Denise’s Gift List—and a Chance to Win a Saucony Gift Card!

STOP right there, Mother Runner: Denise (left) has some awesome gift ideas for you!
STOP right there, Mother Runner: Denise (left) has some awesome gift ideas for you!

I may have been an elf in a prior life. A minute past Turkey O’Clock and you can find me spending most of my days listening to Bing Crosby belting out "I’ll Be Home for Christmas" while praying for a snow day.

And don’t even come near me with "Joy to the World" unless you have a box of Kleenex. Tears. Every. Time.

I love nothing more than to find the perfect gift for someone—or better yet surprise them with a gift. Move over Oprah: Here comes #motherrunner Denise!

I admit, I am the worst when its time to write down my own wish list, but this year I’m craving a bit of cozy. I’d love a pair of slippers and a fun pair of flannel PJs,. On second thought, scratch the flannel; my hot flashes might not agree. I’d also love to end my search for the perfect bed pillow. (Any suggestions?)

So while I’m waiting for Santa to deliver here are a few of my favorite things I would love to gift to others:

Always at the top of my list: Saucony gear. (Even above slippers and a bed pillow.)

The Saucony Swift Long Sleeve is just delicious. Super soft, and super cute: a combo of polka dots and stripes (my two favorite patterns!). Plus, it's reversible, so you can wear it on Monday and Tuesday, and nobody will ever be the wiser.
The Saucony Swift Long Sleeve is just delicious. Super soft, and super cute: a combo of polka dots and stripes (my two favorite patterns!). Plus, it's reversible, so you can wear it on Monday and Tuesday runs, and nobody will ever be the wiser.

Save 20% on all SAUCONY items, including sale items, with code AMR15*Excludes EVERUN shoes (Triumph ISO 2 and Guide 9) and the Life On The Run Line. Good through 12/15.


For my #motherrunner friends whose feet need some spoiling: a pair of Balega socks.

Balega FINAL
I can’t think of a better way to cover my DIY pedicure that is about three weeks overdue. Super cushiony, I just love Balegas. I wear them while I run--and for my life on the run. (Hey: I get to spoil my feet too!)

Want to spoil your BRF's tootsies too?  Buy BALEGA: Take 15% off V-Tech Enduro No-Show Socks with code Balega/AMR. (Limit: 6 pairs.) Good through 12/31. 


For all my mother friends who run and sweat—or has a kid (s), partner, or another family member that plays soccer, hockey, volleyball, runs XC, goes for long hikes—you get the idea— and sweats: SweatX.

sweat x final gift list
Between me, my husband and two active kiddos, SweatX not only helps get the runners in our house smelling good, but it also works on the wardrobe of the tween boy who is reluctant to swipe the deodorant . How? The high performance, 100% biodegradable, and 100% non-toxic detergent uses proprietary nano-technology (read: tiny molecules that penetrate fabric with the intensity of an Olympic sprinter). See ya, stink, funk, bacteria, BO.

Need a little SWEAT X for your holiday stockings? Use code AMR15 to take 15% off your purchase. Good through 12/31. 


One of my favorite things to gift is for any new mom, anytime of the year, is the AMR born to run onesie.

lucy gift list
You can almost smell the baby powder, right? (And Lucy, my puppy, is born to run. Especially when she got an AMR Sweaty Band in her jaws and I had to chase her around.)

Step—or roll or crawl—this way to get a born to run onesie.


And to my sassiest mother runner pals? Tough Girl Tutus, of course.

tutu collage for gift list
Believe me, nothing can bring a little sass to a race like a Tough Girl Tutu. These tutus helped my friends and I leap our way through a snowy Mother’s Day race and then heated up our miles when my we found a group of firemen. Shirtless, friendly firemen, just standing there on the side of the road. Go figure.

SAVE 10% on TOUGH GIRL TUTUS with code AMR15. Good through 12/31. 


What we're giving two mother runners today: a SAUCONY gift card good for one item off of could be the brand new Triumph ISO 2 with spongy EVERRUN or super comfy, nearly-all-weather Nomad Jacket.
Saucony FINAL

In order to enter, please answer this question in the comments below: What races—or running goals—do you have your eye on for 2016?

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483 responses to “Denise’s Gift List—and a Chance to Win a Saucony Gift Card!

  1. Right now I’m not sure. I’m still flying high from my 2 fall marathons. I guess to keep on running and to never EVER give up. and to keep on trucking as a family.

  2. Another go at NYC if the lottery gods are smiling on me. And, continuing my streak on two races that I have run every year since inception.

  3. 2016 is going to the year of my first marathon! I’ve said it out loud but this is the first time I have put that in print!!! Now it’s a must!!!

  4. I broke my foot in October and cannot start running until the first of the year. So after not running for nearly 3 months I am looking forward to starting back on Jan 1st (assuming I am cleared to run at my next visit 12/30)!! My goal is to get back into shape and start running 10Ks in April when the weather starts to get nice and halfs by the summer.

  5. I’m hoping to keep running outdoors right through winter. Things usually fall off a little on February, so I’ve signed up for some races to keep me motivated.

  6. My first half marathon!! And I’m thinking of trying for a Grand Slam ( a series of 4 trail races over the year in my area) I already signed up for the first on on January 2nd!

  7. I am running a half in April, it’s the earliest in the year I have ever signed up for a race. Wyoming winters are not conducive for training….wish me luck!

  8. I don’t have any plans yet, but I would like to get at least 3-4 half marathons in the books and maybe a couple of duathlons too.

  9. Planning on a repeat of the Bourbon Chase in October and a half marathon trail run in May which will be my first trail run in the mountains of Eastern Ky. Yikes!

