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BAMRbassador Applications: Now Open for the Class of 2021!

BAMRbassador applications are now open for the class of 2021

Our BAMRbassadors had so much fun spreading the love of Another Mother Runner in 2018, 2019 + 2020, we've decided to expand the group in 2021!

Our tribe of two (Dimity + Sarah) has grown by leaps and bounds during the past ten years. We’ve logged a lot of miles; we've shared peeing-and-pooping stories; we've Retreated; and we have pushed ourselves to do more than we ever thought possible, proving that we (all of us!) are even more bada$$ than we thought before. And we know there are so many more BAMRs out there who would bask in all the warm and fuzzy feels we’ve gotten from this Tribe.

Which is why we are asking you, our loyal BAMRs, to submit an application to become a BAMRbassador for Another Mother Runner.

Click here to submit an application by Friday, October 30th

We could go on and on about why you should do this, but let's turn it over to the BAMRbassadors to tell you about their experiences:

"In 2019, I loved being a part of the AMR Ambassador program by being a part of a community that supports women at all levels of running, from first time runners to ultra marathons! I have meet so many new friends via the ambassador program and all the training programs! Being able to meet these new friends, sends words of encourage and congratulations is so amazing!! Being a part of AMR helped me with my own training for the 2019 Chicago marathon with so much support and encouragement that I held onto those words throughout my 5th marathon!"

- BAMRbassador Stephanie Garrett, Westminster, CO 

"I have been an AMR hype girl for years, so I was honored to support them as a BAMRbassador this year. I loved getting to meet and get to know so many women in this community, and cheering them along as they accomplished goal after goal was such a joy! As a BAMRbassador, I found myself continually inspired by these women, all while supporting a community that I adore."

- BAMRbassador Molly Buchanan, Olathe, KS

"I have had the greatest experience as a BAMRbassador. Coming alongside other women as they push themselves to new goals is an incredible honor. It’s so rewarding to share AMR news and training plans with other runners in my life."

- Cathy Engstrom, Colorado Springs, CO 

"I applied to be a BAMRbassador wanting to give back to this amazing community but as I reflect on this past year, I am so grateful for what it has given me. Opportunities to question and stretch my view of myself, not just as a runner, but as a woman. Challenges. Incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I'll never be able to thank AMR for the amazing chance I was given to run my first Ragnar with a phenomenal group of BAMR's, a bucket-list item for me. This adventure, in a nutshell, is what this experience has been about for me--a reminder that I can do hard things, especially with the support and encouragement of a tribe of unrelenting, fierce, compassionate mother runners."

BAMRbassador Lynne Garcia; Los Angeles, CA

"Being a BAMRbassdor for another mother Runner has been a blessing. The support I have gotten from this group of ladies has been invaluable. When I was struggling about missing a PR from a marathon, they lifted me with kind words, motivational quotes, and virtual hugs. I will never forget that."

- BAMRbassador Brandi Dockett; Mount Royal, NJ 

As a BAMRbassador, we will ask you to help us promote and spread the word of our beloved tribe through the following action items:

  • Posting about AMR and its partners on social media.
  • Support one of the Train Like a Mother Facebook training groups by posting tips and motivation, answering questions and moderating the group.
  • Helping out at AMR events (e.g., Podcast Recording Parties, AMR booths at race expos, BAMR cheer stations at races, etc.). **ALL EVENTS ARE TBD SUBJECT TO COVID SITUATION**
  • Promoting sponsor products on behalf of AMR.
  • and other fun opportunities to represent the tribe!​

We expect these activities will take between 3-5 hours per month of your time.

If YOU WANT TO FILL THESE SHOES, please fill out the application, and submit by Friday, October 30th.

Please note that this is NOT a paid opportunity, but you will be rewarded with swag from AMR and its partners, as well as the love and appreciation of Dimity and SBS!

Good luck!

Team AMR

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  1. I have used three different AMR training plans, including a marathon, half, and ultra plan. They are such great plans, I encourage all my friends to try them out! The support and community is incredible with TLAM!

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