Dry Martini: Around the Lake Again

It feels like forever since six other runners and I ran around Seneca Lake. In reality, it's been just over two weeks, which is long enough to forget all of the unpleasant parts (35 degrees! rain! mud!) and remember only the amazing parts (most everything else!).

This was my second year of organizing a team o'BAMRs to run 77.7 miles around this lake in the middle of New York State. Four of last year's team made it to the starting line again. Our three newbies flung themselves into the challenge of an entire day spent in a van and/or running. It's all of the best parts of a Ragnar -- silliness and costumes, mostly -- but without having to sleep in a field. With Seneca 7, you wake up in a bed and go to sleep in a bed, usually with a shower in between.

Like last year's adventure, it's a story better told with pictures:

Seven women wearing sunglasses
The night before the race, Team Chafing Like a Flock Star gathered in a lake house to plot how we'd beat 300+ other teams and win the Seneca 7. Because we were all business.
Just kidding. We gathered to decorate the van and carb load. We also discovered Melissa's hidden talent is that she can draw any shape she sees. Like, say, a flamingo. Oh - and the flamingo theme was chosen because Marianne found an inflatable bird to strap on the roof rack so that we could find our white rental van among all of the other white rental vans. Sadly, the winter-y weather meant the inflatable stayed safe at home.


light-up flamingo
But we did have this guy taped to the dash.


Woman in foreground with school bus in background
I was runner #1 this year. As the starting gun sounded, the announcer reminded us that the first 100 meters are really where your race is won or lost. I made sure to try to bank time. Kidding, again. I loped off of the start, up a big hill, and did my best to run 3.6 miles at a reasonable pace.
woman running
Tanja was a new team member this year -- but ran in true BAMR style, which is to say, "stubbornly with a smile and some swearing."
women in blanket with cowbell
Lisa made sure there was plenty of cowbell.
This waterfall was at the mid-point of my second leg. Can you imagine having such majesty in your backyard? And would you always need to pee? Also: the hill getting back up to road level from this natural wonder wasn't kind. I made it to the top but hardly covered myself in glory.
skirt hanging near van heating vent
Our tutus and sparkle skirts were the talk of the race. No, really. Lots of other runners made mention of them -- plus, it made it easier for us to find each other. However, a wet skirt is no fun to sit in. And it was a very, very wet day.
Still more cowbell.


street with lake and runners
Runner six hands off to runner seven at the end of the second leg. If we hadn't been running, we'd have our winter coats on, too, like the course monitor above.
woman through van window
The sun came out just as I checked off my last leg.
group of runners on lake shore
A mere 13 (and some) hours after we started, Team Chafing Like a Flock Star (Lisa is in the front, with, from left: Amy, Marianne, Melissa, Tanja, me, and Shannon) was reunited. And it did feel so good, once we warmed up enough to feel things again.

Which would you rather run? A day-long relay or a weekend-long relay? Or no relay at all?

5 responses to “Dry Martini: Around the Lake Again

  1. Awwww, this brings back such great memories, like Amy flipping a double bird at us on that absurd uphill. Loved the recap – great work BAMRs!

  2. I love that lake so much. I contemplate that race every year… and always chicken out. LOL. You ladies rocked it!

  3. I have no doubt the team made the best of miserable weather (seems like a fitting background given your winter) with more jokes and swearing! Well done BAMRs – what an awesome group!

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