Dimity’s Gift List—and Win Smith Sunglasses!

As you might have noticed in a recent post, the holidays wear me down. Right now, the only thing on my very tiny list is a very tiny house with tall ceilings for our very tall family.

And if I am staying in this house—there's a 100% chance that I am—then I want a bathtub that accommodates my very tall body.

I will not get a tiny house or a tub this season, but that's ok. I'll survive.

And really, if you're like us around AMR, it's the giving that's more fun than the receiving. With that in mind, we're running a series of posts this week previewing gifts that we know are perfect for giving—to yourself or a #motherrunner pal.

The best part? We're actually giving. Not only are there sweet discounts on most of the products we're ogling, but we've got four sweet prizes lined up for you this week, so be sure to read to the bottom of each post so you can enter!

What I'd give to my husband who is training another (third? fourth? I'm not sure) Boston Qualifiying attempt this spring:

GU Chews. Tasty bites of energy that keep you going for miles and miles. (Yes, GU Chews was one of three things on his list. The other two? Shaving cream and nice socks. Ahh, gotta love middle age.)
GU Energy Chews. Tasty bites of energy that keep you going for miles and miles. (Yes, GU Energy Chews are one of three things on his list. The other two? Shaving cream and nice socks. Ahh, gotta love middle age.)

Need some GU Energy products for your BQ attempt--any other training endeavor?
SAVE 30% with code AMRHolidayGU. Good through 12/31.



What I'd give to anybody who wants just a dash of tech in their running:

The Soleus GPS One, which is as simple and streamlined as a GPS can get. Push a button, it tracks satellites in the sky. Run. It beeps when you have run a mile (or kilometer, for the other 99% of the world), it tracks your distance, pace/speed, and calories burned. Push a button when you're done. Review your data. The data clears. Start again tomorrow.
The Soleus GPS One, which is as simple and streamlined as a GPS can get. Push a button, it tracks satellites in the sky. Run. It beeps when you have run a mile (or kilometer, for the other 99% of the world), it tracks your distance, pace/speed, and calories burned. Push a button when you're done. Review your data. The data clears. Start again tomorrow. The best part? It costs $79.


Wait, did I say $79? Make that about $59 with code AMRHOLIDAYLOVE25, which nabs you 25% off all Soleus products. Good through 12/31.


What I'd give to everybody—including me—who shines their headlights in post-race pics:

Handful FINAL
The Handful Adjustable Bra hides the headlights with perfect padding and offers myriad strap variations. Best for A + B cups if you're running; C cup and beyond for low impact and daily wear. (It's so seriously comfortable, you won't be itching to take it off at the end of the day.)

Want to save a future post-race pic—and have handful of a run?  Take 20% off Handful products with code AMR20. Good through 12/31.


 What I'd give to a flock of best running friends because: matching striped hats!

This one-of-a-kind AMR beanie is the perfect weight for winter runs—and the flower tassel reminds you that spring is just a few more miles away.
This one-of-a-kind AMR beanie is the perfect weight for winter runs—and the flower tassel reminds you that spring is just a few more miles away.

Beanie you up here, Scotty.
What we're going to give two lucky mother runners today:

Smith Pivlock Asan ,feature an adjustable nosepiece, rest gently on your nose and ears—and, once they're in place, you don't notice them again. They don't fog, they don't slip, they provide supreme protection from all the sun's rays, and, perhaps most importantly, solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner.
A pair of Smith Pivlock Asanas, sweet sunglasses that feature an adjustable nosepiece, rest gently on your nose and ears—and, once they're in place, you don't notice them again. They don't fog, they don't slip, they provide supreme protection from all the sun's rays, and, perhaps most importantly, solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner.


In order to win, let us know in the comments below:
What, if any, running gear on your holiday wish list?

We'll announce all the winners for the four days of giveaways on Facebook on December, Friday 11th; we'll also notify all winners via email.

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369 responses to “Dimity’s Gift List—and Win Smith Sunglasses!

