Best Running Friends Giveaway: Day 1

Love.this.picture. BRF's to the end. Love.

I am confident I wouldn't have been a runner had it not been for my friend, Carin, who I ran with in college. She just casually invited on a seven-mile route, even though I'd only ever run three, with a tone that made me believe I could add on four more miles. And I wouldn't have kept running, post-college, in New York City had it not been for my friend Daniel, who accompanied me on many outings up and down Riverside Drive. And I wouldn't have run the New York City Marathon had I not got a dose of confidence from pal Kathy, who just makes things happen. And I wouldn't have run my second marathon if I hadn't met my sole sister Katherine in Colorado Springs. And, and, and...I'll end this run on paragraph now.

But I am far from the only one who marks their running and races by the friendships developed through them; best running friends (BRFs) rank up there with a sports bra, a running stroller and a treadmill as necessities for mother runners. They keep us accountable; they make us laugh; they know when to keep quiet; they fall into rhythm with us; they sympathize and empathize and give us reality checks and make us realize that somebody outside our nuclear families has our backs. Plus, they agree to wear matching striped socks for a race outfit.

Heather on her BRF after a half-marathon: "She pulled my butt the whole way. She could easily have finished in under 2 hours, but she refused to leave me behind. β™₯."

So during this season of giving thanks and being grateful, we are going to do a week-long tribute to BRFs in the form of a giveaway. Each day, we will be giving away six items--affordable, cute stuff that you'd give a BRF for real--in pairs: the idea is that the three random winners keep one prize for themselves, and give one to their BRF.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying--or bemoaning--but I don't haaaaave a BRF. If you don't have a BRF and you win, gift your prize to a teacher who happens to be a runner or a friend you used to run with before she moved or your friend you want to get into get the idea. Or, be bold and go up to the woman you've always wanted to run with, give her the present and the story behind it, and ask her to run. We're betting she'll take the bait.

We'll start this BRF week from the ground up. We've had a number of questions on our Facebook page about what socks to wear in winter. The answer is wool socks. Wool socks that keep you warm and dry at the same time. Wool socks like these Ibex beauties: low cut merino wool socks that feel impossibly soft but are workhorses: they keep your feet toasty without being hot and wick away sweat faster that you make it. Seriously.

Low temps won't be your problem when your in these Ibex low cut merino wool socks. But frost-bitten ankles might be.

So we'll ship three packages with two pairs of socks to three random winners; we're operating on faith that you'll give or send the second pair to somebody who is somehow related to your running life.

In order to enter, you need to, of course, answer a question. We'll keep this entry simple: who is your BRF? If you don't currently have one, who would you gift the second pair of socks to?


572 responses to “Best Running Friends Giveaway: Day 1

  1. I usually run alone but I recently did warrior dash with a good friend, she loved it and I’m hoping she wants to keep it up and we can be brf’s πŸ™‚

  2. Being so new to running I have yet to find a BRF but hope to soon. I would have to say my husband as close as I could get. He may not be able to run as far as I can but he can run faster than I can. So we pass each other back and forth since he runs past me then walks and I pass him. I would want to give them to him since he has worked so hard at getting out and running. He has never been a runner in his life and it is amazing how he is now.

  3. I don’t have a traditional BRF. My BRF’s are my two youngest kids. They join me on all my runs in my Bob…whether they like it or not! πŸ˜‰

  4. I don’t have a BRF but I’d give the second pair to my sister-in-law who picked up running again last year after a few years’ break.

  5. I don’t have a BRF either. I wish I did. I would give the other pair of socks to my Dad. He’s a runner too. Lives far away so we don’t get to run together, but when he comes to visit, we get a run in.

  6. My very best friend is my running partner. When I met her, I instantly knew we’d get along great and be friends – but then we found out we both loved running, same long distances and a similar pace, and it was like fate!

  7. It was my friend Angie- those were the good old days! Now I’ve moved and it is sometimes my dog, sometimes my 6-year-old (who often joins me for 1 mile), and sometimes my treadmill (and the tv show Masterchef, which I always watch on the treadmill.)

  8. I have lots of BRFs, and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I won’t divulge here who I would share socks with, but I am so thankful to have half a dozen girls who would keep me company on the road. There are plenty of runs that never would have happened if not for them!

  9. I would give a pair to my friend, Robin. Unfortunately, we live too far away from each other to run together all the time but we have done a few races together. She would love these socks!

  10. My BRF is also my BFF! We used to walk a lot together but once I started training for a half marathon I didn’t have as much time for walking so she thought, if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em!!! So she did…..join me I mean…we are planning on doing a 10k end of Jan! Whoop!!

  11. Clare. I have to tell the story…she was directing a race I volunteered for. I was in complete AWE of her. When she friended me on FaceBook I felt like I’d received an invitation to the cool kids’ party!! A few months later she asked me if I wanted to run trails with her. I had just been injury-sidelined for 5 weeks so I was HEARTBROKEN. About 6 weeks later I ran with her for the first time and we’ve been going strong for a year and a half since then. She’s one of my best friends even outside of running, but certainly my BRF. πŸ˜€

  12. I run all by myself but I have a WRF (work running friend) that is more than willing to talk about running. She’s also a mother so she understands. That’s who I give the socks to, my WRF.

  13. My BRF is also my neighbor…we started running together this summer, and it has turned into our time to let go of stress. We run as often as we can (various injuries made regular running impossible for a little while), but even if we are’t physically up to running, we take a fast walk and encourage each other to keep moving and keep going. It’s harder to cancel a run if there’s someone planning on being there too!

  14. My BRF is Megan. She encouraged me to run a 5K when I mentioned I was thinking about trying it a few years ago. She gives me tons of great running advice. Although we don’t live close enough to train together she was with me when I ran my 1st half marathon and my 1st marathon. She is as obsessed with tracking miles as I am and we have so much fun planning which races to sign up for!

  15. I have 2 BFR’s. First, Mary Beth. She got me back into running after my 2nd child was born. She was ever patient with me and SO encouraging when i couldn’t even hang for 3/4 of a mile! Next, Audra. She gifted me Run Like A Mother as a thank you after training together for her 1st race in 2009. She and I would not be as close of friends as we are if we had not logged all of those miles!

  16. My BRF has to be my friend Liz- she runs varsity cross country and track here at the university, yet will come out at the crack of dawn to cheer me on in a 5k fun run after bussing back from competitions. We run separately but keep each other going with evening walks to talk about boys, school and life, and we’ll often go out biking together. As far as the prize goes, any university student can tell you that you can never have too many pairs of socks or underwear!!

  17. I would probably say that there is a group of us…we ran my first 5k together, and we wear costumes and run together twice a year. Me, one of my besties from high school, her co-worker, co-worker’s college roomate, and their one guy friend (always have to have one guy in the bunch!) We’re all running buddies now, and I’m so glad I met them! Our friendship started with running but it extends beyond that now!

  18. I usually run solo, but I have a friend who started running about a year ago (and has since run several 5Ks, a 10-mile race, and a half-marathon!), and she calls me her mentor and her inspiration – one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received : ) Even though we’ve never had the chance to run together, I would definitely call her my BRF, because we talk about running all the time, and always take the time to encourage each other and cheer one another on virtually, through Facebook and email.

  19. My BRF is my sole sister Paula.We share alot on the road as well as in our daily lives.We hold each other accountable in so many areas which helps us stay on track with being faithful to our running!
    I would share the socks with her as I know she’d do the same for me. Thank you.

  20. i prefer to run alone, but I would give the socks to ‘another runner mother’ friend at my daughters’ school. she is an avid distance runner and keyed me into all the good routes in our area.

  21. My BRF is Andi! She would kill me if if I did not give her these socks! πŸ˜‰ We run together just about every Saturday…… we like to match in races too! It’s fun!

  22. My BRF is a colleague of my husband. They both work in the fair trade coffee biz. We trained for our last half together and have another scheduled for the first weekend of January. I am so thankful that she is willing to go out and run at the crack of dawn in the dark with me and make it fun.

  23. My BRF lives many states away! We have been fortunate to run one race together, a handful of long runs, but most importantly, she keeps me inspired and motivated daily!!!! I hope I do the same for her!

  24. My BRF would be my brother. We don’t get to run together often, but we talk about running at least once a day multiple times of the day. He was the one who inspired me to start running and is always there to celebrate with me or complain when I have had a bad day.

  25. I’d give the second pair to my BRF, Beth, who for nearly two years now has helped motivate my to get out of bed and exercise – first walking, then swimming, then biking, then running, then triathlon!! We’ve been running for 16.5 months and she’s still the only reason I ever go for a run!

  26. My BRF is actually my BFF. She’s a cyclist who just got into running as well. She lives across the country, but still rocks my socks.

  27. My Dad. At 40 we watched the Boston Marathon and he said, “I’m going to do this next year.” As a 15 year old I just rolled my eyes. He is now 60 and a 3 time Ironman. He has run countless marathons, 1/2 marathons, 1/2 Ironmans, the list goes on and on. We usually run twice a week and his encouragement and support have led me to train for my first marathon. We will run it together and I know he will be there to pull me through.

  28. Met my BRF through a daily forum on RW…now I’ve been to Iowa twice, once to surprise her completely for her 40th birthday, and she’s been to NJ once, and we each have two trips each planned for 2012, two for races we will run together! We ran a trail/mountain half that wasn’t when she was here in November…we made it thru one loop of the 10k course and ran for HOME, laughing all the way!

  29. I don’t have a BRF, but I’d give the socks to my little sis. When I think about my running goals, she’s who I aspire to be.

  30. I have two! Beth who is my high school friend who has helped me get started on this great journey and now, more frequently (as Beth trains for her first marathon-I am not there yet) Amanda, AMR whose children go to school and play sports with mine. It has been such a thrill getting to know her 3-4 times a week (especially on those long runs). We have done one half together. And she HATES the cold.

  31. I ran a 5K on Sunday with a friend. This was my first time running with someone. I would give the second pair to her. We live in Maine and both of us are planning on running outdoors as much as possible this winter. These socks would be great!!!

  32. I don’t have a running BRF, but I have a friend that I admire so much for what she’s accomplished and I would give them to her for all the great knowledge she has shared with me as a newbie! Thanks Kerry!!!

  33. I would give the extra socks to my BRF, Missy. We’ve been friends for over 25 years, but just started running together this year. We’ve been friends since 8th grade, we’ve worked together, we were in each others weddings, have had countless coffee/support sessions, and now our families spend time together camping in the summer. I caught the running bug a few years ago for the first time – she ran while in college. We ran three 5Ks together this summer, and we have our sights set on a 7 or 8K next year. We make each other laugh, we encourage each other, and we just have SO much fun. There is no one I’d rather ‘run like a mother’ with. πŸ™‚

  34. I would give them to my Mother-in-Law who was inspired to start running after watching me complete a couple of half marathons. She is now faster than I am!

  35. My BRF is my Garmin Forerunner 110! She holds me accountable and gives me a shout out at every mile! She is honest. When I’m done with my run she tells me how I did….my ups and downs. She makes me push harder, run faster and run longer! She is reliable! She is there morning, noon or night. I would give my 2nd pair of socks to my daughter who is running in my footsteps at the age of 15!

  36. I’m lucky enough to have had multiple BRFs over the years – most recently my friends Katie and Jen, could not have made it through marathon training without them.

  37. Tasha (she helped me train for NWM SF 2010, couldn’t have done it without her, she’s never runa half but i know that she has it in her) and Stephanie (my first running partner, we don’t run together much anymore but still work out at the gym together).

  38. My BRF is without question my sister. Even though we live thousands of miles apart, we have committed to running at least 1 big event together each year. We completed the Nike Women’s half marathon together this past October.

  39. BRF Leslie Chesley, unfortunately since we live over 800 miles away from each other she is a virtual running partner but this year we ran 3 RNRs together; New Orleans, Philly, Miami. Whoot

  40. I have two running friends who I travel with to races. We are already mapping out next year! They are more experienced and faster than me, and they sure make our trips enjoyable. It is so good to have two companions that love achieving the same goals.Getting two high fives when we pass on our marathon and half marathon courses is the best.

  41. Even though we don’t actually run together often, we still encourage each other from afar. We run together whenever we can. KERRI is my BRF πŸ™‚

  42. I’d give the other pair of socks to my BRF, Dawn. She’s actually been my BFF for as long as I can remember so it’s only fitting. Dawn and I have gone through the same weight struggles and we’re both trying to be more active and get ourselves moving. So Dawn, if I win, these socks are for you!

  43. My BRF isn’t much of a runner, but I convinced her to join me for a Quarter Marathon on Mother’s Day next May and we’re getting started to get her up to speed. I would love to help her out with some running socks!!

  44. My BRF is Marcy! Best Ever! I could say a million great things about her and not scratch the surface! When we run together we go nuts and it’s absolutely the best time of my day! Her adventurous spirit has emboldened me and has shown me how to embrace life in a way I would have totally missed out of sheer timidity.

  45. Well I have a few BRFs. I guess that means we would get a sock each. πŸ™‚ well I have different BRFs. Ones that run for distance and one that runs for time. But my best BRF would be the one that has been with me for a long tIme. We push each other and we do a lot of talking

  46. I never liked running with anyone before a new neighbor moved in next door. I needed to block out my heavy breathing with my music. But the new neighbor asked if she could join me and then bam! I had a BRF! We would meet in the dark at the ends of our driveways at 5:00 am to run. The miles flew by as we poured our hearts out about husbands, teenage daughters and getting older. We did a half marathon together and crossed the finish together. I have since moved 2 hours away and not a day goes by that i don’t miss her. We both are having a hard time getting focused and I am doing my best to run solo but it’s hard. I would for sure share this gift with her as a way of thanking her for the time we had. I miss you Andrea

  47. I would give them both away to Maria and Jeana who convinced me to run with them and then to sign up for my first 5k which turned into a 15k. Although I don’t get to run next to either much anymore, Jeana would be my BRF since we usually follow the same training plan and keep each other motivated. Last year we trained for our first full together and are getting ready to start training for our second. Maria also got Jeana started running so we call her our running Mom πŸ™‚ So I think they both deserve a special gift πŸ™‚

  48. I need to find a BRF (at least a human one – current BRF is my dog!), but that’s another time. I’d give the socks to either Jodie, a former co-worker who has run much, much more than me but has been very encouraging from day 1 of my start running, or my husband Paul, who trudged along with me when I was first starting out with run/walk intervals and has been a huge supporter since then.

  49. I’d give them to MaryAnne. Though I will never actually *really* run with her (she runs 6min/mi, I run 8’s on a good day), she has looped back after finishing a handful of races to help me kick in for a good finish. And last year she gave up racing a 5k that she registered for to pace me to a 6 min PR! Not only is she one of my best friends, she is my running hero!

  50. I am so lucky that I have several BRF’s! I have one who has been with me the longest and she always inspires me and motivates me – Mirna. I am thankful for our conversation and how she never gives up and keeps us going to the end of each run and race.

  51. My BRF is Amy. I wouldn’t be the runner I am today if it weren’t for her. Every run we do together is so fun. When I have to run without her I dread it! We’ve accomplished a lot together. She’s my biggest supported other than my husband.

  52. My BRF is — don’t laugh, please — my 6 year old golden retriever, Keira. Almost two years ago, she suffered from a freak stroke, a fibrocartilaginous embolism, and her hind left leg was paralyzed. My husband and I, along with vet physical therapists, taught her to walk again. This past September, Keira and I ran our first 5K together at a 7:50 mile pace and won first in our (my) age group. Since then, I have found a new friend to run with and I value every moment that we spend together. While Keira can’t use the socks, I certainly can, and I’m sure that my dog will be happy to occasionally chew on them when she feels like it πŸ˜‰

  53. My BRF is my sister! We just finished our 3rd 1/2 marathon together, and we train across the miles- she in Virginia, I in Montana. We keep eachother motivated and on track by logging our miles via Nike +, and create little challenges for each other. Then, once a year, we get together to run in a race, but more importantly, just spend quality sista time!

