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Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 2

Molly (left) and Bossy McSaucy (a.k.a. me)

Not sure whether it's my towering height (even though at 5' 11", I'm the shorter mom in the Another Mother Runner duo), my deep voice, or my some-would-say-bossy-I-prefer-persuasive personality, but I am good at convincing people to do things my way. Take the outfit one of my BRFs, Molly, and I wore at April's Race for the Roses half-marathon. I wanted us to sport our Badass Mother Runner tees (thus being moving billboards for our brand's merchandise!). Since I'm a fastinista, I then announced to Molly that we were wearing a flowered skirt and purple knee socks. (I let her choose her own bra and running shoes. Oh, I'm so lenient!) Never mind that Molly usually dresses exclusively for comfort, not fashion. We were running my way or the high way. (Despite it being chilly on race day, Mol ended up loving our outfit as much as I did.)

Plop, fizz: Oh, what a delight nuun is.

Yet when it comes to swaying my friends to my drink of choice--nuun electrolyte replacement tablets--I don't need to do any strong-arming: The tasty, quick-dissolving tablets win converts all on their own. I fancy I was an early adopter of nuun: I've been a big fan of nuun tablets since I reviewed them in a few articles in 2007. Add a ~8-calories tablet to 16 (or more) ounces of water, and before I can slip on and tie my running shoes, I have a refreshing, light sports drink loaded with sodium, potassium, and other essential electrolytes without any sugar or corn syrup. I drink it pre-run, post-run, and on longer jaunts, I carry it with me to imbibe on the road. For the past year or so, I've taken to sipping it during the day, too. As I type this, I'm starting to wonder if I might need to start a nuun-Anonymous group. "My name is Sarah, and I'm addicted to nuun..."

And like other addictions, it only takes giving one tab to a friend to get them drinking nuun on their own. The other day on a run, Molly was asking me for best places to score, uh, I mean, buy nuun. I let her know I'd seen it at a nearby Safeway, but that usually I hit up REI or get it online.

Almost too cute to wrap

If you're already a fan of nuun, you have probably been nodding as you've been reading this; if you haven't tried the tablets, you're in for a treat. Today, for our second day of our Best Running Friends' Giveaway, we are giving away two 4-packs of nuun--one tube each of their classic fruit flavors (orange, lemon-lime, tri-berry, and citrus). Each crush-proof tube contains 12 tablets of fizzing tastiness so that's 48 tabs for you and, if you can bear to part with it, 48 tablets for your best running friend.

We'll pick three random winners from the folks who tell us: What running-related tip has a friend shared with you? To be entered, click on the Comments link below this post. Cheers!


423 responses to “Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 2

  1. The best advice I received is from my BRF from middle and high school, my father. He always reminded me start out slow. This advice has helped me get through many long runs, some that had some pretty big hills toward the end. It also helped me to survive my first half marathon (and meet my time goal) this past November =)

  2. One of my RF’s tipped me off on how to tighten my laces at the top of my shoes. It helped because she showed me. The tip was in your book, but she physically walked me through it.

  3. Best tip was after running a race that was a longer distance than I had ever ran. I had missing running my long run before a race since my gps stopped working. I mentally was so stress. I love the way she said to think of it this way. Maybe you are running a mile more than you ever have at one time. You already run more than that mileage over a week and it doesn’t matter that it isn’t at the same time. Your heart and muscles can handle that extra mile especially when you are running around 15-20 miles a week. It as only a 15K and I hadn’t realized it was me thinking I couldn’t that was stopping me not that I couldn’t physically. That was my first big race after not running in 10 plus years. I had only been running for 4 months at that point. That advice runs through my head every time I go to a race with a longer distance than I have ran before.

  4. Best running tip I have gotten is to taken an ice bath once you hit mileage above 13! I have stuck to that and am so thankful my friend told me . . . . I feel like a new woman after an ice bath!

  5. My mother found out about the foam roller after running. Using a foam roller to stretch out muscles is the best tip I have heard!

  6. I just started to run this year. The best tip my amazing friend Diane gave me was “you have to just push through it, it will get easier.” It has and I can’t imagine I didn’t run before this year. Thanks Diane!

  7. I have to give Kudos to the your book Run Like a Mother for introducing me to Nuun. I am also a lover. I had suffered from bloat and upset stomach from the gels and performance drinks I used during runs. I realized I could not tolerate the sugar. Soooo…when i read about Nuun I gave it a try. LOVE IT! I also switched to real food on my runs….more advice from Run Like a Mother (bagels and peanut butter)

    My bloat and stomach issues are a thing of the past and I am a LOVER of Nuun! I have even started taking my own water bottle on races so I can have NUUN. Cannot run without it. Also I will carry a bagel in a ziplock with my peanut butter to all races. they get smushed on the airplane but hey….makes they easier to eat!

  8. The best advice from my friend was probably that a big part of running is mental and that I can do it if Input my mind to it- so Go For It!

  9. On the many days I don’t feel like getting out of bed and running I play my BFF singing “just put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walkin out the door…” it makes me laugh and gets me going!

  10. My friend advice came from one of the XC runners I coach. She always runs the open races at our meets with me as a cool down to her race. She’s only 16 but pushes this old coach to places I never dreamed. She text the morning of my first half marathon telling me to push myself past my limit and reminding me if I felt sick, move to the right, throw up, and never stop running lol

  11. I love Nuuns! I was so excited when a local store stocked them. Would love to try more flavors. The best tip I’ve received has been to roll my shoulders back and hold my hands in the air for a few seconds to correct my terrible form. It forces good form and I can hold it for awhile after my arms drop.

  12. Not from a friend, but I had a very weird form of cardiac event a little over a year ago. During my hospital stay, nearly every cardiologist and fellow made a point to secretly tell me to keep running when I was better…it would make me a happy 70 year old. It made me smile at a scary time in my life.

  13. I don’t have many running friends. I think the best advice my one running buddy said to me was, ” get out of bed and stop being a baby.”

  14. My running friend sent me videos on how to stretch my hip when I told her I was having problems. It’s great to have someone other than your spouse looking out for you.

  15. I had a running friend tell me at the end of a run that if I wasn’t breathing hard, I hadn’t worked hard enough…I wasn’t, so she pushed me to sprint the last bit home. I remember that every run, and if I still feel gas in the tank at the end of my runs, I kick it into high gear for the last ______ (block, minute, mile, etc).

  16. My niece told me to go out and do something, no matter what. If I can’t run for whatever reason, then at least walk. That way I HAVE done something for the day…

  17. A running friend once shared with me the BEST hip stretches! (And she showed me after church, in the aisle between the pews – yeah, she’s awesome like that!)

