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Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 4

Choose a side: Jennifer's van and her BRF's

Running with a friend, like sharing a bed with your spouse, forces you to choose a side. Not as in who's right and who's wrong in some argument, but literally sides--which side should you run, or sleep, on? As with a sleep positions, run positions feel organic. There's no clear cut answer, but when it's set, it feel right, as if there's a groove you were supposed to fit in to. Like when I run with my pal Heidi: After stopping to pick up a stray dime, I caught up with her and ran on her left for a few steps. Without saying anything, we both suddenly dosey-doe'd to switch positions. It just felt "off" to not be on her right side. Yet with my pal Ellison, I usually run on her left side, so I'm thinking it's not a physical trait or hiccup in my gait that places me on one side or the other. Hmmm, I'm thinking some university researcher needs to investigate this mystery...

I know I'm not alone in my position: another mother runner Jennifer Lundstrum emailed us the above photo with this tale,
"This is a picture of my BRF’s van and my van.  I didn’t notice until about a month after our half-marathon how we placed our 13.1 stickers. I parked next to her one morning at work (we're both teachers) and saw that our stickers were lined up how we run: She always runs on the left and I’m on the right.  I emailed her this picture and said even our vans are BRFs.  She is truly the best running friend one can have: We do one long run together every week, and it the best therapy one can have. We leave all of our stress, worries, and venting on the path, and once in awhile we even plan lessons together."

You'll find this exact same sentence in Train Like a Mother. Great minds....

Now I wish I had tidy way to tie this anecdote and the idea of "choosing a side" to today's giveaway, but I've got nothing...other than to say if I lived in Seattle, I would run on the right side of the founder of the company providing the giveaway items--Maria of Banana Blossom Press. I met her at a book signing in Seattle, and Maria is one cool, fun chick, and that's reflected in her athletic-themed cards and T-shirts. Dimity's fave card bears basically her mantra at race expos: It reads, "stop saying, 'just a half'" Amen, sista! I love the simplicity of one that reads, "you are a marathoner." A perfect post-26.2 congratulations card.

So true. So, so true.

For today's giveaway, three random winners will get their choice of either 10 Banana Blossom Press cards (5 for themselves, 5 for their BRF), 2 T-shirts, or 5 cards and 1 tee. All you need to tell us (in the Comments section below) is: What side of your running partner do you run on? If you don't have a BRF, tell us what side of the bed you sleep on (single? "the middle" is a side!) Winners from all the week's giveaways will be announced on our site on Sunday.


536 responses to “Best Running Friends’ Giveaway: Day 4

  1. I don’t really have a true brf…my hubby probably comes closest to fitting that spot, but when we occasionally run together I prefer the right side…I feel “off” if I’m not…plus it’s also the same when I sleep…right is best for me 🙂

  2. Even though I am married and *should* sleep on the right side, I typically end up in the middle. My hubby is a fantastic space heater!

  3. I usually run alone, and currently I sleep on the right side. Looking forward to a canine running partner in the spring, and then I’ll be running on his right side.

  4. I try to be accommodating, so I pretty much go where ever there is space. In pictures it looks like I am on the right side often, but I never really thought about it until you asked. Huh. Now I will think about it all the time. Like which stall I’d chose in the bathroom or something. Ok, just stick to running. It’s too late.

  5. I run alone (hopefully for not too much longer!) and sleep on the right. Once fell asleep in a hotel on the wrong side before he got back from a walk and it bothered my husband all night cause he was on the wrong side!

  6. I need to run on the left of my running partner b/c my English Setter, Peter, needs to run on my left. If I ran on her right then Peter (who is always on my left) would poop and my running partner would run right into that. The three of us try and go out 1-2x/week and we always know where are places are. Creatures of habit!

  7. When it’s the three of us, I’m in front or behind because their paces match. When it’s two of us, Inoticed today that I was on the left both out and back.

  8. I run on the safe side! My hubby protects me while we run. Our 11 year old son heard me talking about this and he piped in…..”Y’all run behind me when we run.” Ha, so true! 🙂

  9. I think I typically run on the right. BUT I don’t think we really have “sides”. We switch back and forth, depending on who is leading. I don’t know all the routes near her house and she doesn’t know the ones near mine (we live about 25 minutes away from each other and take turns running close to our own homes).

  10. I run on the right side and sleep on the right side as well. It’s funny because my running partner and I are “new” to each other, but we have fallen into the same pattern every time we have run! I didn’t even realize it until you asked this question and I started to think about it. Too funny

  11. When running with my husband, he always insists on running on my right side or whatever side is closest to the street. He tells me it’s because he wants to make sure I’m safe. What a sweetie huh?

  12. I don’t have a BRF, but I sleep on any side that is available! My kids are still at the age where they crawl into bed with us most nights, so I take what I can!

  13. I sleep on the right side of the bed, next to the window. I like our bedroom on the very cool side, my husband prefers to sleep in a sauna. The window and the ceiling fan save me!

  14. I have two running partners and we change sides a lot…we are all different paces though…so often times we are in a single file….Liz, aka Tigger b/c she runs with a bounce in her step is first, I am second and Kris is third.

  15. Hmmm. We don’t have sides, but if I think about it, I think we commit to our chosen side for that particular run. So if we turn corners or somebody stops to adjust, we always return to our ‘place’ for that night.

    That’s weird!

  16. Funny thing, I have two runny partners and I run in the right of both. Does that mean I have a hitch in my giddy up?? Lol

  17. I sleep on my husband’s right side and I run on my BRF’s right side. Not sure why. I am left handed…does that make a difference??

