaty Band to my shirt to my shoes! But I’m often limited by what’s clean, especially mid-week!

  82. I am all about what is clean. Most of my running attire is the same royal blue, white or gray no matter what so no coordination necessary.

  83. I coordinate for my races, but not for my regular runs. I also agree with Kate and have been know to use the “smell” test. Gross, isn’t it?

  84. I check for the morning forecast and then grab whatever is clean and near the top of the pile. If I ever show up in matchy-matchy, you should probably check to see if I have a fever.

  85. White hat and black or gray bottoms. Everything coordinates with that. I decide what I am going to wear based on the what the app is telling me.

  86. I aim for coordinated but most often end up with what is clean – especially if I am just hitting the treadmill on the basement, then who really cares!

  87. I grew up playing sports and when I played in college I was so excited that I had a practice uniform so I wouldn’t have to think about what to workout in. I tend to find something I like and buy A LOT of it. So I guess I have a running “uniform” of fun colored tops and black bottoms.

  88. I love to coordinate! Everything from my shirt to socks to headband. If you’re going to be out there sweating, you might as well try to look good doing it!

  89. I tend to match sweaty bands with shirts . . . though lately I’ve been wearing more neon after a truck nearly drove into me this summer. Is it possible to match neon?

  90. I usually grab shorts and a tank in the the cooler months love pullovers and layers.

  91. GRAB AND GO. Don’t think, just run – and that certainly doesn’t bode well for coordinated outfits. And sometimes even smelly outfits. It was 43 degrees this morning, so I did go for something soft & warm & a toque. 🙂

  92. Midweek run: what’s the weather outside? Oh wait, we’re in SoCal, it never changes. And I’m Asian, so it’s kind of expected that I don’t match, right? (side note and proof, heading out the door for my last long run, the mr. commented: wow… um, that sure is a lot of colors you’ve got going on)

    In that case: what doesn’t stink? am I running solo or meeting a friend? if I’m meeting a friend, what was I wearing last time we ran? does that stink?

    Now I’m running late, grab the first sports bra that doesn’t have dried sweaty salt marks and trust a nice breeze on the run will take care of the rest.

    Boom. Let’s go.

  93. I go for what’s clean but only because I don’t have anything that matches so I hopefully I will get something that matches soon………….

  94. Whatever is clean! I’m usually so excited to be able to run outside midweek that I don’t have time to think about it- I just throw it on and go!

  95. Because running is like a gift I give to myself, I actually enjoy laying out my clothes for the next morning’s run the night before. I planned those outfits pretty carefully! If I noticed that there are things missing that I need for the morning , I’ll go ahead and wash them. It’s pretty rare for me to end up with dirty laundry on a weekday for running. Now for the rest of my laundry, that another story entirely… Just being honest.

  96. I like to feel cute when I run, so I guess I am a matching girl. With two little kids though, I frequently have to settle for what’s clean…

  97. I go with what is clean and what is the temperature! Have certain memorized combinations for 19, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70+ degrees! Someday when my ship comes in I will outfit myself in some fab adorable running wear—right now most of my tech tees are from races I’ve run. But I get by! 😉

  98. I try really hard to coordinate my outfits. However, some mornings, especially when I’m waking up at 3:45am to go on a 10 mile run, I just grab what’s clean. So that’s why you may see me in hot pink compression socks, black shorts and an orange shirt. At least I’m out there running, right?

  99. Depends on time of day and energy…. Anything bright for semi-dark runs. If I need a little more motivation to get out the door, then definitely matchy and maybe a skirt for a little more sass.

  100. I always try to match and cover up my fat rolls. I usually lay it out the night before so I don’t have to think in the morning.

  101. I look at what is reflective or brightly colored if I’m going running on the streets. I try not to wear navy and black around traffic.

  102. What’s clean, but I’ll admit to trying to piece together bright, obnoxious outfits. If you can’t wear too many bright colors when you run, when can you?

  103. Are you assuming that I have coordinated running clothes after shopping on the clearance rack? Definitely whatever is clean…or cleanest.

  104. Whatever is clean! At 5:15 in the morning I am lucky to get the right articles of clothing on the right body parts. I store my running clothes in the bathroom so that I don’t have to worry about setting things out the night before or waking anyone up.

  105. I pretty much grab what is clean and on top of the pile. I only wear black bottoms, so it is easy to coordinate a top to go with that. I have fun with my collection of headbands and my short crop. I do have a sassy tech tshirt from Skinny Runner that is my go-to race shirt. It has the Flock of Seagulls lyrics, “I ran, I ran so far away” on the back. It never fails to hear people sing as they run behind me.

  106. I’m all about what’s clean. To keep things as coordinated as possible, I try to keep my wardrobe limited to certain colors – that way everything matches.

  107. I used to go by what’s clean (or at least not gut wrenching filthy) but I am becoming more chafe and fashion conscious……and, yes, in that order.

