Hump Day Giveaway: 110% Flat Out Compression Sox

Mother runner Aimee, killing it in a 50K one week before Ragnar DC. She credits her 110% Flat Out Compression Sox for her awesome performance. (Well, her training might have had a little to do with it too.)
Mother runner Aimee, killing it in a 50K one week before Ragnar DC. She credits her 110% Flat Out Compression Sox for her awesome podium-placing performance. (Well, her training might have had a little to do with it too.)

Right now, I want to tell my left shoulder to suck it. (Or, if I were British, I'd tell it to sod off, which sounds little more polite, although I'm sure it probably isn't.) If you recall, my left shoulder was the one that was giving me major probs through Ironmother, and even though I haven't been in the pool or on my aerodynamic bike in months, it's totally whining. For no good reason (kind of like my 7 year old does). It's that nervy, achy whine that never shuts up, whether I'm behind the wheel, pushing a grocery cart, or lying in bed, and makes me  feel cantankerous.

Unfortunately, 110% Play Harder doesn't make a shoulder product or you'd have to peel it off of me after weeks of wear. What they do make, though, are brilliant styles of recovery wear that typically combine gradient compression and ice. As with most running gear, trying is believing, and the lucky duck mother runners of Ragnar DC all received a pair of Flat Out Compression Sox: Team Sarah went Hi-Viz, while Team Dimity was all pretty in pink.

Some long, strong, post-Ragnar legs modeling the 110% Flat Out Sox.
Some long, strong, post-Ragnar legs modeling the 110% Flat Out Sox.

While there is no ice in the Flat Out equation, there's plenty of recovery and healing going on, thanks to zoning compression that supports every ligament, tendon, and muscle, and sends oxygen-rich blood everywhere from the bottom of your arch to the top of your calf. (And thanks to anti-chafe padding, you can wear them while you run with no probs, as Aimee found out.) Some ladies ran in them, others put them on right after running, some (ahem, that would be me) slept in them, and all of us ooh-and-aahed about how fresh they made our decidedly not-fresh legs feel.

The mother runners are chasing us because they want our Flat Outs. We're going to have to learn to run faster, SBS.
The mother runners are chasing us because they want our Flat Outs. We're going to have to learn to run faster, SBS.

Since October is the month when we collectively don our pink and tell breast cancer to suck it, 110% is generously offering three pairs of the pink Flat Out Compression Sox for today's giveaway. In order to enter, please tell us in the comments below what is currently driving you crazy. (Or, in more trucker terms, what you'd like to tell to suck it.)  An injury? A boss? Piles of laundry that seem to spawn overnight? The endless changes of mind about Halloween costumes? What is under your skin these days? 

Buy a pair. Save a pair.
Buy a pair. Save a pair.

If you can't wait to see if you're a winner, check out this cool promotion: if you buy a pair of Pink Flat Out Sox, 110% will donate $10 to the 26.2 with Donna Foundation.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 10/16/13 and ends on 10/22/13; the three winners will be announced on 10/26/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $60. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

1,096 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 110% Flat Out Compression Sox

  1. My kids and their homework. I had four in five years and I never thought about the amount of homework I would have to do with them. Serenity now!! 😉

  2. I’m a teacher. I have one student who is driving me nuts right now. I could use a little run every day after school. Just to remember to breathe.

  3. Have been feeling “bleh” about my training lately and actually skipped a 1/2 marathon last weekend at the last minute (was dressed and ready to go but was feeling pretty under the weather and decided on long term health vs short term gain/pain). This slump can suck it.

  4. What’s under my skin these days? Hmmmm.
    I have 2 lazy teenagers that are slobs and think
    I am the MAID! I believe I taught them how to clean
    And to their own laundry. Still they think I should do it.
    I want to win a pair if 110% compression socks
    So, I can say, hey that belongs to ME!!

  5. Dishes can suck it. We call our house the “dish house” I am sure there is some sort of little evil elves that create more each day. I bet I spend at least an hour a day in front of the sink! I would much rather spend that time running.

  6. I too have a shoulder issue that I want to tell suck it. Tendonitis rearing its ugly head & not discriminating against time of day ( while at work, running, sitting on the couch at night, laying in bed). Am close to scheduling a dr. appt, but don’t want to have to pay toward our deductible. I can totally empathize though, it’s making me a cranky witch!

  7. You know what can suck it? My crazy anxiety about my marathon on Sunday. My mouth says I’m ready, my heart says I’m ready, and my rock-hard quads KNOW I’m ready. So anxiety can take the first train out: it’s ON.

  8. Homework. When I was a kid, I got to spend my evenings playing. However, my children live in a different age, and we seem to spend 2 hours every night completing homework for 6th, 4th, and 1st grade.

  9. I’d like to tell the negative voices in my head that make me doubt myself as a good enough wife, mother, runner, friend, etc. to SUCK IT!

  10. I would tell the Mount Everest like pile of clean laundry that is sitting on my couch to “suck it”. But mostly my IT band!

  11. I’d like to tell my kitchen to “suck it”. I like our kitchen physically….just hate cooking, and that’s where the majority of cooking happens. And I hate cleaning the kitchen…ugggg washing dishes, cleaning the floor after messy kids, etc. etc.

  12. My husband’s sprained ankle after the Chicago Marathon – he’s out of training for several weeks now, and I’d like to tell his injury to suck it. A runner dada is NO fun around the family when he can’t run but mama still can…

  13. I’d like to tell my lower back to “suck it!” I have a 35k trail run in two weeks. I’m ready for it minus my sore lower back.

  14. I’d like to tell the cold, rainy weather to suck it BUT I’m going to tell it to myself instead…to suck it up and embrace running in the yuck. 🙂

  15. I’d like to tell my self-doubt to suck it. I’m less than two weeks from my first full Ironman and I’m worried that after 16 months of training and sacrifice (for me and my family) I won’t finish. Even worse, that I’ll get pulled from the bike course because I am going so slowly!

  16. I need my baby to sleep through the night. 🙂 He is so cute, but refuses to take a bottle, so it is up to me to feed him and his schedule is not helping my desire to run a marathon right now!

  17. I would like to tell my “room-mom” duties to suck it! I signed up to do the usual stuff but the school thought it would a good idea to ‘do something different this year’ and have us help with fundraising. I LOATHE asking people for money and donations. …Now I’m all fired up again, need to run! : )

  18. My house. It seems lately no matter what I do it is always a disaster! And if I do get a chance to get it in order it doesn’t stay that way very long. Guess it will stay clean once my kids are grown!

  19. It drives me crazy that no one seems to be able to park within the lines in parking lots lately! Sometimes I struggle to find space enough to open my door to get back in my car. How long does it take to make sure your car is parked the right way??

  20. Currently driving me nuts? The way that my boys play right now. It is all jokes about farts and poop and other gross bodily functions. I get super tired of it!

  21. my 18 yr. old sr. son is driving me crazy! we are currently failing 2 classes! when he graduates this year, it will be a party. when i run, fortunately, i don’t think about that, b/c its all about the run…

  22. I’m struggling to get everything done in a day, and I’d like to tell my tendency to expect to “do it all” to suck it.

  23. I’m struggling to find a way to get everything done in a day, and I’d like to tell my tendency to expect to be able to “do it all” to suck it.

  24. Ugh! I’ve got knee and foot injuries going on right now! Need them gone so that I can continue training for my first half marathon!!

  25. I’m still struggling with foot/post tib pain (working with my PT to deal with strengthening my arch muscles).

    I am looking forward the day when I can finally increase miles and intensity without post tib pain…

  26. The little negative voice in my head needs to suck it! Coming off my first half, I was struggling with recovery and that little voice said I would never get back to where I was. Too bad I have hit two PRs this week, and one was on a fantastic 8-miler in the countryside. A few bad days won’t stop this mother!

  27. The fact that I pend so much time dealing with urgent “crises” and so little time focused on the truly important, world-changing work…

  28. All the people that doubted me can suck it! It’s been a long road, but I’ve hit my weight loss goal and have become obsessed with running in the process!

  29. I would absolutely have liked to tell my boss to suck it this week…and nearly did! Very frustrating…but otherwise I loved my job (this week)!

  30. No run days can suck it . . .rainy days can suck it! And . . .of course, housework can suck it! Why even bother bc my kid dos obviously don’t want a clean house so it’s pointless. Ugh . . .I need a run & hubs won’t be back til Tuesday! Hubs being gone can suck it! Thanks for the outlet tonight 🙂 Ok . .I need my wine 🙂

  31. My multiple projects and piles around the house that have grown and grown over the last few weeks can suck it. Everything got put on hold in the weeks leading up to running my first marathon and then the family vacation to Disney World that happened 1 week afterward has left me with plenty on my to-do list!

  32. Tore ligaments in my foot this spring. Fully back to running, but I’ve been ramping up mileage and more yoga, and those ligaments are not super happy when I roll out of bed lately. Those ligaments can bite it!

  33. Planned on doing a long run on a Friday while the kids are in school due to a crazy busy weekend. Turns out that that Friday my son is student of the week and parents come to school for an extra special sharing time. Of course, I’m going to rearrange my day for him and run in the warmth of Sacramento’s afternoon (boo), but really? Feeling guilty for not being ecstatic about his special day – the guilt can suck it!!

  34. My neck can suck it! It has been slightly out of place and causing pain and cold symptoms. Probably time to see the chiropractor, but is their ever really a good time?

  35. My nagging Achilles can suck it! I have been stretching, icing, and taking ibuprofen for a week now to no avail. Luckily this is coinciding with taper time for my fall race, so hopefully reduced mileage will help it.

  36. My husband’s beard– at first it added a ruggedly handsome look, now it’s just out of control. Yuck! I keep threatening to cut chunks out while he sleeps.

  37. I want to tell my allergies to sod off. Go away! Give me back my energy, my ability to breathe easily, & my desire to anything. Even wanting cleaning the house would be better than the way I feel right now.

  38. I know someone else said it, but time can go suck it. There is never enough and I am constantly torn about what to do – stay at work? Clean the house? Spend time with my kids? Go for a run? The list could go on and on and none of it ever seems to get done.

  39. My crazy fall schedule, I hate not having time to read a Tuesday e-mail until Saturday, but between juggling work, fall chores at home, school activities, managing my son’s hockey team, and trying to rehab an IT band before a half marathon next month I find myself having to give up or delay a lot of things I enjoy.

  40. My first full marathon is 53 days away and I have severe foot pain during my long runs. Figured out this week it is stemming from a very tight calf muscle. Foam rolling and stretching only offers a little relief.

  41. My lazy butt can suck it! I’ve become so unmotivated the past couple weeks. I need to knock it off and do things that’s been on my to do list!

  42. My husband? Dude: if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question. If you ask the question, don’t complain that I answered it and you don’t like the answer.