  54. My BRF and best friend in life is Stacy. She and I have run 5 half marathons together and last weekend ran our first full. There is no way I would have made it this far without her. It is the long conversations through the miles that get me through my weeks and the encouragements at mile 16 or so that keep me from giving up.

  55. Ooh! Easy! My brf is my big brother. He keeps me motivated on days when I just don’t feel. And the kicker is that I’m the one who got him into running. Love it! I couldn’t be more proud of him. And grateful!
    Since these socks are for women (I believe), I plan on giving a pair to one of my besties who’s into running and my sis-in-law, who’s started running, also.

  56. I am sad to say that I don’t have a running buddy. But, I know a lovely lady who runs. I met her at my daughter’s swim class. She is going through a rough patch right now. Her husband has CF and is need of a double lung and liver transplant. She is moving him to St. Louis where he will be put on the waiting list. She sadly can’t stay with him. So, I would love to be able to give her the socks knowing that she has a lot of built up stress that she needs to pound out.

  57. My ” BRF” winnings will be shared with my long time friend, soccer sister and motivator/ encourager Janice. Through 23 of friendship we’ve talked through lots of life’s ups and downs, played and watched a lot of soccer matches and encouraged each other to run and be proud of it at whatever distance and pace we can. We logged lots of “bar mileage” together over the years as well. All GREAT miles πŸ™‚

  58. my BRF is Lauren “L-Train” Cangilla. She’d scoff at wool socks cause she’s never cold but she’d try them and love them!

  59. My brf lives in Georgia and I live in NH but we keep eachother going and are planning on some destination races together. I love her and couldn’t do this without her!!!

  60. My BRF is Darci. I have known her since Kindergarten and only in the past 10 years or so have we started running together. She is a teacher, so summer is the only time we really get to run together. It is always a treat!

  61. I don’t have a BRF because I like running alone, but I would give the second pair to my friend Jenny. My first marathon was her fourth, and she paced with me and was so encouraging.

  62. This one is easy! My running bestie and sole sister is Suzanne, hands-down. She and I met via the RLAM FB page a year ago and quickly connected over running, crazy kids, our nerdiness and snarky sense of humor, and mutual love of beer. Even though she moved 6+ hours away over the summer, we’ve got several races planned together for 2012, including a 50K and the Rochester Marathon. I would not be the runner I am today without Suzanne. Who else would drive to Philly from Rochester to cheer me on at my first marathon? I’m so thankful that we met!
    Since I can’t run with her on a regular basis, my other BRF is Maria, with whom I trained for our first marathon. Two 20-milers and countless other 3+ hour runs and we never ran out of things to talk about!

  63. I found my soon-to-be BRF one lonely, dark morning, when we ran by each other at 5am. When I saw her again a few days later, I knew it was fate and I suggested we should run together. That stopped her in her tracks, and she asked me to repeat myself. Feeling awkward, I did sheepishly. To which she answered, “that’d be great!” Thus was born the start of a beautiful friendship, based on sweat, dark mornings, and the love of running. (did I mention she helped me train for a marathon, through a cold, snowy winter, and didn’t even run a race herself?)

  64. My BRF is my sister, Amy. She got me into running Dec. 2011 while she was just beginning herself. Unfortunately, my husband and I moved clear across the country in June so we aren’t able to run together anymore. We did recently go on cruise to Cozumel where we of course ran on treadmills together while overlooking the beautiful ocean! I’d love to send her the socks! She could really use them in the NY weather!

  65. My BRF is Rose, we ran our first race together this year NYC half trained for separate marathons this year and every race I was short on funds for she covered me until I had it, not to mention she paces the runs and pushes me to go hard. She is the best

  66. Oh, it’s my dear friend Robin. We were SO close to becoming really great BRF, then I went and got a J-O-B… See, we were running after school drop off, and now I have to run in the wee hours… She lives out of town, so wee hours are not possible for her. If I won, I’d give one to her, and one to another friend I am courting to be my new BRF…

  67. I would have to say my sister. The only problem is that because we do not live close we run alone and then swap our stories. The extra pair of socks would go to her.

  68. I don’t have a friend that I run with, so I would give the extra pair to my husband. He’s been my biggest running supporter, and stayed with me in my first super-sprint triathlon so we finished together. It was something I’ll never forget.

  69. I’d give them to my pal/coworker/sometimes BRF, Lee. She’s a joy to run with, even though our speeds make it a little challenging. LOVE HER!

  70. I definitely have a BRF, which is amazing considering I hardly consider myself to be a runner, and my BRF has been running since high school and has completed a half marathon! Jody never complains about the fact that I can’t run at her pace, or that I may need a walk break every once in a while. She’s the one who says “we’re almost there” when I feel like we’re still an eternity away from our finishing point. She’s the one who can turn on the speed at the end of a run, which motivates me to try even harder. Don’t know what I’d do without her. She truly has encouraged me to keep going, not to give up on running, and to keep pushing. “You ARE a runner,”she says. And for that, I am most grateful.

  71. My BRF is my BFF and former college roommate. We share a birthday and live semi-parallel lives so we keep each other sane through weekly (or however long it takes us to get back on schedule) catch up sessions since we live 9 hrs hours apart. We are even going to do a long distance training program for next year to keep us both going now that kids have taken over our lives. She’s run forever, but I’m newer on the scene with fitness as my job so we balance each other out – as with everything else in our lives.

  72. I have two BRF’s Betsy who got me started running three years ago and Wilder who we started running with this year! On any given day you can find us on a morning run or at bootcamp!

  73. My brf is my mom. I began running for the firat time earlier this year and since then we have continued to push each other to acheive things we never thought possible. Currently we are both training for our first half marathon

  74. My rbf is my sister-in-law. We live 5 hours apart but everytime we get together we always hit the road. We share all of our running experiences and vent about drama in our life. We both wish we lived closer so we could run together more often. So we run together in spirit. I am so lucky to have her in my life

  75. My BRF would have to be Kelly V, funny thing is we didn’t even really know each other until we started running together over a year ago. The friendship developed after we realized our running pace matches perfectly!!

  76. My BRF would have to be my friend Jam. We have never actually run side by side but we share all of our triumphs, aches and pains almost weekly. She was my biggest support this summer as I worked thru my hip fracture πŸ™‚

  77. I’d give the pair of socks to Gayle, my first running friend. I started out running very alone, and very self conscious. She saw me run past her house one day and asked if I’d like to go for a run together. I had always viewed her as one of the skinny, pretty girls. I was astounded that she’d want to run with me.

    A friendship developed over the trails. While running with her, I learned more about myself then I could ever imagine.

    We haven’t run together recently, as she had surgery a couple months ago. She’s starting back up though, so it would be the perfect time for such a gift!

  78. My true BRF is my 90 lb black lab, Macy. She is my constant companion for every step and has been from my first day. However I have a girlfriend that helps me stay motivated. Her name is angie. I would definitely give her the second pair of socks.

  79. We haven’t run together, but we talk about our running life routinely. I’m afraid she is faster than me, so I haven’t asked her to run together. But , definitely, Kari would get the socks. She’s my BRF but she doesn’t know it yet.

  80. BRF…Marie…met in grad school, ran on and off together at while popping out three kids each in between and now we’re headed to run Boston together in April! She’s great accountability and a great source of wisdom and strength! Who else can you fart, burp, spit and poop behind a tree with…all while trying not to laugh too hard because, well, we’ve had three kids and we all know what happens?

  81. My sister and sister-in-law are my best BRFs. We don’t get to run together often, as we don’t live near each other, but they are the people I enjoy running with the most.

  82. My neighbor. We knew each other for only a couple days when she found out I was a runner. She asked to go with me and we’ve been bff’s and brf’s ever since! We are both wimps about running in the cold so we would sure love to win these!!

  83. I have two BRFs, Jen and Kathy. They get my butt up and out the door every morning at 5:30. Without them there is no way I would maintain my running motivation!

  84. I have many, but a special one is in the making. My daughter, who turned 9 yesterday, has run 2 5-k’s and 3 3-k’s with me. I am coaching a girls running team at her school and love seeing all of the girls grow in the sport. I see a neighbor run with her college age kids and hope that is my future. My second pair would be for my daughter, Harper.

  85. My BRF is Sheri. She took me on my first 4 mile run, and we have run 7 half marathons since then. She missed our first marathon, because she is fighting for her life (breast cancer). I’d love to share a pair with her!

  86. When I moved to Florida I found an amazing group of women runner’s. And while I love them all I have one friend who I would call my BRF even though she is currently taking a maternity running break. I <3 Rachel!

  87. My BRF is my husband, without a doubt. He got me into running shortly before my 30th birthday – I grew up with juvenile arthritis and really thought I could never run. He convinced me to start easily and slowly. Countless half marathons, 1 full marathon, and many many miles later, he encourages me every day to lace up my shoes no matter what, because it will feel GOOOOOOOOOD!

  88. My buddy Steph is definitely my BRF. She and I ran our first half marathons together on a double dare of sorts and now, well who knows what is next for us!

  89. My BRF is also who I call my Running Soulmate. I have two! One was my BRF before she moved to California, and I miss her dearly. The other is literally in my backyard–I’m so lucky to have her and we run every week together. I’m currently working on getting her to sign up for a half ironman I’m doing next year–her first and my 6th!

  90. My BRF is Kelly. When I try to run with anyone else, I feel like Goldilocks…they’re either too fast or too slow. Kelly and I run together whenever possible, and we plan to run our first full marathon in March…on her 40th birthday!

  91. My BRF is named Faith. How appropriate right? I mean, if a girlfriend is going to drag you out of bed at 5am for a 7 mile run, in the dead of winter, it helps if her name conjures up some sort of inspiration. But Faith lives up to her name. When I had been running for a mere two months, she convinced me that I absolutely MUST run the annual holiday 5k with her and her friends. Since that time, prior to every event, I know I will receive two texts: one reminding me to carbo-load and one wishing me good luck. A year later and she continues to convince me that I can push my limits. When I recently decided that my next goal will be a spring half marathon, guess who said she would run by my side?

  92. Still in search of my BRF, but have two amazing BFF’s that support my running habit by cheering me to the finish line at my races. I would share my other pair of socks with my BFF who doesn’t “love” running and has terrible arthritis in her knees (at 38!), but still makes her way to the treadmill at the gym to keep in shape.

  93. My BRF is Kristie. I’m so happy we discovered our love of running together. I’m looking forward to training for our first half marathon together!

  94. My BRF was Rachel. She moved to AL in May and she was more than a running partner, as you all know BRF are, they are your therapist, motivator and best friend. She had the crazy idea to run the San Diego RnR in 2010. Four months after having my second child and a seven year hiatus from running, I laced up my running shoes and have never looked back. I have since completed four half marathons and one full marathon. Getting ready to start training from my second full marathon without my BRF, Rachel, and so wish that I could send her a quick txt and meet up for another great run. It is funny, although I have gotten faster without my BRF, I would give up those PR’s just to have my buddy back. πŸ™‚ On the bright side now we get to meet up for destination runs…. Gulf Coast half in FL here we come!

  95. I actually didn’t know she was my BRF until race day. In fact, the opposite was true. I felt like Kim was being too competitive with me…not really pushing me in a positive way. The entire. time. we. trained. I was annoyed and excited to run a race, but scared that I would find our run on race day to be off-putting. Boy was I wrong. Four of us were running a 1/2 marathon together. But when it came down to it, and I hit the wall at mile 7, it was Kim who was there stuffing Gu and water in my face while running slowly beside me. She knew when to talk and when to just let me find my focus again. She stayed with me the whole way. Slowing when I needed it, and speeding back up when I was feeling ready at mile 9.

    Sometimes your BRF’s are there when you least expect it! And for that, I’d give her a pair of warm wooly lowcut socks. :0)

  96. I do not currenty have a running friend. But I do have a friend at work that I would give these to. She has been walking to lose weight and has slacked off a bit. This might get her back into her walking. I would love to win!

  97. I live in Canada, and am really excited to be a new runner – I wouldn’t be a runner without my BRF, and niece-in-law Jo-Dee….. so, she’s the one that I’d give the other pair of running socks to. Also, she’s a really big cold wuss, so she REALLY needs warm feet to keep her motivated! My Christmas gift to me is going to be able to run 5k straight. (I just started running at the end of Oct!!)

    Thanks for all the motivation!

    Mary Ann

  98. Adrienne A. is my BRF. We work at the same office, though in different departments, so getting together at lunch to head over to the track is our chance to catch up. I’m so appreciative of her patience (she has run half marathons before whereas I haven’t done more than a 5k in almost 20 years!) as we work our way through a walk-run program, designed so I can re-introduce myself to running while avoiding re-injury of my achilles tendon (among other things)! We both turn 40 in the next little while, and are planning on what running/outdoor adventures to tackle in celebration. It would be awesome to add these socks to a running-themed gift basket I’m planning for her!

  99. My friends Melissa & Eliane. We ran the 2005 Disney marathon while our husbands were deployed to Iraq. Now we are meeting up for the Princess half in February. I love those ladies, they’ve gotten me through some of the toughest hills of my life…both literally & figuratively.

  100. I do 99% of my running alone, unfortunately, but I have one friend I’ve run with a couple of times while training for a triathlon. It was great. Made me wish we could run together more often. She’d be the one who gets the socks!

  101. My BRF is Kelly! She is the best runner partner and friend! i can always court on her to show up even if its 5am on a Saturday πŸ™‚ I couldn’t have done NYC marathon if it wasn’t for her(she did all of my long training runs with me and wasn’t even for running a marathon). She always up for a run or race!

  102. I mostly run alone but I have several virtual BRF’s thanks to a great Nike+ group. So, I’d probably pick one lucky lady from that group to share my good fortune with!

  103. I am new to running and don’t have a BRF so I’d give the second pair to my BRB or Best Running Brother – Brian. He has been a runner for a long time and encouraged me to keep up with my training to go from non-runner to beginning runner. So far, I like to run out in the cold and now my feet might like run in the cold too!

  104. I’m lucky enough to have a whole group of BRFs! We call ourselves “Team Meatball” after an out of town trip to do a half ironman triathlon. We swim, run, bike and eat together, and we even started a knitting club!

  105. My BRF is Kim …the girl next to me in the first picture!! (OMG how exciting to see our picture on your blog :)) We signed up for our first half together and I can’t even put into words the emotions of crossing that finish line together!

  106. My BRF shares the same name…Leah. And the same crazy lifestyle (work, kids, run) and the same love of wine. She is always 2 steps ahead, whether its pace or how long the next race should be. While we don’t run together all the time, her love for running and her support for me keeps me going. I wouldn’t have finished any of my running goals without her.

  107. I have the most amazing BRF ever! Her name is Jules and she has this insane love for hills. Come to think of it, maybe she is just insane as she likes to dress like Waldo and introduce herself to birds. Needless to say our runs are tough and always entertaining!!

  108. I have two BRF- my very best friend Kelly who inspired me to run. We live a state away from eachother but keep eachother going with nightly checkins. She is my inspiration and by greatest supporter. My second is my husband who ran my first 5k with me even though I take 4 minutes longer than him to run a mile. He stayed with me even though it killed him to come in last in his age group and we crossed the finish line together.

  109. All of my BRF are from Facebook! I don’t run with anyone I live near because I haven’t met anyone who is willing to get up at 5am on a Saturday for a long run or run at 9pm. I have twins and my partner and I both work full time (one 1st shift one 2nd). I also have a side project (We Run This) which takes up a lot of my time. I would send them to my FB pal Workout Girl (Tiffany) because she is training for her first 1/2 and doesn’t have much in the way of “fancy” running gear!

