Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 3

Not my journal or my nose ring, but I loved that she saved the hardware.

I am not a journal writer these days, but oh how I treasure my written tomes from the days I used to be one. There's the page from 8th grade, when I gave each swear word a number (#4=sh&*, for example), so I could swear in peace around the house. Or so I thought. "I don't give a number 4!" I'd yell at my mom. She quickly caught on. Smart lady.

Or the many, many pages from high school in which I chronicled all the comings and goings of my friends that I was sure would affect me forevah. In college, my writings were sparser because I actually had to work, but still, reading how desperate I was for a boyfriend or a social life makes me feel sorry for myself. (In more ways than one: I should've appreciated the quiet while I actually had quiet.)

I only have a few running logs and training plans, but I've saved those as well. Especially when I'm in the throes of being totally unmotivated, I love looking back and seeing my progress and how I trained for something, I sat on the bike for 150 minutes to train for a marathon? I ran 8 x 800's for three weeks in a row? And now I can't even sit on the bike for more than 40 minutes? Seriously, Dimity?

Sorry: sexy, muscular legs not included with purchase.

So for today's giveaway, we're going a little old school--but firmly hanging in 2012. The Complete Runner's Day-by-Day Log 2012 Calendar by Marty Jerome is an actual paper book (we like those around these parts) in which you record your daily activity. The daily entries are uncomplicated: a few lines for the workout, plus where & when, distance, and comments. The weeks have slots for distance carried forward, distance this week, and weight, if you're so inclined to record that number. At the end of the spiral-bound book, you can record your races, weekly mileage, and plan your 2013, if you're so inclined to think that far ahead.

Simple and smart advice, sprinkled throughout the log in both tidbit and essay form, can provide a boost to lace up.
A few of my faves:
"Running is my meditation, mind flush, cosmic telephone, mood elevator, and spiritual communion." Lorraine Moller, Bronze medalist, 1992 Olympics

"The half-marathon is terribly underrated for the courage it requires and for the competitive satisfaction it brings to mortals and average runners."
Marty Jerome, author of the Log

"If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."
Frank A. Clark

If you think like I do, you're thinking; sounds great, but there's no way I could find time to log my runs with a pen! Here's what I do when I do record my runs: store the log right by my running shoes, so when I come home and deshoe, I write my miles down immediately; or store the log right next to my bed, so I write the workout down before I snooze.

I pinky promise, having a hand-written log that you can flip through as the year progressesβ€”and when it's 2014 and you're wondering if you really did do those hill repeats on an Everest-esque hillβ€”is worth the 30 seconds it takes for an entry. Seeing your work in your own handwriting, instead of on a screen, makes it feel tangible, memorable and important. (And think about when your kids find it in 2032: Mom ran a marathon when we were just 4 and 6? She is such a rock star!)

Like our other BRF giveaways this week, we've got three sets of two logs to gift to mother runners out there; to remind you, the idea is one for you, one for your best running pal. I love Lorraine's quote so much, I'm going to crib it for the contest entry; in order to enter to win a log for you and your BRF finish this sentence: Running is my ______________ in the comments below.

Also, we've left out a slightly important detail of this week of giveaways. Like when we'll announce the winners. We'll award a whole boatload of you--15 winning mother runners in all--this Sunday, so tune in then. But don't miss tomorrow and Friday for two more giveaways.

384 responses to “Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 3

  1. Running is my way of keeping the crazy at bay. It probably won’t always be enough, but for now it is — and that works for me!

  2. “The Complete Runner’s Day-by-Day Log and Calendar” has been endorsed by gold-winning Olympians, Hollywood celebrities, and countless politicians.

    But a working mother who trains–and trains hard? Are you kidding?

    Actually, no. Just ask Dimity and Sarah how it’s done.

  3. Running is my passion, pure and simple.

    The more I run, the more I want to run even more. I want everyone I know to start running and love it too. I direct my own race, help put on 2 others, and head up 2 weekly running groups, short and long distance. And I still want to do more!

  4. Running is my sanity. I’ve been injured for more than a month and my anxiety level climes higher with each passing day that I can’t hit the pavement or treadmill. God willing, I’ll be running again by the end of the year (at which point, I sure could use a shiny new running log to keep track of my training for the ZOOMA half marathon in Annapolis).

  5. Running is my way back… from a couple years of physical and emotional upheaval.
    Running is my way forward to a life I couldn’t imagine 2 years ago!