  1. I just splurged on winter running stuff during Black Friday sales, so I don’t think Santa will be bringing me any more running gear 🙁

  2. Everything on my list is running related☺️New shoes and running tights and a pair of bullet capris since everyone talks about them so much!!!!

  3. Wow, on my holiday wish list…hmmmm….maybe a fancy new Fitbit. I have the Flex, and I’d love to get one of the ones with GPS tracking, heart monitor, clock, etc. Either that or a Garmin watch with a built-in run/walk/run timer. Or maybe some Christmas-themed warm weather running gear, haha…I’m doing a half this weekend and I had my outfit all picked out including a Santa hat, but it turns out the weather is going to be TOO WARM for this time of year! Not that I’m complaining… 🙂

  4. I would take anything – new socks, hat, sunglasses, gps watch. I’m not picky. Bullet Capris. Ooooh maybe a racecation with my bff. Somewhere sunny but not too humid. My list could go on and on. seriously.

  5. Shoes! I need shoes! I also picked up a Garmin Vivoactive on Black Friday. That was supposed to be my gift, but I busted it out early 🙂

  6. I love running gear! My list this year includes a couple clothing items and I’d love to add sunglasses to the list. 🙂

  7. Amr shirt and hat posted the other day. New lulu shorts with reflection. New nike tights with reflection. New running shoes. Can you tell I run in the dark a lot!!

  8. Just got a new Garmin and recently purchased a flip belt that I love so not much left to buy… except maybe more capris. Can you have too many capris? Guess they would top my wish list!

  9. #1 – new sunglasses since my pooch decided to chew mine rather than the 20 toys he has in his toy box 🙁
    #2 – running tights, because the 3 I have aren’t keeping up with the #RWRunstreak and running everyday of the week!
    #3 – SNOW!

  10. Santa already agreed to an all girls’ weekend for the Disney Tinker Bell half, so I think I better not get greedy!

  11. My wish list includes a house cleaner, weekly so that I have more time to run! I think that is a necessity that gets over looked when I buy gear.

  12. My wishlist this year consists of some warm gear for running outdoors. Saucony bullet capris would be great, since they seem to be a BAMR necessity that I missed out on!!!

  13. A new GPS watch is on my wish list! The strap fell off my current one and it is being held in place with a wire my husband rigged up. At least he KNOWS that I need a new one… hint, hint, can’t be more obvious.

  14. My running wish lists just gets bigger and bigger. How much time do you have? (lol) First and foremost some new cold weather running tights!

  15. The only thing on my holiday list this year is a reflective vest. I’m lacking in reflective gear and all of my runs this time of year are in the dark.

  16. Cold Weather running gear – a nice jacket and tights so I can enjoy the fresh air in the chilly weather here in Wisconsin.

  17. I have another pair of warm running pants on my list. I’ve got the post-baby running incontinence blues, and having two pairs of warm bottoms will help me get out in wintertime without having to make time for laundry in between each run!

    The frames on my sport glasses broke some time this year, and superglue did not do much to help fix them. A new pair would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  18. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me some flashy new running tights to keep my legs warm on cold, dark winter runs! Those Smith sunglasses would be so awesome for running and biking!

  19. New running shoes. Nothing like opening a box of new kicks and thinking of the possibilities. Saucony Mirage are my shoes of choice.

  20. I have a pair of WARM running tights on my list but so far we have no snow! I might have to change it to capris; wishful thinking.

  21. ummmmmmm….. Santa, would you be so kind as to send a new headlamp down the chimney. (PS I’ve been a really good girl this year.)

  22. What gear *isn’t* on my running list? It’s pretty long! At the top of the list is a pair of Saucony Guide 9s. I’m closing out the mileage on my 3rd pair of Guide 8s. It’s time for a new pair and I want to feel that everun foam.

  23. I would love a new long sleeve tech shirt with thumb holes. While it isn’t running gear, I am also hopeful for a 26.2 necklace charm (made by a local jeweler) to commemorate my first marathon this year.

  24. A pair of fancy pants, a pair of Smith sunglasses, and I need new running tops and bottoms because mine reek (though I bought the SweatX detergent and it’s doing the job…but who can’t use more running clothes?)