  18. It seems I tend to pick the left side when running with my BRF. Funny how I didn’t realize it till you pointed it out;) LOL

  19. I run on the left and sleep on the right. 🙂 I was just running on Tuesday with my BRF and I was on the right for a bit. I felt so uncoordinated! So, I fell back a few steps, so I could catch up on the left.

  20. I run on the right, my BRF on the left. Didn’t really notice it much until our run the other morning where we doesy-do’ed after single-filing to let a car pass. How funny!

  21. I’m a running loner except for one 5k I did with my best friend, I stayed to her right. On the bed I sleep to my husband’s left (if he’s laying on his back). 🙂

  22. Depends on the buddy! I guess I do tend to drift to the right side a bit, but I’m not afraid to mix it up, and there have been left-sided runs. Does that make me wishy washy?
    I can totally dig that No Run = Cranky + Moody tee… but can’t we all?

  23. My BRF likes to run on my right side. In the middle of our first Half, she said in frustration as she switched sides, “you are going to think I’m crazy, but I HAVE to be on your other side”.

    I don’t have a side preference, probably because my husband takes the side of the bed closest to the bathroom and whenever we run or walk together he always takes the side closest to the road if we are on the sidewalk.

  24. I run on the right side most of the time…but we do switch it up sometimes. My 70.3 sticker is on the right side of my car, though. 🙂

  25. I will run on any side of my BRF because if we are out there, it means we have 4 healthy kids between us, no meetings for work for at least an hour (we work together too!), and not another commitment for the next 5 miles except to talk and put one foot in front of the other.

  26. I run on the right – same side of the bed that I sleep on – not sure if it has to do with being left handed? Happy Holidays!

  27. I always run on the right with my best friend on the left. Except when I was pregnant, my best friend/running partner got all chivalrous and protective so she insisted on running on the right so a car would hit her first. 🙂

  28. Wow – love their stuff – off to check out the website!

    I’ve never thought about the side thing – with DH, I usually run on the left – but his elbows seem to be right at my head level, so I need to be careful!

  29. Love this! I ALWAYS run on my BRF’s right side and we have done some major fancy stepping to “make it right” when we get started wrong or turn around, a car passes, etc. glad to know we are not the only ones!

  30. I don’t run with anyone 🙁 but I sleep on the left side of the bed. Funny if the hubby does make it for a run with me I am still on the left. Hmmm, interesting.

  31. My BRF and I had “sides” for sure. She is almost deaf in one ear so of course I had to always be on her left. That means I always got the side which was closer to the trees and bushes. When they needed trimming I was running into them. I would never care because those were the best of times. We were each other’s therapists for all those miles and training for our half. I miss her since I have moved. I hate running solo and having to run in the middle!

  32. I run on the left and always do nomatter who I run with LOL! I never thought of it before… I sleep on the left too 😉 but incidentally, I’m right-handed. 😀

  33. I run alone, but I do sleep on the right side. I seem to zig zag when I run, it depends on what the surface is like and lighting depending on the time of day.

  34. Which side? The slower side. The more competitive side. The side her dog isn’t running on. The side closer to traffic because she stumbles sometimes and I’d hate for her to be in harms way. The side grateful to have found a BRF just when I needed her most!

  35. My BRF is 15 years younger than me so I’m usually neither left or right but instead just a little behind 🙂 My goal is to one day be running on her right!

  36. Left: I like to run the furthest in the road. It just happens that way. But I am usually solo and then I hug the shoulder and zig-zag.

  37. Well, my BRF usually has her dog with us, so we move around to avoid the leash tripping us up. Typically though, I usually wear one ear bud when running. I wear that on the right side usually, and try to keep my buddies on the left. The low music and the chatter help keep me going!

  38. Most of my runs are solo but I do notice that I keep to the far right on my usual trail. Even when it’s empty and I still down run down the middle. I also sleep on the right side of the bed 🙂

  39. Since I generally sleep alone on the couch, I seem to move to the left when I run with a partner. That allows the other person to set the pace.

  40. sleep on the left (not my choice) and run on the right with my BRF. Thinking about it now, I tend to head to the right in every occasion, but my husband thinks the right is his side…except when we walk together, or sit on the couch, or anything else. Hmmm.

  41. I think because I am a lefty I always like to be on the left side. If I run on the right of my friend I tend to start veering towards her and bumping elbows or arms.

  42. I always run on the left..I been very lucky to run with four fabulous ladies, who I call the, ” Fabulous Four”. It’s my first experience running with younger ladies. ( They are all 10+ years younger than I.) However, it’s been a blessing. They always keep me on pace and on the ball. Plus there are no excuses for no long runs. Someone, can always make it.. I love it…

  43. I run on the right side of my running buddy. I am usually the one playing my loud obnoxious music on my left arm with my iPhone , so she likes to be able to get into the groove as well…she hears it better when she is running right next to my arm…:)

  44. I run behind my running partners when I’m pushing them in their big orange jogging stroller. They get heavier each day, but their cries of “go, mommy, go!” keep me going. They cry and whine sometimes, but they also help me appreciate the little things on my runs, like ducks, doggies, puddles and flowers. We leave a trail of cheddar bunnies wherever we go!

  45. I typically run on the left but sleep on the right side of the bed! Sleeping on the other side throws me off more than running on the “wrong” side!

  46. I sleep on the left side of the bed. And I run on the left side. The running partner that I have the most is a guy friend so he almost always tries to protect me from traffic. He says that’s what my husband would want him to do for his wife so he does it for me.