  10. I don’t have anything on my 2016 calendar YET… but I’m really hoping to do the Blue Ridge Half Marathon in April. I did the 10K this past year and loved it. One day I hope to do the full, but I’d like to tackle the half first. I’m also going to try to get into the Marine Corps Marathon, which would be my second full marathon. If I don’t get into the lottery for that, I’m looking at some other possible fall marathons, including Philly, Outer Banks, Baltimore, and Steamtown.

  11. My running goal is to get STRONG so I can be injury free during marathon training. I’m running a June marathon and want to find an ultra to run with a BRF! Also, a triathlon with my twin sister is in the plans!

  12. My goal, after an injury plagued 2015, is to get back to regular pain-free runs. No lofty pie-in-the-sky goals – just keeping it simple for now.

  13. Definitely the Columbus Half (or maybe full) Marathon in October and hopefully 2 or 3 more half marathons spread throughout the year.

  14. My race schedule is going to be a little sparse this year as baby #4 will be making its debut summer 2016! I am signing up for the Zooma virtual run on Valentine’s day though!

  15. My goal is to stay healthy and injury free. I am lucky that I haven’t been plagued with any injuries, but it is something in the back of my mind.

  16. I want to PR in all the distances! I’m training for the Indy Mini in May first, but also hoping for lots of speedy 5ks and hopefully a sub 60 minute 10k in there at some point too!

  17. I’ve got my eye on the Chilly Half Marathon (in Burlington, Ontario) and possibly the Wineglass Half (if it doesn’t sell out too quickly).

  18. I want to run another marathon, but hate training in cold cold winter – so need to do more research. I have a special goal of my 45th halfmara in the trails – should be a toughie and I CANNOT WAIT!

  19. I’m a pretty routined person, so I’m possibly looking at running in a different half marathon than I’ve ever done before – but we’ll see!

  20. to keep on keeping on….I have my favorite local races that I love to run and I”m looking forward to doing more of those with my kiddos who are growing up so fast! I’m also excited about my after school running club that is in its fourth year and always makes me crave the spring and sunshine and forces me to learn new moves to keep our warm ups exciting!

  21. I’m running the Disney World half in January. And I’m thinking about signing up for my first full marathon… maybe the OKC Memorial in April

  22. In 2016 I already have several races on the docket, and my goal is to really actually DO what I consider the “extras”, like warm up/cool down, strength training/yoga, things that I know will make me a better runner, when all I want to do is run!

  23. I plan on being more active with my local running club! It can be a challenge working full time and two children! I figure that my kids are enough to volunteer with me at local events and to give back to the community

  24. I would love to run another half in 2016. I ran my first marathon in 2014 and used 2014 as a regroup year. So 2016 is the start of a bigger project again.

  25. Starting off with a half marathon in January. It is the same race that was my first half 14 years ago. Goal- sub 2 hours!

  26. This year I’d like to continue increasing my strength work in order to get faster and maybe continue to PR in the 5K and 10K distance. We’ll see.

  27. I am registered to do the Horse Capital Full Marathon in Lexington, Ky. It will be my 2nd attempt at a full and I hope to succeed. I was scheduled to run the Flying Pig last year and wound up with the flu 2 weeks before. Crushed my soul!!

  28. My biggest running goal for 2016 is to complete a marathon. I am registered just have to get there mentally. I also have a couple of half marathons on the horizon and some 5Ks. Hopefully, I will get to run one of those with my now 7 year old.

  29. Running the Goofy Challenge for my husband’s 40th in January. Was nervous about it when we signed up but feeling great about our training. Starting to think I really can do this back to back.

  30. I’ll be transitioning from working ful time to staying home with my almost 4 year old and 7 year old. So my goal for 2016 is to still find ways to carve out me time. Conservatively, my goal is to maintain fitness. Secretly, I’d love to PR in the fall half marathon I run.

  31. My goal for 2016 is go get back in shape. I had my first baby Nov 1, and my cutie and I are raring to go during my 6 months (yes, I’m super lucky!) of maternity leave. I want to be well on my way back to half and full marathon shape before I get back to the office.

  32. My 2016 plans will include transitioning from a strong walking routine to running again. Darn injury – but I will be back & stronger than ever!!

  33. I want to train for the OCMM half in April and complete the 10 required series races for my local running club in 2016…the prizes are really sweet!

  34. I am getting back to running after having my second child this October. I’m hoping to run the Pittsburgh half marathon in May!

  35. For 2016 I will concur my current injury of a torn gluteus medius and come back better and stronger to train for another fall marathon!

  36. Already signed up for two! I’ll revisit my favorite (because it was my first) half marathon at Wallis Sands and a 5K with a friend in March. My new year’s wish/goal is to be a bit speedier.

  37. 2016: accompany one of my BRFs in her first half in April; do my first half with my 4 legged BRF in September, and (I hope I hope I hope) earn a fundraiser spot for Boston 2017!!!

  38. I am running my 2nd 1/2 marathon, with a goal of knocking 10 minutes off my time, then 2 weeks later a sprint tri. I am really excited to try a tri.

  39. I have to redeem myself and rerun a 10k where I would have won 1st in my AG if I had remembered to pin on my bib. Won’t forget that ever again. 😐

  40. I’m starting a Mom’s Run This Town group in January so I’m hoping to pull together some local BAMRs to run the Gorgeous Relay in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. I’ll also be doing my fair share of 5 & 10k’s and maybe pacing my BFR through her first half marathon in April.

  41. Hmm. Half marathon PR sounds pretty good to me. I’m older, creakier and busier than ever…but I also feel like I could do it. Seems like I just wrote my goal down. 🙂

  42. My BRF and I are running our second marathon together in March, so we’re definitely hoping for a PR there. We’ve also signed up for a few half-marathons that we’re really excited about, including another friend’s very first half-marathon, and we’re super-excited to do that with her! Looking forward to a fun year of running!