  18. My Sole Sister Amy told me to “keep control of my breathing and the rest will follow”. I turn to this advice when I’m pushing the limits – keeps me from running like a crazed lunatic at the end of a race.

  19. I’m hoping this isn’t yesterday’s giveaway (yes, I’m still claiming ‘baby brain / memory) @15 months! I have yet to try Nuun, I think it could be the solution for a good ingredients+add water only source for rehydration!

  20. When I was putting off joining a local women’s track team until I got faster, a dear friend reminded me that I wasn’t going to get any faster on my own. Two weeks in, I’m feeling awesome!

  21. When I was nervous to start entering road races, thinking I was not fast enough, a co-worker told me: “I run at the same pace as you. I don’t win, but I don’t come in last. I finish somewhere in the middle.” She encouraged me to start running 5ks, and we ran my first half marathon together. I couldn’t have done it without her.

  22. While training for my 1st 1/2 (Rock n Roll Denver) I needed to do some training on my treadmill. She quickly told me to run on an incline of 1 to better equate the run to running outdoors and avoiding injury.

  23. The best running tip a friend shared with me was to just get up and go in the morning when the alarm goes off, not think, just go. It works most of the time. And to do more speed work to break my 2:00:00 time goal for a 1/2…getting better at making sure I get it in each week.

  24. My girlfriend that started my running frezy shared with me that even a bad run is a good run! 😉 (Also, don’t forget to glide your headlights!) 2 Things I don’t think I would have figured out easily on my own!

  25. I’m on the verge of diving into marathon training again, just 2 months after completing my last marathon, and I’ve been having some fabulous runs these past two months, enjoying the lack of structure and just running for fun, but I commented the other day that I can’t wait to get back to training again. My friend wisely advised me to “remember that feeling” when I’m about 10 weeks into the training plan and wondering why on earth I’m putting myself through it all over again.

  26. My BRF Dani has shared a simple, but very important running tip with me…relax, have fun, and don’t let my “runner’s rage” get the best of me!! As much as I love running, and especially running with my one and only BRF, I get a little anal about my pre-run rituals before a race. If something’s off, I let it get in my head, and that’s when my game is off. I’ve learned to enjoy every moment of the run, and appreciate that I have 2+ hours of no interruptions, no worries, and great conversations about anything we want to talk about! I love her for keeping me in check!

  27. Not sure that this qualifies as a running tip, but one night an old high school friend and I were talking about running, while indulging in a few glasses of wine. The next day she emailed me a training plan for a half marathon. I was not sure if I had actually agreed to running a half marathon that night, but instead of asking, just started to follow the plan, and completed my first half in Oct…so I guess it was more of a tipsy type tip 🙂 Glad I did it….We are now running a race series Jan – Apr consisting of 8 races, including another half in March, and no wine was involved in this decision

  28. First… Where did you get your skirts? I LOVE them! The best advice I’ve received from one of my running friends was to do hill repeats because hills make you stronger.

  29. My BRF likes to remInd me that if we’re not hurting ever now and then, then we aren’t pushing enough!! I’m a huge fan of Nuun after winning some from you guys shortly after I discovered you. I used the winnings up, purchased some at HEB, then purchased some online. Would love to “score” some free ones though!!

  30. My brf’s best tip: “wear a panty liner when running hills. The downhill pounding makes a post -4 baby body do a little leaking.” true!

  31. Compression! People at the place where I do some indoor bicycle training were talking like crazy about running in and recovering in compression pants. I got a pair and they are AWESOME. Love for my muscles to feel so supported.

  32. I never knew, until a dear friend shared this tip, that if there is too long of a line at the porta-potties, you do not have to sacrifice all dignity for one last pee pre-race. Apparently instead of pulling your shorts down to pee in the bushes, you can just, ahem, pull the crotch over to one side – carefully – and do your business. Yes, you are still peeing in the bushes with dozens of others lurking nearby, but at least nothing is truly visible! This has come in handy at two trail races and one trail run when there was no bathroom. I felt like a dork for not having figured this one out myself, but was grateful nonetheless!

  33. Leave your stuff out the night before a run and announce to your family—obnoxiously, if necessary—your training schedule, so you don’t get bumped.

  34. One of my friends gave me a tip before I ran the New York City Marathon in 2004 – to carry my own water bottle for the first few miles. The first few miles of water stops at big races are so congested that it’s nice to have your own water and not have to worry about dodging around people trying to get to the volunteers.

  35. Best running related tip was….to put bodyglide on my feet to prevent blisters. I always thought that it was just for chafe prone areas, such as thighs, etc. But it really works on hot spots during long runs.

  36. Right before my first half marathon, one of my running buddies said to me, “Just run your own race.” I did and while it was hard in the first two miles, I stayed strong and finished in a time I never dreamed I could do for my first race!

  37. My best runner friend tip was to join a local running group. I love my BRFs, but sometimes neither one can make it for a run and it’s great to know that I have a whole support group out there, pushing me forward!

  38. My first race my friend knew we would not be running together for long so she told me to pick someone that was running what I felt was a comfortable pace and use them to help me maintain my pace and not start out to fast.

  39. My friend at work ran my first race with me, a 10k. Although she gave me much advice during the run, the one that stands out the most is to pinch the top of the water cups together to make it easier to drink. =)

  40. start out slower than you think in a race- nice easy warm up – don’t get caught up in the sprint at the gun spirit! Of course, this advice was given by my best running buddy- my sister!

  41. BRF tip was to run my own race and just enjoy the moment. Practical tips have included tips on shoes, gear, and nutrition, but sometimes I need the reminder to just stay in the moment of my run and take in the moment, so that sticks with me during my races.

  42. My high school coach would remind us before a big race to relax “Remember, they put their panties on the same way you do!” Refering to the other team-our competition–and making us realize they were not super-human. Now that I’m old and only really compete against myself, and am having a hard time facing the fact that I’m not getting any faster, the best advice I’ve received is “Just go out and enjoy yourself. Have fun. Be happy that you can still run at your age (that from a much younger friend)!”

  43. Freeze styrofoam cups full of water for an awesome massage tool! Then you just peel down the cup a little bit and massage the ever lovin’ life out of an angry ITBand. You get the icing, you get the deep massage, then you can put it back in the freezer till next time and peel more of the cup off as needed. Good stuff!

  44. One would be foam roller for my IT band issues!! Wow!!! I have great running friends that share lots of tips, but my pooch is my best running friend and when I slow down, the pep in his step helps keep me going. =)

  45. It is OK to slowdown! You don’t have to RUN – you just have to run. Now, I love this sport! And feel like a success! Not sure I could have stayed with it long enough to fall in love if I thought it all had to be full on RUN!

  46. I’ve been wanting to try nuun since I first heard about it from your website, just keeps sitting on my to-do list! But, the best advice I’ve received from a running friend was to just have fun and not take running so seriously all the time.