  108. I am currently training for my first marathon (Chicago!!!!) and have lost almost 70 pounds in a the past year and a half. What that means as far as what I wear when I run is if it doesn’t stink and it doesn’t fall off when I run, I wear it!

  109. I almost always coordinate, but that’s because i typically wear black bottoms… i get messy w/my accessories (hat, spi belt, etc).

  110. Completely matchy!! My children wear mismatched socks and paired mine once mismatched and I couldn’t even stand them in my drawer mismatched – I had to fix them. 🙂

  111. It depends, hitting the treadmill at the gym—coordinated, hitting the trails by my house—what’s at least moderately clean, long run—what doesn’t chafe.

  112. I try to buy running clothes that all match each other, so that no matter what I grab I look at least somewhat coordinated. Oh, and it all has to match my shoes. So everything I own is black, purple, coral or turquoise. Yay, Saucony Guide 7s!

  113. I go for what is clean first, and what matches second. Unless I’m running at o’dark-thirty. Who cares if you match then?? If I had a clothes fund just for the running gear, I’d probably look much cuter out on my runs!

  114. Yeah, I don’t put much thought into any of it…I’m like a guy when it comes to their tshirts, whatever is on top in the drawer!

  115. Mid-week runs are tough because it depends on when and where I am going to get my sweat on. During kids activity – clean, unwrinkled, must match and be cute; after work in the ‘hood – whatever I pull out of the dresser; family outing (we shoot for one night a week) – something cute because there is a dinner out after our run/scooter time.

  116. It varies but mostly what clean. I don’t own a lot of matching outfits so I’m more concerned about comfort that I am about matching. Oddly I love to match my socks to my shoes-I know that’s weird.

  117. I have a drawer for my running stuff separated into sections ..shorts, bras, socks, etc. I usually grab whatever I see first since my weekday runs and early and it’s dark when I get dressed lol sometimes I match! Sometimes not so much! My hump day run has always been speedwork day. Nothing like a speedy run to get you over the hump of the week!

  118. I try to coordinate, however, I have a stash of clothes I keep in my car for an impulse run (i.e., if the kids are at school activity and I have 30 minutes or more to wait for them). However, I found that pieces do not match as I may take a shirt, but leave the pants and replace it with a new different shirt that does coordinate…. but if I run fast enough no one will notice Right??? 🙂

  119. The way I sweat, which is WAY more than most people and often draws comments of surprise from fellow runners, means that CLEAN, lightweight, and with the least chance of chaffing are all first on the list.

  120. I stick to black or gray bottoms for the most part. I have a few matchy outfits but they tend to be less comfortable. For medium to long runs it is all about comfort!

  121. Midweek run? It’s all about what’s clean. Race day– completely about coordinating! (I really need that tutu and a tiara for my 40th birthday 10k this year!)

  122. I have to be at least a little color coordinated for every workout. So I tend to buy black pants and skirts. The one exception is a skirted Capri pants. They have a rainbow chevron pattern!

  123. I try to be somewhat coordinated. Unless the laundry fairy skipped our house and my choice is stinky coordinated clothes or clean mismatched clothes. Clean clothes win every time.

  124. Neither! It’s what will be most comfortable for the length of run that is planned. Certain items are cute but guaranteed to chafe on longer runs but are okay on shorter ones. If I had an unlimited budget (and time!) it would be fun to have all of the cute stuff that i just saw in the new Dick’s cataloge.

  125. Depends on where I am running … I grab whatever is handy and comfy when I head to the woods when only the animals will see me, but I take time to coordinate when I run in town and risk being seen by people!

  126. My husband always tells me that it is a good thing that I run at 4:30 am so that nobody sees the crazy combinations I put together!

  127. What’s clean for sure! I might coordinate a little more for race day but for an everyday run it’s hard enough to find the motivation let alone being a fashionista.

  128. Midweek for me is early in the morning when the sun doesn’t shine. So those skirt purchases where they ended up being a tad to short for my booty to feel like it is hanging out – those are my morning go to’s!

  129. During the week at 4:30 am I definitely grab what is clean and available. I do a tech load on Friday night so I tend to at least match for my early morning long run on Saturday.

  130. It’s definitely all about 1. the weather and then 2. coordination – even if I’m just at home on my treadmill! I don’t know – something about looking all badass helps me actually feel badass :)))

  131. Definitely what is clean & lately what is reflective. It is pretty dark now at 5:30 am. So therefore doesn’t really matter if I look good as no one can see what I am wearing. It is more of a matter THAT THEY SEE ME!

  132. I go for what’s clean but I won’t want wear later that day or week for that matter. It does make me happy when what’s clean actually matches the shirt shorts and shoes but it’s usually a happy accident.

