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Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: 5th, and Final, Day

I'd quickly fall under a hypnotist's sway

I am easily swayed by the power of suggestion: When I interview an exercise physiologist about the benefits of foam rolling, I basically hang up the phone, dig out my long-neglected styrofoam log, and start rolling like a woman possessed. After a few days of hanging out with Dimity, a religious eater of healthy between-meal snacks, I chomp on an apple or some almonds mid-morning and mid-afternoon. So it's no surprised that after doing a compression gear review for Runner's World magazine, I started sporting calf sleeves nearly 24/7. (I take them off to shower and run in capris, but that's about it. My husband, Jack, can attest.)

But I didn't just mindlessly pull them on: I did it to relieve chronic tightness and soreness in my calf muscles, which more than one health professional said contributed to my plantar fasciitis. The results were astonishing; within a week or 10 days, my calves were pliant and pain-free. I wear them slightly less frequently now, but after a hard workout (like Tuesday's tempo run) or on a long plane flight (to Atlanta last weekend for my brother's wedding), my calf muscles were getting a love-squeeze from some sleeves.

And now yours can, too. For the final giveaway three winners will get two pairs of RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves--one pair for their lower legs and a pair for their best running buddy. In case you're new to compression, here's the elevator-pitch for them: These form-fitting garments speed recovery by improving blood flow and dampening muscle vibrations. Scientific studies have shown wearing compression gear after a strenuous workout can speed recovery and minimize soreness. I dig sleeves better than socks because then I can wear my favorite socks with them and my toes don't get crunched by compression. Plus, I'll admit it: I can wear them for weeks without having to wash them! (And gotta tell you a reason we love RecoFit: It's a woman-owned company, founded by a mother runner named Susie, who I got to hang with at a women's running retreat near Seattle. Love her--and her products!)

Photos of compression gear always call to my mind a superhero theme song

To enter to win two pairs of RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves, click on the Comments link below this post, and tell us who introduced you to running? Check back on Sunday, when we'll announced a whopping 15 winners, all the gals from this week's giveaways. It might be you!

592 responses to “Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: 5th, and Final, Day

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  2. Am I too late? My calves are sooooo sore. My daddy introduced me to running more than thirty years ago, and after a twenty-something year break and two children, I’m baaacck.

  3. It all started with my Daddy…he got my older brother’s to run cross country in middle school and I signed up to be the manager for the team…I was so intrigued by them that I got hooked!

  4. I actually started running when I was a member of Weight Watchers and the “Walk-It Challenge” encouraged all members to train to walk/run a 5K. I thought that I could easily walk it at the time, so I decided I would train to run it (which I thought I hated). I made my 3.1 mile goal and haven’t stopped!

  5. My husband’s sister-in-law joined her local rotary club and signed up for their annual 8K. She tried to convince the whole family (there’s a lot of them!) to join, but I was the only taker, since I’ve always wanted to do an organized run. Since then, we’ve done both half and full marathons, and I’ve gone on to do all kinds of mud and obstacle runs and a few triathlons. I AM HOOKED!!!!

  6. I joined a local mother running group almost two years ago to get in better shape and meet new people. I drug along three of my best friends and they are all hooked.

  7. My junior high cross country coach. I only ran cc because I didn’t make the cut for volleyball. I kept running because my coach was so positive and inspiring. When I started running again as an adult, I would say it was my husband’s uncle who started running 5ks in his 70’s. I just decided that I could get back to running too. And of course, reading RLAM inspired me to keep running despite all the other time commitments in my life.

  8. My INSANITY buddy, Liz, got me started this year after we finished the Insanity DVD series in March. The first time I ran with her we did three miles and I hated every step of it! Since then, I’ve run four 5ks and am considering a half in Feb. Thanks to Liz, I’ve kept pushing and I look forward to my runs every day!

    1. hey heather,
      i was just wondering how you and liz liked Insanity? i just finished my first week and it’s a killer! but i’m enjoying it so far…sure hope it helps me out!
      go for the half…you’ll love it!

  9. I used to run back in high school but stopped after I was in college. I decided to stop letting everyone else be more important then me and started to run around a block in our neighborhood that is 2 miles. After doing it for a couple weeks, a family member on my husbands side tried to talk me into running a half marathon with her. That next spring after taking the winter off and having major surgery I felt very week for the first time in my life. I knew I had to change and started to get serious about running. She convinced me to sign up for that half marathon. That was in March and the race was in October. With her fantastic advice and support I ramped up my training schedule did further distances than I would have come up on my own so quickly. I finished that half within my goal range. I now will never again not let myself have that time to run and take care of myself.

  10. No one, really. I always wanted to be a runner, but thought a person was born with the skill and I wasn’t that person. But I did marry a runner who constantly tells me I can do so much more than I think I can. So I guess without my husband, I may never have committed to and completed my first half.

  11. I will forever be grateful for the lasting friendships I have. A girlfriend in college (18 years ago!) told be she ran in highschool and that she was game to take me out running some evening. That was the start that lit my running fire. I still remember trailing behind trying to keep up. Today, me and my gal pal work together across country.

  12. My sister in law and nieces run a half marathon and we always went to cheer them on. So, I wanted to run it too. My co-worker told me about a beginning running class so we took the class together and the next spring, I ran the half marathon.

  13. I honestly can’t even remember who introduced me to running, but a small group of running friends I’ve made in the past couple of years have kept me inspired, motivated and improving and I am so grateful!

  14. Nature introduced me to running! When i was 5 years old I would run in the woods and absolutely loved the crackling noises from the twigs, leaves and branches. Then it was how fast can i get up that hill or run downhill as fast as possible without falling. I joined Cross Country and ran right up through High School. I started running again in my 30’s to get that feeling back…….it’s such a high.

  15. Technically I ran track in middle school but never really ran for fun after that. It wasn’t until the summer after my freshman year in college that I started running again. One of my roommates (and now best friend) was going for a run with another friend and asked me to go. We ended up going 4 miles and I thought I was going to die! I made it though and now I do triathlons and I’m going to run my first marathon in the spring.

  16. I was inspired to start running by a story I read about a “severely” overweight young woman who found running to be her key to shedding the pounds but running subsequently became her passion as she started entering races until she ran a full marathon. After reading her story, I started running an entering races with a goal to eventually run a half-marathon and maybe one day a “marathon”. Watched “Spirit Of The Marathon” last night and I’m so inspired now and motivated to keep running and one day reach my goal!!!

  17. I guess you could say I introduced myself to running. I don’t come from an athletic family and didn’t play sports growing up, but when I hit my 20s and gained a bunch of weight from my new office job, I realized I needed to do something. Running seemed like the best idea – I could get the most workout in the least amount of time with a minimum of fuss/equipment. I’ve dropped the habit (sometimes for years) and tried out other sports/workouts, but I always come back to running. And now that I’m in my 40s, I’m finding that my body is no longer cooperating the way I want it to (hello physical therapy/sports doc/cortisone shot)— which is why these compression sleeves would make my day!

  18. My sister in law made me do the race for the lights in December, I was hooked. It was a 5k, since my husband and I have crossed two half finish lines together. I still have out the picture of our first run, thanks steph…

  19. My now 84 year old father introduced me to running 30 years ago just by his example. He was still setting that example until 2 years ago when he fell and broke his hip- while running!

  20. “Run Like a Mother” and Carli from the free C25K website “Running into Shape” introduced me to running. RLAM made me feel like a could be a runner, even if I was over 40, with 3 small kids at home. Carli provided 9 straight weeks of free downloads that told me exactly when to run and how long, plus good music and inspiring quotes. That was fall 2010. I am still running. Finally feel confident enough to say “I am a runner!”

  21. I started running myself in my 20’s but was re-energized after having my twins and now belong two running mom groups who all are amazing and a core group of running girls who get up to run before day break or in the rain…ivwould love to share with one of my girls!!

  22. I introduced myself to running! I had gotten in shape after baby girl #2 doing Jillian Michael’s DVD’s and I wanted to change it up. I found the C25K program and made it my goal to run a 5k. Who knew how much I would love to run??

  23. I introduced myself….I was 13 and needed to get in shape for tennis camp for the summer. I bought a pair of shoes (Saucony’s) and put on a pair of shorts and bra and shirt and out the door I went. I made it 1/4 mile before pratically collapsing. But I kept at it. I’ve been running longer than I’ve not, Running is my oldest friend, I’ve only known my mom, dad, and brother longer.

  24. I’ve been running for so long I can’t remember who first introduced me to running. I can say that a sweet friend (and former Boot Camp Instructor) encouraged me to get back out there when I desperately needed a push out the door. Now, I’m training with her for her first Marathon!

  25. I was introduced to running by several friends. They started running to lose weight and when I saw the success they had, I started to join them. I have now run off 60 pounds and literally gone from couch to half marathon fanatic!!

  26. In high school at freshman orientation, waaaay back in 1990, I was walking around checking out all of the clubs & teams, and the cross country coach called me over and told me that I could be a runner. I said, no way, not me, and he said he’d prove to me that anyone could be a runner. Everyone I’d ever known could not believe that I ran on the cross country team that year!

  27. I started running when I realized I was pretty much the last of my close group of girlfriends who didn’t run. Well, that, and my approaching 40th. Nearly two years later, I still can’t keep up with them…but I’ve made even more friends who are more my speed. The best of both worlds. 😉

  28. My husband did, sort of. He’d been competing in triathlons for a few years, and then he and his sister ran a local marathon together, and I thought I should probably get on board. The peer pressure never ends!

  29. Started runnIng In a bootcamp at my fitness studio: Studio Sweat. Was so excited to learn I could run 2 miles without dying I wanted to run more!

  30. My mother introduced me as a teenager, and then again later in life she inspired me after watching her run her first marathon at 49.

  31. My dad introduced me to running when I was about 9 years old, running on the beach in Narragansett Rhode Island. I hated it. He died in 1987, and while our relationship wasn’t stellar, I know he’s in heaven smiling down upon my running now.

  32. I could TOTALLY use these right now..I gave the one pair I did own to my brother who was hit by a car and ironically, they have been a God send to him (so how could I ever ask for them back?) I am in strong need of these right now and would be SO grateful!

  33. I got introduced/talked into running through friends I made at my gym. I met Beth through our nightly workouts and was invited to join their off season training tgroup doing walk/run half marathon training through the winter in Portland! We bonded through lots of runs in less than ideal weather with her encouraging me everytime. I never would have thought I would call myself a runner but Beth definitely made me believe I could do it! That was 2.5 years ago and I still LOVE our runs together and even though she is currently sidelined with a stress fracture in her hip (OUCH!) she is and always will be my BRF!

  34. My high school fast pitch coach told me it would be a great way to cross train running cross country. I didn’t have a love affair with it until after I had my first child. Now it’s a want to do instead of a should do.

  35. Kinda a mix of things that introduced me to running, my husband bought me a treadmill and walking got really boring so I started mixing in a few running minutes, a friend from facebook that runs was a huge inspiration and I got lots of tips and advice from your book and the C25K program.

  36. I ran a little here and there but really appreciated the experience as I became a mother. It was the only solo peace I could count on. The only person I needed to worry about while I was running was me. It sounds selfish, I know. It is. It is still ok though. 🙂

  37. My dog introduced me to running. As a Siberian husky running was in his blood. He could run for hours and ran out of the house any time we left the door open so I started running with him 2-3 miles at a time a few times a week. I dropped out of track in high school because it interfered with “our training time.” Soon I had talked my cousin and her dog into running with me and even after the dogs passed away we still ran together, but now she’s prego and is not sure about this half marathon we had planned for 2012. I’m hoping to give her a pair of these compression sleeves to convince her to run with me after her baby gets here!

  38. My cousin who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 17. He’s in his 40’s now and started running about 5 years ago. After he ran his first marathon, he inspired me to push myself and I’ve been running for the past 3 years.

  39. My dearest friend in graduate school introduced me to running. Now I always think of her comment to me at my first race: There’s always somebody faster than you, and somebody slower than you.” I think that sums up most of life, actually.

  40. My dear husband introduced me to running. Back at the end of 2006, we decided that we needed to get in better shape and he suggested doing a couch to 5K plan. I reluctantly agreed but said that I would never run anything longer than a 5K, because only crazy people run for fun. Fast forward to this past summer when I ran a full marathon… it’s crazy the things that we do for love! 😉

  41. My friend Lisa and I started running together a few years back. I’ve always been curious about these compression socks/sleeves. Thanks!

  42. I ran off & on throughout high school & college just as a random form of exercise, but it never really stuck. It wasn’t until my 2 current brfs encouraged me to join them a few years ago that I really established a routine.

  43. Well I attempted running in middle school, didn’t go so well, was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I then played soccer most of my life (but didn’t like running). Later on my sisters ran some, and then both ran a half marathon, later that year I decided to train to actually run the Turkey Trot we did ever year. It started with that, 4 years later, I still run and my sister don’t but I’ve made a ton of runner friends since then.

  44. It was my wonderful neighbors. I was always a walker and would head out each morning to complete my 5 mile fast walk. However, one morning I saw my neighbors out running and thought how nice it would be if I could catch up.. so, I did. Of course I had to run.. Something, I hated doing up to that point. I always used the age old excuse of being to old. ( 46) But, I couldn’t really say that anymore because my neighbors were just as old as me. Now, I’m an avid runner and at 52 I’ve completed 7 1/2’s and I’m getting ready to run a full in March. It’s been a great ride and I’m lucky to be able to train injury free and contunue to increase my speed..( I just qualified for sub seeded in one of my favorite races..) Not bad for a mom of three and a grandma of two little girls.

  45. A group of my friends dared me to do a 5k in August of 2009. I think they were all shocked when I took the dare & then went on to run my first half that same November 🙂

  46. Some evil chick named, Phoebe V-G made me take part in a race around the lake a few months after meeting her. She eased me in with a ploy of the short leg, a miniscule 4 miles, but by race day had me running a mere 11 miles. I thought I was going to die…I did, and now I enjoy runner’s heaven.

  47. Some evil chick named, Phoebe V-G made me take part in a race around the lake a few months after meeting her. She eased me in with a ploy of the short leg, a minescule 4 miles, but by race day had me running a mere 11 miles. I thought I was going to die…I did, and now I enjoy runner’s heaven.

  48. The thing that introduced me to running was my tummy, big butt and fluffy thighs. I don’t see them any more, and I really dont miss ethier.
    Thank you for having this fun giveaway, I hope I win!!!

  49. Humm, this is hard one. I have so many great buddies that run. My inspiration would be from those buddies because they are so much faster than I. So my inspiration is actually “competition”. So whether it is to run faster than my buddies, to run farther than my buddies, or to beat my own time. So it’s my competitive nature what keeps me inspired. -ghessh, that is sounding bad. 🙂 Also my Galloway running group!

  50. Humm, this is hard one. I have so many great buddies that run. My inspiration would be from those buddies because they are so much faster than I. So my inspiration is actually “competition”. So whether it is to run faster than my buddies, to run farther than my buddies, or to beat my own time. So it’s my competitive nature what keeps me inspired. -ghessh, that is sounding bad. 🙂

  51. My dad got ne started running. He was my soccer coach, soon to be followed with being my track coach. He saw my potential and gave me room to reach it. Thanks dad!