  47. My husband told me that I should always be able to talk while I run. It helps me find my pace and stick with it, which actually helps me be able to easily control my gradual speed increase. And honestly, I don’t think I would ever have grown to love running without this advice!

  48. My running buddy’s best tips tend not to be about running at all, but about food, kids, life, etc…since that’s what we gab about on our weekend run together.

  49. Body glide everywhere…especially my FEET!!!! No blisters after my first half marathon! I hope to be so lucky in the future!!!

  50. To let my body heal after having my son… I was really down and out about not being able to work out after having him. But everyone told me that I had to allow myself to heal. And I’m glad I took it easy. It was hard to not work out fully, but now my body is doing great and running is enjoyable again!

  51. My running friends told me to every now and then run gadget free. No garmin or music or run keeper or any other particular timing devices I may be into…just run. Focus less on the distance and time and more on surroundings and form. Hard to do but great advice!!

  52. Ummm, I don’t know her in real life, but Teri at A Foodie Stays Fit had a great post on how to dress for cold-weather running that I found very helpful – and I’ve also shared that post with others. She actually lives not too far away, so it would be pretty easy (if not a little blog-stalkerish) to share this with her!

  53. Silly me, didn’t finish my best running advice a friend gave me. I don’t even know that its advice and I’m sure everyone hears it from a good friend. But we all need to hear it: “You can do it!”

  54. One of my BRFs, Irma always reminds me to push thru. I tell myself that even when she isn’t around, hearing her voice. Its not exactly “advice” but words to live by.

  55. When I complained about boring solo track runs a runner friend suggested to turn around and run the other way halfway done. Still a bit boring but better.

  56. One of the best (of a million!) running-related tips I received is to wear good running shoes & change them about every six months or so!

  57. I was frequently reminded to get through the first few weeks and you’ll find your groove. (MUCH like early motherhood.) Best advice for starting and restarting on your running journeys – and for brand new mamas!

  58. While racking up the miles training for a half marathon, a friend of mine was very enthusiastic during a long training run. I thanked her for her enthusiasm and she said that she just thinks of her long runs as 1/2 the distance and then when she gets to the halfway point, she tells herself she’s running x miles (that other 1/2). … with the intention of not being fearful or even intimidated by the total # of miles. there is more room for fun. 😉

  59. My BFF pointed out that avoiding dairy before a long run could make it a more pleasant experience. Boy, was she right! It’s PBJ for me these days.

  60. I think the best running related tip I learned from a friend was when she fit me for a good sports bra (She owns a local running store).

  61. Foam rolling before and after runs and also go to a running store and get fitted for shoes. Both of which has made huge changes in my hips and feet.

  62. *RUN was the best advice my current BRF gave me! I’m hooked! We did a 5K in October and we are training for a ten miler and half marathon in the new year!!! LOVE HER! I have always liked to run- but now I love it! She also told me about the nike+, which I have enjoyed charting my progress. 🙂

  63. I’m not sure if this is advice but my BRF (my sister) convinced me to get a face/neck guard for the winter. I was skeptical, and thought we would look stupid. 🙂 But it was on sale for $7 so I figured I would give it a try. I soon found out that those $7 went a lot further than anything else in preventing my cold-induced asthma!! Much to my BRF’s chagrin, I even sometimes wear it when it is 30 degrees out!!

  64. Best running tip from a friend was (especially important for long runs) to take a couple of foil packs of cottonelle wet-wipes with a bit of toilet paper in your running pocket – cleans up so much easier the inevitable potty break for the late-to-wake-up plumbing.

  65. The best running tip I received from a friend was to make sure to fuel up- drink and stuff- after every 4 to 5 miles, so that the long runs aren’t so hard. I’m addicted to Gu, but sure that these tablets will do the trick as well.

  66. My dad is my best running friend (as dorky as that sounds) and his best advice was “just show up ad go.” Its such great advice really … like half the battle is just showing up. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last, as long as you’re there!

  67. Since I’m pretty new to running, everything my best running buddy, Stacy, tells me is much needed advice! When I first started, she took me to bet fitted for a great running bra! It made such a difference!!!

  68. A running buddy and I were swapping those hilariously gross mommy-potty issues and she shared that she always takes Immodium the night before a very long run, and swears by dark-colored run skirts because they “hide a multitude of sins”. I loved her honesty after feeling like the only runner who couldn’t hold it!

  69. My new running friend told me to run up hills without pushing too hard. If you can’t recover at the top, you’ve over done it. This inspired me to do more hills, rather than being discouraged by going too fast!!

  70. I’ve gotten lots of great tips from my best running friend, but her suggestion to buy a foam roller to help with my IT band injury was probably the best.

  71. One of my first BRF taught me how beneficial it is to train and run with a group of people instead of by yourself. I will never train for a marathon without a group.

  72. My BRF is also my husband, and he consistently tells me that I can do it and to believe in myself. My PRs are definitely due in part to his belief in me!

  73. Not necessarily a tip, more support-oriented….while we were training for our marathon this year, my BRF was always encouraging me to keep going, even when I thought I couldn’t take another running step. It was great to have a cheering section running right along with me!

  74. Best Advice was to stop self diagnosing pain and see a physical therapist. I had horrible knee pain when running my first half marathon, I diagnosed myself with IT band issues and changed my stretching. No help at all. Finally went to a PT and found out I had SI joint problems. He fixed it in 2 sessions and I’ve run pain free ever since. Except when I kick myself for not going sooner.

  75. Just before my first trail race my friend told me to walk the killer hill instead of running it. It was a life saver and it actually improved my time!

  76. So many great things I’ve learned from running friends & a lot has been mentioned already. But, the one that sticks out the most and took me a long time to really learn “Run your own race”. I still struggle with it, but I’m getting better!

  77. To get fitted for the right size shoe. After 2 marathons and 9 1/2’s I have never lost or even bruised a toenail… I attribute it to a good fitting shoe!

  78. The best running-related advice I have ever been given is race related. To start at the back of the pack, no matter how fast you think you are. That way you end up passing a ton of people which is a great psychological boost during a race!!

  79. My brother, when I was just starting out, told me on a run to slow down as much as I needed to but never stop running until my run was done. It wasn’t that walking is bad, it was that he knows me and its harder to start back up when you’ve let yourself quit.

  80. You can always find an excuse to not get out and run but don’t think about them, just go. You won’t ever regret not going for a run. I now run rain or shine, snow or fog, hot or cold, and never regret going, ever! I get to run today 🙂

  81. I don’t know that this counts for running advice, but a running friend took me to get my first-ever pedicure as a treat during our half marathon training. God bless her!

