Do You Speak RLAM?

So let me just put this out there: you guys rock. Your RLAM slang entries, like every other comment you give us, were thoughtful, original and freakin' funny. It sounds insincere to thank you over a blog, but I don't have another way. So thanks.

I'm gonna be brief because I've spent most of tonight putting together--ta da--the RLAM Lexicon, whose entries are all from you girlies. Mostly I cut and pasted or tweaked just a bit. That said, I didn't put up every comment; if it was either a) too long or b) too individual to your family or c) a duplicate, I passed. (Not a reflection of you, of course;  just of my mind, which always thinks like an editor.)

So first, the random winner of the sweet Brooks kicks is Megan, whose RLAM slang is:

Runner’s dip dye. That effect that occurs on particularly sweaty runs when your completely sweat soaked shirt starts to visibly dampen your shorts/tights/skirt from the waist, slowly working it’s way down. It’s VERY attractive.

Congrats, Megan. We agree, the sweaty-all-over-look is very attractive. Hopefully you don't get so sweaty that your new Brooks shoes get in on the party.

Second, the two winners of a signed copy of Run Like A Mother are Katherine and Marcia.

Barnacle Buster: Any thing/person/activity used to distract, deter, and detach one’s children from their legs, thus freeing mother for a run.

Katherine gets points for originality--and for finally coining the term that encompasses bribing kids with lollipops, putting them in front of the tube, passing them off to their father, kicking them off and then sprinting for my life, and other strategies to get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of the house.

Marcia impressed us with her volume and creativity. (Is it any wonder her blog is calling Running Off at the Mouth?) Her list includes these gotta-have words:

The holy grail = my long run shoes

BBTN = Barely better than nothing run or workout. I got out there but not too much else.

Spurts = exertion-induced pee episodes

Craptastic = horrible runs, these have been plentiful lately

Character builders = hill workouts or runs in extreme heat/cold

Run for the roses = BQ attempt

Full moon rising = when my shorts or skirt is working its way south during a run

Jet propelled = a gaseous run

Involuntary speedwork = when I have to hurry up and finish my run because hubby is pacing in the driveway needing to leave for work.

So what's on your line-up for this weekend? How are you going to bust out of the barnacles and get in a BBTN, a character builder or a run for the roses?

p.s. A PSA: It's Friday the 13th today. So watch for curbs, roots and other potential ankle-biters out there.

10 responses to “Do You Speak RLAM?

  1. These are all so good! Definitely know all about barnacle busters (“Oh, look – it’s Dora!”)

    I got my long run out of the way today. 13 miler – longest run in my half marathon training. Which means tomorrow is an off day. Sunday will just be an upper body workout. Pumped to have Saturday morning for relaxing!

  2. I just finished a 4 mile run – great for this heat/humidity! Then I jumped on my bike to reward myself with a ride. Then I got field grass stuck in my bike-thingy where the gears shift. Then I fixed it. Sweet! Met my 20 miles for the week and then some. Can’t wait to find out next week if I made it into the Houston Marathon! That’ll change my running soon…
    Peace, y’all~!

  3. My barnacles still need bustin’! And nothing seems to work. I am open to ideas because my cherubs are no where near 8 and 11 and DH isn’t taking anyone to the zoo. God love him. And I’m doing my first 5k in a month and just want to run in peace. Help! Will take any and all ideas!

  4. My barnacle buster is my husband! He is taking the kids to a special breakfast and then to the zoo while I go for a 16 miler tomorrow. Love him!

  5. How do I Baracle Bust? Well…my weekly marathon training runs are fit into everyone else’s schedule all week and often times interrupted mid run. For example my 8 miler this week was interrupted when my Daughter called from volleyball tryouts to inform me that I had filled out a form improperly and had to go to the school right then to fix it in order for her to try out! She is lucky I run 4 mile loops past her high school and lucky I answered my phone.

    So Saturday mornings are mine…all MINE! I wake before the sun…and everyone else in the house. I get dressed and head out to meet my running group for my weekly long run. By now everyone from family to friends know that I do not take my phone and if it is really an emergency….they can find me somewhere on the running trail! Funny thing is that when I get back to my car and look at my phone…no calls!

    Momma is a happy mellow momma for the rest of the day on Saturday. This makes everyones’ lives better thus I think they have learned that Momma’s Saturday long runs are worth leaving her alone for a few hours!

  6. Oh, I wish our boys were still barnacles, but at 8 and 11, they are not too concerned if I head out for a few hours for a run. But my fleeting guilt (since I work full time)…that’s another story. My return trip home used to involve stops at a neighborhood bakery for some goodies (just around the corner from our house). Until one day last fall, I stopped in to pick up some donuts (for them)–all sweaty and gross — and there they were standing at the counter! Old enough to go on their own! They waved–“Hi Mom, what are you doing here?”

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