  43. I am planning on running 50 miles in races from Nov 2015 to Dec 2016 to celebrate my 50th year. Some of the races include the Shamrock Shuffle and the Soldier Field 10 miler but I am looking for more to fill my list.

  44. My race goal for 2016 is to crack 50 minutes in a 10k. I would be good with anything under 51:30 – a PR but I am dreaming big.

  45. I am a busy doctor and mom of 3 boys. I just started following the mother runner half-marathon and 10K training plans and can’t believe I worked my way up to run 15 miles this fall. Now I need to work up the nerve to sign up for my first race – here’s to a spring half marathon in Ohio

  46. Goals include my first tri (on my bday!) & a 2:20 half. My theme for 2016 is new. New races, new events, new distances. Along with new I’m am putting myself out there & embracing the discomfort of stretching to complete new goals.

  47. I don’t yet have the year mapped out, but in February I have a very hilly half marathon in my sights. It’s only 12 weeks out – eek! Better get moving!

  48. Our 10 year anniversary is Oct 2016. My husband and I are going to pick a destination marathon around that time (give or take a month or two) and make a getaway out of it 🙂 It will be my second with the first coming way back when in Feb of 2006!

  49. My goal is for a pain free year of running and attempt to sign up for the Baltimore 1/2 marathon in October. in the meantime I am hoping to make running fun for my tween son and sign us up for a 5k color run in May 2016!!!

  50. My goals for 2016: shed a few pounds (already doing well here), work on speed and try to PR in a spring 10k. Then run 1 maybe 2 fall 1/2’s.

  51. In my younger days, before husband and one child, I ran blissfully along the Chicago lakefront and finished a half marathon and a full marathon. Now, about 40 lbs heavier and much slower, my goal is to lose weight and step out of my comfort zone by entering a race or two in 2016, possibly another half.

  52. Work on my times for 5k and half. Would like to see a 5k time around 23 and a half time around 1:55 and feel good about it. Also I would like my training for the one marathon I do to go as well as this year and improve my time again.

  53. So far, I am running the Austin Half in February (for fun) and hoping to PR the Maine Coast Half in May. I have my eye on a repeat triathlon to hopefully not fall off my bike this time. Lastly, possibly a fall marathon.

  54. 2 half marathons (1 I can dress as a pirate and the medal is a skull n cross bones!!☠) and 2 triathlons (sprint and an oly)! Plus trying 2016 miles in 2016.

  55. I signed up a year in advance for a May race since it was such a great price. Turns out I will be 28 weeks pregnant when that race comes around and it’s non-refundable, non-transferable! I hate to waste money so my goal is to just finish that half marathon and get my money’s worth.

  56. Since I am still recovering from foot surgery and have a few months to go before4 I can start back to a slow running schedule. I plan training for a local fall 10k and then half marathon late in the year. My goal is to finish this year. Next year will be about BQ again.

  57. My first 10K, Esprit de She and my first Half, The Chicago Half Marathon. I am doing them with a friend who I reconnected with b/c of running recently. She is a fellow BAMR and I hope that our friendship grows while we train and maybe just maybe she can become my BRF!!!

  58. My goal is to complete all 3 Happy Girls half marathon’s and the Spokane half. I love my running adventure and Another Mother Runner!

  59. My goal is to return to the Bangtail trail race and improve my time from last year. It is a 38K mountain race, and I came in last in 2015. So- I am hoping to come in “not-last” this year! I am trying to plan my training to be fitter and a wee bit faster when I toe the line next July.

  60. In 2016 I am registered for and looking forward to The Hot Chocolate 15K in SF on 1/10, the Craslbad 1/2 on Jan 17, the Davis Stampede 1/2 on Feb 21, the Shamrockin’ half on 3/13 and the Boston marathpon on April 18. Still considering a few more but those are the ones I have lined up so far for the beginning of the year… Yay!!!

  61. Baby #2 comes May of 2016 – so my goals are to keep running while pregnant and get back into it when not. A half-marathon would also be great.

  62. Just signed up for a hilly 10 miler in March and a half next November. I want to break 1:50 in the half, and I’d love to break 23:00 on a new year’s 5k.

  63. Can’t wait for the Her Half in Madison. Already signed up and doing the weekend experience. It would be awesome to see you there!!!

  64. My goal is to run my 2nd half marathon at the Disney Princess Half in February. My training is going well and I am hopeful that I can run a wee bit faster than last time with a little bit of fairy dust.

  65. I’m still looking for my April marathon to enter and a Fall 50 ish Km race to enter. My biggest goal is to stay mentally strong through all my races and to remember to enjoy the gift that is running

  66. Haven’t finalized a goal yet, but this year I’d like to volunteer/help with some local races – be on the other side of the water table cheering on the runners.

  67. My goal is to get back on track with running. I’ve been doing other workouts recently but need to get back to the treadmill and the road.

  68. Aiming for new PRs all around this year! First up on the list is racing Boston in April! We’ll see if I can swing a new marathon PR on that course…

  69. I’m planning to lottery for New York City marathon to round out the PR I’ll get at Grandma’s half and complete the Loony Challenge for Twin Cities in Motion.

  70. I am currently eyeballing a sprint Tri. But other than that I have no real goals. Halfs have not been kind to me this year, so next year I’m going to reign it back and do 10Ks and 5Ks where I can excel instead of doing halfs just to say I did a half.

  71. My goal is a {better} BQ in 2016! 2015 was pretty good to this mother runner, with an 18 minute marathon PR and my very first BQ. I’d like to pick up just a couple more minutes, at least, to guarantee an actual Boston bid, however.

  72. I’m toying with the idea of signing up for a triathlon (a first for me.) Long before I was a runner, I was a swimmer, and I just ventured back into the pool this past summer (after a 20 year hiatus) and rediscovered how good lap swim sessions feel. I just need to figure out the bike situation, as I doubt my giant pink beach cruiser is the best for training or racing.