  52. Three years ago I started Kickboxing. The first time I went I was confused when 10 minutes into the class everyone headed outside. I followed along only to discover we were going for a RUN. Each class I dreaded the runs, and sometimes complained out loud when we ran in the freezing cold or rain or sweltering heat. And then one day, I realized I’d stopped complaining. I’d gotten faster and I was actually enjoying myself. My kickboxing instructor, Dino is the person that introduced me to running & continues to motivate me to this day!

  53. Anne, the only friend from high school that I still keep in touch with. She joined a running group and was very enthusiastic. She got me going and her ambition continues to amaze and inspire me.

  54. I think it was my husband (then boyfriend) and his BRF about 20 years ago…They started training for a 10k. I thought they were nuts…A year later I was running the same 10k with my now hubby’s BRF.

  55. My trainer was instrumental in encouraging me to run. I want great legs and she told me that for great gams – I needed to run! I’m loving it!

  56. My soccer coach in high school introduced me to trail running. She was an avid trail runner. I loved it instantly and still do. There’s nothing like the peace and quiet.

  57. My husband introduced me to running- him and I signed up for our first Chicago Marathon several years ago. I was in grad school and needed to get my body moving. I had never really run any official race, but started out with a big one- marathon. Him and I continue to do Chicago together :).

  58. In high school, Wayne Arrison. He was the track and field coach but also our PE teacher. I ran the fastest freshman girls mile in PE class and he asked me to join the track team. I told him I wanted to play softball. When I didn’t make the track team I went back and asked if I could still run for him. Then in the fall he asked me to run cross country. I have been running ever since.

  59. I started running about 4 years ago when my daughter joined the cross country team. We started to go on runs together and I was hooked! I was able to get a workout in and spend some time with my daughter!

  60. I introduced running to myself my senior year in college as the easiest way I could lose weight and burn stress of finishing my final year. I had always hated running as a kid, but it was free and I didn’t have to wait in line for the tiny fitness center the school had to work out. I ran my first race (Bloomsday – Spokane) right before I graduated and loved how strong I felt. After college I had sort of a hot and cold relationship with it, but about 5 years ago refound my passion for running and have since done a sprint triathalon, three half marathons, a few 5 & 10k’s and have already startetd planning my race calendar for 2012. I want to thank you both for your blog, book, and inspiration to keep me running. 🙂

  61. In high school, I joined the track team without any prior knowledge of the events. I was the “lucky” one chosen to run the 1 mile and 2 mile races (I guess I was the one who protested the least). Little did I know that running those 2 distances automatically made me a candidate for the cross country team! And the rest is history….

  62. I had read about running here and there and even had a version of Couch to 5K in my hands and then never did anything (couch won) and then was reading ErinH’s blog about her running (now as See Mom Run Far), read back through her progression, was inspired and bought RLAM. And then the more I fb’d about a run here or there, the more other friends of mine that i haven’t seen in ages came out of the woodwork that they run too. Still have not done a 5K but am building myself up slowly. I think I sometimes read more about running than actually do it, but when I do at least I feel a bit more confident that I am on the right track (such as with my first ever hill repeat the other day).

  63. My husband introduced me to running. He’s also responsible for me trying rock climbing and both mountain & road biking. I realized that if I wanted to spend time with him then I’d need to keep up with him. Running is the only activity that has lasted.

  64. My big butt and two years of “baby weight” technically introduced me to running. However, one of my close friends (and now a back-again BRF) Cassandra introduced me to my dearest BRF, Chelle, by suggesting I join them on a group mommy run. Cassandra has come and gone (with a med school husband, she lives by his “on-call”) but Chelle has been my nearest and dearest for 4+ years now. P.S. = we love compression sleeves! 🙂

  65. Nanci did. Great coach for class..your first 5k. I hope I win these for me and BRF Marie, she gets plantar fascitits :(.

  66. Been researching these sleeves ever since my Achilles problem. Think I need to limber up my calves some more. And lady luck doesn’t come my way, I have plans for my Christmas fun money 🙂

  67. It’s hard to say…I think in 8th grade I was looking for a spring sport and some friends were trying out for the track team. Later, when that didn’t stick, I’d say it was my ego that got me back into it. I saw other runners going over the Brooklyn Bridge, and I wanted to do that too. I think I just thought it was a great independent, relatively cheap exercise activity.

  68. I saw a lot of my mom friends finish Couch to 5K and it inspired me to try it. And then I inspired OTHER friends! It’s an endless loop of running inspiration!

  69. About the third day of summer before my freshman year of HS, I was already whining about being bored. My brother had started running cross country the year before, and basically smacked me and said, “let’s go run.” I ran through HS, and ran while in the Navy (most of the time). After being diagnosed with diabetes following the birth of son #1, I knew I needed to restart running. Three babies later (4 total) I ran my first half marathon. I am now eyeballing a marathon “some day.”

  70. Always been a runner. Just took about 15 years off. If I had to chose, I would say my children got me back in to running.

  71. I was introduced to running by a groups of women that I met in a bootcamp style class for moms and babies. We were all in very different places when we began meeting regularly to run with our jogging strollers – two were Boston qualifiers, one had run a couple of 5&10ks, and three of us, including myself, could only run about a mile on a good day. Six months later, all of us crossed the finish line of an all women’s half marathon. Those babies have since grown out of their strollers, but several of us still meet weekly to run and race together several times a year.

  72. Started running summer of 2010 with a group called Moms on the Run when my kids were 1, 3, and 5. Last summer I was a volunteer instructor and this summer I’ll be a head instructor. Needless to say, it was love at first lap!

  73. My daughter introduced me to running by way of her school’s fundraising 5K run last year. It was the school’s 2nd annual 5K Run then. But I didn’t even walk the 5K, I cheered the runners as they finished the hilly course. When I saw my daughter and the rest of the school run with smiles on their faces, I promised myself and other parent-mothers that I would run the next one, and that was this April 2011. I trained for 2 months, short a couple of months for the C25K running program I googled online. A few days before the race, I injured my left knee, so I got a compression knee sleeve that soothed my knee as I ran all 3.1 miles in pouring rain on race day! The moment I crossed the finished line, I knew that I had just begun my love affair with running. I ran eight 5Ks since then, and recorded my 100th run in 10 months a day after my 47th birthday 😉

  74. Many years ago I was not a mother, I was a worker bee at a small company in Atlanta, home of the largest 10k in the world. My boss trained for it & ran it every year. Knowing my competitive nature, he “challenged” me to run it one year. Never one to turn away from a challenge, I signed up, even though I had never had a desire to run. I enjoyed it, but somehow fell into the habit of only training for that race every year. Once I moved to Michigan & had children, I got the running bug from a friend at the gym.

  75. My husband is a runner, but I never thought I could be. Then I ran into one of his former co-workers. She had started running and looked great, so I thought if she could do it, why can’t I? I’m still a newbie and a slowbie, but I’m getting better all the time. Hoping to do a marathon next fall!

  76. Mooooo my running BFF and I need these!
    Running for me was totally self imposed. As a kid I’d run down the block to the tennis courts pretending I was one of those sprinters in the booty shorts.

  77. Totally need those for my always tight calves!! My dad got me into running in high school. He helped me get started in cross country and over the years our runs together have been our best heart to hearts. He has led me me to 5k prs, and can always out kick me at the end! He has cheered me on as I have added mileage and gotten to a few prs on my own on the half marathon distance. And we still love our casual summer runs on the Atlantic city boardwalk. But he still out kicks me in the last block every time!!

  78. Army boot camp introduced me to running! However I NEVER made it out of the “turtle” group and hated the after hour grass drills that were our punishment for slow runs. Years later I saw an ad for a beginning running group with a local running club. I met an OUTSTANDING coach who continues to motivate me. My longest attempt … the Fort 2 Base Nautical 10 mile (a very cool race btw if you are in the Chicago area in September). I look for races whenever I travel (family vaca in Hawaii did the Ford Island Bridge 10k!). I never made it out of turtle status but have learned to love moving forward regardless of speed 🙂

  79. I started running 2 years ago when my triplets just turned 3. I never do anything alone & I have never finished anything I ever started. Not sure how it came about, but one day I decided that I was going to run a 1/2 marathon. If I could have 5 kids, not to mention 3 at one time I could sure as heck run a 1/2. I was afraid to tell anyone what my goal was, just in case. I can still remember sitting at dinner with my kids, husband & my brother & his family after seeing Disney on Ice & telling everyone what I was training for. I even remember saying that I was sure that I wouldn’t really do it, but I was at least going to try. That year I ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2 hrs & 29 minutes all by my self. This year I ran it in 2 hrs & 9 minutes, thinking for a full this year, still all by myself. No one can make you run & no one can run for you and my fav is no one can talk to me when I am running! Love the book 🙂

  80. I truly believe that I was called to running by God. Sounds really grand, huh? Seriously, no one person introduced me to running. I hated it. I never wanted to do it. But then within the span of a few days, I saw several Team In Training ads in different places. I truly felt a “calling” to do it. So I did. Started running in November of 1999, and ran my first marathon in June of 2000.

  81. A little hill here called Pilot Butte…I used to walk up, and then realized that jogging the steep parts made them go by faster. I worked all the way up to running the whole trail!

  82. It wasn’t really one person who introduced me to running. It was a burning desire to take on something I had always said I could not do and give it a real honest go. I WANTED to love running- but always said I couldn’t. Until I made “can’t” not an option.

  83. I kind of had to take it up after getting dared into my first triathlon by my hubby, but my fabulous friend (and running hero) MaryAnne really is the one who helped me become a runner!

  84. No one really. I have always had a desire to run and I ran cross country in High school. I had decided I wanted to try running a 10K after I got back into shape after my thrid son was born . . . and the rest is history.

  85. I was introduced to running by a friend. She had ran the 2010 Vegas RnR half marathon and by the way she described her experience I just had to try for myself. After a year of training, I just ran the 2011 Vegas RnR half marathon. It was my first half marathon and most certainly won’t be my last….love it!

  86. Actually, it was you guys! I had long held a desire to run but never actually tried. I read a blurb about your book in a magazine (Redbook maybe), immediately downloaded it to my Kindle, and started a couch to 5k program while reading the book!! Shortly thereafter I did my first 5k race and ran into a lady from church doing her first 5k. Fast forward a year and a half and she is my BRF!!

  87. I was a sprinter in high school. I wasn’t coordinated enough to make the volleyball team, so I gave track and field a go. I continued to stay in shape through college and post-college by taking a variety of aerobics classes, but didn’t get into distance running until a friend asked if I would run the 5K that she was organizing to support the Women’s Center where she worked. That got me motivated, and friends who are runners got me inspired. I haven’t really stopped since!

  88. I didn’t like running when I had to do it for hs and college field hockey, but I guess it was those coaches who introduced me to it. I learned to love it when walking just took too long!

  89. Gym teachers in junior high – there was a route they always used, that with slight modification, worked for a 1k, 1.5k, or a 2k run at the start of PE classes in the spring and fall. My first attempt at it was embarrassingly nauseating, but over time I improved enough to compete with the track and cross country teams at local meets and really liked it. I’m getting back into running now after a long hiatus and despite struggling with re-occurring highland dancing- and running-related injuries (namely strained achilles tendons and metatarsal stress fractures) over the last while, I am enjoying running again with the support of my BRF, Adrienne!

  90. My friend, Misty, invited me to go “run” with her. I would jog for a half mile, then walk… She wasn’t having any of that. Two miles later, I was dead… And now, six years later, I have completed my first marathon this past September.

  91. Well, I first ran a little back in college. A very little. My current running stint, however, started with a painful 3 mile run with my BRF (just about a year ago). Since then, I’ve run more than I ever have, entered my first 5K race (and 3 more since then), and run two 1/2 marathons. I have found an amazing group of running friends/mothers that keep me running, entertained and inspired. Could never have done this without them!!

  92. My husband introduced me to running, but it was my good friend Trenee who really started running and made me believe that if she could do it, then I could too. She loves to run solo, but I found a great running group and trainer. Unlike my good friend Trenee, I am plagued by shin splints, or tight calves, or most recently after completing my first half, a hip injury. Now, while Trenee and I didn’t run together per se, we discussed our training regimen and compared notes. I loved how it was not competitive, but supportive and even though I like running in groups and she likes it alone, it was still something we shared. We ran the New Orleans Jazz half marathon at the same time – it was our first half marathon and then we had a great time in New Orleans. We ran separately and congratulated each other at the end!

  93. I guess I would have to say Santa did. I started training for a 5k called the Santa run with a group of neighborhood friends and was hooked.

  94. My BFF is who has inspired me to run. She’s a die-hard runner having completed her first two half marathons this year (along with various other long races). Me, I’m another mother runner for certain, and not one that has figured out the balance to squeeze in consistent training that I can stick with to run a 10K.

  95. It wasn’t a person. I’d been seeing ads for the Bolder Boulder 10K — “oh yes you can!” — and decided to see if they were correct. No one in my family runs and none of the friends I had at that time ran either (hiked and walked, yes, but no running).

  96. I began running with a program called “Moms on the Run” in the Twin Cities of MN. My first trainer was Laura. I ran into her for the first time in 4 months and instantly felt a longing for our spring session to begin. I had never run (or exercised) before. That was 8 months ago.

  97. I have always wanted to run but it never felt right in the past. After I had my second child, I finally got back to the gym. Once day on the treadmill, I decided to try and push myself and finally it clicked! It felt amazing. Now, less than a year later, I’m actively doing races and have even signed up for a Tough Mudder.

  98. My Dad! I was a freshman in high school and he took me out for a run late one night. We ran together through high school and then when I came home for the summer when I was in college. I still thank him all the time for the best gift that anyone has given to me.

  99. My dad got me into running when I was a teenager. I was homeschooled for a year and running with him was my PE every day. Thank you, Dad!!

  100. I read about c25k on a blog -gigglechick- and tried to do it a few times. A gal at my LRS got me plugged in with a running group and the rest is history!

  101. I guess if I had to figure it out, it would be my dad. He wanted to run Bloomsday and I jointed him at the ripe old age of 9. I have taken many breaks but have always returned to running as a favorite form of fitness.

  102. My mommy and daddy when I was a little girl. The would drag us to there races, and even would sign us up for the fun runs. Totally stayed with me and came out when I really needed it a am adult! What awesome role models they were!!

  103. When my boys were smaller, I handful of mommy friends who were runners. They inspired me – to get outside, to lace up my sneakers, and just run! Many years and races later, after a cross country move – they still inspire to keep going! 🙂

  104. I have run on and off since I was in grade school, but after the birth of my second son, one of my co-workers invited me to run a 5k with her and got me back out running. Thanks Kari!

  105. I started running when I was trying to lose the last 10 pounds of an 88 pound weight loss and needed something to ramp up my metabolism. Who knew that I would love it?!

  106. The Boilermaker 15 k in Utica, NY was my first real motivation to run. It’s a great local event and I wanted to participate with some friends.

  107. WAY back in college 20+ years ago, my friend Julie Geotz. Somehow I got on the college track team and ran the 400 and 800. The 5 and 10K’s are my runs now!

  108. I was twelve years old and in junior high school when I started running. My sister was 15 at the time and I thought it was so cool that she was running cross country and track so I started running, too. My running love affair is still going strong after 22 years of almost constant running.