  133. I usually run in the early AM, so I’m grabbing clothes in the dark. If I was clever enough to set out an outfit the night before, I totally match. If not… Well, it ends up being whatever is on top in my drawer and probably a good thing it’s still dark out.

  134. Wear whats on top of the pile! Funny how that one shirt thats not the favorite always seems to make its way near the front of the drawer anyway though..

  135. I hate to clash but I don’t like any fuss at all. So I finally hit upon the right solution for me: I buy only black or gray-toned running bottoms. Hey, black goes with everything!

  136. I really try to match but it does depend on if I am running alone or with friends. If it’s just me I have clashed and wore stinky clothes more than once!

  137. My style- Safety Patrol Compression Nerd! Function before fashion. Depending on what body part is tweaked I can be seen in compression capris or compression knee highs all topped off by a fluorescent safety patrol vest or straps for early dark morning runs. Amazing that my friends continue to run with me.

  138. Most of my running gear goes together, because I basically buy all dark solid colored bottoms. However, I’m going for the skirt whenever possible!

  139. Clean and weather appropriate. Now I am realizing that I need to haul out the reflective gear for my am workouts…fall is here, sigh.

  140. I try to keep my color pallete pretty simple (didn’t we get this advice in book one) that way everything matches everything because even though I pretend to be coordinated it is what ever is quick and clean.

  141. I always coordinate, and top it off with a matching sweaty band. I love that running gives me an excuse to wear loud and bright colors!

  142. Midweek runs are all about whatever I can dig out of my running clothes drawer. I’d love to be coordinated and cute, but since I do most of the laundry on the weekends… it can be tough!

  143. I run in whats appropriate for the weather, but I always coordinate my outfits! And my headbands must match!! Shoes do not have to match and rarely do!

  144. I make an effort to coordinate. sometimes it’s whatever I can put together in the dark while trying not to wake the family up. I’m enjoying my newer running clothes. It is a nice change from the baggy soccer shirts and oversized tshirts I used to wear. Even though I still feel like a tomboy, I am enjoying the cute girly stuff more and more 🙂

  145. I would love to look cute and coordinated but at 0630 in the morning and 2 toddlers running around I go for the most recently folded workout laundry pile thats never been put away. Hopefully it’s actually clean or not my husbands!

  146. Colour coordinated for sure, I’ve got a theme happening, must match my Sauconys. Just a little bit of purple in everything!

  147. My summer running outfit is shorts, sports bra and tank top. My winter running outfit is capris, sports bra, tank top and windbreaker. I try to coordinate whenever possible–and will even try to match the color of the swish on my Nike socks–but when it comes down to it, whatever is clean wins.

  148. Most of my running clothes are in the same color family (black Capri pants, pink or striped tank, pink & black sweaty band), so it makes it pretty easy for me to “grab and go.” If I have to think about what I’m wearing to go
    out for a run, that’s just going to make me procrastinate longer and not get out the door!

  149. I used to be matchy matchy when I ran. I used to wear clean running clothes. Now I just find the things that are most comfortable for the terrain and weather at hand, and embrace my inner and outer eclectic look. On longer mileage days I tend to wear compression socks, and one time I could only find white medical compression socks I had purchased as a trial pair to see if it was worth buying “cool” ones. My family drove by when I was running and they refused to acknowledge me. But I was comfy and I was putting one foot ahead of the other at a decent pace, which the most important thing these days!

  150. How I decide what to wear for a midweek run depends on multiple factors…what is clean and the weather. Also which bra (racer back or not) is clean helps determine which tank I will be wearing

  151. First of all – there are two things here – clogs & a tutu that I don’t own, and have never been on my must own list. I wouldn’t wear them together, but I am curious about the awesomeness of each. I am slowly amassing an icebreaker collection, so very aware of their awesomeness. So, what do I wear mid-week – whatever gets pulled out of the drawer – definitely not matchy-matchy. I save matchy-matchy for race days 🙂

  152. I love to wear something that matches, and new running clothes are way more exciting than new work clothes or dresses! But typically I wear my black champion (read, affordable for this newer runner who needed everything this year) with whatever dri-fit top is clean. My husband knows the drill..if you’re doing laundry and you see running clothes, wash them first..priorities. 😉

  153. I change it up. I like to coordinate and match for races but training runs depend on what’s clean and what the temperature/conditions are going to be.

  154. Whatever’s clean! And I will wear stuff til it’s too shabby for goodwill – holes, worn elastic, stretched out. It must be my mom’s influential “don’t waste what you can still use!” echoing :).

  155. I love my CWX Compression shorts and they are black/yellow, so I don’t always coordinate, but I don’t really care. I am getting gross and sweaty and I really don’t think anyone else cares if I match or not. I do try to match for races, though. Gotta look good for those race day pics! 🙂

  156. I make an effort to coordinate on training runs, but if I don’t, it won’t stop me. Now, for races, I like to match from head to toe (including building my outfit around whatever shoes I’m training in at the time).