  110. Melissa. She taught me to run and now she’s lost her running mojo somewhat – I keep trying to pull her back into it with various running adventures. No matter what, though, we’re still great friends and if she turns into my best hiking/walking buddy, that’s ok too.

  111. My BRF is whichever one of my running friends will join me that day for a long run! I would randomly pick one of them to give the 2nd pair to :>)

  112. My BRF out-paces me now – and she did a sprint tri last summer – but she’s still super-encouraging to me and many others. She plans TONS of group runs, hill work, and more. And she’s helping me work myself out of the slump I’m in lately. So – I’d give that second pair to KIM!

  113. I now have 2 BRFs! It sure makes running more fun and we have a great time talking about everything! Some warm socks would be great for our cold runs here in Maine!

  114. I would gift the second pair of socks to the friend who told me to buy Run Like a Mother! Just like the book, she has been a great source of inspiration to me!

  115. My BRF is Emily, she is my neighbor and great friend. She introduced me to running in March of this year. What started out as a reluctant journey has turned into one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. As we just completed a run this evening, in the chilly 35* weather, we talked about how grateful I am she asked me to start running with her! I never would have tried it out if it wasn’t for her!

  116. My husband is my BRF, if it weren’t for him I would not continue running. He is the one who gives me the motivation to get out and run. I was the one who first started to run to help relieve stress and he decided to start running as well, he said that he would support me by running himself. When he sees me being lazy he will ask me to join him for a run and wont stop bugging me until I get off my butt and join him. Some how along the way he managed to motivate me enough to start training for and running a half marathon. Thanks to him I completed my first half marathon on Oct 15th in 2:15:30. Not only did I complete my first ever half marathon but I am now registered for two more next year and debating on entering a third half marathon. If it weren’t for him I don’t think I would ever get out the door for my runs and I never would have thought about running a half marathon. Every race I ran this year I had a PR and I’m hoping that with my BRFs help I will be able to do that again this coming year!

  117. I don’t have a BRF – running is my alone time. But I would love to pass along a pair to my boss. We both work with youths in outdoor programs, and she is currently training for her first marathon.

  118. My BRF is Jodi…she’s works in the writing lab at the college and I teach math. And somehow, we get along. I would love to share something with her. Finding a running buddy took a long time, in fact, it’s like finding a husband. Only better. BRF’s never disappoint, they never leave the toilet seat up, and they always manage to give me a compliment every time we meet!

    1. Janalyn, aka J.L. or Jay, is my BRF. After running with lots of different women and my husband, it has been wonderful to finally find someone who motivates me to work a little harder, and to keep running when I don’t want to. After running together for years, we still have stuff to discuss, and always find something to laugh at. Every tragedy or triumph is better when I can run through it with Janalyn. I still find it hysterical that we ran together all that time and we only figured out this summer that our mothers have the same first name.

  119. My brf is my sister who ended up with a stress fracture last spring when I (possibly) pushed her a little too quickly into doing an 8k race. She’s been cleared to run again but is a bit scared to. A new pair of socks may not only inspire her to run again, but she may even forgive me. lol. πŸ˜‰

  120. My BRF is my dear friend Abigail who just completed her first marathon (and owned it!) several years after a doctor told her post car accident that she wouldn’t be able to run again. She is fierce, fabulous, and a true inspiration to me. I would love to be able to share these awesome socks with her for our weekly track workouts!

  121. My BRF is Jenna…someone who took me from the type of “runner” that walked 5Ks (and packed snacks) to running my first 1/2 marathon…over the course of less than a year. She is so inspiring, and she continues to coach me both through running, nutrition, and just life in general. I think our runs have often times become somewhat of a counseling session for me lol. I am now in training for my second 1/2 which I plan to run in June. There is NO WAY I could have done any of this without my dear Jenna.

  122. My pygmy goat, Houdini, wants to be my BRF along with my dogs, BUT my real running friends Heather, Tara, and Katie. Although we don’t always run together, we check in frequently and motivate always!

  123. My BRFs and I run in Minnesota, so you know we need wool running socks! My BRF is a new friend who quickly became a great friend. Sharing life over the miles is our sanity and our break. Kristen.

  124. My BRF is Kathy. She is in colorado and I’m in California. We have been friends since kindergarten. We turn 50 this year and plan on running our first half marathon together in april. I would send her my extra win item.

  125. I would share a pair with my friend, Tina. We don’t actually run together. I’m sure she’d run with me, but I would never be able to keep up! She’s been running for a while, and I’m a newbie. She’s my go-to person for my running questions. She answers all my crazy questions, and she even told me about your book. I appreciate how she always tells me I can do it! I’d love to share some cozy socks with her as a little thank-you.

  126. I don’t have a BRF, but I would give a pair one of the runners that have signed up for the Run 30 Miles in December Challenge that I started with a group of friends on fb! Maybe the one that logs the most miles!

  127. I would give the socks to my BRF Jodie. She started running with me 3 years ago and we have done so many things together including a canoe race and trail runs we weren’t trained for. No matter what I know she’ll always be my best running friend.

    1. I don’t currently have a BRF with two legs…my doggie Jessie keeps me motivated! I however, do have some pretty kick butt co-workers who also motivate me!

  128. I have never actually met my BRF!! I’ve talked to her on the phone after races, I’ve sent texts to her and received texts from her, and we’ve exchanged emails. We are, of course, facebook friends! We’ve never met because she lives in Portland, Oregon and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana! We met through a mutual friend who loves books as much as we do. As we “got to know” each other we discovered we shared the love of running as well! I was starting to train for a half had I had never really trained properly. I just ran whenever I felt like running and at whatever pace felt good that day. She began to educate me on the proper way to train and developed a program for me. I followed it as best I could and never cheated because I knew she was going to ask me how my run went!! It was funny because often times we came back from our training runs and our times were so similar it was as if we had run together. On my long runs, when I struggled, I just kept telling myself she was out there running with me and it always helped push me through! My hope is to someday meet my BRF face to face! She’s been a huge inspiration to me, not only in my running endeavors but in my every day life, as well. You guys know her as Ellison Weist!

  129. I would gift my socks to Kat. I don’t run much with her anymore because she got too fast for me, but three years ago we started training for walking a half marathon together. During training we started running parts of it, then all of it. We’ve each done many long-ish distance races since then and were on a Hood to Coast team together last summer.

  130. My BRF is Cindy. She keeps me going, especially in the cold New England months. Running wouldn’t be as much fun without her by my side.

  131. Her name is Paula and she’s a behaviorist so she knows how to bait me. Also she has an amazing autistic daughter who was told she’ll never eat walk or talk, now she eats and walks and if Paula never has to hear “I hate you mom” she’ll be just fine.

  132. My BRF is Lisa. Neith rain or snow nor dark of night could stop her from dragging me out for a training run. It’s a good thing too, our gOal race was 30k!

  133. My BRF is my friend Darci. We trained for our last marathon together. Right now she is 30 weeks pregnant and I am 26 weeks pregnant and we meet once a week to run together. We have a great time and she is one of the main reasons I have kept running throughout my pregnancy.

  134. My BRF is my husband! I do not have a girlfriend who is my BRF. However, if I chose someone, it’d be my daughter’s third grade teacher, Lori. We became friends when we both found out each other ran!

  135. My BRF is a fellow teacher at my school (she actually teaches right next door to me). We are getting ready to run our second relay marathon together & a half in March. We used to run together every week, but haven’t in the last couple months due to home/school demands. I look forward to life calming down a bit, so we can start again.

  136. My BRF is Scott, my son’s best friend’s dad. We do our long runs together every weekend. We started at about 3 miles and just kept going until we completed 2 half marathons this year! If the socks are for women only, then they would go to Lisa, who is always up for a trail run with me even though she claims she doesn’t like running and her body is actually allergic to it!

  137. My BRF Gina and I trained for and ran our first half last year. She has gone on to run a couple more without me as I had to have surgery but we will train and run together again in 2012.

  138. My brf is my buddy Stacey. We run together at least twice a week (more if we can coordinate our schedules) but we hold each other accountable all week long. I’d love to share!!

  139. I have made so many great friends through running, including my kid’s “grandma Pat”. My running BRF is Sherrie so wakes before 5:00 for early morning runs when needed and helps make sure we rack up the miles we need each spring when we train for the Fargo marathon which has become an annual event for us. She’ll even run my dog when I’ve tired of his pulling or if I can make it out for a long run.

  140. My BRF is also my BF: Beth! We’ve known each other for 20 years. Although we’ve never run together, since she’s in CA and I’m in MA. I started training for my 10K when she started working on her Sprint Tri and we virtually motivated each other.

  141. I don’t have a BRF. ;( I recently had to have scope surgery and have not been able to run for quite awhile. I am hoping to start running again as soon as the doc okays it. My doc is not a fan of running. I do have a friend who runs so I would give her the second pair. I will begin running as soon as I can.

  142. My mother-in-law is my BRF. Even though she’s been running way longer than me she never leaves me behind and she’s always super encouraging! She’s my BPF too…best Pilates friend!

  143. My BRF is Heidi Beck. When I first started running, she would often meet up w/ me, encourage me & it was so nice to have an understanding friend b/c I was not only a slow runner but a quiet one! It’s been a while since we’ve run together so if I win, we’ll simply have to start up where we last ran together & give her some fabulous socks!

  144. Definitely my BRB Atha! She pushes me to run faster and further. Our buddy runs are always one of the highlights of my week. Post-run celebrations are always more fun with her too. πŸ™‚

  145. Hey…that is me and my BRF Amy in that photo at the top. That was 11/12/11 in Midland, Mi and it was our first half marathon. We wanted to finished together and we did it!!!

  146. I moved in April and have yet to make any new running friends, so my second pair would have to go to my friend, Candi, back in Fayetteville, NC who is an amazing mother runner. She inspired me to run my first marathon and still inspires me from far away.

  147. Joy W.- she got me started running and inspired me to actually enjoy it along the way- signed me up for my first Mud Run and helped me train for the 6 miles. She is a constant joy and inspiration!

  148. BRF definitely is Chris. She has pulled me around the track during speed workouts and cheered me on during those long, long marathon training runs. Plus we both need more socks!

  149. I have many online BRFs but no running partner. I would gift these to my boot camp teacher, who is an avid runner and encouraged me, pushed me, shared her training plans with me, and cheered me on. If not for her I wouldn’t be a runner. She has invited me to run with her but I am afraid I’m too slow for her (I know she’s a lot faster than I am, even on an “easy” day, she knows it too, but I don’t want her to get frustrated with me).

  150. They keep us accountable; they make us laugh; they know when to keep quiet; they fall into rhythm with us; they sympathize and empathize and give us reality checks and make us realize that somebody outside our nuclear families has our backs.

    I stole this quote from the original post. It totally describes my BRF, Ang. She’s my co-worker, and this describes her perfectly. And her feet are always cold. πŸ™‚

  151. I am a loner when it comes to running, as in, I always run alone. But I have a few friends who also enjoy running. I would send them to my friend Heather. Not only is she an awesome running mama, she won a contest a while ago that was of a similar nature (one for you, one for a friend) and she chose me as the friend since I referred her to the contest.

  152. Auch a cool idea! I have quite a few BRF in my running club That I’m so thankful for so it’s gonna be a tough choice to pick just one! I guess random drawing πŸ™‚ !

  153. My BRF is Marge. We started running at the same time (almost 2 years ago), and I’m so thankful for her even though she usually beats me to the finish line!!

  154. They keep us accountable; they make us laugh; they know when to keep quiet; they fall into rhythm with us; they sympathize and empathize and give us reality checks and make us realize that somebody outside our nuclear families has our backs.

  155. I don’t currently have a BRF but am trying to get my BFF to start running with me.. She has started running at home and she plans on doing her 1st race for St. Paddys day. I would LOVE to give her the socks as an “I know you can do it because you’re a rockstar!” gift!

  156. My BRF is Jennifer!!! My first run was a 4m outside after I’d spent 3months on the treadmill 1x week. Totally didn’t think I could run outside 4m until that day. It was my longest run ever…now my longest run ever has been a half marathon with my BRF within 6 months after that first 4m run. Would love to give her a pair of socks!

  157. I don’t currently have a steady running companion, however, I like to consider myself part of my twin sister’s Marathon Mama’s group as we just completed a 1/2 together with several of us being first timers!! I would gift the second pair to my sis!

  158. My BRF and I just did a 5k this past weekend. Over the last year, she has lost nearly 100 pounds and on Sunday ran her first 5k without stopping! I am super proud of her and she is a great inspiration to me.

  159. Don’t have a BRF right now, but have fond memories of runs with a good friend and teammate in college, Addie. If I win I will mail them to her…wishing we lived closer so we could test them out together.

  160. My BRF is prob my sisters. I ran my first half marathon with one sister and the next two with the other sister bc the first sis was pregnant one time and moved away πŸ™ for the most recent one. We encourage each other and each of us have kids so we are some badass mother runners!

  161. My BRF is Jennifer Schmoeger. A year ago, she talked me into a triathlon. Less than 24 hours after the finish, she had me committed to a half mary. Having never considered myself a runner, I wondered what I had got myself into. She alway has kept me accountable, and has never questioned my ability to tackle a 13.1. Truthfully, she saw in me what I had not yet seen in myself. We have become very close friends, and though our schedules currently have us missing each other on run days, she is still that voice in my head that tells me to keep going. *Love. Her.*

  162. My BRF…hmmm. I don’t really have one, but I know the perfect person. Her name is Teri and she recently got back into running to release stress. Teri’s husband had a physically debilitating illness and he’s unable to work anymore. She’s primarily responsible for raising her two kids while taking care of the dog. Each run is a mini-vacation for her. A pair of socks would make her day.

  163. My BRF is my husband. Actually he is the only person I have ever run with in the more than 20 years I have been running … I have had 2 dogs to run with over the years, but no people!

    We could share the socks so easily!


  164. I would gift to my mom who I used to run early in the morning as my sister and I entertained ourselves with bowls of cereal and cartoons. She has long since retired her running shoes but continues to walk for an hour every day. These wool socks will keep her walking feet just as toasty as they will my running feet. I run because of her.

  165. My best running friend is Marie. We met at our class in April “your first 5k”. We run together 2x week. She is a wonderful friend and running partner.

  166. I’d have to give my second pair to Darby. She saw the runner in me and coaxed her out with the perfect combination of tough love and encouragement. You see, someone challenged me to run a half marathon. I didn’t think I could do it, but I was intrigued and ended up accepting that challenge. Darby got me out on the road and made sure I put in the miles. In two and a half months time, she turned me into a runner. I credit her with making me a better mother and all around better person. Let’s face it, when you can accomplish such a huge goal in a short period of time, you know you can do anything. BTW, I ran that half marathon (the Las Vegas Rock n Roll to be precise) solidly!!

  167. Oh gosh – SO easy!! My BRF (Esther) got me running a year ago, helped me log mile after mile training for my first 1/2 in August, somehow managed to get me over the finish line during that horrible race (pouring buckets of rain, terrible time, zero energy for the last 2 miles, etc.), then celebrated with me at my second 1/2 in October when I had a great race! Could never have accomplished so much without her in such a short amount of time.

  168. My BRF is Charity Scott. We’ve been together for 2 years. We’ve done 1 marathon and numerous other races together. We work out together at 5 am, 6 days a week. We run hot or cold, so the socks would make our toes happy this winter!

  169. My BRF’s are also my BFF’s, Ames and EE. They motivate me and inspire me every day. What more could you ask for in a running partner…or a best friend?

    1. Say – if it was not for you and EE’s inspiration and motivation I would have never thought I could be a runner. Thanks to my new healthy hobby I now feel better than I have in years, I think I look good, and I’m happy to be 38. Thanks for being my BFF and my BRF.