  6. THERAPY!!!! (It keeps me sane and helps me overcome the daily stress of raising two boys, working full time, and trying to finish college)

  7. Running is my best, most supportive friend. Running has seen me at my worst and at my best and has passed no judgement. Running has soothed my fears, witnessed my tears, and been there for my triumphs. Even if I have been away, running welcomes me back and never chides me for my absence. Running has taken away the excess weight as well as the shadows of a lifetime of low self-esteem and given me strength, endurance, and belief in myself. Running might take me away from the world for a little while, but it always gives me back as a better person.

  8. Running is my daily reminder that I win and Fibromyalgia loses! Running is how I choose to fight the battle. It tells my muscles everyday that it’s time to get up, get moving, and get living:)

  9. Running is my escape from the pressures of the world time, my push the limits time, my expand my boundaries and capabilities time. Running is my Jedi training time…

  10. reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to. Just started running for the first time in my life in July 2011 and signed up for my first HM in May 2012. Never thought I had it in me.

  11. Running is my stress relief, my motivation for the awesome christmas party dress I just wore, the salvation of my mind and spirit, the social time with my best friends and the subject if all the entries in my running logs. Been keeping them since year one of running and can’t stop!

  12. Running is my Mondays weekend recovery, my Tuesdays endurance, Wednesdays stress relief, Thursdays meditation, Fridays celebration, Saturdays me time and Sundays religion!!

  13. Running is my only time to allow my head to empty of all thoughts of others – my kids, husband, family, coworkers, pets – and only hear the sound of my feet and jagged breathing (and my iPod).

  14. Running is my passion for myself & my friends. I have lots of passion- but most of them benefit my family, husband, children, students… Running is the one thing that’s mine- and is only better when I can share it w a friend!

  15. Running is my one thing that I do for myself no matter what (you know, other than Mommy stuff). I’m proud because it’s something that I could give up because it is hard but I keep going. Nothing else will make me get up at 4:15 in the morning in order to beat the heat than a long run. That’s a big deal because I LOVE sleeping late.

  16. Running is my saving grace! It’s my sanity, my time, my escape, and my sanctuary! It’s saved my life physically but more importantly changed me mentally so I am a better woman, mother, and wife.

  17. Running is my personal proof that I am a strong person – mentally & physically because it silences my inner critic.

  18. Only moment for myself each day. (actually, that kind of sounds sad! But that thought gets me to not give it up even if I really am too busy to run)

  19. Running is my “thing.”
    The thing I can do by myself or with friends, morning noon or night, if I’m in a good or bad mood, and it’s always there regardless if I’m away for a day or a month.

  20. Running is my….long-lost friend.

    My best running pal and I are BOTH out with stress fractures, and are returning to running VERY slowly right now. This Sunday was SUPPOSED to be my marathon. πŸ™ We will be back to running more regularly (and hopefully together) at the first of the year, so it would be PERFECT to have this gift for me/her/us!

  21. Running is my time where I can hear my uninterrupted thoughts, reflect on me, and reconnect with…me. I can be selfish for that slot of time.

  22. Running is my excuse to have another piece of Christmas crack from the fridge even though it’s really just butter and sugar and is totally not what I should be eating right now. πŸ˜‰

    Or a more serious answer is: Running is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

  23. Running is my future. Im still barely jogging at this point, but I envision the day I run my first 5k, every single time I go out.

  24. Running is my sanity. Traded sleep this morning for an amazing run at 5 am. Tired but much less stressed and ready to take on the house full of kids under 5-I only have three kids but they feel like a houseful.

  25. Running is my….reminder that I am capable of doing anything. It reminds me of the strength that I have even when I thought I had none left.

  26. I’ve been thinking about this all day. Running is so many things to me, my motivator, my license to eat ice cream, my hobby, my time to myself, my way to set a good example for my kids, my therapy, my fresh air in the winter, my dose of Vitamin D, my reinforcement that I am strong…Running allows me to be the best ME I can be!

    In a nutshell, running is my REWARD… even if it doesn’t always feel that way when I begin!!

  27. Running is the gin to my tonic. Or maybe the tonic to my gin? Let’s just say it mellows me out and cheers me up! Going running now (lunch break!).

  28. Running is the gin to my tonic. Or maybe the tonic to my gin? Let’s just say it mellows me out and cheers me up! Going running now (lunch break!).

  29. Running is my way of talking myself off the ledge. I always feel a thousand times better about anything and/or everything, no matter how many miles I log.