    Runners up: stomach bugs, (lack of) adjunct faculty employment and corresponding feelings of worthlessness as if a class cancellation is a reflection of my professional worth, and the general disruption of the universe.

  43. My funky digestive system can totally suck it. It derails running plans, makes me late a lot & altogether ruins my motivation!

  44. My hips both of them are whining which makes sitting in a chair rather uncomfortable at the moment but it is my fault they are complaining…as I had belly dance class last night. It is just so fun and a great workout but my hips really need to get over it.

  45. Time! Time can bite it! There’s never enough time, I’m pulled in a hundred different directions every day. One my oldest wraps up football season in two weeks I’ll hopefully catch my breath!

  46. Dirty Dishes that seem to multiply, kids that leave messes, hot flashes at 37 & meds that don’t work, not ever having a good nights sleep

  47. Not being able to stay home with my 14 month old can suck it. Though I love my job, I feel like I would be a better mom, wife, runner, human, if I could focus on my husband and 4 kids more.

  48. It’s the darkness. I need to walk the dog in the morning before I head off to work, and it’s now completely dark for the entire time we are out there. Iit always makes me crazy at this time of year. After it snows, the reflection from the snow will make it lighter out. But until then, hello darkness (not my friend).

  49. People who speed through school zones. Today, some guy was throwing his arms up in frustration as I went 15 mph past an elementary school roughly 5 minutes before their school day started. Seriously?!

  50. My husband’s job is driving me crazy. He is in his 4th year of surgical residency. Each year I’m told “it will get better” and I’ll see him more. After a 4 day holiday weekend of him on call and no long-run (at least it was a taper week) for me and barely seeing him for the last 2 months (read single mom to 2 boys under 4 with no family nearby for a break), I am fed up with it and can honestly to say “suck it!” Thanks for listening to me whine!

  51. The dark spot behind my retina that could be melanoma, and the whole week I have to wait until I find out if I have eye cancer. They can suck it. :/

  52. I love these Sweet Potato and Black Bean burritos from Epicurious. They are a great source of race carbs and low in fat and super yummy:


    5 C. peeled, cubed sweet potatoes
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 tsp vegetable oil
    3-1/2 C. diced onions
    4 large garlic cloves, minced or pressed
    1 T. minced fresh green chile
    4 tsp. ground cumin
    4 tsp. ground coriander
    4-1/2 C. cooked black beans (or 3 15-oz. cans, drained)
    2/3 C. lightly packed cilantro leaves
    2 T. lemon juice
    1 tsp. salt
    8 eight-inch flour tortillas (non-fat version)
    tomato salsa for topping


    Preheat oven to 350.

    Place sweet potatoes in pot with water to cover. Cover and bring to boil. Simmer until tender, about 10 minutes. Drain and set aside.

    With 2 T. oil in a non-stick skillet, saute onions, garlic, and the chile. Add water as necessary to keep from sticking. Cover and cook on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until onions are tender, about 7 min. Add cumin and coriander and cook 2-3 min., stirring frequently. Remove from heat and set aside.

    In food processor, combine beans, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, and cooked sweet potatoes. Puree until smooth. (OR You can also mash the ingredients in a large bowl by hand using a potato masher. The result will be a less smooth but nicely textured filling.)

    Transfer to a large mixing bowl and mix in cooked onions and spices.

    Spray with nonstick spray a large baking dish. Spoon about 2/3 to 3/4 C. of the filling into center of each tortilla, roll closed, and place seam side down in baking dish. Cover tightly with foil and bake at least 30 min., until piping hot.

    Serve topped with salsa verde.

  53. The wind outside is driving me crazy! I hate running in the wind and every time I get out there, lately, it is super windy. Over it!

  54. The weather in Chicagoland! I’m seeing my outdoor running days becoming numbered and I’m not looking forward to months of indoor treadmill running 🙁

  55. I too would like to tell the Gov’t on the Hill to suck eggs. Although I’m glad my husband is working for pay again–I don’t appreciate the undue stress that this nonsense caused! I am now just hoping we don’t have to go through it all again in Jan.

  56. My lovely, ignorant husband buying my kids video games and candy is driving me crazy – get those little lazy rugrats outside to play -and hand them an apple while you’re at it. 🙂

  57. I’ve had enough of all the sick people out and about. Seriously, if you are hacking and sneezing or feel ill, STAY HOME!! I managed to stay healthy through the first weeks of kids back at school and ran the Chicago Marathon last week (Yay me, finishing=winning!). But now my daughter is sick and we had to cancel her birthday party 🙁 . Hand sanitizer anyone?

  58. I was cleared by PT to begin running again after rehabing a patellar sublaxion. I have been plagued by over-use injuries (mostly in the hip) so to have suffered one that was just the result of a freak accident stinks. I would really like to tell my knee to suck it! We finally have prime running weather here in PA and I want to get back at it. I can barely handle a mile without pain. Guess my knee doesn’t realize how much running keeps me sane!

  59. Right now, my stomach. I have an 18-mile training run tomorrow and I’ve been fighting a stomach bug for the last three days. GO AWAY!! I know we’re supposed to teach our kids to share and all, but why must they share the icky daycare germs?!

  60. The piles of laundry continue to drive me crazy. It seems that only my daughter and I have got the whole concept of clean laundry is sometimes hiding in the dryer.

  61. I am struggling with EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). It has really tried to derail my running. When I don’t have my running, I could write a book about all the things I want to say “suck it” to.

  62. I’d like to tell all the posts on social media about getting wasted and being hung over to “suck it”. Why waste a perfectly good day being hung over when you can be outside running?

  63. What is driving me crazy? The list is too long and feels too petty to post. I will say that I don’t take enough time to be grateful for the healthy body I have, my husband and children. (Okay, just one – the kids get their laundry within a foot of the hamper but not in it. Really? Put it in the hamper – not by it)

  64. What is driving me crazy?! I just recently went back to work full time, so all of a sudden we have mountains of laundry piling up! Even though my husband has been pitching in this laundry is driving me nuts!

  65. My calf seriously sucks it. Pulled it running last week- 1 week before my half. Have been doing everything possible to recover it. Hoping for the ability to run and cross the finish line upright. Would take a lot for me not to give it my all. Just stinks. Plus I missed out on some stunning MN running weather in the mean time.

  66. As I enter taper for NYC, I’ve managed to bang up a lot of things. Left calf, neuroma in left foot…but I’m feeling whiny. I’m just thrilled to be heading into my marathon.

  67. The knots in my neck and shoulders suck, no amount of massage and rest makes them go away. I must carry all my stress there I guess. 🙁

  68. I fell a week ago while running in the dark and cracked a rib. It didn’t keep me from running the Girlfriend’s half on Sunday where I met Sarah (yay!), but it hurts like heck, and I am doing most of my training runs on my elliptical machine which really sucks!

  69. There isn’t room here. In my running world, it is my left leg. Combine the way my hip came out at birth, with longstanding walking, sitting, standing, and running errors, and maybe a teensy bit of overtraining, and it is really unhappy, which has made running with it kind of unpleasant. I’d like to divorce it.

  70. My son has moved out and gone away to college. It sucks to not hear his laughter that used to decorate the halls of my house. I miss his love and support. I’m happy for him that he is pursue g his dream. Sucks for me because as a single mom who shared custody I feel I lost out on a lot of ti e with him.

  71. I am actually a little superstitious about it because my Plantar Faciitis is so tempermental… but, PF, suck it. It is the worst!! Constantly on my mind and so painful!

  72. Cramps and pms. As if it isn’t bad enough that you are not pregnant despite trying but now you have awful cramps and other symptoms on top of it. A flaw in our design.

  73. You know what I would really love to say “suck it” to??? The constant guilt and worry about everything I had to eat and drink during the day and chasing my old figure. I am my own worst critic and definitely guilty at putting unnecessary pressure on myself towards weight and image. So what if my size is in the double digits and have a booty…I had two beautiful kids. Plus I am not 16 years old anymore. If I could just remember this and the fact that I am a BAMR that would be great!!

  74. My right big toe has been a pain ever since it tangled with a grocery sack handle in early August. Really ready for it to heal.

  75. My extremely gassy dog who insists on sleeping on the floor right next to my side of the bed. I might become a mouth breather.

  76. Work! I am overly-busy and stressed! I love my job and enjoy the challenge but, due to some unusual circumstances, I have been working 50-60 hours a week for the past few months. I honestly believe the end is in sight so I just need to hang on!

  77. The politicians can suck it! I was furloughed from 10/1 to today, 10/17, and I have to make up all of those lost hours from work by 1/31! I’ve got to work OT now and will lose precious time away from my family! Argh!

  78. This week….tantrums because my daughters new winter coat is to puffy, her socks are scratchy and her jeans feel weird. The never ending to do list at work. The growing pile of laundry and a leaking roof….LOL gotta love life 😉 Always make time to run tho!

  79. My left leg can suck it as it is currently in a boot from achillies tendonitis and planters fasciitis. My EX boss because he has known since January that he was going terminate my entire department this week and my insurance ran out before I could go to my follow up appointment.
    It hasn’t been a good week. So, this week can suck it.

  80. I have two boys, one plays soccer, one plays baseball. Most weeks the games/practices are at the same time on two different fields across town. Impossible timing!!!So ready for the seasons to be over!!!

  81. I am in the same boat as you! 8 weeks in and it is awful! Thankfully I was never sick with my son but this baby has brought on all day nausea. Good thing little newborns are cute and cuddley to make it all worth it. 🙂


  82. My husbands last semester of grad school can suck it! While I am proud of him for going after a more advanced degree, it leaves little time for my training. I have one race each of the next 3 months and I’m not sure how I will find time to train. I must and will find time for I am a bada$$ mother runner!

  83. It seems inappropriate for me to say that I’d like to tell my uber-crabby, four-year-old daughter to suck it today, so I’m going to go with 1) my overwhelmingly messy house and 2) my right hamstring, which is just tight and sore enough to be annoying on every run.

  84. ALL-DAY morning sickness can suck it! I’m only 7 weeks in… with my first baby, it lasted 17 weeks, but it seems a lot worse this time. Ugh….

  85. Freezing Mornings + BOB Stroller = SUCKS IT B-I-G TIME!

    I’m, admittedly, feeling blue about the frigid morning temperatures that linger after school drop-off and make it ridiculously difficult to want to load my toddler up in her 3 layers, tuck her into a cozy blanket, and then force my reluctant mind plus freezing fingers and toes to slog through my 6-9 mile training runs -at 8:30am -and behind my heavy, non-swivel-wheeled BOB.

    I, however, do not want to be SUCKING IT during my 13.1 Trail race.

    The End.

  86. The food poisoning I got from tasting samples at a local store yesterday. Feeling better now after a rough night and morning.

