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Kelly (in pink) with sister-in-law after a half-marathon

Just like toddlers, we like routines. So every Thursday (okay, maybe on Friday if SBS is crazed!), we're going to profile a running momma who blogs to broaden the circle of moms you follow. To kick it off, check out Kelly Marker, a 31-year-old mom of three who lives in Sherwood, Oregon.

Best Recent Run: A 4.5-miler with my pal Sarah. It was her first run post-baby, and I’m still coming back from a lingering illness. We’d planned on running only 2.5 miles, but just kept talking and talking. I was very proud of her and excited to have her back as a running partner. Over the last five years, we have shared many ups and downs as running partners and friends. She has been with me during my best moments and my biggest disappointments, both in life and in running. Having that time to talk uninterrupted by children is one of the things that makes running so important to me.

Can’t run without: My Garmin! I am a numbers geek, and I love having all that information in one place! I don’t always look at it while I run, but I love to see the stats at the end.

Nutella or peanut butter? Peanut butter--all natural!

Run with or without kids? Without. I bought a jogging stroller with my oldest son (now 8), but I quickly realized that running was the time I needed to clear my head and be rejuventated. I feel I come home a better mom when I have had time to myself and accomplished my goal for the day and/or time with other adults. As my kids get older, I look forward to sharing more runs with them to have one-on-one time.

Undies under running tights? Yes. I only go commando when shorts have built-in liners.

Preferred time of day for running: In the morning, so I know it is done and it starts my day off right. Right now that has to be before the kids wake up. I look forward to the day when I can go for an 8 a.m. run--that would be my ideal time.

Wear running socks more than once w/o washing? Never. I am a big-time sweater. I wash clothes once a week, so I have about 10 pairs of running socks!

Big-time running goal: When my kids are a little older, I would love to become a marathon pacer. I picture myself as a pacer for 4+ hour groups. My first marathon was not the greatest, so I would love to help others experience a fantastic debut marathon. I've been told I have a gift for distracting my pals on a run and making time go by quickly.

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8 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. Sarai- I would LOVE to pace you. Let me know your race plans. Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed meeting you at Wasatch Back also.

    Suzie- Thanks for being an awesome friend and running buddy! It’s nice to have you back!

    Little Lion’s Mom- Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoy Marathon MOmmies! I will check your blog out as well!

    Miss Zippy- Enjoy the blog! I look forward to reading yours also!

  2. Being new (or newly returned) to running and new to blogging, I don’t know all of the usual suspects. I look forward to *meeting* more!

    Thank you for this article! Adding you to my Google Reader, Kelly! You should awesome!

    ~Another Kelly

  3. There really is no one in the world like Kelly! She is the one who made me believe I could actually finish a marathon… and now we’ve finished six together. I could not have done it without her. She is so encouraging! And she really is a whiz with numbers. She’s my go-to person to find the perfect training schedule, or to tell me exactly how far and how fast we are going. I am the one she recently ran the 4.5 miler with – my first run since having my baby. I was really scared about how terrible I might feel being out on the road again running, but it is absolutely true that Kelly has the gift of making time fly when you are running with her! It has been over a week since that run and I haven’t been able to run 4.5 on my own without her! If there is anyone that deserves to be spotlighted for being an amazing runner and mom… it is Kelly!

  4. When you do become a pacer let me know, I would love to have you as a pacer! I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly last year during the Wasatch Back Ragnar. She is a sweet, kind woman who makes you feel very comfortable and easy to be around without even knowing you. I know she has inspired me and a lot of other women through her blog.

  5. Thanks Sarah for the profile! It is great to be a part of this site.
    JP- You are too kind! I have loved getting to know you through the blog world and in person!!
    Tryna- I am sure I talked way more about running that you wanted to hear! I loved hearing your experiences and your kids are adorable. It was fun working with you and them. Thanks for your nice words.

  6. I met Kelly at our local YMCA years ago and got to talking about marathoning. She is a great inspiration and a wonderful role model for her children.

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