  82. I run with a couple of ladies who are older than me. I was asking them about different things for training and they both just told me that different things work for different and no one can walk around telling other runners EXACTLY how things are. You can give your personal opinion and that’s it. Respect other runners.

  83. The best running advice I ever got was take the first few miles easy. Whether you go fast or slow those miles will still be there. That way the next group of miles will feel comfortable as you pick up the pace.

  84. My best running buddy told me once, just run to run!!! So simple really but advice I needed right then and there and have used as my mantra since!! Love her!!

  85. One of my virtual running partners thousands of miles away reminded me to relax and enjoy each race and watch other people and smile as I run. This was her advice after her first 1/2 marathon and it served me well the following week when I ran my first one!

  86. I’ m new to running and have yet to find a friend in my area but I have many who have been more than encouraging. Some of the best advice I have gotten thus far is this 1) not every runs a good one. 2) supportive bra and shoes. 3) from your podcast is never to say anything to myself that I wouldn’t say to my dear friend. This was a turning point for me. Just after my first 5k where I psyched myself out. I remember that every time I run now and have made a half my goal for 2012. Thank you!

  87. Mine running friend swears by coconut water after a run. I tried it and can’t stand it!! I’d much rather try nuun…it has to taste better!!

  88. The best advice I got from my BRF’s was training for half marathons and full marathons was to ice bath after long distance runs. Best advice I have received my favorite saying is ice bath = new woman.

  89. My BFF/BRF always tells me, “As long as you are moving forward, that is all that matters.”. It is so easy to get down about bad or slow runs!

  90. Best tip so far – when you’re running steep hill, pretend there’s a rope and you’re pulling yourself up as much as you are using your legs. TERRIFIC way to get my mind off stupid, dumb, why-must-I-do-them hills.

  91. Right before my first (and only) half, a friend reminded me that the race was my victory lap – that I had trained for this, I had already done the work! It felt good going into the race with such positive thoughts!

  92. The best running advice a friend gave me was to “Fake it till you make it!” No matter how you’re feeling, just get out there, the rest will come!

  93. My best running advice given to me was to get a running coach… it has helped immensely, especially since I never started running until after college. I won my first race 2 months after I started with my coach!!

  94. To try Immodium prior to a race to avoid tummy issues. It seems to help her, but I am too chicken to mess with mother nature, I’ll just endure it for now. My pace has slowed a bit and haven’t had issues since summer. (knock on wood!)

  95. My husband is my best running friend and taught me to not fret over the little aches and pains that come up right before a marathon. Learning to not stress out and listen to my body has been a huge help. Drinking Nuun during all my runs doesn’t hurt either (and I’m not a paid endorser)!

  96. I always tend to be one dishing out the advice. I’m a faster runner so it seems no one thinks I need tips. LOL. I guess the best tip I got was from friend, Bruce, who told me not to go out too fast at Boston.

  97. Latest advice that I love- That it’s okay to get off the treadmill mid run to tend to my child! Give him his snack, wipe his nose, fix his DVD, etc. and then get back on!

  98. I wish I loved Nuun as much as everyone else does, but the bubbles give me indigestion! Anyway, I keep trying them to see if it’s just a timing or flavor issue with me. If I won these, I’d give four to my running partner of 16 months who is the only reason I get up and run at all. 16 months, countless hot and cold mornings, three sprint triathlons, and one 5K later and I absolutely do not enjoy running at all, but I like the calorie burn and having a partner, so I’m still out there 2-3x every week. Hooray for BRFs!

  99. When I signed up for my first 5k I told my friend “I hope I finish!” He said “Of course you’ll finish! You just don’t know when or in what condition you’ll finish!” Now I remind myself that I WILL finish every run I start!

  100. Best advice I’ve gotten from an ex-boyfriend in high school, “You’re too tall to be a runner. Or You’ll never be a runner.” Nothing would have lit the fire under me like saying I couldn’t do something. I contribute my 15+ years of success to him. Thanks, Mike!

  101. Please let me know if you start a support group for Nuun addicts, I know of a “friend” who could use an intervention…..

    but my fav running tip comes from a friend about body glide….. now, Sarah had shared with me all the wonders of this product and I was an avid user…. but, on the week before a 1/2 Mary, I got a blister, a dang blister, which I was freaking out about because a bandaide was’t goin to cut it…. she recommended that I smear body glide on it, and I trusted her enough to do it… and I lasted the entire race and that blister never opened…. that advice was golden!!

  102. When I first started running–and it seemed so impossible–I was amazed when a marathoner friend told me that there were days when she didn’t feel like running and times during a run when she had to give herself a pep talk to get going again. At the time that was so freeing and novel to me–being a “runner” didn’t mean that it would be effortless!

  103. I have gathered lots of great advice from my BRF but the best is that every race is not a PR day and to adjust my mindset accordingly and just enjoy the run. This advice has been particularly helpful this year as my outside of running life has been pretty stressful and I haven’t been as focused on training as I would like to be. I have had to learn to be happy to be at the finish line even if the clock is not what I pictured it would be in my dreams.

  104. My BRF turned me on to lubing/body gliding the thumb holes in my arm warmers on long runs. Sooo helpful! Also, I was getting wrist pain from my Garmin and she told me to turn so the face of the Garmin is on the underside of my wrist. Brilliant!

  105. My brother gave me the best running advice I’ve received so far – he’s a physical therapist and showed me some stretches for my hamstring and gluets – the parts that get most sore post-run.

  106. My friends told me that running is mostly mental, I never thought I could run more than a mile but they made me run with them and I ran three without walking.

  107. The best running tip I got was more of a matter-of-fact statement by my BRF. We’re running a marathon next May, and I was beginning to show some concerns about not making it, she came out and said “don’t worry, I’ve got your back.” 🙂

  108. My two fave female running coaches: Susan – “Keep moving forward. Don’t stop. There’s beer at the end.” Christine – “Bodyglide under the running bra strap before and Biofreeze on the legs after the race and you’ll be happy.”

  109. My best running tip ever from a friend is that “I can DO IT!” That when I think I can’t, I really CAN! Never short change yourself and just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. I am someone and I can make things happen in my life! 🙂

  110. The best running tip a firned gave me was before my very 1st marathon and it was “don’t worry about your time…do your best, enjoy the entire thing, pain and all, cross the line and soak it in” 40+ marathons later, I take that with me each race!

  111. The best tip ever shared by a marathoner friend was that it’s ok to walk up hills and conserve energy for the flat straight sways. No longer feel guilty on a run that has hills!

  112. The best advice I get from my running buddies is to not give up. When I was walking my first half (due to knee issues that flared up in the first mile), her texts of how proud she was of me pushing on were what spurred me on mile after mile. Her humorous responses to my race mishaps always make me feel better about things. If I didn’t have my running buddies, I would probably have quit this craziness a long time ago!