  87. Studying for national registry exams, clinical rotations and classes during the weekdays, solo parenting a 3yo and a 20mo while my husband starts a new job halfway across the country, getting our house “show ready” so we can eventually move out there with him…sigh…all those obligations can go suck it. I just want to run. And then maybe have a glass of wine. Cheers!

  88. I’d like to tell all those texting drivers who look LEFT (and not right) when making a turn, and who swerve to just barely miss me on the shoulder – to “suck it up” and put your phone down. I have a life and kids that I want to see grow up. Your text can wait!

  89. Right now what is driving me crazy is cooking! I don’t mind cleaning or laundry or the rest of it, but I hate cooking, and with 12 kids, there is a lot of cooking to be done. My teens are in sports and they eat ALL THE TIME. 🙂

  90. A very energetic 10 month old puppy who thinks she is a lap dog combined with the daily care of two kids and an overabundance of laundry!

  91. (stupid computer)

    Two projects I’m working on for school that require “group work.” I’ve been out of school for many years now… but group work still sucks and even as “adult learners” who have actual real-life incentive to get the job done, there are slackers willing to ride the coattails of the rest of us.

  92. I would like to tell the higher ups to STOP changing my curriculum!! Thank God I’m running to keep my stress levels in check.

  93. Being Doubted. I recently became a runner (about 6 months ago) and was challenged to beat my step brother at a 5k in November. As he has always been rather fit with weight lifting and bulking up, so many people in my life believe he is just going to smoke me on race day – mostly because I am a woman and a mother! I know for a fact that I am able to run much further and through adrenaline alone, I will be able to beat him on race day.

  94. My husband, being the very nice person that he is, volunteered all this week to go to work for 7 am. Which means two things: a. No AM runs for me, and no PM runs, because I live in a rural area and there are no streetlights and lots of wild animals = scary town. b. I have been responsible for getting an 8 month old, a VERY stubborn 3 year old, and the dog ready in the morning (just finding 10 minutes to take the dog out seems hopeless), in addition to getting myself ready. Damn near impossible! ARGH! Oh, and I have a tire with a slow leak in it, so that needs to be filled every morning, because who the heck has time to get new tires (which I desperately need before the winter)?!

  95. Somehow after being together for 16 years my beloved husband has not figured out how to put his dishes in the sink…. 🙂

  96. My daughter has Friday and Monday off from school, which means I have to keep her entertained for four days! I feel like such a bad mom, but I go crazy if I have her in the house for that long.

  97. I’d like to tell my hubby’s new employer to go “suck it”. And I mean that in the most polite way. 🙂 The new job requires him to leave the house at 5am and he rarely returns before 7pm. On SAT he is flying out to TX for 7 days. So basically I’m a single mom with a 4 year old and an active pre-teen. The treadmill is currently my best friend and the only one who listens when I whine. It’s only been 3 months of this NEW version of fun and feels like 30 years. Booooooo! Of course, I don’t want hubby to be jobless so I don’t have any right to complain but it still sucks.

  98. My lower back, despite various trips to the chiropractor, is driving me crazy when I’m sitting in the car or at work. Luckily, it feels great when I’m running, so run on, I will!

  99. My work schedule is driving me crazy with early morning work calls with Europe and late evening work calls with Asia Pacific. This makes it challenging to have a regular workout schedule!

  100. What is driving me crazy?? The fact that my first marathon is still 17 sleeps away and my stomach is already doing flips just thinking about it.

  101. I absolutely adore my 3-year-old son, but he is SO particular when it comes to what he’s wearing. These days, all he wants to wear is football or baseball related clothes! We have such a battle every morning over clothing choice, especially after he’s been wearing his Peyton Manning jersey for the past 3 days in a row and I finally have to wash it, so he throws a fit that it’s not out of the wash! At least he has good team spirit, right? However, I do think it’s cool that he’s particular about wearing his “fast” running shoes!

  102. What is driving me crazy right now is daylight ending so early! The weather is still gorgeous where I live – temps are in the 60s – but the sun’s going down so early. I want more daylight!

  103. I moved off the treadmill and into the great outdoors six months ago. My first 5K race was on my 55th birthday in September. My son (age 15) tolerates my habit even though our supper hour has moved from 6 pm to 7 pm to accommodate my after school (I teach grade 7) runs. My husband watches me with amused tolerance and sometimes joins me for a 5k slow run. My worry is winter – I’m obsessing about the cold weather (and it does get cold here). I’m registered for a 5K Resolution Run on January 1st. The squirrels in my head are chattering, “What’s winter running like? Do I need cleats? Will my bum get cold? I look silly in a hat. Fleece or flannel? Wool?” A pair of compression socks would help calm me down. (PS I am writing this as I make pancakes for my son’s breakfast and brushing my teeth at the same time! The multi-tasking does not end when the babies get bigger!)

  104. The nagging feeling that with all the balls I have juggling in the air, the likelihood that I’ll drop one is high (ok, honestly, more that I’ll FORGET to do one).

  105. The lack of daylight… already. It makes it tough for me to run anymore than 3 miles whether I go in the morning or evening with my schedule.

  106. The never ending clutter in my house. When I clean a pile, two more pops up somewhere else. It’s starting to resemble an episode of hoarders in here.

  107. Trying to decide if I have it in me to do a full marathon next year. I have done 6 half marathons and done better each time, but I am just not sure I can make the leap to a full.

  108. My IT band and hip flexor issues…which are basically brought on by my lack of stretching/foam rolling. How do I have enough motivation to get most of my training runs in, but can’t motivate to stretch and foam roll??

  109. What’s driving me crazy is that I don’t have enough time to do everything! Between work, managing the laundry, soccer schedule, piano lessons, running, spouse time, homework, cleaning up the clutter… there’s no down time at all!

  110. The FL humidity can suck it! I’m so over it, but I know that relief is within weeks (our “Fall” weather will finally arrive sometime in the next few weeks).

  111. I’ll tell you what’s driving me crazy…all the cool running gear on the planet that I don’t have and can only afford in teeney increments! Come on, ladies, let’s get to donating your really good stuff to the thrift store for me, lol!

  112. What’s driving me crazy lately is my lack of motivation! Every morning is a 5-minute debate about whether I really do want to get out of bed and exercise. Yes, of course I do! And now I just wasted 5 minutes! Sheesh! I try to keep reminding myself that this, too, will pass.

  113. My fat, old body can suck it. I’m trying to help myself, and I feel like the old me is sabotaging every effort I make. The new me is winning, but it gets touger every day!

  114. I wish I could tell Alzheimer’s to “suck it.” My colleague/friend is losing her father to the disease and watching its effect on her is so sad. I lost my own mom suddenly two years ago and I miss her everyday but I thank God that she knew who I was and was able to say “I love you” up until the end. My heart breaks for my friend.

  115. Well, I broke my wrist back in September. Not being able to lift weights, run, cycle and do yoga was really getting to me. Luckily, I’ve been given the okay to slowly start running again- it’s really strange running with a splint on your wrist.

  116. The nursing profession as a whole as well as our litigious society and the hospital my husband and I both work our asses off at. AND 12 hour shifts that get in the way of training runs. They can all suck it!

  117. The dark. It’s dark in the morning when I want to do an early run. It’s dark when I get home after work in case I want to try to run later. It’s dark. Dark. Dark. And it’s not going to get any better for a VERY long time. Rats.

  118. The lady at the boot camp place who stole my bra this morning while I was in my class. Going without a bra in the office is NOT comfortable.

  119. Insurance companies. My 6 yo was just diagnosed with severe hearing loss in her right ear and moderate to severe in her left. She needs hearing aids. Our insurance only covers them for children born deaf at birth. Seriously!?! Hearing aids aren’t cosmetic (although she does look cute in them). When did insurance companies come to rule the world??

  120. My little sister needs to get a grip. She is getting married next month and all will be happy whern that is past….whew!

  121. MY FEET CAN SUCK IT!!!! Or maybe not my feet, but my entire-closet of non-running shoes. For some reason, every time I’m about to run a half marathon, there’s suddenly an urgent need to clean my house or run down a sidewalk carrying my 22 month old… and a day later my feet are trashed. Owwie ka-blowie, I write this from my couch recliner, with the tootsies up, hoping that I can get that strange bone-y pain to go away in time for the Cincinnati Half this weekend. Wish me luck. (meanwhile, my calves would love a hug from some epic compression socks!!)

  122. There is this guy at the gym I work at who I would like to say “suck it” too. He has a grey cloud hanging over him every day and is literally like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He is negative and pessimistic about everything and tries to bring everyone down. I literally pretend I am talking on the phone when I hear him walking towards my office because I don’t need that negativity!

  123. I go crazy inside when I get one of those “you are so fit, it (running) must be easy for you” comments that gets under my skin. No, it is not easy. I wake up before the sun. I roll out of bed and put on sneakers, not slippers. I hit the pavement as most people hit the snooze button. I don’t count calories. I count seconds. I count miles. The only one I am competing against is myself, and she is a tougher competitor. Sometimes I am fast, sometimes I am slow but either way I am out there getting better. It is not easy. It has never been easy. I earn every drop of sweat. Each one makes me a better wife, mother, sister and friend.

  124. Trying to keep enough good food in the house for 3 growing kids ,who are all runners or playing football, plus one husband = too many grocery trips no matter how organized my list is.

  125. My new schedule! My older daughter started middle school in September and she gets on the bus at 6:58am. I drive to the office right after putting her on the bus. My morning runs are gone. I am feeling tired and don’t have as much energy as I used to have when I exercised before work.

  126. Rubber legs…you know the ones your toddler all of a sudden gets when you want him or her to go somewhere they don’t want to and then start crying hysterically with their head on the floor…

  127. Migraines. After 3 surgeries and countless meds, I would love to feel “normal” for a few days and not worry about what is going to trigger the next one. Fall weather changes always make them more frequent.

  128. I’m going crazy from not being able to run…had a baby 4.5 weeks ago (c-section and kiddo #3) and moved last weekend. Trying to recover, sleep, unpack, and deal with my kids is taking a toll on me; I can’t wait to be able to start running again!

  129. People who want my to do their work for them because they are (insert excuse here). What? I don’t have my own work to do? Figure it out and do it yourself or ask me for help but I have enough on my plate … Thank you. … I do not need a heaping serving of your work too.

  130. I sleep in comoression socks too! My budget is driving me crazy or my lack of following a budget. i rthink I need to go old school and start using cash. Hey maybe the government needs to join me in following a budget, ha ha.

  131. We had to purchase a ‘new’ mini van because our 2002 Ford Windstar transmission died while I was driving on the highway. My husband had to come and rescue me. Now we have a car payment. I’ll take my old car with no car payment over my shinny used 2013 Toyota Sienna. Why? Because I rather use that money to buy more running clothes and entries in races.