  47. The hearing in my right ear is awful, so I always run on my sister’s right hand side. Problem being that she’s my BRF and lives in MN; I’m in MT. So, whenever she runs with her other BRF who lives next door, she has to run on her left, too…it’s become too much of a habit and feels akward to be on the right (aka the wrong side). Catch that? Yeah, me neither. Now my head hurts from trying to figure it all out…

  48. I really wish that I got to run by my BRF every week but she is 4 hours away. We get to run races together though and I am on the right side every time!

  49. Oh how true this is, we all have our side that suits us best! When I run with my first ever BRF, Anna, I am always on the right. for whatever reason, the right side doesn’t feel right when I run with my BRF, Kristen. When we head out for our runs, I’m always on the left. Either side of the pavement, I’m so blessed to get to pass miles upon miles with these special ladies!!

  50. We do have sides, but seriously, they vary from week to week. Today, she had to run on the right since we were doing a night run and she had a much better reflective jacket than I had.

  51. Never really thought about this before, but I run on the right side of one of my buddies (we usually run with her dog too who runs on her left) and then the left side of my other buddy. And the middle if we all run together!

  52. I don’t have a running partner. I do sleep on the left side but anytime my husband is a way, I take over the bed and sleep in the middle.

  53. WHAT? 380 messages so far?? That’s a lot. I have a new BRF and it’s funny you should bring up this topic because yesterday we were laughing while running as we kept slamming into each other. I’m sure we will find our ‘groove,’ and when we do I’ll let you know which side I”m on. 🙂

  54. We must be weird! We switch places on our runs…there are certain legs where I’m on the road side, and others where I’m on the sidewalk side. But it is the same segments each time. I think I’m usually on the left…because when we started running I had my son in a stroller, so I kept near the sidewalk when we run in the street.

  55. I am ALWAYS a right-sided runner! It just feels “off” if I’m not on the right side. I didn’t realize this was a runner “thing” until I read this give-away! It made me laugh!

  56. So funny, I usually am on the right of my BRF! I think it’s because whenever I run with my sister, I have to be on the right because she has some hearing loss in her left ear – she hears me better if I’m on the right. Unfortunately she lives in Montana and I live in Minnesota, so we don’t run together regularly (although she does come with her kids for three weeks each summer, and we run every day to make up for lost time!). So when I run with my neighbor who is also my BRF I am most comfortable on the right side.

  57. My BFF is I Texas and I’m in Indiana. So we run on different parts of the country. But I love her so much. Can’t wait to truly run side by side in February.

  58. I definitely run on the left of my running buddies. My hearing is better in my right ear so I’m sure to have people on that side so I can hear them! 🙂

  59. I run on the left, normally I have a stroller with me and where we run, there seem to be more obstacles for it on the right. ))shrug(( She understands her maneuverability outdoes mine!

  60. I don’t have a preferred side, but can’t switch once we’re into a run. I’ve been really thrown twice before when a hearing aid battery died on one side and my SIL and I had to swap sides so I could hear with my working aid.

  61. Weird that I was thinking this same thing the other day when I ran with my BRF. We don’t have a side….and I was wondering why not? Each time we run, we run a different route, and sometimes I’m on the left, and sometimes on the right, and sometimes in front, and sometimes behind. We are running tomorrow….I’ll research a little for you and see what she thinks.

  62. I don’t really have a best running friend…I wish I did. I have lots of ladies that I run with in my group and I almost always choose the right side…which is the same side of the bed that I sleep on as well.

  63. I sleep on the left side. I’m hoping to someday be speedy enough to run with my husband. When that day comes, I’m thinking I’ll stick with the left side.

  64. Depends. When running with Meg I am on her right side since she is deaf in her left ear, Bransy has a water thing so she is always on left, others doesn’t seem to matter. When at track alone I trade up lanes and direction.

  65. I run on the left side of my BRB. When we turn around from an out and back I find myself again on the left side. love the shirts- thanks for introducing me to this great product line.

  66. I sleep on the left side of the bed at home with my husband on the right. But whenever we are not at home I always sleep on the right and he’s on the left. I’m not sure if it’s us rebelling against each other when we travel or what, but it always cracks me up!

  67. I don’t have a regular running buddy, but when I run with a running group I always end up on the right of the person I run with. When I end up on the left I’m very uncomfortable and find a way to work myself over the right.

  68. I sleep on the right sid of my husband (so left side of the bed?) I like to run on the right side of the road/trail/sidewalk putting people at my left.

  69. Strangely enough, my BRF and I don’t have a designated ‘side’. What usually does happen, though, is that she’s a step or two ahead of me as she’s speedy and I’m often struggling to stay with her. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  70. No BRF 🙁 I typically sleep on the right side, but I recently had surgery on my right hip, so I’ve been sleeping on the left side so that hubby doesn’t bump my incision.

  71. When I run with my hubby, I run on the left side. But, when I sleep with my hubby, I sleep on the right. The bed thing is really based on him wanting to be closer to the bathroom, ha!

  72. I run with my husband and it varies… when outside I am on his left, but on the treadmill in the gym we tend to stick to the same two, and then I am on his right.

  73. Right Side – running and sleeping, which makes sense since I am a righty, but the odd thing is that after spending some time working with a trainer, I am stronger and tend to lead with my left side… Go figure!

  74. I am right side for both. Bed, I don’t know why. It’s just sort of where I ended up when we got married! I run on the right of any partner…okay, and I know this sound nuts because I’m all of like 5’2″…because I like to think I can protect him/her from the approaching traffic! In all reality, I guess I would protect him/her by getting squished!

  75. I am right side for both. Bed, I don’t know why. It’s just sort of where I ended up when we got married! I run on the right of any partner…okay, and I know this sound nuts because I’m all of like 5’2″…because I like to think I can protect him/her from the approaching traffic! In all reality, I guess I would protect him/her by getting squished!