  113. One of my online running friends taught me to pinch the paper cup from aid stations to make a spout so you can drink and keep running at the same time!

  114. to make sure you run the distance before the race and practice your eating/energy as well. I know some people say you can do x+whatever, but my friend insists that to do your best you need to give it your all before the race too.

  115. Never doubt myself- from my husband a life long runner. I never think I can reach that next goal. When I push myself, I do. I just need him to remind me now and then:-)

  116. My BRF’s are superwomen…a marathon runner and I triathlete. As a non-runner a year ago I never understood why anyone would want to run, but they were out there everyday. When I decided to give it a try I still did not get it. It was SO HARD. But they kept telling me not to give up, that eventually I will get the running bug. And I did. Three 5K races later and a 10 miles race to come, I’ve yet to “give up.” The simplest advice and words of encouragement can go a long way. Thanks Say & EE!

  117. This may fall under TMI but….. The week before my 1st ever race, good ole Aunt Flo (that’s drenched in sarcasm there) came for a monthly visit! I was horrified and thought I would have to drop out of the race! A good friend of mine that is an avid runner helped calm my nerves and advised me to start dosing up on naproxin every 4-6 hrs regardless of pain till the race and drink extra water to help get through the cramps!! OH and wear black!! Haha luckily my race was at night and I even finished quicker than I expected!!

  118. I was the first runner I was granted a running partner who never ran a day in her life, the best advice for both her and I, proper fitting in a running bra, who knew there was an F! Now we are almost fast!

  119. Too many things to list!! But she taught me that anyone in the world who wants to, can be a runner. Put one foot in front of the next and try. And to never ever give up!
    I have never tried Nunn, but have wondered about it many times – it would be great to give it a try!!

  120. Relax! My high school track coach, who I now go to Bible study & share mommy tips with, told me one of my first days of track & I’ve remembered it to this day, some 13 years later:)

  121. Best running tip is to listen to my body for figuring out when I need new shoes. Oh, and I always remember a running buddy from years ago in MD that gave me a hill running tip, “Run like a truck. Slow and steady on the uphill and then let gravity rip on the downhill!” She was a hoot and a great running buddy!

  122. Best running tip is to listen to my body for figuring out when I need new shoes. Oh, and I always remember a running buddy from years ago in MD that gave me a hill running tip, “Run like a truck. Slow and steady on the uphill and then let gravity rip on the downhill!” She was a hoot and a great running buddy!

  123. the best advice so far was to have a few sessions with a personal trainer to work out some knee pain that I was having. I was able to run the LV RnR with NO knee pain!

  124. The best advice I’ve received from a running friend is “Don’t think, just run.” It’s sometimes the only reason I get on the treadmill and fit that run in after the kids are in bed.

  125. Since most of the tips I received have already been mentioned, I will share this from our great running guru Lesa (with an E). Never one to let us newbies off the hook – “If you can run 5 miles you can run 13.1”. Look out April 2012!

  126. The best running tip I received was to test out different energy gels prior to my race to see if I would have any intestinal issues while using them when running.

  127. My running partner reminds me to listen to my body. Run at a pace that feels good. But push yourself too. She motivates me to push myself because she is tough.

  128. My best running friend is always giving me tips on new music for my running playlists. She’s much more in tune to new songs than I am lately:)

  129. “Speed work works” She convinced me and I had a 6 minute PR in the Half to get to 2:01. Now can she just get me one less minute!

  130. I’m a new runner – and so my running buddies have been sharing ALL KINDS of tips with me! Lately they usually revolve around running cold weather. The best one I’ve been told is that I don’t really need as many clothes in the cold weather as I think I do! 🙂

  131. A trail running buddy suggested I consider tweaking my running technique using the Pose/Chi/ Evolution method. My injuries disappeared pretty much overnight (well, in about two weeks).

  132. Two words: moose knuckle. My BRF, Monica, is from Wisconsin where apparently this is a beloved phrase. This knowledge has saved me from purchasing running tights that were, ah, inappropriate to say the least.

    Hey! It’s TMI Tuesday, right?!

  133. I love having a BRF just so I can ask her questions and bounce ideas off of her! She is such a good listener! I hope that I help her as much as she helps me! The best tip she has shared with me has to be that I NEED to XT to keep my legs happy and healthy for running! And then we keep track of each other and make sure we both are cross training and staying healthy!

  134. A very long time ago, after suffering a stress fracture, a friend told me the way to prevent injury was not to increase mileage by more than 10% from week-to-week. It’s a well-known rule, but I can honestly attest, I believe it has kept me essentially injury-free for many, many years. And many of the injuries I see with running friends are because they have violated this long-standing rule.

  135. My friend Melinda somewhat reluctantly signed up with me to do a sprint tri—and then made me pay her back by doing another! It was the perfect very-hot-FL-summer thing to train for, and made me appreciate the other muscles in my body.

  136. When I started running this past December, a runner friend (also my son’s teacher!) always reminded me it’s not about how fast you run or how far you run. It’s all about ‘feet time’! Just be active and get moving!

  137. I have gotten so many tips through the years! I had a friend tell me that as long as I could do 20 miles I could finish a marathon and her advice held up. I have finished 2!!!!

  138. An Ultra running friend recently told me that he knew I was ready for my next challenge. I was giving a dozen reasons why I wasn’t sure I should go for a 100 mile trail race in 2012. All honest reasons. He simply told me that I could keep using those reasons as an excuse to not attempt to reach father OR I could choose to risk falling short. In the end I wouldn’t be disappointing anyone but myself. So which would be the biggest dissappointment to ME? Having tried and fallen short or having never believed in myself enough to try at all.

    I registered for the 100, that night.

    Best advice, ever!

  139. Ice bath post half M!!! That 2-3″ of freezing cold water makes a world of difference in my ability to move (ie. sit down on the toilet, get in and out of the car… you know, the important stuff) for the first 24-48 hours.

  140. My first year running our coach suggested body glide. I’ve been telling women runners ever since. Pretty sure without body glide and some rather nasty chafing episodes I would not be a runner.

  141. To buy second hand top layer clothes for a chilly morning start to a half/full. As you heat up you don’t really care if you throw it to the side of the road never to be seen again. Apparently the race crew then collects the discarded items for the homeless. Win win!

  142. I started running farther last January when it wasn’t an issue. Suddenly after a run on a warm day in April……yikes! Severe chafing! My friend in Georgia told me BodyGlide was the answer and she was right!

  143. Thanks to my running buddy, I know the Runners Knot! keeps your laces tied FOREVER. that and its ok to poop in the woods but be sure and bring baby wipes.