  25. I didn’t have any gear on my wish list, until now. Dimity and SBS, could you be a dear, and put the specs in my stocking this year?

  26. I didn’t have any gear on my list, until now. Those glasses! I’ve been admiring them on this blog for years. Santa baby, (Dimity and SBS), put these in my stocking for me, please. : )

  27. I’d love running shades. I hurt my eye and am now very conscious of eye protection! Also- a super light headlamp (or knuckle lights?) I run before school, so visibility is important!

  28. I’m looking for running tank tops that aren’t razor back. Seems like a simple wish but has proven elusive at least here in Canada.

  29. A new multi-sport watch so that I can seamlessly transition from running to biking and throw in hiking with battery life for days (ok, maybe at least 24-30 hours).

  30. I’m actually doing fairly well on the running gear front. What I have on the top of my holiday (and everyday) wish list is some quality alone time- kid free time to go for a long run, get a massage, take a bath or just relax and recharge. My husband works a lot of nightstand weekends so I spend a lot of time solo parenting my 3 young sons. As much as I love them all, any time alone is a very much appreciated and cherished gift!

  31. Every year I look forward to my mother in laws gift. She gives me a gift card to our local running store. This year I need a new headlamp and shoes.

  32. I already bought myself new running shoes. I also would like some other running gifts- maybe the Believe journal, a running hat, running jacket, oh, and gift cards to local running stores are always welcome.

  33. I really want some running underwear! My new puppy has chewed up both of my favorite pairs, as well as a pair of running shorts, within the last couple weeks. I either need to try commando or find replacements!

  34. I wish for a skirt to pull on over my tights when I am done running, to warm my buns and provide a little coverage for errands .

  35. 1st, anything from your store. Hello… it ALL! I would love new shoes , the big, big wish… own bike to ride between running. I had to use my husbands over the summer to help with my training. Loved it, but I think he’s getting tired of me making adjustments to it. Also an indoor stand for winter riding I. The basement if I get snowed in.

  36. On the top of my Christmas list is that Santa can reunite my BRF group..we’ve let Life get in the way, and we don’t run together anymore…I truly miss them.

  37. I”ve taken it upon myself to buy a couple of things for myself for Christmas – two Handful Bras, a Trigger Point foam roller, and a Tube waistband!

  38. I really want to be bold and get a whole outfit. I’m sort of memorized by the beautiful running catalogs this time of year. The model is gliding by in pink/purple ombre running capris, perfectly coordinating waterproof jacket, top and hat. Maybe new clothes would make me feel like running in the dark and rainy winter days. Maybe 🙂

  39. I would love 2nd WARM pair of running pants/tights. My cutoff is 8 degrees. I save the “good” pair for those extra cold days. 🙂

  40. I need Gortex running shoes! Especially after todays rain. I did purchase my FAVORITE running gear already. NIGHTRUNNER 270. Lights for my shoes. Love them! Thanks for the giveaway. I am going to purchase the gps watch and compare to my Garmin 10

  41. I am hoping for Asics Kayanos to go back to the old upper, which ended with the 21. Now tighter in the toe box. But, a new pair of shades would also be lovely.

  42. My wish list is ever growing but the top is…headlamp, mother runner 13.1 sweatshirt book combo, wool socks (for warm feet) and money for race entries. But if I get anything running related I will be over the moon excited!!!!

  43. Immediately asked my husband for the new long sleeve tattoo mother runner tech shirt when it came out!!! Old school tattoo design and running???? Heck yes!

  44. My wish list includes a new tank, shorts, and bra… oh, wait, that’s what I bought for myself to put under the tree! 🙂

  45. My list holds Balega socks, another pair of Saucony Bullet Capris, Saucony tights, and a new headlamp. I’d love those cool glasses but, alas, I don’t think they come in my prescription so pick someone else

  46. My wish list includes “getting my groove” back, and a new pair of running tights. This year I was about as consistent as I could be (there was a 20 second difference in my two half-marathon times last year…that’s it!). And now that its cold and blah in Iowa, I need some new tights to keep me warm as I try hard to chase down that groove that I seemed to have lost this last year.