  73. I have more runDisney races on my radar for 2016! In addition, I’d like to PR the 10k distance — I’d love to come in under 58 minutes!

  74. What a great give away. My goal for 2016 – is to work back up to my miles – after a hangstring strain the first of has sidelined me. In that goal, I want to be able to do a 2 and a half hour marathon..slow for many, but I met my goal this past summer at a 2:45…so I am hoping I can get there.

  75. My goal is to be healthy for my running groups Lake 2 Lake Relay in June and be able to truly train (injury free) for a September 1/2 marathon.

  76. To try a trail race….we don’t have any trails nearby, but I have been wanting to try one for awhile….hopefully this will be the year!

  77. 2016 will be my year to go BIG! I am signed up for the LA Marathon in February (Valentine’s Day – what better way to say I Love You than run 26.2 with my hubby!) and the Chicago Marathon in October (deferred my lottery pick this year).

  78. I’m running the Gusher half marathon again this year and would like to beat my time by two minutes this year. My goal for the entire year is to really build my mileage so that I can run the full marathon next year.

  79. After running several races each year since 2011, 2015 has been a year of barely running for me due to plantar fasciitis. In 2016, I am looking forward to reuniting with my BRF’s to run again, pain-free.

  80. I have a couple of running goals this year. 1) Run a 30 min 5K (Shooting for the stars!) 2) Participate in a Ragnar Relay. So Cal ragnar here I come!!! 3)Run a half in 2:30… also may be pushing it, but I figure by next October I should be able to accomplish this!!! 4) Have fun and get my family and friends involved!

  81. I want to run again on a consistent basis. We moved out of the blue this year, and while I was training for a half marathon during it, I like I didn’t give it my all and just kind of muddled through it. Running gives me clarity in life and after this move – I need it!

  82. many goals and races to choose from! Race goals- 1) Run a sub 2:00 half-marathon (been chasing it for a while…I think this is FINALLY my year!), and 2) Add more strength- training to the running routine to meet that sub 2:00 goal. Races- 1) Run a half-marathon in Iowa (I live in this state and have not run one here yet!), and 2) run a race in a national park (somewhere…anywhere…I need some good scenery!).

  83. My goal is to find a fun spring half to keep me running consistently through the winter. Then it’s time to tackle another marathon in the fall. Right now we are eyeing up Chicago for a friend’s 40th birthday.

  84. I can’t wait to run the Hatfield McCoy half marathon in June. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a few years now, and I hope to fulfill that wish next year!

  85. My new goal is to run 50 states of marathons or half marathons before I’m 70. In 2016 I’ll be 64 so my goal for the year is to complete 7 of these races and bring my total to 12 states (almost 1/4 of the way!)!

  86. My Goal for 2016 is to run again. it has been offically 8 months since I’ve run a step due to injury. It is my goal to hit the pavement again in 2016.

  87. I’ve run a marathon each year for the past 3 years, and will try for my first BQ again in 2017; but I’m taking a marathon break in 2016. Instead of distance in 2016, I’m aiming for consistency, and I’m also running with my 5-year-old daughter, who is training to run her first 5-K (she has done a few already, but I’ve always carried her for a mile or two.)

  88. Hoping to be healthy enough to run the Broke Man’s half marathon in Cincinnati in April – $10 entry fee and a chance to see my son who lives there.

  89. This year I RUN the Portland Marathon!! I walked it in 2006 & decided then I wanted to be a runner ~ I’ve done a number of half marathons since then = 2016 will be THE YEAR!

  90. I am kicking the year off with a January destination race in Chicago – actually, three races in the same day – the Yeti Challenge! I always do the one mile streak in January to get me over the winter hump (winters in Minnesota are hard). I have a few shorter races that I already registered for and also the Fargo, Go Far! So many adventures await!

  91. A sub 1:50 half, and to finally run my first full marathon (the race that was to be my first was cancelled last month- boo!).

  92. I’m looking to increasing my speed in 2016. I was injured this year and lost my running mojo a bit, so I’m looking to get it back. Get back to my normal speed, and then some! Hopefully 8:15 pace for my next 10k. Running the SF Hot Chocolate 15k in January, She is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz in March, SJ RnR in Sep/Aug, not sure what else yet.

  93. I’m signed up for my first (two!) half marathons… Yes, I already signed up for two. The Mermaid run in February in San Diego, and the Hollywood half in April, just before my birthday. My secret goal is to run a half every month for a year, starting in February… But we’ll see if that actually happens. I’m also doing a 7 mile trail race series in Jan, Feb, and March.

  94. I’m eyeing the Twin Cities Marathon in October. My BQ time will go up next year and I can’t wait to take another shot at it!

  95. 2015 was a wash in the “improve your running department” so my 2016 goal is a new PR. I am not super picky about by how much. I just want to get back to a bit better than my previous best. I suppose a “subgoal” would be to increase my interval times. If I can do that then I will have a new PR, right?

  96. My goal is to run the Hot Chocolate 15k again and to improve my running time. I want to gain speed in the upcoming year while staying injury free!

  97. i am already looking forward to getting better times next year in my favorite annual fall season 5Ks and who knows… perhaps it will be the year for a first 10K?

  98. My running goal is to have a time goal for my 2nd marathon next Fall. I’m hoping to run the same marathon that I did this year for my first, and finish 15 minutes faster to have a 4 in the first part of my finish time!

  99. I’ve currently got my eye on the Philly marathon! Had my first go at 26.2 miles just this past November at the NYC marathon and it was honestly a life changing experience, never thought I’d say this but now I’m HOOKED!!

  100. First up in February 2016 is the Ten Mile Winter classic. 2015 was the year of injuries. Just hoping for a healthy 2016!