  132. Lice- nothing to upset my carefully balance work-school-running balance than my daughter arriving home with those “friends” last week. I have shampooed and combed and cleaned my family, the house, my car, and my office. Ugh.

  133. I would like to tell all the items in all my closets and laying around my house to just get up and jump in a box so I don’t have to go through every single item I own before I pack it. I have been training, even seeing a physical therapist who is helping me with my hamstrings and everything connected to them, for my last 5K in New Mexico. The Duke City Marathon. While I wish I could actually run the marathon, I am working toward a 10K. Back to my house…. I am running on Sunday AM, moving on Tuesday to California. Anyone know of a good running club in Modesto?????

  134. What’s crazy right now is taking 3 nights out of town to visit my sister and do a race and having to coordinate everything at home before I leave – nothing like getting dad set up for 4 days of taking girls to dance classes, soccer practice, dentist appts, soccer games and a birthday party…

  135. I’d like to tell sickness to suck it! My husband and daughter have NEVER missed cheering me on at my races, but my husband is starting to get sick and my (first post-baby) half marathon is this Sunday (I’m also hoping I don’t get sick before my race)!

  136. The dyslexia/ADHD cocktail floating around in my daughter’s brain can suck it, as far as I’m concerned! I want her to love reading as much as I do, and SHE wants to love reading, but right now she hates it. Reading for her is like running for me…but I’ve figured out how to push on through and do three half-marathons, so I’m pretty sure she’ll figure out how to push on through and start reading by choice.

  137. I want to say suck it to seeing my wonderful father aging. It is hard seeing the man who used to carry me on his shoulders become frail and in pain.

  138. I would like to say suck it to mean kids who pick on my babies. One of these days, the wrong kid is going to push my son too far, and my son is going to slug him.

  139. 1st full marathon in a few weeks. Have a 20 mile training run Saturday and my IT band in left knee is feeling icky!! Ugh not now!!!

  140. Crashed my road bike 2.5 weeks ago, I would like to tell my broken collarbone to “suck it” two more weeks before I’m allowed to run…may never be allowed back on the bike.

  141. I love the cooler weather of fall but Hate that it stays dark later in the morning and gets dark earlier. I don’t like to run in the dark by myself so I have to change my running schedule in the winter!

  142. After 2 months of not being able to run I did my first 5k on Saturday. I lost my job in June due to my boss being in a car crash and passing. The only thing that kept my sanity was running hard core for the following 2 months for my first 10k (which I P.R.ed) then had a calf injury that put me out for 2 months after. So short story long I ran this last Saturday and it couldn’t have come at a perfect time because I have had some stressful situations come forth with my son and his behavior in school. I would handle the situation but with being able to at least get out and shuffle, I have a clearer mind. Gosh Running is cheap therapy!

  143. I’m really hating the dark. Just sayin’. It seems to be draining all motivation I have (what little that may be)to go for a fun afterwork. I can run in the rain, the snow, the cold, heat and humidity. But this darkness is really a bugger!

  144. My legs are screaming! I have been walking around with a kitchen towel and ice wrapped around my quads following my marathon on Sunday. My calves could sure use some love to.

  145. I have been trying to train for my first half marathon ( next April)but my sciatic nerve has sideline me a few times .On top of this my hours at work were cut form fourty hours a week to twenty six.

  146. The state of the house makes me insane! I’d it really so difficult to put away your toys, books, and shoes? I wish my children would learn that underwear need to go in the laundry basket not the living room floor!

  147. I would really like to tell the negative nelly side of my brain to sod-off and I did just that on Sunday. I ran my first 10K on Sunday despite that nagging voice telling me I hadn’t trained properly for it and couldn’t do it. It was fantastic crossing the finish line for so many reasons, not the least of which was making that negative nelly non-existent.

  148. My son throwing stuff at my head and then refusing to go to bed because his sheep was still in the dryer. Know why his sheep was in the dryer? because my son peed on him because he refuses to use the potty.

  149. Oh, my SI joint is driving me crazy! It was bothering me a year ago so I saw a sports MD and did PT and it got better. Then it started acting up before Ragnar Colorado and now it’s worse. I’m attributing it to my first leg of 10 miles downhill, as well as continuing to play soccer when injured. I sincerely need to probably stop running and soccer but I enjoy both so much. Oh, what to do?!

  150. Oh, just everything! I feel like I am not doing anything well. I wish I didn’t work outside the home, I wish I didn’t volunteer with the PTA. I really just want to clean my house right now (sad I know, but it’s pretty bad!). On top of it all, I’ve had hives from an allergic reaction since August and that makes me a bit annoyed all. the. time.

  151. The state of this house is driving me crazy. I’m not blameless, of course, but it’d be so much easier to keep clean if I was the only one that lived here.

  152. Pregnancy is driving me crazy!!! With 2.5 weeks to go I am dreaming of seeing my feet/ankles again and re-introducing myself to the treadmill collecting dust in my basement. My 2014 goal: run a 1/2 marathon like I did after my first baby.

  153. My dog who ran out the door tonight, we searched for him for hours in the dark and then he came home soaking wet and covered in ticks. Now that I know he is safe I want to kill him.

  154. The new school drop off policy which gives us 10 minutes to drop off the kids but since we aren’t allowed out of the car so there is always a back up making us late! Ugh!!!!

  155. My little girl who is CHOOSING to just pee in her pants wherever she is because she doesn’t like to stop what she’s doing to use the potty. Wet pants and puddles can suck it.

  156. What really chafes my bottom? Knowing that I am a worthwhile person and a person worth employing…and hearing a new employer promise me that they can work around my availability, and then receiving a schedule that forces me to choose between caring for my medically vulnerable son…or leaving him alone to earn an income that barely covers my car payment. If I am only available between 8am and 2pm, then why, oh WHY did you give me 12 to 8pm and 5 to 9pm? I find myself craving the moments I can find to run…my frustrations, fury and fears pounded into the pavement. Sigh.

  157. I’d like to tell nursing school to suck it! I know it will pay off in the end, but it’s really cutting into my sleep, family time, social life, and RUNNING!!!

  158. I’d like yo tell all the people who look down their noses at me, who think the are better than me, who think they’re shit don’t stink to SUCK IT! I’d also like to give them a high five. On their head. With a chair. (:

  159. The never-ending cleaning, laundry, cooking, preparing for the next day. In the evenings I would love to just enjoy my family without always having to hurry on to the next thing.

  160. oh right now my kids are driving me crazy!!! Yes, I love them to pieces and think they are the cutest ever, but WHY CANT YOU SLEEP THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH!!!!! Seriously? What is up?

  161. Right now getting older is making me mad! I am 46 and have a nagging knee injury that is getting better way too slow, I normally don’t feel old because I run. I am normally a bundle of energy, working two jobs, juggling hubby,triplets plus one tae kwon do and running. Babying my knee and worry about whether it will hurt when I am running or swell up after as it has been doing even after 6 weeks of no running swimming instead, and icing, heating and stretching, makes me mad and makes me notice I can’t see as well, I have fat in new places etc so sod off aging!!

  162. My commute is driving me crazy!!! What it usually took 45 min, is taking me 1 hr and 15 min now!!!
    I need to pick up my boy by 6, so I need to leave earlier and earlier! And that’s hard 🙁

  163. My left calf…still not better after several months. Finally went to the physical therapist the day before I start 10 weeks of kickboxing. hurts.

  164. My med/surg class is driving me crazy. I’m not a stupid person (I wouldn’t be in nursing school if I were!), but this class sometimes makes me feel that way!

  165. The stack of papers on my kitchen counter that I need to review and act upon is driving me crazy. I frequently sort through the stack and take care of the critical items, but none of the less critcal things ever seem to get done. Must. Eliminate. Clutter.

  166. My kids and their picky eating!! I have 3 boys but they all like different things, so no matter what I make for dinner, one or two of them complain!

  167. Notes that come home from school asking for things (supplies for a certain project, contributions for the fall fesical, etc.) the day before they want them. Why can’t they give us parents a bit more notice sometimes!?!

  168. My introvert of a daughter actually. Took her to an activity and then she wouldn’t participate. Throws everyones night off. So frustrating. But of course love her.:)

  169. Reminding my children of their responsibilities with plenty of time to spare, only to have said loved one(s) call, stressed out because of waiting until the last minute…who likes feeling that kind of stress??? Not me!!! I need these socks. 🙂

  170. Listening to two whinny sick two year olds and the biggest whiner, my sick hubby and not being able to run for the lady three weeks and missing a half marathon because I missed three weeks of training.

  171. My internet service is driving me crazy. Because we live out in the rural boondocks, we cannont get unlimited service, but with 7 people living in our house, we can’t stay within our limits! The bill get higher every month. Grrr….

  172. I ran the Portland Marathon,great experience. But now I seem to have a stress fracture 🙁 and I can’t run. And it hurts, and I can’t run. And the weather is freakin perfectly awesome and did I mention that I currently can’t run. ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH

  173. My pelvic floor needs to suck it (IN!!!!) especially during runs lately. I know I should be doing more kegels- but … I wish it would just stop- I don’t have enough black capris/shorts!

  174. The fact that my first half marathon this weekend was not only pouring rain, hilly and cold, but at mile 10 I did something to my knee and finished it walking 🙁 I am trying to only focus on the fact that I finished it but it’s not working!

  175. What’s driving me crazy? This cold that has knocked me on my rump! I can’t wait to have my energy back. Tired of feeling like I was hit by a truck.

  176. My kids school hours and after school activities, they star at 9 ( that sounds cool, but believe me is not) and they finish at 4:05 if they come in the school bus they arrive home at 4:45 and ballet starts at 5:00 and ends at 6:30 and soccer starts at 6:30 and ends at 7:30, can you see my problem? So I have to go do a crazy carpool line, feed daughter in the car, drop her at ballet, call my boy make sure he made it home safe remind him to take de dog out and do homework, drive home drop the sweet boy early at soccer drive back to ballet pick up baby girl ( she is 12 but still my baby girl) drop her home and go get my son at soccer practice, my car is going to dress up as a taxi for halloween.

  177. I had bursitis in my hip and every now and then when I’ve had one too many runs aches just a little. It always leaves me with the lingering thought of what if……

  178. Homework…grrrrrrr! We spend hours doing it. I watch with my own eyes (my own eyes!) as they put it into their folders and then backpacks. Then I get the email…so & so didn’t hand in their homework today. Whhhhaaaaaatttttt?!!!! How? Whhhhyyyyy? Whhhyyyyy? Then my head explodes. Thank The Lord they are still at school when I have my mummy meltdown. Lol! I need a good run now.