  144. I’ve been running for fun, fitness, and sanity for over 20 years now. I’ve had so many running friends give me advice, but my favorite advice so far has been to help new runners find their groove. Over the years, many people have seen how much fun my running friends and I have at local and distant races. It encourages women to start running when they see how much fun and camaraderie running is. Nothing inspires me to run more than when I see a new runner at a start line or talk to a new runner after their first race! The energy is awesome. Spread the word, ladies!

  145. I think the best tip I’ve ever had was to rotate running shoes. My friend has at least 10 pairs that she rotates but she runs 3000 plus miles a year. I like to rotate between two pair although I’m finally building up a mileage base and may have to throw in a third pair.

  146. A friend told me about foam rolling, and even gave me an old one to start with. I’m grateful for all the injury-free running that’s given me!

  147. I can’t narrow it down to the best, so I’ll stick with newest. Recently a friend suggested I use a rolling pin to target sore areas the foam roller can’t quite reach.

  148. I’m naturally a competitive person so I’m really into numbers when it comes to runnng, but sometimes it can consume me and then I don’t really enjoy the run all that much. A friend once told me to every once in a while…even if it’s only once a month…forget the watch…don’t worry about time or splits…just run in the moment…concentrate on other things like your breathing, your feet on the ground, your surroundings…it’ll really help you remember why you love runnning in the first place!

  149. Have gotten SO much good advice from my OLRB (online running buddies)… but I think it’s a tie between buying RLAM and Imodium before long runs!

  150. When I felt like I couldn’t stretch my endurance beyond 3 miles, I spoke to my friend Lisa. She said “So just run 3 miles + the next mail box, tree, light post, or whatever is just slightly farther. On the next run, add 2 mail boxes. Then 3, and so on. Don’t worry about adding a half mile or a mile each time, because the mail boxes will add up and you’ll increase your endurance gradually.”
    It worked! I have completed 4 half marathons, and I’m training for my second full marathon.

  151. My BRF gives me tips all the time, but one of my favorites has been to take short, quick steps and swing your arms on uphills…this simple advice totally transformed my trail running!

  152. Get out of bed right away when your alarm goes off to run. Hitting snooze or resting a bit will usually result in sleeping instead of getting my run in!

  153. A friend just turned me on to the Running Ahead forums, and I also found that the training plan and training log functions there beat those I had tried previously.

  154. My dad taught me that when I get a side ache I can one of two things. Blow out like and elephant or breathe out every time my foot on the opposite side of the side ache hits the grouns. (if that makes sense) I don’t get side aches a lot but when I do the second of the two choices has always worked for me.

  155. It seems, when I think about it, I get most running advice from you guys, Runner’s World and my husband. And now, a personal trainer.

    One of our friends gave me some good advice a while back…great for anyone who runs the Bix. Brady Street is not the worst hill.

  156. For my first marathon I called my cousin for advise. He had ran five marathons before so I thought he was a great person to ask.

    His number one advise was….
    Don’t eat the popsicle stick covered in vaseline!

  157. The best tip has been not to skip my rest days. I get rather squirrelly but my body feels so much better when I rest!

  158. A good friend of mine told me to force myself to take the water and power drink at the first few stations of my first half marathon (Flying Pig 2011). Despite not feeling as though I really needed them at the time, I’m certain that they helped me to finish strong (I finished in 2:11, 6 months postpartum with my first child).

  159. “Just have fun!” for my first marathon. I was in danger of letting the fear of the last few miles get in the way of where I was at in the moment, and her words helped me to focus on where I was at right then instead of worrying about what was going to happen later.

  160. Best running tip from my BRF was to have a race plan. We usually discuss our plans in advance so that we are accountable to each other, this helped me finally break 4 hours in the marathon!

  161. My BRF constantly reminds me to bring or stash water on our runs! I hate the hassle but without her I’d be dragging into the finish.

  162. On the eve of my first half marathon, I was filled with excitement. I couldn’t wait for the race to start — and I was determined to meet my goal of running the race in under 2:20. My BRF Gina gave me the greatest advice beforehand. She said “You only have your first big race once. I know that you have set all of these goals for yourself, but if there is one piece of advice I would give that I wish I would have followed, it’s this: ENJOY the experience. Take time to appreciate the start, the hills, the crowd, and embrace the whole experience. You’ll have other races but none of them will be your ‘first’ again. Just be IN THE MOMENT.” I followed her advice, killed my goal, and have such vivid memories of the race. The advice she gave me really spoke to me, and by following it, I had the BEST running experience of my running life so far!

  163. My BRF told me about body glide. It has probably helped my husband more then myself though. And LOVE Nuun! I need to join that support group as I’m drinking it during the day too even though I’m on a dr ordered no running until I see the cardiologist on the 21st. 🙁

  164. My BRF told me to take in all the advice people are willing to give (regarding running a marathon) but in the end, to listen to my own body – hydrate and fuel when I know my body needs it!

  165. By BRF advised me to bring a cloth hankie with me on my runs and now I never run without one. Perfect for keeping snot and sweat in check. Also, she turned me on to chocolate guu for my long runs.

  166. My BRF gave me so, so many tips once she convinced me I could do a half marathon. One of the best recent tips was winter weather related. To wear wool socks, specifically Smart Wool. I’m a convert and have been wearing them for three weeks now up here in MN. Yeah to friends.

  167. My running friend,Becky, has helped me improve my running form. I envy her poster-worthy running form and she has given me tips on mimicking it. Thanks Bec!

  168. One of the best tips I’ve gotten is from you all (is that too cheesy for this contest?). The gummy bear suggestion to take for a long run–this works perfectly for me!! Thanks for the great advice!

  169. Pretty much everything I know came from either Christy or the ladies on the AMR FB page – compression sleeves, sports cream, ice baths….

  170. “Don’t bother if you aren’t going to have fun doing it.” Advice from a running friend who saw I was becoming obsessive over tracking every step, every hundreths of a second, and every meter of every run. I was starting to dislike running and I needed that friendly reminder to put it all back into perspective.

  171. My BRF on advise would be an amazing gal named Trina, she’s had rheumatoid arthritis most of her life, was told she would never be a runner. She has overcome so much and showed them all that she can and she will for as long as her body allows her to. She’s ran Boston multiple times. I go to her for lots of running advise because she is experienced.

  172. A friend told me about ice baths. I can’t thank her enough! Another friend told me about FRS. Told me to drink it beofre long runs. I love it. Gives me a boost. Not as much as I love Nuun however. I am the one that tells people about it! I’ll join the NDA (Nuun drinkers anonymous).