  157. I prefer to be “coordinated”, (with a trend toward very bright/neon for visibility ), and am lucky enough to have enough choices to get me through at least a week of runs.

  158. I’m coordinated (minus the shoes) on race day but every other time it needs to be clean and easily visible on my nearly shoulder-less country roads! I’ve started buying my running clothes based on color obnoxiousness, much to my husband’s humor.

  159. Does a mother runner have time to worry about coordinating? I sure don’t! 🙂 I throw on whatever is (mostly) clean
    and try to get the miles in!

  160. Definitely what’s clean! That being said, almost all of my skirts/shorts/leggings are black, so most shirts end up coordinating anyhow.

  161. I wear whatever is clean. Or, actually, more realistically, I wear what is least smelly/sweat stained off teh floor or from the laundry basket. 😉
    Incidentally, winners will be announced on my birthday 😉

  162. By now after running for 10 years I have more race shirts than I could wear out in a lifetime. There is a pile of short sleeves and a pile of long sleeves. Weather is always a consideration before fashion.

  163. I love to be in an “outfit”. I’m going to look gross at the end from sweat, but if I’m in a cute outfit then it’s not so bad. Besides, the outfits make me feel cute, and I’m excited to do anything when I feel cute!

  164. the brighter the unmatched shorts/shirt combo the better! And a dry headband is also preferred to the soaking-wet one from the day before!

  165. Getting dressed for pre-dawn weekday runs means trying not to clash and just being glad to get all the clothes on whatever the colors!

  166. I have to admit: I coordinate, but not on purpose. Pretty much all of my running gear is boring black! I usually wear the same two outfits for weekday runs, just alternating between them.

  167. Coordinated or what’s clean? That’s a lofty question. My pre-run decisions are closer to choosing not to run monotone and/or what’s the least dirty? It’s all I can do most mornings to just get out the door before a needy child or husband awakens, so I grab what I can reach and whatever doesn’t make me squinch up my fast in nasal disgust, and then hit the road.

  168. I choose the least amount possible. Too much gear and I feel constricted. Clean is best, of course, but it sure doesn’t have to match.

  169. I usually coordinate and sometimes change the outfit. Today, I felt like I had muffin top and so the shorts had to go, along with the shirt. The sports bra was already on to match the tank- so the second outfit had to match the coral sports bra. Plus, I have different shorts I like for the track vs long runs. It is always hot in San Antonio so tank and visor are a must for me.

  170. Between my 11 week old baby and my 4 year old I don’t even get to what could possibly be clean …. There’s two pairs of capris that fit right now, a handful of tanks that stay down, and one (expensive?!?!) bra to control the massive milk filled ladies. I hope no one smells me as I pass …. I’m hoping for some new running stuff for Christmas (reasonable body recovery time right?!)

  171. What I wear on a run, all depends on how motivated/confident I am feeling that day. If its a run I am dreading or that I know will be hard, I tend to sport some sparkle, a catchy tank, or my cutest shorts. I figure if I can look the part, maybe I can master the run!! Other days when I am well-trained & in shape, the running clothes don’t matter as much & I wear whatever is clesn. As I am getting back into running again & am starting from zero all over again, the clothes & the gear matter. If I can start out the door feeling confident & looking like a runner, then I csn conquer any run-no matter how big or small! There’s been a lot of sparkle being worn lately!

  172. As I winnow my waist back to pre-baby proportions, I tend to focus on clean — neutrals that coordinate but don’t necessarily match.

  173. I would describe myself as at least “sort of” matching most of the time, but it really doesn’t bother me too much if not. It’s usually pitch dark out so no one really sees me anyway! I will say that my BRF’s and I like to see what kind of crazy we can put together when it is really cold and we have lots of layers. We have had some doozies!!

  174. I only coordinate on race day. Otherwise, it’s all about what’s clean and what the weather’s doing. Except in winter: I wear my favorite thermal tights several runs in a row, because I only have one pair!

  175. I really don’t have many shorts I like, so I wear whichever of the two that I do like is clean. That means a lot of laundry. I mostly wear race shirts for tops, and as long as they are female cut, I’ll whichever one I dig out of the bottom of my closet. Nothing I own matches!

  176. I have very few running outfits…maybe three. But of course I have a favorite so I wash and wear over and over! Under Armour capris and tank. Pretty basic black and gray.

  177. 99 percent of the time I’m coordinated. If I’m not, I feel like everyone is looking at me and saying ‘what was she thinking?’ – ha!

  178. I keep it simple on the bottom which usually means black capris or something similar. That way, whatever clean top I have on hand should work.

  179. Always a skirt, then I grab a random wicking top from the closet. I don’t spend too much time deliberating, or I’ll miss my small window of time to get out the door in the morning 🙂

  180. Semi-coordinated. I don’t want to seem overly coordinated. However, when laundry goes by the wayside and the pickings are slim, anything goes! Btw, these prizes are amazing!! I will be seriously jealous of the winners!