  101. I have been looking forward to how to “learn to run in the cold”. This is only my 3rd year running and previously each “season” ended around Halloween as the cold would come, snow would start to fly (I live in Wisconsin) and well, I just told myself outside running was over and I would OCCASSIONALLY do the Treadmill Thump-ity Thump (My FROSTY running theme) but rarely, just wasn’t my thing. I met a neighborhood runner this fall, literally around the end of my running season (or so I thought) who asked if I’d join her for runs on Friday mornings…..I told her well, for the next month that would be good to toughen my up since I wasn’t use to running at this time of the year. Since then she has been teaching me “how to survive” the winter run and ENJOY it for what it is, but I’ll be honest it’s the camaraderie that has kept me coming back to those frosty morning jaunts. So my goal is In Progress as I wait the first true Run In the Snow, which I’m sure is coming soon!!!!

  102. I have tons of races on tap for 2016, but the biggies are a trail half in January, the Athens (Ohio) half and the Glass City (Toledo) half in April and the Cleveland half in May.

  103. My goal for 2016 is the Buffalo Marathon, but I haven’t yet decided on a goal time. I just realized it’s only 172 days away (yikes!!!)

  104. I have been a little selfish with my running goals so this year I want to give back by pacing more and doing more runs with friends especially relays.

  105. I have had my eye on a Zooma run. We just moved from CA to Texas and I’m kicking myself for not running Zooma Napa this year! 🙁

  106. Carrying over my 2014 A goals into 2015 which are a sub 30 5k and a 2:15 half. I was oh so close with the first A goal this year, just a few seconds off and respectable with the second A goal! But I met the B goals so all is good! Doing my city’s 4th annual Naperville Half Marathon to try for that 2:15 again.

  107. I would LOVE to get into Chicago Marathon. It would be my first and I have heard it’s a great first time marathon race. Other than that I would like to keep going and stay half ready for any race that pops up.

  108. I just want to get back to running fast (for me, anyway) in any distance. I have been hampered this year by a bout of plantar.

  109. No goal race set yet. But overall goal is to find my love again for running. Extra effort to even walk has made me loath something which was once my serenity. My goal is to get back to that.

  110. What she said… the elusive sub-2 hr. half! This is the year to add a little speed work to my running, after a few years focusing on endurance.

  111. Can I run with Denise? I just love her. I’ve got the Brooklyn Half in March, the Buffalo Half in May, and I’m trying to settle on a fall half.

  112. My major planned race is the Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon. It’s my comeback race as I basically quit running for various reasons after finishing it in 2013. My major major #racegoal is a marathon in fall 2016 or spring 2017…we’ll see which one shapes up.

  113. To work on my speed. And also endurance – running a Half and Half challenge in May (a half on saturday in Wisconson and a half on sunday in Michigan) and participating on an Ultra team for Ragnar Chicago in June.

  114. My goal for 2016 is to get into the Wine and Dine half at Disney to celebrate my 40th. I am also volunteering my butt off for my running group in hopes I get 1 of their 5 coveted Boston bib numbers (it goes to the top 5 people with the most points),

  115. To completely RUN a half. I’ve finished 3 in the last couple years, but in each of them I’ve had to walk portions. Training officially starts January 9th!

  116. I am working to break the 25-minute mark on my 5k in 2016! Then once I do that, I am going to try to beat my husband’s 5k PR of 23:44. He’s getting nervous because I took off 8 minutes from 2014 to 2015! Go girls!

  117. in 2016 I am hoping for a PR in the Half Marathon! Tries 1, 2 and 3 have left me wanting more, hoping 4 if my lucky number!

  118. I have my “go-to” race: Fargo Marathon (but I’ll do the 1/2), and hopefully some fun 5k’s and 10k’s throughout the summer!

  119. Wanting to do the Peachtree Roadrace. 2015 has been a year of surgery/injuries and a lengthy rehab. Walking up to 1.75 miles now (from 0!) and going to ease back into running come January. Here’s to a injury-free 2016!! (And always in my Saucony’s!)

  120. I’m thrilled to be running Boston 2016! And also excited to be doing the 50K Fall Back Blast in Eau Claire, WI again with a bunch of super cool BAMRs!

  121. The North Face trail race series at Bear Mountain State Park in NY: either the 10k or Half Marathon trail race. My husband’s running the 50 miler!

  122. I am hoping to stick with the half- I’ve done a few and clocked in at 2:00 on my last one. Hoping for that “sub-2 hr” half. I would also love to do a “destination” half with some friends. Combining a Disney race with a trip for my girls is on my bucket list but not in the budget this year!

  123. My goal for 2016 is to get back to being half ready at all times. My family’s fall schedule of activities has sucked all the life out of me and getting out the door has been hard!

  124. I have a few road half marathons on my schedule, one pacing a new friend to her first! But my big goal is a trail 30k.

  125. I’m hoping to complete a sprint triathlon in the summer and PR in my second half. Looking forward to the new year and new running adventures!

  126. My goal race is the Steamboat Springs Marathon this year. This will be my first time completing a marathon in Colorado at altitude so I am a bit nervous. I am crossing my fingers that I will make it this year!

  127. 1-coming back from injury (ugh!),2- trying a tri, 3-marathon PR. Best wishes for many pain/injury free miles to all the Mother Runners!

  128. I don’t have a specific race, but I have a goal to not give up when I’m feeling like I’m slowing down. I mean, if I stop, I’ll be slower, right? So continuing should be a no brainer!

  129. Continue to run and have fun! I plan to complete my 2nd marathon (Fall 2016) and continue to train for 1/2 ironman (destination undecided)

  130. I hope to complete my 3rd half marathon and a sprint triathlon in 2016. These are goals that I never thought I could achieve, until recently.

  131. Goal is just to finish races strong and not to walk off the course 3/4 of the way through (regardless of the distance of the race).

