Bia Sport: A GPS for Women?

A pair of mamas who have a great Bia idea.

 When we heard about Bia Sport, a women's GPS that is trying to come to market through a Kickstarter campaign, we were intrigued--and a little on.

The pair behind Bia are quite a force. Cheryl Kellond describes herself as a forty-onederful tech exec with a specialty developing and launching new products. She has four kids (21, 12, 10, and 7) and does triathlons in all her spare time. Sylvia Marino, also forty-onederful mother of three (11, 9, 7, plus one four-legged) is an executive director of community operations at a major company and in all her spare times, is an open-water long-distance swimmer.

"Sylvia and I met through work nearly 15 years ago and became fast friends," says Cheryl, "I was a last minute stand-in bridesmaid at her wedding, and she donated 250K frequent flyer miles to help me get to China to pick up our youngest daughter. But this adventure with Bia Sport trumps it all."

An adventure? We love adventures. Read on.

Me: When and why did you come up with Bia Sport idea?
Cheryl: Two summers ago I started looking for a GPS training device for triathlon. I was NOT going to strap my $600 smart phone to my arm to workout, so I ordered every GPS watch on the market. I returned every one. There was nothing that fit my wrist right and didn’t hurt to wear. And they all required a users manual to operate.

I went to MIT, so I’m no dummy when it comes to technology, but seriously? There is no need for that complexity. Did you know that one device actually has a screen the shows a map of all the GPS satellites circling the globe? Like, who cares? I just wanted to run. Clearly we could do something better and make a training watch you could love as much as your sport.

What motivates us though is something bigger than the site and the watch. Both Sylvia and I have seen the effect of endurance sports on our lives. Achieving new athletic firsts, no matter how big or small, makes you more powerful, and more [email protected] in all aspects of your life. This is what drives us. We want to provide products and a community--our site is a evolving combination of Daily Mile, Pintrest and Training Peaks--to help more women kick butt…and look awesome while doing it.

The watch--and interchangeable bands--poised to mix up the GPS world.

How do you find the energy to launch a business, raise a family, train for half-Ironmans?
I am one of those crazy hypo-manic types. I have a lot of energy and I think I would be bored with any less on my plate.  It makes it easier that my life is full of things I love...and that they sell 30-packs of ZippFizz at Costco.

More importantly, how do you give each the concentration they deserve without letting everything overlap and feeling overwhelmed?
Oh trust me, I feel overwhelmed plenty of the time. Actually most of the time lately! The fact that things overlap actually helps. Workouts double as market research. My kids are getting into running. My husband just started doing triathlon. So family time and training are often one and the same.

Still, something always has to give. I don’t beat myself up about it. Don’t come to my house if you want your laundry done for you. Right now the Vineman PR I had my sights set on is taking a backseat to Bia. And showering? I decided a long time ago that it was overrated.

Honestly, the key to making it all work is my husband. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook said a women’s most important career decision is her choice of  a partner. She’s right.

Cheryl on the run. Because she's almost always on the run.

I’ll be honest: when I first heard of Bia, I thought, we female athletes don’t need our own GPS. But then I saw your video on Kickstarter and was definitely much more open to the idea. What makes this different than another GPS?
Women need our own GPS watch for the same reason we need women-specific running shoes, running shorts (or skirts!) and bikes: Our bodies are sized and shaped different. Our style is different.

A lot of women hear “for women” and they immediately assume it’s another insulting “shrink it and pink it” dumbed down product. Why would we do that? This is a product Sylvia and I are going to use. More importantly, our friends are going to use it. That’s high stakes! We haven’t dumbed the product down. We’ve made it smarter.

What we heard repeatedly from the hundreds of women we talked to, was, “I love the data but I don’t have time for technology that gets in the way of my workout.” For women, getting technology out of the way includes the smaller size and lighter weight. But it also involves ease of use, which isn’t female specific.

No one wants to spend time futzing with their watch when they could be working out. So we did a few other really smart things, like:

  • One button instead of seven
  • Data automatically sent to your online training log without the need to “sync” it
  • GPS that connects quickly even on a cloudy day in the city.
  • Ability to track swimming.

I feel like the alarm is really the distinguishing feature. Really smart. Was that the biggest request from the women you talked to?
Thanks. Everyone seems really excited about it. For those who haven’t seen the video yet, the watch has a built-in safety alert system for peace of mind on solo workouts. If you feel threatened or are hurt, holding down the button for 3-seconds triggers an audible alarm and then automatically sends your location date to a loved one and emergency services so they know you need help.

This idea didn’t come from a direct request though. It came from listening to women. No one said “I want a safety alert system”. But we heard things like “I would love to run early before work, but there is no one to go with me. It’s dark and I don’t feel safe going alone.” Or “My husband gets worried when I’m out for 5 hours on the bike but I get bored always sticking so close to home.”

And we had an ah-ha moment, not about providing peace of mind, but about enabling freedom.

Syvia: not afraid to jump in.