  109. No one in particularly introduced me to running. I had been hearing about the C25k program a lot and my gym was closed for a week for routine yearly maintenance. I figured that would be a good time to start the program and I never looked back 🙂

  110. My first memory of running is running down to the big family farm, less than a half mile, to see my Grandma. I would run in the alfalfa fields in the warm season. When I was young the world seemed HUGE and time was much slower. I didn’t realize I was good at running until I went through basic training. I just understand why the others were struggling–I guess it was all that conditioning on the farm.

  111. I have been an athlete my whole life but never a “runner” until after college when I was needing something to keep in shape and my mom suggested running. Flash forward 12 years and I’m still running and training to run a marathon in May (my first)… with my mother.

  112. My sister initially introduced me to running – she used to run all the time and ran several marathons! However, for a LONG time I pretty much hated running. It wasn’t until I was around 43 that I started exercising again after a long hiatus after having a child, and all of a sudden I just felt like running! Several of my friends had taken up running about 6 months to a year or so before me, so they were my inspiration at that point and I just started my self out really slowly and started working my way up. Now I LOVE running (even when I hate it) and can’t imagine not running (well, I had to go without for a while last summer when I had Plantar Faciiatis, so unfortunately I can imagine it ). Anyway I have the bug and hope to for a long time!

  113. My parents … they took it up in the 70s. Ordered sneakers from Sears and hit the pavement. My dad ran track in high school in the late 40s and my mom started running to quit smoking. Ironically, that’s what I did too about 20 years later.

  114. My dad–though it was around 15 years between the first time he tried to get me to run (I think I was just barely a pre-teen) and the first time I decided to start running on my own (I was 26 years old).

  115. My husband was running a turkey trot. As I stood there wrangling children and coats, he passed us and I decided that the next race would be mine. It was. And we still take turns with kids and running.

  116. Here we go. My husband’s best friend’s (now ex) girlfriend got me back into it! I ran in high school, but gave it up for several years. After having my son, she helped motivate me and ran my first 5k together. Since, we’ve completed several long runs and a marathon. I’m thankful for her!

  117. I’ve always ran “off and on” but I have my friend and coworker to thank for my love of distance running and races! I thank her all the time.

  118. Honestly, I just came up with the idea myself, but my husband has been with me from the first mile (when I randomly said to him, let’s go run a mile on the track and see how long it takes) 6 years ago, to my most recent marathon (we did Big Sur together) last spring.

  119. My brf is the one who got me out there running! She believed I was a runner before I believed in myself!!! I’m so glad she did!!!

  120. My cousin, Mary, who was never a runner, decided to prove her husband wrong when he said there was no way she could run a 25k. When she ran that race, I was there to cheer her on and became inspired to give running a try myself. She was full of tips and advice for me and was one of my first running buddies.

  121. Firstly the public school system who made me hate it, then the Army that made me do it until I liked it even when I hated it, but finally after having my first child a co-worker and my now BRF invited me to start training with her to run distance and the cameraderie coupled with the endorphins sucked me in and I will never go back. I’ll be just another mother runner FOREVA!!!

  122. I sort of fell into it..I signed up for a race with my sister in law and she bailed. We had planned to walk..
    I was not walking 6m alone on mothers I ran..and kicked ass..and continue to 6 yrs later.

  123. My best girlfriend in high school was a soccer-player-turned-runner, while I was a complete non-athlete. She dabbled in various sports throughout college, but always came back to running. But it was my husband who really turned me on to the sport — his passion for it (both as a participant and devoted fan of professional track and field) was impressive, and eventually rubbed off!

  124. Before I ever thought of running my dad used to run short distances (5ks) when I was a kid and thought he was such an athlete. I hated running and picked up on a whim seeing some of my friends do triathlongs and marathons… loved it and was hooked.

  125. I ran for myself in college and off and on since then, but since having kids, its been my mother runner friends who’ve inspired me. Them, and RLAM!

  126. I started running in high school as a way to stay in shape and get my ya-yas out. I continue to run because of my amazing running friends and female running role models.

  127. I was introduced to running by a friend who was starting a program for people who had never run a 5k but wanted to. I only joined because it was free. Turns out it was priceless. It has given me a passion for running that I never expected.

  128. A dear friend introduced me to running. Always a dedicated walker, she kept trying to talk me into joining her “dawn squad” of early morning runners. Finally on 7/4/2002 (easy date to remember!) she convince me to try just to see how far I could go! It was slow going but I managed the whole 4 miles! I’ve never looked back!

  129. Two years ago our son’s school posted in their newsletter information on the Inaugural Palmetto Half Marathon in our city. I saw that and half joking told my hubby we should run it! Ever since then we’ve been hooked! I’ve been dealing with PF since Labor Day. 🙁 I would love to try these cool RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves! (I’ve never had a pair)

  130. Does it count if I introduced myself to running? I was walking quite a but but wanted a more intense workout so I started running.

  131. When I was pregnant with my baby-baby, 2 yrs ago, my boss was justgetting started running. She would gush about how great it was and how I should do it too. I would laugh and say, “yea, right!” Now, 2 years later we have done several races together and she’s my unofficial coach. Thanks Irma Moya!!! (Oh and is no longer my boss, but a good friend and BRF!)

  132. My parents! Age 8, running around the golf course at UNM. As long as I could see my Dad in far distance, I just kept going! My Mom placed in her age group a few years back, age 70. Hope I am still as healthy as she is when I am 70!

  133. I don’t remember any particular person introducing me to running. I had always been a swimmer. But in 1977, during my junior year of high school, I started running around the neighborhood in Levis 501 jeans and Rod Laver tennis shoes.

  134. I was a runner in HS but I really didn’t care much for it after graduating. I married an incredible man with a passion for running. He believed that running could bring us together so I give him credit for bringing the love I have for running now…

  135. My brother and sister both run. I love what it does for them, but never thought *I* could do it. Then I saw a friend post on fb about couch to 5k. I looked it up and started the next day, before I could change my mind. I was hooked before week 3!

  136. I was inspired to start running 14 months ago by Ben Davis. Back then, he was Ben Davis of the 120 Pound Journey video. Or Ben Davis of (his personal fitness/weightloss tumblr blog).

    Just over a year later, he’s also Ben Davis of the Do Life Movement (

    When I saw Ben’s 120 Pound Journey video last year, I wasn’t active or athletic in the least. I started running when I realized, “If a 350 pound man can do it, I can defiitely do it.” I didn’t expect the way it would utterly change EVERY part of my life for the better. I didn’t anticipate the experience transforming a co-worker into my running buddy, and eventually into one of my best friends. I didn’t expect any of the connections I’ve made with other runners, or the absolute joy and pride that have come with something I used to swear I would NEVER do (I only run when I’m being chased).

    I never thought that one year later, I would be planning my second half-marathon, and my first full marathon – both of which I will be running with that same running buddy and best friend – or that I would consider a pair of compression sleeves a fabulous prize!

    But here I am. A changed woman. A runner. A lady who really wants those compression sleeves.

  137. My friend, and colleg sorority sister, Farrah. She’s such a beautiful woman inside and out and such a health guru. She inspired me, and THEN I read your fist book RLAM and for the first time I though…I can really do that, become a runner.

  138. I was a clueless C25k grad who was only running on the treadmill. Through a new job, I met Ashley, a gal 10 years my junior and a marathoner. She was so excited for me when I entered my first 5k race. She was a source of countless tips and information. Her support for me never failed as I eventually progressed to my first half. Ashley no longer works with me but, coincidentally, I saw her today where she once again made me believe that I have what it takes to begin training for my first full in January!

  139. I started running a little over two years ago and I love it.I have met so many wonderful friends through doing this and they are a great encouragement to me as I hope I am to them.. I will be running my 3rd half marathon in Disney World in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to it.. Runners are for sure some of the friendliest people in the world..

  140. My BFF and I decided randomly to run a local 10k 3 years ago and at first I thought we were insane. I hurt everywhere and hate it but shockingly I grew to LOVE it and can’t stop!! Best random decision of my life!

  141. A drunk (I now suspect) colleague emailed suggesting we run an upcoming 8k. Why not? How hard could it be for a non-runner to run 5 miles? I had just enough time to get through the C25k program. I ran (trotted, lurched, shuffled) the race, and was hooked! Five years later, still running!

  142. I blame anonymous strangers and the internet. Someone on some message board mentioned couch to 5k and I eventually did it about 8 years ago.

  143. I started running after following a blog by an avid runner and wanting to try it myself to see if it was as much fun as she made it out to be!

  144. My parents initially introduced me to running bc they took turns running each am and did races while I was growing up. My sister reintroduced running to me about 2 1/2 yrs ago and then we ganged up on our other sister and now all 3 of us run!

  145. Ran in high school with no desire to ever do it again. Thirty years later participated in a parents’ workout at my kids’ cross country camp and was hooked. My husband who is a marathoner is extremely supportive and keeps me going.

  146. I just kept hearing about this Couch-to-5K thing and after kid #2 was born and I was back to work, it was the only thing that was inexpensive, time-flexible, and a lot of calorie burn for your buck. So I gave it a try and now I’m hooked. I’ve introduced a few other people to it though, including my BRF!

  147. I just kept hearing about this Couch-to-5K thing and after kid two was born and I was back to work, it was the only thing that was inexpensive, time-flexible, and a lot of calorie burn for your buck. So I gave it a try and now I’m hooked. I’ve introduced a few other people to it though, including my BRF!

  148. I was introduced to running by a fellow mom from our playgroup who was ex-airforce. She was very intimidating and when I would tell them to go on without me because I was dying, she would say “I have heard the sound of dying and that ain’t it, keep moving!” As I got to know her, on our runs, she is just a great gal! I hated to run, hated it but considered it a necessary evil! Five years later, 85 pounds lighter and I actually LOVE running now. Thanks Jenny for kicking my butt into gear, I am forever indebted to you for turning me from a fatass mother into a badass mother runner!!

  149. I was 23, working out at the gym on the stairmaster for the umpteenth time when a guy started talking to me. He asked if I liked the stair stepper and I said”no!”. To which he replied then do some running. I said no way I can’t run, he encouraged me, and now 15 years later I haven’t let up. Funny, never saw that guy again, my little running angel:-)

  150. I have always run, it is who keeps me running that I think is so important and who I remember the most. My friend Jessica keeps me running. When one of our kids is sick or work gets in the way, she finds a way to make me run. We run half marathons together and this year we did our first triathlon together.

  151. My sister-in-laws got me running – they were going to do a half marathon and I invited myself to join them! We never actually did it (long story) but I’ve kept up with it and done several halfs on my own! My calves could use some compression love!

  152. After I was raped at the age of 16 I went through a major depression. A wonderful counsellor introduced me to running as a way of beating depression.

  153. My 2nd grade teacher, mrs. Applebee, convinced me to run in the 500 yard dash at Field Day. I thought I wasn’t athletic. But turns out I was and I beat everyone in my class. I’m not very fast anymore but I sure love to run. And I usually run longer than 500 yards now 😉

  154. My friend Sam DiPaolo & many others friends from my local MOPS group!!! So many were encouraging & helpful when I first started running & asking a million questions!

  155. So, technically the Army “introduced” me to running. However, I didn’t develop a true passion for running during my military service. I did it because it was “good for me” and REQUIRED. I was in my mid-20’s and could run an 8 minute mile consistently. In reality, I started running again a couple of years ago and then last year my BRF and I got a crazy idea to really get back into running (she has done several full marathons prior to babies) and AWAY WE WENT! Training for my third 1/2 marathon and even though I run slower (10:30 is pretty speedy these days) I love it and have developed some wonderful friendships with AWESOME women because I RUN! Thank you Scarlett! You are my BRF (and my BFF 😉 of course!).

  156. After the birth of my second child I needed something to relieve the stress in my life. My husband left for another deployment and I wanted something to do that was all about me. A goal for only me.

  157. I was always intrigued by friends of mine who were runners, but never thought I could do it. Then I found out about an amazing Mother Runner program in my city. I emailed the coach and told her I didn’t think I could run to the end of the block, let alone 6 miles. She convinced me that I could and helped me fall in love with running.

  158. My swim coach in high school made us run one or two days a week, in addition to weight training and eleven times a week in the pool.

  159. Several friends are avid runners – but my friend Linda gave me the push to sign up for my first half marathon – 3 weeks from tomorrow!!!

  160. My amazing boot camp trainer, Daniel, introduced me to running and made me believe that I could be an athlete. However my BRF, Andrea, is the one who stood by me and coached me through my first half and full marathon. I love them both and am so grateful to have them in my life.

  161. My sister first introduced me to long distance running when we were in junior high. She continues to inspire me and motivate me 20+ years later. 🙂

  162. My good friend Suzanne Macaulay introduced me to running. I had a still birth baby last year, and was very depressed for a while. I couldn’t stand seeing myself in the mirror with all the baby weight I had gained, and knowing I had no baby to show for it. Suzanne “tricked” me into running my first race, an 8k Turkey Trot, and was my coach, mentor, bully, and amazing friend to help me train to where I needed to be to run it. She is an amazing woman, and if I do win these, they will go straight to her. She is a Real runner, I am more of a lazy runner hobbyist…lol.

  163. Sounds like I’m not alone! My dad was a track and cross country star in his younger days, even running barefoot when the weather allowed for it. I joined the track team in high school to make him proud, and have been running ever since. I’ve never told him I did it just so he would come to my events (sibling jealously ruled, as my younger brother was a sports star and got most of the attention), but I’ve been grateful for the active lifestyle it’s provided me. My husband is also an endurance athlete, and I’m sure my running is part of the reason we’re together now! Thanks, dad. 😉

  164. My Ironman brothers introduced me to running by being one of their top cheerleaders but the trainer I hired after being laid off in 2008 was the catalyst to getting me to actually run.

  165. I can thank my ex-husband for introducing me to running! The marriage was a bust, but I gained a lifelong passion of another kind – running.

  166. My bootcamp trainer Nicole Downing introduced me to running – she’s a running machine and a huge inspiration for that part of my fitness 😉 She is always finding fun ways to incorporate running into our bootcamps – got me to do a mud run as well as a 5K in the pouring rain!!

  167. I was turning 40 & wanted to look terrific before the big day. I had read that running burned a lot of calories & really got a person into shape. I thought I’d give it a try. I fell in love with running! At the time, I did not know any one else into running. But I have been told that I have served as an inspiration to several friends. Now, I would be lost without a buddy run!

  168. I was not introduced to running by anyone per se. In early 2010 my marriage abruptly ended and I was left with a VERY active two year old and WAY too much stress. Running became my thearpy! I don’t know how I would have got through the past two years without running. It truly became my “life saver” in so many ways.

  169. My dad introduced me to running at a really young age. We’d always watch him at races and get to do fun relays or the mile fun runs. I remember my first 5k. I had NO idea the distance and wasn’t trained at all, but I puffed myself up and told him that I could do it and I did…slowly, but I finished!

  170. My father introduced me to running. My first race memory is my town’s Main Street Mile (I was around 7). I crashed and burned in a big way. Lesson learned about pacing yourself! 🙂

  171. No one introduced me to running. 11 years ago, after battling thyroid disease, I decided to get in shape and I started running. I loved it so much that I just kept on going!!