  76. I do not have a running best friend but if you are looking at the bed, I sleep on the left side. I cannot sleep on the other side, it just doesn’t feel right. Now that I think about it, I also run on the left side.

  77. I usually run on the right side unless I’m running with my hubby and then I run on the left. Usually try to run between who I run with and the road. 🙂

  78. Gosh, I never really thought about this, but I think I usually run on the “house side” or the farthest from the street I can get, because my running nickname is “safety officer”. I’m in charge of telling people if the street is clear, and yelling at them if they ran across the street when there is a car coming. Boy, I’m a ball of fun.

  79. I usually run by myself but if I find myself with people, I tend to stay to the right. And I sleep on the right too….hmmm…..

  80. In races, we alternate sides depending on the mile (and who is feeling the need to pass another runner and get a new spot). 🙂

  81. I’m always on the right of my BRF. I didn’t even notice it for a long time, but she did, so she always made sure she was in the right place. Now, we live all the way across the country from each other, but when she came here to San Francisco to run the Nike Women’s Marathon with me, she made sure we were lined up so that she was on my left. It’s hard to explain, but it just feels right that way!

  82. I have been running with my training partner for 10 years (we just celebrated our decade-a-vvrsary). When Jude and I run together, I am always on the left but if I run with ANYONE else, I run on the right… feels like I am cheating on her otherwise!

  83. Always on the right side. On the rare occasion that it has been reversed it all just seems off to me and I have to figure out a way to get back to the other side. Same goes for sleeping… always on the right side, even if my husband isn’t there I tend to huddle up on the right.

  84. I’m a left sider. I ran my first marathon this past fall and my husband put a sign on his back, pointing to me, which said “Lisa’s first marathon”. I thought that was pretty cool that he knows “my” side!

  85. I usually run on my buddy’s left side. I am not sure if it always happens that way but I do know it just feels right to be on her left side! We most of our runs together and I just love having a buddy! Even if we don’t talk its just nice to have someone out there with you!

  86. Always run on the left – I feel trapped if I run on the right. Haven’t actually been able to run with my BRF in months due to extended hospital time with a kiddo, but looking forward to getting inspired by her again to train for our spring marathon! Oh, and I sleep on the right. 🙂

  87. I seem to be a leftie. The 2x I’ve run with a RB, I’ve mostly been on the left. I sleep on the left side of the bed. And for the last 3 weeks that I’ve taken my wire fox terrier running with me, she has insisted on staying on the right, therefore I’m a leftie again.

  88. I dont have an actual running partner but when I am with my Dad, we run together, and its some of the best of my recent memories with my sweet old man (<; I tend to run on the left, which, incidently is the side I sleep on as well!

  89. Right for sleeping – always – and generally right for running. On long runs with friends, we tend to run along a parkway and the person on the right gets the pavement, the left gets the dirt. I tend to prefer pavement running, so run on the outside.

  90. I currently run on the right side but only because I get the “good” treadmill bc she can walk on the “bad” treadmill (loose belt so it slips) easier than I could run on it. LOL
    I usually take the outside closer to cars but further from dogs when I run. I will put anyone (except my kids) between me and a dog.

  91. I sleep on the left, but run on the right. Strange. Never really thought about it before. Maybe it’s a balance thing! I try to pass people on the left when running, kinda like driving! LOL.

  92. I run on the left side with one BRF and on the right side with a different BRF. When there are three of us we end up changing positions throughout the run.

  93. okay so that is too funny! I sleep on the left and I run on the left!… at church I always prefer to sit on the left… wow – I never put that all together.

    And I found myself yesterday correcting someone who was giving me a compliment on my “marathon” … I said, “oh it was just a half” … he laughed – 13.1 or 26.2 you still did awesome…

  94. I don’t have a BRF, but i tend to run in the middle of the road whenever possible, so that usually puts me to the left of anyone I may be running with. I also sleep on the left side of the bed, but that’s because hubby has to have the right 🙂

  95. LOVE the tshirts! Okay, i’m mostly a solo runner, but when i have run with the hubby, i’m on the left (and the left side of the bed!). runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  96. Right side for sleeping. When running with the Biking Sherpa I like to keep her on my right so that she is away from traffic…what little we have. I also need to be able to head of any dogs since she is deathly afraid.

  97. My unning partner and I switch sides. I tend to run on the outside on sidewalks, but she prefers to run on the street when traffic allows. Oddly, we do always run on the left side of the street…. hadn’t thought about that before. Sleeping, wells, I prefer the middle 🙂

  98. When I run with someone, I prefer to have them on my right. When it comes to sleeping arragments, it’s a little more involved. It depends how the room is arranged. My husband and I have been married 4 years and I’ve switched sides at least 8 times (combination of moving and moving furniture)!

  99. The only person I ever run with is my husband (Yes, he has to slow down for me) and we actually run on the same sides as the way we sleep. I’m on the left.

  100. I sleep on the left side of the bed (as you’re laying in it) but the right side while running. (my brf if a dog for now:) and he gets the left!!)

  101. I run on the left because we always take along my very large dog who’s trained to run on my left side. That way, he’s not cutting in front of my BRF. Also, I sleep on the left side of the bed and am left-handed. (The dog sleeps in the middle of the bed. Not sure whether he’s right- or left-pawed.)

  102. I always sleep on the right side of the bed, but want to run with my partner on my right, so I’m on the left, right?… I missed that day in elementary school where they taught left from right… But I agree that there is ALWAYS a right from wrong side! Those t-shirts are awesome! I think I need to order some today to get here in time for Christmas!