What price points do you see Bia Sport coming in at? And can you explain the GPS GO stick? The watch is one thing but you have to get the stick to track mileage?
So Bia is a two-piece device. When you are just starting out you can use the watch on it’s own. It works like any other heart rate sports watch: Stopwatch, intervals, heart rate, calorie …and a special walk/run mode for the Jeff Galloway crowd.

When you are ready to track distance and pace or are starting to train for a triathlon, you just add the separate GPS Go Stick to the mix. The GPS Go Stick does the tracking and the watch displays the information from it. An easy upgrade.

We expect the watch + GPS Go stick to retail between $249-$299. If you back us through Kickstarter you can get it all for $199. That’s $150 cheaper than the Garmin 310 and about the same price as an entry level run-only watches! It’s a pretty sweet deal. A one-of-a-kind product, a crazy price, and you are helping ensure a by women/for women company becomes successful.

What has been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome thus far, prior to Kickstarter?
Wow. The whole journey has been tough. We built an amazing team and we’ve bootstrapped, begged and borrowed to get to this point. Amex has me on their most wanted list. It’s been a big sacrifice for our families financially and time-wise. But you have to go “all in” to make really great things happen.

The biggest hurdle has been with investors. I’ve worked in technology my whole career and this is the first time I’ve felt the gender effect. Babies? Beauty? Fine. But sports? No way! At one investor meeting they pulled out a ShakeWeight for us to try. At another they asked me what I thought of the OhMiBod (yes, really!).

It boils down to many don’t believe there is a market for what we are doing. We’ve heard things like:

  • Women don’t care about performance. They would rather go to the spa.
  • Women don’t care about technology. They just buy what men tell them to.
  • Many of the women at the start line of a marathon don’t look like real athletes.

I am not sure the right word for it: frustrating, infuriating, or comical. But I know there is no better way to prove them wrong than to show them. Which is why we went to Kickstarter.

May the force--and the funding--be with them.

Let’s talk about raising $400,000. That feels Everest-esque to me. How do you see it?
Let me take a minute to explain Kickstarter because it’s new to most people. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that let’s people help projects and products they are passionate about get to market. It’s linked to your Amazon account, which makes it easy and trustworthy to use. We have until July 13th to meet our $400K fundraising goal. People that like what we are doing pledge money to the project. Based on the amount of their pledge, they can be the first to get a Bia watch or other reward.  If we reach our goal by the 13th, everyone is charged and receives their rewards as promised. If we don’t reach our goal, no one is charged, but we also don’t get any money and aren’t able to get the product to market.

So yes, $400K is a crazy aggressive goal. It’s aggressive because we only have 30ish days to hit it AND because we have so much education to do about Kickstarter. The good news is we have a killer product and a market full of women fed up with the existing alternatives. Now we just need to spread the word and get people to back the project. FAST.

Many people advised us to set our Kickstarter goal lower and then hope to exceed it. I am great at taking risks, but I won’t risk the trust of our customers.  We need $400K to get this product to market. I wasn’t going to risk setting a lower goal, successfully fund the project, but then not have enough funds to actually deliver what we promised.

What happens if the money doesn’t come through Kickstarter? Do you have a plan B (or C or D….)
There are 26 letters in the alphabet. We are pretty tenacious and Kickstarter was not our Plan A. I have no doubt we will create the first iconic sports brand built around style and technology and women. I have no doubt that we will help millions of women achieve new athletic firsts and totally kick butt. But how we get there will change if Kickstarter falls short.

In that case, we will have to put the watch on hold, indefinitely, and focus solely on our online site and re-bootstrap from there.

The plea: We need to spread the word and get every mother runner out there to help make this happen. Even if you are not ready to commit to the whole watch, you can pledge a lesser amount, get a smoking hot Bia tech shirt, and be part of supporting a woman-run business. Every backer at any amount gets us closer to our goal. Pledge here.

49 responses to “Bia Sport: A GPS for Women?

  1. Hi Michelle!

    We are set to begin shipping our first big batch of watches to backers within the week! That said, we are not in stores just yet, but we do have testers in the field with them and we do show and tell at various events. If you want to drop us a line on our facebook page, or via email (contact info here: with your location, I can let you know when or if there’s a Bia near you as well as answer any other questions you might have.

  2. I have had two garmins in my short 39 yr life. I am looking for something great that works and finds the satellite quick! I am nervous to pay that kind of money and not have a chance to try on and puch buttons. Do you carry this watch anywhere I can go look at it? I have a ladies running group and we are looking for something to replace our garmins. I also am a teacher and used my garmin for my running group at school. I will be starting this in March so need to find a replacement ASAP:) Please help:)!

  3. Do you need someone to test this out on?? I’m a half M’er and just did my first tri yesterday…. would have LOVED this for my weekend event!!! I’m desparate to find something that is actually accurate, follows me where I want to go, and doesn’t run out of battery life before I finish my workout! LetMeKnow, I’d be happy to be a guinnea pig! Abbie Jordan, Portland, Oregon

  4. Great to see some women taking on the what women want stereotypes! I agree that a lot of the watches out there are big, bulky and either hard to use or stop working consistently. I backed y’all and cannot wait to wear my Bia. I sent notes to several can-do women I know- and I hope they will back you also. Best of luck to you.