  47. I really want some fleece-lined tights! Running sunglasses have been on my list for a long, time, too, so winning a pair would be icing!!

  48. I would like a huge box of motivation… I’m having a hard time getting back into the mindset of running regularly, without an event to train for. I know this is the perfect time of year (weather-wise) and it won’t last, but I just can’t seem to get thrilled about heading out in the cold, especially in the o’dark thirty hours. Maybe if I win, the possibility of pulling a Corey Hart will get me out of the house? 🙂

  49. Would love a massage for all those sore post long winter runs!!! Somehow I just seem more tense this time of year:-)!!!!

  50. Running mittens?? Gloves leave my fingers too frosty…..I’m wishing for some nice mitts to finish off my winter running gear.

  51. class water bottle, display for race medals, wind and rain resistant jacket, new swimsuit for triathlon training. Is that enough :)?

  52. New running shoes that are perfect for me… because the kind I’m in now got discontinued and I’m not sure what I’m going to go with next!!

  53. a new pair of running shoes because they are just so darn expensive that they make a necessity feel like a splurge. And one of those quilted outdoor running skirts. Its one of those things that I never knew existed but now I am obsessed.

  54. Just a few necessity stocking stuffers this year…body glide and some compression socks…kind of boring but I’m excited about it!

  55. Unfortunately my wish list running item is new pepper spray with a strap to hold it to your hand when running. Finding someone whose schedule matches mine has been hard and sadly women runners have to be extra careful when running alone 🙁

  56. I told my kids (12 and 8) to get me anything running related for Christmas. I’m excited to see what they’ll pick out! I could definitely use the sunglasses though 🙂

  57. I’d like Santa to clear up my foot issue before the Houston Marathon on 6 weeks – eek! My daughters have running tights on their list.

  58. Probably not gonna happen, but to upgrade my Forerunner 220 to the 225. And you can never have too many good quality sports bras!

  59. Bullet capris and a Smartwool PhD running bra (I’m dying to try them but am having a hard time justifying the expense for myself during an expensive time of year).

  60. My sweet mother in law just took me Christmas shopping this weekend. New shoes, socks, and shorts! (rarely have a need for tights here in Texas), and travel expenses for Rock N Roll San Diego will hopefully fill my stocking this year.

  61. My holiday wish list includes a running leash so I can start taking my puppy with me and a pair of sleeves. My 9 month old lab is a ball of energy and needs to run. I think it would also help keep me more motivated knowing I need to get her out and moving so she quits chewing up my daughters stuffed animals.

  62. Cold weather gear to fit my post partum body. Baby #2 is due the week before Christmas, and I’ve been counting down the days until I can run again. Just about 8 more weeks to go!

  63. Glasses just like those featured! lol and just about anything else running related as i’m constantly in need of new/fresh gear…tops, capris, running shorts, you name it!

  64. Considering that I have multiples of pretty much everything but my watch, I’m shocked to admit that I only have one bra that fits and that I like. So, I’ve got more running bras on my list – and I’m excited to try the Handful with the generous AMR discount!!!

  65. I have so much gear, I don’t think I need anything else. All I want for Christmas is for my local half-marathon (and for every race over, say, 1000 registrants or so, or any race that has more than 50% female finishers) to offer women’s sizes in its race shirts. Well, peace on earth first, then the race shirts thing.

  66. A GPS watch ( aiming high), running tights with lots of pockets ( maybe?), and good socks that my kids won’t steal ( realistic!).

  67. One of everything! Is it wrong to wish for all new stuff? Though realistically, socks and a good pair of running gloves (or those Saucony ones with the fold-over mitten part–those!) would make my winter.

  68. The hubby and I actually put the same thing on our list this year. Cold weather running gear. Normally during the cold months I hide on the treadmill, but I signed up for a New Years Day 10k and a St. Patrick’s Day half this year, so I need to get my cold weather running on.