  179. I am flustered that I have training or work this week and have to miss my favorite Thursday run! My favorite running buddy and I love to lace up on Thursdays for a long run and some talk therapy and work is taking over this week 🙁

  180. I’m a high school teacher and it’s the last week of the grading period…there’s a student or two I’d like to tell to suck it, since I’ve been bending over backwards to help them pass all year, and they decide today to start participating!

  181. My left Achilles tendon is giving me a little bit of trouble…trying to keep it stretched, iced, and anything else I can think of to keep it working. 🙂

  182. Bunions are driving me up a wall! They hurt so bad and I have asked my Doc what can be done. Surgery has been suggested. I’m so afraid that surgery will lead to more pain and less mobility.

  183. 3 kids who are each in a sport along with an extra curricular activity on top of that along with an extra hard working hubby so I can be a SAHM and do all the running around- this is why I run- Mom’s quiet time. Oh and I”m the PTO secretary and organizing a Turkey Trot.
    When I do ask for a little bit of help from anyone, it’s like I’m asking them to move mountains!
    Oh well, blessed with 3 healthy kids and supportive husband.

  184. Being told it’s “bad timing” for a long overdue promotion while being given more work, all while going backwards in the work culture b/c of new owners (who think we should be devoted to work and families can suck it). All while trying to care for two little girls (ages 1 and 4) while hubby is in his first semester of law school. All this contributing to missed runs and yoga and not a happy mother runner!

  185. I’d like to tell the government to suck it. All those high paid men in suits making decisions for the rest of us- they are collecting a paycheck while many others are not- my father, my friends working for free to guard inmates in prison, and so many more like me trying to hold it together!! Come on guys figure it out and try to get along!!

  186. My right hip that just won’t heal so I can run pain free. Oh and the whiny baby talk my 5y/o daughter is really into right now.

  187. My freshman daughter’s science grade is driving me crazy. She carried all A’s through middle school and was put into an advanced science class. Currently she has a D. Girl has no idea the proper ways to study since everything came so easy to her before. Never thought that the school/grades battle would be one I would have with her. UGH!!

  188. My maternity leave ends next week!! And my next race is the following weekend so I clearly didn’t time this correctly. I need more time to train, more sleep and a haircut…. Wishing I also had a few more weeks home with my little one.

  189. What’s making me crazy is grading hundreds of university assignments with apostrophes that have either sodded off or been misplaced, and verbs not agreeing with subjects…and yes I realise I need to get out more!

  190. Lack of sleep and training time top my list once again, as my little one recently turned the big “1” and the transition to whole milk is creating havoc on the sleep routine.

  191. Trying to find the right pair of running shoes is driving me crazy. Something that doesn’t aggravate my neuroma, doesn’t give me blisters under my toenails, doesn’t cause calf tightness, and isn’t too clunky. I’ve tried five different pairs and counting. Why is this so hard?!

  192. Our politicians are driving me crazy, along with those that believe they should be given everything and not have to work hard!

  193. I’m sick of the 24-hour news and “newscasters” need to fill it – whether it’s accurate, or relevant, or just random speculation to keep viewers and advertisers. “if it’s not news, we’ll MAKE IT NEWS!” Ugh. Gonna go run now.

  194. My husband’s work schedule is getting in the way of my running!! It is no far. I need him to watch the children so I can run whenever I please.:P

  195. Work…we have new owners and are in month 4 of the systems, new reports, new everything on top of budget season…ugh

  196. Being hypothyroid is maddening! Changed my dose of medication three times in the past six months. Makes my hair fall out and I drag. Felt like I was running through glue.

  197. After working so hard to 100+ lbs people telling me how awful people look when they lose so much weight and have all that saggy skin and how “they’ll” just put it all back on. Thanks for the positive uplifting conversation (eyeroll)

  198. Running my first full marathon Sunday and the not knowing if my left knee (patellar maltracking/IT band) is going to hold up or give out is making me insane!

  199. a stupid, nagging shoulder injury that I got WHILE I WAS LYING IN BED last Friday morning. Really??? 39 isn’t THAT old, is it?

  200. My parents. Why is it that I am having to remind them of the basic social skills they taught me when I was a kid? Just because you are 70 doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want to people! And I REALLY want to try compression socks!

  201. 1. Work – very busy. More to do than I have time for.
    2. Tapering for NYC Marathon.
    3. Intermittent ankle pain that comes and goes . . .

  202. Stroller has a flat… husband has the car during the day. So not only can I not go running during the day but I can’t even take the kids out for a walk or to the stores close by. I’m truly housebound and I have crazy cabin fever!

  203. Its taper time for me and I’m just wanting the time to go by. I’m bummed that one of my running friends is out of commission for a few weeks.

  204. Stress at work, expectations at home, recovering from bursitis, and running my 2nd half on Sunday – all while juggling a feverish 7 year old.

  205. I’m a teacher and it’s currently driving me nuts that I have so many students this year with special needs and I can’t figure out exactly what is going on with each of them, or how to best support them. Also, the government and their lack of work is really pissing me off at the moment as well, and I don’t even follow politics in general.

  206. want to tell my back to suck it, an injury 4 weeks ago made me stop training for my half in November…there is no way to make up the distance at this point. 🙁

  207. I ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and my quads are still burning. It’s been very tricky going down the stairs sideways while carrying my two toddlers!

  208. What’s driving me crazy? Negativity. Hate. Ignorance. The insanity comes in having to spend time with people who display all of the above.

  209. I would like to tell my lower back (possibly sciatic nerve) to suck it!! After teaching, while sitting on the ground most of the day, my back is killing me! While not a running injury per se, my back can totally Suck it!!!

  210. Work is making my head spin lately. Teacher evaluations and common core learning standards…ugh! Love the kiddos but not all the red tape and paperwork!
    Thank goodness running is a great stress reliever!

  211. Just received the winter schedule for soccer practice. Now I have to rearrange the family activities schedule yet again. Change sucks…

  212. My single motherhood life even though, I am not a single mother. My husband works full time and goes to school and is gone 8am to 10pm most nights. I have 3 children under 5 years old who are wonderful but I don’t get much me time except for my 6am runs. We have been doing this schedule for the past 5 years and will finally be done Spring 2014!!! Did I also mention that I have three Step children that my husband always pays child support for! Not a lot of money for extras around here! Help me Compress my stress and craziness as I battle through these last 7 months when my husband will walk across his own finish line with a BS in Mechanical Engineering!

  213. New diagnosis of plantar fasciitis that made me walk the last two miles of my half marathon on Sunday. I finished but not with a happy smile on my face.

  214. Ok…so it’s aWeSoMe we just moved to Hawaii (military) but this traffic….ughughugh! My kids’ schools are about 8 miles from home, about an hour round trip with drop off in the morning! That could be time running!

  215. I love my almost-three-year-old! He is adorable! And precious! However. Why does he have to take all the magnets off the fridge and throw them on the ground? Why does he take the top off of every single marker and leave them all over the place? When he wants my attention, why does he have to say, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy (X 100)” without ever once hearing me answer?

  216. My lack of motivation to get out the door and run. I’m a night runner and the getting darker earlier always makes for a difficult adjustment.

  217. What can suck it? My job is to work with Special Education kids, my district provides medical care. My premiums for the BOTTOM Cruddy level just went up again, but we HAHAHAHAHA! “make too much money” to qualify for the new Health care act. So basically, I’m going to be working for a few dollars an hour to deal with the stuff I see on a daily basis! Suck it!

  218. The lack of daylight is driving me crazy. It’s dark until minutes before I need to wake my kids for school and nearly dark by the time we are home from their evening sports, so I am struggling to find time to run or ride.

  219. Recently ran a 12.5km – the furthest I had run before (ever!) was 7km… and it felt amazing to be able to do it! Problem is I have been plagued with shin splints and as of a couple months ago, bad calf pain when I run. Such a bummer when my legs are telling me no but everything else yells yes! Going to physio, which is helping – I long for the day when I can run (mostly!) pain free!

  220. Playing mom’s taxi service to my teenage sons (one of whom is old enough to have his license) is seriously driving me crazy AND impacting my running schedule! With their band, robotics, and soccer schedules, not to mention the 16-year-old’s random decisions to stay after school, I’m having less and less after-work time to get my runs in. (I am thankful to have wonderful, involved children though.)

  221. The thing that drove me crazy today was a car stopping to ask me directions when I was trying to push the speed on my longish run today. I had to stop and answer her question instead of finishing my mile split. I also have been suffering from piriformis for 8 months and am worried about my upcoming marathon.

  222. Too much to do and not enough time. I do not seem to have the ability to say “no”. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who picks up the slack!! Love him!!

  223. The threat of colder weather with bare trees and gray skies is depressing! (I live in Indiana.) I hate cold weather and did not want summer to end. I do love the fall weather, but I am happy to stop there and get back up to 80 degrees!!

  224. I hate to say this, but…my local Girl Scout Council. I am a GS Troop leader and the main Council has implemented some new ‘procedures’ that seem to benefit the Council more than the GS. Pretty sad, but it won’t stop me from leading a fantastic group of GS!

  225. The insane amount if laundry to put away! I hate actually putting it away, so I have 4 baskets just sitting here. Sigh

  226. I am coming back from an injury. 3months out with a broken ankle. What drives me crazy right now is the fact that my body isn’t responding like I would like to my running program. I know that I need to take it easy and slow but if I go any slower I will be walking!!!!! grrrr

  227. This yucky, overcast, drizzly, humid weather we’ve been having forever. October is my very favorite month (I love fall and all the wonderful things we do this time each year), and I hate seeing half of it with such crappy weather. I want my sunny, crisp autumn weather back for my runs!!

  228. Work!!! So stressful, and a couple physical setbacks that will keep me from running for at least two more weeks – but hey! this too shall pass, and I try not to worry about it all. Really. So thankful for my strong husband and great children.

  229. My stupid knee is driving me crazy! I got patellar tendonitis from physical therapy sessions for IT band syndrome. Seriously!! Needless to say I haven’t been back to PT. The even more annoying this was that I had no problems running with my IT band problems, just sleeping. But the knee pain, that’s a different story. Complete derail to my 10k training (I’ve struggled to run any further than 3 miles since late August).

  230. I’ve got a half on Sunday!! But my knee sucks… Had ACL repair in high school, now I believe my IT band is acting up on me. Such a training bummer!! Gonna give it a couple days off before and some stretching techniques to get it going again-wish me luck!!

  231. The fact that we’ve been homeless for 3 weeks sucks. Living with my sister while we are between homes has been a blessing but man would we like an actual home. Plus I injured my foot due to over trying so I can’t even run off my stress!

  232. What is driving me crazy is a husband who has to travel for work and I commute 2 hours round trip for work each day. I am definitely “on” as a mommy while he is away (sometimes fun, sometimes not so fun) but what is usually “off” are my runs in the morning before everyone else is awake since no one else is here with the kiddo. Haven’t yet splurged to buy the dreadmill but just may have to bite the bullet so I can get my running in!