  172. Before I started running in September 2011 I had not been a runner before. Oh when I was 15 I gave it a try but quickly gave up. From then on I had never imagined that I would run because I actually WANTED to. Whenever I passed someone running I would think to myself, “Why would anyone want to run? You never see a runner smiling or looking like they are having fun. No thanks.” Then when I was trying to find some way to make time for physical activity into my single-parent, full time mom life I thought about running. Get a good workout in 30 min – yea, I will give it a try cause that’s about all I can “fit in” with everything else in life. Three months later and I have run two 5K races, have my next 6 weeks of running scheduled on my calendar, have lost 13 pounds, and smile when I run. 🙂

  173. I was introduced to running in college. We were made to take PE 100 to graduate. It included running three miles in thirty min (or 27 for guys) in order to pass the class! I told everyone I would never run again. Now 19 years and several races later, including my first half marathon this fall, I’m still running! There is nothing like it, but I would never keep it up without my BRF!!

  174. My mother. I remember playing in the sand at the beach while she ran a couple of miles after work, then later running with her at the track. <3

  175. My great grandad, Carl fox! He was an early marathoner, born in 1898. He taught all us great grand kids to run around the half mile dirt track he measured around a cow field. He would challenge us to race him. He died putting on his running shoes in 1987. I run every race for him, and pass along that tradition to my kids.

  176. My hubby introduced me to running but it took 9 years of marriage and 4 kids before I finally thought maybe I could do it and maybe I could like it. I’ve been running for almost 2 years now and it keeps me sane!

  177. Hmm. Who introduced me? I’d have to say that it wasnt anyone I’m particular, rather years of seeing for runners cruise past me eventually pushed me to try it out.

  178. A customer of mine that is also a friend ran in the NWM (half) last year and I kind of joked that I wanted do it with them the next year (which was this year). Mind you, I was a 40 year old out of shape mom. And the rest is history. I started with C25K and thought I was going to die in the first 30 seconds. I did do my first half this October with Nike Womens (He flew out from NY for it too! He’s beat me by like an hour, but I knew he was there! LOL) and I am already registered for two more including the Innaugural Tink which is in only 44 days! I have gotten my oldest daughter running and it will be her first half … and a handful of friends are now running too! It’s great to share the health!

  179. I forgot to mention in my excitement over these, it was my best friend Mindy. I was dealing with a serious depression that had been going on for weeks, and she said “we need to run!”. We started to run with the Couch 2 5k, and it saved my life! Now I am training for my first ragnar relay!!! Which, by the way, will be with my best friend and my husband…and to sweeten the deal, that month is our 15th wedding anniversary, and it’s how we’re celebrating!!!

  180. for the first few months when I started at the gym, i would just walk on the treadmill, then the gal that owned the place, came over and said, run, just turn the speed up and run…and that was 5 years ago…(and this friend just started running again herself and we now run together sometimes!)

  181. It’s a toss up….between my old high school friend who I have not seen in 20+ years (but reconnected with on Facebook) and my coworker. My old high school buddy just ran her first marathon recently at the Chicago Marathon and her enthusiasm for training was infectious! I would read about her training runs, her training buddies and her excitement over her upcoming race. I wanted some of that! My coworker runs ultramarathons and does marathons “for fun”. I thought “how weird….for fun???” Then, she came back to work after one weekend and was talking about how her and her husband did this 100 mile Western States endurance run. I was like “all at ONCE?? You ran 100 miles AT ONCE?”. She’s been running for 30 years and looks amazing. Vibrant and healthy. So between the two of them, I started putting one foot in front of the other, then lost my mind and signed up for my first half marathon, the Disney Tinkerbell. I couldn’t run for more than 30 second at a time when I started 3 months ago and now I can do an easy 30 minutes without wanting to die….quite the opposite. I run happy! With a big smile on my face. I will forever be grateful to those ladies because running is my salvation….I run to feed my spirit and my soul. I run to be complete.

  182. Wow – not really sure… Started running junior high track, never really stopped. Short breaks here and there (injuries, babies) but that’s it. Started longer distances in the Army, and ran first non-school sponsored races then. I guess my answer is my Dad originally, Army buddies/drill sergeants later on. Wouldn’t change it for anything!!

  183. Me, myself and I… I didn’t want to be overweight anymore, and finally got sick enough of myself to do something about it! That was back in 2004ish, and I’ve never looked back!

  184. I ran cross country in high school because they needed me to have enough people for a complete team 🙂 But I got re-introduced to running by a friend I met at church.

  185. I loved running when I was in Jr High and High School. Now, just want to get fit again and get the energy I once had. Running is a great stress relief for me.

  186. I ran cross country in high school, and ran moderatley throughout college but not anything consistent. However as an adult a grad school friend asked if I would do the Chicago Marathon with her and not realizing what I was signing up for said yes- been a “runner” since

  187. I started to spite someone who said “Heidi wouldn’t run if her life depended on it”. Well, it does depend on it, and now I do it.

  188. My brother, a runner (barefoot, most of the time) has been telling me I need to get something like this. I would love to try these! And my best running buddy has been out of commission due to plantar fasciitis. These would be perfect!!!

  189. I’ve heard these are awesome. Hook a beginning Mother Runner up! 🙂 My calves are always so.dang.sore after a run.

  190. Who introduced me to running? An awesome family in my hometown whose kids all were running practically when they could walk. It took longer for it to “take” with me, but I’m so grateful that it did.

  191. I ran track in high school, but didn’t fall in love with it until college. I thank my college roommate for really helping me love running and introducing me to the half marathon + marathon. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I’d run much farther than a 5K!

  192. I kind of got myself into running. I wanted to speed up my weight loss, started the C25k program and haven’t looked back since. I have been running about 10 months!

  193. My husband. He’s in the Army, so running has always been a part of his life. So, when I became part of his life, I guess it rubbed off on me. Here I am, 15 years later, still running. And loving it!

  194. A friend introduced me to running. She would get so enthusiastic while talking about it that I wanted what she had. I’m not there yet. 🙂

  195. My Dad introduced me to running. It was great to run with him because he was much faster and pushed me. Unfortunately, he quit running after having a stroke. By then I had developed a true love for running. It has been my source of sanity since I was a teen.

  196. I guess my son, Otis, really reintroduced me to running. After having him, I couldn’t believe how my body looked! I took up running, and signed up for my first half, in order to try to reclaim some of my pre-baby body!

  197. If I go back quite a few years prior to my running now (I did not run for about 7 years), it would be my husband. He still reminds me how I could not do a 1/2 mile that first time he took me out running and look how far I’ve came.

  198. My 7th grade best running friend who convinced me to tryout for the cross country team. This is a good reminder to get back in touch and thank her for the life long joy!

  199. Ugh…if I must name someone, it would be my Ex-boyfriend Dirke. When I was in my early 20’s I was not into exercise AT ALL!! He informed me that all women over the age of 26 got flabby a$$es if they did not run. Well, around 28 I thought I should do something about not letting my a$$ get flat, so I started to run. It was at the same time I was dating a very self absorbed cyclist who found himself to be quite the racer. I felt the need to keep up with him, so I really dove into running (and cycling)
    Alas-I am free of both those burdens, but I love what I gained from knowing both of them. Everything happens for a reason right…
    Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Recofit!! I ran with mine on today :0) Another pair will be needed for my upcoming marathon training

  200. My Dad! He ran in high school and took a long “break”. I was fascinated by his determination in starting over in the Alabama heat and humidity. It wasn’t until several years later that I began running and I think about the card he kept on the dash of his car…”Today I will RUN”.

  201. An old friend from high school decided to run the Honolulu marathon (that’s where I’m from) and although she walked a lot, she finished. She did it during the winter that I was on modified bedrest with twins and I was so jealous. I kept saying, Ok, when this is done, I’m going to run a marathon. Then the nursing of twins began and life became hard. The thought of the marathon got me through a lot of long nights, and I was able to sign up for Portland Fit after they turned a year old. I ran my first marathon in 2007, and am going to run my eighth in May in the hopes of running in all the states. Thanks to my great friend, Melveen, for creating the spark.

  202. The first person I ran with was my sister-in-law, about 3 years ago. I had never run before, at least not for more than 30 seconds and without being in utter pain and completely exhausted. That first “run” was mostly walk, partly slow jog. But I surprised myself by actually enjoying it! After a winter of basement treadmill run/walking, nearly 5 months after that first run, I began running outside and realized I really loved it!

    My sister-in-law lives about 4 miles from me, so she was a great help during marathon training to keep me company for a few miles of my long runs!

  203. In a roundabout way it was my dad. He had a stroke & was left paralyzed on the left side of his body. My sister & I felt the need to do something so we joined the Train To End Stroke program, raised $16,242 and ran the Disney Half marathon in his honor. It was his strength and determination that kept me going and pushing myself. That was 12 years ago. He died this past July and after having taken a running hiatus for too many years, I found myself strapping on my shoes again. It is my sanity and healing, and I often times will feel/hear/see my dad while I’m out pounding pavement.

  204. I was introduced to running by a book I read about 20 some years ago… I started running laps around the neighborhood school yard with my dog!

    I kept it a secret for several months….

  205. Who got me into running, my dad. A former marathoner, it was the only time I could get from him often in middle school and my running cross country made him proud in HS. Due to him, I vowed I would run a marathon – fast forward 20 years later (ok, 22), my gals from Ebenezer UMC got me going with the idea of the Marine Corps 10K and from there the MC Half and I was hooked (again).

  206. After moving last year, I met my now BRF, Katie. I had run off and on through the years but she encouraged and inspired me to run a half marathon!! Been a BAMR ever since 🙂

  207. I really got myself into running, after having 3 kids I decided to get back into shape and found out that as much as I used to dread running, now it calms me down and leaves me serene.

  208. My mom used to take me to the local high school and I would play in the grass while she ran laps. She was a great example! She still is: active at 70 years old!

  209. I was inspired to run by my husband who ran the hood to coast 3 years in a row, and my now BRF Carissa, who pushes me to better myself in running and all areas of life. Love you two!

  210. I ran in high school and college, but that was so long ago now I can hardly remember it! As a mom, I agreed to ‘help’ with a new elementary cross country team at my kids’ school. I showed up to the first practice and was introduced as ‘Coach Rhonda’, as I stood there with my mouth gaping open. So, I became a cross country coach. That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Our team now has over 50 elementary kids that run together each summer, and we run 5ks throughout the year. I’ve also finished 2 half-marathons this year. So, thank you to the person who asked me to ‘help’ with the new cross country team.

  211. My high school swim coach convinced me to join the cross country team saying it would improve my times. It did, and I’m still in love with it after 16 years! 🙂

  212. My Dad is the one to thank for me being a runner. He has been a coach and PE teacher my whole life and taught us kids to stay active. I had to wear compression sleeves in high school during track to help with my shin splints. My dad would help me get ready at each meet, rubbing Cramergesic on my legs and then pulling on the sleeves. These look a whole lot more stylish than the ones I had to wear!

  213. Cathy Zielske… I read her blog. She was {and still is} working on her Move More Eat Less program. I was going to hit the big 5-0 later in the year. She mentioned your book; also, the C25k program. So I started the program and bought your book. Still slowly plugging along… haven’t gotten beyond running past the 5k mark but working on it.

  214. My mom used to take me out for like a mile when I was growing up, but really it was my long ago ex-boyfriend who ran (and whose butt was just a bit smaller) who inspired me to go. Of course, he only inspired me, he didn’t actually run with me. Probably one of the reasons for the ex-.

  215. YOu know I think that it was my dad. He was always running or cycling and one day in High school I just decided to run. I didn’t join cross country or track but I just ran after school by myselfs. However it was my mom who introduced me to racing. (my mom is not a runner) But she convinced me to run a local 5K that she was walking and guess what, I won. I got a brand new pair of running shoes for being the first women to cross thefinish line. (we aren’t going to mention that the college cross country team ran the race but they couldn’t win. He! He!)

  216. I don’t feel i was introduced to running so much (i took it up for weight loss — did run/walking for years to maintain weight) but my sister is who introduced me to racing…and racing is what turned me into a serious runner! (My sister is who i will share my prize with too!) runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  217. I was introduced through a community ed learn to run program before my first child was born, and we all ran a 5K together. Then I put away my running shoes until last fall when I joined bootcamp. I met some lovely ladies in bootcamp, and I started racing this spring. My BRF said I could do a 1/2 marathon and basically gave me peer pressure to do it. So, I did, and now I’m hooked!

  218. My Dad who at age 65 is still running. We would like to do a half marathon together in 2012. I ran my first just this past November so thought it would be a great goal.

    And a friend (Matt) who passed away last December after battling brain cancer. He was such an inspiration. He ran the Boston Marathon and was an Iron Man. What an amazing friend and athlete. We are so sad without him. 🙁

  219. Sarah, my best friend from high school invited me to try the Pittsburgh half marathon in 2009 at 42 years old. She is the one I credit for introducing me to running, although i have several friends who now feed my passion! Thanks girls!!

  220. My own mama introduced me to running and took me to a “real” running shoe store for my first pair of kicks… and though her arthritis halted her own running career, she’s been my best cheerleader coming to as many races as she can make, even biking around the route (in her late 60s) of my half so she could cheer me on! Thanks Mamacita!

  221. My 5th grade gym teacher! After running the mile for the Presidential Fitness test, she encouraged me to keep running. And… here I am almost 25 years later wishing I could’ve thanked her properly for what she’s given me over the years!!

  222. I was introduced to running through high school sports. I played field hockey and rowed and they both tortured us with running. Up until this past year, my only experience with hill training was through my high school crew team. I’ve had an on and off relationship with running ever since. Since getting serious and running my first marathon this year, I hope it stays on this time!

  223. I almost started running in high school by joining the xcountry team, but then chickened out. My very first ‘race’ was a 5k that was a part of a team sprint tri – I hadn’t really run a lot before and some friends were looking for someone do do the 5k, so I volunteered. I have NO clue how long it took me, but I think I ran the whole thing. Then shortly after that I changed jobs, and had a crush on one of my new work mates, he was a runner, and was running a local 10k race, so I signed up. I continued to run with that same bunch of work friends for years, and when I started dating my hubby we trained for our first half together. It really has been friends and the enjoyment of running with others that has kept me running all these years!

  224. Technically, I introduced myself. Who got me to want to run FURTHER, well, that’s a fun story. My son’s best friend’s mom (got that?) is on Team USA and does Ironman triathlons on a regular basis. After I started training for my first 5K she said, “Good! Next you can run a 10K and after that I have a training plan for a half-marathon…” I’m on the verge of signing up!

    Sidenote: I have been wearing a compression stocking during my on-going treatment of varicose veins. Is that anything like what these products are? My treatment is almost D-O-N-E!

  225. I have been around and aware of running most of my adult life, but I didn’t really gain an interest in it for myself until I started my current job 3 years ago. Two of the younger engineers in my office are avid marathoners and mud runners, and I was inspired by their water-cooler talks about training and the excitement of races. When my BRF expressed an interest in running our local Race for the Cure in October 2010, it was all I needed to finally take the plunge. So glad I did! (My coworkers are now a great source of training information and two of my “cheerleaders.”)

  226. I started running consistently as it is the most calorie efficient exercise I can do by heading out the door. With limited time (2 young kids) and limited budget, it worked. Then I fell in love with the sport and have no plans to stop running!

  227. My friend, Alissa, introduced me to running. I thought she was INSANE running a 10k the morning of her twins’ birthday party. I mean, who runs 6 miles before a party! Haha! Little did I know, I would become addicted and squeezing in 6miles ANY time was a blessing!