  170. My BRF is Stef – we met when planning our weddings and lost touch while I had kids and while she (sadly) went through a divorce. When we got in touch with each other- found out we had both started running- and were similarly paced. We started running together weekly- and supported each other through our first half this year, kept each other motivated after training burnout. I look forward to every run with her- and I’ve now talked her in to joining our Ragnar Relay in Napa, Sept 2012.

  171. My BRF is Pam She has always been there for me! She just helped me do a PR on a 10mile “fun” run!! We would love to get the socks!!

  172. My BRF is Amanda! We have been friends for +10 years. We had run a few casual races together (5ks) and after she had baby #2 & I had baby #3 we decided we wanted to run our first half together! So every Saturday this fall for 10 weeks we met & did our long training runs….and both completed our first half in October in under 2 hours !

  173. My BRF is, oddly enough, a BFF living in another state. She was there cheering for me at my first half marathon and I surprised her and ran with her at her first 5k. She is coming to run the Celtic Solstice 5 miler with me on my birthday and I am running RnR DC with her for her first half marathon.

    I have another BRF/BFF that also lives in another state but she’s too far away to run with on a whim (and she’s having a baby on 12.27). She IS flying up here to do the Iron Girl triathlon with me in Aug 2012 and we are both stoked.

    My BRF’s are Leiza and Jill πŸ™‚

  174. Currently my BRF’s are my 9yr old daughter Julia and 11 yr old son Jacob. They love training for 5k’s with their mom! Still looking for another BRF to continue 1/2 marathon training the next few months

  175. I would give my second pair to my boss. She loves to run and recently had a severe ankle injury which required surgery(pins and plates etc) she is doing well but cant run yet for another few weeks. The second pair would boost her spirits and incentive to run when she is healed. she has felt very down because she cant get out there right now>:)

  176. My BRF would be Michelle, but I think I would give it to my son’s teacher who just ran a 5k with him on Thanksgiving – how amazing is she to take time out of her holiday to run with him!!! She is training for a half marathon so I know these would be much appreciated! What an awesome idea for BRF gifts!

  177. My brf is Ellen! Another friend got us together, and honestly, I wasn’t sure how much I would like running with someone else as up to that point I had always run by myself and really liked running by myself – but now I love and look forward to our weekly run together! She would definitely get the socks!

  178. My BRF is Heather Sexton. We ran our first race together in Dec 2010 (although we had been walking together with our little beans since 2009) and won 2nd and 3rd place in our age group. March 2011 we ran a 10k together with the purpose of breaking an hour and came in at 58:58 and 58:59 winning 1st and 2nd in our age group. (check out the competition:

    We’ve been running ever since then – training together, running races together, encouraging each other, motivating each other…. even founding running clubs together!! She is the best darn running partner a gal could ask for and she deserves the best darn (free) socks there are πŸ™‚

  179. My BRF is also my mommy friend, Amber. We trained for the RNR STL marathon and half marathon together. She ran the half and I ran the full. She was awesome to train with! I don’t think I would have kept up with the training if it weren’t for her. We’ll be doing another half in May. I can’t wait to start training for that one together!


  180. My BRF’s are Christine and Jeannette – and I would happily hand over every pair of socks I own to the two of them. Because of there kind, consistent, persistence I finally got back to running after my twins were born. They have stuck with me every Saturday morning no matter how slow or weazy I’ve been, and because I know they’re waiting for me at the trailhead on the weekend I make myself run during the week.

  181. I would gift the running socks to my BRF – Jennifer Fox – so that we could continue running together all winter long with warm feet & toes!

  182. My BRF is Amanda! We have only known each other for 6 months but we instantly clicked – our paces, our lives, our goals! She is my rock, my coach, my motivator and the one who makes me laugh. Those socks would keep our cold MN toes toasty!!

  183. I have too many BRFs to list, I have a great group of running friends. If I won the socks I would give them to Amy. She suffers from toe blisters like me. We are constantly looking for remedies.

  184. I don’t regularly run with anyone, but one of my co-workers got me into running and ran my first race (a 10k) with me, even though she could have gone much faster. She would be getting the other pair.

  185. My BRF(s) is my sista Jolene. she got me started and keeps me goin’. We can solve the problems while we run and have a good laugh!

  186. My BRF & I ran the Girlfriends Half together this fall. She stayed with me the whole way. I wouldn’t have had as fast of a time without her. Carolyn deserves warm feet for our runs this winter!

  187. So many BRF’s to choose from but to pick one, probably Nancy Miller. We dobp shortbp and long runs together and know everything about each other and mostly never let each quit.

  188. My BRF is my friend Karen. Karen inspired me to start running, and is a constant source of inspiration, support and encouragement!

  189. My brf is my mother in law, though we only run races together, we have a friendly competition for making it out to run- “i got in 5 miles this morning”. “oh, well I’m going right now if you’ll babysit, and I’m doing 6!”

  190. My BRF is my twin sis who lives in Amsterdam. We don’t get to run together much anymore, except for our annual July 4th 10K. Without her I don’t think I would have done my first marathon, or 2nd or 3rd . . . I will gift the other pair of sox to her for those WET and WINDY runs she does through Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

  191. My BRF is Jenn! We just signed up for our first 10 miler, to be run on April 1st! Can’t wait! She could totally leave me in the dust, but I have a feeling we’re going to finish around the same time πŸ™‚

  192. My BRF is Amber! I am just starting out and she is an AMAZING runner!! She is my true inspiration to find the runner within me!

  193. My running BRF’s name is Vicma. She meets me to run and helps me pace a faster than I would alone. We have a done many races together. She is 37 weeks pregnant so we have not run together in a couple months, but she still motivates me, to keep going. She was one of my main encourages to run the Boston Marathon in 2012. So I can’t wait to run with her again…she’s promised to run a few miles with me at the marathon….I love her

  194. My Sole Sister is Sarah.
    She’s in St Louis and I’m In Atlanta, but we still run together. We keep each other motivated during those times when running is just another chore on the to-do list. I’ve gone to STL to run with her and she has come to ATL to run with me. We have traditions that only we get.
    I love her.

  195. My BRF is my friend Amy. Running 10 w her feels like 3! We have run thru the best of times and the worst of times… Love that girl!

  196. My best running buddy is Kelly, despite the fact that it has been a while since we have run together. She is actually the one who bought me the RLAM book; how could she not be by BRB?! Even though our schedules don’t often mesh for a run these days, we can totally relate to one another and are often found texting about seeing the moonlight or sunrise on a run or cheering each other on through one obstacle or another, be it freezing temps or screaming children. I would definitely give her my second pair of socks. πŸ™‚

  197. My BRF is Jessica Murray. Her husband and mine work together in the Army and my husband came home one day saying that Phil’s wife was a runner! I jumped at the opportunity to have her run with me. We have been running together for a little over a year. She ran the ZOOMA Colorado Springs and we just recently ran the Denver Rock and Roll together. Im so thankful that she makes times for my runs since she doesnt have kids and I do! She works around my crazy schedule and for that, I am thankful and I would share any running gear with her anyday!

  198. I have 2 BRFs. Holly got me started back into running more than just my easy stroll and now Chris remains my faithful running friend.

  199. My BRF is Amy C. She is a two time breast cancer survivor, mother of two, pastor’s wife and not just my sole mate, but she has become, as Meredith says on Grey’s anatomy, my “female soul mate”. I couldn’t run with out her or many other things at this point. I got her into running because she wanted to get to know me better. A couch to 5k program later and we have been best running buds ever since. She motivated me to do my first 10K and then our first half marathon in October. I look forward to many more amazing times with my BRF (and so much more)!

  200. my BRF is my friend susie. we don’t always run the same pace, but, we pass each other throughout our runs and always start together and find a way to finish together.

  201. I would give them to my friend, Alicia. If we lived in the same city, she would be my BRF. Actually, never mind, she would be running circles around me.

  202. My BRF is one of my closest friends, Jess. We push each other without being rabidly competitive. Because of the 40 miles or so that separates us, we don’t get to run together much, but we do plan our races together. We’ve seen each other fall off the wagon, but get back on, through babies and thoughts of babies (my IVF journies)…but we keep on plugging. I like to think I keep her steady, and she keeps me pushing forward. Together, we make a great team!

  203. My BRF, Caitlin, sadly lives across the country. We recently started traveling to meet up for races. In between the few times a year that we run together, we keep each other accountable via text messages, e-mails, and phone calls. I really wish we lived closer!

  204. My BRF is Kristie Chaidez. Fellow military army wife. We just started running 2 months ago. We run on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we ran 10 miles. I just love how we push each other, talk about our husbands and families while we run!

  205. My BRF is also my sister-in-law. She’s currently on a break from running because of a tough pregnancy, but Kristina still texts me to make sure I’m not slacking off. She even came out to support me last month when I was gunning for a 5K PR. I can’t wait to run with her again!

  206. My girlfriend Karen is my BRF. She lives in Maine & I live in Illinois. We motivate each other via text. She was there with me for my first marathon.

  207. My BRF is Janis. We started running together 2 years ago. We run most races together and when we ran our first half marathon – we crossed the finish line together – holding hands. We are about to start training for our first full marathon in May. Heck yes – I would share the socks with her!

  208. My BRF is my mother in law. We have been running together since I started running 2 years ago. She was a runner until her daughter moved away and gave it up until I said I was interested in running. We run every Monday and Thursday morning and do 5K’s on the weekends for charity.

  209. My BRF is V. She meets me before the sun gets up to run our ridiculously hilly neighborhood, and she doesn’t get mad when I bail b/c a kid was up sick or I’m putting my littlest back to bed at 4:45am and just can’t get out the door. And best of all, even though she’s faster than me, she holds back on days when I’m totally sucking wind. πŸ™‚

  210. I don’t have a BRF that I ‘run’ with on a regular basis BUT I have a twin sister who is my BRF when it comes to all things support for running as she’s been and endurance runner for over 20 years and I had health issues and as I’ve gotten back in the game it has resparked a special part of our already special relationship as we took on training for Sprint Triathlons, with a goal by our 40th BDay to do a Half Ironman, which means MUCH more running in my future compared to hers being a repeat Marathoner. We live 8 hours from each other and are busy Moms, but we talk or text almost every day and no doubt much of our discussion is about our workouts and races or Tri’s we hope to meet up to do this year. Nothing compares, even if my BRF is so far away : ).

  211. My BFR is Terri. I am so proud of her. She just started running this past year and has lost 55 pounds so far. Her running is mostly on the treadmill but she is ready to get out there on the roads. She starts training for her first race on January 1 and could use some wool socks to keep her toes toasty!

  212. I don’t know when the deadline is for the socks. [So here’s my entry] My BRF would be my mother. Although she doesn’t run she has supported my running since middle school. She took me to a specialty store and I got a pair of Turntec shoes. They were a hit! She listens to my excitement when I talk about training or races — knowing how much running means to me. She is proud of what I’ve accomplished and I love her for it!

  213. My BRF is Michelle. We did C25K in 2010 so we could run the Race for the Cure 5K. Now we’re training for the Surf City Half on Feb. 5. I couldn’t stay motivated without her.

  214. I’d give the second pair of socks to someone in my running club who has “held back” lots of times just to run with me, one of the turtles in our group. Even though she’s a Boston Marathoner, Tara, will help us “newbies” by encouraging us along the way and running with us even if it means tweaking her training schedule a bit.

    And Tara in PBO, NC if you are reading this. Thanks for encouraging me along. I could have never run a 10K without your help and coaching. And yes, I will give you the second pair of socks.

  215. For nearly 15 years my BRF Debbie and I have run through rain, snow, heat, injuries, babies and general life calamities. I would absolutely share with her!

  216. My current BRF is a fellow teacher at my school. We go on runs after the students leave – holding each other accountable is the best way to wrench ourselves away from our desks. We always get a big dose of venting and teacher talk in those runs!

  217. I have a few RF’s, but not a BRF. My RF’s are my neighbors who I have coerced into running over the last few years πŸ˜‰

  218. My BRF is Melanie. Crazy thing is we were best friends growing up. She went to a different high school and we grew apart. Fast forward 17 years. We got reconnected by a mutual friend, and we took off right we left off!

  219. my BRF is laura. she got me into running and my life hasn’t been the same. she helped me through my first half marathon, which was brutal, but she stuck with me and talked me through my mental block. she knows when i need a kick in the pants and when it is ok to take a break.

  220. I do not have a BRF but if I did win, I would send the second pair to my mother-in-law. She is a seasoned marathoner and is a total inspiration to me.

  221. I have two!

    My friend Angela who flew across the country to run by my side for my very first half marathon and another friend Nicole who’s constantly there to cheer me on and keep me going! She got me to sign up for my first 5K.

  222. My mom is my BRF. She is the one who motivated me to run with her in the mornings before high school, and has kept me going. Even when I was too young to run with her, I would pedal my bike along side. Her wanting to run a half marathon 2 years ago is how I decided to run one as well. 23 years (I’m 31), four 1/2 marathons and one full (me) later, we still get to run our long runs together on the weekends.

  223. Jeannie! We are an unlikely pair, aren’t we? You are my BRF!! I couldn’t ask for a better friend. 2 miles or 16 I am so grateful for your motivation and company on our early morning runs. What other friend would ever agree to marathon training without a race in site? I don’t think I would have survived without your stubbornness which I know pushes us both through some days. You are a GREAT Mommy and you are beautiful, strong, smart, and driven. I hope that we will always have the miles to share. . . One more thing…. I am thankful for your special toilet paper supply…for those gross emergency situations that I can only giggle about with a friend like you!

  224. I am so blessed to have a tribe of BRF’s – my FB group. Many of us run longer or shorter or faster or slower, but we all support each other through good runs, bad runs, sickness, injuries, travelling spouses, whiny children, rain, fog, and sun. Some of us even live close enough and run at close enough paces to run together a few times a month.

  225. Becky! She’s my mainstay. I wouldn’t be running without her. Funny thing, I was just telling her that she needs wool socks because she was complaining about numb toes. We’re in Chicagoland, so we could really, really use those socks!

  226. My two BRFs and I just finished the Vegas Half last weekend! This summer they decided we needed a girls weekend away… not only to have a little R&R but to do something meaningful, to do something good, to make our kids proud… and so it was born, our goal of a half marathon which none of us had done before! Both terrified and thrilled we trained all summer. Tackled a 5k and 10k along the way. Supported each other when we had injuries (we all had at least one) and pushed each other when we were tired. I owe so much to these two ladies, they got my postpartum butt up and moving! My baby turns 1 tomorrow and I’m in better shape now than before I was pregnant!

  227. My best running buddy is my little sister Marni. Even though we are only 20 months apart in age we are so different it’s amazing we are such good friends. I would say the only thing we have in common is running (and blood!). I’m married with three young boys, I teach part time and am home with my boys the rest of the time. Marni is single, no children and spends most her time in her career. Running is something we can do together that we both happen to love!

  228. Because my hubs is in the Navy and we move a lot–and I end up meeting/linking up with OTHER military wives–I have 2 BRF’s. My first is Christy, who was featured in your “Hill” podcast!, writing about having moved from flat Florida (and leaving me behind) to hilly Hawaii. The second is Melinda, who is still here with me in FL and jumped in (literally) on my crazy idea to tackle a sprint triathlon (we did 2). We may not train together all the time, but we speak each other’s language and that’s a gift!

  229. My friend, Michele is my BFR. We started running together 6 years ago when we met in Germany. We worked up to our first 1/2 marathon in Koblenz, Germany. We have since moved to different locations, but we still plan races that we can meet for every 6 months or so. We have run the Army Ten-miler in Washington, D.C., the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA, and the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF together. Love “virtually” training with each other via text-messages, and then having 4 1/2 plus hours to chat as we run the race together! If we win, we both have pretty big feet! I wear size 9.5 and she wears 11!