  233. Currently potty training my 3 year old with a fear of public toilets are driving me
    Insane!! We make potty trips about 400 times durning dinner! I just wanna eat hot food!

  234. Whats driving me crazy is the govt shutdown. Another federal employee here who has to show up everyday and not know when I will get paid again. Grrrr. On the other hand I did my first 5K this past Saturday and had shin splints 🙁 Could use these for my next one.

  235. Frustrated Federal employee- not furloughed, just working with no guarantee of getting paid. Now finding out that if they don’t open up the government by Friday the Marine Corp Marathon may be cancelled. Husband is set to run the marathon and my daughter and I are running the 10K together. Things have to get better…..

  236. I’m a mother runner who is tired of people/cars not stopping at cross walks.
    Biggest pet peeve. Doing a long run with my other mother-runners and some lady yells at us at the crosswalk “I don’t stop for runners” are walk light was green btw. I yelled back ” you do now”!!

  237. Allergies are driving me nuts! We ALL have allergies in my house (even our dog) so the disappearance of humidity and the falling of leaves is beautiful, lovely and attacks us at the same time. I feel for my dog during this season, it brings ear infections and the constant licking of her butt and feet (TMI, sorry).

  238. Soooo tired of the one step forward – two steps back – back injury. Just want
    To be though with it already. ! Arrgh!

  239. I just started running this summer (started out walking 200 miles from June-August and now I’m following AMR’s 5 K training plan) and I LOVE it but right now I’m frustrated with trying to balance running with my work schedule, the kids’ schedules and less light during the day. I CRAVE a good run but it’s too dark at 5 am, first 2 kids need to be up by 5:30, kid #3 up at 6 and kid #4 up at 6:45-hubby works nights and doesn’t get home until 8 am so no help there, leave for work by 7:30 (I teach kids with emotional disabilities), then home near 6 if no kids activities, dinner, then…EXHAUSTED but I NEED to run!!!
    Thanks for letting me whine-feel a bit better but still Craving a run!!

  240. I am being driven crazy by not being able to get a new job! My current job also drives me crazy! Running does make the crazy better though!

  241. What is driving me crazy is I work an 8 hour sedentary job and have such a passion for health and fitness and can’t find work in the field I’m now passionate about. Nothing pays decent! I have started a before school physical activity program with my BRF. I want to do this kind of work instead of my current job! It’s driving mr crazy I can’t get this worked out yet.

  242. WORK can just suck it right now. There are not enough hours in the day to work full time, mother full time, train for a string of half marathons AND keep the house clean.

  243. What’s driving me crazy is that I’ve been training for the Marine Corps Marathon since June (my 2nd marathon). Everything has gone like clockwork. I’ve done every single last run on my training schedule despite the crazinesss of life. I’ve remained injury free (a miracle in itself). I’ve found a happy pace. I’ve booked a hotel, taken off of work and mentally prepared to run 26.2 next weekend, only to receive an email saying that the race may be cancelled due to the government shut down. Crazy? I feel like I’m losing my mind…heartbroken!

  244. I came down with a cold earlier this week and just couldn’t bring myself to run. Right after that I got food poisoning and was barfing my guts out for an entire sleepless night. To that I say SOD OFF!

  245. What is driving me crazy? Well, My husband has been retired for several years, while I continue to work. By the time he was my age, he was retired 3 years. n I don’t begrudge him his retirement (if I say it enough times, maybe I will believe it) I work in a stressful situation (teacher in a public school district). I have to continue working because we have 2 teenagers to put through school. What REALLY honks me off is when I give up my running time to stay late at work. I try to not let that happen too often. Running saves my sanity. I strive for BALANCE!

  246. What drives me crazy is that I have planned my rundisney race since March and now they changed their rules for disabilities / special needs so now I don’t know if I can safely take my child who has issues severe enough to have made him a make a wish kid in the past! Suck it Disney!

  247. Really…where to start!?! My boss needs to trust my abilities. I need to be able to get my yard picked up AND clean inside the house. I am no longer training for a marathon, so I am unfocused in my workout. I need a secretary AND a clone. I just got the “idiot” look from my tween. Compression socks would help everything!!

  248. My house! Stuff everywhere. Books the kids are over, toys the kids are over, too many pairs of old running shoes, too many pets (two dogs and a cat) Argh! I want a new house! And compression sleeves/socks, because that would clearly make my house manageable since I could wear them in recovery and clean this mess up’n

  249. I am so annoyed at the politicians that are slowly squeezing the life out of me. Yes, I’m a furloughed federal employee and while things are much better than two weeks ago when both my husband and I were “off”, I’m still without work and seriously feel like I’m going crazy! Would love to try these compression socks as I have been really overdoing it on my mileage because….well, yeah, I have nothing else to do! Thanks for a chance to rant!

  250. Okay this is totally selfish but it’s driving me crazy that my husband has decided that his gym workouts are more important than my runs! Hello! I’m training for a MARATHON that he’s known about since January! Grrr!

  251. The pool being closed!!! We live on a military base and the government shutdown has closed our pool. It is really hard to train for a triathlon with no pool. I know I could go find another pool but I’d have to pay for it. It’s all about principles! LOL

  252. I am hating seasonal allergies right now. Love the fall and especially running in it, Hate that it leads to sinus pressure and wheezing (especially on those oh so lovely trails).

  253. My 5 year old hasn’t stopped whining or crying for 2 straight weeks and my three year old has a stubborn streak a mile wide. Combine the two and this really makes mornings suck :-/

  254. Oh man, there’s so many things, but right now I want to tell everyone that tells me that I “don’t look 28 weeks pregnant” because I’m “so small” to suck it. I feel like a house. I can’t see my feet, and I’m pretty sure the cankles are coming. (and for the record, I am thrilled that I don’t look like a house, but I don’t need a complex thinking that I’m under-growing my long awaited baby boy!)

  255. What’s driving me crazy? Laundry? Meal Planning/Prepping? Trying to figure out my running schedule this fall? All three.

  256. This mess in my house is driving me nuts! I don’t want to know what the smell is in my daughters room. Why can’t the house clean itself?

  257. The uncontrollable ADHD my son has. His grades are all over, his behavior is outlandish, and his is not my lovable little boy any more, but a sad hateful little man who is breaking my heart. So ADHD can suck and there are never enough miles to get this heaviness off my heart!

  258. You know, I had a pretty long list of things that I would really like “to sod off,” but then I realized they all probably stemmed from one frickin’ SI joint/knee bursitis/my-whole-da**-leg-hurts thing. I wanna run again and my right side from the waist down isn’t getting the memo. So there. Take that.

  259. My husband can suck it right now!!!
    He has a Harley and there was 1 yr left to pay on the loan. 1YEAR Left to pay on the loan.
    Well, last weekend he traded it in for a newer model and now we have a new 5 yr loan!!!
    He did this after I told how much I disagreed and disapproved and how I thought it was bad for our financial future.
    He still did it!!!
    To say that I am royally pi**ed right now is a complete understatement!!!

  260. The men I work with! Honestly, instead of bickering at meetings they should just measure their stuff and be done with it. At least women communicate. Heck, my 5 year old uses better problem solving skills. 🙂

  261. It gets dark now at 7:30! I love fall — but hate having to run right after work to make sure I am not running in the dark.

  262. My mom was recently diagnosed with Mulitiple Myeloma.
    I’ve been using my runs as an outlet. Time to clear
    my head and mentally prepare for what lies ahead so I can
    be strong for my mom. So I’d like to say “suck it cancer!”

  263. Sever acid reflux and heartburn are driving me crazy! I’ve had some esophagus issues for two months now but I haven’t let it affect my running. I’m ready to eat semi-normally again!

  264. Federal Gov’t shutting down. Aside from all the people who are really hurting as a result of this – it is also really screwing up a lot of races around here. It has been said elsewhere but I will repeat it here “I run better than the Federal Gov’t does”

  265. The massive pile of paperwork that is mounting on my desk… Other more pressing matters in the classroom have sent my other work to the back burner. But that’s okay, I can deal with it today, I went for a run 🙂

  266. My preteen daughter is doing a pretty good job at driving me crazy!!! But I love her to pieces and she is the reason I run 🙂

  267. I’d like to say Suck It! to my plantar fasciitis and my lower back mucles which are flaring with my marathon looming on the near horizon (as in, Sunday). Tempted to try these even tho its probably not wise to try something new on race day!

  268. It’s all minutia. Dirty sunglasses that I can’t see without that I thought were cool till someone told me they are not fashionable. Floors with crumbs. Constant crumbs. No toilet paper. And getting lost on a trail run…. Which turned out great because I wanted to add 2 miles anyway. So that.

  269. Seriously, this post cracked me right up this morning!! I was having one of those mornings that while my husband “slept in” I ran around the house like a crazy women getting lunches packed, school planners signed, math homework checked over….all before heading out to work at 5:25 am. Yes, I get up a little before 4 to get myself ready for work, make sure clothes are ironed for my daughters, and that their backpacks are all set. Is it too much to ask that my coffee pot can just cooperate?!? Damn thing must be clogged up with minerals or whatnot from our well water. It’s supposed to brew in three minutes! 25 minutes later, I had to go and it wasn’t done brewing. I took some anyway…but it was kinda nasty. Too black. So, long story short (too late!)…my coffee pot can suck it.

  270. The thing really bugging me right now is not getting my hubby to start running with me. He has a crappy work schedule and is gaining weight while I’m shrinking. I would really enjoy him as a running buddy!

  271. This head cold I have! Wanted to get out for a run today and this head old is bugging me so much that I didn’t! Suk it head cold!

  272. I’m a furloughed federal employee so Congress is what is currently driving me CRAZY. (Optimistic though, at time of writing!)

  273. Trying to keep my house clean, while packing for a move,while chasing all 4 of my very busy boys is driving me crazy! Not my boys, just the other stuf that takes time away from the boys!

  274. Soccer. I love that my kids are active, but 3 kids on 3 teams is really cutting into my running time!!! Priorities, kiddos!!!! Your mama needs to run!

  275. PEOPLE! Individually they are ok, but when they get together in groups they’re CRAZY! Trying to help them work nicely together day in and day out makes me want to scream!!!!! Good thing I run instead.

  276. The biggest thing bugging me is the hubster blowing off my need to make time to run while he is steadily gaining weight thereby putting his health on the line. Arg!!

  277. I ran two half marathons this spring and completed 3 sprint triathlons over the summer. I was pain free for the first four. However, before my last tri, my plantar fasciitis began to flare up again. I have only been able to run three times this past month. It is driving me crazy not to be able to run!!!! Can’t wait to feel like myself again.