  181. Whatever is clean during the week and training runs but I love to match and have a nice running outfit put together for race days.

  182. First step is figuring out what’s clean. But after that, it has to match. I just can’t handle mismatching even if it’s just running.

  183. What’s clean. Or at least what’s close. I have 3 small kids and have to admit that more than once I have been known to re-wear running shorts before they make it to the washer. Not proud, just honest. 🙂

  184. I try for coordinated but when I haven’t done laundry in a while I can get down to some funky combinations–a turquoise shirt with maroon shorts, orange hat, and lavender running shoes was probably my oddest outfit.

  185. For mid-week, clean is the biggest priority. Thankfully, most of my gear is fairly color-coordinated anyway so I can’t get too out there!

  186. Always match during a race, and mostly match mid week. Black shorts with pretty much anything, and try to get main color of top to match headband.

  187. What’s clean & comfy for mid week runs. Most of my bottoms are black, so that makes it easier. Always matchy-match for races though!

  188. Black shorts or compression shorts hide a multitude of sins, sweaty butt being one of them. And all shirts match black shorts, right??? But I do have a favorite shirt or two that I’ll usually pick if they are clean.

  189. I am Miss Matchy Matchy. Rainbow of running skirts, broad array of tanks, compression socks for those longer as well…even if just the treadmill, I must match! I think I have more running clothes than regular clothes…including work clothes!

  190. Most of my shorts are black and I alternate shoes every day. Somedays I pick the shoes that go best with shirt. That’s as coordinated as I get.

  191. Midweek runs get whatever is convenient and possibly clean. Matching is saved for races or events. No need when I’m on my own.

  192. For training runs, I am lucky to get out the door in clean clothes but for races, I always try to look cute (for the pictures of course). I try to keep the tops to a solid color and maybe a printed short or capri for the bottoms. My go-to-racing colors are pinks and purples.

  193. What’s clean and, unless it’s the middle of the summer, what’s warm enough! I try to look presentable on race day, but warmth is still key.

  194. I have pre made outfits sports bra ans socks included ( wouldn’t dream of wearing my purple shorts whit something different than my purple socks!) So I guess I’m Mrs. Matchy match

  195. Midweek_ definitely what is clean! 🙂 Or if I got a head start on the week and laundry is magically done then I may get festive and bust out all my neon apparel! At once! I’m that bright annoying runner. 😉

  196. Oh do I try to coordinate! But, midweek rolls around and I’m happy to find an outfit that will “pass” and doesn’t smell like I ran 400 miles without washing it. The feeling when I do match head to toe and rock the pulled together runner look? Like I won the lottery.

  197. Depends where I am running, If it is in the morning before I take the kids for school it is what is clean. If I am going to the gym I try to match a little better because all the moms and school and the kids see me there.

    But we are all sweaty and gross at the end not matter what we are wearing!

  198. I always wear something that matches. Nothing thrills me more than scoring a great deal on a new running skort, shirt, or shirt for a great deal on eBay!

  199. I pretty much never coordinate! I haven’t purchased new running clothes since before my 18-month-old twins were born, so I randomly throw together a top, bottom, and headband and get going.

  200. I alternate between two separate running outfits (which match my two differently-colored pairs of Brooks Ravena II shoes quite well). I wear one outfit, get it good and sweaty and stinky (because I will sweat buckets in the dead of winter), then hang it out to dry and wear the other one the next day. Run, rinse, repeat.

  201. I’m definitely a matchy-matchy gal. I make sure my coordinating pieces are clean, so I don’t have any issues. Also, I want certain socks for certain outfits, too. AND…I can’t forget my “fast” outfits. These are for my long runs and race days. I’m convinced they make a difference!

  202. I try to at least not clash totally, but when push comes to shove, it’s what’s clean and comfortable when I head out the door.

  203. I didn’t realize runners paid attention to matching! Doesn’t all sport apparel “go” together? 😉 Clean is important, however.

  204. Unfortunately it’s whatever is clean for me! I love it when I match but I don’t let mismatched clothes keep me at home. I’m slowly building up a running “wardrobe” but it’s definitely a slow process as all mother runners know!!

  205. Definitely just what is clean. But I will admit, some times it even comes out of the hamper dirty if I am really in a pinch 🙂

  206. If I’m going out in public, I coordinate (at least a bit). If I’m at home, I toss on a bra and a pair of leggings and my sneaks and don’t even think about matching or not.

  207. I am somewhat coordinated when I run. I try to wear colors that go together (and I don’t wear a dark sports bra with a white shirt), but I don’t worry about my socks, headband or shoes — as long as everything is clean, that’s what counts!