  132. 2016 already involves plans for my second full marathon, a plan hatched with my BRFs on an hour long car ride to our last big race of the season. Within two weeks we were all registered, flights & hotels booked for our first big destination race all together…now we just have to train!

  133. I would like to keep running healthy. I ran my first marathon 5 weeks ago and I am hooked so I am looking for options for my 2nd marathon next year.

  134. Unfortunately my goal falls into a “chicken or egg” conundrum. I can’t decide if I need to lose weight so i can run faster or if I need to run faster to lose weight. Probably both but easier said than done, right?

  135. Rutgers Half which I’ve registered for in each of the past two years and each time have not trained enough to tackle it, so have always had to revert to the 8K.

  136. I’m currently trying to add more strength training back into my (lax) routine so that I can run a bit faster and smoother. Now that I’m over 40 I’m afraid of injuries piling up! Hoping to PR the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in Washington, DC (if I get in – lottery system).

  137. I’m signed up for the Great Grandmother Challenge, which will be my 4th full marathon, and I want to do another full marathon in the fall to make it 5

  138. I want to run my next marathon in the fall and my time goal is 4:45:00. I am trying to decide whether that marathon will be in NYC, Marine Corps, or in Philadelphia.

  139. I’m registered For two January races in the frigid northeast! Winter warrior in Rochester NY and Frozen Snot in the mountains of Pennsylvania! I could use some cold weather gear from Saucony 🙂

  140. The race I have in mind is the Her Madison Half Marathon (Madison WI June 26th). It looks like a tough course, with 4 hills but a challenge I may need to tackle. !!

  141. I’m turning 40 this year and what better way to celebrate than running a marathon on my birthday (it falls on a Sunday… what else would a mother runner do!)

  142. My goal for 2016 is to do an Ironman. I’m signed up for the Vineman at the end of July and I just need to stay not injured and get the miles in before then.

  143. I want to start trying trail racing 🙂 I am looking into previewing the Big Sur Marathon by doing the 10 miler, with hopes that I will run the full in 2017 🙂 So far that is it! But I am SURE there will be more.

  144. I just signed up for a three race series called the Wild Rover series! Exciting and hopefully motivating throughout the winter months.

  145. So far I’ve got 3 1/2 marathons on the docket for the next 6 month. Still debating on another marathon! Depends on the time of day when you ask me!

  146. I am trying something new this year…limiting my races to only 5 (per my husband because I’d rather buy a new house already). Races range from a Sprint-Tri, 5 miler, relay race, 10 K, and Half marathon (or two). I want to focus on strength and being a happy runner!

  147. My running goal for 2016 is simply to find my mojo again. After going through menopause a couple of years ago, my body is just not the same and my running has definitely taken a big hit. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my sub-2:00 half marathon days are over. That’s fine. I just want to find the joy again!

  148. I’ve been reflecting on the the 5 races I ran in 2015 and still trying to decide what to do in 2016. The AMR challenges totally changed my life this year….sweet, new running friends from all over the world and an uptick in confidence building on just how far I can push myself and what I can achieve. Life is good. Bring on 2016!

  149. stay HEALTHY and do a DUathlon (since the one I was supposed to do this summer was canceled!) AND do a trail run with my dog and kids…..they have those, right?

  150. I want to get back into double digits! I haven’t decided yet if this includes a race (10-miler or half) but I want to work my way back to where that is a realistic possibility.

  151. I have Walt Disney World Dopey challenge in January, Tokyo marathon in February and Disney Pixie Dust challenge in May. I hoping for a fall marathon but my husband and I are quite agreeing on that right now.

  152. The Chicago Rock and Roll Half next July and the Naperville Half next November. Also will be doing some shorter distance along the way.

  153. My runs have been sluggish and blah these past few months. My goal is to figure out what ails me so I have more pep in my step in 2016. My goal of a sub-2:00 half won’t be attainable unless I kick the sluggishness to the curb.

  154. I’m running a trail half with my BAMRR girls in Feb, then tackling my first marathon in Apri (if my recouping ankle does well…so far so good), summer I may attempt my first sprint tri, but races add up, so may have to put that for the following year. Then just run for fun the rest of the year?

  155. This year I would like to race a 10k, not just run them. Somehow, training time is hard to come by in the weeks right before the 10ks I’ve run, so my performance is just okay. This year can be my year!

  156. My family and I got a Hood to Coast team this year! It’ll be my first year running it. I’ve been volunteering for HTC since I was a kid. Super excited and nervous!

  157. After volunteering to work the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon this year, we were so inspired by those amazing runners that we plan to run the same marathon in 2016! It’ll be our first marathon.

  158. I was telling my son the other day that I had to get rid of a pair of running tights because they smell like sweat even after the are washed. I never knew that they call that “perma-stink”. I thought that was such a perfect name! I need to get the sweat-x washing detergent.

  159. 2016 is a BIG one for this mother runner – I’ll be turning the dreaded 4-0 (ouch), but doing it in a fierce, brave, badass way….distracting myself from the other number by focusing on 26.2 for the first time! Hold me. So, I could definitely use some new training gear to get myself in action as I work my butt off to conquer the beast called the marathon.

  160. My major goal is to run the Lost Dutchman Half in under 2:20. My odd personal running goal is to find a pair of shoes that actually works for me!

  161. I’ll be 40 in March and I organized and signed up for my first relay 2 months after my birthday. I just found out my 4 yo’s first every dance recital is the same day. So not sure I can make it all work but I may just need to find another race to lift my spirits.

  162. I am training to run my first half marathon, a big deal for someone who, five years ago, said I was never going to run anything.

  163. My goal for 2016 is to run my first marathon. This was my goal for 2015 as well and I was unfortunately sidelined with a stress fracture. I hope more strength training and regular PT will get me there by this time next year!

  164. In 2016 I will run my first trail race – the North Face Endurance Challenge in April. I am excited and a little nervous to hit the trails! But, it will keep me motivated to train during the cold months!