  230. I don’t have a BRF, but if I lived closer to my SIL, she would be it. We ran together while we were on vacation together this past summer and it was so much fun. I would love to gift her with the other pair of socks!

  231. My BRF Jessica is the bomb!! She lost 100lbs in a year. We knew each other from high school, she is younger but hooked up on FB. One day she saw a post I made about running and the rest is history!!! We run once a week and never really know how far we may go! She has run 2 marathons, multiple halfs, & has her sights on the goofy challenge! She is an inspiration! I love her because she makes me a better me!

  232. I have lots of friends who run (lucky me!)…but my BRF is Mandy. She pushes me when I think I can’t do it anymore and running with her is so much more effortless than running by myself. She makes me laugh when I text her mid-race that I’m spending equal time running and visiting the portapotty. And she ALWAYS has mis-matched socks and is freezing! This would be perfect…a matching pair that will keep her warm.

  233. My sister! For sure! We live too far apart to run together regularly, but she is one of my biggest supporters and we run together in the virtual world. She even sends me cards when I hit a milestone. She is my BRF

  234. I’d give them to my friend Angela. We’re always trying to get a run in together but between work, kids, etc. it rarely happens. I’m always nervous to run with her too because she’s faster (or I’m slower).

  235. I have one in the making– my former officemate and current coworker, a marvellous Brit named Lekki who will be running the Canyonlands Half with me in about three months!

  236. My BRF is Kath, who just ran the Seattle Marathon with me! We recently moved to Seattle and I wanted to train for a few races. I convinced a co-work of my husband to sign up for the marathon with me, and we did it!! People are now asking me what is next, and I always respond with WE don’t know yet! πŸ™‚

  237. I’m sooo lucky to say that my BRF Tricia is an amazing mom of 5 kids and an inspiration to me and so many women!!!! We’ve been friends for almost 5 years but it wasn’t until last spring that she convinced me to go on a 2 mile down hill run with that our friendship began to develop into a friendship that is priceless! She’s the reason I call myself a runner, I NEVER thought I was capable of running longer than 6 miles and NEVER thought I would LOVE running as much as I do now! I would give her the second pair of socks in a heart beat!!!

  238. My BRF is my coworker Sue….we run almost every day together on our lunch hour. We run the same pace, we vent, we talk about bosses and coworkers, husbands, kids…you name it!

  239. I could answer this question a couple different ways because I have grown so “close” to several imaginary friends through blogging and my “real-life” RBF would be my biking-sherpa but if I had to pick one today it would be Alyssa. Let me tell you why.

    Even though we have only spoken about 5 words to eachother and they were yelled at eachother in the dark on a trail deep into a 55 mile race, when I asked Alyssa if she’d want to pace/crew for me to attempt my first 100 in May she said yes. Little did she know how much her rapid response would mean to me. Even though it may not come to pass that she can actually be there and experience that first 100 with me, her willingness to help me see one of my goals through shows how deep and honest a connection can be made when there is a shared passion. Alyssa is one of my RBFs!

  240. My BRF is Kelly. She is the one who encouraged me to start running & she is the one who I talk about the difference it has made in my life!!!

  241. My best running friend is my husband, and he “steals” my one pair of wool running socks. You know, the ones with the light blue flowers on them? Doesn’t bother him a bit — he’s all about the comfort. πŸ™‚

  242. My BRF is Ms. Tami! She kicks my booty, but I still enjoy running with her! Never a dull moment, that’s for sure! Oh, and for those of you without a BRF, I am a teacher so don’t hesitate to look me up πŸ˜‰

  243. My BRF is Kristy. We used to work together, and after putting up with my whining for five years, she finally said yes to a marathon. We did Honolulu in 2010, Hartford in 2011 and hoping to do Marine Corps in 2012.

  244. My BRFs are my friends Jenn and Missy. They are both inspirational and encouraging. We rarely run together as they are speedier than I — but we have a good time coming up with races to travel to together.

  245. I do not currently have a running best friend but my husband’s cousin is a runner. She is such an inspiration to me! She’s lost over 100 lbs through running and just ran her first marathon in Huntsville, AL this past weekend. I would love to give her them to her.

  246. My 2nd pair of socks would go to my 14-year-old son. He is on the varsity XC team, and finished 10th in his class at sectionals this year. Just missed going to states. He and I work together at a horse stable on the weekends, and also take riding lessons together during the week. Even though he is forced to spend way more time with him mom than he would like, he is usually a good sport about it, and we have a lot of fun.

  247. I would give my 2nd pair of socks to my friend Laura. We don’t get to run together unless we are on the treadmills at the gym since we have different schedules and she’s a million times faster than me but she totally deserves them!

  248. I have so many BFR’s in my Sole Sisters running group… but I’d have to say best of all is my girl Kelli simply because we seem to be on the same schedule and get to share a run together twice a week. Both stay home moms, we have so much to talk about on the run.

  249. Such an easy answer!!! My BRF is also my BFF, Amy! She and I both started running again in May after taking a loooooooong time off. I also convinced her that we should not just start running, but sign up for a half marathon together. We just finished our 2nd last month and are gearing up our training for #3 in a couple of months. Unfortunately, we’ll be running in different races next time, and I’m petrified that I will not be as motivated during the race. OR maybe I’ll run really fast since I’ll be so bored without her and just want it over with??? πŸ˜‰

  250. My BRF is Marian! I do not physically train with her, but each of us brings out the best in one another. She is actually a friend that I met through running. When I am feeling like I am in a slump, she picks me up and pushes my butt down the road.

  251. This would be hard. I have only run with someone twice (ever), most recently 2 days ago. And we loved it!!! So if I win, I think that Keri G will be my BRF giftee. If it weren’t for our new-ish running partnership, I would have to do a random drawing from among my OLRBs (online running buddies) – Christy, Sarah, Deborah, Janice, Alisa, Annie, Cindy, Robin, Dawn, Katharine, Lydia, and Teri – AKA “The Grads.”

  252. I would give a pair to my niece, we don’t live in the same town so we can’t run together but we do have a great time going to races and encouraging each other. She was my inspiration to start running!

  253. My BRF is Gail. She and I have run together at least once a week for over a year. The miles FLY by when I run with her. She and I are hoping to do a marathon together sometime in 2012. I’d love to give her a running gift!!

  254. I don’t have a BRF, but I would give the socks to a friend of mine who runs and is going through a hard time right now. The socks would definitely give her something to smile about!

  255. I don’t have a BRF. A girl in my boot camp class and I had planned to train together to do a half in March. Unfortunately, I had to have FAI surgery and couldn’t hold up my end of the bargain. I would give the second set of socks to her.

  256. Without a doubt, I am so lucky to have Dani as my BRF! I could carry on about her forever, but here’s my attempt to keep it brief… I knew she was a runner before she did, and she let me find her inner runner. We started with mini runs (2-3 miles), she’d jump in for part of my long runs when I was training for my first full. Less than 9 months later we have run 4 half marathons in only 9 weeks! We’re addicted to our runs (and maybe even each other!) We support each other in so many ways! My mom passed away in September, and she knew I needed that long weekend run to save my sanity, and was there for me when I broke down at our water stop. When I bonked on her 1st half, just 4 days after I was in the hospital for 2 days, she wouldn’t leave her wing man! We road tripped to AZ for a race, ran 2 of our 4 halves a week apart, and decided to run another this weekend because she “really wanted that snowflake bling (medal)!” And we PR’d this weekend! She is the one this 40 something mama of 5 told about wanting to run in a sport bra and shorts this summer, and we made it happen! We are sole sisters, BAMR BRFs for life! Our hubbies and kids get along so great, and we are so thankful running brought us together!!

  257. I would give the socks to my well deserving BRF’s Carissa and Jodi, who motivate, inspire, and push me to better myself in running as well as all aspects of life. Love you guys!

  258. My BRF’s are Carissa and Tanya. Carissa entered earlier so now our chances are double… We all just ran together this morning. My kiddos are all in elementary school now (sniff) but Carissa and Tanya both still have toddlers in strollers. I felt empty-handed without a stroller to push so we took turn passing the strollers off and even pushed together up a big hill. Just one of the many reasons I love these ladies!

  259. My BRF is my friend Beth…first she convinced me that I could run a half-marathon (and I did, with her!) and then a full-marathon (yay!). Before she came along, I never saw myself doing either of those but her faith and companionship and dogged encouragement got me there!!

  260. I have two BRF: my friend Jerry, who at 70, is still doing marathons and is great during those long training runs because he will tell stories the whole time. My sister, Jacqueline, who is so fun, encouraging and inspires me to eat better, train more, and run faster, while I inspired her to run further than she though she could. So, since these seem to be women’s socks, I’ll give them to my sister.

    Thanks SBS and Dimity! You two rock!

  261. My best running friend is Christine!! We’ve trained many miles and ran many races together. AND we both appreciate a good pair of running socks!!

  262. I’d share with my BRF Brooke. We’ve been running together for a few years, including through our respective pregnancies and now with our kiddos in the strollers. We live 2 miles apart and usually meet 1/2 way between and try to get all of our chatting in before we leave each other with 1 mile to finish.

  263. Hmm, complicated question for me…my first thought is Amy. She helped me train for my first half marathon in 2008 and the rest is history. I run the most with her, (when one of us isn’t injured) and we are more than just BRFs. My second thought is Lisa and while we haven’t run together since we live so far apart, she inspires me, understands me, and we are able to rant, vent, and support each other via email. My third thought is my friend Nancy who aksed me to help her start running and who is my new trail running friend. She’s going through a rough time and she could use some socks. πŸ˜‰

  264. My BRF is my friend Becca! We have been running together for about a year and I don’t know what I would do without her. She motivates me to go faster and farther and we always are together to keep each other company on long runs!

  265. I run with my neighbor and she is my BRF and also a regular BF. She keeps me accountable when I don’t want to get out of my warm bed in the mornings.

  266. Oh, I can’t choose. My sole sister BRF is Emily, who two years ago moved to Germany. Then there is my speedy sista BRF Cinea who is now in Australia. I have my posse BRFs – Shelly, Renee, Jodi, Cheryl, Cher, and Amy (moving to France – seeing a trend!) with whom running is easy, fun, and full of warm fuzzies, and now my new-ish BRFs Katie and Meg who make me work, and whose conversation makes me forget how hard the work is. So, I am blessed to have so many who touch my running life, and my overall life as well. Who gets the socks – Katie, she has issues with cold so a warm pair of socks might help make our run more enjoyable.

  267. I have many friends who I love to run with, so if I had to choose one, I’d say my BRF is Carol. She is the only friend who “bit” when I asked a group of non-runner friends, “so, who’d like to train for a 1/2 marathon with me?” We started from the ground up…literally, only running 1 mile at a time. We trained for and ran our race and are now planning future races. Thank you, Carol, for catching the running bug with me!

  268. I love running with BRF’s. Right now, Katie and I run a lot together. She’s super inspiring as she does ultra’s and is always up for a run with me even when I bail after 7 or 8 miles and she keeps going. Over the years, it’s been several different wonderful women and I’m always looking for more!

  269. I’m still searching for a BRF, but I’d pass these on to my sister-in-law. She’s two states away and a much faster runner than me. Even though we don’t run together, she’s an inspiration to me.

  270. I don’t have a BRF. So I would give them to my best life friend Margo who runs, too! We just don’t run together. Hmmm… Maybe we’ll have to fix that!

  271. I only started running last year because a friend talked me into it. Now, most of the 5ks I have done have been with her!
    That’s who I would share socks with!

  272. My BRF is the daughter of one of my BFFs, and she just happened to learn this morning that she has a stress fracture in her foot. She’s just sick about it and so am I! Finding people to run with in my neck of the woods is not easy. I could use a few more RFs.

  273. My namesake, Maria. We did our first half mary last year in Austin. We haven’t gotten to run at all this year because of my move and baby #4.

  274. I am so lucky – I have TWO BRF’s and they would both get a pair of socks. BTW, I LOVE LOVE the Runniversary and I need to find mine!!! πŸ™‚

  275. My BRF is Steph, even though we both secretly prefer to train alone! We like to squeeze in one run together, then tend to run the same races together. I usually think I’m holding her back, but she still sticks with me! She’s having surgery on Thursday, so we’ll have to hold off for a few weeks, but I’ll be waiting for her when she’s ready to go again!

  276. My BRF now lives almost 1000 miles away, but I’d love to send her the other pair of socks. I don’t know if she realizes how much she influenced me to push my limits. I may never have run a half without her encouragement — I’ve now run three — and I know I wouldn’t have attempted a tri without her giving me a nudge!

  277. My rbf is a guy…and it throws people for a loop that I spend so much time with him…and that my husband doesn’t mind….my friend is training for his first ironman and 2012 is goi g to be a great year for us

  278. Ashley is my dear dear BRF. When we started running together we never thought we would do high mileage. Since then we both did our first ever half and keep on going!

  279. My BRF is also my BFF. We met as coworkers. We were both obese and unhappy. Her journey started September 2008 and I was so inspired that I started in January 2009. She lost 187lbs and I’ve lost 80lbs. We started running on New Year’s Day at a 5k (she begged me to come) and we’ve never looked back. We just finished our fifth half marathon together this year on Sunday. I couldn’t make this journey without my BRF…..she is truly an inspiration to me!!!!

  280. My BRF is Vicki. Two years ago, she agreed to take a running class (which she totally did NOT need) with me at the Y. It was entitled “From Couch Potato to 5K.” Not surprisingly (stupid title!), it did not make and was canceled. So instead, she taught me to run herself. Those first weeks were painful! One minute run, two minutes walk. Etc. etc. But she has faithfully hung with me. We completed our own race-per-month for a year challenge–ending with a half marathon. Now we’re training for the full (my first, her second) in Pittsburgh next May 2012. She doesn’t go in for all that “buddy buddy” stuff–has already told me she WILL NOT hold hands with me while crossing any finish line. But I owe my running life to her.

  281. The person I would consider my BRF lives on the opposite Coast. In fact, she lives in a different country. We train together online and keep each other in check – we even ran each or our first half-marathons on the same day, me in British Columbia, Canada and her in Boston, MA. One day we will run together, and maybe we can both wear these socks πŸ™‚

  282. I don’t have a BRF, but I’m always on the lookout! I’m getting another roommate in about four weeks, and I’m crossing my fingers she’s a runner. I’ve had six roommates in the last four years, so I’m hoping that seven is my magic number. I just might be able to convince her to join me if I can give her a new pair of socks!

  283. My BRF is a marathoner neighbor (Sherree) to whom I asked the following question one day (3 years ago) – “Do you ever walk?” This led to walking together in the park, which gradually morphed into running. She moved away, but we still keep in touch and she is one of my best supporters in my quest for fitness! Yes, I am still running and plan to do it forever. BTW – I LOVE Ibex wool – have a couple of t-shirts and a base layer. NICE!

  284. Great fun week of posts! I am fortunate to have many BRFs and I am thankful for all the laughs over the years and the miles and miles of listening /sharing.

  285. I, sadly, do not have a BRF…but I want one! If I won, I would gift the second pair to another mother I know who is currently expecting her second baby…she has expressed a desire to start running one day, and I would like to encourage her (and hope that she will be my running buddy one day!)

  286. My BRF is Maureen. We lived across the hall from one another in college and she convinced me I could be a runner when I didn’t think I could. She even ran races at my pace so we could race together. πŸ™‚ unfortunately she now lives 6 states away so we can no longer train together but since we are both trying to get pregnant we plan to meet up to do a post baby half! I would definitely give my amazing BRF the other pair!!

  287. My BRF Erin is so much more than that….she is a friend, an inspiration, a comedian and a psychiatrist. My runs with her start my whole day off on the right foot. I am a lucky girl!!