  173. The awesome friend wisdom that I was given was… “sign up for that marathon the feeling you get when you complete it is easily a top five in life”

  174. I think it was from one of your pod casts….. from one of YOUR friends. “Don’t ever say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to a friend” !! I have used this many times since hearing it.
    You wouldn’t tell a friend, “You look horrible, you’re never going to make it, this is terrible” so why would you tell this to yourself? I think we have all said negative things to ourselves on occasion, but never to a friend. : )

  175. To listen to your body- if you go out and feel great- push harder and add on some miles. If you feel crappy, back off a bit.

  176. When I think of my BRF Jodi, I think of her encouraging me to rest an injury when I kept wanting to run on it. Easier said than done, right? My BRF Tanya told me about ice baths and they became a must during my marathon training last summer.

  177. The best tip she gave me was that when I was feeling tired and not wanting to get out of bed for a morning run was that once the run was done I would not regret it but if I didn’t do it, I would always regret it. She is right!

  178. A friend told me to slow it down at the start of my races. I tend to go WAY too fast for the first miles. When I finally took that advice, I ended up PR’ing because I wasn’t completely exhausted by the last few miles of the race. Okay, actually I still was, but I had enough left to finish strong!

  179. A wonderful friend and experienced runner explained to be the meaning of the phrase “seconds at the beginning can mean minutes at the end” before my first marathon.

  180. The absolute best running tip was to go to Manhattan or Salina to the running store and get fitted for shoes! It was the best thing that I ever did to help me to run better. I pronate and the shoes made for that issue are amazing. I never even knew that I did this until I saw the recording of me running from the store. If you have never gone in to be fitted—- DO IT! It is soooooo worth it.

  181. I made fun of her for bringing her food along, but my BRF got the last laugh the next day. Do.Not.Try.New.Foods.The.Night.Before.Race.Day. Learned that one the hard way.

  182. When nothing would help my shin splints my BRF told me I should look into shoe orthotics or inserts, BEST advice I EVER got. Ever since I have gotten them, my shins only hurt on occasion.

  183. Two from my Brothers…dress for 20 degrees warmer (which I still haven’t mastered in the cold) and FOAM ROLLER!!! I have lots of awesome running buddies.

  184. I was bemoaning the fact that I seemed to always be one of the last ones finishing when I ran with my running group and my friend succintly said, “Run your own race.” I’ve never forgotten that and every time I feel pushed by something other than my own mind and body, I remember that the race belongs to me.

  185. I guess the best advice I have received from a friend, my BRF, is to concentrate on the positive parts of my run….how great I feel afterwards, how good it feels to hit the pavement….and not focus so much on the negatives…how slow I was, how out of shape I feel. It helps my mood immensely!

  186. My Running BFF, we met at my first 5k ever. She told me where my local running store was when I got my first shin splints, she taught me what PR meant, and what Nike+ was. HA! The most important keep it simple and chill out the rest falls into place.

  187. To run my race, my race and make it my run. To compete with myself instead of everyone else and I will have success no matter what. I have to remind myself that on a daily basis but so far, its worked!!

  188. My BRF shared the joy of McD’s mango slushies after a long run. She has also taken the mental “this is an awful run” away and reminded me many times atleast we are moving.

  189. Don’t try something new for a race that you haven’t tested in training – be that ‘fuel’, hydration, shoes, socks, gear, etc.

  190. To prevent the nozzle of my water bottle from freezing in the winter, a friend told me to put the bottle in my belt upside down. Brilliant!

  191. The best tip I got was from YOU! In your book, you mention NUUN. I tried it and I LOVE IT!!!! I usually use Tri-Berry, but got to sample some of the other flavors at the Chicago Expo and every flavor I tried was great! Love NUUN! Thanks for the tip, Sarah!

  192. The best tip I got was to wear a pair of old socks as mittens while you waited to start the NYC Marathon. That way you could keep them on all the way over the Verranzano and then ditch them. Worked like a charm!

  193. My brf Tricia has given me so many important running tips and even helped create some running rituals for me! One of the many is the importance of fueling on a long run! She first gave me gu, but that didn’t work for me, so she found sports beans for me!

  194. When I started running ultras (distances over the marathon), one of my BRFs told me to “get used to running on tired legs”. It was great advice because I when I became tired (pretty much all the time), I remembered what she said and that this was par for the course.

  195. I know this sounds like a complete ‘suck up’ but my friend told me to read “Run Like A Mother” and to ‘like’ you on Facebook, from that one tip I’ve gotten soooo much useful info support and even had a chance to give back to other Mother Runners.

  196. My best friend (who runs ultras and convinced me to start running in the first place) strongly urged me to join a running group/club because it will keep my accountable. Well, I joined two, and she was right!! Especially during these cold dark winter months, it’s keeping me out there!

  197. best advice I got was to slow down at the finish. Those few seconds you might save are not that important, and pushing the pace when you’re fatigued you increase the chance of an injury. Besides, by slowing down you will likely get a better picture 🙂

  198. While this is support, I also consider it advice since there is an emotional side to running that deserves just as much attention…It was sent to my cell phone about 2 years ago and it is still there…”I only know a few runners with as much dedication as you. and none of them have your heart. You love racing, and are out training no matter what (hail, funky schedule, life conflicts, etc). It’s e-z to believe in you babe!” Gee I wonder who sent it…..*wink*

  199. What HASN’T my BRF taught me? One of the best things Suzanne ever told me came after an absolutely horrific run. She said, “Everyone has good runs and everyone has bad runs. The good thing about the bad runs is that they makes the good ones that much sweeter”. Thanks, Bestie!

  200. My first, and best, running tip was that the right shoes are of the utmost importance, and that it was worth the time to get professionally fitted. Changed my running life as a newbie!

  201. Compression-wear and KT tape. I thought compression wear was only for under evening wear but it is so much better for running!

  202. The best running advice I’ve got from a BRF is to respect the distance – any distance. He said that racing at any distance has its own challenges, and to never assume because it’s a shorter race that it’s easier.

  203. My best and favortie tip I’ve received so far is “make sure you’re getting massages!” HA! No Problem! When I start to get into the higher miles during training, mt friend/trainer likes me getting one at least once a month, and more if I feel like I need it. It’s my favorite part of running 🙂

  204. My BRF’s running tip was to just TRY it. Being a non-runner when we met … she asked me to just give it a try … once I did … I was hooked!

  205. My BRF has convinced me that running in the winter in New England is okay. She actually loves it, but I am just to the point were I can somewhat tolerate it. Just be prepared and you are good to go!

  206. The best tip I got from a friend was when I was training for my first marathon. While it would seem very obvious, she suggested doing our long runs in loops back around by our car and the trailhead. That way we had water, food and bathroom every 5-6 mile loop. Then we plotted our course by drinking fountains, dropped water along the route if needed. I have never found a system of carrying water/nutrition that works very well for me, so this was perfect!