  278. Grad school, internship… All while working full time and raising 3 kids 6 and under. Running keeps me about as sane as I can be 🙂

  279. A couple weeks ago, I completed my first halfy (woot, woot! Let me hear ya roar!). My left calf, which incessantly plagued me all last winter, reared it’s ugly teeth-gnashing head again after the race. Knots hard as boulders. Getting them to release is like poking a hungry grizzly bear (that’s me) with a sharp stick and taking his salmon. I NEED to run (well especially if there are bears)! I have, have, have to run! Your compression socks sound so awesome and are seriously so the answer! Help!

  280. Our school board and city council need to suck it! Changing school hours 6 weeks into school, messing with everyone’s work/life….grrrr!

  281. My shoulder is also driving me crazy, but I’m too stubborn to go to the doc to try to fix it up. So for now, I’m just whining.

  282. Whatever is causing my husband’s seizures and sleepwalking can take a short walk off a tall cliff. I just want my happy, healthy hubby back and for his short term memory to return.

  283. A non-healing stress fracture in my left foot that took me out of running in August and still has me non weight bearing 🙁

  284. What’s currently driving me crazy? Germs! Big weekend at work, sick on Wednesday. These little buggers better stay away come race week!

  285. The never ending pile of dishes ever since my dishwasher bit the dust. Somebody invent disposable pots and pans, please!!!!

  286. Only having one pair of compressions is making me crazy! Sometimes I can’t wait for the dryer and have to run with them wet!

  287. Right now taper week is really being in me down. Lack of activity means lack of food. Neither one of them work well in my book!!! I just wanna run!!!

  288. My boss is driving me crazy! I thought I was getting a better quality of life with this job but not the case. I am tired of feeling one step behind no matter where I am. It will be Christmas by the time I get Halloween decorations up. Thank goodness for hand-me-down costumes!

  289. Low thyroid can bite me! I mean really… hard to run even ONE mile let alone TEN when my very sensitive little thyroid decides to just go into hybernation mode.

  290. I have my first marathon coming up and the feeling that I haven’t done enough training is nagging me…along with some aches and pains from tight IT bands!

  291. What’s driving me crazy is that I have to take a (hopefully) short break from running since an old shin injury has come back to haunt me – and I was just starting to get my groove back with racing again after a few disappointing races earlier this summer.

  292. I ran my first 26.2 three weeks ago, and am all recovered. What is driving me crazy is my running mojo is kind of in “nose-dive” status. I have two halfs coming up, and I am excited for those. But I have not much interest in getting back out there and “training” for anything at the moment. I am still riding the high from the finish line, so I know this is just a brief phase…but it’s driving me nuts!!

  293. There are so many things in all our lives that make things more difficult. Instead of telling them to “suck it”, however, I choose to say “oh yeah? Well watch this!”. Positive thinking is the fuel that keeps my fire burning, otherwise I’d be swallowed by all the chaos around me. Run on!

  294. My plantar fasciitis can suck it!! It’s completely screwed up my running year this year and makes every day at work miserabe!! I’m dreaded this weekend with 2 13+hr shifts as a RN on a busy, busy surg/med floor! Makes me want to cry just thinking about it….

  295. What is driving me crazy: my kids have been sick with every school bug possible the last month. I’m running my first marathon on Sunday and I’m seriously having problems keeping my head in the running game with everything else!

  296. I should answer the mature way: fiscal crisis, Washington, D.C., work issues, etc, but I’m going with a complaint closer to home ( and not that the previous two times I hit send on this comment it disappeared!)
    In the past I’ve done a pretty good job of balancing work, kids, home and exercise/me time. But this fall since school started I have done a terrible job at finding one to run and exercise. And a running mom is a happier mom so I’m doubly frustrated! It will get figured out and I’ll get back to more regular exercising but until then, ugh!!!!!

  297. The thing that is driving me bat (you know what word to put here) crazy is not being appreciated around my house. I am pretty sure I have my self convinced that I am invisible to all four of my children and they think someone with magical superpowers comes in each day and takes care of everything around the house and carts them to activities and feeds them. Calgon take me away!

  298. I have 3 girls and love them dearly, but my middle daughter drives me crazy by leaving her trash all over my house and the repeated reminders to put it in the trash can does nothing.

  299. Well let’s see I currently am dealing with a heel spur and plantar fasciitis that I cannot seem to get healed. But my the biggest issue is I’m have a partial hysterectomy tomorrow and am unsure when I can get up and around again!! I was just getting my mileage back up and it was starting to feel great.

  300. My sesamoiditis is driving me insane. I have been unable to run for four and half months and just started 4-6 weeks in a big old boot.

  301. Texas weather can bite me! Two weeks of moderately cooler weather that gets your hopes up, only to wake up race morning to temperatures and humidity rivaling the AMAZON RAINFOREST!! On the plus side, the beer I had following that truly suck-y run? BEST. ONE. YET.

  302. Trying to train and run 3 half marathons in 5 weeks and my kids have shared every bug that is going around town with me since school started. I have missed a lot of training runs, but so far I have pushed through 2 of the races with one more more to go this Sunday in Hershey! I was supposed to improve my time and it is getting worse each race. 🙁 Wahh….this is not how I pictured these five weeks when I signed up for the races!

  303. What’s driving me crazy is trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Mind you, I’m 33 years old. Kids growing up, do I go to school? Get any job? I know I can handle it, it’s just a lot to think about. 🙂

  304. Lots of things. A bum knee that can’t decide if it’s healed or still whiny. Lesson plans. State of the country. A house that needs cleaning. Weather getting colder. But overall, life is really good.

  305. We are building a house. We started the process in February and were told the house would be done by late August. Long story short, the builder thinks we MiGHT be in by thanksgiving. My family is flying out from Oregon for the holiday, but we will be doing more unpacking than stuffing our faces.

  306. I should go with the fiscal crisis, world problems, etc,but instead I have to go with my current personal frustration of just not fitting in enough workout time! Up until this fall I did a great job ( if I do say so myslef) Of balancing work, family etc. but somehow this school year I just haven’t gotten there yet! And the frustration compounds on itself because an exercising mom is a happier mom! It will get back , just still figuring it out!

  307. Trying to get back into running after a stroke. Wasn’t able to run for 6 months and had to give up my first half marathon. Having issues adjusting to my new post-stroke stride. Easy to complain, but thankful for the chance to run again after being told I might not walk right again.

  308. MISSING out on nationwide Columbus Marathon this weekend since I’m still healing from ankle fracture during warrior dash back on August… on the up side I was finally cleared to resume cardio in forms of bike, elliptical and dreadmill just Monday!!#

  309. Fall colds can just bite me! Add swollen lymph nodes and a head cold to a slightly twisted ankle this weekend and I am GROUNDED. 🙁 I want to fly!!! but, but, but…

  310. Horrific person at work who swears at everyone and slams fists on tables when she doesnt get her way, bills, long commutes, and a toddler that refuses the jogging stroller 🙂

  311. My inability to clean the kids playroom and the pantry. They are both so disorganized and I use the excuse I don’t have time. But the truth is when I have the time, it’s just not what I want to do. So they continue to drive me crazy.

  312. The lack of intelligent attempts to solve our country’s fiscal issues by our elected officials, and the lack of Congressional term limits so Americans can stop living in a perpetual election cycle. I can’t stand listening to the news this week while I run.

  313. Realizing that all of the school and community commitments that I said yes to last spring and this summer all have hit full-swing at once now that fall is here – including training for my first full marathon! Feeling pretty overwhelmed but at least I have running to keep me sane!

  314. Not to nitpick, but if I actually get to whine for once…two loads of laundry daily and matching tiny socks can suck it, dealing with kids who miss the toilet can suck it, my new running shoes which aren’t that great can suck it, having to go on an crappy business trip can suck it, having homework when I’m not in school can suck it, and jacking my ankle on my run today can totally SUCK IT. Thanks feels better!

  315. I would like to tell my back to suck it! The mysterious pain that was just there one morning and won’t go away is keeping me from sleeping and running and making for one very crabby mommy 🙁

  316. My 4 teenagers in my kitchen while I am trying to make dinner! Seriously guys? It will get done faster if you don’t hover!
    This is why I run! lol.

  317. My three year old that won’t nap, my messy house, my one year old who won’t sleep through the night, sibling bickering, and shin splints that are taking the fun out my my mommy refuge runs! I think the compression socks would help!

  318. My 7, almost 8 year old daughter who seems to think she is 13. Fashion drama is near constant, and causing drama with everyone in the house. It is exhausting. There are not enough miles in my week right now to balance it out.

  319. I would like my new knee injury (whatever it is) to go away. I have never had any knee issues and it now, decides to pop into my life. I already have ankle issues so I hope this knee problem goes away with some extra TLC, meaning rest…. But really, who does that?! 😛

  320. I am getting ready to run my first marathon on Sunday and I have been down and out sick with a stomache ailment for a full week. I was already nervous enough.

  321. Parent-Teacher Conference Week! The kids had one full day off on Monday, to be followed by half days on Thursday and Friday. How’s a working momma supposed to fit her runs in with so much time off for the kiddos???

  322. My to-do list is only getting longer!! I would like to tell people who talk about work-life balance to go suck it! Seriously, there is no balance. Just chaos.

  323. Overtraining on too little time before a destination race has left me with the beginnings of PF! I want some compression socks but they are a definite splurge. Please help a mother out!

  324. My mean right leg that doesn’t keep up with my nice left leg! Darn it, I have no time for this: training for Miami full

  325. My big toe! I stubbed it in January and it’s still giving me problems. It seems like surgery is the only option at this point and I’m trying to put that off as long as I can.

  326. This obnoxious head cold that won’t get out of my house! My entire family has had it and it seems to keep bouncing around. Ugh!

  327. Our School Distict! My little guy has a vision impairment and the board of education is not providing him with the services he needs and is entitled to! I get up at 4:30am M-F to run in honor of my son and to prepare myself for another day of fighting for him!!!!

  328. Currently I want to (lovingly of course!) tell my husband to suck it! I’ve been super dedicated to eating clean and healthy in prep for my upcoming first marathon. Lately dear hubby has been bringing home cupcakes, pizza, and candy which is all so hard for me to resist!!

  329. Not being able to run right now!!! Dealing with a runner injury for the past 3 months. See on face book all of my friends running races.

  330. Whats driving me crazy…..hmmmmm….a sinus/ear infection that still hasn’t gone away after 2 trips to the doctor, and 2 different antibiotics. I want to breathe again!

  331. I’d like to tell the parent who asked me to stay super late for a conference to suck it! I have two small kids and a super tight schedule as it is. Listen lady, take the time to meet with your child’s teacher when we have scheduled conferences times available. I’m there at 7:15 every morning and usually don’t leave until nearly 5:00. Find a time sometime between those 9 hours to show up! (And before the haters start, this is not a single mom or someone with extreme circumstances, just someone who thinks the world should revolve around her and her children.)