  208. if it’s early enough and I’m running in the dark by myself – it’s what’s clean. if it’s a group run and/or light outside, I coordinate. I have recently reduced by laundry by being brave enough to run in just a bra and no shirt when it’s been hot out. It’s been freeing and has given me way more clothing options for when I DO need a shirt on runs.

  209. Its often a balance between what’s clean and what won’t chafe. I now group my bottoms by distance since those shorts I thought were so cute chafe on a run anything longer than 4 miles.

  210. Absolutely must be clean!! Has to be coordinated if I will see anyone ( not necessarily perfectly matching though, just not ridiculous!!), but if its my treadmill, anything goes!

  211. Never coordinated, usually clean, unless I had a shorter run the day before. ALWAYS fresh socks! But if it’s a choice between not running or wearing dirty stuff, ALWAYS dirty stuff!

  212. I don’t want to care, but I do. *sigh* I coordinate if at all possible including my hair band. The silliest part? I try to make it look like it’s casual, that I didn’t put any thought into it at all. Ha!

  213. I mostly try to coordinate, but I don’t have a lot of clothes that clash because most of my capris and skirts are black. Just about every top goes with black! If I’m running on the treadmill downstairs, pretty much anything goes.

  214. For a mid-week run I grab something I can be seen in in the dark! I definitely don’t like to be match-match but like to look as if I put a little effort into getting ready for my run. I’ve also been known to grab my favorite running bra out of the hamper……

  215. I’m color coordinated almost all the time! For a midweek run, I’ll usually choose a running skirt and matching top…right after I’ve checked the weather a few times! 🙂

  216. I dress myself like my 4 yr old daughter (or at least how I envision her line of thinking when she’s dressing herself). As many colors as possible, throw a skirt on over the shorts (good for playgrounds and running), and throw the hair up in a ponytail.

  217. I have to be coordinated in public. If I’m on the treadmill in the basement, I don’t always “match” but my workout always feels more complete if I do!

  218. By chance I might wear pink socks with my pink running shoes. I buy pink so my husband and two boys will leave my stuff to me. But still, sometimes I find my pink socks in my man’s drawer!

  219. Sometimes I take pride in how terribly geeky I look when I throw on shorts and wear compression calf sleeves. Often I put shorts on top of a compression capris-length layer and it is so so wrong while feeling so right.

  220. Depends, if I’m home on treadmill, I don’t match. But, if I’m running in the sight of others, I’ll TRY to look somewhat put together. Never to the extreme of shoes, shorts, shirt and hat matching. If that ever happens, makes me feel like I stand out and am trying too hard to look like a serious runner 🙂

  221. Oh, I’m definitely in the Coordinated Contingent. Like Tammy C, I have a lot of basic black paired with solid colors. I try to keep the palette fairly limited, to make it easier to be all matchy match, but it’s hard to resist the rainbow of cute, functional options out there.

  222. OK, I’ll admit it – I choose my top based on how well it matches the sweaty band I want to wear. I can’t help it – as nice as it would be to grab something and fly out the door without a second thought, I am a slave to coordination!

  223. I think I’m somewhat coordinated when I’m running outside. If I’m on the treadmill downstairs then I don’t care if I run in my husband’s boxers!

  224. I love to coordinate! Headbands, shirts, and running skirts should have a theme… Or at the very least, not too many different logos. The exception: Always wear ridiculously vibrant & obnoxious clothes when running through Sun City (retirement community one mile from my house – scary!).

  225. I always go for what’s clean–usually if I have a good sports bra on, and a tight sweaty band on my head, I don’t care what the shorts and shirt look like! But my shirts are typically dry fit shirts from previous races. Motivates me to get out there!

  226. I choose whatever is on the top in my running clothes drawer for my shirt. But shorts is another story. I usually wear a pair for at least two workouts. Gross, I know. But I do change my compressions shorts that I wear to ward off the dreaded chaffing!

  227. All my shorts are black, so I add whatever shirt comes off the clean pile. Any available socks and a hat, my watch and off I go

  228. I go with clean but since all of my bottoms are black, matching is pretty easy. I do save my brightest colored shirts for early morning dark/foggy runs.

  229. On a mid-week training run I usually wear race shirts from previous races. It gives me motivation to run when sometimes I don’t feel like getting out there. When I wear my Goofy challenge race shirt on a training run I tell myself “if you can run 39.3 miles you sure as heck can kill this 20 miler today!” Or if I’m wearing the race shirt from a PR 5K I know I can knock out an easy 5 miler. On race day I always match perfectly. If I look good, I race good!

  230. I’m matchy, matchy until the laundry pile gets big, and then I pull out whatever is clean. Well…actually I have been known to pull something out of the dirty clothes pile so I can match my outfit.

  231. I confess, I have to match/coordinate, but I have a lot of basic black and solid colors, so it generally isn’t too hard to put together a coordinated outfit.

  232. I definitely try to match but it usually comes down to the length of the run and how hot it is! I want to avoid chafing whenever (or wherever) possible, but still want to look good too.

