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Dash: a Verb, a Nickname, a Shoe, a Winner

Daphne (in purple) and a BRF dashing along

As I've written about in a previous post, every Tuesday I volunteer at my kids' school, helping oversee John and Daphne's classes running laps around the school. The school, its playgrounds, and its fields take up a large city block, so to run around it is slightly more than a quarter-mile. The ultimate goal is to run at least 26.2 miles by the end of the school year, one schoolyard lap at a time.

It's been rewarding to see how the children have evolved as runners. M., a sweet, freckle-faced girl who used to walk most of the time, now runs at a steady, determined pace. A. and S., bright-eyed best friends, run side by side looking like future members of our mother runner tribe. Daphne does, too, usually sticking with her besties, C. and L. They've gotten so they run way more than they walk, and the gals often pass gaggles of slower boys. (With me egging them on with, "Grrrrrl power!") Then there's my scrappy son, running with any number of girls. Usually chasing them to make them laugh is the only way to get him to run; John's too busy chat-chat-chatting with them. (Can he be an honorary member of the tribe, like Jennifer Lenkner Nobitt's hubby who gave such great training advice this week on our Facebook page?)

John and one of his many loves

Whether it's brilliantly sunny like it was this past week, or overcast and chilly as it was for much of the winter, it never grows old encouraging the kids. I love the individual reactions--it's like cheering from the sidelines of a race course. Some racers respond with a big grin and a shout of thanks, while others are laser-focused on the course or their music. This week, one boy, Dashiell, even stopped to give me a big hug around my legs. It left me nearly speechless, so I could only garble a, "Yay, Dash!" As he peeled off down the sidewalk, he shouted out, "That's why I love my name--my nickname is 'Dash.'"

Ready to be a streak of orange across the landscape

Which brings us to this week's giveaway: a pair of Merrell Dash Glove minimalist running shoes. These lightweight beauts let your foot move naturally, yet a Vibram outsole provides protection from debris. The winner, chosen by, and her response to what she'd never do again or ever is:

Lisa: "I’m never going white-water rafting, mostly because the water is way too cold for my tastes."

Lisa, the shoes will help you stay warm and sweaty. Please email us at runmother at gmail dot com to let us know your first and last name, mailing address, and shoe size. Gotta dash!


16 responses to “Dash: a Verb, a Nickname, a Shoe, a Winner

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  6. I always love to hear about kids running! My 2.5 yr old loves to run and it just warms my heart so much to hear her ask me if we can go run! I went to the local shoe store and bought her a pair – not just any pair….HER FIRST PAIR of running shoes! She yells to me that she wants to run, “faster and further Mommy!” when we run together! The stroller isn’t good enough for her any more either – she wants to be out and running! Can’t wait to see how she grows and develops in her running!

  7. Man, those shoes look SO cool! Congrats to Lisa! I’d love to hear her feedback after she gets them. Like, has she ever worn ‘minimalist’ before? And how did her feet and body respond to them? Maybe she’ll let us know?

  8. Hey, I never agreed to being an honorary member, LOL. But thanks for the mention…I’ll try to continue to provide useful advice on questions on your Facebook site (while learning from others’ questions and answers). I think it’s a good and down-to-Earth forum from a wide range of running backgrounds.

    But on to the real meat of the post. I think that getting kids, particularly young ones, running is a very worthwhile thing to do. I graduated HS about 10 years ago, and a few years back I asked my old Physical Education teacher if they still did certain games/activities and he said no. Unfortunately, they don’t do them anymore because the majority of the kids have very little physical ability. They come into high school so out of shape that they can’t do things like volleyball or basketball, so most of the year is spent doing strength training to try to get them healthy. While I think it’s great that they’re doing strength training, it’s sad that it’s necessary in order for the kids to just be capable of playing “normal” sports. The fact that it happened so swiftly is startling.

    Thinking back to elementary school, our class would always do a lap around the playground (~400 m) at the end of each PE class outside. About 20% of us guys would go hardcore on it, all for the bragging rights of winning it. As a kid, I didn’t understand why so many people would walk it, but now I realize that for many of them they were too embarrassed to give it their all knowing they’d never win. I’m glad that you’ve seemed to manage to communicate to those that aren’t the “fastest” that it’s not about winning the one lap. If you’re able to show them that it can be fun and something they can improve at, it should do a lot for their motivation and health.

    Oh, and look at the kids’ running forms in that picture. If people continued to run so naturally and so often as they grew up, how much healthier would we all be?

    Just my thoughts,


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