  288. My BRF is Melissa. We have been friends for years and this year we started running together. Neither of us ran before, we just thought it would be a cool thing to start. Melissa got a hip injury in June and was not able to run all summer. I continued to run and would tell her all about it. She was healed and ready to start running again in October. I helped her train for her first half marathon in Vegas. We ran Vegas together and had a blast!

  289. My BRF is someone I rarely have an opportunity to run with, but who lives in the same area. We meet up most often at races, start together, and meet up afterward. While I usually finish ahead of her in a running race, she consistently kicks my behind when it comes to triathlons. She’d definitely be getting the socks.

  290. I would give the other pair to my BRF, Laura. We are the two oldest women (by at least 10 years I think) in our training group and we run because we can!! We are slow and we have made great improvements since we started running this past February. We have run 2 half marathons together this year. She had to miss the other two due to family emergencies. We have set a full marathon goal (already signed up) for 2012!

  291. I’ve never had a BRF until this year when I volunteered to help my friend Heather train for and run her 2nd marathon. Now we’ve continued on in our training and will be running our first 50K on Saturday. Not only does she help keep me entertained during long runs she offers to watch my kids so I can get runs in without the stroller sometimes too. She definitely deserves the other pair of socks. πŸ™‚

  292. Tina – She is new to running, but signed up for the Warrior Dash with our group earlier, and just finished a 5K with us this weekend. I love her “what’s next” attitude.

  293. I have 2 – my twin sisters! (They are twins, I am not -just to clarify.) They encouraged me to start running seriously and I ran with them in my first half two years ago! I might have to give both my pairs away!

  294. My BRF is Katie!! Without her I would not be the runner I am today! She helped me train for my first half and first full! We run in the heat & humidity, rain, fog , ice & snow! She’s the best BRF a girl could have!

  295. My BRF is my friend Jen. She works a demanding full time job, has four kids and always inspires me to do my best. We ran our first half marathon earlier this year and are planning on our second next April. She is amazing and would never spend the money on the socks for herself!

  296. My BRF is my friend and roommate from college Brenda. Unfortunately, she has moved a few hours away but we still get together at least once a year to run a race!

  297. Courtney. We have been starting from the beginning together and walk/running. Lately, more running than walking. And maybe more friendship than fitness.

  298. My BRF is a roommate from college. She’s an experienced runner and marathoner. She coaches a group near her home and helps me out long distance. She has been my inspiration, my pacer, and my go-to pal for complaints, questions, and celebrations along the way. She’s the person I called a mile into my long run on Sunday to remind me that I shouldn’t run through pretty bad plantar fasciitis pain and who kept me company on the phone while I grumpily walked the mile back home.

  299. Mine is a co-worker, the 1st co-worker at my current job that I considered a friend at the office. I’ve always been a runner, but she got me on the 5K/10k/1/2 Marathon circuit and I’m so grateful!

  300. Definitely my neighbor and good friend Carrie. She is newer to the sport and begrudgingly (at first) started running with me…..and thankfully for the both of us, has caught the running bug! I don’t know what I would do without her!

  301. My BRF’s name is Kris. She convinced me to run my first half, in 2007, and since then I’ve run two fulls and four more halves. We’ve spent many hours doing our long runs and short runs and meeting at 5:30 a.m.

  302. My best running friend’s name is Megan. She’s my best overall friend as well. We meet twice a week to run and I don’t think I would be a good wife, mother or person without her. Sadly, I am moving out of state and we only have 4 runs left together. I can’t even think of it without getting teary.

  303. My new BRF Jen has been a BFF for over 20 (yikes) years. We have been through bad hair, bad beer, bad boyfriends, weddings, babies, you name it. When I became a Mother Runner, the mention of 5 am wake up calls, ice baths, and 20 mile runs would result in looks of disbelief/craziness. Now she has FINALLY caught the bug and is my Saturday morning partner in crime. Our Saturday dates (with a trip to Panera Bread after) are a run, therapy session, and gossip fest all in one. I recently had a miscarriage and she carried me (figuratively and almost literally) on that long, cold 6 mile run Thanksgiving weekend when all I wanted to do was stop running and start crying.

  304. My BRF is Chelle. Love that girl, love that she motivates me, lets me walk when necessary and occasionally lets me beat her in a race! I couldn’t (or at least wouldn’t) do half the workouts I do without her.

  305. No BRF but I would share my pair with my friend who recently BQ with 3 young girls and a job. She inspires me on Facebook to stay active.

  306. My BRF is my husband and I would share the socks with him. He got me back into running, encourages me, and holds me accountable. Love him.

  307. Currently, I don’t have one:(!!! None of my besties have caught the bug…YET! I would give one to my pal who is just starting to run. I’ll use it as a toast to her beginning to change her life for the better.

  308. My BFR’s are friends that I don’t actually run with (because they are too speedy), but because of their deciation to running, they keep me motivated to keep training and hopefully some day be able to keep pace with them.

  309. My running inspiration is my Aunt Wendy, who ran the Boston Marathon, then was diagnosed with breast cancer, then came back to continue running. I was blessed to be able to run a half marathon with her this spring. However, we live over an hour away from each other. So, my BRF is my neighbor Katy (also a running inspiration–she started running a few years ago after her husband left the marriage). I meet Katy at her house at 5 AM two days a week so we can get in 3 miles before the kids wake up.

  310. I have many running buddies…but I’d five the socks to my good friend whom I’m trying to encourage to run eith me. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping she’ll become a BRF!

  311. My BRF is Jen who just became a mother runner last night (yay Jen!). We met training for a marathon 5 years ago when we were both also planning our weddings. We were both from Wisconsin and had moved to DC. She was a year older than me but we were both entering the married lady stage at the same time. Now we are both becoming mommies around the same time (I am due in May). So, I would give the socks to Jen, cause she needs some inspiration to get her feet back out there, and I could use some inspiration to keep my feet going as I hit the turn around point (wk 20) of my pregnancy and start heading towards home!

  312. I wish I could say that I have a brf…my hubby is military and with the moving around, it’s been tough to develop that relationship; however, I have made a good friend in the SAHM club that I am in here at our latest duty station. Her name is Mandy and we seem to get along great…she is a runner too…maybe in time (with our love of running) we will become great friends!

  313. My BRF is Michelle! Due to other commitments i couldn’t run our very first marathon together but we did train and i did get to run the last eight miles with her! Who else would get up at 4:40am and run with me?!

  314. I have been fortunate to have a few BRFs. A few of mine have moved away, so I just keep finding new ones. One great thing about having multiple BRFs…there are always people holding me accountable for my runs..even if they are not physically here!

  315. My BRF is Kathy. She lives a bit too far away to run together regularly, but she’s been my buddy at most of my recent races and we’re traveling together to Houston to run the marathon next month. She’s a relatively new runner, but she’s GOOD, always positive and up for an adventure.

  316. If I won these socks, I would give a pair to my beautiful daughter who has encouraged me to keep running and has run along side me.

  317. Hands down, my friend Pam. We met on the first day of kindergarten (her last child, my first). Both in running clothes. We’ve done every hard race together. Despite my move to Florida, we still “run” together and I look forward to a great race reason next year when we move back to Colorado!

  318. My BRF, although we don’t get to R together as much as we’d like to, was my BF long before we were BRFs. She’s been my go-to for mom questions, life questions, and just for venting and sharing happy news, too! She’s faster than me, so just like talking to her makes me a better person, running with her makes me a better runner.

  319. I’d give the socks to my boyfriend if I could…since he’s a constant source of support and inspiration and the reason I started running. But since these are women’s socks πŸ™‚ I’ll give the second pair to my trainer/boot camp instructor. She’s helped me go from the couch to being in much better shape and gotten me ready for 3 half marathons…#4 only about 50 days away!!!! I bet she’d love these!

  320. I have 4 BRF’s. I am so thankful for every one of them and for different reasons for each one. I would give the socks to S though. She knows exactly why I slow my pace for two steps and slides right in by me.

  321. Easy question! Christy! I just ran my first 1/2 with her. I loved the virtual training we did. We had the same training schedule so it was so motivating to know that even though I’m in MT and she’s in TX (we met in college in TX) that we were running the same each day. I hope that we can do it again sometime!

  322. My BRF is Monica. Who once had the pleasure? of having to undress me after my hands went completely numb during a surprise snow shower in the midst of a 10-miler. I suffer from Raynauds and couldn’t even get the key in the front door lock. Monica did the honors, from rummaging around in my sweaty tights to find the key; getting me indoors and out of my wet clothes into a fluffy bathrobe; and making sure I was warm before she left. Keep in mind she was soaked as well.

    Not to mention she motivated me to run my first marathon at age 48 and insisted on running our first Boston Marathon by my side, even though she’s a good 10-12 minutes faster than me.

    Come to think of it, I should nominate her for World’s Greatest Best Running Friend!

  323. Sadly, I don’t have a BRF. I am a new runner and just completed my first 5K on Saturday. My husband promised me that he will run the next one with me (he’s a non-runner!), so he would be the person I would gift to.

  324. My BRF is my buddy Rochelle or RoRo. I have several ladies that I run with, but Ro has encouraged and pushed me from the beginning. She coerced me into signing up for my first half marathon with a little peer pressure, and I’m so glad she did. We try to run at least once a week now in the winter, but in the summer we started biking too. Would so love to giver her a pair of these socks.

  325. My BRF is my race partner. We never run together otherwise, but she’s the first person I tell about a cool race coming up. She’s the reason I ran my first 15K and then my first half marathon this year. Next year we’ve planned 3 half marathons to run together! πŸ™‚

  326. my BRF lives about 2.5 hours away but we still motivate each other by signing up for races that we can run together. Even though we train separatley we email, text, call, and facebook about our training and look forward to the races so we can catch up in person.

  327. My BRF is my brother. He’s another father runner (who gets me through my long runs when he isn’t even marathon training), and he totally deserves some toasty wool socks!

  328. I have a brand new BRF who encouraged me to run my first 5k this past fall. Now because of her persistence I’m signed up to run the NY 1/2 for charity. We have a lot of fun and she’s my first BRF since high school!

  329. My BRF is Jenn. When I first moved here, she was the first person to stop by my house and introduce herself, the first one to invite me to go running, the first shoulder I cried on (while out on a trail run) about missing my sister. She’s been an inspiration this past year and a half and recently finished an Ironman!!! Way to go IronMom!!!!

  330. I have 2 awesome BFR’s whom I cling to tenaciously! This year has been so exciting for all 3 of us — boyfriends, jobs, kids, 2 of us did our first half marathons, and bringing new runners into the fold. Maybe you’ve heard of us! We are the Warrior Girls Running Club!

  331. I actually have two BRFs, so I guess I’d give a pair to each of them! One is super speedy and super positive. She always motivates and helps me realize I can go faster and further. The other is just coming off a broken shoulder and has just run her first mile in two months. It’s been really hard for her, so I’m glad she’s back!

  332. I love BRFs!! Right now, I have two special running buddies, Lisa and Pennie, who I’d love to give the socks to! There is no better feeling than having someone to either make a plan with for running or to have someone reach out to me to tell me where/when to meet for a run. Shared goals, shared miles, shared stories.

  333. My BRF is actually my husband. He has always been a runner, but I, alas, have not. While he can effortlessly toss out 6 or 7 miles, I complain for the entire duration of 1 mile.
    When I began to train for my first half marathon, he was my first pick for a partner on my weekend long runs. I considered myself to be reasonably active but not exactly a runner type. I was more in the camp of β€œrun only if chased with knife”. I was more of an angry runner, not one with the awesome runner’s high afterwards who loves the feel of the wind in her face. Starting the training program in January in the St. Louis Metro East (ice+snow+wind= FREEZING) was not quite the best motivation to get outside and start running. I spent many early mornings ticked that I was doing this, and some days I stomped my foot and said no! But, eventually my husband’s good nature and the ticking of the clock prompted me to just get it over with.
    When I would say “I can’t do this!”, my husband, who is the hare to my tortoise, just said, β€œBut you are doing it”, to which I responded with growling and frustration, saying things like, β€œbe quiet or I will trip you”. (I am an angry runner, remember?)
    Finally, the race day arrived. All my little running friends in their cute skirts and hats were giddy and excited about running, while I was holding back the urge to puke. I was definitely not excited. I just wanted to get it over with. I had many struggles that day. I ran way slower than I had ever run before, and had some serious pain for the last 6 miles, but amazingly I made it all the way without stopping. My husband jogged effortlessly along next to me the entire time, trying to encourage me, without being too encouraging. Again I said, β€œI can’t do this. It hurts. I want to quit.” He knew better than to say anything chirpy or cheesy, but instead he said, β€œI know. But you are doing it. Come on. Just a little further.” He stayed right by me the whole time. He could have easily been texting his friends or snapping pictures while I barely hobbled to the finish line, but he didn’t. He could have taken off early on and finished a good 45 minutes before me, but he didn’t. He stayed. He put up with me, complaints and all, for 14 weeks of training and 2 1/2 hours of straight running. He is the Bestest BRF I could ever have.

  334. My BRF is my brother in law. I got him through the last 10 miles of the marine corps marathon where he raised money in my mom’s name for cancer research. And he flew up and ran my first half marathon with me. However, as these look like ladies socks, I will gift a pair to my BSMF (best single mom friend) who also runs πŸ™‚

  335. My JL is truly the best running friend one can have, we have one long run together once a week and it the best therapy one can have. We leave all of our stress, worries, venting on the path, once in awhile we even plan lessons (we are both teachers).

  336. My BRF is my good friend Cami. I met her at my health club and when I learned she was a runner asked if we could do some runs together. She helped me train for my first marathon, and then we trained and I ran my second marathon with her. Cami is such a wonderful person, she deserves some new socks!

  337. I would gift my 2nd pair to my sister, who while not as obsessed with running as I am, does run and even races with me sometimes! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  338. Cindy! Every Sunday we go running. We used to be in a moms club play group but now our kids are in school and busy but we’ve kept the fun going for us. It’s a staple in my schedule I look foward too.

  339. My BRF is my cousin and best run buddy, Lisa. I would not be running today without her encouragement (… and a bit of peer pressure – in a really good way!!) Our best runs are when one of us has something something drama-filled going on, and we are distracted by all our chatting. It seems like we have a lot of that lately, so our runs have been really good!

  340. My BRF is my daughter, Malynda. We currently live 3 hours apart. My husband and I recently moved closer to my mother to take care of her. We used to run together 3 days a week. Now we run mostly virtual. We do get together twice a month to run together and have a girls day.
    She inspires me to keep going and there is always time to fit in a run. She was working full-time, going to school full-time and still managed to train for the Chicago Marathon two years ago. If she could do that, I could certainly find time to run consistently. She would love the socks.

  341. I don’t have a BRF exactly, but I have a friend who enjoys running even more than I do, but we both savor our alone time when we run, so haven’t ventured out together. I would give the socks to her.

  342. My hubby would be my BRF! He is the one who runs slow with me and helped me get started running in the first place. The socks probably won’t fit him though, so I’ll have to find someone else πŸ˜‰

  343. My BRF is also my BFF: Meghan! I miss her and love her so much (I recently moved away from her for three years and I miss her everyday!).

  344. My BRF is Andrea. She is the reason I thought I could finish a marathon & she was with me through all the miles of training & was waiting on me at the finish line. Now we are planning our escapades for 2012 and I can’t wait!

  345. I have 2 BRFs and they are the BEST! After school drop-off we’ll be kicking off our Monday with a run together. If I win, they will be getting the prizes. Love those ladies!

  346. I run with a group of mamas on Saturdays. Run mama run! The group changes a bit every week and I love it! I would give the other pair of socks to use as a giveaway on their Facebook page πŸ™‚

  347. My neighbor and co-worker, Judith (aka Hootie). She’s always on time for a running date, always pushes my pace but never leaves me behind. We get loads of junk off our chests running together, it’s wonderful.