    1. Leanne,

      Thank you for backing us and as importantly, spreading the word. We need everyone’s help to hit our goal. But we are going to have a big celebration when we do it and can start counting down till the day we Rock your Wrist with a Bia.

      — C2K

  5. So. Cool. I just became a backer.

    Also, I’m a little bummed that I learned “forty-onederful” with only two months left to call myself that Dang.

  6. I worked as a marketing manager at a major grocery chain for 3.5 long, frustrating years – so I know exactly what these ladies are saying about how the men in charge think that “shrink it and pink it” is the only way to go, along with the other borderline insulting things they’ve been told about this product. So I am behind them! Let’s make it happen!

  7. My Garmin was a hand-me-down from my husband. It has a zillion bells and whistles on it and only a few work regularly. Downloading is a nightmare. I don’t even try any more. I’ve spent hours reading the manual, and endless phone conversations with Garmin support. Still not getting what I paid for. ( I bought the watch, and gave it to my husband as a Father’s Day gift.)

    For these reasons and many more, I’m very excited to learn about the Bia Sport watch, and can’t wait to have a hassle free swim, bike and run. AND, neither can my husband!! His new watch is worse than mine!

    I have no doubt that Sylvia and Cheryl can make this tool materialize. I know Sylvia personally and she is extremely intelligent and has a strong work ethic. She has achieved amazing things in her life, and she inspires me. If this tool doesn’t materialize in this “plan” then I believe that it will in another. Sylvia and Cheryl are creating more than a watch. It’s a (fashionable) tool to facilitate day to day success of everyday women like me.

    I’m a total believer. Can’t wait!

    Tess Tarrant
    Metro Detroit

  8. Awesome! I’m in the market and came to the AMR page to see what the ladies had to say about the best equip in this area… and here you are! Sweet fancy! My hubs said ‘do they have them for men’?
    And I see on the kickstarter page that you do…is that correct?
    Maybe a His/Hers combo from our family!

  9. LOVE IT!! Just need to decide my level of love commitment!! I returned my Garmin after a few weeks, b/c it didn’t sync right, was to bulky and I really wanted pink! You say “shrink it and pink it” like it’s a bad thing, but that is totally what I want! Well that and a product that is consistent and does everything I want. Thanks for working to make that happen!

    1. Kris – Your comment just made our evening. And you are going to *love* the pink. Can’t wait to have you on board. Have a great weekend. — C2K

  10. Awesome! I love the idea- and Ive never heard of Kickstart, what a great concept! How I wish I could contribute financially… I will however pass the link on to my fellow mother runners! I look forward to keeping up with your success!

  11. No waiting on a cloudy day? Can you say impatient Old Gal Runner living in Portland, Oregon?! Brilliant and I will definitely be Kicking It with you. Love the product, love your can-do spirits. Remember – “Act as if…” and let’s all see you with a whopping half a million dollars by the 13th. Best of luck!

  12. The video on kick starter says “on race day friends can track you every step of the way” – is there a tracker that updates a web site with your location? This would be really cool not just for races but for regular runs.

    Also, on the alarm button does this contact both my emergency contact and emergency services? Because if I sprain my ankle, I would like my husband to come get me but I would rather not have 911 send an ambulance.

    1. Jana,

      For launch we are promising race-day updates as text/email to people you choose. However, we have spec’ed out a VERY cool realtime map that can be accessed from your computer/smartphone, from your training journal on Bia, and integrated with your Facebook. I don’t want to promise it for launch, but probably pretty soon afterwards.

      As for the ability to toggle the alert functionality to a “not THAT serious” mode….that is a very very interesting idea. And honestly, this is the first time someone has mentioned that. I like it. I am going to talk to the team about it. Thank you for the suggestion.


  13. Wow! Love the safety feature. I am one of those people who am afraid to run by myself in the early morning. My only concern is the size on your wrist, but definitely looking forward to seeing it for myself. Good luck.

    1. Rene,

      So glad you like it. If you are interested, I just updated the Kickstarter with some new pictures and am about to post a short video showing the size/fit a little better. The thinness and the light weight makes all the difference. Have a great wkend! — C2K

    1. Aleicia,

      Ha ha. I know? Hard to choose huh? Good news is you can get two with your watch now and then we’ll be selling new ones off our site. We hope to refresh styles a few times a year. But first things first…getting that watch on wrists! Have a great wkend.


  14. Looks tremendous! Will certainly do some more research and pass this around to running and Tri friends. My only initial question is that it looks big…compared to my standard Garmin anyway :). How does it feel on your wrist?

    1. Tracy,

      We just posted some new pictures and are about to post a quick video to show/explain the fit better. I’d love you to check it out if you are interested. I know I am biased, but I can wear my prototype all day and not notice it, and I have a small wrist and am NOT a watch wearer. The combination of the soft band and the light weight make all the difference. So glad you are liking it. –C2K

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