  228. My coworker and friend Brian. He was tired of running at lunch by himself and talked me into by saying he’ll walk as much as I wanted. Next thing you know, he’s quit running and I’m doing a half in feb!

  229. My good friend, my neighbor and my BRF, Erika, originally introduced me to running almost a year ago. I had just lost 40 pounds and was getting bored with the gym. So Erika suggested that we join the Kick it Forward program thru Skirt Sports. The program works by getting “Personal Motivators – women that find empowerment, fulfillment and sanity in running – to share this passion and commitment with a Beginner who has not yet found this gift.” I never ran in my life unless I was being chased or chasing after my kid. But it worked! After reaching my goal of completing my first 5K, I was hooked. Thanks for the motivation E! I would not and could not have done it without you.

  230. My dad gave me the running bug when I was a wee one. He started taking me to do the kiddie runs while he did 5ks. Now at 61 years old, I motivated him to start running again and he ran 2 5ks with me this fall!

  231. My Dad introduced me to running. He’s been a runner since I was born. I remember waiting in the car while he went out for a run. I would ride me bike along side him while he ran.

    I am happy to say that I have introduced running to my kids. They were there at the finish line on Sunday when I finished the Honolulu Marathon!

  232. I got a treadmill after my first son was born because it seemed the easiest way to try and get back in shape. After attempting the Couch to 5K program several times and one more pregnancy later, running still hadn’t taken hold. After I started doing child care, two different children who come to my home during the day have a parent that runs marathons, and for some reason I found this to be really inspiring and once I FINALLY made it past that 5K point into longer runs, I was hooked!

  233. My father. Back in the late 1960s (Boomer Alert!) he began running in the early mornings during the work week. In old khaki pants and safety boots with steel toes or old gardening sneakers. In our small Southern town he drew attention from a policeman who kept spotting him in the wee hours. One day the cop stopped him and asked what he was doing. After my father explained the policeman chuckled and said, “Well, I kept waiting to see you sneaking out of a strange bedroom, shoes in hand so I’m glad to hear you’re just exercising….”

    Dad stuck with it and eventually I began copying him. That was (gulp) over 35 years ago. I am still running and my father is still an active walker. His doctor tells him he will probably live to see 100. Dad’s reply? “God, I hope not!”

  234. I don’t have a good answer to this one because I started running a few times and both on my own. BUT, it was the start of my relationship with my (now) husband that took me from run dabbler to runner. We both were dabblers who pushed each other to try new distances and really become true runners. Six year later with a combined 11 marathon, 24 halves, and a whole bunch of shorter runs I think it would be fair to say that we both introduced each other to running.

  235. My younger sister was the first runner in our family and she lost more then 50 pounds in a year and a half. My twin sister started running and so I felt a little left out. My twin got me into running by agreeing to run a 5K with me. It was the beginning of something great!

  236. My walking partner one day asked if I’d like to train for a half marathon and I grabbed hold of the challage. That is when I fell in love with running, when it broke my heart that I could not run for awhile after an ITBand injury and I knew then that I was hooked!

  237. i grew up a swimmer, but hung out with the cross country runners in high school. Secretly I wanted to be able to run like them, so they were my initial inspiration. Currently, I’m trying to jump back on the running wagon due to some lovely ladies at church. They are working mothers and find time to balance exercise, children and church duties. They are amazing!

  238. My Dad! He was a track runner in high school and kept running as an adult. I was blessed with his long legs and natural running abilities. Thanks Dad for encouraging me to run as a little kid and to keep at it when I wanted to run a half marathon as an adult!

  239. My husband got me into running. I can still remember that first run he made me do, I think we went a mile and I thought I was going to pass out! We run separately now, but I still look to him for encouragement and advice. He’s a great coach!

  240. My spin class instructor casually mentioned to our class that she ran with an informal group, and I eventually got up the nerve to approach her and join in. I am so fortunate to have found a wonderful, supportive group of run friends!

  241. No one particular person–just a myriad of friends who ran (and never pushed)–until it finally clicked that it might be the right thing to try, after decades of gym classes and lame treadmill workouts. Asked for shoes and a book about running for Christmas one year (the year BEFORE your book came out, sadly) and just hit the pavement.

  242. My dad- when I was in 2nd grade he signed me up for the ‘Eureka Pacers’-(I still have the tanktop btw)-and I never looked back! I remember him running the Honalulu marathon and I knew I wanted to be just like him. Every race, every mile, I owe to my Pops.

  243. I was a cross country runner in high school, so I guess it has always been a part of me. Recently, it has been more on again off again running. I’m hoping now that my BRF, Sandy, is in my life I’m hoping running remains a constant!

  244. My co-workers got me going. Then I joined a Women’s Training Program for runners/walkers of all shapes and sizes. I was hooked after a few sessions of run/walk group and realizing that I could actually run and build up my endurance.

  245. I was going through a divorce, my self esteem was in the toilet so I got this grand idea to run a half marathon to make myself feel better. I went online, signed up for an all women 1/2 6 months away. I thought hmmm, now I have to run because I payed for this thing. I grabbed my dog and started hitting the pavement. So to answer your question…me. I’d never liked running before but now I’m hooked. 🙂

  246. My sister reintroduced me to running after a 20-plus year hiatus. After running two marathons, my sis inspired me to start running again. I signed up and trained for my very first half marathon and she came and ran it with me.

  247. My dad is a runner and always had us kids signed up for a race or two a year. I attempted to run cross country my freshman year of high school but had grown 3 inches the summer prior so could barely hobble through a race so gave it up to field hockey.
    I didn’t really start running on my own until out of college and the three sports a year didn’t happen any more so put on the post-college 15. Running was cheap, easy, and fun.
    Since having kids, running has been my saving grace!

  248. My hubby–ultramarathoner and ironman-in-training that he is. I started by saying, “Wow, I’m just not a runner, so I’m amazed by what you do and I’ll cheer you on!” Then I went to, “Wow, I sort of like this walk-running thing, but I’ll never run a race.” Then on to, “Wow, running a 5K dirty girl was fun, but a bit boring because the obstacles were just too easy!” Next, “Wow, my first trail-run 10K at the North Face Endurance Challenge–Awesome!” And finally, “That half-marathon in Vegas was hard, but felt great (despite all the race issues). I want to do another half-marathon this spring, and be better trained for it!”

    So, thanks, baby. I couldn’t be doing it without you!!!

  249. I was never “formally” introduced to running. It was always my go to workout. But at the end of 2009 I was inspired by a woman named Lisa Hallett who was always a runner, but ran a marathon in honor of her husband CPT John Hallett 3 months after he was KIA. My husband was serving with him at the time. She inspired me to run my first half marathon in summer 2010 as well as my first marathon fall 2010. She has started the group Wear Blue Run to Remember ( in honor of her husband and all our Soldiers. It’s a living memorial and a positive way to remember. I proudly wear my blue shirt to almost all my races.

  250. My physical education teacher, Mrs. Uthe, introduced me to running as part of the President’s Physicall Fitness Test. She made what was often the most dreaded part of the test fun and exciting. Mrs. Uthe’s encouragement throughout my elementary years during the mid 1970’s stayed with me and was a big reason I ran track in junior high and ran competitively throughout high school. I am sure the running seed Mrs. Uthe planted so many years ago is a big reason for my continued committment to life-long fitness and running.

  251. A friend at work. After losing weight together by walking – we needed to up the ante to keep the weight off. It’s been 6 years and we are still running. She wiill definitely get that extra pair of compression sleeves.

  252. My son introduced me to running. When he had to run a timed mile for gym class, we went to the track to “practice”. Now, he is running Cross Country and I’m running Marathons! 🙂

  253. My brother. He ran cross-country in high school, and when we were older and he ran his first marathon, I thought I could at least run a 5K. Now he runs ultras and I’m contemplating my first full.

  254. My friend from high school Emmie ran a marathon for a friend who died of cancer and she inspired me to start running. She got me to sign up for my first half marathon which we will run together in May in Portland. She is a huge inspiration to me and I wish she lived closer so we could run together, but she lives on one side of the state and I live on the other.

  255. My original buddy was one of my great college friends, Salem, who 20+ years later is still a great friend! There was a group of 4 or 5 of us who would take a study break at night and go run a few miles together on the track. I have run off and on since then, but my current running buddy is who really motivated me to try a half marathon, and now a full!! Now that I’m wiser I realize all the great mental benefits that come with running and with the friendships that blossom from running together =)

  256. No one really introduced me to running, but I have several friends who are runners that I admire so much! I watched as their bodies changed and their attitudes did too! Whenever I would ask about a run, it seemed as if they would light up just thinking about it and telling me how it went! Shortly after I started noticing this I entered a weight loss competition, and I was looking for different ways to get in 45 mins of exercise a day. So I entered a 5K and that’s how it started! I was scared to death, and walked way more than I ran that day, but something inside me clicked and I LOVED the feeling when I was done! At that moment I understood what my friends were so excited about! Now about 8 months later, I’ve done 2 half’s, several 5 and 10K’s, and just a lot of running! I still have a long way to go, but I finally feel like I can call myself a runner now!

  257. My miss Jackie introduced me. At least 15 years ago. “Hey, do you wanna run a 5k with me this weekend?” Sure I said, I thought what’s the big deal about 3 miles? Well, the race ended on an uphill and I was passed by 2 pregnant women. I mean really pregnant women. I was the thinnest I’ve ever been. And realized that doesn’t mean a thing. The fun run was ugly. And completely addicting. My Jackie and I did 6 races that summer. She will always be the 0ne who introduced me to running. Now, halves and relays and ironmans later, I still think about those pregnant women.

  258. I started walking and kept watching the runners go by. I told my husband there is know way I would run in public. lol
    Then I got a lot healthier and wanted to push myself so, I started of all things running in public. Now, I am training for a half. Just because my husband said he didn’t think I could do it. He has now taken that statement back!

    So, I guess I pushed myself into running.

  259. I think I always had a love hate with running. I used to detest it but I think it was only because it was something I secretly wanted to do but was afraid I would be bad at it. My husband ran track so I started running intervals and eventually got into running more miles. I have completed many half marathons and 5 full marathons. My plan is to run forever!!:)

  260. I was inspired by my friend Molly to start running, but she did not know that until after I has finally managed to run half a mile! Since then she has been a great source of encouragement!!

  261. I ran track in junior high. Ran sporadically off and on through college. My uncle, who has MS, decided one day when he was so sick he couldn’t get out of bed, that he would train for and complete a 1/2 iron triathlon. His endurance and perseverance inspired our entire extended family. I figured if he could swim, bike and run with really bad MS, I could get off the couch and start running even after having four babies. Now we have family vacations around race events and everyone has gotten in shape. I can’t imagine my life without running nor could I have imagined the races and time goals I’ve achieved. Thanks Uncle Jeff!

  262. I started running in January of 2010…I attended a Team in Training meeting in my home town (Anchorage, AK) and signed up to do the Seattle Rock-n-Roll marathon that June – yep, the full! Told myself if I got through this I’d check it off my list and be done with it, and I’ve been running ever since!!! Completed a marathon relay in Alaska last August, and a half in Arizona last month. Hope to run another full for my 30th birthday in 2013…I’m thinking New York!!

  263. I’m going to say family: My husband ran a marathon & for years tried to get me to run. Then my sister started running with friends & telling me all about it. The straw that broke the camel’s back was my niece running a half marathon a couple of years ago. Group effort finally got this 40-plus mother runner to lace up & RUN!

  264. Family. My parents wanted all of us kids to do a sport, for the less coordinated, running worked. I carried on, following in my sisters and my brother-in-laws footsteps (literally). So now I am hoping to get the younger kids running and keep it in the family.

  265. I promoted myself. I was a walker for years + needed a boost to my workout. So I started running from one stop sign to the next. Then it was a little bit longer + longer. Now it is my entire route! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  266. I decided to run just to run on my own when I was going through a stressful phase in college. I haven’t stopped since and it’s 15 years later. Shortly after, I started running with Lori, who is 10 years my senior, but we pace well together and she quickly became my BRF!

  267. My husband introduced me to running when we were first dating. At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal, and I wish I could remember more about how it started, but it has become a big part of who I am, and I will always be grateful to him for it.

  268. I started on my own in junior high. I have to say, however, that all the awesome runner-people I’ve met along my journey have encouraged me to keep at it when I feel like giving up sometimes!

  269. Myself. I just decided to try it after seeing a billboard advertising the Mercedes marathon. I did consult with a friend who ran about how to start. She suggested a couch to 5K. Never looked back 🙂 Ran the Mercedes half almost exactly a year later.

  270. Cathy Zielske. I am a follower of her blog and when she said she had started running, I figured I would give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever. 🙂

  271. I started running in 4th grade because it was part of our PE program. We had a little district wide track meet at the end of the year. I ran the 800 and I came in 2nd out of all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. I’ve been running ever since.

  272. I started running in Jr high and HS but was a sprinter! So after graduating from college I decided that I would try “runing” again, it was only for like 200M or 400M and I was spent!So I quit! Then after havign my first baby, a friend really got me started running again by inviting me to participate in local fun runs(5K) and that got me going. Now 10 years later, coutless 5K fun runs, half marathons, team relays, and 2 marathons, I am never quitting! Thank you Kelli and Kurt for getting me started!

  273. My husband and my son took me out for my first ever run. Even though I could barely make it to the first telephone pole, I was hooked instantly!

  274. My dad introduced running to me (and to my brothers and sister). On Sunday mornings, he would take the older kids for a 1 mile run (on the road too!). My sister (the oldest) joined Track when she was in junior high and that just kind of set the tone for the rest of us. So I owe my running skills to my dad and sister.

  275. Team in Training introduced me to running. The people on my team are wonderful folks who are trying to make themselves and this world a better place.:-)

  276. My father! I grew up watching my dad run and if I asked him “why are you going for a run?” He’d answer, “because its what I do.” And now, its what I do too.

  277. My husband got me running. He ran in high school and college cross country and track. He started our daughters running when they were two or three years old. Every Sunday the three of them headed off to the track to workout. The girls were so proud of their “workouts”. Soon I headed out there with them – not wanting to left out Been running for 20 years now.

  278. I grew up with my dad running and then my sister. I never got the hang of it or even had the drive until my mid thirties. It will never come as easy to me as it does them, but I’m doing it and love the running community!

  279. I guess the stars aligned when I discovered running for myself. I’ve always dated runners, but it never really clicked for myself until after the birth of my son and the need for my own time alone. A simple 3-mile forced exercise kept extending farther and farther and the exhileration of the run kept increasing. One year and 5 races in, including a half-marathon and I’m hooked.

  280. My husband introduced me to running. Before that, I never thought I could do it. Of course, I would head out the door into a dead sprint & wonder why I had to stop!

  281. I started running for exercise after having kids and to get back in shape. Then i saw that you’d be at Powells signing books and i figured i would check it out! I read the book Run Like a Mother in record time (i had at that time a 1 and 3 yo, who has time for reading really) and have been hooked every since! I’m starting to really ENJOY running and the feeling of accomplishment it gives me after a race. Thank You Dimity and SBS!