  69. My running wish list includes a farm in watch, Lucy running tights and Balega socks. I could ask for tons more, but I really want those things. 🙂

  70. HOKA Stinson trail running shoes. After training for and completing Ironman AZ, I am enjoying some short trail runs. I didn’t let myself out of the training box for such a long time, for fear of twisting an ankle or similar, and now I am up for trying out some fun new options, fear-free.

  71. I forwarded your gift guide post to my husband and said I want everything! But I’m most hoping for the Soleus watch and compression socks. Oh and a warm but lightweight running jacket.

  72. I have three running-related items on my wish list…Tales from Another Mother Runner, the AMR flag hoodie, and a Bosu ball to help strengthen my hips!

  73. Nathan Wisp or Wink hydration pack. Another pair of trail shoes…..But I already received my Christmas gift – a 100 mile race registration to Indiana Trail from my parents and Mark Twain 100 mile registration from my husband. Love <3

  74. After hearing a recent AMR podcast, I have added “What I talk about when I talk about running” to my ever growing list of books that I want for the holidays. It’s right up there with the illustrated Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone!!

  75. Definitely race entries are on the list but haven’t ever received any;) Usually running shoes are also on the list but I actually stocked up recently so now cycling shoes are on the list for this year. And I do have a mild obsession with running clothes so anything is a good gift 🙂

  76. I’m jonesing for the new garmin vivofit HR because I always forget to wear my HR monitor. This way I’d be wearing it all the time!

  77. Race entries are on my list this year. I also have some fun running clothes, including some from Costco. They have great running shirts for an excellent price.

  78. Race fees are always on my list, on the quest to hit all 50 states can be so expensive. Otherwise some feetures socks and lightweight training shoe, Kinvara or Hitagami.

  79. Warm running socks are on my wish list — Minnesota’s fall/winter has been mild so far, but I know it’s coming …. and a day running outside is always better than a day on the treadmill!

  80. I put the Trigger Point self massage started kit on my list and really hoping I get it. 2016 is my year of running pain free!!

  81. My wishlist this year includes Gu (great stocking stuffer!), a smartwool buff and headband, and some UA gear to get me through the cold Michigan winters (a new quarter zip, a thermal layer and maybe a new T just for fun!).

  82. The running gear on my wish list : warmer running gloves, running tights (its cold in Wisconsin at 5am), and of course running socks

  83. A new pair of Altras! I have a broken little toe and my doctor told me I could do anything I want as long as it doesn’t hurt. As it turns out, the only thing that hurts is wearing shoes that aren’t Altras, so I’ve been wearing my rather brightly colored running shoes to my office job everyday. I think I need a less-dirty pair, maybe in more subtle color. 😉

  84. Honest to God, just this weekend, I put running sunglasses on my list! I’ve never had a pair and wearing a visor and an earband at the same is just not a good look! I am also hoping for trail shoes!

  85. My wish list includes another Trigger Point stick. I have one and LOVE it and would like another one to keep at my dad’s house, so I don’t have to travel with mine and yet be able to massage out my sore, marathon-training muscles when I’m at his house which is monthly. Oh and I’m begging my husband for Berlin marathon entry…I missed the lottery, so would need to go through a marathon travel company. We can dream, right???

  86. Running gear is always on my Christmas list! This year isn’t mostly more tights and a couple tops to keep me warm during the cold running season. And maybe a new fun ear warmer to brighten things up as well!

  87. I would like unlimited comped race entry fees and a babysitter to take care of my kids so my hubby doesn’t feel like my races impact his freedom and a housekeeper/cook to keep the family moving forward in my absence! And warmer running mittens.

  88. I have everything I need but that doesn’t mean I can’t use another pair of Balega’s or a cute tank. My family knows that anything running related that lands under the tree for me will be used and appreciated.

  89. I don’t really need any new running gear, but I saw a cute jacket I liked at Road Runner Sports. Really, any running related gift makes me happy!

  90. I’m on the search for a new gps watch. I’m trying to decide between soleus and farming and how many features I really need on it. Decisions decisions!:)

  91. On my Christmas list are fleece lined tights, compression socks, race entiries, and another mother runner gear of course! I am hoping that I can qualify for Boston 2017 as well. Sending good vibes to every mother runner this holiday season.