  165. To be back in half marathon shape in time for my annual appearance at the country music half , which feels daunting after the birth of my first baby but I’m excited to get back to work to get there!

  166. I have big, scary, brand new goal for 2016….run my first Ultra! I’m signed up for a 60k in early March and I’m certain I’d be much better prepared if I had that Saucony gift card!!!

  167. The 2016 Chicago Marathon. I had to sit out last year, but this year’s race is 1 month before the BIG 50, so I’m doing everything I can, starting now, to run a strong race. Cannot wait!

  168. I definitely want to run another marathon. My fifth. I’m going to put in for New York I’ve never been there and it’s been a dream of mine.

  169. 10ks have been the furthest distance I’ve signed up for since swearing off half marathons a few years ago (I’ve been told I am not a very nice person after about mile 8)…however the thought of running a half has been in the back of mind this year and could very possibly be a goal for 2016.

  170. I want a healthy winter training session for a half in April and Philadelphia’s iconic Broad Street 10 Miler in May (so healthy training and a lottery win to get in!)

  171. I’ve got some big thoughts for 2016 (ultra thoughts)… I haven’t decided on specific races yet, but I want to run a couple of ultras, I will be doing our local marathon this spring too!

  172. I am planning to better my half marathon time. I did my first with the awesome AMR 1/2 marathon find your strong and am hooked. I want to beat 3 hours. I am also registered for two sprint triathlons! Going to be a great year!

  173. This is my year to up my distance to the full 26.2! I’ve also got my first bike century (100 miles) scheduled for later in the year.

  174. I’m trying for my first ultra in the form of a run-as-many-laps-as-you-can six hour race. It scares the bejeezus out of me to think about it, which probably what makes it so great.

  175. Philly Love Run 1/2 marathon in the spring to keep me going through the winter, and an undetermined fall marathon because 2016 is the year of marathon redemption after a disappointing 2015 finish

  176. Am thinking about running my first race! Would start with a 5k. Otherwise, I would love to get to a sub-27 5k time even if just on my neighborhood runs.

  177. I have been busy over the past 18 months, caring for my sister who died in August of lung cancer. i am slowly getting back, out the door, one foot at a time. i am aiming for a Sprint TRI this summer. the cross training will keep me injury free.

  178. I have my first full in January, with back-to-back weekend halfs in June. After that, I’m thinking about focusing on shorter distances. Oh yeah, and staying healthy and injury-free!

  179. I’m going to do my first marathon relay this Spring, as well as help guide a few of my running friends to the finish line of their first full marathon in Fall of 2016.

  180. My goal is to pick a new half marathon that I have never done before, still doing some local favorites and of course See Jane Run when it comes to Seattle.

  181. Best pillow ever- TempurPedic, $, but worth every penny.
    A half PR at Austin would be nice, but given that my training has been lackluster at best, I would take a half PR at any point in 2016.

  182. I am starting off the year with a half in January, a 10 miler in May, and a tri in June. Maybe just maybe this is the year for my first marathon.

  183. One running goal is to train my newly adopted one year old lab to be my running buddy. I think this is a very attainable goal!

  184. Trying the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (get to find out in 7 days if we’re in!) with a BRF who moved away, more 10 milers over the summer and a Trail Half in the fall (my first)…

  185. After a year (or more) of simply not doing enough running, my goal for 2016 is to get back to 10K form — with my 9YO daughter at my side!

  186. In 2016 I’m signed up for the Cleveland Half Marathon and I’m contemplating the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon next December. IT was just this past weekend and I’m seeing pics of it all over my Facebook feed!

  187. I’ve got my sights set on the Detroit International Half Marathon in October — it’s an amazing experience — the only (we think) marathon (or half) that crosses an international border… it’s over the Ambassador Bridge into Canada, then back to the U.S. through the tunnel under the Detroit River. Amazing crowd support and all around fun time.

  188. I just signed on for Ragnar del Sol in AZ in Feb and can’t wait! It will be my first Ragnar relay. I am hopeful to get in to the NYC Marathon through the lottery, and I would LOVE to attend an AMR Retreat if there is one in 2016!

  189. I really, really want to run my first marathon in 2016! I’ve been plagued with injuries this past year and I am ready to move forward in health! At this point, I would be grateful to run any distance, pain free, in 2016! And I would love to do it decked out in Saucony gear! 🙂

  190. I’m signed up for my 5th marathon with eyes on the goal time prize. I considered giving up the marathon after a not as good as expected finish last month, but…my brain keeps telling me that I was trained for that thing and can hit the time. So, here we go for Wineglass Marathon 2016!

  191. My running goal for 2016 is to start running again. It’s been very difficult since my second daughter was born, but it’s time!

  192. My running goal for 2016 is to become an RRCA certified running coach and hopefully tackle another 13.1 regardless of my condition since my husband and I are hoping to add a 2nd kiddo to our family in the coming year

  193. My 2016 running goal is to complete my first full marathon right off the start in January. Hello Florida, here I come!!!

  194. My first marathon will be the Austin marathon in February! Hopefully I will enjoy it enough to end the year with a second marathon. I did my first half this year in January and then my last race for the year was the Rock n Roll half in San Antonio this past weekend, so this was “the year of the half” and next year is “the year of the marathon”. 🙂

  195. I’ve entered lottery for cherry blossom 10 miler in April, registered for Frederick MD half in May, and I plan on entering lottery to run MCM in October!

  196. Complete my 12th marathon, maybe attempt a BQ?! Not sure if I’m ready for the commitment or pressure that brings!! Life itself (work, kids, family, etc…) can be enough without adding this to my plate .

  197. I’m planning a spring half and want to get faster. In the fall I will do a trail race, still deciding if it’s a 25k or 50k.