  282. I ran on the junior high track team…not very well, but I sometimes did the 1/2 mile (and thought I was going to die!!). When I was trying to get pregnant, I really got into getting fit and started walking and then running. After having twins and a singleton in a 28 month period, it took me a while to be ready to run again, but I’ve been back at it for about 3 years. I would still be going 2 miles a day if it were not for my husband (who told me to do a 5K and I went out and did it), my cousin who would get up with me at 5am to run 5Ks 3 days a week and I would not be going over 3.1 if it were not for the girl at the gym who would say, “How far you goin’ today?” And tell me to try 4 sometime (6.2 is the most I’ve done so far!!).

  283. I really, really really hope I win this one…I’ve been wanting to try out some compression stuff for a while now and now would be the perfect time because I just can’t shake this soreness during the last month of training for my next half. So, who introduced me to running? Well, I’d say my boyfriend for sure…he started running well over a year before I got into it and I just saw what a positive change it made in him…not to mention the amazing and addicting atmosphere at all of his races that I spectated at…I had to get in on that action! So with his inspiration and the know-how of our awsome trainer/boot camp instructor/friend, I started the very scary journey of training for my first half marathon…and in about a month (OMG, is it THAT close already?!?) I’ll be completing #4.

  284. In my 20’s I always felt like there was a ‘runner inside me’ but I would say ‘she gets pissed off when I let her out’ because at first it just didn’t feel al that great. But, without knowing why, I kept at it, every so often. Then, I joined an outdoors fitness group and my running took off. Ran my first marathon at age 30, and hadn’t stopped, until I got pregnant at 39 and couldn’t. So happy i’ve had that running past, because now I’m more interested in my running future! Met some great running mothers who are so interested in running, despite families, work, school, etc. Support, and respect.

  285. No one did although I have a great BRF who helps me train for all my big races in recent years. She keeps me on track, talks me off the ledge, and helps me through those tough times (both running related and life related).

  286. No one introduced me to running, I just got out and did it…But there is one person that believes in me as a runner…Sarah (you badassmotherrunner!), you truly introduced me into what running IS and that I AM a runner regardless of my time and distance.

  287. I know many people who run but it was my husband who finally convinced me I could do it. I committed to running a half marathon with him. My secret plan was to get the half over with then go back to sleeping in every morning when he ran. But I ended up loving it so much I ran another half a month after the first one and I don’t ever want to stop!

  288. No actually introduced me to running. I started running 3 1/2 years ago to relieve stress and just never stopped. I decided to run a marathon on my own, but have since met so many people that keep me running including my best running buddy, Alison.

  289. This latest round of running – my husband inspired me and got me set up with gear and gym membership. But also also inspired by the urbanMamas and their hood to coast exploits and I wanted to join in.

  290. I initially caught the running bug during a required PE class when we had to choose some form of exercise to do for a journal (thank you, Professor Goldgrabe!). A couple years out of college I got started running again – I still remember the thrill of having run a WHOLE MILE!!! – and have considered myself a runner now for 18 years! 🙂

  291. My friend, Beth, introduced me to running. I was always anti-running until I met her. She made it seem fun. My friend, Jen, introduced me to running races. I’m not in it to win it, but just in it to finish. Having goals (ie. races, fitness, etc.) is what makes me stick to my running plan.

  292. I loved to run as a kid, and was pretty fast. So naturally going out for track & field was where I started. I was a sprinter, and a 400 meter runner. Never anything further than 800 meters. Then after College I needed to find something that was just me. So I started running. Fell on and off the running bandwagon for years. Finally though a couple of years ago Idecided I was going to be a runner for the rest of my life. 🙂 So I think I give credit to my high school track coach, whom I still to this day think she is one of the most amazing people alive.

  293. I’m not kissing up here…RLAM the book got me in to running ; ) I say the title while downloaded books for my son, and the title caught my attention, so I downloaded it too. I read the book, then signed up for a 1/2 marathon.

  294. I joined a Galloway Marathon Training group. I just joined because my friend was doing it and I wanted to support her. I fell in love with running and the group.

  295. Kind of funny – but actually it was Dimity & SBS. Dimity was doing a reading from your book at The Bookcase in Wayzata, MN & an acquaintence invited me to come down and then go for drinks. I didn’t run AT ALL (& neither did my friend) so I really went for the drinks. I bought the book, thinking I would skim through & maybe there would be tips about other kinds of exercise or general motivation about staying in shape as a working Mom.

    Well… I was so motivated after reading RLAM that I tried to run a mile…. then two… then a 5K. A year later, I ran my first 10 miler and half marathon (pregnant, again). Now my goal is to have run 5 miles on the same day I deliver my third child (or at least 3).

    BTW, Thanks, Dimity & SBS 🙂

  296. My husband got me started running. He and his family always run our local Turkey Trot and when we first started dating he convinced me to try it with him. He helped me go from being a walker to running the whole race. After that I was hooked and signed up for more races and eventually ran a marathon which he thought was crazy. A few years later when our daughter was about to turn 1 he ran his first marathon (and my third) with me.

  297. While my husband would like to take credit (and while he is one of my biggest supporters), it really was one of my best friends. After a personal tragedy of my own and not necessarily the best coping skills, she encouraged me to start running. Two and a half years later, still going strong!

  298. My friend Julie introduced me to running. We would go to the gym and all i did was spin while she would run, the treadmills always made me dizzy. One day I decided to try it and it wasn’t that bad! I would call and text her at EVERY milestone. I just ran 2 miles in 20 minutes. I just ran 3 miles, etc. She was always so encouraging! She even stood by me at my first 5k before the gun went off so i wouldn’t have to be by myself (she didn’t run it).

  299. I love my compression sleeves! Wore them on s long flight and for the first time didn’t have swelling in my ankles and feet! I also wear them for long runs and actually wore them in my marathon. After Vegas was the first time i wore them post run; loved them!

    My high school cc coach mr. Hayes was my running intro.

  300. I think i was born running. for a long time as a kid i wondered why everyone didnt run, it was just natural for me to “go fast” everywhere i went. i have always enjoyed it and as i grew into adulthood it morphed into actual mileage and purpose for well being.

  301. I originally started running in high school when I joined the cross country team in an effort to emulate my big brother. It went by the wayside after hs until my early thirties. I took it up again in an effort to emulate my marathoner husband. It’s been 15 years since then and I’m not emulating anyone anymore. It’s all about me now.

  302. I never wanted to run- used to hate it terribly. I moved to a new town for my first job out of grad school and, since I had no friends or really anything to do on the weekends, picked up as a cheap form of exercise, although I still wasn’t any good. It wasn’t until a coworker- a marathoner- convinced me that I really could run a half marathon that I got fully invested. I credit him with the decade + I’ve been running since.

  303. My BF in high school introduced me to running. She played basketball and was generally athletic, and she gradually got me to run with her. We did lots of run/walks, but I still remember clearly the day that I ran my first mile without stopping! I was 16. Awesome. 🙂

  304. I think I started on my own, but I have three friends who I credit with helping inspire my current running self. First, there was my friend Katie who in 2002 said “You should come run the Army 10-miler with me!” Never having run longer than about 4 miles at that point, she was the one that made me realize I could run longer. Then my friend Michelle, who during the same timeframe ran a marathon and made me realize that people like me run marathons (though I did not actually run one until years later). And finally my friend Stevie, who in early 2010 mentioned that she would be running the 2011 WDW Half Marathon and got me off of my butt after a years-long couch potato period – I realized I had to do something and with 11 months to prepare I had no excuse not to get it done.

  305. I always wanted to be a runner, but it never clicked for me until I started running with my two BRF’s who quickly became my BFF’s. Any chance you have three sets of these- it will be hard to choose which one to share with if I am the lucky winner. I might just have to give both away.

  306. I did a little running in high school as a basketball player, but never liked it. After a college a friend of mine ran and got me started doing it and enjoying it, I’ve stopped and started at it since then, and most recently one of my co-workers, who does triathlons, inspired me to get back at it!

  307. No one in particular introduced me to running. I started walking a lot in University and one day I decided to try running for a bit. I loved it! I’ve gone through non-running phases but ultimately I always come back 🙂 thanks so much for a fun week of giveaways!

  308. I think there must have been something in me that needed it because there was a few things leading up to it… I was introduced to the book born to run from a massage therapist and then there was a walk to run program in town and it took off from there!

  309. My dad started me running, way back in high school. I didn’t compete back then, I was a swimmer, but I used to do back-to-back two hour swim practices and then run seven miles after. What happened to that energy?!

  310. I guess Facebook introduced me to running. I saw a random comment about the Couch to 5K program, and after having baby #6 decided I was going to have to take action to have my body back. I persuaded my hubby to come along for the ride, and haven’t looked back. He was content with the 5K distance, but after running for a year, I ran my first half-marathon, and now after 2 years I’m tackling the full marathon. My son had a bone marrow transplant this year, and running and prayer were the only things that kept me sane. I went looking for my body and found my life. So….thanks, C25K!

  311. My mother-in-law (this seems to be a recurring theme in my comments!). I wanted to get in shape after I had my first child, and I had watched her transformation from when she started running the year we got married, 10 years earlier. But it was more than just the physical, she really loves running and it was easy to catch her enthusiasm, especially with how supportive she is! Now she’s my BRF!

  312. I’ve always been involved in organized sports so running was always a part of keeping in shape to play sports. I have really tight calves and really bad plantar fasciitis, would love to try a pair of these!

  313. My gal pal Kelly got me training for my first half marathon last year. She is a powerhouse and I love her for it! She just did her first marathon and rocked it! She is truly inspirational!!!

  314. My son has been my driving force and inspiration to run. I ran on and off for years before he was born. After I became a mom I realized how important it was for me to have a healthy, active lifestyle. Since then I’ve been consistently training and racing. So, whether he knows it or not, he “introduced” me to running!

  315. Not sure this is what you mean, but when I was in grade school, my sister who is 13 years older than me, ran the Chicago marathon. I also remember her running down our street the day after a blizzard, when I could barely see more than her head above the snowdrifts. Guess it stuck with me, and I started running in my late 20s.

  316. My gal pal in Tucson, Alpa, got me running more than I had been, and racing as well. We trained for our first marathon together, and now we are virtual training buddies as I’ve moved away to Santa Barbara. Our legs are always complaining about the torture we inflict on them, so I’d be thrilled to win the calf sleeves!

  317. My sister in laws aunt. I was always an avid walker and then one day while visiting, her aunt commented on my muscle tone and said I should really consider taking up running that she thought it would suit my body very well. She is a long time runner, mom, marathoner, etc so I took her advice and it was all over…..after initially having to get my stride but she was right….my body likes it as much as my mind needs it and it is my great love affair!

  318. The Air Force introduced me to running 20 years ago! It was part of our annual fitness test, and I picked up my first running buddy during my AF years. The buddies have changed, the distances have increased, and my love of the sport has grown each year!

  319. When I started working out with a personal trainer in March of this year, the very first week he told me to go run and time a 1.5 mile run. I told him he was crazy! That 1.5 mile run almost killed me, and it took 17 minutes, but when it was over and I’d caught my breath, a lightbulb went off in my head that said, YOU CAN DO IT! I’ve been running ever since and have now completed 3 half marathons and lost 20 lbs!!

  320. My husband. We bought a treadmill as a newlywed gift to ourselves when he was in medical school and it was my sanity during my husband’s busy school and study schedule!

  321. Although I ran cross country in high school…the shoes were hung up once graduation hit. It wasn’t until 10 later that my husband decided to run a marathon. As a mother of 5, time wasn’t in my favor for training, but now that the kids are older, I remember how awe inspired I was at my husband’s dedication and think it may be my turn now. Hoping to run my first full this spring in Denver.

  322. My dear friend Kari introduced me to running. She asked me to do a 5K, which I later changed to a 10K, and has supported my running ever since. Even though she has moved several hours away, I know we will always have our running to keep us connected. Miss you sweetie!

  323. My dad. I ran my first 10K with him when I was a middle-schooler. That race and a few others were huge confidence builders for me. I look back on them with such fond memories!

  324. This is a tough one. In high school I ran because my PE teacher, lacrosse, soccer or crew coach made me. In college I ran to try to combat the gallons of beer I was drinking.

    Now I run for me, and I learned to run for the joy of it from my BRF Judith. For the sunrise, the crunch underfoot, the conversation or self-reflection and the glorious after-run-feeling!

  325. My husband introduced me to running, though I have never gotten as “into” it as he has it is definitely something that will stick with me for life.

  326. My first running endeavor was through Team in Training, so my TNT Coach got me started. He remains a great friend and is still my “coach.” I consider him my running mentor and the one who inpsired me. He gave me a love for running that’s lasted far beyond that first season with TNT!

  327. I guess my kids got me started 🙂 My twin-tummy still needed some help when the girls were 4 so I signed up to train for a 10K never having run before. Thanks Rachel and Emily!

  328. I watched Frank Shorter run in the Olympics (1975 or 76?). I had gained a little weight as a newlywed and started running on the track of the university where I worked. Bought myself some Sears jogging shoes!!

  329. The pastor of our church was also our school cross country coach. He asked me to be on the team explaining it would help me train for basketball season. I enjoyed cross country, but hated running circles around track (spring track season).

    20 years later my roommate from college and I reconnected our friendship and strengthened it by getting back into running. We completed our first half in Oct and are headed to Nashville in April.

  330. I had run short distances on and off since high school but never enough to really help. My sport was Judo. My sister, who lives across the country began running road races. I started training so that we would have something in common to do. Now saddly, she can’t do distance running and I do very little judo – But I love to run.

  331. Here’s another shout out to a dad. My dad has run or exercised almost every morning of my life. He was my inspiration to start running. He has never run a race in his life, and probably never will, but he still gets up and faithfully pounds out those miles. I love you, Dad!

  332. My husband introduced me to running. I’d had 2 kids, was crying every Sunday before church (nothing fit right, you know), and had just gotten through the holidays (2010). He had bought me some Biggest Loser fitness DVDs (that I’d asked for, so you all don’t think he’s mean because he’s sweet – he even threw in a yoga mat for me!). I was not seeing results I wanted and he said (very gently), honey if you want to see results fast, you’re going to need to run. So I took his advice and started to run. Best advice I’ve ever gotten!

  333. I am a new runner having finally made the jump from “power/fast walking” to running a few months ago at the encouragement of my esthetician. She gives a fabulous facial but she is also a runner who completed her first half this summer. We are now signed up to do a half together this March in Dallas! So glad she pushed me to take the leap into running. Love it!

  334. I’d always been a half-hearted “runner” until I got suckered by my coworker Randy into becoming the Assistant Cross Country coach at the school where I taught. That was my “official” foray into running, and 13 years later I’m still loving it. If my children are asked this same question in 10, 20, 30 years I hope they’ll respond, “My mom”! 🙂

  335. I guess I sort of did…I grew up of meager means and plenty of dysfunction to go around. I also knew I was uncoordinated…just being objective. In HS, I went out for XC for no apparent reason, and realized that my workouts, particularly on my own, were one of the few things in life I had absolute control over. A good outlet and studying hard kept me on the straight and narrow, and I found a lot of acceptance on the XC team. I’m grateful to this day.

  336. My sister-in-law did. She was a hardcore runner –Boston, etc. She always made me feel that I could do it. And I am…not a BQ runner, but I’m out there!

  337. It sounds odd to say but I introduced myself to running in a way. After having my 3rd little one I started walking at a local park most days to try and shed the unwanted pounds. I never thought I could run because of my asthma and when I started it was really hard. I used c25k to build gradually and let my lungs get stronger. I work in a bookstore part-time so obviously I beelined for the running books and RLAM was the one that sucked me in and would never let me go! So in essence ALL of you lovely ladies are my inspiration for running as well!

