Fan Favorites, and the Knickers Winner

Amanda's choice for a running partner, Tina Fey looks game for any new challenge.

What a treat to read through the responses for the runner you’d most like to take a trot with. Lots of fans of Kara Goucher and Joan Benoit Samuelson out there—two amazingly inspiring mother runners. Triathletes were also on a lot of wish-lists, like Stephanie writing, “I’d love to meet either Chrissie Wellington (again, but to really have a conversation with her) or Mirinda Carfrae. Both triathletes, amazing athletes to rival most men. I’d love to hear how they have the mental stamina to put their body through so much.” Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek garnered some “votes,” including Kelly-O-ski’s, who wrote, “Being a vegetarian and constantly having people tell me that I don’t get enough protein to be running as much as I do, he’s a sparking [sic?] example to negate them! He also seems like one of the nicest and humblest guys, despite all that he has accomplished.” Loved Amanda’s pick--Tina Fey. “She’s not a runner, but I’d like a chance to rehabilitate her.”

The list went on and on, and I’m not going to lie: It was incredibly flattering and heartwarming to see Dimity and me as some of your picks. Thank you, you dear mother runners.

Linda B. is going to be kickin' it in these knickers

But spit out a number, and Linda B. is the random winner of the 110% Pink Juggler Knickers. A Kara-lover, she wrote:

“I would love to meet Kara Goucher.  Actually all of the runners profiled last week would be awesome to meet.”

So true: Watching the Trials, we got especially excited when one of the profiled moms ran by. (Sadly, Erin Moeller had to drop out early in the race due to a nagging injury.) Under a cloudless, bluebell Texan sky, I yelled at each of them, "This is it; this is your moment in the sun."

Linda, please email us your last name, knicker size, and mailing address to runmother at gmail dot com so the knickers can get shipped to you. Many happy miles in them, whomever you run with.

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