  103. I tend to run on the left, unless running in low light and I’m the one who is most visible, then I take the right side for safety. I also sleep on the left. Hmmm, I’m left handed too. Trend? I think so.

  104. I run on the right and it’s a bad reason…my hips are off center (I have scoliosis) and if I run on the left, I tend to veer to the right and bump into my running buddy, almost like a car that needs alignment. Same with carrying a GU or water bottle. Don’t you find that you favor one hand? I favor the left.

  105. I’m flexible, but my husband insists on the left side of the bed. whatev
    I don’t have a brf, but when I run with others, I’m usually on the right side. Interesting…

  106. I typically run on the left side of my BRF. We both wear reflective vests on our super-dark-early runs, but I’ve started carrying a bright flashlight in my right hand. I notice when I carry it, I’ve started running on her right side. I guess that’s b/c I’m closer to on-coming traffic and they can see us better – motherly instincts kicking in for my BRF!

  107. I don’t have a running partner, but I imgine I would run on the left side, because that’s where I sleep in my bed. I’m left-handed, so maybe that has something to do with it! 🙂

  108. Run on the right, sleep on the left…but we do switch that up if only one of us is pushing a stroller – stroller always gets the left. 😉

  109. Run on the left, sleep on the right.
    Trail runs are a different story though since there’s not always room for side-by-side running. She leads, until we get to hills, then we switch!

  110. Run mostly on the right. Sleep on the side closest to the bathroom OR the nearest kid’s room…so when we move, it sometimes switches up! 😉

  111. Hmmm, interesting! I don’t get to run with my friend Megan much anymore, but we did a lot of trail running, and I was usually in front. When we ran roads, I’d take the right side, which is also the side of the bed I sleep on! Never thought about all this before!

  112. I always run on the right when running with my BRF. Funny thing is I always sleep on the left side of the bed. Probably because I like to sleep on my right side and feel clausterphobic if I am not facing the outside of the bed 😉 Guess I really am a righty . . .

  113. One of my BRF’s mentioned this post this morning on our run and although we realized that she probably started on the right side heading out on the way back we seemed to turn around and I was on the right. Then it got us to thinking more if we really had a pattern or not. We run trails a lot and front and back switches up often. We couldn’t figure out if we really did chose a side or not. Oh well, it was funny to think about.

  114. I usually run on the right side, which I need to switch because I have a hard time hearing out of my left ear, so I’m constantly asking my BRFs to repeat themselves. If there are 3 of us, I try to stay in the middle. Thanks for making me think about this….time to mix it up in the new year?

  115. I run on the left and my bestie runs on the right! when we run we each wear one earbud in the outside ear and leave the “inner” ear free so we can hear each other while we chat! When I don’t run on the left, somethign is just off! Even when we run races, we keep the same spots! thank you for hosting!

  116. Oh, all these posts make me wish I had a BRF. I like to run trails so if I ran with anyone it would be single file. I would probably run in back just to avoid slowing anyone done.

  117. I run on the left side of my running partner. My running partner is a male and at first he didn’t understand why I was so insistent of my position. When I tried to explain to him, “It just feels right” he just laughed. Now he gets it and just moves over! 🙂

  118. LEFT! Had a good conversation about this topic this morning during our run. I am always a lefty. My BRF this morning is always a right. We think it may have something to do with her strong motherly instinct and desire to protect her BRFs from the traffic to the right. Sidewalks in our community are not runner-friendly.

  119. Too funny and very true!! I am on the right, BRF on the left – except for this one stretch and now I am trying to figure out why we switch there. Cute shirts!!

  120. I tend to run on the right side, that’s the side that feels more natural. But we do switch it up. For those first few block it feels so awkward, though!
    I also tend to sleep on the right. I have to have the spot next to the night stand!

  121. left side to run and sleep. unless i’m running with my husband and dogs, and then i have to be on the right because my dog refuses to be on the left.

  122. Ok, so I used to always run with my dog, and he only runs on the right, which means I’m a lefty. Then started running with Kristy and while we do switch it up, I usually still run on the left. And thinking about it I sleep on the lef, and I’m usually the one driving with the kids on the left, which means of course my 26.2 sticker is obviously on the left side of my van. Bizarre when you put all this together.

  123. I’m a lone runner, so I don’t have to pick a side. But when I sleep, I sleep on the right side… Or the side furthest from the door if we are in a new setting.

  124. my BRF and i kind of switch off sides, depending on who has a dog on a leash and who doesn’t or if we both do. i guess neither of us are attached to any particular side. at home, however, i’m always on the left side of the bed!

  125. My sister is my BRF (and my BFF). I always run on her left side for a good reason – she’s blind in her right eye (childhood cancer). If I’m on her right, she can’t see me. We’ve gotten mixed up a few times, and she ALWAYS runs into me when this happens.

  126. I have two running friends and we usually don’t have a particular side. One of us typically a half stride ahead, pulling the other two along and we rotate over the course of our run. (My husband and I don’t have a side of the bed either – it just depends on who is getting up first.)

    1. Damn, I said that I think I run on the non-street side, because I’m the safety officer. But, now that my running partner said we don’t have sides, I feel like a fool! 😉

  127. I think I’m usually on the left. But sometimes I try to be on the right because I feel bad making her be out in the road… but we usually switch back at some point.

  128. I always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. I’m not sure why. At home it’s the right side but when we visit my parents I sleep on the left. Maybe I always need an escape strategy? Not sure what this says about my mental health?