  338. I guess myself! I started running after I got married and gained a few pounds. Walking seemed like I was getting nowhere, so I started to run. That was 15 years ago!!

  339. Running was the “punishment” or “training” for every other sport I did. Until I read “Run Like a Mother”. I had never done a race or had any idea of what was involved in running for the sake of just running. Thanks for making me feel comfortable in my new sport and giving my best form of therapy.

  340. I guess Team in Training introduced me to running. I joined the TNT program to train and walk a local half marathon 12 years ago. I loved it and loved hearing their stories about all the fun marathons they train folks for all over the country. I really wanted to try a marathon, but wasn’t sure I could stomach walking 6-7 hrs…so I decided to try to run. A year later, I ran the same half marathon and 6 months later ran my first marathon! Eight fulls and dozens of halfs later, I’m so grateful I found running!

  341. My Personal Trainer. 12 months ago I hired her to help me lose some insulation, and in that time I’ve lost 12% body fat, 40 pounds (as of today!!!!!!), and run my first half! 🙂

  342. I have been running since I was a kid. It started with my mom having races at my birthday parties. Then it progressed to me entering all the races in field day at school, followed by track in school and the marathons as an adult.

  343. My older sister introduced me to running, we ran a few races when I was in high school, (she’s 19 years older than me) but I never much liked it. I was always envious of her running though, she completed her first marathon on her 47th birthday. Then a few years ago, she suggested we run a trail race (7 miles) so I started with the couch to 5K and worked my way up. Have loved it ever since.

  344. Feeling sad and lonely after my son left home I realized I needed to find something to fill my time. I joined a Meetup group and shaking off my shyness stepped into the unknown as I entered the coffee shop for my first ever breakfast meeting. Little did I know I was walking into a new chapter in my life. At this breakfast I met Dawn my BRF and Lesa. Dawn had just started running and was so excited about it. I told her I always wanted to start but didn’t want to do it alone. Lesa had been running for a few years and both encouraged me to begin. We all signed up for a 5K race and 6 weeks later we finished together and have been running ever since. Not only did I find running I found friends!

  345. No one necessarily… I wanted to run a 5k and I heard about the Notre Dame race where you run into the stadium and I wanted to do it. My dad passed away a few years ago and was a huge Notre Dame fan, so to run through that tunnel onto the field was a wonderful and emotional experience….so, maybe it was really my dad!

  346. I grew up running in high school and college as a cross training exercise for swimming. After college I would have to say the people that got me into running and training for races are my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

  347. My best friend in high school said we should join the cross country team. I laughed and joined the golf team. I think that is when the running bug first took hold of me and it just took several years to take over.

  348. Actually, a former pastor (Jeff Babajtis), accidentally got me running. He was not (but now is!) a runner, but he attempted the Krispy Kreme Challenge, a ridiculous event I had always been tempted to try (run 2+ miles, eat 12 donuts, run 2+ miles back). I figured if he could do it, I could. By the time I did it (yes, I did it!), I was hooked (and met an awful lot of great friends in the process).

  349. A marine friend from College. I didn’t start really running until my college years. Oh how I missed so much stress relief!

  350. My BFF from college introduced me to running…we’ve known each other for 13 years and now we have one more reason to appreciate our friendship which is more like a sisterhood. Love my Trishya!

  351. A women’s health magazine got me started and then my two besties jumped on board to help keep me going. Long runs together are alot of fun when you gossip, tell stories, and swap “my kids said….”

  352. A post-college friend, Jake, who ran the Marine Corps Marathon way back in 1995. I met him along the route several times to give him banana slices. I knew then that I wanted to be part of a marathon. I ran my first in 2008.

  353. I fell into running quite by accident. In 5th grade we had a track and field day where all of us got to go to the track and compete in a variety of events. Our classroom had to put together a relay team so our teacher lined us up in a field and told us to run. The first four to finish were our team. I was one of those four and that was how I became a sprinter. How did I become a runner? I went to a small school and was basically told to go out for the cross country team since I was going to be on the track team. I was moderately successful but did not really like it. It didn’t have the excitement of sprinting and it was a lot of work, but we did have an amazing coach. A man who has actually held masters world records. At the time it didn’t mean all that much to me but now, at age 41, I see that he did leave a mark on me and my running that will last my entire life.

  354. Growing up I always saw my Dad lace up his shoes and head out for a run. He usually ran 2-3 hrs a day in the desert of the north of Mexico, where we lived when I was growing up. I though he was crazy, wanting to put himself through hours of pain in the heat. However, he would come back home not only happy but in the best mood ever. He would run and try to chase us around the house to give us one of his legendary “wet hugs” (he was so sweaty!). I thought he was crazy…

    He never tried to recruit any of my siblings of myself to go out for runs with him… Why would someone would enjoy being alone every day for such a long time, running???
    Well.. thirty something years later, I find myself lacing up my shoes to go out for a run, on the heat and humidity of the New York summers, or in the inclement winters, trying to keep my shoes dry in the slush…and I LOVE IT. Every second of it. I found myself, my sanity, my rhythm.. my balance… in my runs….

    Now, there is nothing I love more than listening to my children’s laughter when mommy chases them through the house to give them their “wet hugs” of the day….

    Like father, like daughter…

  355. I ran a little bit in high school, but it was my brother who just couldn’t stop talking about running and his marathons that really got me to love it. And now we have this amazing bond through running that makes us that much closer. He’s the one who has come up with all my running schedules and will (hopefully) be there will I cross the finish line for my first marathon.

  356. My friend asked if I wanted to do a half marathon with her, and I said yes. We trained in different states and didn’t even see each other until after the race, but she was my inspiration!

  357. My neighbor Ann was my first official running partner. I’ll never forget when she told me she was training for a marathon. That seemed like such an unattainable, but inspiring goal to me. So I said, I’ll train with you, but I don’t think I can run a marathon. At that time, I had never run more than a 10K. Long story short, I ended up running that marathon with her and my running life was changed forever.

  358. My trainer, we still laugh about how much I hated it. I gave him the hardest time when he was getting my started now he complains all the time that I run too much.

  359. My middle school P.E. (although back then we called it gym!) teacher convinced me to join the newly-formed “jogging club”. And that’s how it all began….

  360. The first time I ever remember running was in my elementary schools field day when I was 10 year old. I haven’t stopped since. So thank you to my school for introducing me to running!

  361. I kept running into this mom at my son’s preschool, and for a year we were too shy to talk to one another, then one day she invited me to go for a run with our kids in the stroller…I barely made it a quarter of a lap, but I loved every minute of it…the company, the out of breath feeling that I had, and the soreness that I haven’t felt in a long time

  362. The person who introduced me to running is my friend, Julie D (Finish Line Diaries). I wasn’t a runner when she was running her first marathon. I got caught up in the excitement and emotion of following her stats and once she finished her marathon….I knew I wanted to run one. Yet I wasn’t a runner yet. One 5k, two 10ks, four half marathons, and one full marathon later (in the first 16 months of my running ‘career’)….I can proudly say I AM a runner and Julie D. has been my inspiration from the start.

  363. I have never thought about this question, but immediately upon reading it I said to myself “my sister” … probably not consciously, but nonetheless she did. She is 5 years older than me and we have never been really close (sad, huh!?), but I remember when she was in high school how much she loved running track… so when I hit middle school age I thought I would give cross country a try…. and here I am 15 years later. I guess I should go thank her 😉

  364. I ran in high school, but it didn’t carry over into my adult life. After having my second son, I noticed that ny friend Brie had lost her baby weight through running. Her lean, strong legs inspired me to back into my running shoes and now I am hooked.

  365. The affordability and flexibility of running got me in to it! I started running about 20 years ago, shortly after I graduated from college and not long after I got down-sized out of my first job. I had no extra money at all, and I knew I needed some exercise to help me drop a few pounds and get out of my post-lay-off funk. I’ve had to take some extended breaks to have babies, rehab plantar fasciitis and a couple other itis-s, but the flexibility (no classes to miss) and affordability (no monthly fees! Let’s not talk about the fun gear, though…) that first got me started have also made it possible for me to keep running in my life over the years.

  366. My brothers and I ran all over our farm as kids – I think it’s always been in my blood. It took the fear of the Freshman -15 to really bring it to the surface. That, and it’s always been a great stress reliever!

  367. I actually introduced myself to running last year when I started the Couch 25k program. Although, my old roommate from college is very into running so she inspired me to start.

  368. Jeff Galloway! I have been a walker forever, but or course, it takes FOREVER. : ) So in attempt to finish faster, I picked up his book and now am a runner… run 2 min, walk 1 min.

  369. My Dad used to run on Sunday mornings. I was pathetic at running (as a kid, the kids’ gym coach asked my mother whether there was something wrong with my hip since my running mechanics were so awkward…) but always loved the thought of it, thinking back to my Dad and how he enjoyed it, until I started in my early 20s. Still love it, 25 years later!

  370. I started Couch to 5k thanks to some random strangers I met at a pizza place on New Years Eve 2009. I became running-obsessed thanks to my dear friend & BRB Atha.

  371. My son! I never ran until he was born… I always did some cardio, so when the doctor gave me the go-ahead to start working out 4 weeks after he was born, I went to the gym to start my cardio again and realized how much “extra” now had to be done… arrange around my husband’s schedule or get a sitter, spend extra time away getting to and from the gym… It didn’t seem as easy any more (because it wasn’t!!) so I bought a treadmill, put it in the basement and started running… My son would nap in his swing next to me… and the sound of the ‘mill always seemed to keep him asleep a little longer…!

  372. My dear friend Megan. She lives in Boston and I am in Michigan. Eleven years ago she said she would fly out to see me if I ran a 5k with her. We have run several races together since. I actually just sent her a message to see if she would be interested in doing the inaugural Ann Arbor Marathon in June. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I would have started running.

  373. After I had my baby I could not lose the baby weight. I started to walk with him everyday and after a few months I realized I was walking 3 miles in 45 minutes. Since I wanted to lose more weight I knew I had to do more and running seemed the obvious answer. Here in Memphis we have the Womens Run/Walk program every July and I signed up and became a runner. I took a friend along with me and she was able to rediscover running. I couldn’t have become a runner without the program!

  374. In my daughter’s preschool class I met one of the two founders of Teacher2Mother2Runner. She kept talking about running all the time in such a positive way I found myself getting jealous. She told me that I could run too, I just had to try. I did and I love it.

  375. I introduced myself to running! I had already started working on fitness by signing up for a circuit training class at my son’s jiu jitsu school — being a middle-aged, slightly mushy mom in a class of young men training to improve their game helped me get over the public embarrassment factor, haha! I was looking for another endorphin rush: I happened to buy a new pair of sneakers, which happened to be running shoes. I’d heard of Couch to 5K and thought, “why not?”

    I was hooked immediately, and it’s kind of my mission to do the same for others!

  376. My dad has been a marathon runner since the 1980s so we spent lots of family vacations built around races. However, I did not get the courage to actually start running until early this year. I have been a long time follower of Cathy Zielske’s blog Bits & Peices and was inspired to move more by walking and exercising with DVDs at home. Then I came across Run Like a Mother at the library and everything kind of fell into place. Now I am training for my first half in May.

  377. I introduced myself to running. I made a commitment to get healthier for my daughter and my husband. But I couldn’t have done it without my BRF to keep me accountable.

  378. No one n particular introduced me to running. I have a bunch of friends who run but it was my dad put the idea intp my head years ago. When I was in highschool, he told me that I should run cross country because I would be good at it. I poo poo’ed the idea and didn’t do it, but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone. Now years later I’m addicted to running and am currently working to get him to agree to do a 5k with me!

  379. I was inspired to run by a mama blogger, and by Ben Does Life. Seeing been run BEFORE he got “in shape” was an epiphany!

  380. I started running a little bit at bootcamp. When I stopped going to bootcamp, I started running more. I pulled my neighbor and BRF into running last summer — since then we have done several 5Ks, a 1/4 marathon, a 1/2 marathon and just started swimming so we can do a tri next year in addition to some 1/2s and possibly a full marathon.

  381. My sister and I started running together for cross-training as we got ready for a big bike ride. So I ran sporatically until a few years later when two of my sisters convinced me to run a half marathon with them. I started training and I was hooked!

  382. My co-worker, Carrie Hardin, explained that even if I was ‘just’ running on the treadmill that I was still a runner. She told me to sign up for the KC Trolley Run and see for myself. That was four years ago. Since then, I’ve run ten half-marathons and a full! Without her challenge, I never would’ve seen myself as a runner. Now, I coach track and cross-country at our middle-school – and encourage my students that they, too, are runners!

  383. I introduced myself to running. I said it was to get exercise for my retriever, but the reality is that I needed to set and accomplish goals for myself. I’m still setting them and attacking them, and sharing the running love where I can.

  384. Me, myself, and I! I didnt really know anyone who ran but wanted to try, so I just went out and did it. Years later, I still can’t get enough 🙂

  385. Facebook led me to my running coach – sounds weird but I signed up for Marathon Makeover (couch to marathon in 40 weeks) following an advert that suggested I could do it. I never actually intended to complete a marathon but wanted a long-term exercise commitment, and I’d always wanted to run and would watch runners along the many trails in our town. I did my marathon in October :0)

  386. My husband, I believe as a result of approaching 40 he felt like he needed a milestone. So he read Born to Run and began training for a 50k! So – I joined him! (I did not do the 50k however) I prefer a more normal progression (i.e. 5k ,10k, 12k etc 🙂

  387. My friend, Karin, didnt really introduce me, but she patiently gave me advice, encouraged me, and slowed her pace to run with me. I’m so grateful to her!
    (I have huge, muscular, Popeye calves that I can’t ever get relaxed. I can’t wait to try the compression sleeves!)

  388. My dad is the first person to talk with me about running. He was a sprinter in high school. When I was old enough to go out for track, I did, and then quickly figured out I was not a sprinter. We both go for distance now over speed. I have not yet done a race (other than through school) but would love to do one with my dad after this baby gets here (two months and counting.)

  389. I am pretty sure my first serious boyfriend got me into running. He ran track in high school and got me to run some races with him and then I had the running bug! I started running even more than him! Even tho we broke up, I still remember all the times we ran together and it was fun to have a buddy.

  390. My BRF Beth got me started. She, I and another friend signed up for a couch potato to 5k class through community ed. We all are now hooked 3.5 years later. 🙂

  391. My friend Barb introduced me to running. We have known each other for 17 years and I was always amazed at what she can do. When we moved to the town we live now, I was surrounded by runners. I didn’t know it but it has a hugh running community. Everyday, I would see all kinds of people run in all kinds of weather. I actually found myself jealous seeing them go, even though I never took a step. After, talking to Barb about it, I had the motivation I need. I have been running since July and love it. Thank you Barb!

  392. I started running in high school, because my friend was running long distance for the track team. I ran on and off since then. On for the last 2 years 🙂

  393. I found running myself but who really got me started or I should say got me moving forward would be the local Fleet Feet Store and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. It all started with a half marathon, which I never imagined I would ever do to doing a 12 hour ultra last year. I don’t think I would have ever races/miles I did had it not been for them.