  198. I don’t race a ton because kids and money, but I am registered for the LaCrosse half in May. I’ll be using the Own It plan and I WILL BREAK TWO HOURS.

  199. There is a women’s sprint triathlon in August that is an amazing race experience. In addition to that, I would love to do a couple 10 mile road races in the fall and a trail half in October.

  200. I plan on running a bunch of halfs, some old favorites and some new, including the Star Wars Dark Side in FL (we are big SW fans at my house). I would like to break 2 hours, which I have done before, but not this year. And I would like to add some trail races in.
    I have so many Saucony things on my wish list 🙂

  201. I would like to do at least least 1 half marathon in 2016. I plan to do a 10k in the spring and I always like to do fun 5ks I find.

  202. My site is set on competing in a trail race series! I started trail running this year on a Burning River 100 MRTT Relay and things things just snowballed from there. My summer and fall trail miles were beautiful, and now I’m looking forward to experiencing a frosty trail half in January.

  203. I want to race the Mother’s Day 5k, Naperville Trails Half Marathon, and the Hot Chocolate 15k- races I’ve done before and loved, but I took this past year off from racing and miss it dearly.

  204. I’d like to maintain some of my mileage over the winter, cross train and run a spring half well. I’m also eyeballing a fall full. Crazy!

  205. I’m registered for two winter 10ks (January and February), then I’m planning on doing the Pittsburgh Half in May and the Covered Bridges Half in June. Busy spring! Woo hoo!

  206. Yup yup yup running Blood, Sweat, & Beers trail race outside of Las Vegas in February with my BAMR buddies from the Napa Ragnar group!

  207. My 2016 goal is to stay injury free and to re-do the CLE half in the spring since I was injured and did so poorly in my first last year

  208. I turn 40 in April and will be celebrating by running 40 miles with some of the most important people in my life.

  209. I am entering the lottery for the NYC Marathon (which would be my first marathon). If I don’t get in, I’ll do the NYRR 9+1 program for guaranteed entry in 2017. Either way, that’ll be a lot of miles for 2016, and so my main goal is to stay injury-free!

  210. Spring goal: The “conquer the capital” challenge: 10k Saturday eve followed by 13.1 on Sunday morning. Fall goal: first marathon! Still haven’t picked one yet. How does a gal get to be a Saucony Cadet, I wonder?

  211. Thinking about my first trail race (a 30K here in Vermont)… and haven’t quite pulled the trigger on signing up for my first marathon but I keep toeing that line. Winter plans are strengthening and cross-training. And stretching- more stretching.

  212. I am working on increasing my speed with some shorter events this winter and increase on strength training. Picking up the distance and events by spring to summer with the addition of my first tri with my BRF Marie!

  213. I so appreciate the spectrum of runners comments on AMR! So many have goals to break 2 hours for halves; I’m working on breaking 3 hours, and I’m just fine with that! I’m running a half on Saturday, and will keep you posted. Very excited! I’m (obviously) on the slower side, but things in motion stay in motion! Also looking forward to a half in February in Hyannis. My hot flashes (aka power surges) can make even the coldest winter day feel like my own personal summer. Here’s to moving forward and picking up speed!

  214. Oh my goodness! I’m going to admit this to the public which makes it more real! I’m going to run my first 50K!!! I love trail running!

  215. I just signed up for the Dexter to Ann Arbor 1/2 in June. I am going to try to race it instead of run it. In 2015 I participated in several runs with friends and it was a great year of running but I gave myself a lot of “breaks” when it came to training because I wasn’t running for a time. In 2016 I am going to kick the tires and see what I can produce when I train and focus for a specific outcome at a specific event.

  216. I’m already registered fit the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in April and will register for my very first marathon, the Fox Valley Marathon, which is in September

  217. I am going to Enter the Marine Corps Marathon Lottery in October to Honor my dad and all the Marines who support our country. This will be my first Marathon and if i do well i might want to take on NY in 2017. I am a little nervouse but i belong to a great group of runners of all speeds and they have always given me the support i need. This year i ran 5 1/2 Marathons somethign i never thought i could do. 2016 Bring on the Marathon.

  218. For 2016 I’m doing my first 70.3, so my running goal is to be fit enough to run the half after swimming and biking. Lots of training ahead!

  219. My focus for 2016 is to just get out there more. I need to figure out my schedule, my husbands’ schedule and my 4 childrens schedules and carve out more time for me. It’s difficult. And maybe more 5Ks. At this point in my life, it’s a distance for which I can train.

  220. I’m mooching runcations off of my husband’s work travels… first, following him to SF in April and hoping to race either SF Rock and Roll Half or a smaller Trail race in the Marin Headlands. Then, he’ll go to a printier in Green Bay while I run the Green Bay Marathon. No time goals in SF due to the hills and possible trail, but I’d love to crack 3:40 in the marathon. In the fall, I’d like to do another marathon and whittle the time down a little more. Cracking 3:30 in the marathon is becoming a life goal 🙂

  221. After training hard for my second half this fall, my running goal is to run for 1 year mostly without a GPS watch. Non-standard goal, I know. It’s just to run consistently and have fun. Plus I’ll run the super fun local hilly 10 miler in May…

  222. I’m thinking half marathon in the spring and full in the fall. Maybe Rochester Flower City Challenge for the half? Maybe Baltimore Marathon? Not sure…still exploring my options!

  223. I kinda want to do the Race to Robie Creek, “The Toughest Half Marathon in the West”, but it’s crazy uphill, so I also kinda don’t want to.

  224. DH is aiming for his first full marathon… I am not there yet, but looking to do a half at (hopefully) wherever he does the full.

  225. Aside from shooting for a half-marathon PR in February, all of my 2016 energy is going toward finishing Ironman Chattanooga strong and happy in September!

  226. Mmm … Building my base, as it were (and hopefully not my butt), plus at least one half marathon to build on this year’s first attempt.

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