  129. Since I run solo, I must answer the side-of-the-bed question. I sleep on the right side of the bed (if you are at the foot of the bed looking at the bed)…. or rather, if I’m in bed, I sleep on the left! 🙂

  130. For some reason the mother hen in me always feels protective so I try to run on the outside nearest the road or behind on a trail run to make sure she is ok. Right with the hubs.

  131. I had to think about this for a minute, then realized I have the most wonderful BRF. I was out of running commission for 16 months with three knee surgeries and tons of PT. (Skiing accident. So NOT worth it!) Now, my BRF Amy always runs on the rougher terrain. Really…she automatically switches or runs behind me if we come to uneven roads – always thinking of my feet being planted firmly. That…and long weekend runs are torture without each other as company, she needs me to stay in commission!

  132. I sleep on the left side of the bed because my husband is deaf in his right ear. If I had a running partner I would most likely run on the left side also.

  133. I sleep on the left and generally run on the left, although that varies with BRF and situationally. I’d never thought about it before, though!

  134. I am a lefty in all arenas. My BRF likes to run in the middle of the road….while I have two small children and would prefer not to tempt traffic.

  135. Left side for sleeping… always.

    Running with my BFF – we alternate actually! We both hate the tilt of the road at the edge as it ‘funks’ up our knees and hips after a while, so switch sides to take turns running on the flatter middle of the road.

    My husband asked me this question a while ago too, because he was thinking of getting my BFF and I shirts that read tweedle dee and tweedle dum and wanted to know who would get which shirt!

  136. No running partner. But I sleep on the right and roll to the middle as soon as my husband gets up. I like to steal his pillow 🙂

  137. I have a great BRF. We run 3-4 days a week together. I always run on the left. The one time we switched, I can’t even remember why, she triped and fell. I blame it on the fact that she was on the wrong side.

  138. I guess I can sleep or run on either side..Never really thought about it. I usually run alone, but in the 5K this weekend I was running with a friend, and I at different times I was on both sides. Now, I wonder if it bothered him? I hadn’t thought about it, but as we went around other runners, I just went to the side there was more space.

  139. This is interesting! I only recently ran with a new friend and realized right away that one side felt better than the other- it was the “right” side for me – literally! and I happen to sleep on the right side of the bed as well! I agree someone should do a study! Maybe there’s something more to it!

  140. I run on both sides. I just tend to be a magnetic runner. I always find I am getting closer and closer to my partner. I often run into them.

  141. Okay so I never realized how crazy I am about what side we run on until this! But its always the same. I am a right side gal all the way except for one stretch that we run each day heading back – I end up on the left hand side but only for a short distance.
    Happy left or right running to all – and I think we are all right as long as we are running. 🙂

  142. I must say, as a Type-A (read: not the best at being bendable) personality, this is one thing that I’m actually kind of flexible on. I had to stop and think about how my friend(s) and I run together. We’re all over the place. I usually prefer to run on the right, but I don’t mind being on the left. It makes me a little happy this morning to realize I CAN be flexible on something! Haha!

    Now, as far as which side of the bed I sleep on…let’s just say my husband loves to freak me out by suggesting we switch for a night, just for fun. He finds it hysterically funny that the mere thought of changing sides tweaks me out like a overtightened guitar string.

  143. I’m all “right”…run on the right, sleep on the right, and if you sit next me, I’m always to the right of you…hmm, never realized that until now!

  144. I have very poor uncorrectable vision in my right eye, so I usually run to the right of my buddies so that I don’t have to turn my head as much to see them.

  145. When my husband will run with me, I run on the right side, or in front (he prefers the view of running behind…why, I have no idea! HA!) I try to sleep on the right side of the bed, however, due to him weighing more than me, I usually roll to the center and stay there. 😀

  146. I have thought about this before… I have come to the sneaky suspicion in my running, it is the dominant one or the pacer who is on the left. When I want to speed up the pace, i take the left! .. Wierd. I just do it.

  147. Love this post! I can totally relate. I run on the right side of my BRF and when we park our Honda minvans next to each other, her 13.1 sticker is on the left and mine is on the right!

  148. That’s the beauty of a virtual running buddy. She’s in TX. I’m in MT. We can run on whatever side we want. 🙂

    I sleep on the left side of the bed (closest to the door and the kiddos).

  149. LOVE that shirt! I must check out her site.

    No BRF 🙁 but I sleep on the left (if you’re inthe bed – “bed left” kinda like “stage left”). Have for as long as I can remember, whether alone or not, on travel or at home, regardless of size of bed – well, for a twin it might not matter much, but you get the idea. Don’t know why, but have to do it that way!

  150. Right….always the right. For sleeping and running – I’d like to say it is because I am always right, but anyone who knows me, knows better!

  151. if you are standing at the foot of the bed, I am on the left. For running I usually stay towards the edge of the road so that if I need to stop in the middle of a race people won’t trip over me 🙂

  152. No RBF so I am currently sleeping on the right side of the bed. It used to change with the season. When the a/c runs my husband gets the side closest to the vent. When the heat is on I used to get that side of the bed. -But as my husband ages, he tends to be the cold one in the house. (He’s 17 years senior)

  153. I sleep on the right side, but usually if I run with someone I like to run on the left. Of course most days, I’m running behind my running partner as she is three and rides in the stroller 🙂

  154. I tend to run on the left side with my sister in law and on the right with my sister. When I run alone, I attach my iPod to my right arm. My husband and I switch sides of the bed every few weeks but I sleep best on the right side.

  155. Sleep on the right, run on the right but sometimes I run on the left too. (It must be when I’m running with a BRF that’s a righty.)