  92. As we’re finally getting into the winter running season in Ohio, I’ve recently asked Santa to add new gloves and a beanie to my wish list – the ones I have are starting to ripen from age …

  93. I told my husband not to get me anything this year, cause I pretty much buy myself anything that I want anyways! Like $59 for a Soleus? What a bargain, I might get one! I really want the Smith sunglasses, but haven’t bought them yet.

  94. A new jacket for running do I can continue to run outside. My jacket is 3 years old and has plenty of miles on it. My daughter also uses it during spring golf season.

  95. I’m asking for a stick or foam roller for Christmas. Also, asking husband to please put the treadmill back together. I think I’m going to need it this winter.

  96. The courage to start running again after 3 months of peroneal tendonitis! Over the hump, but scared it will return. Start date: January 1!!!!!

  97. No gear really, but I certainly wouldn’t complain about race entries! And if someone wanted to throw some sport beans and Nuun in my stocking that would be ok too.

  98. My treadmill is broken, so on my wish list is a new console to fix it! Living in Maine and having raynauds, running outside in the winter is not very safe or endorphin producing for me!

  99. I’ve asked for knuckle lights to brighten up my pre-dawn runs and Run Like a Mother, Train Like a Mother, and Tales From Another Mother Runner!!!

  100. I’ve asked Santa for fleece lined running pants and unlimited registration fees…I might have a better chance at the leggings. 😉

  101. A flip belt or the tube…..need to have my phone on me for safety and just can’t do every run in my one pair of bullet capris to get me by!

  102. I’d love the Believe running journal or some arm sleeves. Seems like it’s a bit colder this winter so some cold running gear as well. My running wish list is long!

  103. A pair of good, warm running tights tops my wish list. Ladies, who makes a running tight for women with very little difference between hip and waist measurements? #WaistlessInOhio

  104. Running tights. Any color any pattern. Except boring black. And yes that’s how I put it on my list that my mom wanted. 🙂

  105. The “Believe” training journal by Lauren Fleshman.
    Our family’s gift giving really centers around the kids, with adults getting maybe a token gift or two, so I have no business loading a wish list with garmins, cold weather gear, shoes, etc. But the Believe Journal is gorgeous and inspiring. There’s something gratifying about putting a pen to paper after a run and writing about it. And I could use a new one for the new year 🙂

  106. Just about any running stuff I love…from socks to apparel etc. Always fun to start the new year with new stuff! ..= great motivator!!

  107. With turning a running corner I have asked for winter gear including the Saucony Nomad jacket and pants, gloves, Balega socks, GPS watch (bc my phone keeps dying), and yaktraxs.

  108. New running socks for sure. I don’t typically trust anyone to buy any of my other gear (but will take a gift card to my fav sport stores).

  109. Sunglasses! Mine are very dark and I like to wear sunglasses even when it’s not too bright outside. I tend to tear up, especially when it’s cold so sunglasses help with that. I also have a new watch and wool socks on my list.

  110. I asked for a plain black running top. This girl, who just a few years ago, would never dream of wearing running tights, has more colorful pair than she knows what to do with. Colorful running tights clash quite a bit with the colorful running tops that I’ve always felt comfortable wearing. Thus, the need to ask Santa for a plain old black running top!

  111. With the temperature dropping, I could always use some great new warm gear. I would also love to try some new bras. I am going to check out the suggestion above. Thanks!!!

  112. A jar of Trail Toes and the book Fixing Your Feet. I just spent a weekend crewing for an ultra race and those were the two items I kept hearing over and over.

  113. I’ve got a few running items on my Christmas list including a warm hat with an LED light, my favorite Chomps and Jelly Beans, and of course my running outfit for my next Disney Marathon!

  114. For the Nike women’s half to come back to DC…..and cold winter weather to wait just a bit. Since one of those has been happening (yay sunshine!), the basics are always great! New shoes, sports bras, good socks..

  115. New running shoes, of course! And I am in desperate need of an overhaul in my running wear. Moving down a pant size had me constantly pulling at my too big running capris so I don’t moon any neighbors!