  30. Running is mine. It is the one thing in this crazy mixed up over stressed life I have created that is totally mine, not ours, not theirs, just mine. That I get to share it with a BRF makes it priceless to me.

  31. Running is my way of feeling powerful, like I CAN do it-even when feeling overwhelmed by daily life (kids, illness, etc..).

  32. Running is my…indulgence. Its my very own personal time to do something good for myself and to find peace of mind and time to just think or listen to my favorite music.

  33. I run for my SANITY….The past 3 months I have been injured with a never healing stress fracture of my tibia and up until then I really took running and my “me” time for granted. I am hoping to start fresh in 2012….i already have races on the calendar πŸ˜‰

  34. Running is my … talent! (Something I was enjoying for its weight-loss and weight-maintaining benefits for years that began earning me age group medals for short distance races once i entered my first race…what a confidence builder!)
    runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  35. Running is my refuge, my cleft in the rock, my all too brief time acknowledging all the good that God has created just for us!

  36. Running is what keeps my kids and husband alive and me out of prison. πŸ™‚ Seriously though, running is a major stress reliever and allows me to be the me I was born to be instead of the crazy nut job that my Type-A personality tries to force me to be.

  37. Running is my…… to me and my family. A gift to me because it restores my self-worth, a gift to my family because they receive a better wife and mom.

  38. Running is my Heidi time, where we catch up, vent and put it all out there, something you can’t do over the phone or over coffee. Running keeps it honest.

  39. Running is my mommy “time-out”. Just like a toddler time-outs, it comes when I’m needing a break from whatever is getting me in trouble (snacking too much, stressing about the kids, money or deadlines, ect). No matter how long the “time-out” is, I always come back feeling a little bit more like myself and much easier to get along with!!

  40. Running is my gift to myself, my quality time with my thoughts, my sanity, my exercise, my “I’m not just a mom/wife/assistant/anything that is defined by someone else”….running is my passion, the stuff my dream vacations are based on, and sometimes, my lifeline!

  41. My first thought was “sanity,” but it’s so much more than just my stress relief. Running is my route to myself, to being the stronger and better me I know I can be.

  42. Running is the thing that keeps me from feeling lost in this sea of SAHM-dom. Thanks to running I have new friends, a healthier body and most certainly, a healthier mind.

    In the end running is my life coach.

  43. Running is my CHOICE.. My kids always say its your choice!! And when I run I wanna scream MY CHOICE…Its cos I can, cos the only bad workout is the one you missed!

  44. Running is my reality check. When life gets so crazy and overwhelming, running helps me take a step back and put thinks in perspective.

    Love the half marathon quote..

  45. Running is my time to think without being interrupted by my baby crying or my toddler screaming or someone being hungry or a poopy diaper! I love being a mom, but that alone time I get when I run is AWESOME!

  46. Running is my sanity saver.

    The reason I started running, was really to run away from my 3 kids for a bit, then be able to run home with a clear head.

  47. Running is my only way to survive these days. It helps to battle depression, clear my head from a busy work day and help me cope with the challenges of a 2 year old πŸ™‚

  48. Running is my solace, where I go to the place in my head that only I can go, nobody can ever take it from me – it’s solely mine.

  49. Running is my mid-life crisis antidote. I’m not having an affair or buying a Harley….I’m running! It’s my me time, for which I feel no guilt, perhaps the only such ‘guilt-free me time’ a Mom gets.

  50. Running is my joy! I didn’t realize that til I saw pictures of myself from my last half marathon. I look so happy and confident. :).

  51. Running is my way of finding balance. It’s my way of dealing with demons and stress and self-doubt and all those ugly things that can creep into our lives.

  52. Running is my feel good medicine. Literally! I have fibromyalgia (and other related health issues) and running helps me fight the horrible symptoms associated.

  53. Running is my confidence booster. When I drive around town and see all the streets I’ve run down I smile inside and think about how strong and badass I am!

  54. Running is my way to have finally lost the baby weight (ok, he’s six….was about time), the way to feel strong and powerful, and the way to drive myself the most crazy. Yes, I said it…. kind of a love/hate relationship!

  55. Running is my … sanctuary

    I have a calendar I printed out from a word document and I have it on my fridge so when I walk in from my runs I go straight to the fridge and write down what I did…. I’m in the slumps right now – maybe I need to go pull out some of those all calendars.

  56. Running ismy motivation to bake whatever I want and eat it too!! (and share with others–because let’s be honest–I’m not eating 50 cookies before they get dry and gross)

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