  156. I have never thought about that, but thinking back, I am always on the right. I wonder if it’s because my left ear is always my listening ear- when running alone- earphone is just in left.
    I sleep on the left side. Actually I could sleep on either, but I like to sleep on the side closer to the bathroom.

  157. I never noticed before!! She’s always to my left!! I’m on the side closest to the road. I’m a little older and I think I’ve done it to be protective – the car will hit me first. Like a Mom instinct!!

  158. I usually start on the right side…..but it’s never consistent. It might change half way through the run. It also depends on which ear bud we both have in!

  159. Funny, we don’t seem to have specific sides. My BRF prefers to run on grass so depending on where we are running, that sometimes determines our positioning.

    I do always sleep on the right side of the bed, but that’s with my husband, not my friend! Incidentally, when I run with my hubby, he generally runs on my right because he wants to “protect me” from traffic.

  160. Running – left side
    Sleeping – right side

    The funny thing is that my sister is my brf and I run on her left. But when we were little girls we shared a bed and I slept on her right. A study is in order………………..

  161. I about laughed out loud when I read today’s BRF post. It is such a ‘thing’ with us! I am always on the right. Even if I wasn’t such a creature of habit, my sweet as-type-A-as-me BRF would be, and she’s a committed leftie. I can even recall a couple times when we went single-file to give sidewalk space to someone else, and I inadvertently fell in on the wrong side. We had to stop and fix it.

    Love, love that our peccadilloes can be celebrated by so many others who share it.
    Happy running!

  162. I ALWAYS run on the right. I have a profound hearing loss in my right ear, so if they run on my right I can’t hear any juicy gossip. So – I’m always on their right. That way I get to hear all the gossip, jokes, complaining… know, the good stuff!

  163. We switch when we are on roads so no one has to take the entire effect of road cant. On single track in snow, we also take turns cutting the trail.

  164. OMG! This post is so true! I always have to run on the left of my BRF if not I feel totally off. I thought I was weird until I read this blog – thankfully now I know I am not alone! LOL!

  165. Is “behind” a side? I am the slowest one in my group of running girls. The advantage is that when I make it to the end, everyone is there to cheer for me. If that is not true friendship then I don’t know what is.

  166. No “person” as a running partner…just faithful “Millie” , so it’s right down the middle for me! She gets angry if I go to far left or right.

  167. I run on the left cuz she usually has her Ipod on that arm so then we can both hear it. As for sleeping, I’m a “in the middle” sleeper. ((fingers crossed))

  168. My BRF is my 11 year old son. He’s on the left and I’m on the right…now that I think about it, I sleep on the right side too….Love the giveaway fun!

  169. Run and sleep (and write!) on the left. If my running buddy and I are on the “wrong” sides we naturally switch at some point during our run.

  170. Well, I don’t normally run with anyone, but for about a month my BF and I ran our long runs together in preparation for a half that we decided to do together…I always ran on the right and he on the left. In that short time, it became a habit because we both felt “off” the one time I ended up on the left side after we made a quick detour to dispose of some gel trash.

  171. If I’m with my husband and with our two kids I run behind or on the right if there’s room (we run with 2 jogging strollers and a dog.) I also sleep on the right, but I used to sleep on the left before kids. No matter which side I sleep on I always have to sleep on my side facing the outside of the bed.

  172. I definitely prefer to run on Megan’s right side. However, we do switch it up when the trail is crowded- she pushes a double wide stroller and I push a single- I can weave in between people easier than she can. When it’s smooth sailing though, we switch back to our comfort- me on the right, her on the left.

  173. Sleep on the right side, and it depends on which friend I run with, with one I run on the right and with the other I run on the left! Go figure! 🙂

  174. There is something about having a side. My BRF Tasha and I just run with what feels right but we have noticed on some runs or walks about not being on the correct side cause we keep bumping hands as we move. So if I remember correctly its’s left for me and right for her.

  175. When I run with my mother-in-law (BRF) I’m always on the right, but when I run with my husband he refuses to let me be closest to the road so I end up on the left. Always sleep on the left though!

  176. I run on the left side. Once we tried to switch and my BRF crashed into me and we ended up laughing so hard we had to stop running to collect our selves. (You had to be there.) We don’t switch anymore. Left side for me!

  177. I sleep on the left side my husband the right side, but when we run together he runs on the left side, me on the right. Go figure!

  178. I sleep on the “middle” side. Sometimes, I’ll shift to the left. haha. I’ve never run with anyone. I should probably try it!

  179. I run on my partner’s right side BUT when we’ve travel for races and have had to share a bed it’s just the opposite. I have to sleep on the left side and she the right.

  180. BRF DeAnn is on the left – all our training and our first marathon. Bed, yep, left side too! Used to be the right until we needed more space for the baby’s crib and now its just ‘right’. Both feel weird if changed!

  181. I usually run on the left with my sister, on the right with my brother, and sleep on the right side in bed…guess I switch it up some with running…never in bed though!

  182. Left side for sleeping and when running it depends on whether we have a dog with us. The dog always goes in the middle so if she has hers I’m on the left. With my other BRF she tends to crowd left so I always stick to the right.

  183. I run on the left most of the time. I have a bad habit of allowing my left arm to swing out inside of straight.
    I sleep on the right.

  184. I have to run on my BRF’s right. I put one earbud in my right ear and tuck the other in my shirt so we can talk and I can have my music. And, if I run with someone other than my BRF? I make them run the same way.

  185. I don’t care which side but I always have in one earbud in for background music and if I want to hear anything my running partner has to be on the side that does not have the ear bud.

  186. The one “friend” that I run with the most is my dog. He’s on the left in the grass and I’m the one taking on the traffic in the road, waving to the neighbors.