  348. My BRF is Richele. We’ve PR’d together, we’ve had the worst races EVER together. In the best and worst of times, she’s there to share it with me. We run long runs together whenever we can, and I’m always amazed how fast the miles roll by when we’re laughing and chatting. I would love to win something I could share with her!

  349. My BRF is Lori. I also run with my hubby any chance we get but it’s easer to schedule time with Lori than him. I know she’d love a new pair of running socks!

  350. My BRF just so happens to be my BFF!! While we don’t train together, we do run some races together. And when we aren’t running it together, the other one is on the sidelines cheering on (and watching the kids πŸ™‚

  351. I would totally gift the other pair of socks to my Team in Training mentor Judy. Without her, I probably would have quit at mile 10 of my first half. Love you, Judy!!

  352. My BRF is my friend Morgan. She supported me last year when I took my first baby steps, all the way to now, when I am training for my first half marathon. She recently moved far, far away, and has stopped running. I would give these to her to inspire her to keep going!

  353. Linda is my BRF… in three years we have run many a Saturday mornings and recently trained and finished our 1st Half Marathon. Without her, I am doubtful that I would be running…

  354. I have two BRFs, so I guess I’ll have to flip a coin. Both are very much deserving because they have more motivation than me, and are the reason I am able to get up before the sun rises and get my runs in. Melissa is a super-speedy marathoner that u-turns for me on our runs, and Tracy and I run the same pace! That’s hard to find in a small town with few early morning runners. She makes our 7-mile Thursday runs fly by because we talk the entire time. Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe!

  355. I dont have a real life BRF πŸ™ But I’d send them to my BFF Nicole in Nebraska who got me started running when I was completely anti-running. I’m training for a full and she’s training for a half and we send each other encouragement and support everyday in emails and on facebook since were in 2 different states.

  356. I’m lucky, I get a triple header on this one.
    My real life BFF is also my BRF AND my BTF (best tri friend)
    We met thru triathlon and I am so blessed to have her be my best is so many ways πŸ˜€

  357. My BRF is Tara Plowgian. She is my saving grace each morning at 5:45 a.m. We both ran different marathons this year and showed up to help the other run the last ten miles. She drove 6 hours to be there for my last ten miles of the marathon and I would have died without her! Love my BRF.

  358. Carla. She got me running and ran my first race with me. She is also my camping and rock climbing BFF! She definitely deserves a pair of socks.

  359. Char and Caro – One has moved many miles away, the other post-partum, but I always look forward to piling the miles with these ladies.

  360. My BRF is Barb. We met at the Sauvie Island 1/2 last year. We are perfectly matched for pace, temperament and we even work in the same field!.. Fate brought us together. A perfect match. We just ran the Holiday Half yesterday. “You Got This” !!! : )

  361. I joke that my BRF is Hank, my now 19 month old, who has accompanied me on multiple runs each week for 27+ months now. But I can’t share socks with him. Then comes my husband. We’ve been running together for almost 18 years, completed 3 marathons together and many other races of all distances, while having life and 4 kids whiz by. But I can’t share socks with him either. My sister, in sole and soul, is also my BRF. I love her to pieces. We just finished NWM together and even though training together comes to probably less than 1 run a month, I love to run with her. I’d give her the socks.

    (And if she doesn’t want them, ARM has inspired me to finally take the plunge and ask women I barely know if they want to run! I now have a friend I run with once a month and another one in the scheduling process!)

  362. Deb is my BRF as well as my BFF. We just spent an amazing weekend in Vegas and topped it off with the RNR Vegas 1/2 Marathon as part of our goal to run a 1/2 marathon in all 50 states. Seven states down 43 to go.

  363. My BRF is Dawn Herrick! Shout out to you girl! We’ve only been running for 3 months but have come so far in just a short time. Thanks for the inspriration, kick in the butt and most of all the friendship!

  364. My BFR is DeAnn!!!! She is my rock- my encourager- my secret keeper- prayer warrior and soul sister!!! I’d be lost without her!!! XO

  365. BRF is actually my guys friends at work; on our weekly Wed run they inspire me to go always a little faster than my usual. Love the friendly competition!

  366. I’m sad to be leaving my BRF behind in Cincinnati. My family has lived here for nearly four years and it has taken me about that long to finally find a BRF. Now we are moving to Portland, OR and I will, again, be seeking a BRF!

  367. Danielle. We’re well paced and she likes to talk so I never bring my headphones. I met her through her husband – I cut his hair. When he found out I’m a runner and we live very close to each other, he asked my average minute mile pace, if I like to chat during runs (because she drives her sister crazy!), how far I go, etc… It was so funny that he, pretty much a non-runner, was so into his wifes running that he knew everything to ask. He reported to her and gave her my number and we’ve been meeting once a week since!! I love having at least one time a week that I meet someone. It makes the entire run more fun.

  368. I run alone…except on Saturdays, when I run with my oldest twin, JJ, who is 7. He is the best running partner and it is great to have this special time with him. I just found AnotherMotherRunner a week or so ago, and LOVE IT! Thank you for all the great stuff you’ve posted…I’m busily reading the archives. Since JJ could not wear the socks if I won them, I’d give them to the girl that I see running every day when I’m out at 5am. Don’t know who she is, but she went from walking 3 miles this summer to running 3 miles now. Very dedicated. It was 24 degrees this morning…and we were the only 2 runners out in our small town. I’d get up extra early to meet her at the corner by my house and give her the socks!

  369. I am lucky to have two! My girl BRF and I haven’t found the time to run together lately but we keep each other accountable for our runs. We motivate each other and cheer each other on. I also am lucky enough to run with my husband. I am glacially slower than him but he will run his warm up with me. He is a terrific cheerleader!

  370. My BRF and BFF is Christie. Can’t imagine running anything longer than 5 miles without her. We have once a week long runs together that we consider therapy….

  371. Not many women run in India (except for the bus or train), so it was such a pleasure to join a women-only running group when I moved to the UK for some years. The ‘Running Sisters’ in High Wycombe are an incredible group that gently prods reluctant and new runners and gets them interested in being better runners. I loved that group and now that I’m back in India, I’d happily gift a pair of these cozy socks to Susan Hewett, who leads the group. She’s fantastic and may her tribe increase.

  372. MY BRF is Shelley! Our running anniversary is at the end of the year- she brought me from running 3-4 miles at a time to our weekly long miles and helped me train for my first half.
    I don’t think I would have ever upped the mileage on my own…

  373. My BRF is my husband. We are a great team on and off the road (but he may not groove on those girly socks). My other BRF is my niece, Becca, who lives in San Diego. Her husband is a marine and so they’ve always lived far away, but I consider her my AotherMotherRunner BRF. We have a lot in common and if we lived closer together we would definitely be hitting the pavement regularly.

  374. I would give the 2nd pair of socks to my BRF Christine, who I would never have met in real life if it wasn’t for running. (I don’t normally swing in the same circles as hospital chaplins). We are always at the back of the pack but I’m convinced we have more fun. Not too mention we’re Canadian so we need winter running socks more than most!!

  375. It’s hard for me to pick a RBF. I have a great group of girlies I run with but my hubby is another constant running pal (though I really doubt the socks will fit him, ha). I’m just too blessed with great running buddies.

  376. My friend Amelia who says I’m her inspiration to start exercising and getting in shape. Maybe new socks would give her a boost. πŸ™‚

  377. My BRF is Jeannie. She was my friend’s landlady and the mother of one of my middle son’s classmates. She is very quiet (unlike me). Her husband asked me to get her to run with me and I finally did. She became my sole sister. She ran a half in November in a race where I was running the full. She stayed with me the entire first half and waited over 2 hours after she finished to be there for me when I finally came in. If anyone deserves to win something, it is her.

  378. My BRF is Tiffany (aka Tank). We have been “together” for 3+ years now. Our most recent race together was a 9 mile trail run. After it was over, she looked at me and said I can never pick the race again! And then laughed of course.

  379. I would totally give the socks to my sister, who is my BRF, even though we live four hours apart. We encourage and keep each other accountable and we run together when we can!

  380. In January of last year I discovered my BRF, Mary, who lives just across the street from me! We would pass each other on the dark street of our early morning runs. I finally worked up the nerve to ask her if she wanted to run together – I assumed she was so much faster than me. Turns out we match pace almost perfectly! We have run two half marathons, one 5k, and one sprint tri together. I am so lucky!

  381. I don’t have a local BRF (sad!) BUT I have a BF that runs and lives in another town. She keeps me motivated and convinced me to sign up for my first race.

  382. Janell – who kicked me out to the gym and forced me to put real asphalt & gravel under my running shoes; who slowed her pace just so I could keep up with her; who convinced me that I could go farther than I ever imagined; who talked me into my 1st 1/2 marathon and willingly signed on for the one after that and the one after that :); who has given me the gift of her experience and wisdom and encouragement and prayers.

  383. I dont have a BFR, its seems to be all my friends will start running but then maybe not stick with it long term. But if I chose it would be my Best Friend Kathleen who is getting married and determined to loose the weight she has put on. She is starting with a 5k and we will be running the Chicago Rock n Roll half this summer

  384. So my BRF is one of my very best friends. Although we never actually get to run together, she encouraged me to do my first(and second) half marathon, and we can talk about anything related to running. I mean, who else can you talk to about how you peed yourself right after finishing a run, or during! We have run once together, and it was fun(but she is super speedy).

  385. My BRF is Margie, she is always the first one to give me a wake up call even though I am up and at the coffee machine when she texts, she is always ready with a smile and a cup of Joe in the wee dark mornings, she inspires me daily and has lost over 50lbs and is committed to running and recently ran the NYC Marathon. She never gives up on friend and will be there every morning for the pounding of the pavement!!

  386. My Husband!!! I began running last summer. He did NOT understand what I found in it. He biked, kayaked, golfed…… He hated it. When I started getting that “need to run” feeling, he decided to try it. After some IT band work with the Physical therapist, we have competed in several races and run several times a week. We do have to train separately some, because he is much faster than me (makes me very unhappy!), but he still loves to run with me so we can have some time to talk without the kids.

  387. my 9-year old beagle, bailey. he’s been running with me before, during and after pregnancy…in rain, cold, hot, dark…short or long, easy or hard..he never complains, never criticizes..always ready to go and so happy and grateful afterwards…he’s the BRF EVER! <3

  388. I would share with my BWF (best walking friend) Hope, she got me started again after two years off, and I’ve lost 30 lbs and shared many good times with her!

  389. I have recently started running with another mom named Beth. Beth approached me at Back-To-School Night a few months ago because she’d seen me running around town, and that night she realized our kids are in the same class. We try to run together whenever possible and we never seem to run out of things to talk about! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a chance to run together but I’m heading out the door shortly to meet up with her – we have lots to catch up on!!

    It would be great if we both won these socks – one thing we have in common is that we both have poor circulation and need extra help to keep warm during our winter runs!

  390. I don’t have a BRF, but I have a few friends who have encouraged me over the years and love hearing their running stories. I think this would have to go to my kid’s 4th grade teachers encouraged me to begin running. Even though we don’t get to run together much, we still share stories of races and runs.

  391. My friend Summer would qualify as a BRF. We ran a 5K together last year and like to “conversate” about our running. She just gave birth to baby #4. He came a month early and I have teased her about wanting to get back to training quicker to be ready for the next race we plan to run. Thanks

  392. I don’t have a BRF yet, but I’m working on it! Four of my friends are working their way through Couch to 5K, I ran my friend’s first race with her, and another friend has signed up with me (and our kids, yay!) for a 5K mud run in the spring. I would give the socks to my friend who doesn’t have a treadmill — it’s getting cold here in the northeast!

  393. My friend Mandy- we’ve got 5 kids between us (she has 3, 2 for me) all 5 & under so running is a gift. She just broke her toe & has been out of commission for a few weeks & I’ve missed her in the morning. Would love to give her some warm socks to get us through the winter.

  394. My BRF is my next door neighbor Heidi. We started running together in June, did a 5K July 4th and then did a 1/4 in September and a 1/2 in October. We run several times a week at 5:30am and try to do a longer run on the weekend. We keep each other moving!

  395. My BRF is Sandy! We were college roommates and recently reconnected through FB. We ran our first 10K race (Flying Pig, Cincinnati) earlier this Spring and ran the Columbus Half Marathon together this past Fall. We are now training for the Nashville half. We don’t live in nearby towns so we can’t run together often, but we do connect whenever we can. As a matter of fact this past weekend she was in Columbus on business, so we ran together Sunday morning through downtown! It is great to have my BFF back in my life, but even better that my BFF has become my “Sole Sister”. We actually have a whole story written on this and need to send to you gals — maybe if we win!!! πŸ™‚

  396. My best running friend is my neighbor. We meet in the early morning pre-dawn hours for our before work runs. It’s great having someone to run with and talk to and it’s better motivation to get out of bed so early.

  397. Its my husband! We rarely run together but he is my biggest support – and when he isn’t running the same race as me, he’s always at the finish line..

  398. I’ve made two best running friends since moving to TX, but I would probably send the second pair of socks to my first best running friend who I no longer run with since we live in separate states now. We ran our first marathon together and ran all through college together.

  399. So lucky to have 5 of them! And now that I’m on a little break from running, I’ve realized that our friendship is about more than just running. Two of them would get the socks and I’ll just keep shopping for the others!

  400. My BRF is Heather. We both started running in January, although neither of us knew the other had started at the time. When we realized that we were both in the same boat, we started signing up for races together. 6 races and 11 months later, we ran our first half-marathon! While we never trained together, it has been invaluable to have someone to share the journey with and we’re looking forward to more races in 2012!

  401. My BRF is Liz. We started running together last October. Our first runs were a measly 2 miles. We are now training for our first half marathon, and just last week ran 9 miles together. We run and chat and never run out of topics πŸ™‚

  402. I, sadly, do not currently have a BRF. Though I do have a friend who runs. She has been an inspiration and she would be the recipient of the second pair of socks.

  403. Haha–I just read above there is another set of Sue’s!

    My running bestie is Sue. We met through the RLAM facebook page and quickly connected. We had a ton in common besides running–crazy kids, cranky husbands, jobs that were just “eh.” I moved from PA to WNY over the summer, but we plan on running several races together each year–for 2012 we’ve got the Dirty German 50K (PA), the BOMF Relay (PA), and the Rochester Marathon (WNY).

  404. Miss Wendy, my twins’ library teacher, and I started talking about running early this year. She saw my marathon race shirt and shared she was training for her first half. She did great at it & wanted more. We decided to train for the Philly full. I usually don’t run with others aside from race day bc I am slow. Wendy wanted company for the long runs so after making sure she was ok with my slowness we ventured out on what would become a great best running friendship. I really enjoy our runs. We are organizing Mom bimonthly runs… I’m looking forward to 2012!

  405. Call me cheesy, but my BRF is my husband. There have been plenty of girl friends who have inspired me, but he’s the real reason I became a runner. I will NEVER run with him, but I’d sure share some socks πŸ™‚

  406. My BRF is Barb and we have only run together once. Yes that is right once. I am here in Rhode Island and she is in Ohio. She has been running for many years and I always felt inspired to run just by hearing her talk about it. I finally started running in July and fell in love with it. When I told Barb, you would of thought she won the lottery! The excitement I got from her one the phone is hard to describe but I was smiling ear to ear. I told her my plan and what races I was doing. She wanted to run my first race with me but she was doing her 4th marathon. She was disappointed but signed up to run with me my second. It was an amazing race here in RI. 4.2 miles with a start time of 6:30am! We ran over the Newport Bridge into the sun rising and I never saw anything more beautiful. She clearly could of killed this race but she stayed with me at my snail pace the whole time snapping pictures. It was one of my best runs and hope we can make it an annual event.