  233. Whatever is clean! And sometimes, I am very thankful it is getting dark during early morning runs. My color coordinations are n

  234. Depends on whether I’m running with friends. I have some outfits with bleach stains and I only wear those when I run by myself.

  235. Coordinate with whatever is clean! Love my black that I can add whatever bright color tops or bottoms that are clean 🙂

  236. Definitely whatever is clean. It is hard enough to find motivation to get out the door some days. If I had to worry about coordinating, holy buckets I would just stay in. 🙂

  237. I try to coordinate, but if not, it’s whatever is clean and suits the weather. Moved to Denver about a year ago- sometimes the weather at the beginning of the run is not always the same at the end, even a short run!

  238. I have a few standbys that are somewhat coordinated, but I am not overly concerned, especially mid-week runs. If I go somewhere with friends to run, coordinate more. And races for sure 🙂

  239. My route determines my clothing choices. Bright colors for roads, medium colors for bike path and dark for the treadmill. Oh, and I always try to coordinate the color of my bra and shirt, although no one but me knows!

  240. I’d love to say I totally match. But my midweek runs have to be done during my lunchtime at work, so whatever I have thrown in the bag at the beginning of the week has to do!

  241. I like to match!! I was sorta a geek growing up too,matching purses for every outfit!! And if my outfit isn’t clean,I’ll make sure it gets washed before my next run!!

  242. Um, sometimes neither? If it’s clean I feel proud. If it matches I feel unstoppable! That being said, I love running clothes. Please pick me!!!

  243. I would love to be fashionably coordinated but I don’t own enough to do so. My tech shirts are the ones I’ve earned running races and with only 2 running capris and 2 sports bras, I wear what’s clean. 🙂

  244. Sometimes after rummaging through the laundry basket I think black capris and a black tank people are going to think I’m robbing the neighborhood, but then if I want to wear something else I’ll have to walk up the steps- forget it black on black it is!

  245. I set my running clothes out the night before to make my early am runs easier AND I coordinate 🙂 Hubby is also a runner so I wash workout gear more than once per week (or else my house would be super stinky from all the sweaty gear) and as a result I’ve always got clean, matchy matchy outfits to wear 😉

  246. Whatever is in the clean laundry basket is what I put on! If I happen to have put clothes away, I’ll put something cute together from out of my dresser. Most of my running clothes somewhat match so either way, I’m good to go!

  247. I typically wear black bottoms so I don’t have to worry about matching. I typically freak out more about what will work best for the weather- I hate being too hot or too cold. Finally at the age where I don’t care what I look like as long as I’m comfortable. And usually comfortable means good quality running gear.

  248. I am a total running geek in my clothes. Nothing matches- black socks, neon pink shoes, Cotton t shirt from 5k , head lamp, fanny pack, reflector vest. I would be picked for What Not to Wear for sure:)

  249. I wear whatever is clean! I really don’t care if it matches or not. As long as my ipod is charged and my watch works, i’m good to go.

  250. I am semi-cordinated. Normal runs= A shirt and a bottom that doesn’t clash. Races = everything matches! Gotta sport the awesomeness, even though I don’t run fast, I gotta look good while i’m doing it!

  251. For my midweek or really any time of the week, I look for my neon colored tee shirt or no sleeve shirt if I plan to run on the road. When you have on something bright, it shouts, hey look at me!!! Keeps me running and not walking. If I am on the treadmill in my basement, I grab anything that is clean and close to my hand. Yup, Including that sports top that keeps riding up over my belly!!

  252. I do my best to coordinate what’s clean and what is the most comfortable for my run. It doesn’t really matter what I look like, most the people in my neighborhood are almost blind and assume I am just a large dog.

  253. Back to school shopping was always a great memory as a child! Now that I have started running at 42., I am all about fashion and comfort as I run !

  254. I try to match. But, if I don’t have anything clean that matches, then I just wear all bright, obnoxious colors and hope nobody will notice!

  255. I’m all about matching! I love bright colors and my mind is totally convinced the cuter I look the better I run!! Don’t judge, it gets me through the day! 😉

  256. sadly, I’m not fussy about uber-clean even-or co-ordinated. If my faves are reasonably unstinky that’s what I wear. And if they aren’t then I just throw on whatever.

  257. During the week it’s dark in the early morning, it doesn’t matter to match, but come weekend long runs or races definitely need to coordinate. 🙂

  258. I’m pretty matchy matchy bot only because most of my running clothes go together. I buy most of my clothes like the old garanaimals. Everything matches everything else! Thank you so much.

  259. Most of the time my socks don’t even match. I did by fluke have a pink tank and black running capris that matched my Saucony shoes for a few months, I will admit to being a little embarrassed by the matching outfit.

