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Jill and her daughter after Cate's first 5K, the Blacklight Run 2013.
Jill and her daughter after Cate's first 5K, the Blacklight Run 2013.

For our first Follow This Mother of 2014, we check in with Jill Broderick, one of the BAMRs who ran Ragnar DC with us. This Albuquerque, N.M., mom of Cate, 6 1/2, and Connor, 3 1/2, is gearing up for the Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in another couple of weeks. Also on tap this year for Jill: the Albuquerque Half in April and the Chicago Ragnar in June (where she's reuniting with some of her Ragnar DC teammates!).

Best recent run: My favorite recent run was on a snowy day in Albuquerque. It doesn't happen very often, so while my kids were both at school/activities, I took off to hear the crunch of snow beneath my feet. It wasn't a fast run, but it was beautiful.


Captured on a (snowy!) run in Albuquerque.
Captured on a (snowy!) run in Albuquerque.

Treadmill or outside? Outside. I grew up in Wisconsin, so any weather New Mexico throws at me I just remind myself how cold it is in the Midwest. There are very few days I throw in the towel to run on the treadmill.

Underwear or commando? Commando

Lunges or planks? Both. I loathe them, but I do both.

Favorite race distance: Half-marathon. I love long runs in the double digits and this gets it done.

Celebrating her sister's first 5K at the Milwaukee Country Zoo in 2013.
Celebrating her sister's first 5K at the Milwaukee Country Zoo in 2013.

Must-have post-run fuel: Frozen raspberries, just slightly thawed, topped with plain Fage Greek Yogurt, a couple passes of the honey bear over the top and Trader Joe's Blueberry Muesli. Or, if I just finished a race in Wisconsin, a beer.

What I thought about on today's run: The faster you run, the faster you'll be done. It was cold out there! Brrrrrr.

What I'm running away from: Rather than running away from something, I like to think I am running toward being a more confident person. Running has been something in my life that I have put my mind to and accomplished goals I never thought would happen. There was a point when I could barely finish a 5K or, later, a time when I thought I'd never break a certain barrier at a half-marathon. I've done that. And because of accomplishing those things, I've started to believe in myself more, and have become more confident and open. I'm willing to put myself in situations that are uncomfortable and try new things.

At the Albuquerque Half Marathon 2013. "I set a 20-minute PR thanks to TLAM-Own It Plan!"
At the Albuquerque Half Marathon 2013. "I set a 20-minute PR thanks to TLAM-Own It Plan!"

Worst running injury and how I dealt/coped with it: This fall, while training for the Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown Ragnar DC, I came down with periostitis, a fancy name for "really bad shin splints" on my right leg. I attribute it to overzealous training--lots of running, two a days, and very little cross-training or rest. I didn't listen to my body and the pain finally got so bad I couldn't run at all. I wore a walking boot for six weeks leading up to the race and did physical therapy. I ran in the pool and used the spinning bike almost every day to try to keep up some fitness. It was the hardest thing I have ever go through related to running because I was so excited about the race and wanted to perform at 100%, but knew if I even got to the race I would be undertrained and slower than normal. My poor BRF Aimee and husband bore the brunt of my constant obsessing over my leg and were a huge support to me those six weeks. I made it to DC and pushed through my three relay legs with the support of 11 mother runners--it will be a race that I never forget, not for finishing the fastest or passing the most people on the race course, but for the friendships that were formed. Being injured has helped me reevaluate the reason I'm out running--not to be the fastest or first, but to be healthy, be a good role model for my children, and to feel good about myself.

My running, in three words: disciplined, freeing, life-changing.

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  1. Awesome! Loved reading this Jill. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you all the best on your upcoming 1/2 that I know you are going to ROCK! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep up the good work. PS…tell your daughter to keep up the great work on her running. good stuff.

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