  407. I don’t have a BRF πŸ™
    Though I do have 3 other mom friends who do run, and we sometimes run together – when we’re all healthy anyway. I would very happily share with one of them. πŸ˜€

  408. I like to call Anne my “Awesomest Running Partner” because that’s exactly what she is. She totally deserves the socks. πŸ™‚

  409. My BFR would be Amy…..she inspires me, challenges me, and pushes me to keep going…..when I first moved to Florida I was introduced to her and she immediately invited me out to go run with her……I push myself farther when I run with her and she encourages me to press forward……………I would give the socks to her:)

  410. My BRF is Lisa, if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know that’d I’d have kept going, and to think, she didn’t even start out as a fact she HATED running (can you imagine!!!) Right now she’s out with an injury and I miss running with her so much…but her favorite thing is socks, (she wore what we dubbed, her “rainbow bright socks” to our first 10k, and has several other entertaining pairs that she wears just to keep it all fun. It’d be nice to be able to give her another pair to keep her tootsies warm, remind her she’ll get back at it and that we have several miles left to run together!

  411. Though I do most of my runs alone, I have two friends whom I now call really good friends thanks to running. We trained together for a half marathon this year, and we run once a week or so together. They are amazing; they are real; they are my BRFs. Also, my sister (who lives far from me) is a runner. I love the fact that on holidays when the eating is out of control, we can temper the guilt by running together!

  412. OMG! Just had awesome weekend in tucson with my BRF laura! We have come so far from hanging out on the smoking porch at the sorority house in college, personnel board reviews for causing “un sister like behavior” to graduation, real jobs, marriage, babies, dogs, and the single life for Laura:). We reconnected on facebook two years ago and re-kindled our friendship and newly aquired love for running! We finished our 7th marathon this weekend Tucson! Our 14 month journey has brought us 2 boston qualifying times(laura), 2 personal best for me (one paced by my BRF), two personal worst Nashville CMM. Highlight for Nashville was meeting SBS and dimity (I am not brown nosing…I am a fan). My BRF and I live 3 hrs apart in NC but keep up with our running trips and many weekly text. We are starting our 50 states quest while trying to stay employed, married, girlfriend status(lauras new man). We click, we get it! We are just as crazy as the other and enjoy the fact that despite our distance in age and location our friendship goes the distance! (Hell this morning she used my tooth brush by accident and all we could do was laugh and say we are one! It was 4am hehe. Next venture is goofy challeng wdw jan 2012. We will be super goofy with our outfits! Love my BRF!

  413. Sadly I don’t have a BRM, but I’d gift the socks to my college friend who would run and workout with me almost every day in college. We’d drag each other out of bed in our dorm at 6 AM after saying up way too late. She kept me motivated! Now we live in different states but I hope to someday run with her again!

  414. I don’t have a BRF. I desperately want a BRF. I long for a BRF. If I won, I would give the 2nd pair of socks to my sister-in-law. She (a non-runner) agreed to run the Atlanta Half Marathon with me on Thanksgiving day just because she was flying down to eat turkey with us! I think I might have converted her! Now if she could move from Long Island to the ATL, I’d have a BRF!

  415. I would give one pair to my BRF Roni. We have run many times together and completed the More women’s half marathon on Central Park NYC twice together. Once in the pouring rain. 6 mths ago my family and I moved from CT to TX and so we can’t run together anymore but, we are training for the Chevron Houston half together long distance. I am so excited to be able to run with her again in Jan. Having matching socks would be great. I miss her on my runs and we always said ” what’s said on a run,stays on a run!”

  416. I don’t have one now. πŸ™ I’d give the second pair to my friend Amy, who ran the half at my first marathon and waited for me at the finish, taking care of me – she also ran the same half as me one year and ran a very cold 5k with me. She now lives in my old hometown (with hubs and 3yo daughter) and I’m across the country. I’d love her to have these socks to keep her feet warm as she runs through the winter!

  417. My BRF is Courtney. She lives right next door to me. I had been running for a short time and had put a comment on Facebook regarding something running related. She was about 6 weeks post-partum with baby 2 and commented back that if I ever needed a partner to let her know. Well, that was just over a year ago. Since then we run about 5 nights a week together and have done a hand full of races together. Including a half marathon, a first for both of us. With out her I think I would go insane. Our runs make me push harder to be a faster and better runner, but they also help in venting out life’s frustrations. I knew she was having a bad night last week when she cane over with her Camelbak on. I told my husband wow Court is totally serious tonight. See you a whoooooooole lot later. We all laughed. It took us just over 6 miles but she was feeling much better in the end. Thanks Courtney!!! You rock!!!

  418. I don’t have a BRF, but if I won I’d give the other pair of socks to my sister-in-law,Tammy, for inspiring me to run a half marathon with her next fall.

  419. My second pair would go to my friend Tam. She inspired me to start and kept me wanting to run. She is inspirational every day on different levels.

  420. My BRF (ever) is Karen. I could give you dozens of examples why (matching outfits, pulling each other through races, psyching each other up, etc.). But? She just drove me 300 miles roundtrip for my last-minue-decision “redemption” marathon, slept on the sofabed, bought me dinner since I kept rebuffing her offer to split the room, and teared up with me at the finish line. Totally an Ethel and Lucy roadtrip, and she was fabulous.

  421. My sister! She lives in NJ and I’m in MD but every time we are together get at least one run in. Plus, often enough we go for what we call a “virtual” run together. We talk on the phone while at least one of us is running. Just like I’d talk to her while running, except of course, she’s miles away. The next best thing for us.

  422. My best friend is Gail. We have run together for over 22 years. We both have homes in Fl & N.C. Mountains where we enjoy each others running company. She has kept me going through many races. I would give the spare pair to her. It can get cold here in Fl but definately is warm sock weather in the Mountains.

  423. Her name is Amber, I knew her hubby growing up. Her son and my daughter were born on the same day at the same hospital down the hall from each other and love to play together. We also go to church together. Not to mention we do the midnight twilight premiers together w/ a group of our good friends who, some of which, have just started running as well!
    We just started running together this year and have similar paces making our runs more fun! We are currently training for our first half marathon on April Fool’s day 2012 in Knoxville, TN. I don’t know that I would have even signed up if she wasn’t running it w/ me! She’s a true friend and a positive running buddy! I wouldn’t share my prize with anyone else!!

  424. Well, the socks probably wouldn’t fit him, but my husband is absolutely my BRF. We got engaged at the finish line of the Marine Corps marathon, and while these days most of our runs are on our own, we’re both happiest when they’re together.

  425. Kim definitely got me running all summer. Same speed and best of all we always had different days where we felt “off” so we were able to pull each other through those long runs.

  426. My BRF is Liz, who runs with me on Monday mornings. She is much faster than I am, and sometimes I have to struggle to keep up. She makes me believe I can run faster and farther than I ever imagined!

  427. I have a group of BRFs who are my motivation for 5:30 am runs twice a week, all winter long! They will have to fight over who gets the 2nd pair of socks!

  428. My best running friends are Jaime and Madelyn. We run often with a group that includes much faster, frequent marathoners, but the three of us are almost always on the same pace when we are together. We ran a half-marathon together in October (a first for 2 of us) and all finished within seconds of each other!

  429. I responded by e-mail…but here’s the text of it…

    My best running friend is my brother, Josh. He and I actually rarely train together, because he’s way faster than I am and we don’t live in the same town. But he’s the one that got me to run the Philadelphia Marathon last year–I hadn’t gotten into New York (again) and was giving up on running a marathon. Then he said, “I’m running Philly and so are you.” So I signed up, and last year, (together with our older brother who doesn’t run but came for moral support,) we took the train to Philly and I finished my first marathon ever (4:42). Then, after I suggested we try Warrior Dash, Josh e-mailed me back and said, “That’s for weenies. I’m going to find us a real race.” And so, in May of last year, we competed in and finished Tough Mudder New England at Mount Snow, Vermont (He was 50 and I was 45–most participants are in their twenties.) My brother is a fighter. He never lets me quit anything. Tough Mudder was insane and grueling, but we finished EVERY OBSTACLE because he said we had to. We’re planning to run a 10 mile race on January 28th in frigid Long Island winter weather.

    Josh also happens to be an involved dad, a loyal husband and a compassionate human being. He motivates me to be a better athlete, runner and really, a better person. So he’s my BRF.

  430. I’m really more of an alone runner, but I do like to run with my sister who just finished treatment for a brain tumor, she took on a half marathon at the end of chemo and PR’d by over 5 minutes from the last half she did, over 5 years ago! She is easy inspiration!

  431. I have three BRF’s, but only one is currently running with me physically. I’d gift the second pair of socks to Erin M., who ran her first half-marathon with me this October. She planned to run only a 10k, but then asked if she could keep doing the long runs with me on the weekends. I told her that if she was going to do the training, she needed to get the medal at the end! She ran the whole thing and did awesome! We stuck together and it was my first pod-free race!

  432. My BRF is my friend Michele. She loves distance, I love speed. We push each other, and solve the world’s problems while we run. She’s also the most kind, generous person I know and she makes me want to be a better person and a better runner.

  433. I don’t have a BRF b/c running for me is a solitary pursuit in order to save my own sanity. (I love being alone with nature and my own thoughts.) But my very best friend, the fellow mother with whom I talk or spend time most every day, is a solo runner like me. We support each other even though we run separately. No question, I’d give the 2nd pair to her.

  434. I have been fortunate enough to have several BRFs over the years. My current BRF has been running with me since my first pregnancy almost 10 years ago. We run together at least once a week, if not more depending on our schedules, and have traveled together to several races- even if we don’t run them together…including the New York City Marathon! Right now we’re gearing up to start training for Big Sur, I’m signed up for the marathon and she’s signed up for the 10 mile run. We could use some nice warm socks for our East coast winter training. πŸ™‚

  435. Being new to where I moved, I have no BRF yet, so my BRF is my dog Mr. Reagan who is a border collie and can out run anyone πŸ™‚ I would give an extra pair of socks to a coach friend of mine who has very little $$$

  436. My BRF is a guy who will slow his fast pace to my turtle pace so we can run a race together. We live in Wisconsin so need warm socks πŸ™‚

  437. My BRF is Sue. We are “The Sue’s” and seem to always know just what the other needs. Whether it’s a little push, tough love, or a sympathetic ear. I am so grateful for her.

  438. My BRF is also my neighbor. We meet on the curb most mornings to run. I don’t know what I would do without her. We’re currently training for a half – her first! And we need good socks. πŸ™‚

  439. My BRF is Stephanie! We are a unlikely pair – she is 10 years younger, and an ironman finisher, whereas I don’t even like to race. I am beyond thankful for her company and friendship as we pound out the early morning miles.

  440. So sad i don’t have a BRF ~ i would really, really love one! If i could give a pair away, i’d give one to my brother who without his encouragement, i’d have never run my first half marathon or traveled to St. George for my first marathon this past fall. His love and passion for running is inspiring!

  441. Truly I love running by myself. I treasure that time. But my dear sweet amazing friend lives in Austin, I live in Indiana. She runs, I run. We talk about running all the time. That is what I need in my BRF, not someone to run with me, but to talk about it with me, to enjoy the ups and downs. Cold for her is 40 degress, for me it’s about 10 degrees! Either way, wool socks are awesome!

  442. I moved 2 hours away from my BRF but she encouraged me via email as I trained for my first marathon. Then she met me at mile 21 and ran the last 5 miles with me. She gets the socks.

  443. I’d give the socks to my daughter who has recently started running. We don’t run together because we run different paces. She is like her father and runs even where I run fast and slow.

  444. I do not have a BRF yet but I am still searching for my sole mate. If I won, I would give a pair of socks to my little sister, Becky. We are separated by hundreds of miles and I miss her more than words can say. She inspired me to run my first marathon and helped me believe I could do it. For the first time in March, we will run in a marathon together!

  445. Emily is my BRF. We came upon each other by accident, both being on a relay team put together by some co-workers. She motivates me and inspires me and spent the summer helping me through an injury. We talk about running a lot – training, racing, clothing and gear. I believe we can attribute many of our successes and PR’s to each other. Thanks Emily!

  446. My BRF/BFF is my husband, Jim. He joins me on short parts of my long runs and is my amazing support system. I got him interested to start running and we love scheming about scenic running route or races as get-aways.

  447. My BRF is Patty. She helped me train for my 1st & 2nd half. Sadly she was injured over the summer as I trained for my first full marathon, but she gave me a lot of support and helped lift me up when I was starting to doubt myself. I love chatting it up with her when we run!

  448. My BRF is Chandra. She and I met up in Vegas last weekend for our first ever run together though. She lives in Montana, and I’m in Texas…so our training together was all virtual. Love it though!

  449. I dont really have a BRF, my running partner is my Dad. But if I win the socks I have a mommy friend that runs and I would pass the other pair to her. We have had playdates but our crazy schedules dont seem to workout for running dates! Maybe when the kids are older! πŸ˜‰

  450. My neighbor Erika. She is by far a better runner than me, but slows way down for our early morning runs before work. She also has kind, inspiration words to keep me going! Plus, we’ve had lots interesting things happen on our runs to laugh about!

  451. My BRF is my friend Liz–we ended up running together as part of a relay team last fall when my boyfriend and orignal running partner had to drop out because of an injury. Turns out she manages to motivate me even more than he does! Liz is the first person who I feel like really *gets* the way I feel about running, and over the past year, we’ve helped each other through injuries, run together in cute costumes, and celebrated each other’s successes (both of us recently set 5K pr’s at different races). She’d definitely get the second pair of socks!

  452. My brf is my coworker…. We live an hour away so only we run together occasionally for training. But we talk running daily and keep each other motivated and accountable for races we run together!

  453. My BRF is my co pace group leader. She is a rock star. We met when I started to train for a marathon with this running group. We clicked right away and the following year she asked me to help her lead our pace group. She has battled back from a serious injury and I am so proud of her. I missed her while she could not run but she came out on her bike to help me get through some midweek long runs that we used to do together. She is back now and running strong. And I am so blessed to have my BRF back at my side.

  454. My sister! She inspires me to keep going. A full time job and four kids and she can still kick my behind when we run together!

  455. I would give them to my BRF, Jamie!!! We’ve been running together for over a year and friends longer than that. Only a BRF would meet you at 4am in a hail storm to get 9 miles in so it doesn’t interfere with a child’s birthday party!

  456. My BRF would have to be a coworker (and friend!!) who began running this past year, and who I am so proud to say will be running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February!!! Sheryl has had the most amazing can-do spirit in her quest to achieve this goal — heck, the girl unknowingly spent many of her early runs running on a fractured tibia!!! — and has never given up along the way. We have had the good fortune to run a couple of local races together this, and while she claims that I was her inspiration to start running, she has become MY inspiration to keep on going! πŸ™‚

  457. I also don’t have a BRF at the moment, but I do have BF who also runs – and when I move back to Canada later this year, we’re going to be BRFs. So I’d gift them to her knowing that we’ll soon get to wear them running together.

  458. I started running with a beginner’s training group at a local store, and have met the most fun, supportive people ever. Some are beginners like me and some are coaches who have run more marathons than they can keep track of. But I feel like I have a lot of BRFs! I would give the extra pair to one of the coaches who has kind of adopted me — even though I’m 39. She always runs slower than she needs to just to make sure that I have somebody with me, even during the races!

  459. I don’t have a BRF, but I need one! I’d give the second pair of socks to my mom, since she’s been increasing her commitment to fitness lately.

  460. We just moved to California over the summer and I have happily found my first ever BRF – she lives on the same street, has kids the same ages, and we run at the same pace. Perfect!

  461. Sadly, I don’t have a BRF, but I do have a coworker who’s an avid runner and we chat running quite a bit – we just live too far apart to run together. I’d definitely gift her the second pair πŸ™‚

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