  394. My brother Brian was my inspiration to start running. He was always signing up for local races. He encouraged me to give it a try. I didn’t start running until in my 30’s. I never thought I would like running. I’m thankful to him and now LoVE running almost 7 years later.

  395. She didn’t really introduce me to running, but the person who really got me going was my friend Sarah D. by starting a group of local running ladies on Facebook. We have multiple group runs every week and it really keeps me going!

  396. My best friend in 8th grade told me she was going to join our local running club, so I decided to join also. At the time, running for me was the minimum gym requirement. I got hooked on running for distance instead of speed. The group was very welcoming and patient with me, especially given my age and lack of ability. Thinking back, I kept running with the group even after my best friend stopped. Eventually I stopped also and didn’t pick up running again for another 15 years, but that’s where it all started.

  397. My mom. From the time I was itty bitty I remember her getting up early to get 5 miles in before her 5 kids were up and running her ragged. Now I am following in her footsteps, up at 5 a.m. to get my sanity miles in.

  398. My husband introduced me to running, when he was going thru the police academy. He runs because he has to, I run because I became addicted. I ran my first race, a half marathon, two years ago, and haven’t stopped since. 😀 (I even got him to run a 10k with me this year, which was his very first race! Yay!)

  399. I don’t remember how I first got into running since it seems like forever, but my husband inspired me to run my first marathon.

  400. Team in Training actually gave me my “formal” introduction to running…my stepmom died from Leukemia just as I found out I was pregnant with my son, Charlie (big brother Nick was 9 at the time!) and when Charlie was 6 months old (and still nursing…ahem), I joined a TNT team to run the half in Nashville, TN, where my (half) brother, Ben, had just started college. Ben and I were going to train “together”, then run the race in late April. Well, Mr. half my age didn’t keep up with the training, so he wound up handing me water somewhere around mile 8 of that first half…but I’ve kept going with running, and am now a half marathon addict (at least 6 a year) and have completed 4 full marathons, countless 5ks, and the Army 10-miler 4 times (Charlie is now 4!) I now train “virtually” with my BRF, Sara, and she is who I would give the other pair of compression gear to; we both turned 40 this year at need all the help we can get with recovery!

  401. I got myself into running. I thought about it and talked about it for years. One day I realized my mouth was doing all the running and not my legs and I laced up and went out. That was 4 years, 3 marathons, a dozen halfs, three running buddies and 3600 miles ago. I was 40 that year and I look and feel better now than I ever did before that. I am a lifer!

  402. I started running when I was 14 inspired by Terry Fox who at the time was running across Canada. Since I lived near the Canadian border we received their TV stations and I got daily updates. I was so inspired by him I started running that summer and have never stopped!

  403. My dad. I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. My dad was a big-time marathoner and suggested I run over the summer to keep in shape. I ended up ditching the first two sports for cross country and indoor track (couldn’t leave lacrosse, my first love!). That was over 19+ years ago, and although I’ve had breaks here and there, running has been part of more than half my life.

  404. My BRF Karen introduced me to running. We were training to walk in the Breast Cancer 3 day, and she was just coming off of training for a marathon. She inspired me, and has been patient with all my questions, even all these years later 🙂

  405. I kind of got into it on my own to work off the Freshmen 15 I piled on in college, but can attribute some of the push from my dad who’s run since middle school.

  406. I got into running simply to lose a little more weight. I kept thinking that I would someday enjoy it rather than dread dragging myself out for daily runs. Then a friend of mine kept encouraging me and shared her love for the sport. I then found my self looking forward to running. I even signed up for my very first half marathon. The completion of that was amazing, a overwhelming sense of empowerment. Now I feel like I share that same love with others. Encouraging them to find the strength that we all have inside.

  407. My husband. When I met him, I was astonished at his slight frame, runners build. Years later after our hookup at his sister’s wedding, our marriage and two kids later, I watched him continue to commit himself to another goal, the next race. At some point, I figured I needed to try it, and so began my now three year old relationship with running….. Here’s to me and all the other turtles inspired just to get moving!

  408. Back in 1976 a friend and neighbor encouraged me to start running. We would run up and down the street in front of our houses. Then the following summer we entered a Bonnie Bell 10K.

  409. I started running almost 2 years ago when my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma. She lives in Portland, OR. I live in Colorado Springs. I was trying to figure out how to support her from so far away. Lo and behold, I received a postcard from the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society inviting me to join Team In Training. I had never run before. Since that time I’ve run 1 full marathon, 5 half marathons, and MANY 5 & 10 K’s. I’m in training again (really, still!) for my next full marathon in April 2012. And I’m still running for TNT!! PLUS, my sister is in remission!! I’ve pledged to run for cancer til it’s gone, so I have a long way to go 🙂

  410. My friends, Beth and Joanne, each would talk about their running. As soon as I mentioned starting, they were very encouraging and still are. I couldn’t have done it without all of their advice and encouragement! I always know I have someone to go to when I need to celebrate, complain, cry…they understand!

  411. My kids. Having 3 kids in less than 2 years did not do great things to my body, physically and mentally. So I started running to get my body back, and my sanity!

  412. The girl who hosted me during my college visit. She had a cardio routine that combined elliptical training, biking, and treadmill; at the time I thought that was the most innovative thing ever! So I tried it too, got my first taste of running-induced euphoria, and the rest is history…

  413. I started runnign after my 2nd was born. I have another mother runner and a long time college friend to thank for signing up for a race with me and keeping me accountable- even though we never ran together before that race we checked in over email all the time. I never would have doen it by myself!

  414. My ex sister-in-law introduced me to running. She had such a passion for it that it oozed out of her pores and was contagious. It’s been 20+ years and when we get together, the first thing we talk about is still running.

  415. My hubby introduced me to running! He was an avid runner competing in marathons while I sat on the sidelines cheering him on. I had no idea what the appeal was until I finished the Couch to 5K program. I was hooked! Now, he is my biggest fan and favorite coach!

  416. Running a 5k was on my bucket list of things to do…so I ran 1 and the rest is history. Since than I have run 3 marathons, 16 half marathons, and lots of 5k thru 10 mile races!

  417. I was surrounded by runners-my dad ran from the time I was a little girl, but the person who convinced me that running was cool was my friend Lori. Lori and I used to go hang out at the high school track invitationals when we were in middle school. As soon as we were able, we signed up for winter track then spring track. I had no idea what cross country was, but my friend Gina did it and I decided to try it as a sophomore in high school. Distance running has been my thing since. I first started signing up for races when I met John, my now husband. He convinced me I could run a marathon and subsequent half marathons. We enjoy planning race vacations seeing places we never would travel if it weren’t for our registered runs; what a great way to visit the country! These people as taught me that running was a way of life and I am grateful every day.

  418. I started running on my own, as way to combat the weight that didn’t want to budge from my second pregnancy. Having two small children (17 months apart!) made time a precious commodity, so running was just a natural fit…the most bang for the smallest amount of allotted time.

  419. I actually introduced myself to running! I started running my freshman year in college, when I gained the Freshman 15 in the first 12 weeks. I also introduced myself to nutrition at the same time, and learned that eating ice cream and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for dinner might cause one to gain weight. Running a mile every morning around the small indoor track (it was winter, and I didn’t yet know I could run in the snow) helped me be able to eat ice cream sometimes and stall that weight gain. The more intense running started gradually, and had a lot to do with childbirth. The mindset of “if I can push out a baby with no drugs, surely I can run more than 3 miles at a time!”

  420. It was my own idea to start running but I only did little, doable, not-too-uncomfortable miles. ‘Twas my beloved who introduced me to distance running.

  421. Although I ran some in college, my graduate school study partner actually introduced me to running. We would quiz each other on anatomy during our runs (we were getting our masters in physical therapy). She had been a runner for quite some time and was running a half marathon, so I pretty much trained with her during our study sessions. We decided to run our first full at the end of our first year in school. Running was so great for us…we got fresh air, relieved stress, and REALLY learned the material!

    I reconnected with her again recently (we have been out of school for 10 years and have moved away), so if I win, I will send these to her! She is no longer my BRF, but she was my FRF (first running friend). 😉

  422. I’d always been active & quick, but always thought distance running wasn’t my thing. At 40 I decided to at least finish a 5k. Did that & I’m still running!

  423. I was a swimmer in high school and started to have shoulder pain. My swim coach introduced me to the stationary bike (yuck), dry land exercises and finally running to stay fit while I couldn’t swim. 2 shoulder surgeries later- I couldn’t swim anymore but running had become my new hobby and lifesaver. I’ve been addicted ever since.

  424. I think it was my dad, I say think because I started running in the sixth grade (kind of a long time ago). I think he was on a running spurt…he doesn’t run so much now, but he is still very supportive of all of his kids running (6 out of 7 isn’t too bad!).

  425. In a round about way, my sister introduced me to running. She is incredibly talented in all arenas in life and it was one thing she DIDN’T do that I could call my own. I joined track in 7th grade and enjoyed the camaraderie a great deal. Of course, the next year my sister joined track and whooped my butt…. but she was very very nice about it.

  426. I had been race walking for 2 years. I signed up for Iron Girl sprint triathlon with my fitness partner. I decided I wanted to run the 5k, instead of walk it (even though I walk at a good clip.) I started running. So glad I did!!

  427. I really started running shortly after getting married – and a lab/border collie. Working long days at a PR agency, I felt it necessary to run this sweet, energetic dog every morning so she could relax while I was away. 13 years later, our old girl can’t run anymore (little Roo has taken her place on the fast leash) but she still loves to hobble to the end of the street and back.

    As for racing. Well, that’s a different story. I started running to train almost three years ago when (who else?) my BFR said we were signing up to run the Disney Princess like the girlie girls (ha!) we are. I’ve never looked back.

  428. I joined a local fitness/weight loss boot camp not knowing that a running program was part of the plan. I probably wouldn’t have joined if I had known ahead of time. Let’s just say the rest is history & I now have a 1/2 marathon under my belt with another planned for next month.

  429. My son is a very accomplished high school runner and I finally got the running bug last spring at the end of his junior year. Now we are busy visiting colleges and talking to coaches so he can continue his passion for the next 4 years. My favorite running moment is when we ran the same 5K road race. He was the overall winner and was waiting for me at the finish line when I beat my PR by 3 minutes. I’m a proud mama is so many ways.

  430. My husband has a bad back and was looking for someone to do the running leg of a triathlon, so he talked me into it. That was 5 years, countless 5 and 10k’s, 4 halfs and 1 full marathon ago (just registered for my 2nd full!)

  431. I can’t give the credit to a specific person. I played lacrosse in college, which required a lot of running. I continued running to stay sane and to stay in shape, while adjusting to “real” post-college life. I placed 2nd in my division at the first 5K I ran – I guess that kind of gave me the bug seeing that I’ve continued running for over 10 years now!

  432. My Mom has run since I was in high school. Every morning, she was running on the treadmill. Her example is what got me started running!

  433. It’s always been around me. In high school and college most of my friends ran cross country and track. Now that I am a grown up, running is very big in my town. Many of my neighbors run as do the moms at my daughter’s school. Who really introduced me? My first boot camp instructor, Nancy. Then one day I ran 3.5 miles at the gym and didn’t even think about. I was hooked.

  434. I ran track and cross country in high school, but then I didn’t run at all after graduation. I didn’t start running again until right before my 30th birthday. I’d have to say that my sister re-introduced me to running. She had started running a couple years prior to that, completing her first half marathon. She was and still is one of my biggest cheerleaders!

  435. My younger sister inspired me. I thought. Hell if she can do this I can. I guess I did not want to be outdone. So for years I did 2 miles max. Man I have come a long way! It is now a passion of mine and I am so thankful and grateful for the ability to run. 🙂

  436. I have always seen others run, but it wasn’t until I met my friend Liz that I started running myself. It was so inspiring to watch her run past my house daily that I decided to give it a try. That will be two years ago in January and I haven’t looked back!

  437. My dad. I remember an early run with him. I think I may have been 13 or 14. Running 2 miles in the dark so he could still get to work on time. My brother may have been there too.

  438. There were two coaches doing a 10 week beginner series near that built up to running a 5K at the end, and I decided it could be a good way to lose some weight and start exercising! I signed up and ran my first 5K 10 weeks later. I ran off and on for a year and then took a few years off having kids and started with Couch to 5k again 18 months ago to finally kick babyweight. Now, I’m hooked and training for my first marathon in March!

  439. my friend from college Sarah! And in thinking back in order to answer for this giveaway was the first time i had made that connection- i need to email her to tell her a very long belated thank you!!!

  440. My friend Kathy took up running a few years ago and has inspired me to startling kicking up my excerciae routine a notch. Ran 7 miles last saturday and felt so proud of myself. We are planning to run a half marathon in April together. Just turned 50 and feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. My BRF and I have been friends since kindergarten. Gotta love that 😉

  441. I ran in high school, but then dropped the sport for many years. 3 /2 years ago, I made my way back due to the enthusiasm of one person who later become one of dear running pals. She led the running class at my local YMCA. I decided to take the class, and because of her joy for the sport and encouragement, I entered my first 5k, and never looked back 🙂

  442. There wasn’t a specific person who introduced me to running. I think I just always admired runners and finally decided to lace up my own shoes!

  443. I know several mother runners at church and they look great, I wanted to be part of the hot and healthy mom’s club!! My brother has also been a major contributor! He ran in high school and still does today. He encouraged me to sign up for my first race and promised to stay w/ me through out the race. He is an amazing and inspiring coach, you feel on top of the world w/ him by your side!!

  444. My friend Shannon told me I should run a 10K with her and I’d never ran more than 2 miles. She strapped me up with her old Nike sensor and other gear and sent me around her cul de sac. And I haven’t been able to stop running since! That was just this year, in March.

  445. Way back when in junior high school, my friends and I started running cross-country because we thought it would be fun and we got to hang out longer after school. And it was fun. We had so many laughs running together in the afternoons that it never felt like work!

  446. My husband started running a few years before I did. It took me a few starts to get into it, but now we’re doing marathons and half marathons!

  447. I guess I introduced myself. Ran a little in hs and college, but didn’t get serious/dedicated until after my son was born as it was the easiest and quickest way to get a workout in.

  448. My friends Kristy and Jill in physical conditioning class in College. Definitely encouraged me to keep trying. Then as an adult by BRF Carla, takes the prize for encouraging me to run the distance.

  449. I convinced myself to start running. I wanted to complete a 10k so I signed myself and my husband up for the race and we started training. I stopped running when I got pregnant but I am now back and loving it

  450. For me it started with signing up to be part of a team that was doing a triathlon. Each person had to pick which part they wanted to do: swim, bike or run. I had been biking for years but figured it would be a lot easier to only have to bring my running shoes to the event than have to lug my bike to it. I trained for the running part and never stopped running. I did my first marathon last October. I am hooked!

  451. I need to credit my husband for getting me into running. He’s the one that encourages me to get out there daily and shuffles around his schedule so I can go at the better times while he often takes the later running times. I wish we could run together more often, but someone has to stay with the kids!

  452. Never ran in my life other than when I was chasing one of my 5 kids or being chased. But we got a new dog and she liked to run. She would pull on the leash and beg my to run each time I took her for a walk. So I started with a half a lap around the park. Soon a freeing dated me to enter a 5k. What the heck …it ran past my front door …and that was5 years and 3 marathons ago. I am not fast but i get my money’s worth from every race!