  116. A healthy body! I would really like a pair of XC skies and boots. I think XC skiing would be fantastic XT for the winter.

  117. Compression socks are on my list. Great thing is that I already ordered them using the AMR 40% off code! Other gear I would love: Saucony bullet tights, more Balega socks and, heck why not throw in the BAMR black shirt and trucker hat combo!

  118. I’ve been waiting for the Gramin 225 to go on sale, that would be my #1 pick for Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

  119. I pair Bluetooth wireless headphones is on my list. I don’t use music often but when I do I really hate dealing with the cord!

  120. Fancy pants are on the list but so is a babysitter for the long runs! My hubby’s travel schedule is going to be a nightmare in the new year.

  121. A babysitter so I can get some miles in during daylight hours, and a few race entries during 2016 to keep me motivated throughout the year.

  122. It’s not so much running gear as much as daylight running time! Soon, the days will start getting longer! Between Daylight Savings and Hunting Season, it’s been challenging, but doable (cause that’s what women do…we find the way to make it work!) Gear wise, new Sauconcy’s, always, a good (reflective) wind breaker, merino wool buffs, two or three really great audio books, a great backpack for traveling to races (and more runs with my son in law!)

  123. A new GPS watch and Pilates classes so I can finally be brave enough and branch out to something new besides running

  124. All I’m asking for Christmas is a run in Central Park with my hubs! We are taking a trip to the Big Apple as our gifts to each other and, among a few other completely not running related activities;), we are planning a jaunt through the park. I haven’t been to the city in over 15 years! Oh, did I mention no kids!!!

  125. I’m asking for nuun, a GPS watch, and one of those cute things to display my medals and bibs. (What are they called? When can I buy a BAMR one?!)

  126. I’m getting some new skirts from Skirt Sports under the tree. And probably some nuun in the stocking. But most importantly, there will be a new treadmill in January as soon as I pick it out. I.can’t.wait.

  127. So there WAS a pair of Saucony Bullet capris on my list, however they were on sale on Amazon so… I bought them. Should I wrap them and put them under the tree??

  128. I would love to get my own little GPS watch. The big old black one my husband and I shared kicked the bucket a couple months ago and we really miss it! It would be nice to get our own so I can get one that fits my little self and he won’t get his sweat dripping all over it. 🙂

  129. There’s always gear on my list and if I get a gift card for something else it always ends up being spent on running. This year I have socks and tights on my list. But some sunglasses for my sensitive eyes, that don’t fog, would be amazing.

  130. I always want (oops, need!) running gear!! Saucony Bullet capris, Altra Torin 2.0 running shoes, entry fees… long list here!!

  131. Aside from those cool sunglasses, some new running bras and sock (because you can never have enough). Oh and another towel for my yoga mat for when I do hot yoga as my cross training!

  132. I wish for a new pair of Hoka Cliftons. It’s time for new shoes as there are too many miles on my current ones.

  133. A new hydration belt and balega or features socks. Plus the go ahead to register for races and not worry about race fees. Ha!

  134. A Noxgear vest for all those early morning runs! And continued “warm” weather to continue through the winter for training.

  135. My family asked for a Xmas list and I realized that everything on it was running related! Subscription to runner’s world, compression sleeves, new tattoo tee from AMR, sweaty bands, the list goes on.

  136. Saucony Bullet capris – I love the deep pockets that fit my phone and keys so I don’t have to something bouncing around my waist anymore and Balega socks – these are so comfortable that I wear them everyday in my job as a physical therapist and cannot go back to generic socks!

  137. Gore-Tex Sauconys. Plastic bags under the socks is soooo old school. And noisy! And a RBF, I’ve never had one of those.

  138. Saucony bullet capris for my Disney Marathon costume (actually already bought for myself to get from my little ones).

  139. I ordered a Believe training journal for myself. I used one this year and loved it. I am hoping to get wool running socks, an essential for winter running and new bras because my old ones stink.

  140. Arm warmers, earbuds, Believe Training Journal, race bib/medal holder, gift certificate for shoes, GPS watch. My list is run heavy! And I’m sharing your post with my husband. 😉

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