  260. Clean is always required but definitely matching, I can thank my mother for the whole “black goes w/Black, brown w/ brown” mentality..I do like bright colors though & thankfully most of my workout clothes interchange, so little thought required

  261. Love to keep it coordinated. Not only do I alternate two pairs of running shoes to reduce my risk of injury but also so that I can choose the pair that matches my outfit better : )

  262. I could totally fib and say I’m super coordinated and look fantastic but….I’m not. Sometimes I’m blue socks, purple tank, black shorts and pink shoes. Not pretty! 😛

  263. I always wear black bottoms. And I have to buy men’s shoes. My tops are my only girlie options so they’re bright and fun colors…it LOOKS like I go for whatever’s clean, I just don’t own any matching clothes! LOL

  264. I’m a little of both! I like to matchy-match (especially if I’m running a race, group run or just out with pals). But I also have my grab & go days. Those are the days I don’t even look to see if my shirt matches the shorts 🙂

  265. Clean first priority… and then coordinate if possible. I tend to chose neutral colors so I can grab a top and bottom and not worry, but I would love to look cute on the runs through the neighborhood. 🙂

  266. I wear only black on the bottom so it is pretty easy for me to stay coordinated. I do love a well put together running outfit!!!

  267. Everything I have sort of matches but I always make sure my AMR tank is clean and ready to go for my midweek run. I love being reminded that I am a BAMR!

  268. I wish I could say I’m always coordinated, but more often than not it depends on what’s is available in the laundry basket.

  269. Whatever is clean. I have been known to perform a sniff test on shirts that look like they could handle one more run. (Never a good idea!) But, for races, I love finding a cute, comfy outfit.

  270. 1) has to be fairly clean 2) has to be weather appropriate & 3) has to not creep into cracks of my body that it’s not supposed to go!;)

  271. Not so much for matching, but that isn’t to say I’m not picky…now that it’s dark again at :00, I go for a top that’s bright, (though I also carry lights!), and whichever shorts are currently comfy. It’s all about the comfy for moi!

  272. When I run outside, I am coordinated except for my shoes. I aspire to having enough running shoes to be completely coordinated. My treadmill attire is coordinated but might be a bit stained and/or seen better days:)

  273. If it’s clean, I go for coordinated, but I have so many random race shirts that usually I just opt for the plain black or gray shorts!

  274. For me, it’s what works for the weather, and if I happen to match, then great! Have a favorite purple hat that clashes with just about everything, and I have stopped letting it bother me. And for races, gotta look good’

  275. What ever is clean (let’s be honest, sometimes it’s whatever smells the least offensive if I’m behind on laundry!). I actually prefer outfits that clash. I try to never wear matching gloves, the more obnoxious the pattern the better and if I can manage to incorporate every color in the rainbow, then I’m pretty pleased!

  276. I try to match…but it is more about what is clean! Especially on mid week runs. I definitely try to be more match-ymatchy for my weekend runs.

  277. Clean? Pfft. Dry. Dry is my only must. Plus, I don’t have an arsenal to choose from so I just use up what I have and try not to hug my family.

  278. Usually somewhat coordinated and yesterday I was glad I was as my kids’ middle school bus drove by me. However, if I run at 5 AM no matching is needed!

  279. Oops! That was Day1 answer. I try for coordinated but am satisfies with clean. In fact I have some race photos that make me wonder if I dressed in the dark!

  280. I am usually pretty coordinated but since school has started for my kids and myself, I’m a teacher, I just go with whatever is clean and lately we’re lucky if it’s even been laundered! Fortunately, my BRF must have a poor sense of smell since she hasn’t complained or passed out.

  281. Always black bottoms, and my fluorescent multi-colored shoes go with any of the plain fluorescent shirts in my collection, so it makes the matching thing much easier. If I had to put any effort into coordinating I would never get out the door!!

  282. Coordinated–but it is really just my headband/visor and top, I always wear black bottoms for the sweat factor. I am no fuss though, as long as it is clean, it’s good in my book. I will pick function over fashion any day.

  283. I match by necessity. I have 4 running bottoms; 3 black and one gray. There’s not much that doesn’t match with those colors. I have several colorful tops, but 2 favorites so that’s what I stick with!

  284. I make sure I don’t clash, but I don’t have to have complete “outfit.” Always wear my running skirts outside.

  285. I wear whatever pair of capris are clean and then coordinate a top. All of my bottoms are matching isn’t hard 😉

  286. I actually love to wear running stuff that doesn’t match. It feels fun and funky and allows me to express my personality!

  287. I wear what’s clean. It also depends on how long my run will be as to what I wear. Shorter runs = less breathable t’s. Longer runs = something that wicks the sweat better.

  288. I wish I could say I match, but let’s be real that never happens. It’s whatever’s on top in my drawer or (somewhat) clean that I grab…I like to tell myself that when it happens to be two brightly colored shorts and shirt, that I’m promoting safety in that I can be seen 🙂