  187. It seems that, no matter the person I am running with, I am always on the left. It feels weird to have someone on my left. Glad to see so many are glad to run on the right!

  188. Never really thought about it before, but in almost all of our race photos, Karen is on my right. No wonder our half mary photos in our ninja-theme outfits look different–she’s on my left.

  189. I sleep on the left, although sometimes I come to bed and my husband has tried to switch us sides, it doesn’t seem to bother him….
    I don’t have a running partner and sometimes that makes running difficult. We are moving to Seattle in a year and a half and I am hoping that I will find a running partner when I get there. So much more fun to run with someone!

  190. I run on my BRF’s right side, sleep on my DH’s right side, guess I’m a ‘right’ kind of girl… 😉 If only my hubby could figure this out. He always wants to run on MY right side and it just feels wrong, somehow….

  191. My BRF and I don’t have specific sides. I’ve been running without her (she’s having horrible first trimester nausea) and it doesn’t feel right without her by my side!

  192. Since we run with one earbud in to talk and still have music, I know this one! I’m the righty! (Also a righty for sleep).

  193. her left side…i like to run closest to the road, just in case of a freak accident, the car would hit me first and maybe save her. I am weird 😉

  194. I run on the left at my BRF’s insistence. She always says she wants me to stay safe from oncoming cars. I also sleep on the left – maybe to stay safe from my hubby’s oncoming snoring!

  195. I sleep on the right side and when I run with someone I seem to end up on the right side … but in kettle bell class I’m on the left side of my buddy.

  196. I have to run on my BRF’s right side as she doesn’t hear as good on her left. And you have to be able to talk/listen on a run!

  197. We don’t always run side by side for the whole run but when we are side by side I am on the left and she is on the right. I never even thought about it until now!

  198. I run, sleep and navigate in the car on the right (I don’t drive). BRF has a hearing aid on the right, unless it is raining, it is always the right for me.

  199. Since my BRF lives in Montana, our only actual run together has been Vegas. There, it was like a weird runner’s version of Marco Polo with each of us calling out to the other to try to stay together (after we lost each other for 3 miles).

    But I sleep on the left side 🙂

  200. Unfortunately, I do not have a BRF. 🙁 When I ran my first half with my non-runner, sister-in-law, she kept switching sides and it kept throwing me off. I DO sleep on the left side of the bed and my 13.1 magnet IS on the left side of my car!!!!

  201. I tend to start our runs running on the right side. Occasionally, I will drift over to the left if we stop and start up again, but I usually find my way back to the right at some point 🙂

  202. I know those vans! 🙂 I’m forwarding this to my BRF, she will be so excited to see the picture! She’s the L runner I’m on the R.

  203. I think I will have a running partner starting in January and when I picture us I’m on the right. I also have the right side of the bed.

  204. So interesting! I tend to run on the right side of people, whoever it happens to be. I sleep on the right side of the bed. I tend to sit on the right side of my spouse at the movies. However, I’m left- handed. But, writing is the only thing I do left- handed. I throw a ball, play tennis, swing a bat, etc, all right- handed. Coincidence?

  205. I’m right handed, but when running whether with my BRF or on my own I usually stick to the left side of the road/ trail as well as on her left. I also sleep on the left side of the bed as well. I can also guarantee that I will be paying closer attention to what else I do on the left side today!! Haha

  206. I always try to run and walk on the left side of people, but I sleep on the right side. Never really thought about it before…

  207. I wish I could run next to my BRF but she is much, much faster then I am so I am always running behind her. When we run together we do opposite loops in a local park so we can at least stop and high five each other a few times during the run. That way I’m not holding her up and she’s able to work at her speed. One day I hope to catch up to her, she’s my inspiration!

  208. I run on the left. I’m left-handed, my left leg is a touch longer, making the slope on the side of the left side of the road on the left side of my BRF perfecto 🙂

  209. My BRF and I often switch sides, especially if the trail/path s not level. We take turns running on the edge of the trail to give each others knees a break.

  210. I run on her right side going out, and her left side heading back. I guess we each have our own half of our running path! Hadn’t thought of that before today.

  211. I run with my Dad (no BRF) & I get the left side! I sleep on the right side of the bed though. And my 13.1 sticker so happens to be on the left of my car!

  212. I sleep in the right (facing away from the husband) and run on the left. is there some deep meaning to this order of things?!

  213. I wish I had a running buddy!! On the rare occasion my faithful old golden will go for a short one with me, he is on my left so I can nudge him out of the road… I sleep on the left when facing the bed.

  214. Laying in it, I sleep on the right side of the bed. I think when we run together (my hubs is my BRF) it’s the opposite.

  215. I don’t usually run with a running partner, unless running with my kid counts. If so, I usually run on her left, unless we’re on a sidewalk close to a road in which case I run on her right.

    I usually sleep on the left side of the bed, or in the middle. When I got pregnant with my second kid, we realized everyone slept better if we were in different beds. Once #2 was born, she was more or less in a co-sleeper [ok, less], and now she’s too big for that but too little for her own bed. Or rather, our house is too little. The plan is to get bunk beds and have them share a room, but #2 is too little to not fall out of a bunk bed, IMO, so she’s in the bed with me for a little while longer.

    1. To clarify, by “we” I meant my husband and I realized we slept better in different beds. He’s a restless sleeper and likes to have a lot of space. I’m not, but get tired of pushing his arm or leg back over to his side.

  216. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed always!! I’m cranky if I don’t…unless the bed is against the wall–then I get the outside.

    When I run with my boyfriend I’m usually in front. He likes to run behind me (something about me wearing tights? Ha!)

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