  207. My BRF told me I should step with intention. That simple thing has completely changed my runs. I was able to take 6 mins off of my 5k time in a very short period of time. Now when I feel that I am starting to get tired and my feet are starting to move slower I use it as my mantra. 🙂

  208. Never try to make up a run……if I skip one, let it go. I used to stress too much about missing a a training run here or there. The stress would roll over and ruin the next couple runs on the training plan too. So not worth it!

  209. My running buddy introduced me to smart wool running socks. I used to get blisters from cotton running socks till she turned me on to wool socks. I wear them all year long, cool in summer and warm in winter!!

  210. Honey Stinger Waffles! Two friends and fellow RLAMers, Sue and Martha, recommended them because I couldn’t stomach anything GU/gel related on my long marathon training runs. I LOVE the waffles and they got me through 26.2!!!

  211. Hmmm…I haven’t received a whole lot of running advice but the one thing that comes to mind is a friend told me not to overdress for winter running because your body warms up so quickly once you start running. So far I’ve been toasty warm when it’s in the mid-twenties outside with only a tech shirt, a lightweight fleece top and tights.

  212. I was taught you just drop your cup as you keep running when you get a drink at the stations….it’s kind of nerve racking your first race! Oh, and I add to look around before you throw it down!

  213. My running partner passed along the tip to add 20 degrees to the outdoor temp when picking your running clothes so you’re not over or under dressed for the weather once you warm up. This is so helpful, especially when we get a suddenly warm day in the middle of winter or a cool, overcast day in summer.

  214. My friend told me to cut my toenails one week before my big race. True Story.

    As for the Nuun, I’m a fan of the Kona Kola and Lemon Tea flavors.

  215. To always walk backwards for your cool down to ward off shin splints! I haven’t had any in over 15 years with that advice…(and probably some good luck too).

  216. I have some VERY fast friends. They told me to run without a watch in a 5K and just go by feel “as hard as I can.” I shattered an 8-year old 5K PR by 51 seconds! Good advice, indeed.

  217. My sister always said that her best runs happened on a peaceful winter morning with big snowflakes coming down. I always said she was crazy to run outside in the winter. Until I tried it. And she was right.

  218. My running pal convinced me that it’s ok to stop mid run and stretch if I’m feeling tight, tired, sore. I don’t have to push through. I can take a moment and stretch and regroup to go longer.

  219. A friend taught me that if a treadmill run is really getting on your nerves, just use the towel to cover the numbers. It makes it much easier to pass the miles. Love it. (and I love Nuun but rarely order it for myself)

  220. Oh my gosh! We pass tips back and forth all the time! Although I am not new to running, it’s been quite a while, and my how the running world changes over a decade! My BRF and I are “researchers”. Not that we do this for a living, but we are always wanting to KNOW what’s what. So in our running research, we come across all sorts of stuff that we share with each other – from products to try to new ways to stretch our piriformis that we haven’t done yet.

  221. Running gloves that convert to mittens with magnets so they stay together-I have lost so many gloves-hoping never to lose these.

  222. Best advice from many of my running friends… when I was injured this summer everyone just kept telling me to be patient and let myself get better. It was hard not to run but so important to take it easy so that I could come back to running when the time was right.

  223. Running related tip…hmmm…my brf is my mentor, she suggested GU way back when I started running more than 6 miles, chic mint to b specific. I now buy it by the case.

  224. This was a long time ago, but a friend told me not to look at the top of the hill while running up it. Look straight ahead of me. It was in college. The city of my high school was flat as a pancake. The city of my college was anything but. I was have a hard time with hills. Not looking at the top of the hill still helps me get up.

  225. She taught me to believe in myself. Together we completed our first half in November-a task I never believed I was capable of until it happened. Now I’m ready to sign up for another!

  226. My high school track coach (and now dear friend) used to psych us up for races reminding us of our strategy and all the hard work we put in and that we could dig deep and blah blah blah… and then, just before going to the starting line she left us with one, final tip:

    “Go fast.”

    That doesn’t apply for most runs I do now, but I still think it’s the best (and most hilarious) advice I’ve gotten.

  227. I have gotten a lot of great advice here, which I then dole out to my friends. The best advice I got from a friend was to not put on too many clothes while waiting on the starting line. Despite shivering, I was much happier during the race.

  228. I can’t think of one specific thing a friend has told me, but my sister encouraged me so much when I first started running. I’m sure she shared lots of tips and hints with me then. As she will attest, my mom and I don’t have the best memory though 🙂

  229. My BRF Alex has really taught me everything I know…EVERYTHING! But one of the most useful tips she has given me was to to remind myself on raceday that I am not going to be comfortable. That I will be pushing myself…it will not feel good but it will be momentary and once I cross the finish line I will feel so good that I did. It has gotten me through so many races! Thanks to my BRF Alex!!

  230. Best advice from a friend…to make sure you have water handy before taking a gel. A lesson she learned the hard way when a race didn’t have a water stops where they had said they would.

  231. My BRF tells me over and over to chill. I get worked up over performance…she reminds me how much I LOVE to run. When I’m discouraged over the outcome of a race, she reminds me there will always be another one. Her pre-race words ring in my ears the whole time, “Relax, you got this.”

  232. “Meet The Stick! It is your new best friend”, she said to me. And the Stick is second in my running life only to my BRF!

  233. A friend helped me figure out that gatorade + gu was upsetting my stomach, so I switched to nuun: problem solved! I dearly love nuun. 🙂

  234. For hills: try to imagine a rope that I’m pulling so that it helps me up (running friend who taught me this one is an ultramarathon woman–did Leadville this year!).

  235. When I moved to Singapore and was complaining about post-run headaches, my BRF put me onto Nuun (just quietly she also told me it was goof for hangovers!). Has made an enormous difference and the only way I was able to complete the training for 2 halfs in Singapore. (ps I have a us shipping address if I am the lucky winner!!)

  236. LOL – I asked my husband what running-related tip he had for me, and he said “wear wool socks.” He really wants me to win that sock giveaway. 🙂 But I’d be happy to try some Nuun.

  237. Best running I’ve gotten is to ice, ice, baby. And it works! I even talked my husband into an ice bath following a rough run he did, and even though some choice words were muttered, his legs felt 20x better. So she made a believer out of me, and then made a believer out of the hubs.

  238. My BRF gave me SO many tips in preparing for my first half marathon back in October (her 2nd). In fact, she is the one that turned me on to Nuun and introduced me to other running fuel (like gels, beans, etc). Lifesaver!

  239. The best running tip a friend gave me was right before I ran my first half marathon after fighting through some ITB issues. She kept being that positive voice to fight through the pain of foam rolling and stretching–and I ran the race with no ITB issues!!

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