  332. 3 kids in college, working two jobs, balancing my own college course workload, and trying to fit in a workout! Need to release some stress with a long run!

  333. Stomach bugs!!!!! I hate them more than anything. Anyhow, my oldest yakked in the hall during school and I followed this morning. I’m on the mend now and trying to get some food in me so I’m ready for tomorrow, but I’m not pleased by missing workouts. Bleh.

  334. The daily grind. Wake up, get kids around, work, pick up kids, make dinner, find time for a run (hopefully) and repeat. 🙁
    I wish I could make a living at running and playing with my kids.

  335. I have been studying for an exam for one month straight!!!! Can’t wait to be done with it. Love the look of these socks too 🙂

  336. That today is my birthday and I didn’t get the new running shoes I asked for this year, but a new pair of compression socks might make me feel better 😉

  337. At the moment, it’s LITERALLY my skin that should sod off. With winter coming, my elbows and knees are so dry and painful, and no amount of lotion seems to be keeping up. That part is fairly normal for me at the beginning of the fall, but this year, thanks to running in the cool air, my nose is trying to participate too!

  338. Driving me crazy lately is my nine year old son forgetting his books, lunchbox, fall jacket or ________ (insert favorite item here) at school on a daily basis. I’m trying to teach him responsibility and until this year we had no issues like this!!! What’s happening to my little boy???

  339. A friend who keeps referring to running as jogging. As much as I correct her, she continues to say jog. Drives me crazy!!

  340. My hubby told me my running is selfish and takes time away from family time…worst part is I let it get to me and haven’t ran for 2 weeks!! I need to get back at it asap with some awesome compression socks help!

  341. I’m ticked about the dusk to dawn trail closures in Boulder, which effectively make it impossible to run legally on trails during the workweek (even trails that have been re-opened post flood are closed from 6:30pm – 6am or so). Yay, treadmill…

  342. My GPS watch. It’s a love/hate thing. It’s seems to take an incredibly long time to connect… Frustrating. But once it’s ready to go, the frustration starts to dwindle.

  343. Currently my backlog of work, dirty house my lack of motivation and my clingy toddler that doesn’t want to sleep thru the night can SUCK IT!!!!! I am ready for a long run this weekend to clear my mind and could really use the compression for recovery!

  344. This government nonsense is driving me crazy. I am preparing for the Army Ten Miler and Marine Corp (my first!) is seriously taxing my mental mojo. It looks like everything will be fine but the whole go/no go angst is making me batty!

  345. That my kids forget everything at school and after-care…jackets, water bottles, etc, you name it, they can’t come home with it.

  346. The weather here in Indiana. One day it’s cold and the next warm and muggy. I am ready for cold and all my awesome cold running gear. Love the socks and hope I win a pair.

  347. Construction, construction, construction. A 15 minute ride home took me an hour. All because the ramp was closed, but so was every northerly road. I got so lost I had to ask my phone how to get home.

  348. Let’s see, right now, I would love to tell my kiddos to suck it! Extra hours at work and a super mega messy basement + whining (why do I have to pick it up???) = crazy momma. Mean, yes…but true!

  349. I would like to tell my boss to suck it! She is the CEO and complains to me about money, I’m just the office administrator! If she wants to complain about money she has come to the wrong person! She lives alone and has everything paid for, I have a family of 4 and my husband and I work our tails off just to pay the bills! Running is the release!

  350. I would like to tell the drain down which our household cash flow seems to be sinking to suck it….but it seems to be doing a very good job of that already! 🙁

  351. My constant taxi driving for my kids drives me crazy! I have 3 great kids who are very active. I drive about 200 miles a week and the longest trip is about 12 miles. Everything is within about 15 or 20 min of our house. I spend some seriously quality time in my mini van–good thing it has a comfy driver’s seat!

  352. Lately my tight budget has been driving me crazy! I’m a pretty low maintenance girl but winter is coming (ten points if you got that Game of Thrones reference ) and I need some winter running gear! Washing my two pairs of tights twice a week blows…

  353. Not too much is bugging me right now. I’m in a pretty good place, mentally and physically. I have a blister left over from my last half marathon a week ago but since I ran it from San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach on what might be the prettiest course ever, I can’t even really complaint about that. Feeling pretty good! (Hope that’s not too annoying.)

  354. I’m training for my first ultra which is in <6 weeks so I have plenty of time to ponder things and get out my frustrations while pounding the pavement for hours and hours. The one thing I would like to get rid of is the countless pains that seem to move up one leg and down the other. Something heals then BOOM! it seems to move somewhere else. I would get into my job but I don't have that much time and wouldn't want to take up yours!

  355. My almost-healed foot stress fracture can suck it! I have a new pair of Newtons and a lot of pent-up running energy that I need to get out….those socks would be great for recovery when I can run again (hopefully within the month!).

  356. I have a bunion on my right foot that constantly bugs me because it causes me to get blisters right in that spot even with wide shoes. It can totally SOD OFF!

  357. Aside from my kids driving me nuts because they fight with each other NON-STOP, my blood sugars have really been irking me lately. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for almost 22 years – well controlled – and although I don’t voice this very often, it sucks. It sucks having to correct lows and highs, it sucks having to poke your finger 5+ times a day, it sucks having to eat/drink before and after runs and it really sucks during pregnancy. Lol. Like I said, I usually don’t complain because it is very manageable and I’m thankful for all of the awesome technology. So after all that venting, compression socks would be AWESOME to have for my upcoming half marathon (as well as long car & plane rides)!!!

  358. My hip injury can SUCK it! I can’t even walk without pain and I haven’t been able to run for 3 and a half months. “So why am I entering this contest?’ I ask myself…hopeful YES, HOPEFUL!

  359. Definitely my right heel – started aching after a 10-miler and hasn’t given up yet, so my 1/2 marathon training this fall is over for now!

  360. That my special needs 5.5 y/o is still undiagnosed — and that people act like they don’t believe me when they ask what she has. What would I possibly get out of lying about that? LOL

  361. The fact that my husband STILL doesn’t have a job. So – suck it to our near-empty savings (luckily, I still have my job – but it just isn’t enough to live on one income) and the jobs he lost out on to other candidates. It’s been a really rough year (hence, marathon training!!) so come good employment news (aside from a recent PR) would be very welcomed (then I can start looking for another job)!

  362. I would tell my lungs to suck it (and often do). I have some lung and breathing issues that typically challenge me on my runs. So, compression socks would be great to at least keep my legs going.

  363. Currently, my arthritic knee is driving me “batty.” Never thought it would be a struggle at 33, but alas, it is.

  364. I am trying to get over training without guilt!! I have seven kids and feel guilty when I am training. Trying to work on that 🙂

  365. Wanting to enter a ‘special race’ that will be in my town soon, but having made another commitment to be in another city over that same weekend, bums me out! Arrrgggg!!

  366. My husband is a high school football coach and what bugs me the worst is people who want to critique his job that know absolutely nothing about coaching. I would like to go to their work and tell them how I think they should be doing their job…wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  367. I would like to tell my frozen shoulder to sod off. I’ve had it for a whole year now. The pain (or lack thereof) is better now, but my range of motion is still limited. No swimming and little cycling has allowed me to ramp up the running miles though, and compression socks sound lovely!

  368. Back pain that comes on at 4:30 am like clockwork- goes away soon after I get out of bed- and does not seem related to anything. If I run, back pain; if I don’t run, back pain. I have tried a different mattress; I have tried PT; I have tried drugs. I am going insane because I am a serious sleeper, and this back thing is harshing on my snooze time.

  369. Currently having issues with getting and staying motivated!! I have my 5th half marathon in just over 4 weeks, and I’m totally not prepared. I will get motivated 1 day and go for a short run, then something comes up with the kids’ schedules and I’m not able to run for a while, then I lose motivation again.

  370. 7 weeks away from my first full marathon and I would like to tell my plantar fasciitis to SUCK IT. First time I’ve ever dealt with this – my PT promises to get me to the start line with minimal pain, but doesn’t promise me anything during that 26.2 miles 🙂

  371. Currently, I would like to tell my hunger to suck it. I am all EAT ALL THE THINGS today, and it’s seriously annoying. Also, I have to work out late tonight because my husband has to teach a class at a local college. That’s fine and all, but I would much rather have gone this morning when he was supposed to go to the gym, BUT DIDN’T ACTUALLY GO. By the time I realized he wasn’t going, there wasn’t time for me to get out there and go.

  372. My husband! LOL, no seriously though he has been very unsupportive of my running lately.. I am in the last weeks of my marathon training, and I feel like I am on the verge of emotional breakdown. He has been giving me the silent treatment for almost 2 weeks. I could probably deal with this better if I didn’t have sooo much on my plate right now: marathon training, 2 year old daughter, full load of college work, 3 research projects, grad school applications, and i have to take the most important test of my college career in less than 3 weeks. I think im gonna lose it. My husband is my rock and i love him dearly, but he can seriously “suck it” right about now….

  373. I am frustrated with dark fall nights. I usually run or cross fit at 8:00 pm after kids are in bed it is sooo much more pleasant to do so when it’s light outside. I’m suddenly feeling super sleepy and craving chocolate at night:(. I miss my sunny evenings of summer so I will tell the dark to go suck it!

  374. What is driving me crazy is work. I have a co-worker who only works about 35 hours a week BUT she gets paid for 40! She blames it on the baby who is now 6 months old but come one – I would love to only work 35 hours a week and spend more time with my kids while getting paid for 40. Our town manager is no help either – let’s just say he “attempted” to make things right with a stupid email then then left town – let’s just say when he gets back we will be having a talk because this is unfair! It didn’t help that after that email went out I went for a run without my IPOD and I dwelt on in the whole time which made me more upset than before! Just breath – just breath

  375. To Whom It May Concern, a.k.a. My Calves:
    If I win a pair of new and cool-looking compression socks, I will be better equipped to deal with you guys. You may have stopped me six miles short of my last two 23-mile runs just because you guys decided to cramp up. The electrolyte pills, hydration, and massage were not enough, I know that now. But I still have my will and determination to finish this upcoming marathon. So you calves better behave during my marathon or else I will have to say it out loud during the marathon, “Suck it, you nasty cramps! “.

  376. Going crazy in the war against my kitchen counter. I clear it off, and within 2 minutes, spoons, hedge trimmer, coloring pages, you name it, have all sprouted roots in this space.

  377. Battling with the diagnosis of neuropathy….my running is taking its toll…would LOVE to win these socks!! been wanting to try compression socks to see if it helps! Can’t bite the bullet due to the price of these socks so praying that I win!!

  378. the unending pile of leaves in my front yard. . . I rake them while my kids nap and when I wake up, they are surrounded by more and more leaves. ugh. (they are pretty though).